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Mirja Eeola
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» Name Of Character: Mirja Eeola
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: GM General Speed appeal.
» Why: So it's been building for a few months, and I thought now is a good time to try for it. So here you go. The text is red to better highlight the links.

Starting with a battle against Stefan Soan, the once-leader of Monsuta and soon reinforced by a beat-down from Demonica Mirja became painfully aware of a realm of speed far beyond her own. She began to probe this new realm, and found it much to her liking. She quickly became enthralled by the beauty of speed, and this was when she met Caanan’s newest tricks, The Eve Projects. The babies were beautiful, and she could see why Caanan would be proud of them as she fought.

Her mind saw that there was still a way to go, even as it adapted on the fly to the speed that the Eves could pull off. Her mind was one that would see someone’s speed, and immediately want to go faster, and her body would oblige. Pushed faster by desire, by need, she eventually came across the biggest and most dangerous creation yet, the Atlas Project. After losing dramatically to him, the loss of her legs threatened to cripple her desire for speed entirely, but it merely enhanced them with a new pair of perfectly crafted legs capable of bringing her to even higher levels of speed. And it was glorious for her, allowing her to push herself even more than she had previously, to reach new, exotic levels of speed.

Then, there was time for a break. Time for something much more mental than physical. Far from her own fight, her own conflict, and her own need for progression, she watched two men duked it out to the cheers of an adoring crowd. While it was not involving her, to see the two incredible men got at it like they did, was inspiring. It drove Mirja to demand more from herself, to push harder than ever before, so she could stand with these two masters of speed and cause her own brand of fun-loving speed-induced Wolfiness. Her mind was not on chaos entirely, however, but she was driven to be much more than she was before this point. Far more driven, she headed out into the world with redoubled vigour, she would thank Hayden and Ghislain for their magnificent fight the next time she met with them, for they fired her blood like so much before them.

After taking some pills and mastering the power gained from them, she returned home, to be greeted with a man who had been on hiatus and was now back. In the most spectacular manner as well. Damien was quite the opponent faster than Mirja could hope, and as strong as any Atlas she had fought. She loved, and hated him for his speed, pulling out many tricks to hopefully manage to take him down, while her mind was taking in his speed and demanding her body grow to surpass him. Unfortunately, she did not manage this and was eventually taken out by the vastly superior fighter that was Damien.

This did not put a damper on their relationship. In fact, it propelled it, Mirja’s respect for the Kenpachi’s strength and speed creating great foundations with which the flowers of friendship blossomed. So, it was that she was send to go fight another invader. This one, however, was slippery. Faster than anything Mirja had seen before, he built rage and inspiration in equal measure even giving Mirja the prompt for her apex technique, Slip Stream, albiet an immature variant that needed experience to work. And experience she was going to have.

This Slip Stream was beautiful. It allowed her to ride on the delicate wind as if it was a road. The Wind Road, something she would later branch into, it focused on her precise application of her running speed, rather than using force as she had before. Slip Stream revolutionized how she ran, as if she had been a stumbling toddler before she had developed this technique.
By this point Speed and the ever growing pursuit of going faster ascended from a desire and became somewhat of an obsession, like a drug addict needing more of his fix for the same results.

The return of Tsubasa Unabara was were Mirja would get her next hit. Chasing the new spiritual pressure like a cat cases a mouse, only to find out that the mouse was really, really big and had a large sword. She would first get into a spar with him, so that he could judge the skill of the Soul Reapers. Tsubasa’s speed, and control over it, was on a level that she had never seen before. Even with her tireless pursuit of all that was fast in the world, she could never claim to have seen something that was on par with what Tsubasa managed to pull off. After that spar, she would be given a Cardinal Seal to help her attain even greater speed, and also something about retainer or working for Tsubasa, or something. She wasn’t really paying attention past the ‘get faster’ part. A short while later, Mirja was sent an invitation to come see Tsubasa for unknown purposes. It would turn out that he wished to train Mirja, and so they got down to it, only to realize that normal methods did not apply to her. And so they broached deep into Mirja’s psyche, revealing the greatest and most terrible scar that she had, the control of her very self. At Tsubasa’s behest, she broke the leash controlling her strength, and then after a few minutes, launched herself skywards, broaching the upper atmosphere with her new, and incredibly potent strength. It was here that she gained new insight into her Slip Stream.

Her Slip Stream’s second level was something ascended beyond the understand of the first. The Wind was wild, primal, a furious thing that would cut, slice, and rip all who dared go against it. And so the first level of Slip-Stream was to ride with the docile wind, the second, was to tame the wild wind. From this, her Slip Stream became more potent, more mature, but she still felt there was something left, something that she could do to epitomize her technique. But, that was for later. At that moment, she had troubles of her own to deal with.

After this, she felt she had hit a wall. A large, ugly, and unbreakable wall mostly caused by her incredible weight. Getting faster was getting a lot harder because of the increasing degree of energy needed to get someone of her weight moving and not only sustain that speed, but add to it. So she did what she thought was the only thing she could do, get rid of the weight. It wasn't an easy thing, considering it was a natural part of her body, but with the powers of her Territorial Tulpa, and a drive behind her to break the horizion ever lingering in front of her, she slowly stripped away the old, and became the new. With this change to her body, she became considerably faster still, outstripping her old self by a fair margin. But, The Wall came back all too soon, and she felt, for the first time in her life, that she had lost. Nothing she did was enough, The Wall simply returned and blocked her when she fet like she was getting somewhere.

This melancholy led her to not push harder, and ignore any desire to do so. While keeping herself fit and able to maintain the speed she had, there was no advancement to her. It was futile, she couldn't surpass The Wall, despite how hard she tried. But fate would not allow her to just give up, and so pushed into her path the Co-leader of the Vizard Corps Colin Washi and from there, interesting things happened. When he finally got back on his feet, he displayed a level of speed Mirja had not seen in a long time, such that it ignited her inner fire to such a point that it burned away reason for a while, and drove her to crush him, and in doing so, she believed she would gain insight into how to do the same to The Wall. She managed to regain control over herself, and the fight ended with Colin more or less in one piece, but she was made aware of the deficite. To ignore the drive, was to make it stronger, and when it next game to feeling the desire, she would be unable to keep it locked down. So she decided that despite hardship, she would push on until she broke the Horizion.

Later, after Colin's irritationg reignition of her needs, she was called by Tsubasa to Thailand. Despite her first thought, it had nothing to do with his desires for certain women with extra and more to do with her being War. While the offical reason she had been called here was due to her inheretence as War, a pair of gauntlets that the previous Rider had used, he also decided to show Mirja a technique that he had developed from her own Slip Stream. Fuijin was short-lived and of a level beyond anything Mirja had yet developed the ability to comprehend, but it's nature was insperational on an equal level. She could hear the whispers on The Wind after it had been used, and it took only a few seconds for her to slot the whispers and the insperation into her own Slip-Stream, taking Tsubasa's understanding of what he had taken from her, and reaching the bottom of the very top, The Wind Road. Her speed increased dramatically from this technique, no longer a minute assistance, but true aid in every form given to her. The collective soul that was The Wind filled her and made her feel glorious. Running was now absolute freedom. But, there was still more to go, it seemed, and so with mild irritation and a flaming heart, she pressed on.

Finally, after a few days in which she had broken through into the Bronze Realm of Tai Chi, she met up with Colin, as they had planned. this meeting was a magnificent one. Pulling out all the stops, and firing off everything she had to the point of exhaustion, Mirja engaged in an eight hour fight with Colin, pushing herself as she had never done before, never had a partner who could survive such before. And even Colin had issues with the second part, sporting several broken bones by the end of the fight. Here she evolved with the stimulus that Colin was providing, and here, she felt the most free. It was magnificent to fight against him, and even more magnificent to feel herself climb up towards him.

» Extra: Noppu

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[adm]Due to the amount of work put into this and the work behind the GM, I'll be giving an approval. We'll be watching closely on this, so use it fairly and well and you'll have no problems.[/adm]


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