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Don't Be Afraid To Take Up Leadership [Public Reminder] Empty Don't Be Afraid To Take Up Leadership [Public Reminder]

Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:17 am


I'm leaving this here a reminder that member shouldn't be afraid to take up positions of leadership on the site. And by that I mean that you can pitch me ideas if you have an idea for an event/mission, a character you want to aim for a high position or have some type of major or minor change on the site.

I can easily arrange for events to be advertised, character ideas to be approved, event characters to be made, events to be made, changes in positions to be made, alterations to the site to be implemented and so on. I'm just not a mindreader, and if you have something you want to do, I can't open your skull out and get you to speak it to me.

And with that said, I am a very busy person, but I take feedback on the site and the engagement that the members want to have with it seriously. So feel free to drop me a line in a DM on the discord; even if you have to tell me in the discord main.


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Don't Be Afraid To Take Up Leadership [Public Reminder] WVMWLOu
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