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 The Raven's Nest

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Raven's Nest

General Information

Background: This faction was born of a single desire from its founders: a group of individuals that desired no chain of command. This would be a thriving and ideal place where politics and personal agendas didn’t get in the way, and a place where truth and justice could be upheld for those who desired that route in life. The founding of this took time and effort. This was partly due to it being set up in Mongolia—their base of operations. They fight to make Mongolia, and eventually the world, a paradise for every person. Selfish ideals and inaction forced those who could do something to rise up and create a nest for those with the same desire.

Joining: Whereas most organizations or factions have a strict command structure with a strong single leader, the Raven's Nest does not. It is instead led by a the Council of Ravens. There are two main ways to join the Raven's Nest. The first is a simple "apply and wait." The person applies, and the council votes on if they are up to the task. The other way is for a member of the Council of Ravens to sponsor someone. Any race can join, so long as they have the want to better the world as well as the drive to act.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Goals: The main goal is to keep the balance of the Worlds going. To keep the cycle moving and uphold the Balance. They've decided to do this over defending those who are innocent. It's a place for those who understand this burden and carry it. Few understand the importance of what the Cycle means. It being disrupted or bothered can cause troubles or issues within the realms. The Raven's Nest is settled on defending this balance and keeping the duty of what the Gotei and Shinigami once did as a sacred task.

Council of Ravens: The Council of Ravens is the official "head" of the Raven's Nest. However, this purely an executive role. The Council of Ravens determines things such as finances, general administration, and entrance into the Raven's Nest. Except in the case of breaking a law of the Raven's Nest, the Council has no authority over a Raven. This means that a councilman cannot give orders to even a C-Rank Raven. The Council of Ravens is also how one joins the Raven's Nest. They will either vote on an application (which requires a 3/5 majority of at least 3/4 of the total Council [meaning if there were 100 councilmen, a vote would need 75 councilmen voting and 45 "yea" votes to allow someone in]) or a councilman will sponsor a member in—which requires no vote. The purpose of the Council is to handle the day-to-day operations of the Raven's Nest, not to truly lead it.


Tsubasa Unabara: He is known as the Former Captain Commander of the Gotei, Leader of the Zero Division. He’s done many things in his time alive, making an impact wherever he roams to the best of his capabilities. Starting his legacy of combat at a young age, he made his mark on the Gold Coast. He decided to stop being inactive for a change—to show the world the Gotei could still help them and do things. Training and doing what he could to allow the Gotei to prosper in their own light was, of course, the only way he could go as he pushed forward. However like many things, he was unable to make a good leader. Tsubasa failed the Gotei in their hour of need, having to rely on the Soul King and those of the Zero Division as he made himself a trading piece to save them. Tsubasa made his mark of failure on his legacy by leaving behind Naming Iriko as his successor. Going to Zero Division, he did well and tried to help where he could.

Stepping in one last time in the Black World event to try and help his dearest friend Ibiki, he did find success, learning from the mistakes of his past. He finally found himself a way to accept and understand. From there, he tried to take part in Mana’s game to reclaim Rome from them. But at the end of things, he was unable to accomplish even that. He fell into a coma and was whisked away to the Gotei. He slept for many years awakening only after his clan’s destruction at the hands of Kiriel and Hulderic Hylham—a Quincy and Demon who robbed him of his family. After this Tsubasa rebuilt his family and decided to quietly begin towards his goal. Though he’d forgotten his ambition, he decided to begin building towards One for All. A meaning to him that meant much as he could hope as the time would draw closer.


C Rank Raven: C-Rank is the rank most Ravens are assigned when they join. Most of them are undiscovered heroes in the making who will stand up for the truth and justice they believe in. At C-Rank, they have a small apartment within their Mongolia headquarters. This allows them to begin their work as a Raven, usually doing odd jobs and finding their footing in the organization. C-Ranks are elligble to ask for training and education from higher ranks. They may also ask or be asked to join a team in different functions, but they will not officially be part of a team until they reach Rank B.

B Rank Raven: B-Rank is the first rank where Ravens are allowed to officially form a team with a partner of their choosing. Upon forming a team, they are able to enter onto the Team Ranking Board. This is an incentive to increase activity within the Ravens via friendly competition. They are also able to challenge higher-ranked members to earn merits to eventually rank up to A-Rank. This may not always be a fight. The Council of Ravens will oversee any official challenge, and they will judge if a match is a win or a loss. If it comes to a draw, however, the challenger will always lose.

A Rank Raven: A-Rank are the exceptionally skilled Ravens, given benefits and priority over B and C-ranks. They are usually the first call list in case of an emergency. They are given more freedom on accepting and declining missions. A-Ranks are the first to have any authority over lower members, as they can issue a house arrest upon a B or C-ranked Raven. This is something that is highly scrutinized when used however. A-Ranks are therefore highly trusted and well-regarded within the Raven's Nest. So much so that S-Ranks sometimes may ask an A-Rank to assist in some manner. The only way to advance further for an A-Rank is to officially challenge an S-Rank and for the S-Rank that is challenged to give their seal of approval upon completion. The challenge is decided upon by the S-Rank, not the A-Rank.

S Rank Raven: The S-Rank Ravens are the final rank. This is given to those that have proven themselves before and after joining. S-Ranks are not given out lightly, as each member is also on the Council of Ravens. Upon obtaining S-Rank, the Raven is given a special nickname. This is usually chosen by the new S-Rank, though the Council of Ravens has the authority to deny a specific nickname if they deem it "unfitting." This nickname is what most S-Ranks call one another in place of their actual names. This prevents the lower ranks from knowing their secrets. Aside from the position on the Council of Ravens and the nickname, S-Ranks are given the special benefit of being able to travel for free—so long as it is through a service affiliated with the Raven's Nest. They are also given free lodging at inns that are also affiliated with the Raven's Nest—known as Raven Inns.

Laws of the Ravens

One For All: The main law of Raven's Nest is simple. They stand for anyone who cannot fight for themselves. Social status, income, beliefs, etc. all do not matter, so long as they want a peaceful world. Raven's Nest desires to be the one who stands for all. Those who truly follow this ideal will find themselves earning high praise within the Raven's Nest.

Protect the Balance: They aren't devoted to any creed aside from this. Maintaining the Balance of Souls and keeping the cycle in flow. It's something of a forgotten duty at times. But those present in this faction understand the job very well. The cycle of life and death and balance must continue onward. It must not be stalled or damaged.

Raven’s Call: The Ravens are to act in cells of two. So long as a Raven is B-Rank or higher, they may choose their own partner. This allows a Raven to choose someone who synergizes well with them. It could be someone whose abilities cover the other's weaknesses, or it could be that they simply work well together. If they are C-Rank, their partner is chosen for them—and it usually is not the same person every time. Solo missions are strictly prohibited, and one must always have a partner with them if they are on official Raven's Nest business.

Uphold and Protect Your Way: When one joins the Raven's Nest, they most likely have a code of their own. It would be a belief or set of beliefs they adhere to with their hearts. It is something that is worth protecting in its own right. A member may join any other organization so long as it doesn't break the Laws of the Ravens or their own code. Breaking your own code is something the Raven's Nest frowns upon, as it shows a lack of a few things. The most important is the lack of an acceptable partner. You're not supposed to be alone—your partner is your friend, and may serve as a savior in those dark times.







Note: You do not apply for a specific rank. This will be handed out based on the reason for joining, character in question, and other factors such as in-thread events.

Raven's Nest Sign up Sheet
Character Name: (self-explanatory)
Character App: (self-explanatory)
Reasoning: (Why is this character joining the Raven's Nest?)
Extra: (Anything else to say?)
[b][u]Raven's Nest Sign up Sheet[/b][/u]
[b]Character Name:[/b] (self-explanatory)
[b]Character App:[/b] (self-explanatory)
[b]Gotei Position:[/b] (Which division and then which position within it)
[b]Reasoning:[/b] (Why would they be joining said division)
[b]Extra:[/b] (Anything else to say?)


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The Raven's Nest
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