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 Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+]

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Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hideo Makoto Yuudeshi
» Titles: Destroyer of Kings
» Appearance Age: ~25
» True Age: 555
» Gender: Male

Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] RJj4JX

I. Personality

» Personality: The first thing to know about Hideo is that he treats the Yuudeshi name like some people treat a child. If you kick it, he'll kick you twenty times harder in return. Hideo loves his brothers but doesn't show it very well. He doesn't say shit like "I believe in you, bro." Nah, that's not him. Hideo's just the type to get them out of whatever trouble they end up causing. No questions asked either. He does a lot for his brothers even though they don't see it often enough. He helps Shadin and Zin with hatever connections they need to make with governments and some of the more unscrupulous organizations. However, those are usually Yakuza, mafia, etc. and not full-on terrorist groups like the Monsuta. Although, he probably could find a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy to get a message to the Monsuta if he really wanted to. He doesn't though.

Out of his brothers, Hideo was surprisingly not the quiet brother. He was not the headstrong brother. He wasn't even the smart brother. Hideo was the arrogant brother. Why did he seem like the quite one? Because Hideo didn't view most people as worth his goddamn time. He acted as sort of a buffer for Shadin, Zin, and Kakine. If you were just Joe Schmo, you'd probably have to talk to Hideo first. This way no random dude could just waste their time. "Help, I need Shadin to deal with this meaningless problem" is answered with Hideo doing it in Shadin's stead, while never giving out his particular name. Hideo always insists that the Yuudeshi helped him, not him personally.

No you may think that this goes against him being arrogant. That him saying the Yuudeshi and not he himself helped is modest. And it is him being modest. Hideo is only arrogant when it comes to himself. You want Shadin or the Yuudeshi as a whole to help, well, he'll gladly help in their stead. His brothers are too busy to do the tedium. But if you ask Hideo specifically to help, there better be a good reason. If he does it on behalf of his brothers, that's a good deed for the family. But what the hell does he get for doing something good just because it's moral? Jack shit.

Hideo is the type to never admit he's lost. He gets bloodied to a pulp, he'll still claim victory. It's caused enough confusion and frustration for him to launch a quick counteroffensive many a time. Surprisingly, telling an opponent that you've won when you obviously haven't is not a common occurance. Hideo will then boast about his victory. His brothers know that usually the victory was not as one-sided as he may claim, but it's not worth the effort to talk him out of his embellishments.

» Likes: His brothers & their families, old school "rock and roll," sunglasses

» Dislikes: Cloudy days, the Soul Society's entire aesthetic, his father

I. History

» History:

Hideo Yuudeshi was the first born child of Haruko and Hideki. He has always hated his the lineage before him. His father especially was the source of this annoyance. His twin sister, Kanako, was the opposite. She spent a lot of time with Hideki. Hideo avoided him like the plague. To Hideo, he had a biological father but that was it--Hideki played no larger role in his life. Unfortunately, that would end up not being something Hideo could control.

Hideo watched as Haruko and Hideki fought. It wasn't a happy childhood. Although none of Hideki's anger was ever directed at Hideo or Kanako, Hideo almost wished that it would happen. That way he'd have an excuse to cave his father's skull in. Oh how that thought riled him. It wasn't long before Hideo needed an outlet to channel his frustration. Hideo took to the streets of the Rukongai, falling in with some of its gangs. "Some" is used because it didn't take long for Hideo to outgrow a gang. He'd rise up quickly--through charisma and force alike--and just as quickly get bored. He'd leave a gang without so much as a wave goodbye. He'd proceed to find a new gang and do the same. It was a boring existence to him.

These gangs did nothing exciting. Any fighting was done over territory and none of them ever wanted Hideo himself to fight. He was their leader. They would fight and die before he'd have to step onto the battlefield. He'd pick fights with random other gangs--some he once belonged to and owned---just to try to get some excitement. As the fighting grew bloodier and bloodier, Hideo was finally approached by some Shinigami. They asked him what he knew, and he admitted he knew it all because he's the one who orchestrated it. When they got to his name, however, they went pale. "What should we do?" was a question passed between before Hideo just sighed and walked away.

Hideo enrolled in Shinou Academy for no particular reason other than Kanako was there. And yet, he was treated like a king. In fact, he and Kanako were the most elligible bachelor and bachelorette respectively for their class. Besides both of their inborn talent, they were both the children of a Captain. What better way to have a luxurious life? Hideo had no interest in this. In fact, he grew cold, distant, and even tempermental at times. He didn't want a life built on his father's name. He didn't want to be known as that bastard's kid.

So Hideo decided to try to outshine his father. If he did that, he would be free, right? Well, nearly every single Division wanted him at the time. As the son of a Captain, Hideo could be used as leverage against Hideki. He could be shown off as a prize. Only one showed no interest in him. With his scores, he was allowed to choose which Division he accepted the offer from. Instead, he forced his way into the one that did not want him. Hideo Yuudeshi joined the 11th Division.

The people in the 11th thought this was a stunt. That he'd say he was part of the 11th Division while not doing anything. Hideo was quickly put to the test. He was lynched only a week after his enrollment. Thirty of his squadmates surrounded him at night, ready to carve him to pieces. Hideo, effectively, cheated his way to victory. He used Kidou to worm out the weaker ones, then fought the rest off with his sword and fists. As the leader of the lynch mob collapsed, he yelled "You damn hack! You used Kidou! We don't use Kidou in th-" He was promptly cut off by kick to his gut.

Hideo's reply gave him reverence in the 11th Division for a time. "I don't give a damn about that shitty rule. As long as I win, I will break what rules need to be broken. Kidou is just another weapon for me to use to carve my own name into the world. Want to know why I joined the Eleventh? It's because you bastards are the only ones who would raise a blade against me. You are the only ones who would not give me special treatment because of my bastard father. So understand this. I like you guys. You actually fought me. Take pride in the fact that you thirty-or-so are the only ones who would even dare that." Hideo then headbutted the man once, knocking him unconscious.

Hideo recieved a following after that bout. He did not care. He earned this honor himself. If people wanted to laud over him and fear to strike him because of what he had done, then good. He had done his job. Hideo advanced to third seat over the years. His status came with victories against various other officers. The two people he did not challenge were his Captain and his Lieutenant. What was more incredible was that Hideo was winning this all while not knowing his Zanpakutou's name. Hideo soon realized that he was at the peak of his power without knowing the name of his Zanpakutou.

Hideo practiced Jizen nearly daily before this revelation. He could always hear something distant--like putting your ear to a conch shell. Something was never right. So, Hideo looked in the one place an 11th Division member had never been: the library. He looked under various styles of meditation. He tried many of them. He once sat for five hours on hot coals while in Jizen to no avail. He had rocks stacked across his body, sat in frigid winds atop a mountain, fasted and engourged... and yet, nothing. Hideo tried one of the first techniques he saw, which he regarded as too simple to work. And yet, it worked.

Hideo sat under a waterfall, letting the gallons splash upon him. It was like putting a filter onto some audio. He could hear his Zanpakutou clearly. Hideo was swallowed inside--into the great blue plain of his inner world. It was still and silent. And beneath him, where he stood, his Zanpakutou spirit stood firm and silent. Hideo tried to fight and combat it. Yet, it was beneath the water. Every strike just rippled its surface. It was a last-ditch effort that won the day for Hideo. He stabbed himself, and the Zanpakutou spirit did the same. "Well done..." it spoke before fading away. When Hideo pulled the blade free from himself, it broke apart. Water from beneath him swarmed to the empty hilt as he called his Zanpakutou's name---Yarisazame.

It was his Lieutenant that challenged Hideo. He was a broad-shouldered man whose Zanpakutou was a large hammer upon release. Its abilities were simple--he could cause walls of earth and rock to shoot up from where he swung his hammer upon. The Lieutenant, Hayate Fukawa, was wanting to put Hideo in his place. He wanted to show the young bastard that he was stronger than some Captain's brat. Hayate was known as the "King of Soukan," an unruly district of the Rukongai, and he had a reputation to uphold. The fight started simply. They clashed swords and fists. It was evenly matched. And then, it all changed. Hayate released his Zanpakutou.

Walls and pillars of stone tried to crush or impale Hideo. He dodged many of them deftly. His left arm, however, became crushed between two pillars. It was a bloody mess, and yet... Hideo pointed his sword at the Lieutenant. "Rain.... Arainagasu, Yarisazame." Those three words shot a blast of water towards Hayate. Hayate slammed his hammer down, creating a wall of earth between him and the incoming water. The water slammed straight through, piercing Hayate through his chest. With the sealing of Hayate's Zanpakutou, the pillars crumbled away. Hideo walked over to his Lieutenant, who was squirming on the ground in pain. He cursed at Hideo for using something so weak, like water. It just showed that he was weak and soft. "You're right.. There is nothing softer and weaker than water. And yet... there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things. For this reason alone, there is no substitute for it." Hideo was promoted to Lieutenant on the spot, and was then given medical attention.

Hideo learned to loathe his Captain. He was a lazy slob who rarely did much of anything. Hideo was the reason the 11th Division even had finished paperwork. Because of his victory over the so-called "King of Soukan," people had been calling him "Kingbreaker" or the "Destroyer of Kings." He liked this title as he had felt that he was treated almost like a king in the Academy. This was his way of showing further defiance to that reputation. Unfortunately, he was still treated differently. Other Lieutenants and Captains showed him more respect than he had earned... because of his father.

When Kenpachi Kiganjo was killed in his duel with the future Kenpachi Zaraki, Hideo decided that was his time to vanish. In the middle of the confusion, Hideo snuck to the World of the Living. He kept in touch with Kanako, who informed him that the Gotei thought he was a coward and a deserter. His father struck his name from the Yuudeshi family, which was fine to Hideo. He decided that there was no way to go about a public life without being stuck in his father's shadow. So, Hideo decided to lay low for a while. He enjoyed the pleasures of Earth while avoiding every major conflict of the 20th century. Hideo spent most of his time with women, alcohol, and whatever cultural thing was going on.

1975 is when Hideo's life began its next major change. Hideo was caught off-guard by a Hollow. It tried to attack him... and him alone. It was being sent for him. Hideo exited his Gigai and fought the Hollow in the streets of some town in Europe. He thinks it was Europe anyway. As he fought, the Hollow gained the upper hand. Kidou and Cero alike devestated the small town. Hideo ran the Hollow through with his Zanpakutou. He thought he had bested the beast... then Hollow's mask began to melt onto his Zanpakutou. He tried to pull it free, but he couldn't budge. The liquid mask inched up his arms.. It eventually sealed his upper body in a solid tomb.

Hideo awoke to his inner world. The Hollow from before stood before him, but different... It was the same mask effectively, but the Hollow was more... perfected. It was smaller, like it had evolved while within his inner world. It spoke raspily. "Your sword... makes for great food." Hideo noticed his Zanpakutou spirit was fading away, piece by piece. Hideo immediately understood what was going on. The Hollow was eating his Zanpakutou spirit. This was, in the terminology of the day, "really unhip."

Hideo and the Hollow fought viciously. Hideo was not letting a Hollow take away the one thing that was his--the one thing that was not influenced by his father. He had to beat the Hollow, but every strike he made only healed just as fast. The Hollow laughed. "You think you can beat me, Shinigami? I am the King of the Forlorn. I bow only to His Majesty, Barragan Luisenbarn." Hideo smiled as his Zanpakutou spirit reached for him. "Yeah, Hollow. I can beat you." He stood, one arm coated in water. "I am Hideo Yuudeshi. I bow to no King. I will never admit defeat to one either. I am, after all, the Destroyer of Kings!" Water surged around him as his Zanpakutou spirit allowed him access...

"Bankai. Kaigouu Bentenkawase. Souzou no Kouzui." Hideo stood, two large spears in his hands. He pointed the spears at the Hollow. "Kushiza Jousai." The entire surface of his Inner World rippled. For as wide as he could see, spikes of water erupted from the sea. The Hollow was impaled upon the spikes. It cursed at him in confusion. It fired a Cero, breaking many of the spikes in Hideo's direction. He sank into the water beneath his feet, emerging inches away from the Hollow's face. "Now die in my sea, King." Hideo smiled as the Hollow was dragged into the depths of his inner world's sea...

Hideo awoke again not long after. It was dark at first. Cracks appeared in his vision. Bright light shone through... and soon, daylight was upon him. The last of the melted mask broke free from him, and he removed himself from the ashen husk of the Hollow. In one fell swoop, Hideo had not only attained Bankai... but he had inadvertantly bested his Inner Hollow--becoming a Vizard. Hideo trained his Bankai over the years. Where he did unexpectedly flooded so often that Hideo developed a way to "limit" his Bankai's release. While this made it more similar to his Shikai, the overarching effects of Souzou no Kawase were removed. This was, in his mind, a plus.

Hideo also spent time prodding at what he would call "another power source" at the time. He never could describe it properly, even to Kanako. He never could get anywhere as it always seemed to squirm away from him. In the early 2000s, Kanako informed him of there being more brothers. He wanted to meet them, but at the same time... Hideo was apprehensive of him coming into contact with Hideki. So Hideo did not meet his brothers until he heard that Shadin Yuudeshi was becoming a household name in some parts of the world.

Hideo met Shadin in around 2015. They did not get along well at first, but it eventually was smoothed over by Kanako's insistence. After meeting Shadin, he was introduced to Kakine and Zin. Those two went over better because of Shadin. He was proud of his brothers, despite their attitudes. He decided to leave them alone for a while as they began to insist that he meet their mother. This was against what he wished to do.

Hideo kept in contact with them via his special telepathic link. He wished them happy birthdays and sent them the occasional postcard from some faraway place. Hideo's peace never last long. It was 2064 when Hideo's life took an odd turn. He entered combat with an Arrancar while travelling between Poland and Germany. They fought and fought and fought. And yet, Hideo was on the losing side. Even as he released his Bankai, it wasn't enough. The Arrancar entered its Ressurreccion, and Hideo was forced to use Souzou no Kouzui. The Arrancar was still too much.

Hideo was badly wounded, his left arm a mess once more. He begged his Zanpakutou spirit for more power, but he had none to give. Hideo yelled in frustration. Like a needle coming into contact with a balloon, something popped inside of him. White streaks formed along Hideo's face as his eyes contorted. Their color almost inverted. They became almost Hollow-like as the mask formed on his face. Hideo breathed hard as he used his mask for the first time. The Arrancar attacked him, but the power Hideo gained was enough for him to block the incoming Cero.

Hideo smiled. The Inner Hollow laughed in his ear. "You thought yourself rid of me, Shinigami? No, I was merely biding my ti-" Hideo cut the beast off. "I don't care. I said this years ago. So long as something gets me victory, I will use it." Hideo raised a finger, blue energy growing into a sphere at its tip. He launched the Cero at the Arrancar, ripping away most of its flesh and armor. Using the remainder of his time in Bankai, Hideo ground the Arrancar into tiny fragments within the pool of crimson water. The mask broke, but the voice remained. "One day, you'll let me take you over. I can feel it." Hideo shook his head. "Nope."

Hideo decided to approach an unlikely source for help with his mask problem. This was his young brother Zin. Hideo asked Zin for his help with it, as he knew that Zin was one of these mask-wearers too. Zin ended up having to go down the whole list when it came to Vizards. He had to explain so much to his brother that he began to wonder if Hideo was actually a Vizard at all. Upon donning his mask, Hideo proved that he was indeed a Vizard. Zin taught him how to control his mask and Inner Hollow. He taught him how to use Cero and other techniques--though Hideo already knew how to fire a Cero. In return for his brother's assistance, Hideo joined the Vizard Corps to assist in their matters. It got him back into not only Zin's life, but his other siblings' as well.

Hideo acted as a middleman between the Yuudeshi family and people wanting their assistance. He let Zin and Shadin handle the particulars if he felt it worth their while. He never tried to insert himself too deeply into what they had formed. He just wanted to help out his brothers. Hideo quickly became proud to call himself a Yuudeshi again. He would no longer be called Hideki's son, but Shadin's brother--or any of his other sibling's brother. Hideo was glad they succeeded where he did not.

Hideo's latest change happened in 2014. Hideo went on his own for a mission. It was supposed to be a simple scouting operation, and a potential rescue if he could manage it. Doctor Gunther Kurtzenheim was a world-renowned cybernetics specialist. He had studied many of the ectocybernetics of the time, eventually developing many theories on their applications as prosthetics. He was in Switzerland, imprisoned by Shadow Fall and forced to operate on their wounded operatives. Hideo was going to take him back to Japan, where he'd be allowed to freely operate as he wished. Unfortunately, this operation did not go as planned.

Hideo was able to enter the country un-noticed. He was even able to find where the doctor was operating out of--a mountainside villa overlooking an incredibly beautiful lake. He saw that the guard presence was low. To this day, he regrets making a move then. He knew something was up. Hideo slew the guards and entered the villa. He was not greeted by Shadowfall operatives or a harem of nurses. He was face-to-face with one of the White Wings of the Kokuryuuteishi--the Winged Midnight, Avrae. She was here to escort the good doctor to Germany for a few surgeries.

Hideo and Avrae smiled at one another... before literally flying through the roof to fight. They fought above the cloudless sky's reflection. It was a beautiful fight. She, the Queen of Dragons, fought with her full strength. Hideo, a mere Vizard, fought with most of his. Flashes of energy colliding brightened the night into near daylight. Hideo was outmatched for the most part. He could not keep up with Avrae, who was far stronger. She laughed as Hideo tried to do one final push against her.

Hideo was stabbed through the chest by her massive lance. She fired a beam of energy through it, nearly carving him in two. He smiled. "I have you now... bitch..." Hideo's voice distorted as the mask formed on his face, his hand in front of her chest. "Cero... Vargon." The Cero and Bala ripped through Avrae in a very specific area... While the damage it did was immense, the Cero and Hideo's own innate power stripped Avrae of most of her energy. Her lance began to fall apart, and she fell into the icy waters below. Hideo remained standing, his body refusing to move at all. It was too tired to even obey the laws of physics. The last thing Hideo remembered was one of his brothers, he cannot remember which, appearing.

Hideo was in a coma for nearly two years before waking up. He was told of what happened by his doctor, who happened to be Doctor Kurtzenheim. Doctor K (as Hideo called him) had performed a radical surgery on the young man. Although the wound had been healed, Hideo had been so close to death that his nerves were not responding correctly. Hideo had been given a new type of cyberbrain that doubled as a hub for his new nervous system. In order to get the nerves working properly, tiny wires sending electrical pulses were woven into his body. These came naturally from the cyberbrain. Hideo was put under intense physical therapy for a year, during which time he refused to see his family. They would see him when he was well.

I. Equipment

I. Rozenkavalier

Rozenkavalier (Rose-Bearer) is the name of the collective Cyberbrain Network implanted within Hideo. After his fight with Avrae, Hideo was left mentally and physically damaged. He could no longer function, and he would have died had this not been implanted. The initial design of Rozenkavalier was to regulate the systems his body had lost control of. While most of his organs were intact, the nerve connections were not. His blood and bone marrow did not respond well either. Effectively, the majority of what he needed was something to coax his body into motion.

Rozenkavalier takes the form of a cyberbrain and hundreds of thousands of microscopic wires and nodes attached to various nerves, veins, arteries, and all of his major organs. These are all attached to Rozenkavalier's cyberbrain which functions as a basic power source and control module. Most of the power comes from Hideo's own heart, but there is enough power to allow him to survive should his heart stop.

During and after completing his physical therapy, Hideo spent most of his time within the "inner world" of his cyberbrain. While in there, he watched to see how each wire affected his body. Besides getting an incredibly in-depth lesson on his own biology, Hideo learned how to manipulate these signals and how they interact with his body. This manipulation he eventually named Zettaijiko (絶対自己; Absolute Self).

At the request of his brothers, the actual security programs and strength of Hideo's cyberbrain is well beyond the measures of a standard one. He may not have the type of external control like Shadin or Kakine do, but his internal control is second to none. He can access the Yuudeshi network access one (or even half) a grade lower than Shadin himself. However, he mainly uses it to send videos and scenes to his brothers rather than for anything particularly interesting.


Zettaijiko: Zettaijiko is unique to Rozenkavalier because of how total the control over Hideo's body it has. Zettaijiko is what happens when Hideo uses his brain to change something about his body's internal workings. This does not mean he can go from being a man to a woman or change his overall appearance. Instead, Zettaijiko allows Hideo to circumvent normal biology. So long as his brain and heart are connected, Hideo can "trick" his brain into thinking it's perfectly fine.

While he cannot grow an entire body back within any reasonable timeframe (it takes about 2 weeks to do if he were literally only a brain and his heart), Hideo does have an increased healing factor. This is entirely selective, and he can choose where to focus his healing. However, things that would be normally fatal such as a punctured lung are no longer of any concern of his. With Zettaijiko in that situation, Hideo uses Rozenkavalier to "remove" the need for that lung. This will cause a chain reaction throughout his body, changing his biology to not require the lung.

The above example can be applied to any body part that isn't his brain or heart. He cannot trick his brain into thinking that the heart or the brain itself is unnecessary. Hideo almost died for real when he tried that. And while he can increase his healing and spark organ growth within himself, Hideo does not have the same capabilities of, say, an Arrancar's high-speed regeneration. In fact, the regeneration provided with Zettaijiko takes ten times as long as a beginner in high-speed regeneration.

Bōchō Seigyo: (膨張制御; Growth Control) Bōchō Seigyo is a further development of Zettaijiko. Using the basic principles used with the pseudo-regeneration provided by Zettaijiko, Hideo can cause cell growth. Effectively, he can give himself tumors—and although they are not technically such, they will be called as such for the sake of simplicity. As he has this nigh-absolute control over his body's functions, the tumors are harmless to him. The tumors can take any shape he wants them to within reason and remain attached to his body. They take on a purplish-red form and always look like exposed flesh and muscle. These tumors cannot bend on their own and therefore are mostly rigid unless Hideo wants them to be floppy.

Unlike the regeneration of Zettaijiko, Bōchō Seigyo is quite fast. They never have any complicated functions, so it is easy to make the cells grow. Hideo usually puts the tumors to use as makeshift weapons. It's common for him to have multiple "tumor spikes" protruding from his body as both a defense if someone gets too close and as an offensive weapon. One main limitation is that the tumors can not be used as a replacement for any organ lost. He can cause a tumor to form to make a makeshift scab to halt bleeding but there will not be any blood vessels or nerves within that tumor. They are simple masses of flesh, nothing complex.

Inzei Kaiseki: (系統解析; Royalty Analysis) Inzei Kaiseki has no involvement with Zettaijiko, and it is instead more involved with the actual functions of Rozenkavalier. Inzei Kaiseki is the only ability of his cyberbrain that has modified his Zanpakutou in any way so far. It uses the Yuudeshi Network's own resources to analyze someone's "status." It directly influences the strength of Hideo's Zanpakutou due to its nature as a "king-killer" type. The "status" that Inzei Kaiseki will provide is combined from what they refer to themselves as and what they are officially. This uses analysis of reiatsu and other factors to identify the genealogical significance of past royalty in their blood, as well as the information network that feeds into the Yuudeshi network. Someone such as Mana would be referred to as Sovereign-tier as she is effectively the Queen of the Demons. Whereas someone such as Avrae would be reffered to as as Baron-tier as she no longer is a queen but still refers to herself as one. Inzei Kaiseki has amplified his Zanpakutou in now being able to more greatly affect people who were not top-tier nobility. Inzei Kaiseki works by either increasing or decreasing his Zanpakutou's effectiveness. Only Monarch-tier opponents are given the full damage of his Zanpakutou. A Peasant-tier opponent would only take 1/5 of the damage, whereas a Sovereign-tier would take double damage. This makes Hideo very unsuited to fighting most opponents, but the very few who are Monarch or Sovereign-tier should be wary of fighting him.

  • Sovereign-tier: 200%
  • Monarch-tier: 100%
  • Prince-tier: 80%
  • Count-tier: 60%
  • Baron-tier: 40%
  • Peasant-tier: 20%

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Ekime: (液眼; Liquid Eye/Blind Eye) Ekime allows him to see liquid around him. This makes him effectively blind on a rainy day (if he's using it) and a godsend in a desert. This is how he can see through many illusions and see if someone is actually around him. His vision with Ekime is somewhat similar to modern-day BHOT thermal vision. In BHOT, meaning "black hot," the hotter something is the blacker it will appear. For Ekime, the more moisture something has, the blacker it will appear. While using Ekime, the sclera in Hideo's eyes turn black.

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Yarisazame (槍紗雨, lit. Gossamer Rain of Spears)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] EcQNWl

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Yarisazame is a very silent spirit. The type of silent he is isn't the normal "I'm just going to not speak" silent. Yarisazame is the type that will speak, but when he speaks it's the type that radiates silence from others. Every sentence he speaks will have another meaning. Well, at least one another meaning. Hideo has caught Yarisazame in hiding four meanings in something he said. And even he doesn't think that was all that was in that phrase he gave. Yarisazame doesn't explain anything he says, and he just hopes Hideo is bright enough to determine what he was saying. Yarisazame ironically calls Hideo "my king," as both of them hate "kings."

» Inner World:
Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] WmaKgI

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] 6mUr0i

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers: N/A

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Rain"

» Shikai Appearance: Upon release, Yarisazame's blade fades into one made of water. This water blade has the same consistency as his normal Zanpakutō. This means that it interacts with most things as if it were a normal, metal blade. This is when the water is "hardened." When the water is "hardened," it acts as a solid. However, it is still water.

» Shikai Abilities: Yarisazame's blade can change shape. However, it must still use the same amount of water. Thus, he can not make a greatsword out of the water unless it was paper-thin. This is mainly used to curve the blade, allowing for an attack to still hit. As each of the abilities of Yarisazame require the blade's own water supply, Yarisazame has a very limited amount of what it can do. Hideo can easily perform three of his Shikai's abilities per post without tiring himself out. At maximum, he could use five per post. However, that would cut him off from using any abilities in his next two posts.

Arainagasu, Yarisazame: (洗い流す, 槍紗雨, lit. Wash Away, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Arainagasu is the main ability of Yarisazame. Hideo aims the tip of Yarisazame in the direction he wishes to hit. When he calls out the name of the ability, the hardened water blade launches forth at high speed as a "lance" of water. After a short delay, the water returns at the same speed to Yarisazame's hilt.

Furisosoge, Yarisazame: (降り注げ, 槍紗雨, lit. Pour Down, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Hideo swings the blade upwards. It then falls apart, splashing into the sky. This leaves him momentarily defenseless. After short delay, the water hardens again. This time, however, it has taken the water in the air as well and has "assimilated" it for this ability. 104 "spears" of water rain down where Hideo points Yarisazame's hilt. The exact area is marked by a 1-yard circle. This circle is simply a darkened and moist area, as if it had been rained upon. Once all of the spears have landed, the water returns to Yarisazame and reforms as a blade.

Tobimawaru, Yarisazame: (飛び回る, 槍紗雨, lit. Splash About, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Before Hideo had Rozenkavalier, Tobimawaru, Yarisazame was his main close-combat defensive ability. The water from Yarisazame splashes onto him or another surface. Once per usage, the water erupts into a multitude of spikes. These can last for up to three posts before returning to Yarisazame's hilt. However, Hideo can cancel this early with a command of "Return, Yarisazame."

Kanketsusen, Yarisazame: (間欠泉, 槍紗雨, lit. Geyser, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Kanketsusen, Yarisazame is the strongest ability of his Shikai. It works a lot like Furisosoge, Yarisazame. Instead of swinging his sword upward, Hideo swings the blade downward. The water seeps into any available crack in the ground. It then proceeds to follow him for up to five rounds. While in the ground, the water is indistinguishable from normal groundwater or any other source of water. Upon the command of "erupt," the water spears towards a point. Unfortunately, the target of the water is not shown like in Furisosoge, Yarisazame. Instead, where the water bursts from is preceded by a dark, moist spot. The spears launch with lower speed than Arainagasu, Yarisazame and are smaller.

I. Bankai—Half-Release

» Bankai Name: Kaigōu Bentenkawase (剴豪雨 弁天川瀬; Scything Downpour of Benzaiten's River)

» Bankai Release Phrase: "Rain down"

» Bankai Release Actions: Upon calling out the release, Yarisazame's blade slowly melts downward. It drips onto the floor, creating either an iron or water puddle—depending on if it is released or not. With a flick of the wrist still holding Yarisazame's hilt, Kaigōu Bentenkawase is released. The water sprays upward with enough force to knock a man back. As it surrounds Hideo, it swirls madly. More and more water is added to it as it forms a vortex. The vortex will soon calm down, splashing down behind Hideo. From a small puddle, he pulls out the weapon form of Kaigōu Bentenkawase. Behind him, five spheres of water form from the water that surrounded him. He calls out his Bankai's name, and the release is complete.

» Bankai Appearance: Kaigōu Bentenkawase does not change much about Hideo's own appearance. Hideo's skin will be slick to the touch, as if he had just been swimming. However, his hair will not be plastered against his head. The main change to Hideo himself is that ripples form from where-ever he happens to step. His weapon is no longer a sword, but a pair of shortspears connected by a rope of water. These shortspears are 5 feet long apiece. They are made from a solid piece of metal with a wide, short tip that ie more apt for slicing than piercing. It can be compared more to a partisan's head.

Behind Hideo are five orbiting spheres of water. These are exactly 3 feet in diameter. They orbit around an unseen point. Usually, it is somewhere about 2 feet behind Hideo's head. They remain about 2-3 feet apart from one another, and they are all equally spaced out. Each of these should contain 105 gallons of water. Unfortunately for people who like math, that's not the case. Each of the spheres holds 10,500 gallons. This means the spheres are not only incredibly dense, but they also are far heavier than they look. Yet, when they come into contact with a surface, they just move around it as if the obstruction were only a pebble.

Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] RgtTi9

» Bankai Abilities: Upon release, Kaigōu Bentenkawase does almost the exact opposite of Zanka no Tachi. Whereas Zanka no Tachi dried up the area and increased the heat, Kaigōu Bentenkawase increases the heat and humidity within a 3-mile radius of it. This does not do much except make the entire area more uncomfortable for most people. Hideo does not have to convert his weapon into water this time, so he has a lot more flexibility in attacking. Due to that, however, his abilities from his Shikai are heavily modified. Thus, he cannot use any ability from his Shikai while in Bankai.

Ka'atsu Kanketsusen (加圧間欠泉; lit. Pressurized Geyser) Ka'atsu Kanketsusen is not, as the name may suggest, the Bankai version of Kanketsusen. Ka'atsu Kanketsusen fires water from the tip of either of his spears. He can only fire water from one of his spears at a time. Each of these is at the flow of a fire hose, so it is approximately at 80psi when it comes into contact with something. This is enough water to knock an average person off of their feet if they are not braced. Hideo can shoot out approximately 80 gallons per post. The trick to the ability is something not easily seen. The other spear of Kaigōu Bentenkawase is actually sticking into one of the orbs. This is what is feeding the spout. If that connection is severed, Ka'atsu Kanketsusen is immediately stopped.

Amakaze (雨風; Driving rain) Amakaze can be equated to the Bankai version of Furisosoge, Yarisazame. 104 "spears" of water launch, the area is marked by a dark, moist circle, etc. Those figures have not changed. What has changed is the source of Amakaze. Amakaze will come one of the spheres behind Hideo. Hideo can use this once per other post.

Suichū Amakaze (水柱 雨風; Waterspout Driving rain) Suichū Amakaze is an upgraded version of Amakaze. Whereas Amakaze uses a single sphere at one time, Suichū Amakaze instead uses all five. Within a 5-yard circle, 520 spears of water will rain down. The various directions they fall from makes it appear like a waterspout—skewering all who dare try to enter. Hideo can use this once per four posts, and he cannot use Amakaze during that cooldown.

Hanten Tenkyū (反転天泣; lit Inverted Rain from a Cloudless Sky) Hanten Tenkyū is the aforementioned Bankai version of Kanketsusen. One of Hideo's spheres falls to the ground, slowly seeping into the ground. This takes about one post to complete. The water seeps into any available crack in the ground. It then proceeds to follow him for up to five rounds. While in the ground, the water is indistinguishable from normal groundwater or any other source of water. Upon the command of "erupt," the water spears towards a point. Where the water bursts from is preceded by a dark, moist spot. Due to the vast amount of water, Hideo has a choice. He can either send a few large spikes with great amounts of water—or he can send many smaller spikes out. This usage varies depending on his needs. Hideo can use this once per release.

I. Bankai—Full Version [EVENT-ONLY]

» Bankai Name: Kaigōu Bentenkawase—Sōzō no Kōzui (剴豪雨 弁天川瀬 創造の洪水; Scything Downpour of Benzaiten's River—Flood of Creation)

» Bankai Release Phrase: "Melt until no traces that your heart and body were ever alive are left behind."

» Bankai Release Actions:

» Bankai Appearance: Hideo must be in Bankai already to release Kaigōu Bentenkawase—Sōzō no Kōzui. This is not a separate release. Instead, it can be compared to Byakuya Kuchiki's Senkei or Goukei versions of Senbonzakura. More accurately, it would be almost like Shuukei Hakuteiken. Kaigōu Bentenkawase—Sōzō no Kōzui's effect immediately upon release makes it something he doesn't like to release very often. After calling its release, the spheres turn crimson and his spears dissolve into a red goo. The spheres will then fall to the ground and release all 520,000 gallons of water. This miniature flood then creates a perfect circle beneath his feet. The circle is only one inch thick, but it has a radius of 319.6 yards. This pool does not move. The pool of water is surrounded by a red mist.

» Bankai Abilities: Kaigōu Bentenkawase—Sōzō no Kōzui's water is incredibly hot. It is around 167°F (75°C), so it is not boiling but close to it. The water swirls and moves about, and it does not exist as a still body. The current is random and ever-changing, but it always seems to flow away from whereever Hideo is. This makes is incredibly difficult to freeze. The water is so infused with Hideo's own reiryoku, it becomes impossible for anyone except those with more energy to pour into it (read: a higher tier) to manipulate the water. Hideo can cast Kidou from within the water as if it were his own body.

Ametaifū ( 雨台風; Rain-Wrapped Typhoon) Ametaifū is what Hideo calls the mist that surrounds his pool of water. The mist is filled with shifting shadows. This, combined with the thickness of the mist itself, makes it almost impossible to figure out where Hideo is from the outside. However once someone steps inside, it is as if there is no fog.

Karyū (下流; lit Undertow): At will, Hideo can become one with the pool. While within the pool, he is incapable of attacking. He also cannot be harmed, but he can be forced out of the pool. His position within the pool cannot be seen. He is not a darker blot or any sort of discoloration. Instead, he is only observable by watching or feeling the current. If he is struck by an energy or physical attack, he is ejected from the pool and cannot re-enter for two posts.

Kushiza Jōsai (串刺城塞; lit Fortress of Impalement)Kushiza Jōsai is the penultimate ability of Hideo's entire Zanpakutou so far. It is his proudest ability despite its limited usage. Kushiza Jōsai is using the weight of one's status to drag them down to drown. When Kushiza Jōsai is activated, the water's surface ripples and bubbles. One post afterwards, thousands of spikes made of crimson water erupt. These spikes are thorned. If the spikes or the thorns impale or cut someone, water wraps around their bodies like a growing vine. The higher Status of someone (see Natural Abilities), the harder it is to remove oneself. At Sovereign-tier, it is nigh-impossible to do so. At Peasant-tier, it is no more difficult than removing yourself from a grandmother's embrace (without the emotional and social difficulties, of course). If the thorns keep their hold for two posts, they begin dragging their opponent down into the pool. Each part of them that is dragged under the water fades into nothing. It's as if they're being dipped into a pool of fast-acting acid—immediately dissolving flesh and bone. Instead of turning red with blood, the water instead clears where blood would have been. It takes three posts for an average-height male to to be dissolved. The rate is 23 inches per post. Hideo can use this ability once per release. Using the ability will seal his Zanpakutou (including Resurrección) for the remainder of the thread. It does not restrict the usage of his mask.

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Kōshin

» Inner Hollow Description:
Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] Oz2fOZ

» Inner Hollow Personality: Unlike Yarisazame, Kōshin does not like to shut up. Kōshin is constantly humming in Hideo's ears and if it weren't for Rozenkavalier he'd be unable to tune the damn bastard out. However, Kōshin does not speak. He does not speak because he's afraid he might hurt someone. Kōshin does not speak because he knows he will. He knows his talents would be wasted on someone who would treat it as an insult rather than a treat. Yes, Kōshin only knows one thing: pain. He can kill, but never directly. He can heal, but never quickly. He loves pain in all its forms. Mental, physical, verbal... it all brings him joy. In fact, that's the only thing that can bring him joy.

However, it's not the pain altogether that gives him joy. No, it's the aftermath. It's the screams. It's the blood. It's everything that happens when someone is in pain that brings him joy. He is a sadist in its purest sense. However, his definition of joy and Merriam-Webster's definition are far from the same thing. To be quite honest, what he feels as joy is not what we'd feel as joy, but rather accomplishment. Whenever he causes pain, he feels as though he has done the right thing. When he hears screams, it's like a job well done. And that is all Kōshin feels.

» Inner Hollow Powers: Kōshin has many of the standard Hollow powers. However, it has a single, unnamed ability that is unique to itself now. This ability uses Kōshin's strange physiology. The ring of blades which floats in front of its body begins to spin. Upon reaching 8,000 rotations per minute, the ring's energy has reached its apex. If Kōshin fires a Cero through the rotating ring, its power, speed, and penetration are all increased eightfold. The rotation can be kept up for three posts, after which it has a three post cooldown.

» Hollow Mask Appearance: Hideo's mask is not too special upon first glance. The shape and slots for eyes and mouth are almost standard, although his notably has no "teeth" like other masks do. Instead, he has unmoving slots not unlike the mask of Hannibal Lector. What makes Hideo's mask unique is that the markings on it have changed in the past few years. During his fight with Avrae, his mask was shattered in a spectacular fashion. Using his own willpower, Hideo was able to re-form the mask. It was a broken mask so it was only a fraction of its power. This was enough for him to beat Avrae however. he cracks from where it was broken form the new markings along the mask. This is similar to kintsugi—where broken pottery is laquered over and the cracks are filled with gold, silver, or platinum. Instead of a precious metal, the cracks are filled with a magenta liquid that constantly flows like a river.
Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] NRLts4

» Vizard Powers: Upon donning his mask, Hideo gets the standard Vizard "rank ups"—speed, durability, strength, etc.

Cero Lágrima: Cero Lágrima is one of Hideo's four "signature" Cero. It is shaped more like a Bala than a normal Cero. It is short and ovular like a teardrop. When the Cero comes into contact with something, it does not explode. It does not burrow through. Cero Lágrima spreads out like a water balloon. Once the tip has flattened out, the Cero explodes. Cero Lágrima's main strength is being a shaped charge.

Cero Guillotina: Cero Guillotina is the closest to a normal Cero among his "signature" Cero. It takes the height of a normal Cero and transfers it to the width. This creates a wide, thin Cero that expands up to a maximum width of 50 yards. The power of the Cero itself is unchanged, despite its odd size.

Cero Granada: Cero Granada is complex compared to a normal Cero. It is a two-part Cero formed of the Granada and the Fusible. The Granada starts off as a ball of Reiryoku. This is almost thrown towards an area. The Granada does not do much of anything if it hits something. It is almost like an industrial wrecking ball, so it does hurt and have force. The Fusible is the key part of Cero Grenada. This is a smaller Cero fired into the Granada. It does not have the energy or the force to pierce through flesh and bone. In fact, it does good to go through cloth or glass. When the Fusible reaches the Granada, the Granada explodes. This sends spikes of energy flying in every direction away from the actual Cero. It is effectively a fragmentation grenade. Due to the energy required, Hideo can only use this once per other post.

Cero Vagón: Cero Vagón is the strongest Cero Hideo can use. It appears to be a normal Cero, if only a bit wider. Unless if it is viewed from the front, that is. If viewed from the front, the Cero has a gaping hole down the center. This hole is used to fire Bala through. Using the energy within the Cero to propel it forward, the Bala is accelerated and its force increased dramatically. This gives Cero Vagón a unique property. It appears as though it has already done the damage before it has struck. However, the initial impact will always be the Bala fired from within. Hideo can use this once per three posts.

I. Resurrección [NOT YET ACHIEVED]

» Resurrección Name: Inin Satsujin (Mandated Deicide; 委任 殺神)

» Resurrección Release Phrase: (NOT YET ACHIEVED)

» Resurrección Release Actions: (NOT YET ACHIEVED)

» Resurrección Appearance:
Hideo Yuudeshi [FINISHED] [0-5+] WXGWhV

» Resurrección Abilities: (NOT YET ACHIEVED)

I. Notes

Previously Approved Application

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Master

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Advanced
  • Cero: Master
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Advanced

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Advanced
  • Garganta : Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Master
  • Regeneration: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

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Willpower/Determination: Master
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Focus: Advanced

If staff feels there is something off, they can re-open this profile. Otherwise, I'm moving to approved vizards.


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