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 Miyamoto Iori

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Coding In Template By:


Symbiote Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Miyamoto Iori
» Titles: Chronos(to other guardian beasts)
» Age:
» Gender/Sex: Female
» Origin: Time
» Kingdom: East
» Affiliation/Rank: Eastern Royalty

» True Appearance Picture: (Here is where you can post a picture if you feel like doing so, however if your picture stretches the page please spoiler it, or resize.)

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Composed so as to appear stoic, an even-tempered woman whose entire philosophy once revolved around "the strong devouring the weak" , Miyamoto Iori can aptly be described as a Spartan to those that know her most intimately. Highly intolerant of irrational behavior and nonsense, Iori appears outwardly as if she is bereft of empathy, that even approaching her seems like a fruitless venture with little merit. Her expression always seems to be fierce and intimidating, with crimson eyes that seem as if they're piercing through your soul.
To most who stand in her presence, it is not uncommon to feel discomfort. Even so, there is no denying the divine authority in her aura, exuding an otherworldly charisma that is both fierce and graceful to behold. Each syllable that is uttered from her lips is concise, possessing an air of precision that leaves no room for her words to be misinterpreted.

Each step she takes is always one towards the future, with a gaze that is focused on progress and achieving results with absolute efficiency. Trepidation is nonexistent to her; Iori's dominant spirit is one that pervades the entire area whenever she is present, commanding the attention of those present. She is a natural-born leader, in the eyes of those who know her most intimately. Each strategy she executes on the battlefield is done with split-second accuracy so minute as to be frightening.

In her eyes, showing any sign of weakness is hardly the way of the warrior; to do so is to invite shame to oneself on the battlefield. There is no value to be gained when you remain stagnant, victory favors those who can perform without fear, those who possess a fortitude forged in steel and determination that burns within their heart. However, the victory is meaningless if it results in your own demise; there is no merit to be found in an ideal built on victories desired at the cost of extinguishing your own life as a sacrifice.

Of course, This was the ideology that she once lived by herself, her reason for being. The strong will always devour the weak - A distorted ideal propagated by her mother used to poison the minds of thousands.

To her, thousands of lives were a necessary sacrifice for the sake of her obsession. There was meaning to their death if they succeeded in their ambition. As such, those who failed were labeled as the weak who were devoured by the strong. Thousands of corpses toppling one another became a natural sight to witness in the eyes of Iori, as she carried out her only purpose---to accomplish the single goal of usurping the throne.

It granted her the gift of being one who excelled in the art of war, yet stripped her heart of compassion, of the true soul of what it means to stake one's life on the battlefield.

In time, she chose to stand in defiance of all that her mother stood for. Fighting with no meaning to your life is foolish beyond measure. She no longer wished to be enslaved by such a flawed mentality. To continue witnessing people losing their lives in a slaughter fest could no longer be allowed. Where was the soul in a victory that rang so hollow?

Devoid of compassion, with no progression towards the future. If you were deemed weak, your sole lot in life was to be trampled upon like a cockroach. She refused to accept it and this moment of revelation gave form to one of the most important parts of her personality. Even if it seemed flawed in the eyes of others, there was a certain form of purity she found in those who were brushed aside - always a step behind the others - and that was the determination in their hearts. Indeed, she wished to protect that treasured emotion and cherishing it with all of her heart.

Beckoning them to blaze forth a path worthy of taking pride in, she vows to be the star symbolizing victory - the star that expounds true strength, a radiant light of determination to inspire others. Even though one may regard her as a hero, her true desire is a universe where those deemed as weak are allowed to access their vast potential, to reach their highest pinnacle as an individual.

Even if history has praised her as a hero, she would never embrace the title wholeheartedly. Her sense of honor, of right and wrong, simply forbids her from allowing chaos to run rampant before her and do nothing. She also realizes that there are times when certain people cannot be saved, no matter how hard you try. She does not believe in leading anyone mindlessly to their demise.

There should be meaning in death.

There is no shame in companionship.

There ought to be no ridicule in fighting in the name of love.

There is nothing wrong with the beautiful notion of fighting in the name of honor and striving to achieve a vision of better days.

These characteristics are what define the soul of a determined warrior, to be upheld until the end of time. Those possessing such venerable qualities occupy a special place in her heart. And it is their will she intends to protect. The will of determination and the fortitude to oppose an undesired outcome.

As such, heroes who constantly protect others are adversaries in her eyes. If those who cannot fight for themselves are constantly protected, the potential for evolution is diminished. The people of the universe and the many realms encompassing it above----should desire something far greater. To her, there are times where those who deem themselves as heroes often do more harm than good..... so why not let the protected learn how to fight on their own terms? Evolve beyond their original state and become someone worthy of being proud of.

In addition, social interaction is a skill she succeeds at exceptionally well, believing that as a leader, one must be able to extend their knowledge to those under their guidance, a lesson taught to her by the past Queen of the Eastern kingdom. Even though much of her interaction initially appears to be of a harsh demeanor soaked in cold indifference, the fiery woman still has a compassionate heart that burns brighter than any flame. Ingrained with century's worth of knowledge pertaining to the art of war, the fiery warrior is an astute mentor who has no qualms about providing others with harsh lessons to test their mettle. Her methods are questionable but the results speak for themselves. Even as a master training her disciples, she is genuinely complimentary of their gifts, to say nothing of their progress. Her intellectual mind is also something to behold. Along with a strong familiarity of earth realm customs and proficiency in multiple languages, Iori is well-versed in the field of technology as a result of her time spent in the north, as well as being taught by Shadin Yuudeshi.

Differing from her natural disposition as a self-proclaimed Spartan, she still retains a sense of pride as a woman. As such, she won't allow herself to be outdone by another woman. If you claim to be a master of the culinary arts, she will no doubt provide her best meal as a form of showmanship. If you claim to yourself to be the height of elegance?

She will showcase her rather surprising sense of fashion. However, where her defeat lies is in the matters of love and affection. Virgin Mary - that is the nickname lovingly bestowed upon her by her most intimate friends. She has never once been touched intimately nor experienced what it is to kiss someone.

In fact, romance is a wholly foreign concept to her. It is not as if she is unaware of what it is but as she has never experienced it at all, her perception of it is hilariously skewed beyond comprehension which leads to very humorous situations among her peers.

» Likes:

» Dislikes: (This is self explanatory. What does your Sugiuran dislike?)

III. Guardian Beast

» Name: Chronos
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Male
» Origin: Time and Space

» Location of Resonance Marker: Resonance marker is located on the palm of Chronos' right hand.

» Appearance:

Miyamoto Iori Z2V4SYD

» Personality:

Chronos is a divine spirit with a multilayered personality that cannot properly be described at first glance. He is endowed with supreme intellect yet lacks all manner of common sense when it comes to earthly workings as well as the thoughts of humanity.

Each of his characteristics seems more indicative of a sovereign ruler, as he carries himself with an air of royalty and grace, representing the spirit of an upstanding gentleman with the heart of a loyal servant.

He himself admits that words do little to describe him in the way he desires. In fact, one could say that he is always yearning to know the inner-workings behind the minds of others rather than them knowing his own.

He has no need for titles nor does he possess what one might call an overinflated sense of pride or glory. As a divine spirit governing time and space, he is always questioning the motives of other individuals, their philosophies as well as their ideals. To him, he finds admirable beauty in the strength of motivation, considering it a magnificent thing to behold. In a conversation with him, you would eventually find yourself in a question versus question debate.

He is always questioning things, not out of acceptance or refusal but a genuine curiosity of the various realms. After all, he is one who believes in the power of humanity and what they can accomplish. He detests needless catastrophe and believes that all things should have their natural course.

He never disagrees with any specific ideal; it is not his place to do so.

What he will question is the lack of resolve - that is, the spirit he considers the most cherished tool of the warrior. As one who wandered aimlessly until he chanced upon his master, he no longer relates to the idea of living one's life in stagnation.

Even if he is considered to have so much knowledge, he yearns to know more and his actions are never done out of spite. In a way, he is indeed a gentle spirit harboring no ounce of arrogance in his heart.

It is extremely difficult to become his enemy. However, if there is one method capable of inciting his ire than that is dishonoring his master. His obsession with her transcends comprehension.

If you break a promise? He will reign down a thousand questions as to why you committed the act. If you wish to kill her, then he will become the strongest weapon necessary to eliminate you from the plane of existence.

His intention revolves around nothing more than his ardent desire to help her achieve her ambitions, grand or minute. In his eyes, he believes she can do no wrong. He idolizes her. He cherishes her. One can even say he practically loves her and he would not deny the claim. He questions her motives the most and is never dissatisfied with her answers.

He knows that she has a willingness to converse with him, that they share a special bond. He never does anything that would upset her, the very thought of breaking her trust is all but a foreign concept to him. Everything he does is in the name of her honor. No one can set his heart afire the way she does, nor give him that sense of excitement he desires.

» History:

» Flimkien Powers: (What are the Beasts powers when he is an autonomous creature, fighting in conjunction with your Sugiura? There is no limit on how many they may have, but do try to be reasonable.)

» Matul Espiritu Appearance: (What form does your Beast take when he is broken down into Eidos then reforged in a metaphysical state?)

» Matul Espiritu Powers: (What powers does your Beast possess when he is broken down into Eidos then reforged in a metaphysical state? Again there is no limit but please try to be reasonable.)

IV. Character Background

» History:


Iori was born as the sole child of the Miyamoto family; as such, expectations were high from the very conception of her existence - to say nothing of the fact that she was born to a family of soldiers who served the eastern kingdom with unabated fervor.

Her mother, Kurenai Miyamoto was Misaiko's most accomplished soldier, countless battles resulting in her title as Hachiman, the divine protector of Japan.

Indeed, she was a god of war and the battlefield - it was she, not Iori, who popularized the concepts and ideas of martial arts that dominate the Eastern populace, teaching all who would lend an open mind to her discoveries. To her, as someone who had been raised to protect Misaiko with her life(as her family lineage dictated), the battlefield was her solace, an escape from the mundane. On the eve of Misaiko's first marriage, Kurenai had found herself at unease.

She was her highest ranking soldier, a loyal confidant whenever necessary... and yet, her heart could not readily accept the fact that her queen would ever live the life of a meager housewife. In a way, perhaps unbeknownst to herself, that loyalty had manifested itself into the form of true love - a thought that, to this time, had not been explored nor would she dare to do so. The thought was laughable - and yet it was that lack of giving into her feelings that would eventually rule her daughter's life in the future.

Kurenai would not attend her queen's celebration; her heart simply couldn't bear it. Even so, there was a happiness she felt in knowing that her beloved ruler still retained her pride as Empress of the East. In the following year, Kurenai would have to oblige her own family duty as she had to carry on her lineage.

Her own siblings reminded her that as she faced life and death every second, clearly the most logical decision was to give birth to someone who could carry on her name as a Miyamoto.

Although initially reluctant, she acquiesced without a sliver of dispute. A unique curiosity had been eating away at her mind ever since her queen gave birth to a child. Motherhood intrigued her and so she pursued it with an open mind.

However, raising a child was far different from the battlefield. Whereas her breast were originally being pierced through with blade and spear, they were now used to breastfeed her infant daughter, Iori.
Kurenai had a husband, of course, but her overbearing personality frightened him - thus, their marriage was short-lived.

Let him be, she resolved, there was no room in her family for those unable to match her will. When Iori was a child, her mother took on the role of both parents and so to the best of her abilities, she did her best to shower her daughter with love and affection but there had always been a mutual disconnect between the two.

As a child, Iori was a spoiled brat, desiring the affection and attention of others while being an unscrupulous prankster. To any other mother, such behavior was excusable as they knew all children were wont to act immature - it was a central part of their innocence.

However, Kurenai, as someone who had not been raised in the best conditions herself, scraping for her entire lot in life, such behavior was incomprehensible. She would not allow her daughter to be seen as a weakling, even if it meant a possible fracture of their familial bond. Whenever she acted out, Kurenai punished her with harsh training methods that left the young maiden exhausted, depleted of energy to the point of being unable to move her fingers.

Each training session became ever fiercer, relent all but an impossibility in her world. She admired her mother's strength yet her teachings were the height of insanity - there was no let up whatsoever. She loved her more when she made the attempt to try and be a mother, accepting her for whatever she may become in the future.

Even so, perhaps if she were to accept the challenge and champion the role of a warrior worthy of her mother's prestige, affection would come soon enough, as her heart desired that more than anything else in the universe.

Rising to the challenge, even as a child, Iori embraced her mother's martial skills and, adapting to each of her moves with simplicity, honed her skill to where she could readily defend herself at a moment's notice. In return, Kurenai showered her daughter with the praise she yearned for.

The mutual disconnect was no longer there, replacing it instead was the mutual love of a prideful mother and her adoring daughter. Iori was the happiest in all of the Eastern Kingdom; her idol was her mother and to her, she was the strongest.

Such strength, however, eventually proved to be both a blessing and a curse. On the eve of Iori's descent into her teenage years, she eagerly requested to become a soldier in Misaiko's army, much to her mother's chagrin, who had become far more protective of her daughter than in days past. Even though war was a rarity in the East, that hardly made the battlefield any less horrific to participate in on any scale.

Misaiko, who her mother still served under, came to a mutual agreement that no harm would come to her, that she could never participate in any battlefield until she was an adult. She was still a child, after all. In a word, Iori was outraged with her mother's decision. Her decision was unfathomable, laughable so as to be brushed off as mere nonsense.

How could you bless me with the strength of a thousand men, yet disallow me the right to fight at your side?

You are a child, there is no place for a woman yet to blossom into full adulthood on the battlefield, no place for a still-growing soul to participate in the hell known as war. Indeed, even as joy suffuses my heart when I raise up sword and spear for my queen, that does not abate the regret I feel for those - rebellious or innocent - I've slain. Do not disobey me.... please?

What purpose do I have then!? I am the strongest among any of your host! Let me fight at your side!

No. I will not even ruminate on the possibility. There is nothing else further to discuss.

If such is the case, there is no way that you can possibly claim to love me...

Such was the final conversation between the two. From their opposing viewpoints, it could be said that neither was wrong nor correct in their opinion. Iori had indeed earned the right to do battle, yet Kurenai's words were not without knowledge, to say nothing of the truth. She understood that her daughter would refute her, claiming that she no longer loved her - of course, it was because her maternal development had grown to such a point that she could not bear the thought of seeing her daughter suffer any injury.

At the end, perhaps such maternal emotion had weakened her; even so, if given the chance, she would gladly repeat their time spent together for eons. Kurenai honored her lordship the right to adopt her daughter into the royal family.

From thereon, her own whereabouts became an enigma in Sugiura Lore. What happened to the legendary war god? Had she finally met her death? Did she abandon her daughter? Such had become the discussion among soldier and Chancellor alike...

Iori, however, came to resent her mother for disappearing without so much as a trace of her whereabouts. She felt frightened in her new unfamiliar territory. There was no one to support her here in this castle. As someone who had always lived outside the kingdom outskirts, royalty hardly befitted someone such as her. She was no princess, she was a warrior! She let everyone in the castle know that, fought them even till it became a thorn in Misaiko's side.

Tomoe, the first daughter in line to receive the right of Empress of the East, challenged her to a duel, handily defeating the fiery young woman without resistance, their difference in power as far apart as heaven and earth.

"Though I will come to love you as a sister of mine - know your place among my mother's family. She granted you a gift yet you act childish, claiming to be a warrior incapable of being defeated. There is no place for selfish desires here. "

Defeat hurt like hell.

Tomoe was younger than her yet defeated her as though she were but a mere grunt. As the maids rushed her off to nurse her injuries, her emotions poured out as tears fell from her eyes. She didn't even ask to be here...

She wanted her mother back; someone with whom she could relate to. Misaiko saw where her daughter Tomoe was coming from, yet considered her method of beating sense into the crimson-haired maiden to be far too cruel.

Iori, as much as she hated to admit it, longed for liberation. The queen arrived at the room where she was resting, embraced the young girl, and with a soft voice, she whispered the words she longed to hear.

"Iori, you have a strength unparalleled by many in my kingdom. No one possesses the potential to grow into as fine a warrior as you do, none in all of the land. Such potential is why she did not wish for you to go to battle at her side. She longed to see you blossom into someone who could carry her lineage with pride... she took pride in you precisely because of that belief in your ability. "

Even if it never did bring Iori the closure she desired, Misaiko's words quelled the pain within her heart. From here, a bond was formed from that day onward. Whereas Iori and Tomoe's original relationship was one of friction and hostility, the firstborn and the adopted developed a timeless relationship of sisterhood, vowing to help better one another while they protected any other siblings their mother would give birth to.

[Symbiosis of Chronos]

Upon reaching full adulthood, Iori was given a very important role in her family - overseer. From day to day, she monitored Tomoe's progress and the two trained till their bodies were pushed to the limit. Eventually, Misaiko would become pregnant with their third sister, Midori. Iori was, needless to say, jubilated to have another sibling in her new family.

Midori was such a bright baby that every moment with her was an adventure. Of course, not all of the adventures were great. When she gained the ability to walk as a child, Midori had wandered out of her sister's room whilst our crimson-haired warrior lost herself within various books of Greek mythology in the library.

To this day, she has no idea how no one possibly noticed the little girl wandering outside of the castle walls, but... Midori had wandered far enough to where she caused an uproar in the castle and a search for the young girl was immediately commenced the minute that everyone knew she was nowhere to be found.

Ashamed that she had allowed her sister to wander off, Iori vowed to find her quickly, that no harm would come to her. And so, she set off with a halberd as her sole means of battle, believing that her fists were more than enough for the occasion, should any enemy seek to cause her harm. In an unfortunate turn of events, however, upon Iori finding Midori, a dragon guardian beast appeared before the small child.

Intimidating to behold, Iori discerned that the creature clearly lacked the mental capabilities that would've allowed her an opportunity to reason with him. Dragon guardian beasts were majestic by nature, possessing infinite wisdom and knowledge; additionally, they longed for masters with whom to join in battle, as comrades.
Common sense was found in many of them yet lacking in this one.

The guardian beast roared, causing the little girl's legs to tremble in fear as she was frightened beyond reason. Iori had to act accordingly - there was no room for error. Even if she could not reason with him, let alone defeat him - she could distract him long enough for her sister to escape. Relaxing her shoulders as she raised the only weapon in her arsenal - a halberd - Iori instantaneously appeared before the mighty dragon. His overwhelming size made her appear as if she were an ant who stood before an almighty bulwark, yet the brave warrior nevertheless remained composed.

Protecting her sister was the ultimate goal - as such, something as trivial as fear had no place here. Of course she was afraid. To face a leviathan of such stature amounted to no more than a suicidal mission . As the protector, fear ought not exist.

However, there was a fundamental flaw in her fearlessness. Protecting someone was only feasible if one possessed the necessary strength to do so. Indeed, she was merely prolonging a foregone conclusion.

Even if she died here, however, so as long as her sister was able to escape, her death would hold meaning, however minuscule that notion might be.

She swung the spear diagonally across the dragon's face, slashing through its right eye as the beast roared in agony.
Turning to Midori, Iori hurriedly motioned for her sister to run. Midori, unwilling to go alone without her sister, shook her head in ardent refusal.

Iori glared at the stubborn little girl as if to voice her command through expression alone. That momentary lapse in concentration allowed the mighty dragon to regain his composure; executing a counterattack, the guardian beast swung his tail towards them, his killing intent poised on none but the crimson-haired warrior who had threatened his existence.

Sensing this, Iori swung her halberd with utmost strength, creating a gust of wind that swept Midori several meters away from the hostile battlefield. As her attention had been focused utterly upon her sister's safety, she was left unable to deduce a countermeasure for herself; as the tail collided with her midsection, breaking her entire set of ribs, she was flung forward as if her body had lost all reasonable functionality. Of course, Iori realized the chasm in strength between the two was as far apart as heaven and earth.

She possessed no dominion over a guardian beast of her very own - as such she was at a disadvantage at the outset of the confrontation. "Heh...." Coughing up blood from her lips due to the unimaginable pain assaulting her senses, Iori had all but resigned herself to death as the beast moved forward, looming over her as though she were defeated prey. She had achieved her objective, as her stroke should have easily catapulted Midori far from where the guardian beast would pinpoint. She resigned herself to this fate the moment she realized their difference in power.

However... a mysterious voice resonated throughout her mind with a ponderous question, one that required her full attention.

Before you expire, pray allow me to pose this question... Is this the end you desired?"

It was the solemn voice of a wise individual she could not yet perceive. The voice infiltrated all of her senses, as if to disallow her the right to embrace eternal slumber.

In response to his question....

[i}Of course not. This is not the end I desire; it is certainly not the ideal way I wished to die in battle. I would've expected something more climatic...[/i]

Fate favors the strong, those fit to brave the horrific atrocities of the battlefield; steeled of mind, bereft of empathy. Those who are frail, those who wish to protect, as if to fulfill foolish prophecies of heroes in mythological lore, are unnecessary. Kill or be killed. Such were the words uttered by your progenitor, were they not?

His voice was graceful, his tone reminiscent of an ancient philosopher, as he directed yet another question to the warrior merely seconds away from her death. It felt utterly pointless to pose such questions to one barely hanging onto life yet what alarmed her the most was his knowledge of Kurenai's philosophy.

Contemplating the truth in her words as she surmised the result of her own death, Iori felt that she wanted to confirm the words to be true as if her mother had been right all along. There was little glory in protecting others - such foolish intent would only result in the death of the protector, not the protected Even so, as she felt her life withering away before her eyes - staring into gaping abyss - her conviction as one who longed to possess the prowess necessary to protect those who she held dear shined through.

That I cannot deny. Even if you fight a thousand times, the outcome will never change. The strong will always reign superior among the helpless. There are no foolish notions of glory and compassion on the battlefield - only a dog's death awaits those driven by such laughable ideals. However--- in spite of the merit in her worldview, were I to repeat this event numerously, never would I allow myself to believe that it is wrong to protect those you love. Heroes, villains, demons, gods... to hell with the damn titles. I am no hero nor do I possess the tyrannical aspirations of a villain. What I desire is the strength to protect those I love.

Indeed - spoken with radiant compassion in the face of such dire consequences---to me, such steadfast conviction is what I desire in a partner, worthy of dominion over my nigh-limitless divinity. And so, I ask of you, beloved Kairos.... will you be my eternal companion? "

Their conversation was conducted briefly, lasting only a few seconds in reality, though it may have felt longer due to the unusual distortions rippling throughout the south. There was no appearance for Iori to properly decipher, only a voice that continued to linger throughout her mind.

One could've easily deemed it merely the delusions of a foolish woman with no hope to cling to, yet she felt his presence, his divinity, his familiar words - Chronos. God of Time. There was the feeling of unexplainable certainty; His existence yearned for harmony with her own, as if they were star-crossed lovers destined to be united.

No doubt, her mind had already deemed this decision to be the correct one. She would form the symbiosis, merging her existence with his own to form the everlasting covenant.

Chronos, I, Miyamoto Iori of the East, proclaim authority over your existence. Kairos and Chronos shall be as one. Manipulator of Time... Grant me a strength formidable enough to protect my loved ones.

The God of Time, filled with a jubilance heretofore unknown, appeared before her with outstretched arms. His appearance was resplendent to behold --- graceful beyond all measure. His body, adorned in garments befitting an regal prince from dreamlike fairytales, reinforced his majesty as a divine entity.

His mere presence triggered an alien phenomenon within the forest. The movements of the Dragon Guardian Beast decelerated with each step, as if his body was being operated like a machine who had lost its functionality. In that ephemeral moment, she recognized the event unfolding before her eyes. His influence was a distortion in itself, emanating throughout the unfamiliar realm of the south, where guardian beasts dwelled.

Bathed in the radiance of his divinity, her body was restored to its original state, no longer immobile nor haggard. Rising from the ground, she focused her vision upon the gaze of her savior, whose smile remained... gleeful, reminiscent of a child who had been blessed with a timeless gift. He placed an item within her hand; gleaming with a kaleidoscopic array of colors, the flashes of light dispersed to reveal a stopwatch.

Possessing a design reminiscent in steampunk fiction, it was neither ornate nor rustic; prior knowledge allowed her to confer that it was an implement imbued with divine essence, weapons Misaiko referred to as Shinsei. Placing it around her right wrist, she directed her attention towards the beast as Chronos disappeared from view, causing time to operate unhindered.

The dragon regained natural movement as it refocused its gaze upon the warrior, unaware of the time-space distortion that occurred moments ago.

Lacking common sense altogether, perhaps it cared little for the fact that the girl was now standing without injury. It desired only the annihilation of its prey. Lunging towards Iori, the feral guardian beast bared its fangs towards her, poised to consume her whole.

"Disappear from my sight. "

Whispering those venomous words, she hurled the mighty halberd within her grasp towards the gaping mouth of her beastly foe. Physically speaking, a mere halberd no matter how sharp its design, would never hope to ever bring down a guardian beast.

However, in that moment, imbued with the conceptual effect of "acceleration", the halberd gained hypersonic momentum that allowed it to tear through space, colliding with the berserk guardian beast resulting in a widespread explosion, one that completely eradicated his existence. Of course, the spear itself was not meant for such acceleration. As a result, it also vanished completely. In short, she no longer cared for the weapon.

Truth be told, as she walked from the forest to find her sister, an even greater weapon had been acquired here---her existence as a symbiote and a timeless bond with her newfound companion...


And so, after the events that transpired a decade ago within the Homeland of Guardian Beasts, Iori had clearly become one of the strongest among her kind, her power now easily rivaling her majesty. Endowed with such potent metaphysical capabilities, Chronos had fulfilled her a longing in her heart. The longing to protect those she cherished, so that no harm would ever come upon them. The events also allowed her to develop her own motivation, a philosophy built on a concept stripped of strife.

If the battlefield was truly as detestable as her mother spoke of, preventing the causalities clearly becomes the uppermost priority. To be certain, these weren't thoughts borne of foolish heroism - glory and the happiness of strangers occupied not an ounce of her heart. Considering such things to be trappings, regardless of motivation, she wholeheartedly steeled herself to her path as a protector of her kin.

There was no parallels to be found in her selfish desires when compared to a valiant hero.
... In the passing years, the treasured daughters of Misaiko had all grown into womanhood.

Iori had ascertained strength worthy enough of becoming a commander in the Eastern Army; Tomoe, having already surpassed even her mother in martial prowess and knowledge of warfare, continued her training with a madman's zeal, believing wholeheartedly that there was room for ascension before she could become a successor worthy of her majesty. And Midori.... had sought a different path, inhabiting the life of a housewife on earth.

She was astonished. How could someone with such potential and the guidance of royalty choose such a common way of livelihood? As one who had neither experienced the passions of love nor the touch of a man, these things commonly celebrated on earth, were all but an alien concept.

Misaiko, on the other hand, doting mother as she was, accepted the life her daughter chose with no exceptions. To her, allowing her children the freedom to follow the paths desirous in their hearts, was the grand epitome of her ideal motherhood.

Even if she nodded in agreement or shook her head in abrupt disagreement, her ideologies allowed for no discrimination in the matters of her daughters. Truth be told, Iori considered such freedom to be unnerving.

Freedom to live a life outside these castles was unfathomable. Misaiko had visited the man who shared a life with her sister - Shadin Yuudeshi. From what she gathered, Misaiko had become fond of the young man.

Requesting a temporary leave, the curiosity gnawing at her spirits would not waver until she found her. Upon arriving here, she came into contact with humans. Rather curious sort, to be sure. She witnessed men frolicking with their comrades in the night. She witnessed women speaking about articles of clothing with childish glee.

She witnessed mothers raising their children, attending joyous locations such as the beautiful parks in Japan. She even unintentionally witnessed prostitutes announcing costs for their "services". Humans truly were such strange creatures; admittedly they held similar passions such as her own people.

Most of the ideals that had long since waned in this country, were still honorable sentiments adored throughout the East. Chronos was like a child who had found the finest assortment of candy. Human nature amused him so, as it was here where his legend had been cultivated in a bygone era. He was eager to experience the worldly pleasures indulged in by humankind.

Nevertheless, Iori was on a mission that required her utmost attention. Finding her sister within Karakura, Iori had finally come face to face with the man she wished to marry one day. As if it were predestined, the two found no common ground between the one another.

To Shadin, she was little more than a prideful woman with a personality reminiscent of a captain he had served under during his time as a member of the Gotei 13. Bitch. To Iori, he was little more than a lecherous man who merely longed for the flesh of women, the concept of marriage hardly occupying a space in his mind. Incorrigible pervert.

Finding their interactions to be humorous, Midori paid no heed to their disagreements. At the outset, even Misaiko had disagreed with their union, relenting only because her mother knew where her heart stood. In her mind, Misaiko had placed her trust in Shadin, so Iori had to eventually acquiesce, regardless of her stance. For that is what it meant to truly care for family. Realizing such a fact, Iori's disdain for Shadin had dimmed, allowing a friendship to blossom between the two. Conversations with him allowed her to learn of his history, of his upbringing.

He had told her of a father who abandoned in him life, much like her own. He had spoke of his mother who possessed a worldview not too dissimilar to her own. In a way, Shadin had essentially become a brother Iori never had. There no questioning their bond. However, his other comrade, Kin, was different.

His personality was actually very welcoming, more so than Shadin. He was, at the time, one who encouraged the others while fulfilling his role as a cheerleader.
He was always under the protection of Shadin, never once desiring to step out of his shadow.

It was a bond of brotherhood she understood but she never saw eye to eye with Iramasha Kin. His attempts to amuse her - let alone earn her praise - had all ended in failure. Even if she felt that way, her respect for Shadin allowed them to at least have a mutal conversation from time to time.

As the months passed by, she continued to learn of earth as a means of seeking the answers as to why her adopted mother had such compassion for this world. Eventually, she decided to take residence within her sister and newfound friend's home, a place where could visit to enjoy earthly pleasantries. They all attended amusement parks and movies; they became daredevils who wished to sky dive and climb the highest mountains - in short, these events opened her heart, granting her an understanding of why her mother cherished this world so much.

However, such paradise would be short-lived. Shadin, due to extended use of his power as a Ziamichi, became irrational in the following years, to the point of engaging in actions unbecoming of himself. One such action was the brutal murder of Ritsuka and Yuki.

Compassionate lovers and defenders of the earth, they shared a bond admirable even to the crimson warrior herself. Midori had loved them as if they were family.... which made their death ever more painful.

The events leading up to the murder were as followed; Shadin in his irrational stupor, became painfully inappropriate to the maiden of snow. She had never possessed any affection towards the man but neither did she hold him in contempt. Their friendship was becoming strained because of his sexual harassment.

If it were merely a few times, one could merely play it off as the actions of a perverted prankster but as these events repeated, Ritsuka could no longer bear his lover being violated. Under the principle of an eye for an eye, Ritsuka had attacked Shadin's closest friend, Kin, damaging him immensely. He knew that such an action would elicit anger in the white-haired warrior---however, what he could not predict is the event of his own death.

As if a trigger had clicked in his head, Shadin gave in to the vehement ferocity of his inner demon, allowing the demonic beast to consume his mind, stripping him of any rational thought. As though fate had enacted a cruel play, Midori arrived at precisely the wrong time. She had worried of her beloved and his continual use of demonic energy, believing that no good would come out of a power borne from the Realm of Hell. As if to confirm her premonitions, Shadin had viciously murdered Ritsuka, beheading him with his claws. Ritsuka had merely been a human with latent spiritual potential.

There was nothing in the realm of possibility for him to survive such a strike, and so like a doll who had had its strings severed, his body lay helpless as Yuki and Midori stared on in a mixture of disbelief and horror. Midori felt as if vomit was threatening to burst free from her throat as she tried to run towards Yuki, to protect her from the same fate.

However, the maiden of snow, stricken with agonizing sadness, ran towards the beastly madman, cursing him until she, too, was slain, her body sliced into pieces of limbs and intestines, merely as a result of rushing within his presence.

Witnessing the murder of her beloved friends, two whom she considered to be family, Midori fought back the tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She could only avenge their deaths. Even so, it was far too cruel to ask her to wage a battle with the one who she had come to love with endearing compassion.

From the outset, their battle was decided based on that factor alone. Midori's strikes lacked any killing intent - feeble and utterly weak, her mind naught but a mass of conflict and disarray. She cried out to him, hoping that her tears would quell his rage but Shadin would not relent. He brought her to the brink of death until the strongest among Sugiura kind arrived. The Goddess of Wind and the conductor of time.

Iori could not believe the sight before her eyes. A head decapitated from its body, limbs and legs intermixed with intestine and innards. Her sister covered in blood, pleading for mercy.... She wondered what in the hell had happened to cause Shadin to commit such heinous acts, to say nothing of the carnage he created throughout the outskirts of the city.

Misaiko believed that it was the result of Shadin's continued usage of his demonic power bestowed by Oni-Chitta, but there was no time to reason with him, not in this enraged state of mind.

The two warriors, possessing divine might throughout the cosmos, engaged in a battle for Shadin's sanity. The Goddess of Wind and Chronos fared much better than Midori who had recovered enough to join the fight. However, their battle was a stalemate. They could not land a blow devastating enough to bring him down. Midori knew their only way of survival was to seal the demonic beast back within his dwelling.

As such, devised a strategy where Iori and Misaiko could distract the enraged beast long enough to execute a sealing technique by Urahara who had kept the beast dormant in the past. Using their combined ability of Wind and Time distortion, Midori rode upon one of the gales released from her mother's blade while her time was accelerated by her sister, allowing Midori to execute her plan perfectly.

The battle had been won but the tragedies suffered would linger in the mind of Midori who had lost two of her closest friends.
The battle had caused Shadin to go through a month-long depression, but Midori supported him in spite of what had occurred.

As their bond had grew to be one of familial affection, Iori had remained alongside him while their mother returned to her duties in her own realm. Shadin vowed to delve deeper into his strength as a Shinigami, training endlessly to attain his Bankai.... however, war on earth would soon follow as an entity known as Ender arrived in Karakura.

Engulfed in a war that threatened the existence of earth, Iori participated in multiple battles, ended up captured once(surprisingly), and achieved many victories. However, the war became more complicated as Shadin's closest comrade, Kin, joined Ender's army.

In a way, whereas Shadin felt emotional pain towards his defection, Iori felt naught but disgust at his cowardice, believing his betrayal to be a sign of a weakness. Shadin requested Iori's assistance among many other strong warriors - her mother included - in order to rescue Kin and beat some sense into him so that he would return.

However, their coup led to no more than a dead end. Kin had escaped with Hime, as the two had betrayed Ender and decided to escape and form their own organization in the coming years. The war with Ender had come to a close, as Kin's unexpected betrayal resulted in him being unable to trust his own soldiers and many of them defected as a result.

He was defeated by Shadin and so peace had returned to earth once more.

Even though Iori had always believed in protecting only the ones she loved, protecting earth left her with a sense of happiness. Her name became legendary as many regarded her as a peerless hero, comparable in might to Shadin himself.

However, even this moment of repose was short-lived. Kin had returned, equipped with an army of his own. He decided to test his newfound capabilities against Iori in a forest on the outskirts of the city.

Her prowess over the manipulation of time had left him at a clear disadvantage even with the addition of newfound abilities. As such, the only way to defeat her was to sever her connection from her source of power.

Using the Iramasha-exclusive skill of Chaos soul, Kin had successfully severed Chronos from his master, turning the tide of battle in his favor. Before the two could strike again, Shadin had arrived and became painfully aware that Kin was truly, in his eyes, no longer one he could call friend. Iori had suffered a greater tragedy than she had expected. She had lost her guardian beast who was left to wander the realm of earth without his master.

Symbiote of time no longer, she had to rely on physical strength only, severely limiting her skill as a warrior.
Unfortunately, the wars did not abate as each week saw a far greater casualty, culminating in a battle in Karakura park. Kin had bought his strongest warriors to the battlefield - among the strongest, Hime and Andrei. Andrei faced off against Shadin, Hime against Midori, Misaiko against Aisu, and.... Kin versus Iori.

From a purely outside perspective, Iori's decision to face Kin without Chronos may have seemed like an exercise in futility yet with resilience and strategy, she managed to maintain an advantage in the fight.

Midori was unable to gain any advantage over Hime and suffered wounds severe enough that she lost consciousness and fell from the skies.

Misaiko, who clearly should have been able to overpower Aisu suffered defeat herself, nearly being froze to death in the process. In this battle royale, Iori and Shadin were the only warriors who seemed to be holding their own with proven success. However... Iori came to a realization. Would these wars cease? To her, it felt as if they were fighting a losing battle, victory all but uncertain at this point. Even so, with that insight came conclusion.

If she could defeat Kin, the war would be won. She would see to it that she realize that reality, an end to this abominable war. Using every fiber of her willpower, she managed to breach the Iramasha's defenses, launching a strike filled with immense killing intent. Victory would have been hers had it not been for Kin's partner, Claire, the blood queen who reveled in carnage. She formed a bubble around her at the last moment, concealing her within the orb.

Holy light incinerated her physical body whole, and to those present, Iori had been eliminated from battle without so much as a resistance. To Shadin who had arrived far too late, to those who had witnessed it before their very eyes, Iori was no longer among the living....

Standing atop from a building afar, the sovereign of time sighed with a derisive smile, as if this had been an ending that left him unsatisfied.

His expression was one of many emotions - sadness, hope, longing... This would not be the end of their tale. Theirs was a story that was eternal. To him, she had not even scratched the surface of her potential, so he would not allow her to perish so easily.

As such, he activated an ability that defied the law of reason. Her spiritual and physical body had been destroyed - indeed, that had been the outcome. However... what Chronos managed to do was keep a Phantasmal body prepared in the event that she died. Retaining a trace of all of her skills and abilities as a warrior, she was a ghost in the clearest definition. She was a spirit who had no sway over the physical world, unable to affect any outcome that occurring before her.

She was grateful that her guardian beast had remained loyal even in her death but she would have felt the sweet embrace of death to be more welcoming than her current ghostly state, truth be told. As a ghost, she could not affect anything in the world around her.

Imagine if you will, being a spectator to every event in the world yet.... be unable to participate in the events whatsoever. No doubt, it was an agonizing experience for her but not all hope was lost, according to her eternal partner. The secondary effect of his divine ability was that if a proper vessel could be found, her body would manifest once more, allowing her a second chance at life. And so, she wanders the earth, in hopes that she will be granted rebirth....

V. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities (Does your Sugiuran have abilities in which they naturally gained either by their origin, or by training?)

» Resonating Signal (What special abilities does your character gain from making a contract with their Guardian beast, these abilities are not the same thing as Natural abilities, nor are they the same abilities as what the Guardian beast have.)

» Matul Ispritu Gifted Abilities (sometimes a Symbiote gains special abilities only when their Guardian beast is in Matul Ispritu; this is caused by both of your powers merging together through them.)

» Sacred Weapon

Iori's Sacred is fashioned in the form of a modified meteor hammer(often referred to simply as meteor, but can also include names such as flying hammer or dragon fist depending upon the region). The origin behind her unique weapon can traces back to ancient China. To wield the weapon properly, it is often a very-much agreed upon fact that those who wield the meteor must possess supreme flexibility and graceful movement patterns; a novice wielder will injure themselves severely attempting to master it without learning the preliminary steps.

In most battles or combat situations, using a meteor hammer involves swinging it around the body to build up considerable speed, before releasing the meteor to strike at any angle. Since Iori's meteor was designed with two heads, one can be used offensively, while she can use the other to defend, parry attacks, or ensnare an opponent's weapon to disarm them.

When used by a skilled fighter, its speed, accuracy, and unpredictability make it a difficult weapon to defend against.
While being swung, a meteor may be wrapped around its user's arms, legs, torso, neck or waist, before being unwrapped by a powerful jerk of the body to deliver a devastating and lightning fast blow.

In the hands of an accomplished master, it is fully capable of striking, ensnaring or strangling the opponent from a distance. Thus, it can equally be said that in the hands of someone like Iori who descends from a lineage of warriors who pride themselves on war victories, the possibilities are endless.

Forged and tempered with versatility in mind, her meteor was designed with the intent of creating a weapon that could " simultaneously create offense and defense in a single instance", eliminating any blind spot that might arise in the heat of battle. If the initial stroke proved useless, the freedom of movement the weapon provided would simply allow her to recover with a follow-up attack.

If the enemy wished to attack headfirst - she could ensnare the enemy's weapon within the psion-enforced chains and pull them forward, disabling their weapon while executing a devastating counterstrike.

Even if the enemy managed to fool her into wrapping the weapon around her upper body, she could unwrap the meteor hammer from her body through a rotational swing of her shoulders, hips, or arms, producing a strike so fast that it can only be perceived as a bolt of lightning.

Regarding the capability and physical design, it is forged of highly spiritual material resembling steel, capable of easily withstanding the damage from most spiritual weapons, and when it is broken, can reassemble itself in a matter of seconds. As a weapon, it hardly lacks the capacity for durability.

In terms of destructive ability, the double-headed ends of the weapon are capable of leveling an entire building and creating massive craters upon maximum impact; the sheer kinetic force generated from each swing of the meteor creates a small tornado, capable of tearing through a group of attackers or temporarily dispelling minor spiritual attacks and defenses.

When the weapon comes into contact with the opponent physically - depending upon their spiritual makeup or physical form - it can shatter their entire body with enough damage, crushing their bones until it is no more than a mesh of grotesque meat and skin.

As a result of her lightning-fast reaction time and instantaneous movement, she is always in a state of attacking and defending, leading to a difficult obstacle that the enemy must overcome; pinpointing a blind spot.

Even to those who may stake their claim as the fastest or highly-decorated warriors of the battlefield, entering her range is no simple task. As she does not require the weapon to begin with, she can easily dispose of it or summon it from a pocket dimension, so that she can wield the weapon at any time her heart desires, as well as protecting herself from oncoming danger.

A sword can be deflected and countered over a number of years, given enough training; bow and arrows while possessing the advantage of distance and surprise, are useless if the enemy can appear before you in an instant. However, with a weapon that can be deflected, ensnare, strangle, and strike the enemy from multiple angles... how does one choose the correct opportunity with which to attack?

Even if you manage to trick her into wrapping the weapon around her body, she can easily counter by jerking it free from her body to unleash a counterattack. To pierce through her defense requires the ability of adaption and otherworldly reflexes.

The physical design of the weapon is two spherical heads on each end, connected by a chain that is five meters in length. It possesses a rather antique design that fails to incite much awe at first glance. Iori's specific meteor hammer was created in her homeland, a large village located somewhere on the outskirts of the eastern kingdom.

»Personal Mystic Eyes: None

» Equipment (Does your Sugiura have weapons or another type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that they keep on them?)

VI. Maxima Sindicat

(This mode is only to those who are 0-3 tier, if your character isn't written for this please remove this section or leave it striked out.)

» Maxima Sindicat Appearance (What does your Sugiura look like during Maxima Sindicat mode?)

» Maxima Sindicat Abilities/b] (What abilities does your Sugiura gain, or approve in during this mode?)

VII. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please [b]READ THIS THREAD
before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Symbiotic Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Resonancy: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

VIII. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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