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 Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+]

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Coding In Template By:


Magus Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Eleanor Zeitskennen
» Titles: Daughter of Time, Vremya Bogatyr
» Age: 270
» Gender/Sex: Female
» Origin: Sugiura of Loss
» Kingdom: North
» Affiliation/Rank: Sugiuran Hierarchy

» True Appearance Picture:
Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano10

II. Personality Traits

    »Cold: The first thing immediately noticeable about Eleanor is that she is a very quiet, and cold individual. Now, part of this is genuinely her personality, spending your whole life both unable to speak and amidst people who have no interest socialization that does not serve a purpose has lead young Eleanor to be a little socially defunct, but for the most part Eleanor’s personal circumstances contribute far more to this impression of her demeanor. Eleanor is completely mute, she is utterly incapable of producing any sound that is anymore the the intake and exhalation of air, the ritual completely destroying and mutilating her vocal cords beyond any semblance of functionality. As such, she is simply not able to respond when people speak to her a good majority of the time and when she can, it is typically with simple hand gestures with which she responds. In addition, Eleanor is also blind, so the notion of actually turning to face someone or something when she speaks to it is one she has been slowly attempting to learn over the past fifty years when, before, such an action was entirely pointless. Her family, who also shares her affliction, never felt the need to look at each other when such a gesture was pointless.

    This sort of cultural ignorance also extends to facial expressions. Eleanor has not had a need for such things for the better part of two and a half centuries, and while social cues and facial expressions such as happiness, sadness, and anger are typically reflexively conditioned in most people, Eleanor never had that social conditioning and has absolutely no idea how her facial expressions are supposed to look like, when they are appropriate, or how they should be used and as such, she will typically have a completely deadpan, almost lifeless face most of the time. This causes Eleanor to, frequently, have a very cold and seemingly apathetically hostile appearance.

    »Loyalty: The second defining aspect of her personality is that Eleanor is remarkably loyal to the royalty of the Northern Kingdom and specifically to Queen-Mother Aceldama. This loyalty has, to varying degrees, trickled down to her sense of loyalty to her children. As a result, it is nearly impossible to, in some manner, corrupt Eleanor away from her allegiance to the Northern Kingdom and that sense of loyalty will frequently supercede any other directives or opinions she has. She is so certain in her loyalty that even insulting Aceldama or her children will typically provoke her to violence unless explicitly ordered against such an act.

    Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano11

    »Moral Compass: The third defining aspect of Eleanor’s personality is that she has a frustratingly righteous moral compass. Eleanor is, in general, unwilling to commit acts that do not fall in line with what would be considered a conventional moral compass. During her time with the Zeitskennen, she had blindly eliminated threats of all types before they could commit the atrocities against time. She killed children, the sickly, the innocent. Eleanor has enough blood on her hands to give an entire village a sponge bath and still have some left over. As a result of, steadily, learning the ramifications of these actions and the truth that fate is not set, she has veered hard in the opposite direction almost to the point of overcorrection. While she won’t hesitate to follow any command, regardless of moral implications, when given by Aceldama or her children, Eleanor will typically, staunchly, refuse to take any action that she would deem as evil or unrighteous. This can frequently make her very frustrating to deal with when attempting to approach moral gray areas as in her mind, there is no such thing.

    »Arrogance: For the better part of the last two hundred years, Eleanor believed herself to be an arbiter of the heavens and fashioned her family into possessing a divine role in the cosmos. She believed that she, herself, was as close to being a God as any Sugiuran or species inexistence. She has abandoned such beliefs in recent memory, but it is difficult to completely rid yourself of hundreds of years of a superiority complex. Eleanor’s confidence in herself against any and all threats is completely infallible and she believes that, even when placed against beings considerably more powerful than she is she believes that through her own unique, arguably heavenly skillset and her own intellect and cunning, that she can batter down any foe that lines up against either her or the Cruors.

    »Cleverness: Despite her appearance, Eleanor is truly rather clever. Having risen to be one of the most prominent warriors in a family of people who could see the future as well as ascending to be a member of the Kingsguard is not something they typically allow idiots to accomplish. Eleanor’s in combat savvy and general experience and wisdom are far beyond her years, both due to the considerably more information she has available to her and from her own natural proclivities. Eleanor is capable of using the vast amount of information available to her to create crafty tactics in combat as well as being able to naturally read opponents and develop counters to their actions on the fly, making her a very dangerous opponent independent of her own martial skill.

III. Character Background

» Borne of Time

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano14

If you were looking for a pleasant, happy, endearing story about a lovely young girl, you unfortunately made a wrong turn. While Eleanor is, in fact, a lovely young girl, her life has been anything but pleasant, happy, or endearing. Before we can really get into the meat and potatoes of the life that is Eleanor Zeitskennen, we need to focus on that surname.

The Zeitskennen are one of the few surviving clans that managed to retain their familiar identity after the schism. In the war with the Tig-Ani, leading up to the Schism and separation of Zha’til from the Sugiuran multi-verse, many of the old families were butchered en masse or, at the very least, had so many casualties that very few strong, familial lineages managed to persist. Contrary to convention however, the Zeitskennen had very few casualties at all. When the Schism occurred and the Sugiurans were thrown into a new and not especially welcoming world. Many expected the Zeitskennen to attempt to seize power as one of the sole remaining families with any power left. Many also do not understand the Zeitskennen.

For as long as anyone can remember, the Zeitskennen have fashioned themselves as the “Wardens of Time.” They believe the Gods have blessed their family, bestowing unto them untold power in exchange for safeguarding over the Streams of Time and protecting it from abuses. The existence of the Zeitskennen relics, powerful Sacred Weapons innate to the family, further reinforce this belief system. They believe they were given this power and responsibility by the Gods and that their service is as essential and elemental as the very Gods themselves, the family frequently fashioning themselves, vainly, as the unofficial “Sixth” God of the Pantheon. These powers, these responsibilities, these honors...are not without a price however. The powers of the Zeitskennen are costly.

There are two important milestones in the development of the Zeitskennen youth, two rituals that have come to be known as a defining aspect of the Zeitskennen... and they are less than comforting. The first ritual occurs ten days after the birth of a Zeitskennen child. The future is to be known, to be protected, and to never be spoken of. Those outside the family are not capable of understanding their truths, of understanding their mysteries, and the information seeping out into the public will inevitably bring doom and ruin unto the world. Now one would assume this was simply a pact not to divulge the truths of the future to the general public and to safeguard the secrets of the Zeitskennen...that one would also have not at all been paying attention to the last few paragraphs and thought that this story had any hope of a happy ending. The Zeitskennen, while they arrogantly believed their family to be so integral as to be divine, was aware that temptation and corruption could just as easily strike one of their family as it could anyone else. As such, the first ritual was conceived, by mandate of the heavens naturally. Ten days after birth, the infant has the ritual performed on them. Forced to drink a toxin of concentrated psionic energy, the head of the Zeitskennen will manipulate the child’s Eidos to interact with the toxin. The toxin will ravage the baby’s vocal cords, burning, corroding, and destroying them beyond all recognition. Only one in five infants survive the first ritual and those that do, will never be able to speak on the future they witness...or anything else.

If you had any hope that the second ritual would be less traumatic, then you definitely have not been paying any attention. At the age of ten, the second ritual commences and the child has the opportunity to, officially, be considered Zeitskennen. Taken to the depths of the village with their parent and the Family Head, the child is forced to endure an absolutely massive amount of energy being forcibly injected into their eyes, wracking their body with pain as they attempt to coexist with the energy. Their eyes are the first to go and no Zeitskennen has survived with conventional vision intact. Once the eyesight is gone, the child’s mind will begin to be assaulted in conjunction with their body, seeing flashes of images all throughout the time stream as their body is wracked with pain, trying to contain the energy of the Zeitskennen. Many children do not pass the second ritual. Either their mind is lost to the overwhelming nature of their new found knowledge or their body is burned out from the power, leaving naught but a withered husk. If the child is able to retake control of both their mind and their energy however, they are awakened anew...finally an official Zeitskennen. As such, every Zeitskennen is both mute and blind...and Eleanor is no different.

Eleanor was born a happy child, as happy as you can be at the very least while newborn and barely aware of anything that is happening around you. And was perfectly happy until ten days passed since she left her mother’s womb. Eleanor did not survive the first ritual unscathed. Some children surpass the first ritual without much trouble, the strongest of them barely even showing discomfort as their capacity for speech is purged from them. Eleanor was not one of those strong children. Eleanor barely made it through the first ritual, almost dying on the attempt and was left weakened and ill for months afterward. Prospects were not high for the newest addition to the Zeitskennen.

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano13

While weak as a child, Eleanor lived a relatively normal life as normal as one in her family could at the very least and despite never having spoken a word, the little girl was happy. The world was vibrant, colorful, and full of life and even in her weakened state, she fully partook in the majesty of it. Silently laughing, screaming, giggling, and smiling at the life around her. In particular, she had captured a butterfly for herself that she absolutely adored. In her jar she kept it, away from her parents, it’s beautiful blue wings enraptured her as she joyously watched the creature flutter around, a large beaming smile plastered onto her face. This kodak moment was the evening before she turned ten.

An hour before midnight, Eleanor was taken by her mother to meet with the Clan Head and was taken deep beneath the village, passing through the catacombs as the small girl tiredly pulled on her mother’s sleeve, wanting to go to sleep. When the reached their destination, a circular room adorned with multiple odd, opaque looking idols, Eleanor was lead into the center of the room to stand before the elder. The girls bright, expressive eyes followed her mother quizzically and agitatedly as she turned and stood off to the side, against the wall between two of the opaque idols. The Elder motioned for her to turn her attention to him. She had never heard a word and the Zeitskennen never really had a language, so teaching the girl any semblance of discipline was something of a challenge as they communicated exclusively through hand gestures and angry auras. She turned those bright eyes up to the man as his hand descended on to her face, the digits glowing a bright blue. His hand seared her to the touch, a burning sensation coursing through her whole body as she wordlessly screamed in agony. The elder stepped away, backing off to stand beside the mother as Eleanor stumbled, tears silently falling from her eyes as she tried to catch herself. Then, from the face of one of the opaque idols, a brilliant stream of bright white light shot from it and punched through the little girl’s side. Her noiseless screams doubled as the girl’s mouth stretched open in blinding, white hot pain. She stumbled again, barely keeping her feet as she felt as if every inch of her body was on fire. A second bolt of light punched through her, knocking her back again as the tears kept coming, flooding her face in saline as she struggled to keep any semblance of togetherness.

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano12

A third bolt, then a fourth and the girl was forced to her knees. Another silent weep before the fifth bolt crashed straight into the girls’s eyes. If it were possible, her shriek would have been heard all through the Sugiuran dimension as the pain was indescribable. The girl fell onto her back and wretched and writhed as she felt her insides burn away, tears not stopping as he eyes were forced closed from the pain. It was not just the pain though, not just the physical. Her mind was assailed as well. She saw countless images, some she knew and some she could not possibly know. She saw the carnage of the war with the Tig-Ani, she saw the conflict between two creatures she somehow knew were called Shinigami, she saw a world she now knew as Earth Ravaged by hollows, demons, monsters and all of these images were seen and understood separately but somehow simultaneously as well. She started to piece it together, she started to process the information, she separated the images, made sense of them, put them in order...slowly but surely.

She had somehow found herself on her knees. Fifteen minutes later, the pain subsided, the images were sorted, and the girl’s eyes slowly opened. They were a brilliant blue, not unlike her butterfly...but little Eleanor would never know what color her eyes now were. There was no light to be found there, no life in those pretty blue eyes. Eleanor no longer could see that beautiful, vibrant world she loved so much...but it did not seem to matter much to her now. The small girl was taken home to officially Eleanor Zeitskennen. As she unsteadily crossed the threshold into her room, her head turned to the small jar on the bedside table. She could no longer see those beautiful blue wings, she could no longer appreciate that wonder. She did know though, that if the current timeline proceeded, the butterfly would die and for no reason. She stepped over to the jar and set it on the windowsill, opening the container as the insect broke out back into the night sky. She felt the loss, not of the butterfly, but of her ability to appreciate it. She would never again appreciate that kind of beauty and for a ten year old child, that kind of realization was far beyond her years...unfortunately for her she knew exactly what would happen far beyond her years.

» Warden of Time

As a Zeitskennn, Eleanor had a duty. She was no longer the weak young girl who was recovering from the trauma of her infancy, she no longer could afford to be. The Zeitskennen had many duties. They needed to chronicle time, to understand time, to protect time and...most destroy those who would dare threaten it. Eleanor’s future demonstrated immense proficiency for the latter. A week after the ritual, Eleanor was given over to the Wardens and, rather immediately, began her training in learning to fight, to kill, to protect time.

It was not easy or even an especially quick process. Mere weeks ago Eleanor was a little girl and while enlightenment had changed much about both her personality and her physical body, she was still not physically prepared for the rigors of this sort of training. In time though, she slowly began to catch on. The area where she, surprisingly to the non-enlightened who served them, seemed to excel was with the sword. Eleanor picked up the blade with frightening quickness and proficiency and as early as the age of thirteen, the small girl was toppling men much larger and experienced than her through sheer skill and proficiency. By the time she turned nineteen and her body had reached physical maturity, Eleanor was one of the most accomplished Blademasters that the Zeitskennen had ever witnessed. Her grasp of her Zeitskennen and magic in general still needed work, but strictly as a warrior there were few if any who could really contend with her at this point in her development.

She served as a Warrior in the Wardens for fifty years, hunting down those who would attempt to interfere with the Time Stream and executing them with the most extreme of prejudices and Eleanor had a rather impressive kill count. However, after the Schism, the Zeitskennen were posed with a new threat. In their home dimension, not only did their legend dissuade many from harboring such time altering desires, but very few of the species in their home universe was actually capable of being a threat to the time stream. Once their universes was not just Sugiurans and some Eirei who could manipulate and threaten time, now there were a wide assortment of creatures with the theoretical power required to be such a threat. Consequently, they were more active than they ever were while still being little more than a fable to Sugiurans and a complete unknown to the rest of the world. Keeping silent in their activities was not exactly a difficult endeavor to begin with though given their unique abilities and the general climate of violence that permeated the world at large.

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano10

It was against these new monsters, these Demons, Arrancar, Hollows, Shinigami and Humans that Eleanor excelled so immensely against, her adaptability in the face of adversity and being able to discern the appropriate timeline was instrumental in protecting time against this myriad of threats. It was through this distinction that Eleanor came to possession of what was her destiny, the Blade Unvermeidlich. Having earned it through her service to the Wardens and her quadruple digit kill count over the course of the past hundred years. This however was the beginning of a new, devastating chapter.

» Just a bit North of Time

An anomaly had occurred, one that the Zeitskennen had never before seen or known. The timeline had shifted to create a blind spot in time. There was a confusing anomaly, a being whose timeline could not be read, and a small panic ensued. If the Zeitskennen could not see or read the future revolving around whatever generated this blind spot, they could not determine the threat to time that it was. This was a disaster of intense proportions for the family and one they could not ignore. They did not know who or what caused it, they did not know why it was being caused, they only knew when it would start and where as more and more blind spots would appear over existing timelines. The blind spot would occur in fifty years and it would be generated in the Northern Kingdom.

They could not mobilize the entirety of the Zeitskennen and as potent as they believed themselves to be, they could not purge an entire kingdom to remove the threat. Consequently, subtlety was needed. They assigned their greatest champion to infiltrate the Northern Kingdom and seek out this blind spot in time and destroy it. They assigned Eleanor. Taking the Unvermeidlich with her, Eleanor left for the Northern Kingdom and quickly integrated into civilization. It was not the easiest thing in the world, for a blind and mute girl to integrate into a more conventional society where people do not communicate with each other strictly through a shared temporal vision. Thankfully, she had a lot of time to get used to it. Fifty years before the time anomaly was set to appear, where the timeline suddenly stopped being able to be read, and Eleanor was to use it to get as accustomed to the Northern Kingdom. For the blind spot to affect so many futures, Eleanor believed that the anomaly needed to be someone that would affect multiple lives, which meant it was someone coming in to a position of power.

So she waited, she worked her way into the Northern Knights with her immaculate swordsmanship, and she kept a close eye on the Northern Royal family, all but assuming that the anomaly would be born there. It was in this time, serving directly under Queen Aceldama, that Eleanor herself began to change. Naturally, people in the Northern Kingdom were much different than the Zeitskennen, but Eleanor had, for the most part, been able to keep them at arm’s length. That proved an insurmountable task with Aceldama. There was no such thing as interpersonal warmth for the Zeitskennen. Everything they did was terribly calculated, immaculately planned, and left little room for emotions, feelings, and anything outside of the cold certainty of the future. Aceldama was the opposite of that. She was warm, welcoming, inviting, she went out of her way to make Eleanor feel like a person. For many nights for many years, Aceldama would just sit and speak with Eleanor under the pretense of Eleanor guarding her for the night.

She had used this time to further her understanding of the Sugiuran language. She had, of course learned enough to understand what people were saying when they spoke to her and she had a rudimentary understanding from her early training for when they were forced to set off into the world, but truly becoming fluent in a language she could never hope to speak did not truly happen until her late night talks with Aceldama. So as Aceldama spoke of what must have been quite literally everything there was to talk about and Eleanor listened, she slowly learned more and more of the language and, slowly, started speaking back. Not orally of course, that was impossible, but she developed her own form of communication. Most things could be conveyed with hand gestures since most of Eleanor’s capacity to emote was derived from the feverishness of her hand motions, but sometimes she needed to adapt a bit, taking Aceldama’s hand in her own and tracing letters and words into her palm, writing her responses into her hand. The two had become quite close and Eleanor’s allegiances slowly began to shift.

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Eleano15

The anomaly came. Aceldama was with child and that fetus was a future that Eleanor could not see. The monster was in her womb and Eleanor’s job was clear once she had identified with certainty her target. Eleanor...could not go through with her role though. She had come to truly love Queen Aceldama and could not in good conscience murder the woman in cold blood, nor could she bring herself to rob her of her child. Eleanor’s role changed then, she was truly Zeitskennen no longer, she sacrificed the integrity of time in order to protect the first time she saw beauty again, the first time she appreciated majesty again. She was told, sometime later, that Aceldama’s hair was the most blindingly beautiful shade of blue and Eleanor went so far as to believe her decision was fated, that time itself had geared her toward this fate. For the next ten years she served to directly defuse any threat the Zeitskennen posed to the Royal Family of the North, killing many of her former brothers and sisters to protect her new family as she was uniquely qualified to sniff out and prevent their assassination attempts, possessing the same powers they did.

The attacks soon stopped, Eleanor knew she had not in any way eradicated the Zeitskennen and knew that the children of Aceldama were not yet safe, but massive steps had been taken to protect those children and finally, they were getting to the point where they would be able to defend themselves and if her first child was any indication, she certainly did not need to watch over them all the time any longer. Thus begins the new chapter in Eleanor’s life in service to the Cruor family, unwilling to let the family she has come to serve die simply because their futures were not known.

She was not going to let her unhappy story create new ones if she could help it.

IV. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities

» Sword Savant: Even before Eleanor fled her family and defected to the Northern Kingdom, she was considered a brilliant prodigy with the sword and from the moment she picked up her first weapon to this very day, she has not once slacked in her training and the development of her skills and this even further extends to wielding her sacred weapon and the massive weapon, relative to her size, seems to be naught but a toothpick in her hands.

Despite her relative youth, Eleanor has demonstrated immense skill with the sword insofar as being renowned in the Northern Kingdom for her proficiency with the weapon even over her considerable heritage and the awe inspiring abilities that come from the aforementioned lineage. Consequently, Eleanor has a considerable amount of innate intuition and understanding of the flow of combat, especially against another swordsman, completely independent of her own powers of precognition, making her a truly terrifying foe in close quarters combat.

» Deceptive Speed: While Eleanor’s strengths are primarily based on making the right decision instead of the quick decision, the woman is capable of a speed that her size, frame, and choice of weapon would not suggest to be the case. The small woman is capable of moving with a deceptive agility that allows her to overcome faster opponents than her through minute and controlled movement and while her top speed is never really going to be comparable to the more monstrous speedsters across all of these worlds, through technique and control Eleanor is able to give off the appearance of being as fast as the monsters. When dealing with small, defensive movements, Eleanor’s speed is effectively one tier higher than it otherwise should be. I.E. when it comes to moving to parry an incoming offensive, if Eleanor’s speed was that of an Adept it will instead effectively be Advanced for that action. This however does not affect offensive movements, nor does it affect her ability to dodge explosions or other area of effect attacks or her ability to run down a target.

» Herculean Strength: Eleanor is a physical monster. The woman is incredibly, physically, powerful especially for a girl her size and physically overpowering her is quite a daunting task. This does not always translate to offensive power as Eleanor’s strength is entirely inborn and not especially a result of her psionic mastery, but her innate, monstrous strength makes it very difficult to directly push to girl around and attempting to attack her straight forwardly and with raw power is typically a fool’s errand.

» Unreadable: Given her circumstances, Eleanor has not seen a facial expression in two hundred and sixty years. As such, a lot of the conditioning people receive innately just from viewing and interacting with other people is completely absent in Eleanor. When it’s been a quarter of a century since you’ve truly seen a person’s face, things like facial expressions are a completely foreign phenomenon. As such, for the vast majority of the time, Eleanor is a completely expressionless mask. Facial expressions are, in general, something Eleanor needs to consciously perform(typically poorly and awkwardly) and consequently are entirely absent in combat situations. This makes Eleanor incredibly difficult to read and predict in combat situations as her passive, absent expression is completely devoid of tells or emotions.

» Unvermeidlich

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Releas10

The Unvermeidlich is an artefact of immense importance to the Zeitskennen family and is one of the great “Arbiters of Time,” gifts given to the Zeitskennen family by the gods themselves, marking them as the Guardians of Time itself. The Unvermeidlich is a large broadsword whose powers resonate differently depending on the Zeitskennen who wields them but all, invariably, have a singular purpose, to Cut Undesirables Away from Time.

» Sheathed Unvermeidlich

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Sacred10

For Eleanor, Unvermeidlich comes in two different forms. The first is the “Sheathed” Form. In this form the weapon appears as a large, blunt sword. The weapon has no bladed edges and is relegated to being a bludgeoning instrument, despite visually looking like and being wielded like a sword. When Eleanor activates the power of the weapon, the Sheathe itself will glow for a brief moment before a large “clock” made of brilliantly blue energy will form above her head. The hour, minute, and second hand will begin to wildly spin on the face of the clock. When the hands stop, they will each point to one of twelve numbers on the face of the clock and each number corresponds with a set of rules that become superimposed onto reality itself and reflect severe trauma in her life. If any of these three rules are violated, the Unvermeidlich will unsheathe and reach its proper form and true power. The names of these rules are present on the clock face and are clearly outlined when they are selected. The rules will last for three posts before another three rules are selected at random from the clock face.

Using the wheel above, three selections will be made at random when utilizing this power.

    1. Don’t Release! : While this rule is active, released forms may not be used and any released forms need to be reverted in order to prevent violation of this rule. Releases as they are defined by this rule are genetic ascensions of power, I.E. this rule would be violated by the Ressurecion, Shikai, Bankai, Joushou, etc. However, persistent abilities or changes in compositions that are not necessarily ascensions of power, such as the Symbiote forms, are not affected by this rule.

    2. Don’t Get Hit! : While this rule is active, allowing yourself to get hit is prohibited. Any attack initiated by Eleanor must be blocked, parried, or evaded and allowing Eleanor to achieve a hit while this rule is active is a violation.

    3. Don’t Open Your Eyes! : While this rule is active, opening your eyes is prohibited. When this rule is triggered, the victim has one post to close their eyes and is not permitted to use any semblance of vision for the duration of this rule. Any visual sensory data that is processed outside of the back of the victim’s eyelids will result in a violation.

    4. Don’t Speak! : Issuing any auditory cues or any spoken words while this rule is in effect will serve as a violation and any communication must be non-verbal in nature, this includes non-word noises such as grunting, screaming, crying, or making any oral noise whatsoever.

    5. Don’t Use Weapons! : The use of weapons while this rule is active will serve as a violation. The definition of a weapon however is somewhat limited in scope as is strictly relating to any external object being used as means of direct violence. As such, this rule does not prevent the use of natural weapons, such as fists or claws, and does not prevent the use of armor, unless it’s used as a bludgeoning weapon, or items that might augment natural physical capabilties.

    6. Don’t Use Energy! : The use of energy attacks while this rule is active will serve as a violation. This rule strictly prohibits the use of supernatural sources of energy and attacks that result from them, preventing the use of things such as Kido, Magic, Cero, and other energy based techniques and attacks. This does not prevent the use of “natural” sources of energy, such as kinetic energy from moving and the inherent physical capabilities of the victim.

    7. Don’t Be Passive! : While this rule is active, the opponent(s) must connect a direct hit on Eleanor before the duration of the rule expires. If the rule expires without a direct hit being issued on to Eleanor, it will serve as a violation. If facing multiple opponents, anyone scoring one hit on Eleanor is enough to satisfy this rule and multiple hits are not needed.

    8. Don’t Get Burned! : While this rule is active, the opponent may not be affected by burns from any of Eleanor’s Heat Wave techniques or it will serve as a violation.

    9. Don’t Touch The Ground! : The Ground is Lava. While this rule is active, touching the ground with any part of your body or any article of clothing in your possession such as shoes will result in a violation.

    10. Don’t Leave Home! : While this rule is active, a circle is formed with a twenty foot radius with Eleanor as the epicenter. While this rule is active, leaving that circle or, otherwise, moving more than twenty feet away from Eleanor as the declared opponent, will result in a violation.

    11. Don’t Work Together! : While this rule is in effect, multiple opponents may not engage against Eleanor in combat or it will result in a violation. If multiple opponents are arrayed against her, all but one of the opponents must cease all aggressive action against Eleanor until this rule no longer persists or it will be considered a violation.

    12. Don’t Go Unmarred! : While this rule is active, the declared opponent(s) must sustain a debilitating injury before the duration of this rule ends. A debilitating injury is classified as an injury that obstructs your ability to fight in a meaningful way. This rule cannot be satisfied with insignificant injuries such as a small laceration on the hands or a tiny cut on the arm. Anything other than a significant injury will result in a violation.

» True Unvermeidlich

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Unshea10

Once three violations have occurred, the Unvermeidlich will be fully unleashed into its true form as the Blade That Rends From Time. In this state, the Unvermeidlich is the true weapon bestowed upon the Zeitskennen from the Gods and is the tool used to remove dangers from Space and Time. People and Objects cut by Unvermeidlich are completely removed from Time itself.

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Unshea10

When an object, be in a person, a sword, a tree, etc; has its physical integrity compromised by the Unvermeidlich, their status as “existing” within the scope of reality and time are completely removed, allowing the sword to effectively delete objects from reality itself. These objects are not truly destroyed however, they are just no longer able to perceive, interact, or influence time as is commonly understood. This sword banishes these items to an existence outside of matter, outside of the passage of time and forcing them into a solemn, ageless existence outside of time itself.

Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Unshea11

While it is not theoretically impossible to recover someone or something rent by the Unvermeidlich, the being recovered from this stasis is going to be irreparably damaged. While inanimate objects will not be any worse for wear short of the structural damage from being physically cut by the Unvermeidlich, sentient creatures will, inevitably, be reduced to insanity. Being forced into a “world” without time will force them to view the entire scope of existence simultaneously the information overload will completely obliterate any semblance of sanity and may very well kill the victim outright through sensory overload.


Eleanor [Approved, 1-5+] Es_emb10

Eleanor is capable of seeing the future.

Rolling that back a bit, the Zeitskennen family has taken on the role of being the “Wardens of Time” for as long as the Sugiurans referred to themselves as the Sugiuran. This mantle was taken up due to the family’s incredibly potent Mystic Eye. Every Sugiuran, regardless of birth, is able to see the future in some small capacity. It is not strictly fortune telling or divination that is occurring, the Sugiuran is simply capable of reading the causality of an action and seeing the outcome of a maneuver moderately ahead of when it would actually happen. Every Sugiuran is capable of this...the Zeitskennen are capable of much more.

The mystic eyes of the Zeitskennen are dramatically more potent than the typical pair of Mystic Eyes. Where a Sugiuran can typically only see the causality of actions directly within their perception, those with the Zeitskennen are capable are seeing the causality of every action that has or has not yet taken place as their Mystic Eyes have advanced and mutated to such an extent. If the Zeitskennen was wielded by someone with unlimited focus and power, they would quite literally be completely and utterly omniscient. Unfortunately however, no power is so absolute.

The first and most immediately noticeable roadblock is that the Zeitskennen is not natural. A certain amount of potential is needed and given the young age in which the ritual will, typically, take place a genetic proclivity is all but required, but the ability itself is not a genetic one. The Zeitskennen is a mutation of the Sugiuran’s Mystic Eyes brought about through a ritual...and rituals have costs. The first and perhaps most immediately noticeable affliction is that the ritual robs the user of their ability to speak...and less immediately noticeable their ability to see via conventional eyesight. Unlike most personal mystic eyes, the Zeitskennen does not have an off switch, it is perpetual and completely overrides the Sugiuran’s ability to see. Instead, the wielder of the Zeitskennen sees entirely within the scope of time itself and is able to perceive the world around them as if they’re reading a historical document. They see scripts that are constantly changing and see actions as if they were read off a bullet list. As such, functioning in mundane or, even more so, combat situations require considerably more focus and attention for someone with this ability.

The second drawback to this ability is that while the power of the Zeitskennen is immense, the wielder’s ability to use it is not unlimited. While they would, theoretically, have access to every bit of information that has ever or will ever exist in this plane of existence, there is no way for a single person to genuinely process all of that information without driving themselves completely insane, nor does access to the information itself actually make the wielder of this ability cognizant of it similar to how opening up Google does not make one omniscient. Reading too deeply into causality blindly will yield naught but frustration and insanity. Consequently, to properly use this ability within the realms that mortals are capable of, one needs to begin looking for singular items in the annals of time using something as a focus point.

The third drawback is that the future is not, in any way shape or form, static. So much as the slightest alteration to a decision has sweeping ramifications on any and all actions taking place in and around that action and for any and all actions to come. As such, information gained is often rendered completely useless and the probability of this happening becomes more and more pronounced the farther away from the present time the wielder attempts to look as there are more and more chances for a divergent action to be partaken and the future the wielder saw to be rendered irrelevant. As such, for any accurate “fortunetelling” the wielder would need to be constantly viewing the same point in time to keep up with the changes, which is hardly useful.

Even with those limitations however, the Zeitskennen is a remarkably potent ability that, while not incapable of being fooled, affords the user a remarkable amount of precognition. In the case of Eleanor, she frequently seems to be considerably faster than she truly is simply through her sense of precognition, allowing her to keep up with beings far faster than her through sheer enhanced reaction time as well as being able to follow those very strands of time, affording her a sense of wisdom and knowledge far beyond her ken.

V. Magecraft: Chronophantasm

Eleanor’s Magecraft not only influences every spell she uses, but also every action she takes.

Sugiurans, in general, view the world and very notion of “reality” differently than other races. The world itself is a series of calculations, a series of ones and zeroes that paint the “picture” of reality and what we know as the world. Eleanor’s Magecraft directly influences and inserts values into that equation.

Whenever Eleanor takes an action, whether it be a spell or a physical attack, she is capable of creating a time displaced duplicate of the spell or movement by duplicating the internal equation in reality and inserting it at a future time of her choosing. For example, if Eleanor successfully punches her opponent in the stomach, she is able to create a time displaced duplicate that she can trigger at a later date to replicate the effects of the initial strike, causing the exact same phenomena to occur again, causing the same damage and generating the same impact even though Eleanor herself is not physically punching the target again.

Chronophantasm is, unfortunately, not without its restrictions. The first and most obvious is that anything created by the Chronophantasm is a duplicate, and only a duplicate. Eleanor is not able to create new phenomena or, while she is able to subtract values, add different values to the phenomena in play. For instance, if Eleanor uses the Oscillation Mine spell at a target location, Chronophantasm is only capable of creating an Oscillation Mine at that exact location and Eleanor is unable to change or modify that fixed point in any way. She is however, able to subtract data from a phenomenon. For example, if she strikes an opponent with her fist, the opponent does not need to be physically at the same geographic coordinate as Eleanor can subtract that from the equation added, leaving the replicated phenomena at “The opponent was hit by the fist” allowing her to replicate the effect without the aforementioned data point. However, if Eleanor struck the opponent on the arm, the replicated strike needs to hit the exact same point on the body and is not able to alternatively strike the head.

V. List of Magic Spells

    Name: Hale Particles
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Speed
    Rank: D
    Effect: Hale Particles is a Speed Type Magic that turns air molecules into ice particles, and then applies acceleration at sub-sonic levels. It is a highly efficient magic, unfortunately becoming less efficient and requiring more power when used in arid conditions. This is a basic spell that almost every magician understands and can utilize
    Name: Iron Breaker
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Movement
    Rank: D
    Effect: This technique doesn't view the sword to be cast from iron and steel, but identifies the "sword" itself as a concept of applied Movement Type Magic to allow the slashing motion with the aid of the Magic Sequence. The "sword" is identified as a singular concept turned into a molecular blade that can't be shattered, blunted, or broken as if it were able to cut through any resistance along the slashing axis. Consequently, using this magic the Sugiuran is capable of turning any object in to an effective slashing weapon.
    Name: Mirror Cage
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Combination: [Convergence/Absorbtion]
    Rank: D
    Effect: is an area of effect spell that utilizes Convergence Type and Absorption Type magic. Mirror Cage works by setting a target as the origin, causing every light source within a five meter radius to be reversed, so that no outside light can penetrate the area surrounding the target, which results in a pitch black prison.
    Name: Oscillation Mine
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Oscillation
    Rank: D
    Effect: Oscillation Mine is an Oscillation Type magic that liquefies the ground with oscillation magic in order to solidify it by evaporating the moisture. The rapid transition between condensed hydrogen gas to expanding hydrogen gas leads to an unstable compound beneath the ground, causing anyone who applies pressure to the location to cause the ground beneath themselves to explode, violently.
    Name: Phantom Blow
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Oscillating
    Rank: D
    Effect: Phantom Blow is a flashy but intangible attack that can incapacitate the opponent by causing concussive-like symptoms using a single Psion shock-wave. Usually triggered through a snap of the fingers or a swing of a Sacred Weapon, the magician can send this spell toward an opponent like a projectile, roughly equivalent to the speed of a bala.
    Name: Yamatsunami
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Combination [Speed/Weight]
    Rank: D
    Effect: A Speed-Type/Weight-Type Magic that first minimizes the inertia of the user and the weapon while closing in on the target at high speed. Then this hidden sword technique transfers all of the stored inertia from the user and weapon movements to the point of contact with the target. This is the Sugiuran Equivalent of the Shunpo with the added effect of being specifically designed to be transitioned into an offensive strike, sacrificing some maneuverability that the Shunpo normally affords for the added devastation that comes from the Yamatsunami’s capacity for offense.
    Name: Pressure Slash
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Weight Type
    Rank: C
    Effect: Pressure Slash is a Weight Type Magic that that uses the gravitational force of an object and extends it further along the length of a weapon or object, up to double the objects length. The gravitational force that is extended from the tip of the object to form a thin repulsion field that can slice through anything it touches as if it were a hyper vibrated sword, making the user’s weapon all the more dangerous.
    Name: Spark
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Release
    Rank: C
    Effect: Spark is a Release Type magic that forces out electrons from a substance and causes an electric discharge phenomenon. The magic target is usually the air molecules within a narrow range from the substance. Although ionization of this nature is a relatively common phenomenon, it requires a very high interference power because the magic affects the substance structure altering it. The targeted molecules are very limited when using this spell, consequently requiring immense focus to effectively hit with the spell.
    Name: Air Armor
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Combination [Movement/Convergence]
    Rank: B
    Effect: The Air Armor, despite its name, is a more supplementary movement skill than it is a defensive technique. By setting three to five centimeters of air around his body as the target, the user is able to render the surface of his skin smoother, and lower the angle of physical penetration, effectively improving the body’s aerodynamic capabilities and accelerating their movement through the air. With this magic, the user is able to effectively elevate the tier of their speed parameter by one, however there is only so much improved Aerodynamic capability is...capable of consequently this spell cannot ascend one to Grandmaster territory.
    Name: Dancing Blades
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Oscillating
    Rank: B
    Effect: An intriguing spell, the Dancing Blade will first create a small membrane of Psion over the Eidos of an object. Then, the Magician user can cause this membrane to vibrate rapidly; creating an optical illusion that makes it look like the object the user applied the spell to is being viewed with “triple vision.” The triple images themselves are become quite tangible as well. The membrane is still incapable of being used in any defensive capacity, but it will effectively triple the effect of any strike maneuver or concussive application of the item, typically used in synergy with the user’s Sacred weapon. For instance, if a stab would connect to the target’s midriff while under the effects of Dancing Blades, the victim would be effectively stabbed three times simultaneously.
    Name: Density Manipulation
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Convergence
    Rank: B
    Effect: The magic can manipulate the density of matter regardless of whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas. The potential applications of this are very far reaching. It can be used to create a high-pressure liquid flow by manipulating the density of a liquid. To reverse a liquids flow in order to defy the force of gravity.It can be used to manipulate the density of gases in the air to create strong gusts by releasing pressurized air. However, the Density Manipulation struggles upon organic tissue, typically being too compositionally complicated to effectively manipulate, typically restricting this spell to applications upon inorganic objects such as base gases, liquids and non-organic solids. However, the spell still retains remarkable flexibility from producing gusts of winds to funnels of water or increasing the molecular density of a weapon to improve combat viability.
    Name: Interference Armor
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Movement Type
    Rank: B
    Effect: is a Movement Type Wide Area Interference barrier that extends in a one meter radius when activated. By hyper accelerating the air particles around the user in a lightbulb-esque dome, the user is able to create a highly potent barrier that excels at blocking concussive and kinetic forces. Allowing the user to fulfill those aeronautical juggernaut dreams. However, maintaining the Interference Armor is a difficult endeavor and keeping it active for more than a few posts is unfeasible. In addition, the barrier is held close to the body, making maneuverability a challenge while the barrier is erected.

V. Personal Magic Spells

    Name: Zeitskennen: Bors
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Other
    Rank: B
    Effect: Bors, like many of the Zeitskennen family’s magic, directly manipulates the flow of time and, specifically, the relation it has with the fabric of reality. With this specific ability, the Zeitskennen family is capable of suspending kinetic energy inside of an object until a designated, future point in time. The most typical application of this ability is to store kinetic energy within an object and, additively, applying it to a future strike, dramatically ramping up the destructive potency of the future attack. Unfortunately, when the spell is activated is when the future point needs to be selected, making this spell, while technically possible for someone without the Zeitskennen to perform, worthless for those without the family’s Mystic Eye, yet manipulating and selecting the chosen time to strike with the massive augmentation child's play for the Zeitskennen. Unfortunately, the caster’s Psionic energy needs to be directly implanted into an object via direct touch in order to utilize the Bors on the object. In addition, this ability does not create energy out of nothing and is instead storing the energy generated into the sword. As such, the initial attacks that have their energy suspended will not actually exhibit any of the kinetic energy they otherwise would have, making the initial attack useless from a damage perspective.

    Name: Zeitskennen: Zurückspulen
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Other
    Rank: B
    Effect: What is possibly one of the most impressive but simultaneously most potentially disastrous Zeitskennen spell, the Zurückspulen let’s the caster, effectively, rewind time. This capacity to “rewind” time is not quite as simple as that mundane label implies. The Zurückspulen, when used, will take a “snapshot” of the state of the caster within the flow of time. Then, at the caster’s prompting, they can trigger the Zurückspulen and, with that, they can “replace” their current place in reality with the copied version from previously. This, naturally, lets them reverse any injuries they might have incurred which the Zurückspulen was active. This, unfortunately, comes with quite a few drawbacks.

    The first and probably most damaging is that when the Zurückspulen is active, the ability requires a considerable amount of focus to maintain not to mention the energy required to keep the constructed “copy” suspended in time. As such, when the Zurückspulen is active the user is not able to use any other forms of magic. The Second Drawback to the reset button, is that the ability is not one that can be used reactively. The copy takes time to fully cement itself in suspension and as such, the Zurückspulen needs to be active for two posts before the reset is capable of being used. Lastly, this spell, despite its rank, is very difficult to maintain and inserting repeated copies into the time stream is incredibly difficult bordering on impossible. As such, this ability can only be used once per thread.

    Name: Kinetic Blaze
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Dispersal
    Rank: D
    Effect: Kinetic Blaze is a spell that Eleanor developed during her time in the Northern Kingdom. The first thing to understand is what exactly heat is. Heat, by definition, is kinetic energy that has become disordered. For example, when a bullet is fired and travels through the air, it possesses kinetic energy and this form of energy is ordered. When the same bullet hits an obstacle and is stopped, its kinetic energy is transferred to random motions of the atoms in the bullet and the obstacle and the energy is now disordered. This makes its appearance in the form of heat energy ( which may be good enough to melt the bullet). Similarly, potential energy can be converted to heat energy as in the case of a uranium atom during fission.

    Eleanor is able to destablize kinetic energy in things she or her weapon touches, specifically changing the value depicting “order” into one of “disorder” and converting the kinetic energy into heat. Heat, by definition, is still kinetic energy and still carries the notions of “force” associated with it. The typical application for this is that Eleanor is able to turn her stored Kinetic Energy into dramatic waves of heat that she can manipulate with other spells and to, in general, perforate heat itself into the air for use in other spells.

    Name: Heat Wave
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Movement
    Rank: C
    Effect: Eleanor is capable of changing the direction of any energy that has been affected by the Kinetic Blaze by changing the directional value of that energy and force. The most practical application of this technique is to create concussive and damaging projectile waves of heat energy. While she is capable of changing the direction with this spell, she is not capable of changing the values for force, as such the strength and speed of the Heat Wave is entirely dependent upon the nature of the Kinetic Energy that she converted for the purposes of this technique, making the actual potency of this technique variable in nature.

    Name: Heat Wave: Palamedes
    Type: Modern
    Subset: Absorb/Release
    Rank: B
    Effect: An advanced form of the Heat Wave, Eleanor is able to hyper condense the heat generated by the Kinetic Blaze in to her sacred weapon, the quick coalescence of this energy into an isolated begins to compound into considerable amounts of potential energy that will explode outward into a crescent of volatile energy with the swing of her weapon, unleashing an absolutely devastating amount of energy in a crescent formation toward the target, capable of causing severe burns and with enough built up energy, completely bifurcating her target.

VI. Skill Sheets

Magus Skill Sheet
  • Modern Magic: Advanced
  • Ancient Magic: Beginner
  • Mystic Eyes: Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


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Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [X]
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  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
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  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: I'm allowing a Master in Mystic Eyes.
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