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 Inami Asthavon Revamp [WIP] [Hazard Rating X]

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Personality, Connections & Physical Attributes

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Traditional Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Inami Asthavon, Dysnomia
» Titles: Apostle of Chaos, Queen of Chaya Nation
» Age: Varies Physically, In terms of biological age she’s roughly 303 years old.
» Gender: Female.
» Affiliation/Rank: Infanta of Shadow Fall. Queen of Chaya Nation,

» Shifter Appearance Written:

Asthavon Eyes: Despite being a shifter, inami asthavon’s eyes remain a pure emerald green, a token to her heritage. The ominous gleam that lurks within them often speaks of catastrophe and unspeakable bloodshed. Although the real contradiction that can be found lays not in the crave for destruction and torture, but the innocence. The innocent that stems from a sense of purity within inami’s haunting look. The beckoning gleam of her eyes that speaks of tenderness long since lost. It is this complexity that truly can strike a chord in a person, can mislead and even mask the monster that lurks beneath the beauty of these emerald orbs.

Yet within her eyes there is also a hint of amusement, a dripping satire that manifests in the way her eyes set on her face. As if she finds the world befitting of her amusement. This glee oozes from every glance, every caress of her eyes and can be felt even in her most fleeting glances, as if life for Inami Asthavon is nothing but a simple game.

Then there is the monster, the primordial chaos that lurks beneath the gleeful glimmers and toying glances. The gaze that holds the appearance similar to that of a dead fish. Under this gaze emotions simply aren’t prevalent, in this gaze you won’t see love, nor affection, nor sin and greed. There is simply a penchant for unrest and discord. A gaze that one might say glances into their very souls.

Pale Skinned Hellraiser & The Mark Defines Her: Inami Asthavons skin can be described by the word pale. Albino pale except her skin is creamy rather than see-through. It’s color is similar to those who live their entire lives in the dark, the purest white without blemish to mar it’s perfect surface. The only difference in the skin that adorns her body is quite simple actually. On her shoulders there is a mark that caresses the shoulder blades, a pair of wings that glow of a beautiful green. This tattoo has meaning because it is her mark of eris. The marking speaks of liberation the need to fly away and be free from the hurt and pain that chained her, and bound her to her own inhibitions.

The next aspect of the mark that caresses her is found on her tail and her horns. Runic markings adorn them, with their ethereal glow. These markings are in roman and if you put them together they say the following

Sit libertas exitium vitae est mendacium

This means Freedom is destruction life is lies. It’s a term that eludes to her own path, what she’s gone through and the life she currently lives. To be born from the ashes of their own ruin to be caressed by the lies that exist in every fabric of existance. That is the lesson that exists within her seal of eris.

Hair of a snowy hue: Inami’s hair has long since been bleached from it’s normal bronzed hue to that of a peerless white. To her white is the color of neutrality, of indifference and even further it has the bonus of being synonymous with the concept of purity. There is no genetic reason for the queen of chaya nation to have hair of a pure white hue. Instead for her there is more a combination of reasons that has led to her having hair of a pure white hue. The first for her at the very least was the need for change. To be something different than who she originally was. The second however was she believes nothing is pure in this world, it is all inevitably tainted. Thus by changing her hair to fit the very color that purity is considered to be well, that is her finger to the sky if you will.

Short Stature: Inami asthavon’s shifter is a tiny thing. It’s probably only around 4 ½ feet in height. This goes along with purity or the mockery of it. What's more pure than a child? What’s more precious than a child? Nothing! At least for inami there is nothing more pure than that of a child. Hence why for the shifter form that she has chosen she chose a more childlike stature. The vast majority of the reason being that it is for psychological effect than anything else. However, there is a minor reason that is something other than psychological. This would be that in terms of maneuverability she favors the body of a child.

» Shifter Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

» Shifter Appearance Abilities:

» True Appearance Written: (What is the true appearance of your demon? Write it down here and make sure it is long enough.)

» True Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:
Whim. Whimsy. Disregard. Poise. Insanity. Regality. There are many ways that one could describe the personality of inami asthavon. Once a gentle queen who ruled over the nation that was regarded as most savage in demon world. Some days she can show a calm collective spirit that pervades from every fiber of her being. A calm unshakable spirit that is nearly unflappable in any instance. Blood and gore? Such motley concepts would almost certainly fail to phase her. Grief and Fear? Concepts she seems to lack in all but a very few token situations. Such as her family, her friends, those she cares about. These are the people that the whimsical facade of calm might be broken for to feel such a concept as concern for. Given even depraved as she is, the concept of family is one that is all important to her. The concept of loyalty is not forgotten in these rotten bones, even despite the hinted tones of chaos that exude from her on almost every word, every tilt of her chin to the languid curl of her lips, she is loyal.

Such loyalty can be seen in many situations, to the point she is not above risking life and limb for those she cares about. For those few people, she will move mountains, she will venture the very depths of hell, and slay deities and gods alike. Why? Well that's simple, at her very essence such a turbulent ball of chaos seldom gives a fuck about what others think about her, which is why the means she employs to meet the ends can be exaggerated, heinous and in short atrocities that very few could stomach to recreate. Partially because she loves to torture, to pick at a person on a physical and emotional level to see how they tick. To see the machinations of a mind that already has begun its untimely march towards ruin. Yet it’s also because she is an extremely willful person. If it is something that she has set her sights on, with every iota of her being, yes this is the key here, because inami is known to be fickle and whimsical as touched upon before. So if she completely devotes her mind to it? You could burn her, scald her, torture and break her, desecrate everything she believes in and ruin everything she has worked for.

But the fact of the matter is? She will still trudge on to complete what she has set out to complete, with a sick and twisted single minded determination that boggles the mind and rejects such mundane concepts such as pain and anguish, greed and lust, joy and despair. To the point that it even can cause contradictions in her very core. To contradict who she is as a person and continue down that path even if it ruins her to the point of her existence becoming scorned by those she loves, or outright obliterated into nothingness. That is her will, that is how she operates , her modus operandi. If she wished to teach another a lesson, she’d do so even at the cost of her own body being harmed, if she wished to talk to someone she’d talk to them even if her body was being shorn to nothingness.

In part this is due to the original steely determination the queen has as the leader of chaya nation, however more than that it is also due to the sickening liberation that the seal of eris has enacted upon her being as the deified figure dysnomia, the goddess of lawlessness.

The disconnect to all this, which makes it the kicker is that while she has this otherworldly will, she isn’t devoid in respects to matters of the heart. She still feels the pangs of love for another as any other might. She still feels the sorrow accompanied with loss, she feels the pain of being hurt, the twinge of amusement that comes with joy, the frustration that comes with betrayal. The only difference is that each of these emotions have been hardwired in a different way than most people. They are portrayed differently, and have different outcomes than most people.

Take excitement and glee? To a normal person these emotions could bring about acts of elation or moments of bliss. For inami these moments could be their most deadly to others, bringing about chaos, destruction and pain upon her whim and whimsy. Because of the fact that her state of mind is closely linked to the dissonant chords of chaos that are the dark underbelly to civility that has been imposed upon society as “modern courtesy”. Which is why her actions are more chaotic, to the point that mild excitement could lead her to do any number of things on the drop of the hat, be it acts of charity, or actions of pure terror that instill fear in the hearts of many. To her these actions can be considered one in the same, which is why there is such interchangeability between them.

Delving deeper, it could also be said that Inami finds farce’s such as rules of society, etiquette and social norms to be complete hogwash. She finds them to be shallow and without meaning, unless of course she is working certain angles or trying to reflect certain outcomes. In which case? She might keep up the pretence of cordiality with someone for a brief period of time.

Yet if you delve past the layers of filth that mire her incomprehensible personality, you will find weariness. Exhaustion that eats away at ones essence. She is tired of the status quo, and in very rare situations this can be seen. The moments that she pauses and looks back on what shes done, or when she’s facing a truth she may not wish to deal with. It’s a very different side of Inami Asthavon that she often chooses to keep buried under the surface. This affects her personality because she often covers up the weariness with condescending tones and sullen sarcasm.

» Likes:
Chaos: The queen loves the pandemonium that occurs when everything falls apart. The succulent symphony of decay that will span even the greatest of creations in it’s ending days. It brings to her a state of euphoric passion, a high to which the likes of, quite honestly is hard to compare to. To be specific when referring to chaos she means the very concept it embodies, the unpredictability, the inconsistency, the constant turbulence that occurs within the ever changing scape.
Free will: One of the things she adores is free will, but it is for a very twisted reason. She loves to see the way people work as they are falling into despair and decay on some level. But moreso she is fascinated by the machinations of the mind that give rise to higher reasoning. How a person ticks if you will. In this way she loves her “Experiments” especially so after being liberated and becoming one with the child of eris, Dysnomia, the goddess of lawlessness. The twisted glee she gets from seeing the consequences of the desire to carve ones own path through the anals of history is something that alleviates the gaping chasm of inconsistencies and doubt within her own soul. It makes her feel greater than the sum of her dysfunctional parts.

Giving pain: Inami feels emboldened by pain, it gives her the jolt needed to feel alive. To hear the succulent screams of another being, it is very similar to affirming her own meager existence as here and present in this plane of “reality” if you will. It grounds her and allows her to focus, to seek clarity in the screams of anothers pain. It is twisted yes, but for her it is a method of release. A means to end the madness lurking within her own soul, that infringes upon her mind and seeks to bring her and all around her to ruin.

Receiving pain: Much more so than inflicting pain upon others, the pain inflicted upon herself is a reminder of her being alive. It is an electric jolt that can cause excitement in the twisted queens psyche. The reason behind it is to her much like giving pain is an affirmation of her being alive, receiving pain is an affirmation that this is real that the present is not an illusion that will vanish before her very eyes. This stems partially from the loss of neoveta, even now sometimes it doesn’t seem real to her. By feeling the pain, she is grounded in the fact that everything around her is not an illusion that will vanish like a puff of smoke.

Negative Emotion: Inami loves the concept of hatred, of envy gluttony and despair. She finds that these emotions are an integral part of what makes a person a person. These horrid emotions are the dark underbelly that is hidden beneath the faux exterior of every single interaction. She finds these emotions to be amusing, to be hated, to be feared. To be the object of envy. The folly of acting upon these more primal urges keeps her enthralled with those around her, if nothing more than an object of study.

Positive emotions: Love, Generosity, Selflessness. Inami finds the positive emotions that enable others to express love and affection to be. . .an enigma. She loves their concept but ponders the meaning behind them. Partially because she loathes to admit that the emotions she heard of might not be ones she is capable of feeling anymore, but maybe it stems from this near obsessive yearning to understand them that she likes them in a way.

Path to Ruin: Inami loves to set people upon a path that ends in self destruction. Not because she wishes to see them suffer along the way, but rather it intrigues her to see the difference choices can make between becoming a beggar and one of the affluent. The free will that she values so highly, how one's poor decisions can cause that free-will to become more of a nightmare than a blessing. To her these actions interest her because she doesn’t exactly understand them.

Family: Inami is devoted to her family, the reason it is a like is because she adores the siblings she has. Even if she found everyone else in the world to be lacking, her family would still be a bright point in her life that she wouldn’t readily throw away.

Contradictions: She loves Contradictory existences, those who would lie to themselves, to others or go against what they believe in. She finds the depravity to be refreshing, the concept that one could even begin to be dishonest with themselves to such an extent is an easy way to cause her ribs to shudder in a state of laughter.

Solitude: Inami doesn’t need to be with others, physically the company of others actually due to the clash with her ideals and so many others leaves her at a state of imbalance. The emotions that run rampant in a person, their convictions and ideals. The constructed reasons that they exist cause a plethora of things within her. They rouse the ugly cravings within her, and cause her to wish to do unspeakable things. Only when being by herself can she truly know if she’s acting because of her own wishes, rather than being strung along by the actions of others.

Doubt: She loves the tender what ifs, the moment when someone believes the time they’ve invested, the emotions they have felt are all for naught. When their lives fall astray because they do not know if they made the right choice. When their very foundations have been shaken. It is an emotional mindset that brings her a sensation of bliss, to feel someone's anguish from doubting everything they have stood for? That is an emotional high that can cause the queen to feel calm and satiated. It brings to her clarity. It allows her to feel connected to another person on an almost intimate level, because it is a taste for them, of what she has been through.
» Dislikes:

Herself: It is very gimmicky, but the one thing that inami fears in the world above all else is her own depraved existence. She is afraid that one day, the taint that caresses her soul will affect those she cares about, that it will take away everything and leave her with nothing. While she accepts the fate she has been dealt, an example of this fear of self would come into mirrors. She despises them, and will not get in front of them because she can see herself within them.

Being Alone: This differs from solitude. It plays in with her fear of self very nicely. She is afraid of being alone, of the day that no one is concerned for her well being. The day when everyone forsakes and leaves her putrid soul to rot like it deserves. It is different because while the emotions of others get rise from her, she is as much checked by the kindness that has been bestowed upon her as she is hindered by the emotions they exude. She is afraid of what she might become the day that she has nothing left to lose, nothing left to give.

Closeness: It may be contradictory, but even as she craves to know that she isn’t alone she is terrified to be close. Now this isn’t “physical” closeness because Inami Asthavon has no real concept of personal space, it’s more a psychological closeness. A feeling of connectedness with another being that goes beyond mere acquaintances. She doesn’t wish to feel the emotions of worry for another being, she fears the concept because it goes against the grain of her own existence. They are chains and distractions, unwanted. So she often won’t get to close to others in terms of true psychological closeness.

I. Character History

» History (This is the section where you write out their history. They must be at least five paragraph's with four to five sentences each.)

I. Equipment

» Equipment: (If your character has any equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

I. Natural Abilities & Physical Parameters

»Physical Capabilities:

Speed: Inami is extreme agile, being capable of moving at high mach speeds even during a long duration. Be it that generally inami’s constitution is lightweight and promotes aerodynamics it makes it so that she is quite capable of moving from point a to point b at speeds that could be called mind-boggling. And it is without a doubt the strongest aspect of her physical capabilities.

Now when you think of speed


Defense: Physically speaking inami’s worst feature would be the durability of her body. Given the way she fights, interacts and works with the world around her she doesn’t see the need to have a durable body or rather she has a very weak constitution when it comes to durability.

What this naturally translates to is, while not quite as weak as a human being it’d be only strong enough to potentially block attacks such as bats and metal bars. Stuff like getting hit by cars or even being attacked by gunfire is enough to harm inami’s body if you actually manage to hit it. This is because atleast for inami asthavon the weakest aspect of her would be durability.

» Natural Abilities:

Immense connection and understanding of zao-ka: Inami asthavon has a near unparalleled understanding of zao-ka. How it works, how she can use it, and even the applications that it can be brought into. All of these things stem from her knowledge on zao-ka. To her the origin of demon energy, the very power that gives them the ability to fight is more than energy.

It’s a way to view the world. Each breath can be infused with power, each step reverberates power. She understands the intrinsic connections that zao ka can be interconnected to. Because of it she is more than capable of pulling off feats such as using the environment itself as a weapon. Manipulating it to such an extent that she for example could turn a drop of water into a cataclysmic explosion by isolating the environment around it and then utilizing the ability to manipulate a domain to destabilize the particle in question until it erupts.

In part it is due to the blood that runs within her veins, the blood of a royal demon of the asthavon family. However her power mainly stems from the understanding she has of demonic energy in general. Because of this she is able to display the prowess of zao-ka to the extreme. Amplifying her own natural characteristics, her speed, her power. All of this is possible with Zao-Ka, and inami is capable of doing so to an absolutely terrifying level. Capable of erecting domains of immense magnitude and manipulating them to do battle with as she sees fit.

She is also very in tune with her environment. Partially stemming from a demon's knowledge of environment. An aspect of zao-ka that allows the demon to read everything within their domain. However the unique thing for inami herself is the way that emotion tangibly manifests to her as a stench. Yes, because of her knowledge of the environment she can smell the emotions that roll off a person to a lesser extent if she is directly in front of them. Emotions such as hatred, gluttony, sloth, and joy, happiness and sorrow. Each of them has a distinct scent that the demon queen is capable of enjoying.

At her level of mastery over the art of zao-ka she is also able to employ reiatsu drain to a terrific level even though she generally chooses not to. More than capable of stealing and capping the energy levels of those she fights if they aren’t weary of her. Albeit this of course can be combatted, since it is merely a part of the art of zao-ka that inami seldom uses. That is to say there is an order to which she shows the most familiarity with the art of zao ka.

For example her level of understanding of the knowledge of the environment is to an extreme level, to the point that she can to a lesser extent in demon world even gaze upon the loose strands of demonic energy that float about.

In comparison her competence with reiatsu drain would pale considerably. Granted her proficiency of it is at a fairly high level, it’s nothing if compared to other skills that she uses more regularly in combat. For example her proficiency in what is known as Black Inferno blast is extremely high. She is capable of creating and destroying large swathes of land with this technique if she so wishes to do so.

In this way the connection she has to zao-ka like any other being is an accumulation of what she has excelled in and what she considers herself to be proficient at. It is because of this though that she has an abnormally large connection to the source of demon magic.

Demon Magic: Inami asthavon boasts a sound mastery over the art of demon magic, being capable of utilizing it without incantation and if need be at will. Although what she truly excells at isn’t using traditional spells as most demon would. Instead to her demon magic is simply a bolster to tie in to her art of zao-ka. Using it as a foundation or structure to further bolster the ability to manipulate the environment or even utilize affects such as a black inferno blast.

Because of this it’d be rare to see inami use a traditional spell because to her the application of demon magic is fluid and ever-changing. Being capable of utilizing it without rhyme or reason. It is the tool to which she makes the impossible possible and is a foundation to which she builds off of for many of her supernatural techniques.

Through demon magic Inami is capable of manipulations of aspects of the world around her such as gravity, create constructs and other mind-boggling feats that defy the natural order of things, however the main aspect that she builds upon with demon magic is as touched upon before mostly foundational and analytical.

She uses her comprehension of demon magic to pick apart the sequence of things, reconstruct them in a way that would be most beneficial for what she’s trying to do at that moment. Such as for example if she needs to, she could utilize demon magic to tweak a black inferno blast to have differing effects from the norm. Or on another token she could use it to reinforce her Akuma Kyodo, (Basically a naturally occurring barrier all demons have) To focus on certain aspects and strengthen it past the norm instead of only controlling one aspect of it.

So in a way demon magic for inami is the glue that holds all her basic racial abilities together, beyond her capacity in zao-ka it allows her more maneuverability, a flexibility when dealing with other instances that she’d not normally have otherwise. Probabily because of this inami’s mastery as stressed upon before doesn’t stem from her traditional application of demon magics through a medium of spells , but rather through the raw capability she has when it comes to general application of her demon magic.


Akuma Kyodo: Akuma Kyodo: Akuma kyodo for inami asthavon is much like most demons, it’s a simple demonic barrier. However the queen of chaya nation has managed to alter her own demon barrier extensively, Because of this unlike many demons in the sense that her demonic barrier is not simply one that is utilized to filter out stuff or as a meager means of defense. To her the demon barrier at it’s base essence is something much more, it has properties which can be utilized for offense, and she even manipulates the very characteristics of it so that she can use it fluidly in the midst of battle. Below are the traits of Inami’s Demonic Barrier.

Energy Decay: An intrinsic part of her own Akuma kyodo would lay in the properties of decay. The ability to rot away everything that comes into contact with it when one considers what is reasonably possible. The way it does so is very simple, the naturally occuring type of energy within her known as dark energy/ decaying energy has within it very similar properties to that of death energy, particularly when it comes to decay, soul stealing and other aspects of the like. Thus this energy is manifested as a byproduct through the queen of chaya nations akuma kyodo. This in itself causes a drastically different method of defense than most barriers utilized by the demon race.

Given while most demons utilize the barrier as a means to filter stuff out, passively resisting the affects of the environment around it to give the demon utilizer a reasonably safe “bubble” surrounding them. This is where the path between inami’s demon barrier which is custom suited to her skill set, diverges from what a normal demonic barrier might do. Given hers does not simply diffuse and reflect the harmful substances in the environment and merely ward off the attacks that surround it. Instead this barrier is naturally affecting the environment surrounding it causing the particles that come into contact with the barrier to simply decay into a state very similar to nothingness or the absence of space.

In doing so this means that the barrier is actively attacking the environment around it constantly to reduce it to a state of nothingness. It is far different from a demons barrier that simply filters out and reflects harmful agents from entering. Naturally this means that the space surrounding inami’s demonic barrier is often in a constant state of volatility due to the fact that it is constantly shifting from being comprised of substance, which is in this case matter, and then nothingness; which is the product that is generated after all existing matter within a space of a atom surrounding inami’s akuma kyodo has been completely eradicated.

Generally this means that for attacks that would bypass a demons barrier they have to deal with something entirely different ontop of the naturally hard exterior. This difference is the concept of decay, In coming into contact with Inami’s demon barrier unless there is a truly monstrous difference in tier, such as her being 0-3 and someone being 0-1 there is a natural damage dampening affect. This means any attack that strikes her becomes only 4/5ths of it’s original power. This reduction steams from that concept of volatile space and the decay affect that is enacted upon the space of an atom surrounding the contact point with her akuma kyodo.

However beyond this the concept of energy decay has a much more frightening active aspect to it. It’s not a guranteed outcome but it is capable of destabilizing the energy within an attack through decaying the structure of it upon contact. This causes for a rapid breakdown of the bonds that hold the attack in question together which results in the attack turning into a massive explosion upon reaching the surface of her demonic barrier. However for such a thing to transpire it requires for Inami to release energy equivalent to half of the attack in question, and even then it only will take place for attacks that aren’t being controlled. I.E if the attack was being actively manipulated its just a matter of pouring in more energy to resist the decay. However if an attack doesn’t have that concept to it, it’s very easy to destabilize and thus blow up.

Granted with this rather scary aspect there are it’s downsides. One such thing is that her Demon barrier unlike other demons does not have a theoretically infinite amount of time to be utilized. For Inami to use her akuma kyodo she can only utilize it for 20 turns in a row before it would cease to be used. Or she can apt to utilize the affects of energy decay for 5 turns and then have it turn off for the remainder of the thread if she is going to utilize it indefinitively. In this way the concept of her barrier is immensley different then that of others.

Finally Though, Inami’s demon barrier is capable of utilizing the concept of decay to expand outwards at expanse of actually ceasing to be a barrier. This concept is known as Decayed feild, and it dampens indescriminately the power of any attack that is within it for 5 posts (Inami’s posts) Of their power, so they would only have 4/5ths of the original power that they possessed.

Granted the cost of using the ability known as Decaying feild is that for the entirety of the thread following its use Inami Asthavon will be unable to utilize her barrier at all. Consider it a trump card that inami is able to utilize in times of great need. The only other thing of note when it comes to this however is that utilizing the decaying field drains her of 20% of her entire energy reserves.

Bodily manipulation: Other than zao ka the thing that inami is probably best at would be her capacity to manipulate and change her body. She is capable of doing many of the things your standard demon can do, such as manipulating their size, appearance, bone structure and so on so forth.

However beyond that she is also capable of having other aspects even in the midst of battle. For example with her understanding and abilities she is capable of say manipulating her own bone structure and density in the midst of battle to make herself lighter so she could move faster. However on the opposite side of it she could also perhaps do something along the lines of manipulating bone density so when she’s being struck by a stronger opponent her bones will not shatter right away.

Some things come easy when it comes to inami’s basic capabity for manipulating her own constitution. For example, changing her appearance is easy and effortless, the process of molding the bones and even changing height can be done in mere moments without a problem even when purely utilizing her own anatomy without the aid of demonic energies.

However if she was to do something like accelerate the growth of cells within her body to speed up the regeneration of a wound, that would require an energy expenditure of equal magnitude in relation to the severity of the wound in question. I.E it’d take vastly more energy to regenerate a wound of near-fatal proportions while relying purely on biological make-up than a flesh wound would require.

Now how this can be classified as a natural bodily function is simple, in the case of this kind of regeneration energy is simply utilized as a medium in which the body then catabolized to generate the required energy to perform the biological process. In this way the only metaphysical reaction taking place or “supernatural” aspect here would the process in which spiritual or in this case, demonic energies are converted into natural fuel to which the demon anatomy then burns down to form the required energy.

The upside to this is that unless it’s an agent that affects a body’s natural regeneration processes I.E for example a effect similar to apoptosis or cell death that exceeds the regeneration of cells. In such a case it’d be biologically possible to slow down or halt the effects of her regeneration. Now because this is biological this does mean that inami is capable of utilizing this to even “frankenstein”

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Inami - Inami Asthavon Revamp [WIP] [Hazard Rating X] LzZCuy7
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4u @Shizuo


Inami - Inami Asthavon Revamp [WIP] [Hazard Rating X] 6EdIfMt

Unique Abilities & Released States

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

I. Unique Abilities

» Unique Abilities:

Thread Manipulation: [General Info] Inami has a mastery over threads. There could be hundreds of thousands of them at her beck and call at any given moment in time if she so wishes. In terms of appearances these threads are of a midnight blackened hue, some of them do have browned out spots where blood has dried onto them. Or the stench of deaths upon them. This is because over the years these threads have bathed in the blood of those they have slaughtered, stitched together and otherwise corrupted. In this way the morbid appearance of these threads could very well be the reflection of the path that inami asthavon herself has taken over the years.

Some of the defining attributes of these threads lay in the unique fact that they can be utilized to stitch together many different things. Inami has been known to use these threads to bind souls together, to stitch her body back together and at the same time utilized them for both attack and defense. So yes these threads are highly versatile and are capable of being utilized to do many different things. they are even a medium to which the queen can utilize her energies and her powers.

Beyond this this in terms of utilization they are also the medium to which inami utilizes the abilities that gave her the very nickname she has when at full power. Puppet God X. By this alone you’d naturally assume her threads also give her an ability to create assemble and manipulate bodies. It could be considered the original intent behind the ability of her threads in the first place. A medium to which she’d be capable of creating and nurturing her vile spawn.

The other aspect worthy of note with these threads is that they are also capable of utilizing akuma kyodo at a level one step below what the host that they currently have are able to do. This means that if the host utilizes Akuma kyodo on a level of say master. The threads would utilize the ability on the level of advanced. If the host was grandmaster then the ability would be utilized on the level of master. This will be explained more in depth later, but this is a general overveiw of what these threads are generally capable of doing.

Finally there would be the aspect that is very similar to that of knowledge of the environment, a particular trait utilizable through zao-ka. Any of inami’s threads while in use can be used as a medium that inami gains knowledge of the world around them. Granted this is not through the conventional means such as sight or touch. Rather it is a composite of both vibration and scents that fill the world around her. That is to say for the queen of demons this is a very viable method that she uses to gain information.

Thread Manipulation: [In depth Information]

Corpse Mastery: One of the more icky and sticky tricks to her threads is known simply as corpse mastery. What it means is any dead body that the queen of demons comes into contact can be used as a medium to enact her will. Simply based on the time, effort and number of threads that she puts within these de facto spawn of the queen it will vary in the tier of the creature in question and then scale depending on what kind of denomination or “class” they are given.

For example the vassal class would be much higher than that of say a “spawn class” and the difference between the two of them might be three main tiers. I.E a vassal class tier spectrum might be more around 1-4+ to 0-5-. These would be creatures of a much higher caliber and their grasp over racial skills would be much closer to the parent in this case inami asthavon. While a spawn class would more likely be of the lowest caliber, usually between 5-5 to 3-1. Granted Inami asthavon just as an example here might be able to create hundreds of spawn class monsters at a time, while she’d be only able to create 3 to 4 vassal class monsters.

Beyond this Corpses are unrefined as in they are created through using the smallest amount of threads possible, these creatures even at the highest classes are only of minor intelligence. That is to say if inami asthavon wasn’t trying to control the corpses that she has taken over they will act out mindlessly with predictable moves that are fairly easy to avoid.

Below will be the denomination of tiers and skill sets.

[Event]Unique Class: Tier 0-5 to 0-4+
Description: At the unique class the creatures in question become behemoth shells without much of a semblance to their former selves at all. Similar to that of a mummy
Creation Amount: 1
Vassal Class:1-5+ to 0-5-

Lurker Class:3-1 to 1-5

Spawn Class: 5-5 to 3-2+
As the name suggests these are the typical spawn you might see. More often then not creatures of spawn classes are extremely weak.

Puppeteering: One of the more unique aspects of her threads stems from the concept of puppeteering. At one point the threads within her were shaped and melded by her, given life by her energies and brought to fruition through her own essence. Naturally because of this it means that inami’s threads are a very special thing. They grant more to her than merely a tool to enact her will in the world. They are also a means of communication and a method to which she is capable of awareness through. Every one of her threads so long as they continue to exist are a means to which she can see and communicate through.

Naturally this isn’t omnipotent, and atleast for inami this means in terms of range so long as a being who has willingly partooken and accepted one of her threads is within ten miles of her she is capable of seeing through their eyes. However any further then that and the only senses the queen gets are two types. One she can sense when a recepitent of these threads is in danger, and two, if the recipient willingly accepted the thread she can also converse with them through telepathy, and infact those who have threads within them can also converse with one another with ease. Think of it like having a walkie talkie that is keyed in on a certain wave-length.

Now though while this is all neat this isn’t the reason the queen of chaya is known as a goddess of puppets. No thats where the puppeteering aspect of her ability comes into play. In times of great peril (Once per thread) The queen of chaya nation is able to send power through these bonds, for a moment they will become able to utilize a sliver of the queens power up to a tier below her base. This surge lasts for around 3 turns, and afterwards the one who has taken this type of energy from her will find themselves extremely drained.

However after that price has been evoked the user will become unable to use this affect of the thread and will have to go back to the queen to get a second thread to be able to utilize such a thing again. After they get several threads within them the queen becomes capable of using them as a puppet, granted she cannot force them to kill or fight those they care about, but she is capable of utilizing their mouths, and their senses as if they are her own.

Finally the true face of this ability only happens if a marked person dies. (With player consent) the newly deceased retains their soul, and has it stitched to their body. The only price is then they must do the queen of chaya’s bidding until such a time that Inami deems their services to be moot. Only after that will the person in question be released back into the soul cycle.

Key things of note for this ability is that it cannot be done without player consent, they must explicitly accept the thread for it to truly take root within them. Second, only after getting several threads would the queen be able to use them to speak through. Third, Any manipulation of a character can only be done through a players explicit consent. Fourth, in regards to a deceased character the owner of the character in question would have to give permission to be utilized by the queen, and in such situations they still can be npced by the owner of said character if they want. Fifth, Any and all threads that are in effect must be listed below the puppeteering power ability, beside the character there will be the number of threads and whether or not a thread has been evoked or not. Sixth, in the situation of a character being of equal tier, in those three turns they will have their tier boosted by a half level. I.E if they were 0-3 they’d be 0-3+ and after they’d drop slightly for five turns. I.e the 0-3 would become 0-3- for four turns. Seven, Communication requires consent from the recipient of the thread, however is a must to be able to use the evoking skill. Eight and finally, All threads allow locational tracking of recipients, but this is simply general locations rather than precise ones.

Dimensional Construct:

Decaying Energy: Known as dark energy, Decaying energy is an energy that is very similar to death energy except it has nothing to do with necromancy. It is an extremely volatile and corrupted version of demon energy that excells at one thing and one thing alone. That is to decay. This energy generally can be seen as a blackened miasma that seeps from the hosts body. It leaks from their pores and causes small cracks to adorn their body.

Oorja Energy:


Ocular Demon Sequence: Inami's Dark Eyes, allow her a unique trait in her Demon Magic Building. She can see the sequences of demon magic as they are being built. Meaning that instead of putting in all that time to speak it out verbally? She is actually very easily able to discern and then imput the magic mentally and then project it out using her eyes as the medium rather then her mouth. Since her Dark Eyes, allow her to discern both her own release of energy and the energy of others. This means that she's also able to use these eyes as an offensive tool, doing things such as generating demon magic attacks, or barriers without speaking or indicating a single thing other then a red-black glow in her eyes. That is indicating the sequence of magic is being transferred from her brain to the material word throught her eyes.

Although despite the bonuses this allows her, the consequences of over-abusing it become apparent on high level or strong spells which would normally blow up miles of landscape or something like that. As THOSE kinds of attacks cause a disruption in the retina of her eyes and causes a painful jolt inside of her mind and brain, akin to what might be called a Migraine from hell. Making it quite costly and disruptive if she does try to bite off and cast more then she can chew from just using this occular means of Demon-Magic Execution. Although she can create defensive types, and minor to average powered spells for her tier using this method. Because that wouldn't neccisarily put excessive strain on her retina or her eyes in general, as the larger the spell the more complexity it actually has, and in a nut shell, the more components in it the more strain on the brain/eyes will be generated.

Finally this also can be used as a means of Controlling demon magic that she naturally exudes into the environment around her, such as things like generating Portals, or even controlling the space around her. Or the curse affect demons have. All of these things can be manipulated and discerned to a certain degree using her eyes alone as the medium, but for stronger opponents [around her tier ] she must use more mental and verbal control over these things to keep her eyes from burning themselves out entirely.

Supernatural Regeneration & Shifting: [General Info]
Inami Asthavons Supernatural capability to regenerate is something that is tied the concept of a metaphysical entity. What it does is once inami asthavon has saturated her body with spiritual energy for all intents and purposes that energy directs her to become a metaphysical entity. That is to say her body is an empty vessel that is extremely similar to the puppets she is capable of creating. What this means is that for the most part this body can be hacked at, cut apart and shredded to bits and so long as there is an ample reserve of energy she is able to reform the shell that her supernatural regeneration allows her to possess. Granted this does allow her to essentially have a body that is as close to indestructible as you can get while still being able to be injured and harmed.

However even though her body is extremely hard to destroy, there is more to it than her body simply being capable of regenerating. Much similar to her biological regeneration; there is also an aspect of being able to recreate the body. Granted this is different due to the fact that so long as a part of her body is present so long as she remains within her metaphysical state she is capable of regenerating from example from say an arm that was severed and left upon the ground. The reason for this being is every part of this metaphysical “vassal” is considered to be a part of the whole. Meaning so long as any piece of it remains then the whole or “collective” still exists.

Granted at that point she is only capable of fully regenerating to a high tier state at a maximum five times. After that however she will regenerate regardless but it will be at a heavily weakened state. I.E because she is high 0 tier she’d regenerate at a tier of 1-1. After this it would take her roughly two weeks IRL time to regenerate to her full capabilities once more. This is because so long as there is energy remaining within her body she technically has the capability to regenerate.

Metaphysically speaking Inami asthavons body is a weapon. Upon changing into this “shell” like state it becomes possible for her to utilize parts of her body and form them into weapons at will. Being capable of for example elongating her fingernails into deadly blades then utilizing energy to harden them to the point they could cleave through steel like butter, Or she could utilize her own abilities such as hellfire, or even zao-ka’s influence to manipulate the properties of her body until it became for a moment capable of causing massive amounts of damage.

The only catch when considering how her body works is it runs off the same method that her natural regeneration works on, which would be energy. Also beyond this there’s another clause in terms of weapons created the harder a weapon is the more energy is required obviously to maintain maintenance of it. Below will be the breakdown of different aspects of Inami’s Regeneration which have been listed in this general information section.

Traits: [In Depth Analysis]

The Empty Husk: The key difference between a metaphysical and biological stage inami asthavon is this trait here. Inami becomes very much so an empty husk that is comprised of energy, threads and the truly behemoth amount of energy which naturally lurks within her body. This naturally means Damage during a metaphysical stage is calculated very differently than if she was harmed at a biological state. Damage done is converted into energy drain. That is to say Inami asthavon if say her arm was cut off wouldn’t have the pain associated with having her arm cut off, and “technically” this wouldn’t count as physically damaging her because of the face that the husk is a sum of it’s parts, each and every part of it has the potential to be regenerated into the body of the husk.

This is why damage is calculated as energy drain. For example a small cut or nick on the shells body takes barely any energy to close up. While say a limb being cut off may take a gran-rey cero’s worth of energy to regenerate. There is also a difference in wounds depending on if for example a limb is simply severed rather than being obliterated by an attack. Below there will be a break down of the energy drain levels in regards to the amount of damage inflicted upon her.

Minor wounds: A minor wound would be a cut scratch or scrape, and up unto the point of gashes and cuts so long as they do not cause for a body part to be severed. These types of wounds can be regenerated hundreds of times before the queen will have any sizable chunk of energy drained from her massive energy reserves.

Moderate Wounds: A moderate wound would be on the level of limb severing attacks. These are more serious wounds that Inami might be able to regenerate from tens of times before you’d see a major portion of her energy drained. However there is a rule of thumb for Attacks that sever limbs. This is based upon two things. A injury to which the limb was completely annihilated and a wound where the limb was simply cleanly severed. Naturally as one might think it’s much easier to simply reattach a limb rather than regenerating an entire limb. Thus naturally the energy between the two would be vastly different. For example it takes about a cero’s worth of energy to actually merge a severed limb back to the bodies whole.

While if a limb was actually outright annihilated outright thats a very different situation. The energy drain then would be comparable to roughly a gran-rey cero’s worth of energy and she can only regenerate two limbs at that amount of energy per turn. Granted if need be she can accelerate that process by sextupling the amount of energy that is being drained to rapidly increase the regeneration process in her body. However needless to say doing that could change the amount she can regenerate with from tens of times to but a handful of times due to the fact that this vastly increases the amount of drain that would be required on her energy reserves.

Major Wounds: Major wounds include ones that would get into the realm of body bisecting. If her body was cut in half she’d be capable of regenerating both halves back together without a problem. The only problem is the amount of energy that it requires to fully regenerate her body after being cut in half is absolutely enormous. That is to say even at a high 0 tier, such as 0-3 or above Inami asthavon might only be able to utilize her ungodly level of regeneration to regenerate from such wounds 9 or 10 times before she’d be completely out of reserves of energy. So as a rule of thumb any kind of attack that is on a level of bifurication when in relation to the queen takes about 5-6% of her entire energy reserve to recover from.

However if it’s just both sides being cut in half and needing to reconnect her body that takes vastly less energy. She is capable of doing so 14-16 times without a problem.

Fatal Wounds: Fatal wounds would include those where say 80% of her body has been completely annihilated or she has simply a finger left hidden underneath a massive pile of rubble. In these situations inami asthavon would sacrifice 25% of her energy reserves and she’d be capable of completely regenerating from that state.

Weaponization: Another aspect of her supernatural shifting is any part of her body as touched upon can be turned into a weapon if she needs it to be. For example the queen of demons is capable of allowing her fingers to become razor sharp knives that could slash through steel like butter. Or she could manipulate her hand until it became a spear that she utilized to smash into her opponents. In this way there is countless methods that she is capable of utilizing for combative purposes. However this doesn’t mean all utilizations of this ability are equal


I. Adjustable Demon State(s)

Note: Feel free to change "Adjustable State Appearance" to any title you'd like for your Demon's Stages.

» Slumbering Puppet Goddess State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Slumbering Puppet Goddess State Benefits:
Stage E:Stage E for Inami is beginning to tap into her powers, what happens is that in this state she begins to be able to use her threads with a greater amount of power then previously possible. Its like an elusive weight which settles across a wide area. Enabling her to begin to tap into the full capacity of her dark Energy, and expand her energy reserves. In this state there is a simple way to check, as horns begin to grow on her head. Not precisely large, but large enough that it becomes noticeable to those that actually come close enough to feel the effects. Not to mention in this state her energy is increased to around 15% or so of her max power. By opening up the connection the effects that are seen include a slight change in the color of her eyes, as they make the gradual transition from the normal color to a unnatural silver tone.

In this state she is enabled to use and harness her full power again up to 15%, the only problem is that in this state the strain on the body while slight, begins to take a toll, while her sanity may hold it causes often fatigue and trouble really distinguishing whats going on. Despite this fact the energy increase itself should be able to be felt with a sense of dread, given this state isn’t really a large release just enough that she can begin using her powers, which have around a power up of 10% in comparison to when she isn’t in her Puppet god state cycle, that’s really the main bonus you can find from the puppet god states despite the power increases present.

Stage B: Stage B enables Inami to use more of her full power, however the awakening of this state is seen by her body beginning to vibrate at fast speeds. Given the fact her skin isn’t able to contain the actual pressure that would be generally building up in side from this energy. So that in general her power itself is increased to the point that the ground will begin to break up around her, and naturally begin to decay from the death energy like aspects of the dark energy. Also in this state a rather vast increase in the amount of energy she is enabled to use is generally seen. Such as her normally draining skills will take less of a toll on her body, although this state will further cause her mind to wander and even for her body in general to begin to bleed, and break apart at the edges. So this state has a lot of pain in it, due to the fact that it generally not only takes a toll on the body, but at the same time, it releases enough energy to cause a decent increase in pressure over the vicinity of a radius that would be comparable to a city. Generally speaking this is because originally she had a astounding amount of energy, however it took time for her to actually be able to fully relax. Also she begins to get a rather good control over her powers.

Stage A: Stage A is where you can see her use up to 50 % of her total energy. For inami this means she has enough that the ground itself in a mile radius falls out from around her, and actually will distort the air and cause a pretty dense fog. Not to mention because her energy vibrates outwards it extends the range of her skills even further, augmenting her body and reactivating her Regeneration which isn’t actually seen in stage b. Not to mention from her blood bursting and reforming her body out of her threads, you can see a pair of wings which will grow out of her back. These are made of the same material as generally speaking her threads. Thanks to these facts this is where you begin to fully see the amount of energy she has at her disposal, and thankfully because of it, her energy is becoming more stable, however she has a very high likely hood of regressing from this state if she loses her cool.

Stage S: Inami’s Stage S, is seen when her entire body becomes saturated in power. At this point her energy itself will spike immensely. Comparable to a bankai release for some, the energy is strong enough that it can be felt many many miles away. At this point of course her horns would be fully grown, and she would grow a tail. That’s around the point that her energy is fully regressing into its natural state. Because of this of course, it means also that the energy that is present should be much greater than it was previously , so at this level of energy she has fuel which exponentially increases her destructive power, in example in this state if she had swung her arm out it might be enough because of the energy presently being released to damage or level good chunks of cities without much of a problem. That though is the limits of her Stage S.

Stage SS: In this Stage Inami’s energy is comparable to that of a large entity, as she possesses enough energy to destroy mountains , and cause cities to be fully destroyed with a surge of energy. Given her power is so great in this stage though, it causes her to undergo immense strain over both the body, and her mind. The scenario which happens because of it, is often amnesia, meaning she not only looses her memories but completely forgets about who she is. In some cases this doesn’t happen but in others if this is used too often, it may mean that she passes out and doesn’t wake up for another couple hundred years. This is the reason that she fell asleep last time, given the fact that the energy was large enough that it overwhelmed her mental stability and then finally caused her body to merely give out.

» [Permission Only]Awakened Puppet Goddess State Appearance:
» Awakened Puppet Goddess State Benefits:
I. Skill Sheet

» [Event Only] Cataclysm Mode Appearance:
» [Event Only] Cataclysm Mode Benefits:

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Master
  • Posessive Magic: Elite
  • Possessive Augment: Elite
  • Possessive Influence: Grandmaster

Oorja Aura Skills
  • Oorja Source: Elite
  • Oorja Distortion: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

Template By:

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Play the music when you read the post


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

I. Relationships and resources

Ruvik: To inami, ruvik is a means to an end. She might have found a kindred soul who at the very least seeks things that are similar to the things that she has sought out, however for the time being it’d be adequate to say that she finds this abomination to be most fascinating, beyond this though If you were to ask inami just what she feels about this rather demented hollow she’d probably not have much to say given at this time she hasn’t gotten to know ruvik beyond the few encounters she’s heard about from certain individuals, the talk of the world around her, and her own experiences.

Mana Asthavon: Sister, one of her own blood, devil, vixen, ruler of shadow fall. There are many names that inami associates with her elder sister, but those wouldn’t actually sort the many plethora of emotions for this rather cooky sibling. Some of these emotions that she feels for Mana could be categorised as feelings of kinship, because of inami’s values of family being so prominent in her own rather depraved existence. There is also respect for the sibling who has clawed her way to the very peak of the foodchain, an existence that only finds parallel by very few beings in this vast universe. Then there’s also the aspect of Mana being the ruler of shadow fall, and inami being willing to follow her orders without question. Yet beneath the love, the respect and willingness to serve her family there is also a very deep hatred. She hates mana for taking the one who had nurtured her back to health, who had shown her that she could be better than the person who was afraid of the power that she possesses. She often questions and dislikes the actions mana has done over the years, however inami wouldn’t show that in the slightest. These are all emotions that she has kept a very tight reign on, and because of it, other than her own mind, no one knows the hatred that lurks within her soul for her most beloved sibling.

Nami Asthavon: One of the other of her kin, Nami asthavon is not quite as close and in the forefront of her life as her elder sibling mana is. Mainly because of this the primary emotion that Inami feels for this distance sibling would be that of kinship. Inami is willing to help and aid her sister so long as it is within her power, and is willing to go to the ends of the earth for them. However this is simply because of her unusual disposition, seeing as the emotions that inami actually feels for the sibling would be neutral at the very best. Nami hasn’t had enough interactions with her for Inami to actually make up her mind about what she feels about her, and because of it, Nami probably could be likened to the familiar stranger, she knows of her, has some associations with how to treat her, but other than what she has learned from others Inami doesn’t know squat about Nami.

Arianda Vael: To inami this girl is . . well it’s hard to really describe the emotions inami feels for her. Because to inami at the end of the day, Arianda is but a tool that mana utilizes to alleviate the apathy that stems from the lack of a challenge. In this way Arianda is the very definition of a crutch. Something that mana can rely on if she absolutely needs to do so. Yet it is probably for this very reason that Inami feels a sense of respect for the demon name arianda. She know’s how batty her siblings can be, and to be the emotional support of one and not die either shows arianda is part cockroach, or is resilient enough and loves mana enough to go through that. It is because of this that, while inami may not outright show warm gushing fountains of emotion and joy to the girl, she certain would destroy the heavens and wipe out the oceans if someone brought harm upon her within the domain that inami controls.

Hiriko Stravinsky Rügen: To inami Hiriko was the first thing she could call her “daughter”. Though they are by no means biologically related in the slightest, they met when Inami was exploring hell, and soon after a long time it could be said that inami developed a soft spot for this girl to the point that she wished to call her one of her own. This is why no matter what Hiriko feels of her, Inami will always see the girl as her own daughter. This is why she’d do anything for Hiriko, even if the world fell out from under her and her life was in the balance she’d continue to seek to aid this girl to the fullest. It is one of the most caring relationships that Inami actually has for a living human being that is pure and whole. It is the last shred of maternal instinct that she actually has left.

Ritsuko: Ritsuko is someone who Inami sees alot of her past innocent and scared self in. Of course there are many drastic differences but, through the course of interacting with her, inami gained insight into Ritsuko and through it taught her a harsh lesson. However it was a lesson with reason behind it. That was to prepare her for the world and given her the tools to choose her own destiny without being oblivious to the true horrors that might await her. This is why even though she seems aloof and careless around this girl, she will not abandon her, although she will not directly help her either, because to inami this girl is a fledgling who needs to leave the nest, who needs to grow her own wings through hardships and struggle to truly be able to unfurl and fly proudly in the skies. Of course If anyone asked inami her relation ship with the russian quincy, inami would merely say. “She’s an interesting plaything to pass eternity by with”. Thats all the information you might get.

Mirja: An annoyance, who causes inami to think about things she’d rather not. That is the category that Inami has locked this wolf up into simply because of the fact she cannot distance this stubborn shinigami. No matter what she does this . . creature seeks to find the goodness within her heart and pull it out to the forefront. In all honesty, inami doesn’t like it because she has remained in the shadows for so long. Maybe Mirja is a kindred spirit that could be capable of pulling the truth from inami, however as of right now. She is one of the few people inami will avoid simply due to psychological reasons to maintain her own well being. Yet, Inami also see’s mirja as a friend of sorts , not because they have a grand history with one another, but simply because of the wolfs open nature, and absurd determination to try to forgive her for every wrongdoing she has done. So all in all, Mirja is one contradiction after another for inami, and that’s why the best way to sum up their “connection” to one another is. Confusing

Kai Lam: Inami doesn’t really think much of this over confident bundle of flesh, beyond merely knowing of him because of a terrible mishap on his part inami doesn’t have much to say about him. However what she did look favorably upon was his confidence, his ability to fight against overwhelming odds without fear for himself. So to inami if she had to express what she thought of kai lam it’d be a brave albiet not so bright person.

Kiriel Asthavon: To inami Kiriel is a brother first and foremost, however Inami also doesn’t think of him much because their paths rarely cross. However much like Nami Asthavon, Inami will still go through hell to save this male if need be, because isn’t that what families are for? Although she also doesn’t quite trust this brother of hers, simply because she does not know him well enough to have a solid opinion of him. Probably it’s for this reason that there is a strained tension between the two of them. Since trust and compassion never are required to go hand in hand, and that would be an apt description of their relationship.

Neoveta Asthavon: The one who nursed her back to health. Neoveta takes up a large part of inami’s heart simply because to inami there is probably no one more important than this family member of hers who helped her out so much. At first the feeling was chaotic and could border along an overbearing possessiveness, however as time went by it changed and grew beyond something superficial for inami. To her neoveta was someone who she genuinely wished to get to know better and spend her remaining time with. However fate had other plans and neoveta was killed by Mana. So looking back on it neoveta is arguably inami’s greatest regret. She wishes desperately that she could go back and maybe if she was strong enough she’d be able to fight her sister off and save this sibling of hers that she loved and cherished more than anyone or anything else. However because she knows that she may never get the strength to truly avenge her, Neoveta is also her greatest failure, she couldn’t protect her, and nor can she forget her, she is the gaping hole within her heart that truly may never heal. That is neoveta and the rather hard to explain relationship that inami herself shares with her deceased family member.

Algos (Inverse Neoveta) : A copy that wears the shell of a beloved. At inami’s lowest point, Algos showed inami the path to liberation and allowed her a way out of what would have surely ended in destruction. Although Algos to inami was a bandaid that for a moment covered the wound in her heart from Neoveta’s death, Inami soon realized probably weeks after that Algos isn’t Neoveta, and that there is no chance of her coming back. This is why even though to Inami Algos is an imposter and because of it, beyond the love she feels for the face and twisted essence of her, there is also a great frustration that this . . . clone is able to survive, while the one she had cherished and held so dear to her is gone from existence for the rest of eternity. In a way Algos is also the method that Inami reaffirms this guilt and hatred towards mana every day. Because every time she looks at Algoses face, she remembers that day that she learned of neoveta’s death. This is why on the surface Algos is the subject of inami’s love and affection, but within her heart Algos is nothing but a reminder and a means to continue to harden and sharpen her resolve.

Blackheart: Blackheart is a tool to which Inami is going to soon figure out her place in the world. Since casting him out from Demon world, he has finally found his place within the Vanguard. Why inami leaves him here and doesn’t have him stop shadow falls enemy is simple. She knows very well how it is to be unable to cleanse the sins within one's heart, and if blackheart truly feels this is his attonement, Inami isn’t going to stop him from that. Although on the surface to inami these people are nothing but a tool that she furthers her own will. However although they will never know, Inami truly wishes for one day that they will break away from her and leave her alone, to pursue better things, to live a better life than the one she is capable of having. This is what Inami feels for Blackheart, and considers him a close friend.

Demonica Nightfang: A rowdy troublemaker, and a rather spoiled child. That is what Inami thinks of Demonica. After sending her out of her own home, the devil 9 member and former shadow fall member has found her home in the monsuta. Inami at the very least is enjoying being able to see Demonica’s progress from being an atypical oddball with a penchance for violence, to an individual who has been able to find a place that they are able to call their own. Although Inami will only say she too is but a tool to enact her needs through, Inami does feel some sort of friendship for Demonica and truly wishes her the best of luck with the new home she has been capable of finding.

Ibiki Suika: A warrior, and someone who gave her the benifit of the doubt. Although Inami has not had contact with ibiki ever since their meeting when Khala opened up hell, Inami does hold ibiki in high enough regards that she would go to bat for her any day of the week if need be. Although on the surface inami will always be the troublemaker who continues to look to incite chaos within the gotei, she truly does feel that ibiki has over the past few years been able to consolidate her own misgivings, and give her all towards the Gotei, and has finally gotten them back on their feet. So while inami will never show it, nor will she ever give ibiki a reason to feel she is anything other than the horrid creature she really is, Inami does truly consider ibiki an important friend.

Ceal: Ceal is someone who Inami met by chance, and she’d consider her and the rather interesting girl with an addiction to demons to be . . Acquaintances. However what makes ceal unique is that inami truly wishes to help her become free of these fettered shackles that bind her to the addiction and subservience of demons. Since while inami does enjoy aspects of lawlessness and decay, she does not enjoy seeing the free will taking from one through any means. She wishes for ceal to be able to enjoy whats going on because of her own wishes rather than some kind of “Need” to do so. Beyond this Inami does have a favorable impression of this girl and could foresee this turning into a potential friendship, however that will be left up to how time fares, and how things end up progressing.

Henrex: Henrex is, well to her someone who is seeking power but has no purpose behind it. That isn’t to say that there is none, but that was simply the feel she got from meeting him. Seeking power for the sake of power, it was a kind of amusement that allowed her to vent and let the anger and dark feelings within her soul just ooze from her. Albiet she may have gone a tad too far in their first meeting, but she’s sure that at the very least, this male will be something that is capable of alleviating her boredom in the future, to let the apathy that stems from her own unrest slowly fade from her body. Because of this, right now at least Inami considers Henrex to be an acquaintance and nothing more.

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