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 Cyrus ast-Auramazda [APPROVED; 3-5-]

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Enter the Savior


I. Basic Information

» Name: Cyrus ast-Auramazda
» Titles: The Wise Lord (Self-given, probably)
» Age: 391
» Appearance Age: 25
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Vandenreich; Grandmaster of the Sternritter

» Physical Appearance Description: In spite of his age, Cyrus has maintained an exceptionally youthful appearance, his eyes still carrying that glow of one's early years. Standing at 6' tall exactly, with an exceptionally confident stride and gait, Cyrus' build is rather slender, and one would be forgiven for assuming he was quite weak from his outward appearance. Overall, Cyrus carries himself with what could only be called a decidedly noble air, despite his lack of any such authority.

His neat, perfectly kept black hair trails just to his neck, carefully maintained so as not to bother him in the slightest or get in his way. His body is immaculately kept, not a single scar anywhere, his hair perfectly trimmed, and even his nails appearing to have been manicured. While he tends to be smiling almost constantly, this demeanor quickly shifts to one of what could only be called a profound sense of disgust and disapproval when he is called upon to do battle against evil. Even when smiling, however, those who are more perceptive can see an undeniable fire in Cyrus' eyes, an intensity that seems as though it pierces through whoever he is actually looking at and toward some far greater sight.

Cyrus typically wears light colors, often going so far as to wear entirely white, though he usually adorns these outfits with a decent amount of gold or silver jewelry, or the occasional blue accessory. Most often he dons white sweaters or jackets over white shirts, with white slacks and white knee-high boots. Despite these colors, however, Cyrus' clothes rarely seem to dirty much, thanks to a network of Cyrus' reishi which pushes dust and other such things away from his clothing, or more accurately simply causes it to fall away as though frictionless. For a man, Cyrus accessorizes a rather impressive amount, and indeed the amount of care he puts into his appearance is what could only be described as "profoundly effeminate."

When entering into battle, Cyrus' attire shifts only slightly, an incredibly long, flowing white coat covering whatever current attire he might be wearing, and a pair of silver, rectangular quivers forming at his hips. This coat is incredibly simple, a blue line trailing down the center and with a lovely embroidery decorating the lower half. This coat, much like the rest of Cyrus' attire, rarely (if ever) dirties.

» Physical Appearance Image:

II. Personality Traits

» God Complex: Without any exaggeration, nor any sugar-coating, it would be flatly false to describe Cyrus without first calling attention to what could only ever be described as a god complex. Cyrus believes himself to be truly divine, the physical embodiment of Ahura Mazda on the Earth. To that end, he carries himself with the dignity and serenity that should befit one like himself. Everyone upon the Earth, nay, all of creation, is naturally below him, for he is nothing short of the avatar of the Creator himself. Of course, one should understand as well that, as such a divine creature, he would never deign to brag about his place in society, or about how the filthy, uneducated, ignorant swine that inhabit the Earth are hardly fit to so much as look upon his countenance.

» Counter-Hero: To call Cyrus an "antihero" would not be quite accurate, as his actions and motivations are fairly within alignment, and his quest for peace and order below him is, all things taken into consideration, fairly standard. Of course, with his sense of pride and self-worth, there is a certain...distaste, as it were, for others who could call themselves heroes. He believes it is a meaningless title, taken on by those who feel the need to be praised and given accolade for their work. In his eyes, the idea of "heroism" is entirely pointless, and genuine good actions should simply be done as a matter of course. To enforce them in the name of some other ideal sullies the fundamental nature of the act.

» Perfectionist: To say that Cyrus expects perfection would be the greatest understatement one could make about him. He demands it absolutely, from both himself and from his associates. If something is not perfect, then it is Cyrus' own duty as that singular perfect being to assist in bringing it to its highest potential, and he will gladly devote himself fully to such a cause. Everything in the world can become truly and completely perfect, if only the means are brought to it. If he must be the one to bring those means, then so be it, and if he must grind the face of the inferior into those means, well, it is simply his moral duty.

» Gentle: It would be inaccurate to call Cyrus' kind and gentle nature a facade, for he has no intention of any sort of falsehood. It is simply the nature of someone of his stature to care for those below him, is it not? To that end, Cyrus genuinely cares for each and every living thing, and would do all in his power to bring them happiness if he believes they deserve it.

» Unflinching: Without a doubt, the single most defining thing about Cyrus is his complete and total dedication to achieving any goal which he sets for himself. Cyrus refuses to accept any form of failure or defeat, will never surrender, and has little to no concept of a job left only half done. In his words, “if a job is worth doing, it is worth dying for.” While a great deal of his willfulness is simply an in-born trait, it developed to where it is now only during his years of hermitage and training in his family estate. For nearly a century, Cyrus did nothing but train, honing both his body and mind until he collapsed from exhaustion or hunger, and upon doing so still forced himself to reach sustenance or a proper place to sleep. Put simply, when Cyrus has genuinely, truly committed himself to a course of action, there is not a force short of death which could keep him from seeing it through to the end.

» Protective:: To protect those below one's station is simply the natural order, and it is the duty of the shepherd to guide his sheep. Though the people of Earth are vile, wretched worms who seem to lack any desire to protect themselves or to avoid an inevitable and violent demise, it is still his absolute responsibility to protect them from such a fate as best he can. Cyrus cares not for race or for creed, for ideals or nations. He will defend the weak with his life no matter who they are, and to those who disrupt that peace, he will dole out swift and merciless retribution.

» Vain: Cyrus' refusal to accept anything less than the best from himself may give him an undeniable force of will, but that does not mean it is without its downsides as well. Cyrus refuses to look anything less than his best, to perform any less than perfectly. By and away the quickest way to make Cyrus lose his composure is to actively harm the self he presents, be it through giving him a poor reputation or simply making him look bad in even the most minor of ways. Cyrus aims for perfection, after, and to try and ruin that will make you into his enemy.

III. History

Once upon a time, there was a young desert prince. His name has been lost to time, but for the sake of ease we will call him Azmi. Young Azmi had everything that a young man might dream of, wealth, comfort, the attentions of beautiful women and the respect of both his father and those of his realm. Yes, it could be said that Azmi lived a life others could only dream of. Despite all of this, however, there was something lacking in his life, something that all those around him seemed to enjoy.

That something was struggle.

The thing which drives men to live their lives to its fullest, which gives their actions meaning in life, seemed to simply pass Azmi by. Everything which he attempted seemed to come naturally, and before very long he was entirely bored with life. Death seemed more and more appealing by the day, but ultimately the day came that he found himself given something he might finally pursue. Informed by his father of their Quincy heritage, Azmi threw himself into this training with what could only be called a disturbing devotion. He chased power at any cost, and yet even in this he was not truly challenged.

His brothers, who trained alongside him, pleaded him to slow, that their father might give them more time to become proficient themselves, but Azmi cared not for their cries. He saw the potential to finally find a challenge, and demanded his father continue to train him. Years passed, and his brothers would not drop out, but instead perished from the struggles. In his mind, Azmi knew that this was a tragedy, and that he was to blame. But the pursuit of struggle was simply too much for him to ignore, and he went after the call of it with a near-reckless abandon.

When World War III came, Azmi traveled alongside his father to fight, to defend their homeland. It was a challenge, but scarcely much of one at all, and as the war raged on, his father fell. Though Azmi thought to continue the fight, his own honor demanded, if nothing else, that he bring his father home. Upon his return, he found himself in contemplation. Without anyone to train him, what struggle was there left but to fight for the people? Perhaps that had been the purpose for which he had been born in the first place. Perhaps he was simply created to fight for those others, to protect them and shepherd them. After all, as he had seen through the war, they could not protect themselves...

IV. Equipment

» Reading Material: Cyrus often has assorted books on his person, typically classics of literature or philosophical texts, including a copy of A Hero of Our Time which never leaves his side.

» Sanrei Gloves: In addition to Cyrus' own Sanrei Glove, he owns the three gloves which belonged to his younger brothers during their training.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

Skill: Divinity (False)
Rank: EX
Description: Confidence, authority, and unquestionable might, these are the facets of one's being which surely mark them as a descendant of the divine – and yet, such things do not exist in this world. Even so, Cyrus' very being seems to exude a profoundly god-like aura, and things which would interact with the divine or holy treat him entirely as if he had such a trait. His rank is not strictly high, but is rather unquantifiable in nature, as it is simultaneously “very high” and “zero” due to the nature of the skill.

Skill: Observational Mathematician
Rank: A++
Description: The skill not only of understanding mathematical concepts and formulae, but of being able to apply this knowledge based upon observations of the world around oneself. Cyrus is quite capable of performing exceptionally difficult computations based upon what he is currently experiencing in, quite literally, the blink of an eye. At this high of a rank, he is not only able to calculate these things with ease, but can make functional estimates of any unknowns which he might reasonably be able to judge based on his own senses (such as speed, distance, mass, etc.). It should be noted that this quick thinking extends only to mathematics, and not to more broad problem-solving.

Skill: Spiritual Awareness
Rank: A
Description: From his years of training, Cyrus has reached a point where sensing spiritual phenomena and energies is simply second nature. While all Quincies are already capable of spiritual awareness, Cyrus has gained what could only be described as a form of battle precognition when facing spiritual attacks, as he can sense the flow of the spiritual energies without even a conscious thought. It should be noted, however, that just because he can sense an attack coming, this by no means guarantees that he can dodge it.

Skill: Siege Warfare
Rank: B
Description: Having studied archery from texts of long-dead empires and shaped his combat style accordingly, Cyrus has modeled his bowmanship after the long-dead traditions of siege warfare. His style is built upon the principles of overwhelming force, rather than any finesse or grace, and as such his arrows tend to be fired in with a single target's absolute destruction in mind. Due to this approach to combat, one may find that tricks and misdirections will simply go unnoticed, or simply be destroyed, when fighting against Cyrus.

Skill: A Hero of Our Time
Rank: C/E-
Description: Similar to the Charisma skill, this is based upon a personality and leadership which inspire others to act. However, unlike Charisma, which brings confidence and morale to those who fight alongside oneself, Cyrus exudes an aura which is something like, “Stand aside, I will handle this.” Because of this, while it is quite potent at providing a strength of will to the powerless and the weak who are protected by Cyrus, those who fight alongside him will likely feel something more akin to a faint contempt.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Cross: Cyrus' Cross takes the form of a small, unremarkable silver ring on his left middle finger, engraved with what appears to be an incredibly small bit of sheet music. As a defensive measure, however, he wears a number of adornments and assorted pieces of jewelery which all, at least at a glance, look more likely to be a Cross.

» Wave Functionality: In his pursuit of ever more power to save the world he loves, and to prevent any others from needing to walk that path, Cyrus has developed his own understanding of reishi, one which radically differs from the traditional application. While Cyrus is entirely capable of absorbing reishi particles as any quincy, his own reishi is released in the form of R-waves, the frequency of which varies wildly based upon the application. These R-waves are massively difficult for most to properly manipulate, as they are an entirely abnormal form for reishi to take, but it is by no means impossible, only generally inefficient.

» Koyū-tō: (固有筒, “Proper Tubes”) Not so much a modification to standard gintō as an adaptation of it, these are little more than Cyrus' way of ensuring that he is able to demonstrate the majesty of his R-waves in all possible forms. Koyū-tō take the form of very long, thin white tubes, perhaps a foot in length and less than half an inch in thickness, and are opened by snapping them in two rather than the traditional method of simply unsealing them. Despite functioning otherwise identically to gintō, Cyrus considers them something entirely different, as well as vastly superior.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Shehai

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Shehai takes the form of an incredibly long white bow, its string comprised of concentrated reishi which pulses and flares from the sheer amount of energy contained within. The bow is decorated with a golden trim, as well as a golden spiral which ends in two long points.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

» Eigenpfeil: (“Proper Arrow”) Oftentimes arrows fail to travel where intended, for one reason or another. Perhaps it is due to faulty firing, a subpar arrow, or the forces of nature deigning to intervene. For a man whose entire being is defined by perfection, however, this is naturally not the case. When an arrow is fired from Shehai, it quite literally can only travel forward, in a perfectly straight line, at a consistent velocity. To most, this might be considered a blessing, but Cyrus is quite content with the beauty of it. Because of this peculiar trait, any projectile fired from Shehai can not, in any way, be shifted off of its straight course. It can, of course, be stopped or avoided, but any force which would be used to redirect it will instead only contribute to stopping or dispersing it.

» Superposition: In any linear system, the total response caused by multiple outside stimuli will always be the sum of each stimulus taken individually. By applying this principle to his Eigenpfeil, Cyrus is able to avoid the rather messy and inefficient approach of firing countless arrows at his foes, and instead simply lead with the final outcome. When Cyrus fires an Eigenpfeil from Shehai, it can only be described as massively stronger than any typical quincy arrow. This, of course, comes with the drawback of his being unable to apply the usual mass-approach tactics one might take against an enemy, but to strike with a thousand weak blows is not an approach he considers particularly dignified in the first place.

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Ahura Mazda

» Vollständig Appearance: When Ahura Mazda is active, Cyrus' appearance changes very little. A flowing cape, a pristine white on its exterior and a deep blue within, forms on his back, and may take the shape of two wings should Cyrus so choose.

» Vollständig Abilities:

» Linear Transformation: Perfection, by its very nature, need not change. It is only right that the world itself change around such a perfect thing, if need be. Ahura Mazda is a profoundly unusual Vollständig, as it does not operate along the lines of most others. It does not provide Cyrus any boost in power, no drastic increases to his speed or his durability. His weapon does not take on some mighty new form, and his attacks are no stronger than before. Even his spiritual output is completely unaltered, and indeed, most would completely fail to see much change in him at all outside of the cape now adorning his back.

This Vollständig exists only as Cyrus' final trump card against opponents he feels have become too comfortable with him, and is a reminder to them that they can never assume to understand the divine. When activated, Ahura Mazda does only one thing; the next 21 Eigenpfeil fired by Cyrus are no longer constrained by what is typically considered a “straight line.” Their other characteristics, of being unable to be knocked off-course and never losing velocity until completely destroyed, remain the same, but this single change is all Cyrus considers necessary to completely shift the tides of a fight. Despite this minor shift, Cyrus is still able to fire perfectly standard Eigenpfeil alongside these enhanced ones, though most observers would be able to quickly tell the difference, as these enhanced ones are where the energy of the Vollständig directs itself, rather than into Cyrus himself.

Due to the rather unusual nature of Ahura Mazda, it does not have a post duration as per the standard Vollständig, on account of requiring additional energy only when firing enhanced Eigenpfeil. It is still treated as a release for all intents and purposes, but it has no time limit, only the limit of its 21 enhanced Eigenpfeil. However, Cyrus is still only able to use this release once per thread, and is still tired after its end as per any other Vollständig.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Adept
  • Blut: Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Adept
  • Reishi Manipulation: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Coding in Template By:

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  • Appearance Present [X]
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
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  • Comments/Notes: Well done. Short and sweet. I've decided to give a 3-5- due to the application length but also due to the unique way in which Cyrus operates due to not having any form of scaling power with his Vollstandig meaning that it would make sense for him having a consistent and slightly stronger energy pool.
  • Tier: 3-5-

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Experienced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Experienced

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[mod]Due to the owner of this character application having left site, this application is being archived.[/mod]

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