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Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Torabevu Novozumi
» Titles:
» Appearance Age: 23
» True Age: 1329
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Monsuta

» Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)

I. Personality

» Personality: The persona of Torabevu Novozumi could be summarized with a quote from his late master, "Challenge yourself. If you wish not to, you will fail to see what lies ahead in the future." With that, Torabevu is someone that has never failed to try. One that has never let his emotions take control over his being when in times of hardship. Most importantly, he is one that is constantly trying to make himself better not only as a warrior, but a human.

While each situation is different from the next, Torabevu always keeps the future in mind when there is a decision to be made. While it may seem selfish, he tends to always put himself first when making these decisions. This is simply due to the fact that he wishes to make it to the next decision rather than die a fool's fate. While he does make these decisions he knows himself to not be flawless, but does not dwindle in his shortcomings. His confidence reigns supreme even in failure, but does not grow with glutton in the matter. When he is able to perform a selfish act that is also selfless this is the most ideal form to him, and his likely route of action. The fact of his well-being will always be put first. Yet, this does seem to stray from battle which is the only place he allows himself to become a fool if he has been bettered. While he does not wish to die, he is at peace with the idea of never having to fight another fight again and will die honorably protecting what he feels is right.

Loyalty is a very valuable trait in the eyes of Torabevu, despite his past. As said before, his mind is set upon the future and will not hesitate to make a decision in order to better solidify his destiny. That being said, he has a set of moral values and if his master, or leader, does not comply with these values he simply cannot proceed to carry out his master's commands. He does not see himself as a tool or a weapon to his master, but an extension of his master's own will. He believes in freewill, and will do what must be done in order to obtain a better world. While all of this remains, his loyalty will remain with that who deserves it, not who imprisons it.

In a more casual, less tense setting Torabevu can be seen as a very approachable person. One with so many years in the bags of their eyes can be seen as someone with a rather decent amount of wisdom. While he cares little for idol small talk and "how are you"s he will always take the time to sit down with another person and speak with them about small matters. As long as the conversation is flowing he can be one to speak for hours and has also been known to repeat himself a decent amount of times if he finds his message is not being sent. This being said, he does not typically tell people what they should do. He would rather share his own experiences and let them decipher how they should act. He believes that if he provides a story, a moral is reached at one point and a lesson can be learned. If this lesson isn't learned then he thinks one should learn from their own mistakes.

When it comes to war or operations, it is best to just steer clear of him as his mind has been set on the mission. Drawing him away from his objective while likely result in a side of him that is off tempo from his normal happy-go-lucky persona. While he can engage in smaller conversations on the sidelines he tends to not thwart himself by lending on the field advice or strategy with others. He has full confidence in himself even when he is against high numbers or an unbearable opponent. Although, he will not deny someone coming to his aid.

In his younger years, you could say that Torabevu was a bit more dedicated to his training. Yet, these days he feels as though he does not have to train so intensely as he once did. He has become more relaxed upon such subjects, but is kind enough to lend a hand to those that wish to learn something from him. He typically will only train when it comes around to those asking him for assistance. When you do ask, be prepared. As he will not be holding back.

If there is one thing that Torabevu hates to see among his peers it is bullying. He despises hateful speech that traverses between comrades when it has no humor to it. Finding sarcasm with a swiftness and shutting it down with actions rather than words. There is no time for investigating or asking questions, punishment will be brought on the spot.

When it comes to love or women in general, he sees little use for it in his life. In his time alive, he has come to feel as though love is but a feeling. It comes and goes and in this long life of his, he has yet to find someone that admirable to hold it for much longer than a few years. He is unlikely to go out of his way in order to obtain woman, and often feels as though a friendship should be set into place before he was to obligate any time to that significant other. That being said, he is a man like any other and will not turn down a "good time" with the right woman. It's just not something he chases.

I. History

» History:

1088 AD, during a mid summer's eve, shrieks of a woman could be heard throughout a pleasant village just outside of Heina-kyo, today's Kyoto. While they sounded of shrieks of agony from terror to an outsider those within the village would be crowded upon the small home of the Novozumi clan. Friends and family crowded the room as the first son of Kudesh was brought into this world. Warm smiles lit the room and created a fragrant sense of hope for the head of the clan that was contagious throughout the village. As the child was brought to the mother's arms, crying with life, she would come to find out the gender of the child. Tears mixed with the sweat of child birth running down her face as she caressed the child's head bringing his tears to a halt for just a moment before she whispered, "Torabevu." The stillness of the room as they were drawn in by the happiness found in the woman would make the name audible to the entire room. As she kissed the forehead of the child, the moment passing and the child commencing the cries of creation.

The Novozumi clan, while small, was an important village and family to those of Heina-kyo. The father one of the most well known sword-smith's in the town. He spent months on each of his creations making them unique works of art that held a price that was could not be bought with money. These swords were sold to Samurai from all over the country of Japan, villages giving an entire year's harvest in order to procure them for their village's protectors. Kudesh was a man that had no use for money because of this, he was a humble man that wished only to perfect his art with each sword.

Shortly after Torabevu's birth his mother would fall into an illness which was common in this day and age with birth. This illness would bring her to heaven's gates in but a few weeks, never getting the chance to see the upraising of the future head of the Novozumi clan. It was a dark time for Kudesh, seizing his life's work for an entire season as he mourned the death of his late wife.

As time carried on, things would fall into their natural place once more and the infant would grow into a young boy. At the age of five, the boy was given a tanto hand-crafted by his father many years ago. This tanto was returned to Kudesh after a man that once saved his life had passed away. The tanto was his way of thanking the man, the design on the guard being one his most detailed works. The wear on the ropes of the hilt were noticeably used from discoloration, but other than that the blade was still in pristine condition, still as sharp as the day he first created it. This would be the blade that Torabevu would learn how to wield a sword and protect his family from the future terrorists to his home.

His father traded a set of blades, an entire year and a half worth of work, for a proper teacher for Torabevu. His name was Kuronashi, a samurai that had devoted himself to the head of Heian-kyo. Old in age, roughly 32, Kuronashi was a seasoned samurai living through many battles upon the soils of Japan. When the samurai would arrive to the village he would state that his days as a samurai were over, and that this would be his last mission. In that he devoted the next seven years of his life to teaching Torabevu the ins and outs of sword play, what it meant to be a samurai, in addition to discipline, respect, and a proper understanding of life. By the end of his proper training, Torabevu was sixteen and able to fight on par with Kuronashi at his limit. While 39 was a ripe age at that time, Kuronashi said that Torabevu brought out the fight in him that made him enjoy being a samurai in his prime. Impressed by the devotion that Torabevu had, he handed over his set of blades that had 20 years of travel and battle put into them. Torabevu had them restored by his father, this would also be his father's last mission. Kudesh grew ill and passed away shortly after he finished the restoration.

While sad, Torabevu did not hang his head as he knew the duty that had been put before him. Kuronashi deciding to pledge himself to Torabevu until he died, despite the fact he felt that it would not be too long away. This humbled the new head of the Novozumi clan, to which he would gladly accept the offer.

Torabevu worked hard to ensure the happiness of his family, though his devotion to his blade and family would keep him from pursuing an heir to his clan. Soon, the Novozumi clan would come to an end...

At the age of eighteen Torabevu would find his village was in debt to Heian-kyo as they had not paid their land taxes due to his father no longer being the provider for the clan. Torabevu wished to pledge himself as a samurai to Heian-kyo to which Kuronashi backed him. Though, they wished not to have the son of a smith in their ranks and declined the offer. This enraged Torabevu, his heart was struck with disgust for the capital and he would not let them take his village without letting them know of his skill.

When the capital would arrive to collect the money, the "head of finance" road into the town. Torabevu slew the man as he entered his small home, leaving his body there and sending the horse back to the capital with a message. This, of course, resulted in a retaliation of over 200 men that would attack the small village of nearly 30 people. Getting through almost 100 of these men himself, he would find himself surrounded as his village burned to the ground before they would cut him down in dishonor. His last dying memory would be seeing Kuronashi struggle to break free from the grasps of several men, tears falling down Torabevu's face, though they'd be drowned out by the blood that seeped from his hairline.

When Torabevu finally came to, he'd find himself confused and distraught as he was able to see the bodies of his people. His entire village had ascended to the Soul Society while he remained, though he was unaware of this at the time. The confusion and distraught was created by the fact he thought he was still alive after all that had happened. His home and the homes of his family were brought to a smoldering ash and rubble. Being he thought he was still alive, he traveled to the capital to settle matters himself.

When he would arrive to the capital he'd notice that nobody really saw him. It was as though he was a ghost. Not being able to put two and two together so quickly, his mind still racing from previous events, he walked into the chambers of the one who sentenced the eradication of his village. When he walked in, he was unnoticed. The grief that settled into his heart for the men and women in his children cast a chain to his soul. He felt as though he was not strong enough to protect his people. The strong aroma of strife and regret was quickly noticed. As he finally realized what had happened to him and why he was unable to be noticed, more knowledge would be placed onto him as he walked out of the door. A large masked being stood before him and before he had time to react the beast gnarled at him and leaped for an attack. Being the trained warrior that he was, it was not task to move out of the way from the attack. Having no method of fighting back, he ran from the beast. Before he knew it, he was back outside of the capital in a large open land where more of these beasts of different shapes and sizes resided. His soul was a delicacy to their appetite and while he was in such an open terrain he felt as though he would never out run the pack.

The hollows used tricks and schemes to lead him this way and that way. They made strikes at him, but were unable to land them. They were clearly inferior ranks of their species, looking for easy pickings. The fact that there was no one that could aid him and he was unarmed in such a barren environment left him with nothing to do but run until he could not. Just as he began to reach the limit of his stamina, a black draped being with a katana pressed his blade into all of the beings obliterating them with ease.

Torabevu was grateful to not meet the end of his end so quickly, falling to his knees in gratitude. The black clad fellow explained everything that happened in a short five minutes and what his next steps would be. Torabevu explained what had happened and the man told him not to worry, his people were at piece and he would meet them again one day. He then explained what he was about to do to him, and Torabevu was hesitant to proceed at first. Though, he felt he was left with little choice and caved to the Shinigami's wishes. As he left the Shinigami said, "We could use someone like you on our side." Torabevu's face grew shocked, yet intrigued, as he was transferred to the new realm: Soul Society.

Upon arrival to the Soul Society, things of his past life had become somewhat fuzzy. He knew simple things like where he was from, his name, and what had happened to him moments before he had passed. However, there was much that he felt was missing from his memory. Not dwindling on the matter long, he began to explore the district that he was placed in. The district was known to many as district 3, though it made no difference to Torabevu. He had nothing, not even his sword. All he knew was that his goal was to gain entrance to the Gotei Academy as the Shinigami had told him moments before he came into this world. With that small information alone, he began to seek out locals and ask them about the academy and what needed to be done so that he could join. Knowing full and well that he wouldn't be able to simply walk in and become a member upon just getting here.

Soon, Torabevu would run into a man that would help him in his efforts. This man wasn't anyone special from the outside. For History's sake he was once a Shinigami, he was able to retire from his Vice Captain position within the Gotei due to his Noble ties within his family. This being said, he never made mention of what family he was a part of or what his name even was, he gave this simple information. Out of safety of his own, he wished to remain unknown. The mere coincidence that the two crossed paths was what seemed to be called "Fate" to the man. The two got on to speaking about the matter that Torabevu wished to pursue and told him that he would help him out in exchange for his hard work and determination. While the trade seemed to be heavily in Torabevu's favor, he accepted not thinking twice on it. Thus, Torabevu would meet the man outside of Rukongai's walls every day in order to train and build up the spiritual strength that he needed to not only get into the Academy but to succeed with ease. The man continued to resist on calling him by his name, therefore Torabevu simply called him Master instead. This training would last a total of six years, where he learned about the basic information of a reishi and how to use it to his advantage. Not having to do much with a sword due to his previous life's learning it was as though he was riding a bike after so many years.

When it came time for Torabevu to enter the academy he was accepted with little wait. Once the classes began, he stood out from most others in the class and was pushed up to more advanced classes when it came to zanjutsu, though he progressed through Kidou and history and other subjects at the same rate as others in his class. Due to his skill in zanjutsu he was able to double up on other classes and was able to finish the academy a year sooner than others.

Upon leaving the academy he was given the Fifth seat in the Sixth Division, under Ginrei Kuchiki. The captain saw Torabevu to be a great prospect to not only the Sixth Division but his Clan also, with hopes that Torabevu would one day take the Kuchiki name. This being well over a thousand years ago, Ginrei was a much different person that what he is known to be now. While the man was still as cold as Rukia's Bankai, he had more of a sense of hope for the future. Torabevu took the position on the squad with much gratitude. Torabevu being a man of great loyalty, he had no problems with upholding the Gotei's rules and regulations and punishing those that did not comply. Though, this would turn out to be a rather comical thing to think on in the future.

Years would pass on and Torabevu would come to learn about his sword. He spent much time in meditation learning and consoling with the zanpakuto spirit that he traveled with. It was a much different experience that most Shinigami have with their Zanpakuto today. He reached his hand out constantly to commune and share thoughts with the sword, even there was no response. He did this every day after his duties were fulfilled for a total of eighteen years. Many mocked him, but he thought the barbaric sense of the Zanpakuto coming to help when they needed it the most so they could carry on with their own lives was senseless. He respected his sword, and much like his master's wishes he thought of his sword as an extension of his will. Not a tool for his actions. Finally, the day would come that Torabevu would come to learn the name and the face to his partner, Nakigitsune. He would be swooped up into the home world of Nakigitsune. While some were challenged by their Zanpakuto, Torabevu simply sat down and conversed and shared his mind with Nakigitsune. The two spent days together before they had decided to save more of the talk for the next time they were together. Thus, Nakigitsune told Torabevu how to call upon him and in return Torabevu promised his well-being and to properly work along side him.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Swordsmanship: With well over a millennia with a sword at his waist and in hand, it is rather obvious that Torabevu is well practiced with a sword in addition to many other weapons. His skills can be measured to be one of the top swordsman among the realms and him breathing is a testament to this.

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Nakigitsune

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: (What does your Zanpukto Spirit look like? A picture or two paragraph description will do.)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: (What type of personality does your Zanpakutō Spirit have?)

» Inner World: (What does your character inner world look like? Please describe with at least 1-2 paragraph's; 5 sentences each)

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: (What does your Zanpukto look like in it's sealed state?)

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:

Time Shell Nakigitsune grants Torabevu the physical appearance of the age of his choice. If Nakigitsune were to be destroyed, Torabevu would gain the appearance of a man in his late 40s.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to release their Zanpakuto?)

» Shikai Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to enter Shikai? This is optional.)

» Shikai Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Shikai?)

» Shikai Abilities:

Sozo no Nakigitsune- With Nakigitsune's blessing, Torabevu has the ability to duplicate his zanpakuto in a solid state with the full capabilities of the previous. It is an exact replica and there is no difference from the first to the last. The numeric value as to how many can be created is equivalent to the years spent bonded to Torabevu, roughly, 1250. Of course, reaching a number of that caliber is cumbersome and will drain a substantial amount of reishi in return. The amount of time that these kunai remain is equal to the duration of the Shikai form, itself.

The single condition to this ability is that Nakigitsune's power is tied to unity and companionship. Thus, in order for an additional copy to be created Torabevu must have his palm free and open. Meaning, no more than one kunai can be in his hand at one single time. Though, this is not limited to a single hand. The time that is consumed in creating another kunai is nothing more than the opening and closing of his fist. After 1250 years of practicing the muscle memory of moving his fingers in the most swift form. All in order to summon a new vessel to be used in combat. This action has dwindled down to 10 milliseconds. Thus, Torabevu is currently able to create and drop 20 kunai per second, equaling 1200 per minute. Though the act of actually throwing a kunai or acting with one would greatly drop this number down.

Chronos Control- Nakigitsune grants the power of time upon himself(the zanpakuto) and himself only. With this, the kunai in hand can either be slowed down or sped up. Performing this requires but a thought, not an incantation. Reactivating a dropped or previously used kunai is done by simply picking it up once more.

Osoku Suru(Speed down) Slowing the kunai to near still, where movement in itself is unable to be seen with a naked eye without a day or more time recording. Slowing the object does not always have to be this near absolute halt, though. Not only this, but a limit on how long the weapon is slowed for can be set to up 20 seconds. This meaning if Torabevu were to set up a launch of kunai, while running and dropping them adding 0 velocity to them after this state, he could freeze up to 400 kunai. Adding in the movement of actually releasing these kunai would drop this to roughly 250-300 depending on his vigor.

Thus, sending a wave of kunai that are positioned both in different distance due to the degree of the speed down and radius or length of the attack is possible. The speed at which Torabevu is moving is a great variable in the span of such an attack. When the speed down has worn off the kunai it will launch at the intended speed it was originally sent.

The detriment to Torabevu's reishi from using this ability at a full 20 seconds for 300 kunai is equal to roughly a twentieth of his manifest. The times duration of each individual kunai are communicated through thought to Nakigitsune, thus multiple times would not cause additional strain. This is due to each individual kunai being connected to the spirit itself.

Supīdoappu(Speed up) A multiplier upon time can be added to a kunai. Fundamentally, the kunai's speed can be increased through the enhancement of time that is connected to the kunai. There are multipliers from 2-4 which would essentially make a kunai traveling approximately mach 5 travel at the rate of mach 20, being its limit at Torabevu's climax in power if he were at a power level of 0-2.

As stated in Speed Down, there are a variety of different variables when launching the attack. With the exception of a time limiter as it is instant, unless the Kunai were to be grasped twice and a Speed Down were placed before hand. In terms of override, Speed Down will always over power Speed Up.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: (What is the name of your character's Bankai?)

» Bankai Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to release their Bankai? This is optional. For example, you could have the phrase relate to their power set, or just simply have them say Bankai.)

» Bankai Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to enter Bankai? This is optional.)

» Bankai Appearance: (What does your character look like in their Bankai?)

» Bankai Abilities: (What abilities does your character attain in Bankai?)

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Yari

» Inner Hollow Description: (What does your Inner Hollow look like? Please use a picture or 1 paragraph)

» Inner Hollow Personality: (What is your inner hollow's personality? Please use at least two paragraph's with 5 sentences)

» Inner Hollow Powers: (What powers does your inner hollow have?)

» Hollow Mask Appearance: (What does your characters mask look like? Please use either a picture or describe it in 5 sentences)

» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)

I. Resurrección

[NOTE: This form is for 0-3 and up. Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Resurrección Release Phrase: (What does your character say in order to transform into their Resurrección state? This is optional.)

» Resurrección Release Actions: (What kind of action does your character perform to transform into their Resurrección state? This is also optional.)

» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?)

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. Please state what kind of powers that your Vizard obtains when ascending to this form.)

I. Skill Sheet


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mask Protection:: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hollow Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Garganta : Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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