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 Traitorous Soul [FINISHED]

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Enter The NPC Character

I. Basic Information

» Name: Traitorous Soul
» Age: 2ish
» Gender: N/A
» Race: Plus

» Association: Nevermore, Khala, Khalaists

» Appearance:

Normally, it is more difficult to see this individual than even a normal plus. The more acute one's senses are, the easier the Traitorous Soul can be seen. Once the appearance starts to clear, it first appears as a human figure, wearing a kimono of some kind. Flowing around the soul's body are wisp like spheres, as well as a single line with an orb dangling from it. As more of the being comes into view, the flesh can be seen to have a slightly golden shimmer. Where the eyes should be, two black holes stare out, tear-like cracks tearing down the face. The hair of the figure goes far down its back, and its mouth contains several golden demonic teeth. its ears are pointed tips, and in its arms holds a strange parcel, completely concealed... but if one looks closely, it is body shaped.

» Purpose: Explaining what occurred to the discarded pieces of Nevermore during his conflict with Khala before he was sealed. Eventually it is possible for the Traitorous Soul and the parcel it carries to be reborn as unique individuals with their own identities, but that time has not yet come.

II. Personality

» Personality:

Destroyed Persona
While the Traitorous Soul feels emotions towards various events and stimuli, it is rarely drawn to action or response over them. Emotionally it is almost hollow, feeling that its emotions are irrelevant to the outside. Ceasing its own existence is one of the few desires it posessess.

Care for Shinigami and Demons
However, should the Traitorous Soul witness a Shinigami or Demon in a troubling situation, the Soul will feel the urge to act. The Soul does not desire for them to come to harm. It has no understanding of justice or fairness. It simply desires for members of these two races to remain safe, to not have their blood spilled.

One of the few impulses affecting the Soul. It is intensely curious, especially of individuals in situations which they do not belong in. When this happens, it is possible for the Soul to attempt communication, if it can be detected. The Soul typically does not desire to communicate at all. Most of the time, it does not desire to be detected. It desires only to wander, seeing different parts of the world, carrying the parcel.

The Parcel
Any attempt to interact with the white cloaked item held by the Soul will lead to a profoundly violent reaction. Screaming and roaring, the Soul will hunt down whatever tried to harm or touch the Parcel.

Lack of Interest
Things like the Soul's own survival fail to catch its attention. Losing parts of its body would not cause it distress, unless it also lost the Parcel. Being hit by attacks would not provoke its anger or make it hunt down the one who harmed it.

III. History

» History:

Deep within the depths of Hell, a man and the Demon Goddess who had marked him as her own came to a final confrontation. While resisted as valiantly as he could, she found the one action which could break even him. Without hesitation, Khala placed souls of Iriko Crows from other dimensions into his slain corpse, removing them from the timelines which should not have involved this kind of suffering. At last, Iriko stopped being able to... feel. He could no longer hold within him the feeling of being right. He could not feel... anything. It was as though his heart had become ice...

Once this was done, Khala had chained him down, restraining him... and then proceeded to convert him into a demonic form. However, she had not expected for his body to take quite as much as it did in the process. Even large portions of her own personality and spirit were absorbed, helping to create another divine-like being before her. This being eventually gained its own conscious, and decreed itself as the Nevermore Truth.

The two proceeded to battle, with none of Nevermore's arguments seeming to have an effect. At last, he resigned himself to being sealed away. Before this could happen, he severed his right arm from the rest of his body. This arm had not animated and been converted with the rest of him, containing certain... fragments of his past. The wasted soul that had been created was placed within it, that which was dead to the world, along with bits and pieces of the consciousness that had made Khala who she was. This severed arm was released, to find its own path...

Many moons later, the spiritual essence of this arm also became somewhat self aware. Now on Earth, it lacked the power or will to go anywhere specifically. Instead it could only wander, leading to its inhabiting Karakura Forest. Recently, citizens have been spread rumors of a ghost... a true ghost, one whose cries of remorse and sorrow have been muted by its own actions. In other words...

A Traitorous Soul.

IV. Powers

» Powers:

The Parcel that the Traitorous Soul carries and the Traitorous Soul itself both have the ability to be reconstituted. That is to say that at some point, with the right materials or if simply given enough time by themselves, they will reform as their own beings. Nothing about this reformation is set in stone, however. They could end up being reborn as Iramasha, or as simple Humans. They could find themselves in the Demon World, or the Seireitei. The important fact of this Reconstitution is that until this piece of their existences has occurred, they cannot be fully killed. Put another way, they have no single 'form'. While they can be attacked and harmed, the loose spiritual nature of the Soul's existence makes it difficult to snuff out completely. Even if completely destroyed, the 'essence' of its spiritual energy, golden in color, will cause for the body to slowly reform over the course of months, growing closer once again to full Reconstitution, where the Soul is reborn. The Soul has no idea how this ability works, or what it will cause for the Soul to eventually become.

Spiritual Force
While the Soul has next to no physical prowess, it does have quite potent Spiritual abilities. The most common use of this is the fact that simply by walking around, the Soul appears to create a 'haunted' area. Leaves rustle, people feel as if something is pushing against them in the direction that it moves, animals scurry and flee from its presence. While this force is not the same as spiritual pressure, as it applies only with the Soul's movements, it does have the ability to be used in a similar manner. By drawing its spiritual force forth, Traitorous Soul can fling the force outwards, manipulating it as the Soul pleases. For example, by emitting a wave of Force outwards from itself, the Soul could then direct the power downwards, trying to crush another individual into the ground. When the force moves this way, it does so at a moderate pace; the point is not in how fast it moves, but in the waterfall-like constant flow of pressure that it produces on its target.

A similar application of this ability is the Soul's cry. By focusing the Spiritual Force into its mouth, the Soul can emit a bone-chilling screech, shredding trees and ripping dirt out of the ground before it. This is the second most common application of the Spiritual Force, which can only be emitted from the Soul's mouth and hands. It has no way to turn this ability off; in some ways, the Soul is not conscious of how this ability works.



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Traitorous Soul [FINISHED]
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