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Dragon's Dogma Empty Dragon's Dogma

Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:20 pm
The midday was a beautiful time for doing nothing. Though that was all that remained of his life. Betrayal of several levels happened and his clan basically was destroyed. Riots and other situations left the family with basically nothing. Iriko's actions had destroyed their honor and pride. Taking away what once had been a proud legacy. HIs long white hair was strange as it gave the appearance of ears. And the braiding of it on the lower end made it appear as though a tail. Over his torso was a yellow wrapping that covered him slightly. Jaeden didn't really have a reason to do anything anymore. He failed as a Captain and even a member of the Vizard Corps. It was a fitting end to a journey he guessed. HIs zanpakuto laid next to him. He was easy to find laying on the roof not moving. His strange appearance drew no attention to him. His eyes looked tired and just somewhat empty. What purpose was there to this entire thing? He stayed here for some reason perhaps to pay for his sins. His sister Tiamat the bringer of Wolf Lionus into their Ranks.

Iriko his cousin the man who defiled the Captain Commander Position. And not to even mention that murderous lunatic of a cousin of his. So all in all his family basically failed the Gotei. No, perhaps failed was too gentle a ruling for this. They completely screwed it up and weren't able to do anything. He remained still as he sat next to sake and a cup he'd yet to touch. Jaeden hadn't left this roof in some time due to the nature of his thoughts. The rain had begun sprinkling on his face as he looked upward. His failure was even greater, then Iriko or the others. He failed to prevent an invasion of a hollow. All his training and effort for what purpose really? Everything he did was utterly pointless before that strength. Zefonse Kaizme completely shattered his purpose and Bankai. Broke his being into nothing but a Vizard. Oh to be certain he was still quite skilled. But no true point existed here, he wasn't emotional or anything.

That required him to give a damn or to care about purpose. Someone else could do it all he imagined. A Dragon who failed to bear his teeth at their enemies was a fairly crappy lizard. Dragons, what a pretense of falsehood. They had no right to call themselves that, they were more like geckos. No that may have been an insult to geckos. They were beneath even that status at this point. Were they even a proper way of putting it at this point.He had no family or true purpose really. Seppuku may as well of been option one. His family's senior members had performed the act. Leaving him but a singular member to an empty home. To exist like this for however long he decided to continue. He wasn't a Shinigami anymore as he sighed softly. He didn't bother asking what his hollow thought of all this. They both agreed on the futility of it all. They could die and try to run from the curses and sins they'd done. But the fact was this was the only true way to atone. Exist and take the stones and things thrown at them.

They were the Devils to those who hated Iriko's rule as Captain Commander.
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