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 Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.)

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Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) 2z8199v

Family Matters

жThe Crow Clanж Damien was the creator of this clan and was the first one to use most of the Crow's sword arts, due to his skill and powers he built this family from the ground up. However his legacy and time afterward remain untold, he simply left the clan in the hands of people he saw fit. However he never predicted the clan would have the problems it did, his Dragon's Eye was considered the greatest among them all. Damien created this clan with little no desire for the problems that were coming. Few of his former family ties, it's unknown why he built this alternate family. However, his thoughts upon the current owner are very good. He believes that Jaeden will take the clan where it should be, the sword forms and such have come certainly a long way. However, he barely opened the door for the clan's style. Allowing them only the access they deserved to finer swordsmanship. Damien never really considered himself a member of the clan, after all, he had his own heritage to be concerned with.

Being born a member of the very well known Soan clan, he's shown some very good skills among the clan's children. Having family he often attempts to stay out of the families politics and business. he will remain out of the entire clan's subject both Soan and Crow don't matter to him, reasoning with him seems to be something of an impossible task. He doesn't seem to care about sides or even clans, if Soan needs him he'll come certainly. But in his opinion, the fights simply aren't worth his effort anymore. Having been the first Crow in their legends he has made himself his own family to watch over as the father. Observing how they use the watered down gifts has amused him for some time. Where the First Crow wanders many wonders, though none know for sure. All that is known is it was his great battles that gave the Crow's their starting point and allowed them to form as a Clan. Many wonders if he'd ever return, to which he would respond no.

Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) 10ynabs


жNameж Damien

жAlias ж One Armed Demon

жAgeж 2400

жRaceж Shinigami

жSexual Orientation ж Straight

жOrganization ж Wanderer

жReligion ж Atheist

жArm Lengthж Well Proportioned

жLeg Lengthж Well Proportioned

жEye Colorж Black - Turning Yellow when his reiatsu is high enough.

жHair Colorж Red

жFacial Hairж He has some around his jaw and upper lip, forming a pencil look to his body.

ж Alignment ж Chaotic Good

жScarsж Down his left eye and his missing left arm.

жTheme Songж

жPhysical Description ж Damien was born with crimson hair a sign that much blood will be spilled by this man. His eyes of black were said to turn yellow and put fear into the souls of his enemy. Sending them into horror at times, he had such an intimidating look to his body. Once upon a time this one-armed man had two good arms, he lost his left arm to some circumstances that will be later explained when we look deeper. His clothing often worn is simply ragged and doesn't always seem to be in the best of shape, it has an old English Seaman look to it. A black cloak is often worn by him. Covering his body in this clothing has become a way of life for the man. He has a very well built body, by most consideration his body was built to hold a sword within it's grasp. This fact won't ever go away. Wearing a pair of brown floral pants with symbols on them, these are covered at the waist by a read sash. Used simply to keep his Zanpakutō sabre in place on his right hip, the weapon is easily drawn from this position by the male when he decides that words and talk is done. On his face now days is a short unshaven scruffy beard. With the loss of his left arm to the circumstances that were, he's become a different persona t times now. Although somethings have changed about him, he's not lost any of his skills.

Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) I5arsg

жBackgroundж Little is known about his background nowadays, things have been changing around in for several years. However, what is known was he spent most of his younger years fighting and studying the sword art. Becoming a Juggernaut for the clan that he was born into, he was starved of each the five senses during his training to become a better warrior. Starting of course with eye sight, then moving down to the others. Training each gift to the highest possible level, other skills were shown from the countless near deaths situations he'd been tossed into time after time. Upon finishing his training he went into battle around the Rukongai, at the time a large war was going on in the North and East areas. The Captains were of course only being sent out now and then at this time period, for even then they didn't care about the people. When he went into that battlefield, he decided to use another name. Damien Crow, which was what became the now known Crow Clan, during his combat however he showed such master swordsmanship with his arms. He'd become a very real threat to the war efforts, this time and place were different from the present in all of its own little ways that made it a dangerous and volatile place for anyone to live.


жCheerful ж When among his friends and drinking a fine rice wine, he's a completely different person from the cold and ruthless swordsman. He's a happy and carefree man often kind enough to stick up for the friends he holds dear. Claiming that treasures of martial nature tend to disappear with time into nothing but skulls of reality. The best way to describe his personality is as one that couldn't be guessed at by many as a puzzle. Among friends, he becomes a happy and kind man, who will pick up women and do his best to enjoy himself. This has become one of his many faces that he wears frequently. Often spending his time practicing simple things and drinking with the friends he does have, though few remain in this world anymore for him to drink with anymore. He does often drink complaining that drinking alone lacks the luster of having friends with you. Like finding a hidden treasure by yourself, it doesn't have the value of finding one with a group of friends when together. His friends have nicknamed him Shanks, simply because the name has fit.

жSeriousж He can become deadly serious in an instant, becoming the Soan beast within moments of hearing the blade drawn from the sheath. His personality becomes cold and ice like when the time for a fight comes, he doesn't have the happy or cheerful nature that he normally does about most subjects. Nor is he really willing to argue points on matters, when the time comes he simply is a warrior ready to kill. Nothing else will be done in that moment, if you have crossed blades with him you will know the look. A look that could scare off the large masses that come before him, the yellow eyes staring into your heart. The colder voice often his friends realize this and know the games are done and the time to fight is now upon them. He is known for his great strength and presence that can stop wars. The reason comes down to his personality and the details of his desire. He gives the enemy his real name, not the nickname friends have given him.

жCharismatic ж To say he's able to speak well and make people believe in by just being there in either personality he can win people over. It's known that he was considered the best leader the Crows ever did have, teaching them the way to become a proud family among the families of the Soul Society. The clan was strong and would always be, but as he always seemed able to guide people in the right direction with his strength or personality. He has a way of things just going the way he wants, as though anything his heart desires will become reality. However, he seems to be very mature and good at leading in general. His nature and skills have made him a strong and dangerous fighter, able to stop conflicts within simply stepping on the field with his legendary Haki. The skill he learned on his own, becoming a stronger swordsman then most would ever have dreamed possible. He's shown great charisma on the way there.

жHeavy Drinker ж To say that his blood has pry been replaced by alcohol more times then he's breathed would pry be a statement that could be made with relative ease, he's known for drinking in great amounts of sake and other beverages.Damien has been known for his nature of being the life of the party at times, inspiring large scale parties where ever he goes. Known to be spirited and happy, he can drink most of the best under the table without getting a buzz. This is simply due to his love of drinking, grant it some mornings he feel's like crap from hangovers and doesn't really wish to be bothered with the whole concept of why they live or such in this matter. Some belief due to losing his arm he became a drinker, others believe he was born drinking a pint. However, it's unknown if any of these are facts or simply opinions. The fact is that he can drink and has a talent for holding his beverages with the best of them. This has made him one of the specialists at this topic.

жWomanizer ж A lover of fine women is one thing, but a lover of women in general is Damien. He loves all women equally, he's got far as to cut a girl's clothes off during a fight to mess with them. To which he responded the view was lovely and God surely is enjoying it as well. The female was clearly outclassed by Damien. He has shown a taste in all sorts of women, not really caring about the details of what race they are. He's given pure blooded Quincy women trouble despite being a Shinigami. He claims a body is the same on the women, it's attractive and worth attempting to undress them. He's got a fine photo love of women who are captured on film, willing to enjoy the finer pictures that are shown to him. The slightest thing will make him interested in the subject, he's even gone far as to grope a female during a fight he was supposed to be taking seriously. To which she called him a dirty red headed pig. He simply made a snorting noise and grinned as the combat continued.

жBeliefs ж Damien is a believer that might have the right to change this world from what it is, changing it for better or worse with everything that we are. He believes only time will really change the effects of people but has watched his Crow Clan only intervening when he thought it would be needed. He left the Crows within the hands of another because his beliefs were that his skills may have been needed somewhere else. He also could understand the young must pass the old that he needed to get out of the way at this point and let the clan take off, this is what he decided when he left Hanzo in charge of the clan. His beliefs are simple and firm, they are often challenged and he is called fickle at times as he does whatever he wants. While it may be true he's a free spirit and has never been on a side during a conflict, he openly states. That where ever his beliefs are strongest he will fight as though saying the following. I am neither good nor evil, I do not take a side on that subject.

жLaid Back ж While he does appear to have an extremely easy going nature to him, not willing to take sides or be on anything.He's quite laid back on some subjects, not really caring enough to get into the situations his families cause themselves. Somethings he will decide to deal with if he must, though Damien has shown a rather large intent amount of hate for doing so at times. He's not often out for conflict anymore, he's the drunk in the corner of the room sleeping. Few would guess this drunk has the skills to destroy armies and leave only generals standing among them. His power and nature have become extremely laid back about most things, when left alone he normally loses his cheerful nature. He tries to bring the party to life, but as his buzz hits he becomes a laid back quiet person. Remembering the past and mistakes made within in it. Switching to another side of the endless puzzle that he is simply.

жQuietж During a Hangover which are quite frequent, people will notice a change to his personality that is almost unheard of for the man. He becomes quiet and doesn't say much, not really desiring to speak as much but just lay there. Sometimes speaking about how he feels horrible and he'll never it do it again, but we know better. He will be drunk again the next day without a single doubt in the mind. He drinks to just do that, drinking simply to pass time for the most part. It's unknown why but the man changes so often that it's little like dealing with puzzle missing pieces. His hungover side is somewhat miserable, but he's shown before that he can hide it and has a playful nature to him while a serious one exists as well. The qualities are there for a fine warrior, if they would ever be balanced out correctly. It's unknown why he won't take sides in conflicts. Even for his Soan family at times he refuses to take part in the conflicts, short of his fathers orders to do so.

жFine Leaderж No Matter what side of him you get, you will always end up with this result. Damien could lead anything into a fine force, making them stronger and better as he went. He has that power to make people stronger around him, to boast morale just by being in the same area with them. It's a rare gift that not many have, the gift to effect others around him. To make them stronger and better, for better or for worse this is Damien Soan. He has known about this skill which made Damien Soan a famous name among the Rukongai as he rescued them from the closest thing to the dark ages they had. It was a time where his fine skills as a leader were shown, this part of his personality is only shown when around others. But this gift is what makes him a fine leader. This trait may be listed among his personality and skills that he's fine crafted as a man.


жWomenж This one is sacred as the holy flames of all things to him, Women are the biggest like on earth to him. He enjoys everything from nice boobs to big butts, they are simply the flag ship of his enjoyment, to say he dislikes them would be an understatement. Women are the core value for him, should he ever find a lover he would pry help her with her goals. Though to hide the fact he was doing so to get into her pants would be possible as well, Damien makes no pretending about what he likes, he doesn't care what other people think about him liking women. Family or otherwise, women are the greatest thing ever. Thus he can often be found waking among two or three at a time, with no shame about his face for what he had done the night with the female's he was with. Women have a way of making him do some interesting things, he's never really experienced, love. Sex he has many times, but love is an emotion he longs to see that escapes his knowledge for the most part. Experience is something that he shall never run a drive on when dealing with the females of the world.

ж Alcohol ж The second most important thing in his life now days is drinking, he seems to enjoy all brands and doesn't seem to care when or where. Events of a public nature aren't even important to him. He will drink during most events without a care in the world, however, if things are different and his personality isn't in the mood for a drink he will not consider the second most important thing there anymore. He has only gotten upset over one object's destruction, this being women, however he's shown a rather large amount of drinking so his love of the Alcohol and women as well has been well noted, it's believed he was lost due to his habits of drinking perhaps some woman cut his arm off and took it away during his sleep. Rumors about the events and bad effects of the drinks have been going around about him for several centuries when he stays in a place long enough.

ж Fighting ж Damien may never admit to this, but he does enjoy fighting and what it brings. He's always enjoyed the challenging fights over the easy ones, some people believe from this fact he may of cut the arm off himself. Just so he would have more enjoyment from fighting, him and some others are easy to get along with, but it's highly believed his love of fighting started at a young age. After all he was trained since he could walk to be a warrior and fighter, his job in the end would be hard to say. But Damien more then makes up for the lost causes that he seems to get behind from time to time. Damien seems's like the underdogs of fighting, they seem to bring him much more pleasure then simple one-sided victors. However he's shown an interest in breaking away from common good and evil, all he seems to desire is good fight. So be it against good or evil he will fight them. This is the way he believes it must be for things to be right in his mind, of course the man is not blood thirsty and nuts.

ж Friends ж This is simply one of those things he does hold dear, friends are important to him in deep ways. Damien may not always show it, but he and his friends are often the bunch to show up and either fix problems or cause them. He enjoys the time spent with what friends he may or may not have at his side. Friendship is the key to a happy life, be they Arrancar or Shinigami. He believes that a friendship can live through the bars of time. Damien isn't like most of his kind who have a short view on these matters. He see's only the one path before him, believing strongly that people could change and become good friends despite differences. This is why he puts on his face of happiness and kindness. Despite missing an arm and the scar over his left eye. Friends are something that he likes immensely that just cannot be stressed enough if people have friends they can overcome any hardship they encounter, loss of limb or betrayal of family.

жSwords ж Something that he may not be honest about, is that he loves swords. Loves details about them from Pommels used to make them to the finer parts, he's a very studied swordsman and understands the weight of a sword just by crossing blades with it. He can figure out all the details about the sword's history and style make. This is all possible because of his deep love and interest int the subject. Swords are built in such a fascinating way, they also deserve to be cleaned and treated with a proper love. He doesn't just simply love Japanese swords either, his love goes through out the time of the weapons. He enjoys all forms and shapes of them. From the claymore to the bastard sword, each one interests him. They are built and designed by such amazing process that people often over look them. Damien's always been curious about how many types of swords the world doesn't know about, so if he see's a new one he'll often inquire to look at it for a moment, to figure out its nature. Even if it's an enemies weapon from time to time.

ж Love ж The final like that he has so long been eluded by is love, he never has felt the emotion nor does he understand it. But he does long for it from time to time, something he knows he should get a hold of someday. But for some reason, he cannot seem to grasp hold of the strange thread of life that is love. Declaring it to someone he's not attracted too doesn't make sense, he drinks to escape this problem. Thus creating the problem of drinking and awakening with random women at times, he doesn't appear to understand what it is about this emotion that he doesn't understand. For some reason his eyes just are blind when it comes to this subject of love, it's the one thing as a swordsman might won't bring him. No amount of training or strength will ever bring him this emotion or the return of it from another. So thus this is his final thing he likes in this world.

Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) 2nqt95l


ж Traitors ж These are the top of the list, included in this rank are liars and backstabbers of such nature that they disgust him. Damien is a firm belief they deserve to die for their crimes with nothing but the most extreme punishment, his dislike of betray is very deep within his blood. Most of the time when he hears of this he is willing to hunt the person down for a fee and cut them up for their crime. However he's gotten a bit more calm about the betrayals of people, he now claims a calm mind about the subject. However, if a betrayal of the people's trust on a political level were to happen, he would destroy the people regardless of the law. He believes the law is a lie, that only the people have a right to decide what the true justice is. Justice is something that is written not by nobles or anything like that. Justice is written clearly with the sword and will always be such a way. This is the world they live in after all.

ж Cowards ж He has a dislike for cowards that is pretty deep, it's hard to explain why to most. But his belief is people should be brave and face whatever awaits them in life without any fear or concern. For life is a walking blade, so you may as well walk and enjoy the adventure that is given too you. The end of the map will only show you the way, not complete the journey for you. He believes that people must train and grow, not be frightened of simple facts. As he once was, as a child he was scared and didn't have many guts as he should of at times. It took him time to over come his fear with courage, courage is one of the truest tests of a man's character. Something that he loves very much is a person filled with courage in their heart. However when he see's one with fear he is simply sickened by looking at them. He will often tell them to crawl back to their hole for they are but sickening bugs before him and he has no time for such lowly beings.

ж Politicians and Nobles ж Damien has a grudge against almost all nobles within the world, they think they are so great because of the position they hold. In his mind, however, that position exists so they may provide for the many. Not provide for themselves and be stuck up fools over it. They act above all reason and as though their own farts don't bother God, for this it's always annoyed Damien without any single end in sight. His hatred of such foolish and childish games has always been high. But nobles and Politician's have always been on a list of people he kills without question. They are without normal morals and are nothing but cockroaches in the walls of a clean society, attempting to spread plague and sickness upon the others, he has a low opinion of those in such position. However, he will allow those married to them off the hook sometimes, depending on nature of the person in question. His dislike of them could stem from the fact they started the war in the first place.

ж Disrespect f ж It doesn't seem to matter about it, but if disrespect towards friends or the dead is shown before him. He will often come to the aid of the one being disrespected, it's not in his practice to baby people but he will in this case. Disrespecting someone who's earned it, for example, has often bothered him, people who break their bodies to make this world run being shown no care or kindness by others. It's always bugged him and made him angry when dealing with them. He tries often to hold his patience on this subject, however, it does fail sometimes. However disrespecting him or others without them being there does little, he's not one to be tricked into a combat situation by some lowly taunts. If anything Damien is able to mostly resist them with relative ease and ignore them for what they are, simple words of a man or woman about to die from a battle with him. Disrespect is something he does show towards the people in power often and he does acknowledge this fact, but most seem to forget the small people.

ж Kidō ж He hates Kidō above almost anything he's ever come across, the spell and magic arts have always annoyed him and gotten under his skin. He's never had a use for them nor has he bothered dealing with them, he had learned them but only to know what they did. He openly said he never used them himself, so he has no knowledge on how shooting one would work or anything like that. But fighting against them, he studied very actively and learned much about them so he could avoid dealing with them. This was simply the drive of a man desiring to avoid dealing with the long annoying battles that seem to go for a distance-based fight. Those who do enjoy Kidō are free to do as they please, it's not something he will ever indulge in himself, for Kidō is a waste of energy and time. He believes one sword move is worth thirty Kidō moves, however, this is simply his belief and nothing more. He does stand by this fact quite strongly, however.

ж Quiet ж One thing he loathes is quiet, even if he becomes it himself from time to time. He hates the quiet, it is something of a need to always be doing something, he can't stand a lack of movement or things being done. Simply sitting and wondering about the world always bothers him, he would rather be actively looking around the world for things. Not just sitting and thinking about it, this world is not a place for such things. You take the reins and do whatever you must to live a full life, you don't sit in the quiet darkness and lit yourself be sucked in so deep you forget whom you are. That isn't the way of things, not in this world. Damien is firm in his belief that people must be strong and filled with courage to overcome the quiet and empty voids they all must face at some point. But if God or Man they all reach a point in time where they are alone and lost in pondering that cannot be escaped from, they reach the Quiet darkness around them.

Interview with Damien

Interviewer: "So sir, tell me how you feel about the activities that have been going on within the Soul society, since your time there and since the incident with Sosuke Aizen, also please tell those reading where it is you stand on the current situation. "

Damien: "I have a low opinion of Sosuke Aizen, he was a man who sought to become a god, not something any man should try do. While he was living life, he lived it foolishly. I believe the current situation with the Gotei 13 is pathetic compared to what it once was, they were one of the most frightening forces. Now they barely have enough Captains and members, not to mention with Head Captain Yamamoto gone, they've lost the edge they once held over everything."

Interviewer: "Interesting enough sir, but tell me how do you feel about the Crow Clan under Jaeden Crow and the things that have unfolded from what was your baby of sorts."

Damien: "Jaeden-kun is doing a fine job as a leader and I am proud that he pulled the clan from what it was becoming. Just another figure like the Kuchiki clan, they were closing in on becoming nothing but something similar to the noble houses. The Crow clan isn't supposed to even be like them, nor should it ever desire such a thing. Freedom is a symbol that the bird symbolizes, that's why I chose the name Crow. For I am far too dark to know the light, so that is why. But I feel like Jaeden-kun was born under a cursed star, to lose his position as the Captain must have been hard, not to mention becoming a vizard is not a fun experience I hear."

Interviewer: "Very true, now for our final question to wrap this up. Where do you plan to fall into this world, we are very curious to hear"

Damien: "Only time will truly tell my friend if I end up on the fields of battle or just in the corner of the room with a nice woman..See ya later. "

Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) 34671jl


Tsubasa Unabara: It remains that Tsubasa is one person Damien couldn't rescue. Sometimes he wonders if he'd need to give a leg or an arm back then to rescue him. Despite having already given one, or perhaps some people are born under cursed stars, to begin with. It's not as though everything in the world begins or changes with the new stars before them. Tsubasa was a kid that he thought of like a son. Damien couldn't do anything or really step in to help the young man. being someone who'd survived the founding of the Gotei and managed to hide away from all of it. It was strange to meet one so far away from his own era. For Damien, Tsubasa is like a wayward son, who couldn't come home. Someone who couldn't find his way or figure out the world. This was simply a man who was broken and seeking freedom from the truth. Damien's relationships while few since the Clan's breaking. He's not made any long-term relationships aside from the entire Unabara Clan and others. It's unlikely he can turn away from the young kids needing aid. This isn't something he'd be able to do for Jaeden or anyone else. They are his family in their own way and he'll protect them in his.

The Gotei: To Damien the Gotei is his cherished family, something he protects for those who cannot. He's not directly about his emotion or fatherly view of them. He doesn't even let people see within his mind where he stands or how things function. Damien simply does things and goes from there. This is just how he moves and functions as a person in total. It's not as though he doesn't register or understand the confines of a real family. But this place is his home and he'll be damned if anyone is taking what's precious from him any further.


Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) XZGpCF2
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жFight Theme Music ж

Powers - Passive

жMantra ж This special gift he got is making his intuition almost through the rough, he's able to intuitively pick up on things others wouldn't of otherwise noticed. However that's not all this done by a long shot. This allows him to find people and sense them far faster then the average person could with this move he is almost got like a constant radar going off in his head, all his senses are heightened to a very high level. Making him able to read objects and even people attempting to hide for him, though for them he will need to focus for a moment or so to locate them. This allows him to break through methods like Kyokko and sense the person, not by reiatsu or other means can it be explained, this radar is used for detecting invisible enemies mostly. Allowing him to locate them and attack them as soon as he is required. The Intuition increase is simply his power to see things coming, it makes it harder to deceive him with pathetic tricks like illusions. He's able to see clearly through them to the user behind the moves. Mantra is constantly active for him, this power can also pick up on emotions on the surface. However, it may be tuned out if someone desires to tune it out. Emotions are not of a combative nature so often are tuned out by the user unless he deems it worth listening too. Some levels of people may be able to hide from his Mantra, though no one has yet the possibilities are out there for it to happen of course. if for example, say someone's zanapkuto granted them absolute invisibility from all forms of detection, then this move wouldn't be able to detect them. Simple as that, though this would be a double edged sword. Because to believe this is something he needs to find people isn't always true. Other secrets lay beneath the surface of Damien, just waiting to be brought to the light of day for others to see. Perhaps you will be the first to see them.

жHeightened ж To say that he was trained with way higher degrees of the five basic senses would be almost an absolute truth. His training as a child was so fierce that each sense was trained and taken away minus touch. The other ones were taken away, to train each one for an entire year. He had each sense taken away for 100 years spending each year training to strengthen himself without senses, Sight and hearing were the main things taken from him from time to time. His training without his eyes were extremely well done. However the same could be said of his arms, the male has no weak arm as both are equal in strength. However something odd has happened to his right arm during the loss of his left. It's become as though he is swinging with two hands with the one arm. Giving him greater impact then people would expect from a single arm swing. He's got immense control over how much power he uses on someone. He's able to make a single swing feel like someone put both arms behind the attack.

жHaoshoku ж This move is a passive one, that he can activate if he desires though and turn off freely. Depending on his current tier, he will be able to do a very interesting trick. NPCs within a 50 yard radius will be blasted by a special type of spiritual pressure move he's developed using his pressure as a weapon. It commonly will knock them out or almost do so, some may be able to resist this. A guide is going to bade made on how it effects people of tiers lower then him. Keep in mind however all this depends on his current tier.However those lower then him do not have to be concerned about being knocked out, if they lack any form of spiritual resistance and pressure and are 100% normal then yes they would. The chance of being overwhelmed by his immense power is considered something that people have had trouble with for a long time. This skill allows him to simply hit people with his pressure as a weapon, normally it only works once. Tier 0 are mostly immune from the effects of this. Those below it must be careful, however again it depends on the tier of Damien at the time.

Tier Effects
1 Alerted and somewhat winded by the impact, similar simply being hit by a pressure of a Captain, this effect can rattle somewhat. However it rarely does.
2 The effects of the power do tend to hit those of Two slightly harder, upon impact the person will experience shaking as though their body is letting them know of a fear. The shaking will simply last for five turns before ending, they will experience some trouble breathing but nothing severe.
3Here things get a tad worse for the person whom is struck by the power, they will feel as though all the air was just knocked out of them. As though being punched in the gut without any muscles or warning. Getting all the wind knocked out of you at once. Depending on person they may be able to get back up sooner, normally it's 1-2 turns to get up. 5 turns to completely recover from the effects.
4-5 These suffer some of the worst impact from the move, all senses are hit and jarred As though they are standing in the middle of a bomb impact. They will sometimes be knocked out by the power, extreme dizziness fainting and things of that nature are known to happen when hit by this power at this stage. Most Npcs will rank blow this, they are the common guy you see walking in and causing havoc along side someone . Like extra hollows or bad guys, this move will instantly most times knock them out. This has been the list, I hope you enjoyed it.

жSpirit CuffsжThese devices are invisible to the naked eye till they are removed, combat wise they only have one feature. They lower the reiatsu of the one wearing them. Or at least that's what it feels like, to move around the user must be at full power at all times. In short to move their pinky they will need to be at their full strength of reiatsu. This will build their reiatsu up helping them grow stronger then they originally had, however this is like applying weights to one's body it is a very hard way to train. Damien's knowledge and skills with training others is considered to be one of his strongest points. The male has designed some of the must useful training methods, teaching people the method to power. Damien's new invention could very well be the key to training a stronger batch of Shinigami. The Unlimited Style will need more then one, he taught the Crow's a piece of the puzzle but never the whole story. He decided they weren't ready for such a responsibility as to carry on his legacy. The coloring on them is different for each person. The Lines he forms by drawing them with his index finger in a circle, then connecting them.

This training is dangerous in some ways, but it will show great results and make people underestimate the tier of the one wearing them by two at the very least. The user within about five days (Five Threads) will see an immense change up. For imagine walking around with giant rocks attached to your arms and legs, weighing tons. This builds the reiatsu alone, other methods will be used for building their body their mind is in such a structure that it requires a more direct methods.

This method is useless for people whom are 0 tier. This ill give them nothing but the advantage of people believing they are only tier 2. This allows in some instances a very cold way to do things, only four Spirit cuffs are allowed out at a single time for Damien will not make more.

жBusoshoku ж This is a move allowing him to harden his weapon or himself to an attack, now this doesn't make him invincible by any means. He's just able to make his weapon harder then it would be normally, thus giving it a greater impact. However this move is as much offense as it is defense. His power to harden things till the point they become hard enough to take direct hits from elements, such as ice and fire. He's able to absorb an impact from them. He's also able to use this power to create such an effect from time to time. He's able to coat his body in a metal like object, which is known simply as hardening. It's a trick that can extend to his weapon as well, however this is more often used as a line of defense for the user. To allow them a greater amount of defense against somethings. For example low level Kidō spells can be smacked away along with balas depending on skill in the area. However this again depends on his tier and rank at the time, for example. A 0 shooting a bala at him when he's 1 will not be something he attempts to smack away. Dodge becomes ore of the choice here, to avoid being one of the people being shot through the chest by such an outcome. Damien's training appears to of paid off in this area mostly.

жTrue King ж As stated before, it's been noted that those just in his presence are given a rather easily noticed increase. This passive gift is linked into his personality as much as it is anything else. His gift with understanding people and making them willing to fight against odds that are sometimes inhuman. He's able to inspire people to do things they never knew was possible with this passive gift. It's something that people will never truly understand what goes into, this is a gift that cannot be taught or learned. You are born with it, the right to rule others and guide them just because of the way you carry yourself. The gift is something that indeed makes him a very special man, one that people should be fearful of and respect at all times. The increase can be seen to fighting resolve and sometimes general states. He's able to drive them on, making them have more inspiration to fight on. The way we carry ourselves is the way others will be a reflection of what we are.

жTrue Dragons Eyeж The Crows got the watered down version of this gift, as his children have long since lost the gift's true form. The keeper of it still retains the true form of the Dragons eye, now to explain what this does. This depends on tier and skills of the user mostly. But the user is able to read moves and people with far greater distance and accuracy. By reading them every two posts if they perform the same move twice, the user will have figured out how to copy the move, however this does have limitations. For the Crow's it's sword moves only, but for Damien he can copy almost anything he desires. However it will not be exactly the same or with the same force as the other move. For example, say someone has a fire blast move. He will copy it but in his own way, by creating flames and blasting the enemy with them. Again though this will depend on the tier largely, the user won't be copying people who are on completely different levels, two tiers above. For example a 3 won't be copying a 1. Now the other fact is he may only copy things that he is capable of performing.

жWell Builtж His body has been pushed to the brink of death so many times, that through the dangerous and several frightening training a boy can take. He's gained reflex's that were largely unexpected from the mans size. But his strength is above the regular cut, he's able to make his sword feel as though two handed swings are done with one arm. He can easily make his sabre weapon is feeling like a claymore, he doesn't have a brutish strength to him however. It's more over his skill and control over his body and muscles that makes him such a powerful man. Despite losing his stronger arm, he has still remained a fierce man. To this day despite how strong his right arm is, he claims the left one is still far stronger. His fighting style was always that we, so when he fought with his left arm. He could cut mountains in half and divide cities down the middle. Now he's lost that lovely give of his and must use his right arm to fight.

Zanpakutō Reforging: Now this process will make the Zanpakutō stronger then it was before, with a seventy percent success rate. Now this will only make the zanapakuto itself stronger. By using the souls of both that part of the union, the user will much like Shadin did to bring out the strength of Snopy's zanapkuto. He will connect them and make the connection stronger, allowing for enhancing already strong powers, for example the Zanpakutō that once used fire could now could be augmented to burn through spiritual particles now. Making the power greater then it once was, this process can go either way. However strengthening the sword and sword alone does have the risk of death for the user. For they must fight their Zanpakutō and battle against it, this process was used by Ichigo to obtained it. This method will unlock the enhancement for the sword, this will in now way make the user any stronger by tier or anything of the like. This process may only be performed by those with Master or Grand Master in Zanjutsu.

Zanpakutō Rebuilding:The operation to rebuild the Zanpakutō is far easier, now this allows him to rebuild any broken Zanpakutō. Based on the users soul, the two are always connected even in destruction. Now while it is clear the Zanpakutō can rebuild itself, the reconstruction of it will allow it a better durable version for those who seek this. Damien however is rather fickle about whom he will do this for. Because it's always strange pulling the Zanpakutō spirits form out of the sword. He's able to manifest the weapon's truest form to begin this operation. Using a piece of them to perform the rebuilding process will be painful for the Shinigami or being in question. This process is also a strange one, but Damien can rebuild the Zanpakutō without any negative effects. Putting it back at it's original state of power. For everything to work right, he must have the say of the person wanting it done. They must, must ok this operation. This may not ever be used in a combat situation.

Powers - Swordsmanship

жUnlimited Demonж This is one of the last three styles that are available to Damien, he doesn't speak much about the process of making the Demon Style, this has made him rather hateful of this art form. The power of this sword form allows him to cut into the third Dimension and slice into it leaving a line in the reality when sliced. The lines have strange colorization and will be standing out when someone looks at the lines the first thing they should realize is that being struck by these at all is bad, these will cut through the persons armor fairly easily. However some people may be able to block them with a high enough form of Hierro. These lines once sliced will vanish in 3 turns, however he can only make around ten of them per post. Imagine a blade cutting into your body and going clear through, if one is hit by this it will basically be like a blade cutting through your flesh. The Unlimited Demon is much unlike it's twin the Unlimited Angel, these styles are two of the final Unlimited Sword.

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жUnlimited Angel ж This style uses high vibrations of sound waves within the air causing high levels of damage from his sword, the generation of sound can cause his sword to seem like it's roaring or moving at such a high pace this makes the next slash far stronger then someone may of predicted. However the vibrating of the blade will allow him to cut into targets far more then one would expect from him, this has allowed him to cause severe sound wave based damage to some enemies. His sword style changes, the Demon and Angel Styles may be both used at the same time making them equally dangerous. to use long range sound waves, he'll coat his sword in a special form of his energy. However this fighting style allows him to hit someone with so much vibration that he can hit them with such a sound wave that it will blast away bits of their skin. The amount of power channeled will change the damage. Using a smaller amount can just overwhelm someone's senses.

жUnlimited Dragonж This style allows the user to coat their sword within flames creating such a friction and heat in the air around the sword it becomes able to perform a cut that both burns and slices the target at the same time, however this style isn't bound to just that simply method of fighting. The generation of heat around the sword can be extremely high and be made to make that sword hot enough to melt the ice and almost make it unable to be used around the weapon, The flames are simply means to an end, they are designed to cause a lingering damage to the enemy. The fire can be thrown long range or close range, he can cover small areas to large areas with the flames. What are they weak against one may ask, simply put water is the only weakness to this style. This is the one he'll normally go with when he starts out fighting, the moves and everything for it are fairly simple and easy to perform. using this mode with full power the user can cut through barriers and burn them to ashes with a single stroke of the sword. That's the special power of this move is it's designed to go through barriers.

жUnlimited Tigerж Gathering the wind in the air for slashes, this can cut through buildings and other structures without any trouble. Needless to say humans who are struck by this will be divided where they were hit.The main power of this move is it's gift to generate electrical discharge from collecting the lighting in the air, making it a far more dangerous type of style then the others. This style is designed for piercing moves, the amount of power generated behind each one creates a wave of energy. So a spear of air or lighting will arc out and hit targets. This style is built on extremely fast movement, he uses it for constant attack. It doesn't leave any openings most times for people to take advantage of unless he lets them, this is simply the way the style functions.

жUnlimited Bladesж This is the style the Crows took from him when they learned, the power to make an extreme slash when they swung their sword. That was nearly invisible, him being the master of this sword art is able to do more then just that. The max he can make per slash is five blades coming from any angle selected, however he doesn't do this style to often. The slashes are visible compared to the Crow clans, however his also cut deeper and he's able to form them fairly freely within one another. Each swing requires him to figure out what he plans to do before he does so. This style focuses on taking enemies by surprise and catching them off guard, something he's shown an extreme skill at doing with it. The male sports a very versatile fighting style able to deal with many and few at the same time.

жUnlimited Tortoise ж He's gained some skills with this defensive form, he's built a style for dealing with energy based attacks both pure and otherwise. This sword style is built for absolute defense, though it takes a moment. He's able to put a special field of his passive skill around his body, keeping himself from poison most of then time. It does protect him from some damage as well, this allows him to be a tank upon the battle when he arrives. This power lets him counter act Kidō, energy and things like it. However he must be able to guess the power correctly and use the right amount of force, this style is made for closing the gap only. It has almost no use otherwise when the person is trying to get closer to them, this form allows a greater defense however it's not perfect. The user is weak at the back, using this style does also use more energy when he does switch to it. However his control over it is very well shown as he does everything down to the muscles.

Unlimited Frog: This is a new stance that came to the mind of Damien, he truly does have a mind for coming up with strange sword styles. Unlimited Frog was something he considered doing when he was older, but after some work and thought on the idea. He decided to make it an official member of his Unlimited Sword Style. Much like it's brother Monkey this style uses some very strange mannerisms and moves. Frog allows the user to perform near miss hits, this style cannot be active at the same time as Power or speed. But switching between them is easy for Damien to do since the loss of his left arm. For example to give you a firm idea of how this style functions. Imagine a sword just missing the head of an enemy, the force and angle of the blow would still strike. However something small as the head does have a chance to miss. Damien often will go for smaller areas, the attack will come after the first as it misses. This is the method to how Frog functions, Damien will pry keep this and Monkey to himself.

Unlimited Monkey: This was something he built himself when younger, he never did perfect it. Even to this day he says some bugs remain, this style allows the user to us crushing force for the following effects. They could say crush the ground under them to cushion the impact of a blow and take the weight off of it. On the other hand using the amount of force this generates into a crushing force, the user could easily send a crushing pulse through his enemies body. Crushing several minor things within, this sword style will take away the edge from the sword when used. So dealing death blows isn't truly what it's meant for. However like the other stance, it may be used freely with Dragon, Tiger, and Tortoise, this makes them both extremely versatile. The effects of this style still is very undeveloped according to Damien some work may be required. This sword stance will be finished someday, though that day isn't yet upon us. Damien will continue to show great skill as a Swordsman.

жUnlimited Powerж This is the special style combined with his passives, to harden and use his skills of intuition to the fullest extent. Making this form of fighting one of the more dangerous ones, though the power has gone down from what it once was. Due to the loss of his good arm, he still is able to swing the blade with enough force to crack the ground under someone who blocks the attack. The amount of force he generates with his weapon and the hardness of it make this style one of his main ways of fighting. However to say that the hardening of it was all that he was capable of. Using his sensing skills he's able to fight at a higher speed and able to predict and locate projectiles with his radar, this is his favorite style. The one he uses for only enemies he respects. While so few remain, when he uses this form it's decided that he will kill the person he is going after with all he has. Everything that makes him who he is will be put into this style.

жUnlimited Speedж This style is more built on using his speed to go after a person, the final of the Unlimited arts he designed. This one isn't used very often by him, he claims the speed it generates allows him to fight at hyper speeds. And due to his eyes powers he's able to do this style without worrying too much. Using this form he's able to make multiple forms of himself, the max of which is six. Using this form is something that he generally avoids doing when he can help the situation, fighting like this has always annoyed him to no end. Damien believes this style has little use, but is merely trying to get more enjoyment from his fights. The speed style deals with such fast movements the sword's blade disappears from time to time. Accelerating the blade speed while inflicting damages to the enemy at such a speed that is hard to keep track of. However some people may be able to read this form better then others, however this will all come down to tier again.

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Powers - Zanpakutō

жNameж Akagami

жShikai Release Phrase ж Release your spirit Akagami.

жZanpakutō Appearanceж The Zanpakutō seems to be taking the appearance of a man with long black hair, he seems worn and having done his time as a warrior. He smokes often and appears to have a very cold personality to him. Unlike the other side of the male's wielder Akagami seems to prefer the quiet way things are. He's also seen wearing a black cloak over him similar to his wielders, with a dark blue shirt. The pants he wears are somewhat faded and lost color to them, wearing brown shoes from a different place it seems. Akagami appears to have a scar on the side of his head, that seems etched into his skull almost like something haad happened to him once. He's able to pull the weapon from the cloak and summon it with a fairly quick movement. He holds a hardened appearance and look to those eyes as he looks out over the area the two stay in from time to time. Sometimes it appears that Akagami is simply lost in thought, but he and his wielder hold such a close bond despite the lack of use for the sword in the several years the two spend fighting together.

Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.) 2j3i4o3

жInner World Appearance At first glance his world appears to be simply an Ocean with thousands pillars everywhere, out of the water lighting seems to strike at the skies. Everything seems strange, from the skies it seems they move like waves and splash about. The skies seem almost lit on fire as they burn away the clouds as they continue to form. The waves reach almost inches away from the top of the poles sticking out of the water that seem to be spread out through the ocean. Upon on in the middle sits the form of Akagami his cloak and hair blowing in the wind. As he watches the world around him with an almost sick interest within every single detail that comes before him.

жReiatsu Color White

жZanpakutō Personality Akagami seems to be the exact opposition of what Damien is, however saying that he is a good reflection of the real Damien is pry true. Damien's a blizzard of emotions that cannot be read by even the most gifted telepathic person in the world. His mind and the layers are so thick that one cannot reach through the depths of his thoughts. Akagami says that as his other half he believes that Damien is someone few people will ever be able to grasp the complex nature of. His ideals and nature are almost impossible to understand with simple words . Akagami is one of the most loyal zanpakutos in the world, he trusts the judgment of his wielder. He also seems to know his powers are dangerous for him to be used very often, only some people will really be able to stand up to the form of Akagami's might when it's released, not very many can do so.

жZanpakutō Shikai Appearance His sword changes into a sabre, with a gold handle the blade appears to be curved slightly for combat. The changes are quite clear when on looks closely at the weapon. Some written can be seen as well as a small set of red ribbon tied around the handle of the weapon, to give the wielder a better grip. His Zanpakutō's normal natures are quite sabre like, but they aren't perfect. The weapon is like such beneath his crimson sashe so he can draw it easier. His weapon does also appear lack a Japanese grip of any kind. This makes for drawing and attack with it an easier task then pulling it to and from the sheath. It's unknown if this has always been so or if things have changed as time went on. The blade keeps a very sharp and shine like nature to it, rather then being without an edge. The sword appears about average length for a sabre and lacks any chips or signs of dmage to the sword itself. The handle is in the same shape as the blade is.

жZanpakutō Sealed Powers This is pry the only form that isn't dangerous for him use is within it's sealed state. The Zanpakutō is able to change about small areas in the land and air around. Making them into a random thing, sometimes it works well other times not so much. The random nature is what makes it interesting, his Zanpakutō will pick something out and normally fire it out like this. For example he would point his sword at an area, the area will change to something else. The ground will flip upside, catch on fire, something odd and almost impossible will happen. It's something of the problem his sword suffers from within Shikai and Bankai, making it an extremely dangerous weapon. The changes can almost be anything, trying to list them all will simply be done in Shikai.

жZanpakutō Shikai Powers His shikai is extremely dangerous for wielder and those around him, if anything he tries to avoid using it all costs because of the danger in the area he is in. The effect radius is about 10 to 20 meters depending on the mood of the Zanpakutō, also sometimes the powers won't activate during shikai right away. However this is mostly due to the wielder deciding not to do anything for the moment. Like Shunsui Kyoraku, the sword's powers aren't active till the user decides to make such the case. The power when activated is a dangerous one that even Damien claims is a dangerous field to deal with, because of how unpredictable it is. Even he who knows and understands his sword has a deep fear of what it can do to him if he's not careful. However the list of the area changes within shikai can be large to small. Considering them to be a dangerous effect within the area he is in. Tier will come into play as well basing the power of these things. But his shikai is an extremely dangerous weapon that should be used in a very sparingly fashion. Because those who rush to power will die within the door way that exists for all humans.

Fire: The area will slowly ignite in fire even in the skies around the field, hwoever this is random it just happens to go after people where they are standing for four turns. This means four turns of dodging flames that can burn you to a crisp if you aren't careful, the flames may come from below or above. You have a few minutes of warning before they strike, the fire will keep building nd building leaving almost no place for people to run at the four turns mark, when they can get out of the danger finally. However this is simply the beginning of what would be a dangerous thing. The fire and explosions that come are not safe for near misses, you must dodge these or suffer some minor burns. And be ready to accept what it means, if your arm is caught in the blast. You are looking t 2nd to 3rd degree burns on that arm, in some cases the arm may turn into ashes and completely vanish away. This has happened sometimes by those who are hit directly by this move. The starting move is always fire which throws people into a false belief.

Gravity: The next thing to happen normally is that the gravity in the area will go off completely, meaning if you are charging forward you are going to be flying now like Peter Pan and possible into a wall. One must be careful and able to understand the changes as they come when dealing with them. Damien claims this is his favorite one, because Damien's mastered the field without gravity. He's able to fly around at extremely quick speeds that could be considered almost faster then a shunpo at times. Almost, depending on how he stacks his skills. Fighting within zero gravity is fun. However on the last turn of the gravity phase, it will return heavy enough to drop a person into the ground if they aren't careful. It will become thirty times the gravity of earth. Sending people into a rock like embrace with the ground. For example, you just now figured out flying and as soon as you are getting the basics. You are sent dropping to the ground, let me explain to you how this works again. All gravity is shut off, meaning even if you make the places to stand in the air you are going to float off of them.

Teleport : now this move only happens the second and final turn it's begun.This means the user can go absolutely anywhere, once when this move was done Damien was put into the ground to give you an example. The area is random and Damien seem's to have little choice in the matter, but he does know most the moves his sword will perform so fights accordingly. The puzzles and traps this sword can do are almost infinite and yet their is an end to the madness that people shall see from this weapon which Damien uses. Teleport will send the user anywhere within the twenty meter radius they are setting in. It could be up in the air or in the ground. It rarely does that Damien says, saying his sword's sense of humor no doubt. Their is no real guard against this, but neither person is put into an advantageous position.

Lighting : This one normally would catch people off guard, static like bombs going off all over the place. Let's just say if you are struck by one the least of your worries will be Damien. The last person who made it this far, got teleported and just a moment later they were talking and lighting came out of the grab and hit them so hard they couldn't move for several moments. The lighting has the power to cause severe muscle damage and can very easily hit you from any angle, it's an area completely being struck by it every turn. Up, down, and all around the lighting will strike out against people. The electrical discharge hasn't killed anyone yet, normally that task falls on to the pat of Damien. Making him the one to end people whom get struck by it, however caution is the best view.

Insanity : The final phase will last for five turns and what happens makes the regular reality look like a dream come true. Up can quickly become down in this backwards world that you see. His Zanpakutō can make the ground reverse and move lay lines if they are near them. It can make parts of earth go up and down as though moving blocks. The whole world goes into a burst of insanity that most people will never come across. This mode is one that is so dangerous that all others but teleport can happen here within the five turns. It's random and unknown. The Madness going on can be people walking up backwards rather then forwards. Up could be down, for example if you drop a rock it will fall towards the sky. Sadly this is the deal for both people under the twenty meter area that is made to use this one. Damien often sighs and complains that coming this far was always annoying, because his sword seemed to want everyone dead, including it's wielder by this point. Which is a feature he wished the weapon didn't have alot of times when he was dealing with it. However insanity can be avoided by stepping outside of the barrier. Attacks will fall victim to this phase if they enter.

жZanpakutō Bankai Powers This mode is a very simple combustion of all the things that happened before happening in one singular space. It's been said that he should never use Bankai when other people are around, that he wants to keep safe. Because when those people are in the area, they will be sucked into the world his sword creates within it's Bankai. To say he has control over this world would be the greatest lie ever told. He's as much at risk in here as the other person within the Bankai. It doesn't care about effects, either nothing will stop it from effecting you if you are pulled in. Once inside the world is a far more dangerous place then you realize, it seems the same as outside with one big difference. The ground is now up in the air, for the moment one would find themselves upside down. Things have been inverted, attacks are the same as well. Now this is simply reality being rewritten in this area. Not being one liking his bankai he will avoid using it all cost if he can. The other effect that comes into play is swords that will shoot from the ground at you, which will return to normal before that happens. Imagine being trapped in an hourglass and turned around, that is a good way to describe the feeling that would come. As the person is turned the swords which will keep shooting randomly through the environment will continue to damage it and stab things. Before imploding into small particles of energy and reforming to perform the task again.

The shikai effects all come into play and devour the world around them as they all continue to happen rather frequently, this world is an utter and big pain to those brought into it. Said to bring kings to their knee's before the wrath that is kept chained up by Damien. This power is unlikely to be used by him any condition. This Bankai cannot be broken by any means other then defeating the wielder, otherwise this move will resist all forms of bankai destruction and remain active. If anything it will take exception to it and direct fury at the one attempting such a foolish thing. Damien can only smile as he's free to fly around. The gravity phase will not inflict the heaviness it once did, now it's simply flying around for the user. Which is something the wielder does enjoy very much. everything else is easy to figure out when in this world, miles of open fighting area. Once sucked in you sadly are stuck, the only choice is to fight and win. The best advice that can be given is to avoid this at all costs. Making him use his bankai is something not many had ever done, only three people total have ever done this before. He lost his arm to one and gained the scar on his eye from the other, this bankai is dangerous and is something that he will try to finish things before getting this far. Some people believe his shikai is equal to many bankais that one could come across. Finally to those who push him to this point, the only thing that can be said is good luck. Range on the Bankai and getting sucked into is 20 meters, this is why the move is often not used.

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Damien Crow Update (Massive WIP.)
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