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Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:11 am
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Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ulv Auber
» Titles: Echidna Project
» Appearance Age: 29
» True Age: [Biologically] 10 months. [Sentiently] 1 month
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: N//A [currently]

» Appearance Description: Ulv has an brilliant six foot body, a short crop of red hair that defies all attempts to keep it orderly and is perpetually a ragged mess, and toned muscles through her body. Thick thighs, well-shaped abs and decent arm muscles make her very attractive, for the man who likes his girls with a bit of meat on her. And she also has ample sized breasts, so there is plenty for everyone when it comes to eye-candy.

Recently she discovered the strange eyes were from a lack of power the body was designed to feed off. Now it has power, her eyes return to a lovely, normal auburn colour. Her skin is tanned softly, and her body is smooth and perfect, unblemished by the merest flaw. As if she was crafted, rather than born. And that, is not far from the truth.

A massive, intricately made tattoo spreads itself across her entire back, a beautiful dragon with a golden coin in it's mouth. Once, it sparkled with power, but now it is all too normal, as a herald of what has been lost.

» Appearance Picture:
Ulv Auber [APPROVED, 0-3; Vizard] [Hazard Rating A] 3b3c2881916369947582b43071a8da4c--iron-anime-girls

I. Personality

» Personality: New and confused, Ulv gets flashes of what life used to be like before. Before what, exactly, is a point of contestation for her, but she was sure there was something before. It was filled with love, and violence, and a cafe....

There is also an infatuation with Wolves, hence her name. She doesn't know why, if it is due to the fact that she had a wolf as a pet, or she just likes the animal, or she enjoyed killing them, because her life is pretty violent. Whatever it is, Wolves are fluffy, fun, and good for cuddles. So sayth Ulv.

Another thing in her head, is a haughty, bitchy voice that says things on occasion. She can never make out what is said, but she can tell that the voice is incredibly unhappy. Ulv wished she'd just speak properly so that it could be understood, but noooo.

She has a very bubbly, happy persona that makes her rather active and so more reserved people can have trouble dealing with her at times. But she is already ready to help people out, regardless of what they have done in the past. There is only one exception, however. And that is for people who view progress and advancement above their morality and principles. People that are willing to sell themselves out to get a better place in life have no chance of getting anywhere with Ulv, since she distrusts them and does not believe that they could ever make even slightly dependable friends.

More ghostly flashes of what came before have begun to come in. Nothing coherent, and nothing that she really understands. Just things that she knows, on an instinctive level. She can sing to The Wind, and knows that Hayden of Vastime is a great man. But anything else is just out of reach.

However, while she does have a fair grasp on herself, she is still young in heart and mind. A definite childish nature to her, born from inexperience that can blossom and ruin things for people expecting a much more mature side to a grown woman. She can sometimes be easily affected by emotions and be overwhelmed by the displeasure or anger of a person she wants to like.

When all is said and done, she has a very reactive persona. She does things that feel right and relies heavily on her instictual understanding to know what right is. This can lead her to doing some strange things that aren't exactly right, but she always means well and will help to repair anything that is damanged by a less-than-thoughtout act.

With the Revival Arc, she did not change as much as she feared, keeping her personality for the most part and instead deciding on an ultra-ambitious goal, considering how her revival flopped in terms of scale. She wants to save the World from the darkness of emotion. Having regained all her memories and feelings, she is a very angry woman with deeply disturbing thoughts and terrifying feelings. But unlike Mirja, she does not let them control her. Instead, she takes them and uses them as motivation, a fuel for her, to try and save as many people as she can from how she feels, as nobody deserves to feel anything near what she is forced to endure. She has friends to help her along with these emotions, but some people have nothing. And so Ulv is prepare to be that something, as well as she can do.

Learning a lot about herself as time goes on, Ulv has a burning passion to show everyone in the world they are not alone. Fortunately, this overwhelming need is easily solved, but still a need. She protects her friends with great and terrible fury, but does not step into a world stage unless their very life is at risk.

Another huge part of Ulv, is her through detesting of being lied to. Having born Empathic powers, she is able to ascertain this most accurately, and her reactions can be unpredictable when she hears such lies. The scale depends on the scale of the lie, but such a passionate creature would never react calmly.

» Likes: Wolves, baking, Rakki.

» Dislikes: Bad food, Not knowing the past, really sad Ravens. [Normal ravens are fine]

I. History

» History: (for full history, see here)

Echidna Project was the Magnum Opus of the biological Artisan of Death, Dr. Caanan. It was a crapshoot, because if he lost control of his beloved in this form, then there was nothing he had that could stop her. She could take apart his Atlas Projects with....not exactly ease, but not exactly difficulty either. Still, he was confident that when Mirja died and was caught in his Soul Catcher, he could control her mental influxes and turn her into a good, obedient partner.

Truly, Echidna was a work of months. He had his best scientists from each lab across the globe working in shifts. They depleted oceans of coffee as they worked, pushing the boundary of human understanding under the indefatigable Caanan, who grew more and more unhinged as he went longer without sleep, only getting rest when someone stuck him with a sedative. And having a thunderous mood when he woke up from such.

Unfortunately, he died, and that put a hamper on his plans, leaving Echidna Project, the perfect test-tube baby of spiritual/organic mix, to float inert in a now defunct lab. Lying dormant and without use until the death of Mirja Eeola, who sacrificed her life to save a friend. The rusted gears ground into life, piped long unused were filled with fluid, and then came the soul of Siegfried, into the body of the Echidna Project. Long unmantained, it slowly fell apart, under the strain of sudden use, but not before the Echidna Project opened it's eyes and stepped into the realm of history.

The Death of the Wolf was not the end, but the start of a new chapter. While Ulv was not yet privy to the full power, and full memories of The Wolf, having inherited a structurally unsound soul, there was still time enough to learn, and to fix it while it was within a new, and powerful casing.

First, Ulv would need to get out of the ruins that were now the lab, as the machine that had spawned her was making strange clanking noises and whistling rather loudly. It sounded pretty ominous, and while Ulv didn't know a lot of things, she knew that it was probably going to enthusiastically expand across the room, and throw it's bits everywhere in just a few moments...

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:


Echidna Project [Perfected]: Echidna is physical perfection, as sculpted by the greatest geneticists of the world. It stands tall, it's muscles are well honed, and it's skin is a beautiful soft tan. This dense dermal layer manages to refute penetration by all spectrums of vision, appearing as just a solid mass regardless of how a person tries to see through it. But that was an unforseen side-effect. The actuality of the project is more magnificent than one could believe.

Retaining and dramatically enhancing the abilities of the dormant Echidna Project that has been around until now - The strength of muscles and ability to feed it's body with spiritual energy and enhance itself in relation to the energy output, rather than passively have it - it also possesses a very strong barrier, made by reactive enzymes in the skin, which harden to varying degrees in response to impact. The harder the impact, the stronger the skin becomes. There is a limit, but it goes a good way to providing support and protection.

Finally fed with the spiritual energy it was designed to run off, Echidna Project's might finally shines in the world, but the body does not come with a manual. So while it gives the passive abilities in droves, it does not tell Ulv how to use the more active of it's abilities, nor lend a hand to her being able to control what she has already. That comes later, if at all. One thing that is noticed, is that the more Ulv feeds it Spiritual energy, the deeper the tan goes, until she is literally shining gold, and purple-haired. Ulv hates this gaudy look, and so monitors how much power is fed to her body to keep it at it's soft tan.

Fortunately with her recent enhancements in power, this gaudy golden form is by the wayside. Instead, she hits the U-turn and changes radically against. When she allows her reiatsu to feed the body to 100% rather than the 55% that she normally keeps it at to retain her iconic look, the body condenses, shrinking to that of a slender maiden. Her hair turned blonde and grows several times in length, and her skin takes on a pale look, more relatable to Mirja of old than Ulv of new.

An unrelated change to her body is her dress. Once her power is released in her body, a black dress condenses across her form. The reason being the Resolve Flame meshing with her Tulpa powers to make a strange physical manifestation of her power. So dense was the dress that it was a perfect black, refuting all manner of light. Synesthesia, or other alternate perceptions would be able to sense it's "actual" colour, as a bright and vibrant amber.

Wolf Reborn: With the explosion, came thought, came memory, came instinct. Ulv was designed to fight, and had a considerable degree of combat prowess inbuilt. But it was a pale imitation, a mewling child pawing at her parent's leg in comparison to the inheritance that she was gifted from Mirja. This filled her with no physical strength, but intensely intimate understanding of the best way to fight, and the best way to use one's body to the maximal effect. Like having the world's most extensive encyclopedia in her head, or an incredibly potent teacher with infinite patience for failure. She does not understand it all right off the bat, but she does have it there to go through at her leisure and learn from. One thing she does understand almost right away, is the memory of moving. Almost as if it was built into her bones, these memories grant her impeccable Kinetic Sense, eliminating the need to think about moving. Her body's movements are thoughts akin to the natural nature of breathing, or blinking.

Sensory Enhancement: Ulv's sight and smell are of a much higher level than an average person, more on par with a keely perceptive wolf than any person. She can smell things from far away, or things in small and unseeming doses. And her eyes have faster optical recognition than normal, as well as perfect long-distance and short distance abilities and the ability to see in anything short of perfect darkness. Both her nose and her eyes have built-in filters to avoid her getting overwhelmed by tremendously bad smells, or bright lights.

The Wind:

Earth Grasping Step: Ulv's Slip-Stream, created at the behest of The Wind when she crippled herself getting Niflhiem to the City of Lights. It is her refined, perfected movement ability, that allows her to take off and travel at incredible speeds, propelled by The Wind to heights never before seen by Ulv, and allowing her to go where she pleases with a prompt nature. It refines the flaws of The Wind Road, and allows her to carry anyone with her, and not have a limited use as before.

Storm Regalia: The Right to Rule The Wind - The soul of all air in the world, it is a collective soul, and does not work the same as normal souls, but still has some degree of sentience. This Regalia takes the appearance of a soft blue dress. The materials are naught but The Wind, cloaking the one who rules their Road and granting a considerable boost to all Wind Road techniques - including Slip Stream, which is the initial step on the Wind Road - and enhancing the speed, power, and Regal Might of all the techniques. It was gifted after Ulv's revival to show the Wind's devotion to her. Such is their devotion, that Ulv can even garner the attention of El Ragna, the Emperor of The Wind. But that is a story, for another time.

This attention can come at a slight cost. The intense jealousy of The Wind prevents her from releasing her Zanpaktou, or donning her Hollow mask, and if she does either, The Regalia ruptures dramatically and can not be donned again for the entire thread.

The Storm Regalia grants access to many techniques of the Wind Road, but like most things, has no instruction booklet, so Ulv must figure these out herself.

The Wind's Kiss: Ulv is intermingled with The Wind down to a spiritual level, as it whispered in her ear, and flit about her body while she was growing, and was presence when she finally released the maelstrom. Wherever she is, her hair is gently played with as if in a light breeze, and her feet give off a soft flow of air about them. Having The Wind assimiliated allows Ulv to briefly spin up a gale inside her, reducing her effective weight to nothing, as well as accessing her techniques based around The Wind even in places without any air at all.

El Ragna, Emperor of The Wind: Born at the first breath of wind ever to grace The Earth, the concept of El Ragna has grown and evolved since then until The Wind finally grew enough potency and force to make a semi-physical, entirely sentient Emperor of All Under the Sky. While wearing the Storm Regalia, Ulv can sing to The Wind, and such attracts the Emperor's attention. Appearing some hundred foot off the ground, and twice again that in size, El Ragna is truly a magnificent being to look upon.

With his arrival comes his Royal Cohorts. Their presence turns The Wind into a much denser, more powerful version of it's original state, turning The Storm Road into the epitome of The Wind, The Hurricane Road. The power of Ulv's techniques is sharply improved, but the needs of an Emperor are many, and so El Ragna can only stay for three posts before dispursing to see to the rest of his Kingdom. He can not be called again in the same thread, or any thread immidiately concecutive to the thread.

The Palms of Wind: Between your palm, and The Wind, is a barrier. To visualize this barrier, and the place your palm against it, you can suddenly exert pressure, and rupture it momentarily, creating a gale in the direction of the ruptured barrier. The User's strength determined how strong the wind is, but even Beginner Strength practitioners can knock an average person over with this technique. Elite Strength practitioners can blast a target hard enough to create a Void Zone around the target for a few seconds, depriving them of oxygen until the displaced wind returns, and Grandmaster practitioners are mythical in the scale of wind they cause.

Lance of Queens - The Wind Cuts Through Heaven and Earth: Known also as Kaizer Fist, but what fun is there without a long and auspicious title? Lance of the Queens can only be used when El Ragna is around, as it creates a cyclone around Ulv's fist, and sucks in The Emperor, mingling him with The Storm Regalia and combinding the two. Then, the fist is thrown forwards, and the destruction that is left in the wake of the Lance of the Queens is both terrifying, and magnificent to behold.

However, the downsides are that it consumes both the avatar of El Ragna, eliminating the benefits Ulv gains from him, and drains her Storm Regalia, reducing it to nothing. And, the copious use of The Wind burns out everything in the surrounding area, making it impossible to use any other technique based off The Wind for the rest of the thread.

Unfettered Wind: Working pretty much like a Senkaimon or other dimensional traveling ability, Ulv can connect two points in space by The Wind and travel between them by running, allowing her to get anywhere that a person requires her blazing touch to ease their mind. Anywhere that is shielded against dimensional travel or has a special power (Like the 666th layer of Hell) against Dimensional Travel is still unaccessable.

Ignis Ragna - The Flame Wind: A destructive sub-type of The Wind Road, Iko, created this out of need to escape a situation that was not easy to escape. But they got rescued from it before needing to use it. Rather than waste good ideas, Ulv used it anyway, to biscet a Chimera Project. And it was good. By gathering and enriching The Wind around her leg, she light it up with her Resolve Flame, her heart burning with passion and the Resolve Flame responding in kind. Donning the Storm Regalia can enhance it's raging potency, searing to a point where regeneration is muted and dull for 2 posts. While it can be enacted, it is very difficult on both the mind and the body.

Calling El Ragna, can cause the fire to burn with an intensity befitting The Emperor. It is so hot, and the Resolve Flame burns with such determination, that it can cause beings without the physiological ability to feel pain, to feel an abundance of pain. And obviously the people with the ability to feel pain, also feel a lot.

Ignis Ragna First Technique - Combustion Inferno: By grasping The Wind and enriching the surrounding air, Ulv can ignite it with The Resolve Flame. This spawns a cresent of flame that launches itself towards the enemy, burning them intensely, and cutting with the sheer depth of heat. It is a good technique for when things need slicing, or when a regenerator is being annoying as hell.


Touki: Literally meaning 'Fighting Spirit', Touki is the solidification of a person's desire to engage in combat. Victory, defeat, even reason are secondary to one's Touki, and while some might have a stronger heart when fighting for something, others have just as strong passion simply for the thrill of the moment. As it is the manifestation of offensive Passion, it requires a minimum of Willpower Advanced to fuel the burning fire that is present.

As a manifestation of one's desire to stove another guy's head in, it is a very offensive-based power, and even if one has the Willpower required to manifest it, there will be nothing to manifest if the person in question is a peaceful type or one that sees violence as a last resort. Once manifested, coats the body in a pale aura, and enhances the strength of the person, the scale of which is determined by Willpower, but without proper guidance in the form of techniques, even a GM Willpower will only see a modest boost.

Much like one's own passion, Touki is not infinite and can run dry with extended use. The time you can use it depends on the level of Willpower you have.

Advanced: 4 posts
Elite: 6 posts
Master: 8 posts
Grandmaster: 10 posts

Miss Wolf Knuckle's Wolf Knuckles!: Maybe a little overzealous on the name, but Ulv mastered this Touki power after accidentally using it on Henrex during a sparring match. Fortunately she was wearing her Devil Bonds, cranked up to avoid doing more damage than she wished, and Henrex was only subject to five percent of the force.

Wolf Knuckles channels her burning passion into her fists, enhancing them tremendously, allowing her to replace Strength with Willpower when determining how much damage she is capable of doing with her fists. This, however, does not determine her overall strength, and is only an assistant to striking force, meaning that physically stronger beings make still match and overpower her.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities: Ulv has the normal Shinigami things.

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Beowulf

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: (Beowulf is, first and foremost, incredibly big. Nearly thirty foot when he roams on his knuckles like a massive gorilla, Beowulf’s size is something that is evident even before anything else. However, getting past this size, he is quite an interesting being. One eye is missing, with an old scar claiming responsibility for why the eye is no longer working. Instead, it gleams with a deep red light, and adds to Beowulf’s intimidating appearance. His skin is a deep gray, but with veins of white-gold light running up from, starting from the fists and feet, and carrying on through his entire body.

He has large, vicious looking teeth which are predominant as his lips do not seem to cover them, or he has no lips at all. He is covered in surprisingly soft fur that blends in perfectly with his skin and makes it nearly impossible to tell that he is fur-coated without touching it. All in all, the spirit is a creature that can fuel nightmares for many years if one merely sees him without talking to him. Beowulf also has two pairs of wings, small in proportion to the rest of his body, and generally kept tucked behind him, but when they are splayed, the look as if they are constructs of pure light and beauty.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: With vocal cords thicker than a man, and lungs large than three, Beowulf has a very powerful voice, and a voice that has a deep, rumbling nature to it. A voice that perfectly fits such a powerful frame, it can easily be taken for an aggressive nature if it wasn’t for the polite, measured tone with which Beowulf conducts his speech with. The voice of a gentleman in the body of a monster makes for an interesting conversation, if you can get past the body of a monster part, and that even his whispers are louder than many a man’s shout.

» Inner World: Beowulf’s Inner World is a world of greatness, of magnificent views and breath-taking scenery. A dozen islands covered in flora and fauna hover in his world, interlaced by shining golden bridges that ensure the whole floating archipelago is connected to each other, and with a Taijitu in the sky far above, acting as a sun. The bridges are smooth and solid, not shaking or ratting even as the floating islands change in height and position constantly. But using the bridges is the boring way of doing things.

Inside the Inner World, one can sprout wings of pure light, and fly to any other island, or simply take to the sky and admire the world as a whole. Four of the twelve Islands are slightly different to the red. One has a deep crimson colour, everything from the trees, to the grass and the animals, even the water resembles blood. A beautiful woman oversees this island, a little abashed, but from events prior rather than an innate shyness.

The second island holds a vastly different biosphere to the rest. While the rest are warm and of differing grassland builds, the second Island is a tundra, making the second island one that Ulv is most comfortable on. Here there are no trees, just the build up of snow and a vast number of wolves roaming and hunting the ever repopulating prey. The obe who rules this Island is a monster. A thirteen foot wolf that prowls around, always keeping an eye on the balance of the Island, and ready to deliver sharp, but neccecery paw smacks on any Wolf that tries to steal from it's kin, or gets to vigorous in a scrap. It is a being of fury and anger, but one that uses that emotion to protect.

The third, is the Island Of Night. This Island has a perpetual moon hanging above it, and is always dark. The moonlight reflects off pools in the dense forest, but there are no fauna here. Just tall trees that stretch up and compete for the moonlight, that still manages to get through and light up the ground, as bright as any sun could hope to be. Here, a woman with an elegant dress tends to the forest. Long white hair, pale skin and soft features. The only thing that shocks a person is the deep sulpher eyes and black scleara that she possesses.

The fourth, and final unique island, is one of joy. An amber coloured fog covers the entire island, which obscures it's features, but also seems to enhance the island itself. The overseer is incredibly vibrant and bubbly, always ready to tackle new people with hugs and drag them back to the snuggle cave, where her fluffy tail and furry ears are put on show for everyone to see.

Finally, while not on any specific Island, casting one's eyes to the sky could see the mighty form of Beowulf, flying across the islands on four wings of light, keeping a lookout to ensure that all is well in his kingdom. Occasionally he may land and converse with the keepers of the four unique islands, or to ensure that the balance of the remaining nine is kept (and secretly gets headrubs from the keeper of the Amber Island).

A more boring method of travel, if one is into that, is to use the shining golden bridges that connect each twelve of the islands. As Ulv is the only one who can sprout the wings of light, this is the main way that the overseers meet up with each other, to exchange talk, food, and fluffy snuggles from the perpetually elated wolf-girl.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Beowulf doesn't appear as anything. Through a long series of Shenanigans, Beowulf can be released without the medium of a Zanpaktou, removing the need to carry one around.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers: Endless Fury of Beowulf: Even sealed, Beowulf's fury seeped into Ulv, and feeds her power. Every post Ulv is in a fight with someone, her strength builds, and her speed increases as a byproduct of having more power to kick off with. These Fury Stacks max out at six, and are intricately tied into the workings of her Bankai. The increase is roughly quarter her strength with every stack, allowing for an immense physicality at 6 stacks.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Obliterate the Ideal of Fear

» Shikai Appearance: Beowulf takes on a pair of armored guantlets and boots in the base Shikai. They are a white-gold colour, with soft veins of light that glitter across them, as well as a pair of clear flash-resistant contacts to protect her from high intensity light.

In Wings Of Beowulf form, Beowulf is a slender pair of shoes, almost dress slippers, the standard white-gold colour but with a softer look to them than her original shikai form and small gauges on the side.

» Shikai Abilities: In her base release, Beowulf grants Ulv a portion of his strength, allowing her to exceed her upper limits by a considerable margin, and also grants her the ability of the Light-Eater. This allows her to consume all light photons in the surrounding area, or in a person's attack if they strike using lasers or the like, and put it to work on her side. The main - and generally only power aside from eating opponents lasers - of this is the Siegfried's Dragonfire, in which the photons are compressed to the gauntlets, and then fired out in hi-intensity beams, capable of burning through practically any material, even flame-retardant materials with several seconds of contact. An advanced variant of this is 'Endless Lungs' in which Ulv channels light-consuming powers with one gauntlet, and lets loose a beam of unending heat out of the other gauntlet. The photons are compressed into powerful laser beams that hit with a punch due to gaining mass in the compression, but move many many times slower than light due to this mass.

However, she sees a very different release in the Wings of Beowulf form. This form grants no bonuses other than an incredible increase in her speed, exceeding the upper limits of her movement and reaction speed by a formidable margin. When moving, the two gauges on the side fill up and after some time [1-3 posts depending on the intensity of the movement] they max out and allow Ulv to release the Wings of Beowulf. Incorporeal but bright and easy to see, the wings stretch out from the back of her shoes, and grant a further boon to her movement and reaction speed, allowing her to move and react at speeds phenomenally higher than her upper limits.

The Wings of Beowulf last for 3 posts and then retract back into the shoes, to charge again. This cycle can roll as long as Ulv has her Shikai active, but the charge is not saved if she seals her Zanpaktou with only a portion of the power prepared, having to charge again from scratch if she re-releases it later.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name:Mugen Ikari no Beowulf [Endless Fury of Beowulf]

» Bankai Release Phrase: Bankai.

» Bankai Release Actions:

» Bankai Appearance: With six different stages and many different forms, Beowulf's appearance changes based on the form, and is detailed in the abilities.

» Bankai Abilities: Mugen Ikari no Beowulf has six different stages, each stage bringing forth the truth of Beowulf, Force, Fury, and Pure, Unrelenting Strength. Each form has it's own tricks, but the one thing that is persistent through them is the incredible, and increasingly astronomical, increase to Ulv's physical strength. Most Stage has one form, but Ursa Major has multiple forms. They go in order from Cub, Bersark, Mor, Ursa and then finally Ursa Major. Each form requires their ranking in fury stacks to unleash so Ulv does not have access to all her power at the start of the fight. The forms have no time limit, but if she stops fighting for two turns for whatever reason, her fury abates and must be rebuild from scratch to return to the forms.

Cub - Young Bear's Desire: The first form of Ulv's Bankai, it requires one Fury Stack, and gives what is paid for it. Not the most magnificent of forms, but it's strength is sufficient for when she just needs to kick someone in the face harder than usual, but not bring to bare any big guns. A sort of form to irritate Byakuya with it's lack of luster, since it doesn't physically manifest anything.

Bersark - the Fury Of Bears: A strange, oddity to her Bankai. Despite being the second form of five, it is the second most physically powerful form in her arsenal. Only Ursa Major - Bear of the Stars grants more in the way of physicality, [and Mor - Claws of the Mother if she is protecting someone sufficiently important, but it is not persistent to the form, so doesn't count]. This form - an interesting controversy, since Bersark is not confidently translated, and may mean bear the animal, or bare as in naked - garbs Ulv in the fur of bears. Her body grows hairy, her teeth elongate, and her muscles swell. This form, on top of incredible physical strength, enhances her Fury Stacks, making them even more potent than before.

This comes with a cost, however. Since the madness of Bersark saturates her body and mind, stripping most consciousness from it. She can recognize uniforms, and people very close to her heart, but others will get swiped at, regardless of who they are. This means that it is not a very good technique to use in company, best to be popped when immense force is needed, and Ulv is in a rather secluded area with her foe.

She can don Hvit's mask to help keep her mentality in line, allowing her much greater control over the rage bubbling inside her. But this usage grants no benefits usually inherit to Vizard masks, only the coherency of thought.

Mor - Claws of the Mother: This form is the closest form to Ulv's heart. It is evocative of the very concept of Beowulf, and herself. Her fists, his claws, are tools to protect that which she cares about the most. The form, at base, produces two different choices. Either it can give her claws - shining paws with long blades on the end, fit to slice through most things that come into contact with it - or just paws with power to make even the most powerful Punchinators look like a children's play toy, depending on what she requires.

However, this form truly comes into it's own when she is by the side, or in front of someone she wants to protect. Strangers and innocents give a small but noticable increase to her strength and speed, and this increases the more she cares about the person she protects. People of great respect in her heart, like Hayden or Ibiki - despite the fact that they realllllly don't need her protection in the slightest - grant a formidable increase in her strength and speed. And to stand with Niflhiem on the battlefield, and wield this form, makes it the strongest form she has in her arsenal, outstripping even Bear of the Stars by a fair margin. Hilariously, it increases her strength to such a margin she has to be careful not to catch Niflhiem in the fallout.

Ursa - The New Drive: Imported and refurbished from the old Bankai that Mirja had long ago, The New Drive is the suped up version of Ursa Drive. Most of it's features are brought in directly, but removes the God Of Fire function of the old drive and replaces it with the Fury that powers her Bankai Forms. Not relying on ultra-potent adrenals, this form can be used with more freedom, not blowing through her endurance as quickly as it used to.

Being fueled off her Fury Stacks, the armour becomes greater in the field of strength-enhancing and durability as her Fury Stacks build, to the maximum stacks capable, giving it power a hair under Bersark's physical enhancements, and grants her a very solid suit of armour to protect her while she is fighting. Twelve orbs are built into the two arms of New Drive, six on each arm. They light up as Ulv gains more Fury Stacks, allowing a visual reference to the power currently being ridden by the woman.

It's also got a swanky new red colour as well, so that's a plus.

Ursa Drive:

Ursa Major - Glorious Wings Of Beowulf: At the apex of Her bankai forms, is another import and dramatically enhanced from her old days. Glorious Wings Of Beowulf imports Shining Ursa Empress. The dress stays, since Ulv and Beowulf still have the same, impeccable fashion sense as before. The armour-dress is stronger than before, and the ball-gloves can absorb light with greater efficiency, releasing it in a thin beam with the intensity of a sun. Due to the heat and penetration power, it has a limited range of four hundred yards, so she doesn't cause wide-spread catastrophe across wherever she is fighting.

Another thing that is imported from the old form, is that the wings splaying from her back overshadows her glowing dress, and this time they are not skeletal, but filled with feathers made of pure light. There are no gems, and no doubling of power, because the Fury Stacks deal with making sure her body is ready to take the powers given by Beowulf, and that function is now moot.

Much like the Shikai form, Wings of Beowulf, it dumps a great majority of it's power into speed, but there is to much power in Ursa Major for it to put all it's power into speed, and keep Ulv alive at the same time. So it brings her to the limit of safe use, and then drops the rest into the other tricks, like the defensive dress and light-shooting gloves.

Shining Ursa Empress:

Ursa Major - Bear of the Stars: Fury, made manifest. The Stellar Consultation of Ursa Major, condensed into a Bankai form for Ulv to use. It takes the look of a black, segmented plate armour, with a bear's snarling visage as the head. It is the most powerful form of Ulv's bankai - excluding a single instance that would power Mors above it - the second fastest behind Glorious Wings of Beowulf, and it's durability is such that there are very few things it can not reflect. It's astronomical power is not something to be released lightly, as collateral damage is unavoidable and will be considerable. It is too strong to be controlled, only ever released.

Another reason not to release this form lightly, is the feedback. Unlike other forms, it has a limit of four posts, and then can not be re-released afterwards in the rest of the thread. Also, the mental strain of this form reduces the Fury Stacks she can bear by one, limiting her to Five stacks for the rest of the thread.

Ursa Major - Grendel Smasher: Beowulf defeated the great beast Grendel with his bare hands, wrestling him to the ground and tearing off an arm after weapons failed him. So to, when Ulv needs to tear the arm of a monster that resists all other efforts, she turns to the Grendel Smasher. The armour is thin by comparison to others, and no more durable than the Reiatsu used to form it. Neither is her speed increased beyond it's normal form, but instead all the energy sent to two massive arms, where the might of the 6 fury stacks sit.

The increase in strength is so immense, that every being in the country will be able to hear the blows of this form landing on it's target. No being may stand in a belief that they are safe from the blows, as they will fall. The Grendel Smasher form epitomises violence, it is the apotheosis of raw power. The Ultimate Spear to puncture any shield.

Ursa Major - Cladding Of A Thousand Bears: An extreme endurance form, Beowulf creates the thickest plates and heaviest supports that can possibly be managed with his energy and the power of six fury stacks. While Ursa Propano skirts the gap between wearing armour and driving a suit, Cladding Of A Thousand Bears falls cleanly within the second category, far to big and far to heavy to be moved by Ulv's body alone.

Such weight, and such disconnect between Ulv's actions and the armour's reactions, causes Ulv to be slowed by this suit. An additional mallus is that the suit does not enhance her speed at all, nor is her strength improved by any margin other than the sheer weight of the suit and the power of 6 fury stacks. Everything has gone into making the suit as durable and lasting as possible. Such durability has caused it to become a 4-dimensional lattice, rendering it immensely resilient towards attempts to attack it's existence, or the reality of the armour.

Ursa Propono - Blazing Amber Ramiant: The result of a combination of her Resolve Flame and Beowulf's Zanpaktou powers, Blazing Amber Ramiant taps the deepest wells of Ulv's power, catalysing and stabalizing with the Resolve Flame to allow a much greater power than Glorious Wings Of Beowulf. Bear of the Stars still posseses greater physical strength, but with her Resolve Flame taking some of the strain fortifying Ulv's body, she can reach speeds that were, before too dangerous for Glorious Wings Of Beowulf to allow her to attain.

The wings are a combonation of light, and metalic wing frames holding these light wings in. The armour is thick, the arms are broad and the wings have a mighty span that allow her to hit speeds even Mirja could only dream of. The power, speed, and durability of the armour make this form a truly formidable weapon for Ulv to possess. And even more frightening, is the fact that it does not need any Fury Stacks to use, being activated immediately.

The downside to this immediate activation, is that it acts more like a Tulpa, obeying the same limit rules and as such, any Tulpa spawned on top of this increases the speed at which she runs out of power [using both at once uses two posts worth of the energy to sustain the form and the Tulpa, so she can use it for less time.]

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Hvit

» Inner Hollow Description: A pale mirror of Mirja, Hvit is nearly identical to Mirja, sans wolf. Her snow-pale skin and pure white hair mismatch the sulphur-yellow eyes, but strange eyes are par of the course in Mirja World. As if rebelling against her physical colour code and Mirja’s fashion, she wears flowing dresses that are bright and vibrant, generally in light reds and blues, but occasionally she will don a dress of pitch blackness.

» Inner Hollow Personality: Hvit has a multi-faceted personality which is not entirely evident at first contact. She is very proud and confident not only of herself, but also of her appearance, and believes that people will give way under it. She has grown somewhat mature, helping Ulv become who she was meant to be, and so isn't quite as much of a snooty bitch anymore, but she is still a very proud being. If only pride tempered by experience. She still puts on a face of undaunted superiority and will flaunt it for anyone who tries to step up to her, confident in both herself and in her friend, Ulv.

» Inner Hollow Powers:

Hands of a Hollow: Instrumental in the revival, and unwavering in determination, Hvit was irreplaceable, and has not come away from this with nothing - even if we ignore the return of Hvit's friend - in this endevour. After the explosion, the lingering essence of Hvit from when Niflhiem demanded she release it all, was spread out and saturated into the Inner World. Such an action created an incredibly intimate bond between Hollow and Shinigami. There is almost no separation line, which allows for interesting tricks to play out that are unavailable to most Vizards, and enhance the power of Hvit's Mask a great deal - roughly twice again the strength of a normal mask. It still doesn't provide the iconic Mask Protection however, which is a headscratcher.

Starting from Cero: Now Ulv has a proper flow of Reiatsu rather than the internally focused version of Mirja, she can start using Hvit's Ceros. But this will require some work since because Mirja was never able to use them, she has nothing to go off.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

After perfecting the link between Hvit and Ulv, there was so much power that it condensed into a Hollow Mask once again. Three abilities give her three different forms to the mask, simple but different.

Ulv Auber [APPROVED, 0-3; Vizard] [Hazard Rating A] RhettHollowMask

In her base form, the mask is clearly lupine, sitting across the top of her head and leaving her mouth and jaw clear. Soft amber markings across the mask make it clear that Hvit is one with Ulv's Resolve Flame.

While using Double Down, these markings turn a sulphur yellow, glowing bright and throbbing with power. This is the turning point, where Hvit is more prominent than Ulv in the mask.

the use of Noble White Fangs causes the same as Double Down, and also to grow solid energy-based ears behind the mask, which look wholly realistic and even twitch and turn to sound the same as real ears would.

Noble White Fangs:


» Vizard Powers:

Double-Down: Double-Down: A simple technique. Ulv folds the hollow power coming from her mask on itself, doubling it's power at the cost of halving it's post limit.

Noble White Fangs: After this new Evolucion, there was born a new power in Hvit. Not quite the Ressurection that most Evolucion Hollows can made, but a mini-form of the same vein, a sort of, "Super Hollow Mask" to straddle the gap between mask and Ressurecion.

These boots are immensely concentrated hollow energy, and act as their name suggests, being an incredible augment to Ulv's power. So compressed is the hollow reiatsu that it is barely contained, and explosively releases with every impact, a trick Ulv calls her "Impact Cero". The boots meld and flux with her Shikai and Bankai forms, giving any form the boots of her base, but alloying with a release state contains the energy sufficiently to negate the Impact Cero abilities. Ulv can also kick normal Cero and Bala out of these boots, at enhanced potency from normal.

Of course, this is still a Hollow Mask, and the burn of power is considerable. Ulv can keep this Super Form on for 10 posts - 12 at 0-3+ - with each post counting three towards the standard mask limit, in case she wishes to chop and change.

White Mask Buddha: A Vizard power that seems to have made itself rather than anything Ulv has done, White Mask Buddha has changed her vizard powers on several fronts. Replacing her standard mask with one half again the power of it, this is merely the side-effect of the strange and unexpected metamorphosis of her mask and nature as a Vizard in general.

The main power, is that Ulv’s eyes have changed, losing their auburn colour and becoming permanently bright gold. With these eyes, she is able to look into a being’s soul and know if they are a Vizard instantly, however hidden or repressed their Hollow might be. She can even see Hollows that are still being gestated, those yet to be born. With this sight, she can converse with the Inner Hollow within, and inviting the Shinigami spirit to join. If the conversation goes well, then Ulv may use her new powers as the Vizard Buddha, to sanctify an oath between Hollow and Shinigami. So that the two find ease in growth and support of each other. These Oaths can be simple terms that allow Shinigami and Hollow to better know what the other wants to improve the connection between the two, or a strictly binding contract enforced by objective reiatsu that will bring condemnation to the one who breaks any part of the agreed upon oath.

This, like most things, is not a perfect power. If the Hollow is not sane enough to converse, then Ulv can not reach their heart. Likewise if they are too consumed by their emotion to acknowledge Ulv’s presence, and additionally if the Shinigami does not wish to have such a conversation take place in the first place, wishing to have nothing to do with the evil demon within them. The Hollow’s lack of emotional development and capacity to converse can be solved by Ulv in time, but requires multiple sessions and the aid of the Shinigami. Refusal from either Hollow or Shinigami denies her any ability to do anything.

As with the Zanpaktou, knowing the name of their Hollow allows for greater strength between the two, as a Zanpaktou and it’s powers grows in strength once their name is known. This name is the Hollow’s “True Name”. The Name emblazoned on their very soul, rather than one given or taken in the moment. To know such a name is to ensure a permanent bond between the two for mutual betterment, but also to risk a reprisal of much greater potency were you to mess up.

Another problem is, that this is only a hand given in support, not the end of all by itself. Were a Vizard to neglect their Hollow, or training of their powers due to relying on it, then they would stagnate, atrophy, and possibly even suffer a Take-Over from the Hollow’s grudges surfacing, empowered by this new assistance granted to be a Take-Over stronger than they could have expected otherwise. A lot of effort is required on the part of the Vizard to make this work, or it will come back and bite them.

I. [/strike]Equipment/Other Resources

» Equipment:

Punchinator Ultra

After the loss of her Punchinator Prime (along with everything else, thanks Inami!) Ulv found herself at a loss for toys. But, at the same time not really needing any, until she developed the Bone Metamorphasis Technique. Strong enough to split her knuckles with a solid punch, Ulv went to study and eventually discovered the ability to use Soulforged gauntlets to the same effect. And so the newest iteration of her Punchinators were commissioned!

Gold-rank Engraving gauntlets - she didn't really need anything too fancy like Tordenhunder - crafted out of Aurichalcum to survive the mighty blows that will come from the woman. Being Soulforged, they can meld with her Zanpaktou and be swallowed into her Dantian until needed, but Ulv wears them openly most of the time due to their design as Punchinators giving them convenient storage as bracelets around her wrists.

Not wishing to tax the artisans - or her purse - of Zian-Zi, they are mark I Punchinators, simple but effective things almost entirely reliant on the skill of the wearer to be effective.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Master
  • Martial Skill: Grandmaster

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Grandmaster
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Untrained [nonexistent]
  • Hollow Control: Elite

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Advanced
  • Spiritual Pollution: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Elite
  • Regeneration: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Grandmaster
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced
  • Focus: Elite

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:


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Vizard Profile

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Martial Arts

Recoiless Roundhouse: Ulv's Martial understanding and spiritual power have grown in tandum, not just in strength but in understanding as well. One day, she felt there was something wrong with how she fought, and went to kick a tree. The tree suffered much abuse while Ulv pondered, but eventually in a sudden flash of enlightenment, Ulv made a kick far superior to any other kick she had made.

This blow, felt so perfect. The complete application of strength with no recoil, resulting in it's name, "Recoiless Roundhouse". At the current moment, Ulv understands it through her kinetic sense, and so while she can replicate the feat, she struggles to understand it properly, and can not apply it to anything other than a the kick.

Recoilless Motion - a very simple power. Recoilless Motion is simply the application of Recoilles Roundhouse properly understood, and thus capable of being used for more than a single kick. Ulv can spread this concept to her whole body and apply it to any attack she throws with her bare fists.

Dragon Tiger Gate:

Dragon Gate mimics the dragon. Glorious and mighty, the Dragon is the apex of might, and the true paragon of physical strength, using it's power and size to bring low all that stands before it. Every step and every strike is designed to emphasize and uterlize their strength to the fullest. The secondary stat, is Strength (feats equal to the Strength writeup in skill sheets thread)

Rank 5 = Master - Master Strength: The final step on the road of the Dragon, the user has a masterful grasp on their power and the application of it, able to wreck tremendous bodily harm to even the most durable beasts. On top of their immense strength and excellent usage of it, they can punch a person and in doing so impart such immense energy that they enact the "Dragon's Breath" phenomena and seriously scald the point of impact.

Tiger Gate:

Tiger Gate mimics the tiger. Though she may be a strong creature, the tiger uses her speed and her precise nature to win the day. The secondary stat is General Speed.

Rank 5 = Master Master General Speed: At the peak, the Tiger is the king of the jungle. The Swiftness of the Tiger is still talked about today. With his speed and focused precision, he may create what is known as, "The Lion's Roar" where he strikes an opponent with all the skill at his disposal and creates a loud acoustic phenomena within the target's body, shaking their innards with the force. In material terms, the Tiger can put his finger through a slab of concrete up to the wrist.

(Personal defences apply to the ultimate result)

Untrained: The target's impacted organ turned into a thousand tiny pieces, a fair task for the greatest regenerator to put back together in a speedy fashion. With no resistance at all, the energies rapidly disperse and damage the surrounding organs as well.

Beginner: The target's impacted organ is ripped like a hundred tiny blades had sliced it open as the shaking tears the flesh and muscles. With little resistance,the energy disperses and damages the the surrounding organs which are ruptured in a messy fashion. Immediate Regeneration or medical aid is required if they have any desire to see the next few minutes.

Adept: The energy hit the person's body and disperses through their internal system, rupturing the organs, in a messy fashion. While less absolutely traumatising than Untrained, the sudden loss of bodily function and internal bleeding is a frightening thing.

Advanced: Supernatural resilience has it's perks, as the energy disperses across the body is reduced, organs remain mostly intact, though the shaking does rip muscle and begin to bleed internally, making a mess.

Elite: Most of the energy disperses upon impact of an Elite Durability body, and the shaking causes discomfort and bodily unease, but lacks true damage like earlier ranks. The energy disperses instead over the external body, causing muscle fatigue from the shaking wearing on them.

Master: The majority of the energy disperses upon impact of a Master Durability body, and the shaking causes mild discomfort and mild fatigue as the person's body of shook about from the technique.

Grandmaster: A Grandmaster is little more than pissed off by the use of this technique on them.

Dragon Tiger Gate is the combination of the two forms. Swift, and powerful, it has the stats of both Strength and General Speed, as well as a tertiary requirement of Durability, to withstand the severe rigours of the style.

Rank 6 = Venerable Master - Master Strength, Master General Speed, Advanced Durability: The combination of two great styles comes slowly. One must ease into it as they ease into a warm bath at the end of a long day. This step upon the road of combination is one of length, and many who get to this rank stay at this rank for their life, the path being to far.

However, even at this point, the benefits are considerable. The application and placing of blows that is iconic to the Tiger mesh with the power utilisation and sheer oppressive force of the Dragon, allowing them to drive all the force of the Dragon across the small boxes of the Tiger, and the use of Dragon Tiger's Roaring Breath, combining both Dragon and Tiger Gate Mastery Techniques. The Venerable Master reduces the enemy's effective Durability by 1 when using Dragon Tiger's Roaring Breath.

Rank 7 = Bodhisattva - Grandmaster Martial Skill, Master Strength, Master Speed, Advanced Durability: The Earth in one hand, The Sky in the other. Hands coming together to create The World, hands seperating apart to destroy it. This, is how the Bodhisattva walks the world. This rank can be surmised by the user's almost perfect control of their strength and near perfect application and potential -- so much so, that it's possible that some could cause cataclysmic damage, and at the highest levels, causing immense damage to the planet itself, and so all beings that live upon it are equally capable of being rent by the cataclysm that is the Bodhisattva.

The phenomena of Lion's Roar and Dragon's Breath, as well as Dragon Tiger's Roaring Breath are showcased in their entierty with the actions of the Bodhisattva. The acoustic phenomena can inspire avalanche in a mountain, and the incredible energy may render the avalanche down to molten slag. Bodhisattva reduces the target's effective Durability by 2 when using Dragon Tiger's Roaring Breath

Yī wàn yīnglǐ Sǐwáng: A single-strike stance technique, the user stretches their arms out to their full extent, a palm facing towards the enemy and a fist facing away from the enemy. The body lowers so the palm is in line with the face, and then they wait. Purely a counterattack style, it can’t execute anything on it’s own, but once it catches an attack, the stance is locked. While catching an attack too strong can shatter bone and tear muscles, it will not disrupt the stances form, and only after the attack has been launched will the damage effect the user.

Once the palm catches the incoming punch, it clamps in a muscular spasm, and slowly pulls back. Once fully retracted, the outstretched fist darts forward, like lightning. Growing faster the more force is absorbed, this can damage the person’s otherarm as well from the speed, as well as breaking bones and muscles on impact, since the force from the target’s strike is added to the user’s own. A highly dangerous technique for both user and target, it is designed to end the one it is being used against, and so it’s dangers are generally ignored.

Wolf-Fu: A style coming from Mirja’s expertise in combat, it combines multiple forms such as Muay Thai, Bājíquán, and Pao Chui with instinct and desire to make a unique and unpredictable style designed to crush the enemy. While this suited Mirja’s forceful and heavy handed fighting style, Ulv had a more fluid and precise nature to her, and so took Wolf-Fu with an educational mindset. It is not a style she uses, but rather one that has influence in how she fights, most notably Ursa Takkeyeon.

Ssamsu Takkeyeon: A style of Wulin combat focused heavily on kicking attacks, it has a variety of techniques that Ulv loves to execute in combat, and it’s spiraling concept of spinning up your kicks. Twisting your body into the attack and using far more than just your legs for a kick attack is an important part of this style, and Ulv’s Earth-Grasping Step using the same concept makes it really relate to her. The notable techniques detailed below are widely used, but the concept of “Recoilless Motion” is one much less widespread due to the incredible mental prowess one needs to comprehend it.

A second issue is The Three Flaws of Takkeyeon. They are;
"Stresses the user's body" - as the style uses Tai Chi (Or indeed, any spiritual energy the user has, should they be skilled enough to make the switch) to internally enhance the body and is a very forward and potent style, it can quickly strain the human body beyond breaking point, and even experienced martial artists can become fatigued in extended fights. Extensive, targeted workout routines and harsh training is the only way to overcome this flaw.

"Limited attack spots" - being a broad kick-based style, there are only so many points that it can strike effectively, which can lead to a person becoming predictable if the fight draws on. The solution to this flaw is to evolve past the style’s limits and create your own, adding in more attack spots that work with your personal flow. Not something everyone is capable of, and something that takes effort besides, however.

"Vulnerable to close combat" - another flaw of it’s broad kick-based nature is that the user requires a lot of space to pull off most of the techniques properly. If the enemy is too close, the kicks are hard-to-impossible to pull off, and the style is rendered mostly inert outside of one or two techniques, and two techniques do not make a style. Unlike the other two, there is unfortunately no in-style solution to this flaw, and the only way to not be crippled by it is to have a secondary style to pick from for close fighting.

Spiral: Some techniques require the use of Spiralling to achieve the desired result. This is used by splaying the arms wide and spinning the body in synchronicity with the spiritual energy used to enhance the style. The spiralling momentum is built up enough to create the required force to use the techniques that require it. This can also be used to enhance kicks with greater speed and accuracy.

Bo-Bup: A movement technique of Ssamsu Takkeyeon, it is a linear dash forwards, clearing distance rapidly to get in range for a strike. It can also be used to enhance a kick using the Step-In momentum, but has a problem with the attack being more predictable due to the constrained path.

Grounding: Some techniques require the use of Grounding for the force. Pushing one’s body and spiritual pressure down into the ground, the power gained from the returning force like a depressed spring let loose is then used to suddenly strike forward, stronger than you could otherwise achieve. Grounding can also be used to increase the physical destructive force of any none-air style.

Axe: A leaping technique, the user jumps into the air and then spins in a frontflip, aiming initially for the head or shoulders of the target, but can also be used when out of range of the enemy. Hitting the ground, the force can create a billow of wind to knock people out of stance or even off their feet entirely depending on the strength of the person, opening them up for other kicks from the style.

Baekdu: A knee attack, it uses Grounding to build up sufficient force, and then launches a knee-based attack, springing upwards to knock the opponent into the air and open them up for other kicks from this style, as well as making an attempt to crush through the guard with sheer force.

Cheonji: Bringing the leg up to be parallel with the rest of the body, it is then crashed down, using the heel to deliver a powerful crushing forces from above. This is generally used as a none-leaping version of Axe, and so can produce lesser wind gusts. Unable to truly throw the enemy up into the air, it can stuff buffer them and disrupt their form.

Fangs: Created by The Monkey King to hopefully give a wider solution to the vulnerabilities of close fighting, this technique uses Grounding to soak up force and then drives both Elbows down onto the foe. Successful application of this technique can knock the enemy downwards, allowing the user to throw a knee to their unguarded face and use the falling momentum to add impact.

Changdu: Considered by some to be the “Full” version of Baekdu, this kick uses Grounding to add to the force and then kicks to the groin or chin, the force impacted by the blow aiming to take the person clean off their feet. For the purists of Ssamsu who focus exclusively on the absolute perfection of kicks, this is the most popular style for its versatility and ease of execution.

Ground Drawer: A kick that uses Spiraling, this grinds the heel across the ground and can be used to kick high and spit debris at the enemy while attacking them, or kick low and blow the enemy’s ankle or knee with the kick and pitter their legs with the kicked up stones.

Dongbaek: One of the more difficult kicks, this style sees the back leg sweep up dramatically twisting the whole body into an ungainly position that required auxiliary training to retain your footing with. The advantages of this, however, is that it comes quickly, from an entirely unexpected angle, and hits with great force as it puts the whole body into the blow.

Hoe Grab: An anti-guard technique, the user feints a reverse kick, only to slide back and slip their leg between the targets arms and drag them down, opening their guard for a few seconds and allowing for a blow to the unprotected face. This is only effective against an actual guard, and Reactive Guards that do not hold a static position are immune to this technique.

Dragon Catcher: A variant of Hoe Grab, the reverse kick instead hooks around the target’s neck, and then with Spiralling, twists their body, throwing the target forwards and driving them into the ground. This, much like Hoe Grab, are unique kicks in the fact that the kick is utilitarian rather than offensive in nature.

Hwechook: The Iconic Technique of Ssamsu, the Hwechook is unique in the fact that it uses Spiralling and Grounding together to make it’s roundhouse kick, coming in strong and fast. It is a mutable kick, as seen with how many techniques share it’s name. It is also the most strenuous and difficult to execute due to the force and required circumstances for both Spiralling and Grounding.

Lowest Hwechook: A Hwechook that is used as part of a duck, the ducking movement is used as the Grounding, and then Spiralling is added as the user falls, allowing to throw a Hwechook to the thigh, knee, or ankle, depending on how low they duck.

Ricochet Hwechook: A highly advanced Hwechook, this attack can only be used after blocking an enemy kick with your leg. The impact of the blow is used to instantly enact Grounding, and then the user leaps slightly and Spirals into a kick with the opposite leg, lashing out a sudden counter attack after blocking the attack with their leg.

Jin Hwechook: Called the “True Hwechook” by some more ancient beings, this technique invented the Grounding concept. Instead of sending one’s full body-weight into the ground and then springing up, you plant one foot heavily into the ground and then lean off to the same side, transferring the force and lashing out with a tremendous kick. The damage it can do is considerable, but the strain it causes on a person’s body means this technique has faded somewhat in use, preferring the modern “Hwechook” instead.

Front Hwechook: A Hwechook used with the front leg rather than the back leg. It is executed the normal way to the Hwechook, but sacrifices strength for speed in an attempt to catch the opponent off guard.

Ursa Takkyeon: Less of a style, and more of a personal execution of Ssamsu Takkeyeon, this style uses most of the same techniques but incorporates more fist-based attacks from Wolf-Fu and also has some upper-high techniques using The Wind and Ulv’s exceptional physique. This takes Ssamsu Takkeyeon and turning it into two halves, the Goshin style of training her friends and playing with people, and the Jissen style of turning people into hamburgers.

Imugi Hwechook: The Imugi is a lesser Dragon, a mere copy that must live for a thousand years or catch a sacred bead descended from the heavens before they can call themselves Dragons. Fitting then, that Ulv created this Kick to symbolise her own growth. From the confusion of her birth, the doubt of her nature, and finally the acceptance that she was a true being, and not just a copy.

Imugi Hwechook is no difference from a regular Hwechook - or True Hwechook, depending on what the situation calls for - but is enhanced by a large, hardened barrier of Wind. The swirling power allows for a much stronger impact, and then a secondary impact as the wind bursts like the breath of a true dragon on impact.

Skycutter Hwechook: A Hwechook that is enhanced with The Wind to a highly compressed edge, Skycutter adds a sharpened slicing capability to the already exceptional force of Hwechook, allowing it to bypass resistances to bludgeoning impacts.

Amaterasu Hwechook: A variant of Ignis Ragna, Ulv does not immediately launch the fire at her enemy, but rather keeps it swirling in the blazing typhoon that surrounds her foot, and uses it to add to the impact of her Hwechook by giving a potent burning fire to the kinetic force of the blow.

Earthcracker Hwechook: Using a reiatsu platform that spreads across the ground, Ulv drops her entire force into the platform, mitigating the issue of shattering the earth with too much force and losing your footing and built up power. This allows for a spring attack of monstrous potency, great for shattering huge beasts or enemies of exceptional durability.

White Hwechook: Not an attack so much as an enhancer, that increases the Spiralling power with Hollow Reiatsu to allow the spin to be much more forceful than usual. This improves Ulv’s Hwechooks by a good margin for superior force, but costs her 1 post of Mask as the burst of reiatsu is burnt up in use.

Ursa Hwechook: Similar to White Hwechook, Ulv instead gets some Reiatsu from Beowulf. This accomplishes the same thing, but spend a point of Bankai rather than a point of Mask to execute.

Heaven And Earth Hwechook: Adding White Hwechook and Ursa Hwechook together, the melding of reiatsu spends two posts of mask, and two posts of Bankai to increase her Hwechooks spiralling power by an incredible amount, crashing furiously into the enemy with all the force at Ulv’s disposal.


(EDA link to avoid clutter)

Arms Of Earth: Ulv's new Tulpa technique. made from insight gained from Earth-Grasping Step. The usual technique, Earth-Defying Array, is envocotive of Mirja's mentality, that onlly you can help yourself, and nobody else can be relied on to help. Ulv's new technique, one that uises the lessons learned from Ibiki, invokes the thought that nobody can reach their full potential alone, everyone needs help.

And so using this mentality, Ulv made a thought of getting the help of everyone on the earth. Weither or not she actually managed to connect with everyone was irrelivant, as the new Array picked up on the desire and created from there. Making use of a highly prized possession - the Resolve Force - Ulv perfects her predecessor's Array. The intense power allows for a much greater physical aid than Earth-Defying Array and can power a Tulpa much more completely, making it far longer lasting than an ordinary Tulpa. (Double post limits for Tulpa and EDA-energy)

[Obviously, the effects of these techniques relies on ooc permission to work]

Resolve Tulpa [Personal] - Menacing Devil Arms: With the use of this Tulpa, amber lines light up across her arms, glowing with force and desire as if to drive back the darkness with their warm, nuturing lumesence. It is a B-type Tulpa, so it lacks a physical form and instead enhances the body, granting it considerably enhanced strength. But the strength is only the side-benefit. It's true power, is to literally punch the negativity out of people. Anguish, Hatred, Fear, anything that is a bad emotion, is blown away with every hit, and is replaced with determination. The emotions they have do not vanish completely, that would just be malevolent mind-control, but rather their ragged edges are soothed and a better alternative is introduced, so that they might know a better way to bring themselves out of the pit. They are gifted with a will to become better, to see both themselves, and those around them be a better version of themselves. To see man and nation grow to be symbols of prosperity and hope.

This does not sap a person's will to fight, however, but rather replaces it, fear is lost, Hope is gained. Changes their reason to fight, and reduces or outright removes the chance of them going off the rails in a desire to win at all costs. Instead of fighting for their leader, or being driven into conflict by hatred, the person fights for progression. They fight to better themselves, to better their nation, to better their friends and to better their opponent. A much more amicable mentality allows for a more amicable fight, one where friendships are forged in the fire of conflict, and the chance of either person dying as a result of the other deminishes. This are the arms that Ulv will use to being the world together, and to discard negative thoughts to the abyss, where they belong.

There is a limit to this however. If a person holds tight to hatred as if it is the only thing they have in the world, then Ulv will be unable to pry it's grasp away from them. Anguish seered directly onto their very soul, or sticking to the concept of fear because it makes more sense than the concept of Hope. It is these people that can resist Ulv's Tulpa, and these people that are deserving of her heart's tears. Another issue is people that don't know what to do with the gifted emotions, or drive. They can only wallow in despair. Ulv would lend them a hand, if they so wished, but just because they want to do something, doesn't mean they are going to, or believe they can do.

Resolve Tulpa [Alternate] - MUSCLE HUGS! ORRAAA!: A strange Tulpa, Ulv channels her power through her arms much like her Personal Tulpa, but the fire is much hotter, focusing less on strength to a point where it grants nothing on that vein at all, and more on comfort and peace. Those hugged by Ulv's Alternate Tulpa are brought to ease, a warm and soft feeling that caresses their soul. It was designed to help those with the deepest scars, and it is a show of great love on Ulv's part to use it, since the high usage of the Resolve Force burns away her inhibitations and makes the concept of danger something forgin to her, making it a rather dangerous technique to use.

Fury Gunk: Get Gunked on. After her journey in The Abyss, Ulv was saturated in the negativity goo that makes up the creatures living down there. It makes her really, fumingly angry, and in doing so, powers the mirror of her Menecing Devil Arms, World-Swallowing Wolf: Fenrir.

World-Swallowing Wolf - Fenrir: Fuck Friendship, that bitch is gonna die. A Tulpa construct forged from the exacerbated emotions of the beautifully named 'Fury Gunk', it represents everything that Menacing Devil Arms does not. It represents her desire to crush the foe in front of her, and Fenrir obliges with gusto. It's teeth are incredibly sharp, it's jaws fit to crush a Veðrfölnir Mech in a single bite, and the size - a monstrous sixteen foot tall - makes it an ominous being to face. As an extension of battle, and death, it can even feed of Ulv's Fury Stacks from Beowulf, and grow with each stack. However, being a mental construct rather than actually Ulv, it has a limited connection, and so can only benefit from a maximum of Two fury stacks. As Ulv's connection with her Tulpa increases, it can benefit from an increased amount of stacks, but never able to take the full force into itself. [3 stacks at Master Willpower, 4 stacks at Grandmaster]

Resolve Flame: Ulv's Resolve Force Tulpa was bathed in crimson purgatory when she delved into the Demon Realm. This incredible saturation of emotional energy created a spontaneous evolution in response to Ulv's desires and feelings. Bursting into an amber flame that coats Ulv's entire body, she can illuminate the darkness, and light the path to salvation. This effectively makes the Resolve Flame a high-potency, long range version of her Menacing Devil Arms. And with it, the goal of rescuing all from the darkness of despair, is not one that is of overwhelming difficulty anymore.

This is usually just a warm flame that does not hurt the person to be near it, but as it is the sheer manifestation of one's passion, the more Ulv feeds her will into it, the hotter and brighter it might burn. This leads to a problem since Ulv has no pyrokinetic abilities at all, and so when she gets really riled up, she can turn the temperature of a place up several degrees or even outright ignite flammable objects with her presence. The fire's heat scales with Willpower, but Ulv has no control over what it sets on fire or the fires once set.

After reaching the apex of one's passion (GM Willpower) Ulv's Resolve Flame became her reiatsu, not a thing to be used but something that billows naturally from her constantly. As such, the distance that the flame spreads is dependent on how much Ulv releases her reiatsu. And as it grows in temperature and feeds more on her Willpower, it puts more strain on the reiryoku which it spawns from to keep up. So while her maximum potential for firestarting might be terrifying, to feed 100% of her output to ignition levels would be a cripplingly exhaustive task.

Emphatic Heart Of Flame: One can not help another if they can not truly understand how that other feels. And so this technique spawned into existence along side the Resolve Flame. It's crackling fire assists with warding away negative or unwanted control of Ulv's emotion, in the case of people trying to drag her to despair. But it also allows her to know how the other person is feeling. This is a focused technique so she doesn't get how everyone is feeling all the time, but she can detail a person's emotional state if she focuses on them.

It is not a perfect reading. While surface-level emotions are read with pinpoint accuracy, Ulv's clarity is a test of Willpower vs Willpower with emotions the person wants to hide, from other people or themselves. And her feedback gets hazy when she is looking at emotions the other person does not know they have. She can focus her Resolve Flame on these emotions to dredge them out of the depths, but this takes a while and might not always be appreciated.

Blazing Bones: A power designed instantaneously out of necessity, when the Shen began to dissipate from Ulv's destroyed Dantian, her reiatsu replaced it piece for piece, to ensure that the fool who blew up her skeleton and replaced it with a solid-energy variant would still have a skeleton at the end of the day. The change here is minor, as she is able to "regenerate" her bones that are damaged by sealing the cracks with more reiatsu. Other than that, there is not much change from her old Bone Metamorphasis.

Benevolent Flame: A manifestation of her Resolve Flame, this technique can wrap around every being within the range of her reiatsu and offer them a choice. If the choice is accepted, then they are teleported by sympathetic resonance to Minatumi Harbour, making for an excellent rescue and recovery ability.

The problem lies in the fact that it is entirely one way. Ulv can not bring anyone from Minatumi Harbour to anywhere, nor can she change the destination due to how the power words. The sole and exclusive application of this power is teleporting people to Minatumi Harbour if they chose to do so.

Hearts Of Fire: With several people sharing her Resolve Flame, Ulv felt it was time to create a community between them, so that all could help each other in their ultimate goals of passion. This Network - which is entirely optional in both being part of it and what you give - allows everyone with the Resolve Flame to give and receive energy from the others of the network, as well as converse, offer mental help in times of stress, and call for aid, even allowing for magnificent multi-person Tulpas. Through this network, Ulv can use her Devil's Heart to assist people well beyond her current energy capacity, and far more aptly peruse her goal of saving the world.

Every request made through this is delivered to everyone who wishes to be part of the network. There, the reason for the request is delivered - and the requester can not lie about this request, for it comes from the heart - and the rest of the people in the network can decide if they wish to help this endeavour, and by how much.


Ulv Auber
Inami Astavon
Demonica Nightfang)
Steiner Franz
Calypso Astavon

I. Resurrección

» Resurrección Appearance:

Starting by her mask - and boots, in Noble White Fangs - oozing up her to coat her entire body, Ulv’s Resurreccionis a full-body transformation, changing how she looks entirely, as Hvit’s form replaces Ulv’s. Ulv’s short red hair becomes long and white, her skin grows a light gray, almost pure white in complexion, and her eyes are aglow with the deep sulphur yellow power of Hvit’s Hollow nature. A lot of muscle mass is lost, and Hvit gains a very slender body, like that of a model, as if it was made for elegance and beauty rather than anything else.

She is dressed in a transparent outfit that covered her full body like a dress, wearing boots of a glittering white - exactly like her Noble White Fangs - and elegant silk gloves. The only part of her truly covered is a perfect black corset, covering her breasts, torso and crotch and using Beowulf’s light-eating powers to look darker than any colour could possibly reach.

The most obvious feature is Hvit’s beauty, which is incredible, a physical manifestation of how she sees herself, the most beautiful being in the world. Even her voice changes, one that mesmerizes the weak-willed, toys with people’s hearts, and make it clear even to the blind that the woman in front of them has such incredible personal pride it is nearly incomprehensible.

» Resurrección Abilities: Queen’s Birthright: At the peak of her power, Hvit’s might is catastrophic, being thrice as strong as her Noble White Fangs. Being that her body is so heavily saturated with intense power, she is given 6 fury stacks from the start and maintains them over the course of the fight. The bond between Spirit and Hollow benefits from Hvit’s unique nature, and Beowulf does not have to worry about her body breaking under pressure, so it is all given to her. Her strength is further enhanced by the neigh-perfect power exchange between her and Ulv. While inverted - usually, Ulv draws from Hvit, but now Hvit is drawing from Ulv - the apical mastery of melding and using the two powers aids Hvit greatly. Hvit's Noble White Fangs retain their capability of using the Impact Cero, but this is a choice thing rather than a natural and uncontrolled reaction of Ulv's release.

Queen’s Decree: Now that she is in charge rather than simply directing, Hvit’s ability to use Ceros and Bala increase a fair margin. This increase allows her to use special, unique ceros that Ulv doesn’t have the control to mimic - outside of Bala Ichaval. Each Cero has a limited amount of times it can be used before the charges need to be replaced individually by burning a post of Resurreccion energy. The power requirements and control to create these Cero mean only one can be fired per post.

Bala Ichaval (6 uses) - The most simple of her custom designs, enough that Ulv can copy it, Bala Ichaval shoots a single bala that then splits into ten and crowds the enemy from every angle of attack, trapping them in a cage of energy. These Bala last for a single post, but each Bala has the power of a none-Res Bala, making them quite formidable as a whole. (Ulv’s Bala Ichaval only splits into five and have a lesser potency, due to her lesser control)

Cero Gelphnir (3 uses) - A special cero with a secondary effect designed to keep the enemy in one place for a hammer blow, getting hit by this, on top of being hit by the cero, ties the enemy to the ground spiritual rope possessing a strength equal to a 80s Bakudo, allowing her to trap them and open them up for a master blast. The rope wraps around their neck, and loops deep into the ground, pinning them to the spot.

Cero Mjolnir (3 uses) - This cero is highly condensed energy that shoots out as a physical impact rather than an energy blast. Being hit by this is like being hit with a mountain of steel, the severe blunt force capable of cracking bone and breaking one’s armoured hide like the great hammer broke the skulls of giants.

Cero Gungnir (2 uses) - A small, focused Cero, it is best used after Cero Gelphnir pins the target to the ground, to most accurately use it’s focused power. The Cero is more like a beam than a blast, and is focused to a point that i can puncture nearly any barrier that it comes across, be it spiritual, or physical. Even the most apically durable barriers will be heavily damaged by this Cero, though it does suffer from a small area of effect due to the focus.

Cero Ragnarok (1 use) - Opposed to Gungnir, Cero Ragnarok wide, and is such power that only one use can be stored at a time. This is paid for in the fact that it’s explosive power is mythical, able to reduce an entire mountain to nothing but a smoking crater and completely remove islands from the map. The potential collateral damage that this can cause with it’s immense width, size, and destructive ability, means it’s use will be heavily contemplated….most of the time. Generally, unless Hvit feels it necessary - not a hard thing when her personality is combined with the power of the fury stacks - the Cero will only be fired off if the situation is right. High in the sky or out in a thousand-mile desert. The second issue being that, condensing the great might of the Ressurecion into a single Cero means it can not be replenished by any means, restricting it's use to once a thread.

Queen’s Regalia: With a strong body made from her powerful reiatsu, Hvit is capable of reflecting blows that would sunder a normal man. But, even still, she chooses to wear a dress made by Beowulf from their melding of his powers and hers. Mimicking the power of the armour that Ulv can don, but being far more beautiful to look at. It’s protective capabilities is somewhat north of The New Drive, but can be increased to Blazing Amber Raiment by spending two posts to supercharge it with energy.

Queen’s Presence: Ulv’s willpower is a tangible feeling, either extremely uplifting or extremely oppressing depending on how she wishes to use it. Sharing this, Hvit has the same willpower, but even stronger emotions than Ulv, such that they are brought to manifestation by her Resurreccion release. This pride means that she is so aware of her reality she refuses any attempts to change it, granting an immense bulwark against conceptual and existential-based attacks, as well as a lesser defense against illusionary attacks.

In addition, those who would stand against such a cause are crippled by the pride manifesting her belief that she is superior. Any being facing her suffers a 10% mallus in their parameters for every level of Willpower they are below her. Beings that are three levels below her suffer double, as the weight of her presence crushes them to kneel before the Bear Queen.

Queen’s Reign: Hvit will not gladly release the control she has once it is given, and so she grasps all that she can to extend how long she can remain out. Ulv’s Arms Of The Earth can be consumed to power her form, but the sheer scale drains it at a tremendous rate, absorbing 5 posts worth of aid for every Resurreccion post. Ulv’s own reiatsu can also be consumed to aide her, reducing the threads’ Hollow Mask limit by 10 (and also affecting Double Down and Noble White Fangs) to give her another post of Ressureccion.

Queen's Arrival: Due to her unique nature, Hvit's Ressurecion is abnormally potent, far more so than can be handled on a whim. If Ulv tries to use her Ressurecion straight out, the energy bottlenecks and backfires, negating the transformation and causing moderate amounts of pain. Wearing her mask can facilitate a flow of energy between the two and ready body and soul for the influx, this means that she is required to wear her mask for 3 posts before she can put on her Ressurecion. Double Down and Noble White Fangs does not decrease this duration at all. After the third post, Ulv can use her Ressurecion, and the mask melds into her face and grows out from there, replacing Ulv with Hvit.


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Strength to (Panzer) Elite, Tier 0-5 to 0-4.
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[mod]Skill sheet changes have rendered Ulv unable to maintain a Master in Hollow Control. Dropping to Elite[/mod]
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