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 Ava (Previously Known As Neo) [Approved; 5-3]

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Coding In Template By:


Spiritual Human Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ava
» Titles: Doll (By Ulv), Neo (By Mother)
» Age: 19
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Currently Rogue

» Physical Appearance Description: Neo has the body of the average high school girl, not a single abnormality to tip one to thinking something is off about her at a first glance. One could notice that she frequently wears the same or similar attire, consisting of a rather plain grey hoodie jacket who’s sleeves envelop her arms to her wrists, ripped blue jeans which could be perceived as some sort of edgy fashion statement, normally wearing a tank top, having become off white and baggy with weathering and age. Her whole point is to blend in, seem normal, absolutely camouflaged with the rest of humanity. This normality is completely intentional, of course, although a very flawed mask.

The girl’s gait shows of one trying to hide something, trying to stick to the shadows but being able to be perceived through a thin white outline. She often times has bad posture, easily displaying a depression and lack of energy the girl may appear. If one were to look upon her face, they would think it was once very pretty and bright, now marred with paleness, hinting some form of malnutrition, messied green locks amok under that hoodie of her’s, and darkened circles around the eyes, further indicating dysfunction running around upstairs.

Her body is absolutely caked with scars, all telling different stories depending on their location. A significant set are on her belly and on the top of her skull (though normally hidden by her hair), large cuts indicating surgery had occurred, more than once and not as a clean and efficient cut each time as a surgeon’s own.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Ava (Previously Known As Neo) [Approved; 5-3] Kido-Tsubomi-600-1853640-tsubomi-kido-39077708-410-600

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:


Neo is a girl prone to addiction more often than not. Of course they take different forms and aren’t necessarily towards an object. If she were to have a delusion, such as the government having agents stalk and study her, she is extremely firm on this idea. After a short amount of time, or several events seeming to interlock and correlate, this idea becomes a belief, and often times beelines right to being a fact in her mind. Placebo is excessively strong in this girl’s mind, once a belief being properly rooted, it is deemed fact.

If she views an action or item as a thing for comfort, she’ll latch onto it and often times will not let go, no matter how harmful it is. An example would be chewing her fingers to the point of skin breaking and bleeding, or eating an excessive amount of her “candy” that she gets anytime she runs out or loses, even if it makes her woozy or pass out. She is unhealthily dependent on being right and feeling good and comfortable, though not many time enough interest in her or see her long enough for any kind of concern to be formed.


Her ability to reason is a complete enigma. She always acts like she knows exactly what’s going on, and often times doesn’t panic in strange situations, unless it’s a topic or activity that directly disturbs her or pokes at past traumas. She has a distinct desire to be correct, always. This desire to be correct and in control, warped by her broken mind, had formed into delusions. She gains very strange beliefs that she views as facts very often. For example, she’s under the impression that she cannot kill any more than 5 people per city, or she will be found. She is also the impression that if the government were to find her, she’d be “opened up”.

Neo is completely under the assumption the reason why she has so many scars on her body, is because the “monsters” kept hurting her and forced her to hurt herself. But of course, she does not often interact with people, especially not for long, so the excessiveness of this trait isn’t often seen.


Neo is very sensitive about personal space and revealing too much about herself. If someone even stands close to her, she gets rather uncomfortable but always tries to hide it. Of course, her mask isn’t the most perfect and functional thing in the world, so little behaviors like visible annoyance and even pain slip by during that occasion. If someone were to touch her, even with consent, she would give them the death stare as a display of discomfort.

She buries her own thoughts and feelings if she deems them to be too revealing. She never tries to bond with anyone, having a heavy abhorrence to prolonged, meaningful interaction. She actively sabotages relationships if she deems it getting too intimate.


Neo is without a doubt, a people watcher. She can normally be seen sitting by the sidelines, watching the daily bustle of people going about their lives. She doesn’t have any interest in others aside from information gathering. Especially after killing, she analyzes the current tension of the people, especially if she were to slay someone well known or important to that area. Though her delusions and hallucinations often times interfere with her watching, causing her to see and believe things that aren’t actually there, like someone stalking her or her believing everyone on the street to be human despite physical differences.

Socially Inept

Due to her origins and overall lack of human interaction, Neo is rather slow on the concept of meaningfully interacting with people. Her negative traits along with desire to be alone quite obviously interfere with her ability to befriend people. Even if people were to try to fight past her desires, she would only view them with hidden fear. If they continued to push interaction, she would slowly assume that they’re “monsters” and often times fall into a panic, dropping mask completely.


If one were to manage to peel away her mask, they would find a person with almost no identity. No family, no friends, no pets, not a thing. How could such a thing be possible? Simple, really; her memory is extremely flawed, full of giant holes and inexplorable areas. Even essential things such as identity and sense of self were affected, retrieval being an irritating experience for the girl. One could suspect that this was brought upon by trauma (further evidenced by her scars) but it’s truly unknown as to why she can’t even remember her original identity.

Broken, Diseased Mind

If not already guessed, Neo suffers profusely from symptoms of insanity. She feels excruciating amounts of irrational fear, even though she isn’t fully aware of it. She loses sleep from this fear, which only further encourages weakening of her mental fortitude. She is very prone to mental breakdowns whenever she is pushed into an area of discomfort for far too long, in which her very reality can shift. Colors become far more muted to her, and she sees… Things walking around, watching her. She calls these things “monsters”, and through any sort of rambling or ranting she lapses into, one can infer that she had some sort of experience with them before, but far more.. Intimately.

Neo isn’t aware that she suffers from a form of insanity, rather she flat out rejects the idea. She thoroughly believes her experiences when in suffering are reality, and any actual oddities she believes aren’t real, such as non-humans, despite them being right before her.

As of meeting Ulv and other events, Neo has begun a recovery path; whatever was in her candies was deteriorating her mental state, and although she isn't totally mentally healthy, rather suffering from having the drugs in her system for years, and only recently given the chance to be flushed out. She still has breakdowns and thus avoids people who look willing to press at her, but her terrors aren't as terrible as before.


She wants control, she hates the very idea of being submissive. Neo wishes to be powerful and to be her own person, to take the wheel of her own destiny. Though not necessarily one to do outrageous acts to accomplish this, she still is rather tight with things such as conversation and challenges. Even if she’s mentally weak, she has the will of a bear mauling survivor. Even in a difficult situation, she always tries to force control and be on top. Even if she were beaten bloody, she has the determination to force herself to her feet and keep going. She hates weakness, or appearing feeble to others.

Falsified Persona

Neo goes about life with a “mask” on her face. Even on the job, it’s a fake person being shown. During her daytime existence, she works in places such as coffee shops or low frequency retail stores, posing as a shy but curious girl. Of course, this is mainly a way for her to appear one with society and not very suspicious or one to have prolonged dialogue with.

During her appearance as her Joker persona, she becomes very morbid, merciless, and unfeeling. If directly confronted, she would behave very erratically and work as an enigma, mostly trying to intimidate and stave off whoever found her with psychology, or simply would flee.

» Likes: Candy, Sugar, Chocolate, Precious One, Candy, Relieving Herself, The color Red

» Dislikes: The Monsters, Mother, Purple, The word “dear”, Being Touched w/o Consent, Emotion, Love, Being Wrong

I. Character History

» History

Note; Since a majority of Neo’s memories are covered up and repressed from trauma and for the sake of showcasing her experiences dynamically, I decided to have a few parts from her point of view in order to properly show how it’s been butchered instead of just jarringly leave details out.

New Note; Due to current events, Neo has recovered most of her memories. An overview of the important events in her life are within this thread:

Earlier Life

Warm... Soft… Smells good… Sleepy…

Playing. Lots of fun, with two bigger things that look like me…

Love… Happy… I feel so happy with them…

I have to stay here? Why? Why can’t I be with you two?

Things… My size. They’re fun too… They play with me…

You two came back… I’m happy…

Oh I have to be here again? That’s okay… I love you two.

Why do I always go here…?

Huh? Why can’t I go home..?

Mommy and Daddy… Where is Mommy and Daddy?

I want Mommy and Daddy… Please I want them…

Mommy! Daddy!

Foster Care

The little girl was dropped off at a rather lovely looking house, secluded by trees and a single dirt path leading to civilization. From a strange car to two strange women, the girl was handed off to two young women, and a rather sizeable group of children. She was fearful, and confused, being grouped up with people she didn’t know.

I want Mommy and Daddy....

“Where is my Mommy and Daddy? Can I go home soon?”

One of the women knelt down, clasping the girl’s shoulders, remaining at her eye level. Her face was obscured, unable to be recalled, but all that could be sensed was the memory of concern.

“I’m sorry ____, Mommy and Daddy @r3 @#@$#%^...”

The girl had only shown to be puzzled, tears welling in her eyes.

“What does that mean?”

The woman’s head turned a bit to the side, nervousness being exhibited at the question, before facing the girl once more.

“___, __________...”

The girl’s eyes fountained tears as she began to sob. All she did that afternoon was cry, and cry, and cry as she was sent to bed along with the other children who lived in the home. She had cried so much and so hard, she had fallen asleep, sleeping solidly throughout the first night.

On a new morning, the girl was woken up by feet touching her face. Understandably she jumped awake, sitting up quickly as she was given the sight of a girl who was sitting on her legs, having stuck a foot in her sleeping face. She spared the girl a snapping at as she was both very tired and was mesmerized by how pretty she was.

“Get up! We’re late for breakfast!”
Before she knew it, she was yanked out of bed, being drug through the pristine hallways by this girl who had disturbed her sleep. The girl had been sitting in silence at the table as children squealed and chattered, being surprisingly civil at the table although rowdy. Not a single one of their faces were kept in memory. Her disturber had made her sit next to her for the entirety of it, goading her to eat.

“You have to eat!”


“You gotta!”

Spending any amount of time in the house was irritating, especially with this girl pestering her every stretch, every day, every minute. She was looking out the window wondering why they weren’t allowed to go outside? That girl was there. Went to the bathroom? Girl was waiting right outside, asking her if she washed her hands. Just wanted to be alone? She. Was. THERE!

“Why do you keep bothering me?!”

Hurt had crossed the girl’s expression as she reeled back, instantly making the girl feel regret, “I.. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.. You looked so sad when you came here.”

The two had talked for a while, a great long talk, until it was almost time for bed. The two girls were walking upstairs to head to bed, continuing their chatter, until they posed a question to one another.

“What is your name?” The girl had asked. She didn’t even realize that she hadn’t said it.

“_____. What’s your’s?”

“@#%$^%$&. Your name is really pretty!”

“Y-your’s too.” Her face felt rather hot.

From that day on, the two spent all the time in the world together. Every waking moment they spoke to each other, gaining new interests, loving every bit about each other’s company. Naturally some other kids got jealous, particularly those new to the house, causing bullying towards the two to increase. Their “mothers” didn’t really step in aside from a few time outs, which put things into the girl’s own hands.

“Hey stupid! Do you two like each other or something?” A girl had shoved #%@$^#$, causing her to fall to the ground during playtime. @$^#%^$& had teared up, slowly trying to rise to her feet, _____ instantly stepping in to pull her up.

Idiots… Idiots… How dare they…

____ delivered a harsh smack to the girl who shoved who she cherished dearly, hard enough to knock the girl to the ground with a considerable amount of swelling and redness.
“Never… Hurt her… Ever again…” Her entire body felt hot, as if things were rubbing up against her skin as she protectively held @#%#$%. Their antagonists instantly backed off, fearful and going off on their own. Everyone left them be after that, not daring to mess with either of them for the next few weeks.

At the end of those few weeks… Something began. Their “mothers” told them they would be going on a special trip, to getting new Mommies and Daddies. The toddler mind of ______ didn’t understand this. Why would they need new mommies and daddies? Where were they going? She felt fear, but felt @#%@#%@ grasp her hand, giving her the sweetest smile that told her to be brave. In small groups, no bigger than six, the children went along in several different cars, though instantly evoked panic in them as the doors shut. It was pitch black as the car’s engine roared. The two girls stuck close together in the dark, encouraging each other to be brave for the events ahead...

Human Trafficking

The car trip was long and uncomfortable, the children frequently bumping into each other as bumps were hit. A few children whispered about the car crashing, or tipping over. Through it all, the girls kept close, ____ keeping strong as @#@#%^$ sniffled and whimpered ever so often. They were sleeping when light hit their eyes, a masculine voice ordering them to wake up and walk outside in a line. They followed as they were told, being seperated and led into different ships, though puzzlingly the two girls were kept together, being brought onto the same boat, being a rather small and unnoticeable one. They were both ordered to sit, the engine starting as soon as they did. They had no idea what was going on, and did nothing but follow along and hold each other tightly.

Soon, lights were in the distance, the boat slowing to a halt. The girls were ordered off the boat, and led into what looked to be a factory to any mature-minded person, although the children were downright terrified of the large, intimidating building. Inside, they were walked down twisting corridor after twisting corridor, until they reached a dark elevator. They were shoved inside, ____ trying to get out as the door suddenly shut, banging on the door. A loud click sounded in the darkness, causing the two girls to quake with fear. Absolutely nothing happened for the longest while, which only pushed up the girl’s anxiety.

“It’s okay… It’s going to be okay…”
@%@#% pulled ___ into a tight hug. ____ felt tears run down her cheeks, the saltiness reaching her mouth.
“Be brave @@#$@#...!”
“Y-you too!”

The elevator suddenly let out a loud bang, metal against metal, as the two girls screamed as the lift went down at harsh speeds, squeezing each other in security. The elevator finally slowed, stopping with a loud “thump!”. The doors swung open, the two panting and recovering from the extreme fear of death that would be understandable for any child to experience in an unknown and perilous situation.

A woman stood before them, her cool but striking purple glowing eyes forever staining the girl’s memories. She came forward, the click of her heels on the floor being the only sound she made, going into a kneel and stroking the two girl’s heads in what appeared to be a loving, warm manner, her red lips partially obscured by darkness curled into a smile.

“Congratulations, you both passed.”

____ had no idea what the woman had meant, but she and #@$@# slowly and shakily stood as the woman grasped one of each of the girl’s hands.

“You’ll make fine students… Come along, my dears.”

The two girls followed the woman with slight hesitation, the rhythmic clicking of her heels being the only audible sound as the girls kept close together, holding hands as they were shaken and fearful.

“Where are we, miss?” @#%@#’s voice was tremendously weak, which only caused ___ to gently rub her thumb against the girl’s hand in comfort.

“Your new home, of course. We’ll take very good care of you both…”

The two girls were placed in separate rooms, divided by a thick clear wall. The first few days were alarming since they couldn’t communicate, any attempts being met with silence on both sides, and the only sources of stimuli was another wall dividing them and what looked to be a giant fish tank with a rather colorful coral reef in view, calming blue light hanging over them, and routine meals. Days in, along with breakfast, markers were in the shaft with the tray. ____ was eating her breakfast as @#$@#^ knocked on the window between their rooms, pointing at a sentence she wrote, pointing at the marker soon after. ____ scrambled over and tried out the markers on her side, being able to write on the material herself.

This became their main source of communication as more things came down the shaft. Books, toys, flowers, plenty of things, of colors, to occupy them and give them something to talk about and enjoy as the weeks went on. @$%#$% grew a love for flowers and chemical elements, while ____ had developed interest in precious stones and stuffed animals. Even if they could no longer touch or hug each other, they still made due with what they had.


A loud knock came at ____’s door, a voice saying they were coming in. A large figure suddenly entered the room, roughly grabbing the girl and dragging her out, giving her only mere seconds to see #@$#@ suffering the same fate as she. Dragged through dark hallways, the girl began fighting against her assailant, ruthlessly punching, kicking, and screaming as she was dragged along, her captor not flinching in the slightest.

“Let me go! Let me go! I need to make sure @#%@ is okay! Please! I’m begging you!”


The girl had spent several days in a room, alone with a rabbit and a sizeable amount of water. Not a speck of food was around, her huddled in a fetal position. There was no way out, she tried. She tried even breaking a way out of the room with the only other object in there; a knife, to no avail. She was hungry, oh so very hungry. The hunger hurt; it felt as if her insides were eating themselves. She never felt such a pain before in her life. She looked over at the rabbit, the fluffy brown and white creature just sitting in a crap-filled cage who’s putrid, gag-worthy smell drove ____ insane.

Stupid.. Dull thing… Just sitting in it’s crap…

Why does it keep staring at me?

It’s mocking me isn’t it?

It thinks it’s funny to see me in pain, right?!



“You passed again, my lovely dear. You’re such a good little one…”

The girl had a tight grip on the knife as she stood outside of the room she was forced to stay in. She smelled horrid, her shirt covered in equally rank matter. Her eyes were averted from the woman, her breath labored from breathing in the horrid smell.

“You deserve a little reward, dear.”

In the woman’s hand was a piece of candy daintily wrapped in a red white-polka dotted wrapper, in which the girl’s eyes floated to view. She slowly reached out, taking the candy with a shaky, filthy hand.

“Come along now, dear, @#$@@#$ is waiting for you…”

The girl was led along without restraint as she kept her weak, aching pace steady as she pushed herself to see her friend… No… Her precious one once more. Soon she was in a new room, her treasured one running to her and embracing her…


Several weeks dragged on, months likely passing as ____ endured more and more of these tests, being treated with candy every time she completed and passed them. Her body and mind were pushed during this process, being forced into danger and perils. It sort of became a game for her, despite the tasks becoming simpler and simpler the more her body was trained and molded and pushed. Complete whatever task, and she got to see #@$#$ again. Though each and every time, she grew more worried… More…. Wo…

Why was I worried..?

The Breaking Point

Hallway… Hallway… More… Halls… Halls… Long…

I thought I was supposed to train…

Mother? Mother why are you taking us here?

What is thi…



...I can’t talk… #$%#$? What’s happening?

..Heavy… Heavy… Scary… Dark…

“My dear, this is what happens when you let people in…” The voice of Mother banged around in her skull. A dark figure hung over the barely conscious, strapped down body…

Blood… Screaming… So much pain… Save her… Save her… S A V E H E R...

...Save who?


This isn’t real… It can’t be happening…

Laughing… Haha… Why is it funny?

My… Precious…


Weapons… Lied out before her were weapons upon a table in her room. So many horrible weapons, sharpened and clean. Tears stung her face.

Why am I sad?

A knife lifted ---

Blood… Blood… Dizzy… Blood.. Blood everywhere.. Pain.. It burns… It burns…


“My d3@r5, you’ve d0n3 s0 w311…”

People… A line..
Why am I here?

Who am I again?

Why is this so funny?

Burning… Pain… Blood.. Wet… I feel so angry…

You aren’t a person… Just meat… Meat needs to be carved…

“Congratulations, Neo my dear…”

The laughing is everywhere… Hilarious… Funny.. Why can’t I laugh..?

It hurts...

Further Experimentation

Pain… Sleepy… Aching…

Sleeping so much…

Candy… Sweet…

I need more candy…

Candy is my precious…

It’s all that matters… It’s all I care about…

Why can’t I… Eat..?

Sleeping… Groggy…

Missing… Pain… Stitches…

More? I have to open up more..?

I don’t…

I can’t…

...My precious...

“Neo” Life

“Well, my dearest Neo, I believe you’re ready for your greatest test...”

“Will I get candy?” The vacant expression of the girl drifted about on the woman’s glowing purple eyes. Her body felt like absolute garbage, but her spirit felt sickly invigorated by the thought of getting her usual reward.

“That depends on how you do, dear…”


Where am I?

Neo get a hold of yourself…

Remember your training…

Mother will be angry if you fail…


Who.. Is that again?

Birth of The Joker


Killing. That was all she was good for at this point. Neo was only making bank off of killing and stealing, hiding in the darkness. She wasn’t in infamy, of course she wasn’t; that would absolutely ruin her cover. She stuck to the shadows very few knowing who she was, this few having croaked the moment they learned. The identity known as Joker only floated to and fro in conspiracy circles on the web. This identity soon welcomed itself into Neo’s mind, being her outlet. She let it all out, her caged emotions, her bottled thoughts… Turning one of wealth into a squishy pile of meat was the only way to relieve herself. She never had a home, often travelling around in one area until she deemed her identity was rising in popularity.

She could never be found, she couldn’t exist any more than whispers upon the breeze. She carefully and thoughtfully executed her plans, her outlets, so no authority would even catch a glimpse of her white mask or black cape.

She had nothing to gain from killing aside from an outlet. Aside from that, she was merely a ghost; dead to the world, nonexistent. No matter how hard she tried, nothing before seeing daylight once more was a clear vision. All she saw were the devils living in her skull anytime she even bothered revisit those memories. The only thing to keep her under control was bottling… Hide the thoughts… Kill the emotions…

Be nothing but the breeze to any and all...

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Bag of Assassin Gear:
Neo has an assortment of gear that she uses on the job. They are stored in a rather large black bag, having obviously been custom made and reinforced to prevent ripping and tearing from it’s contents. They are typical things, being listed as follows:

Many knives, most looking to be small kitchen knives sharpened to the point of being deadly

A metal bow along with a few arrows

A rope


Various vials of plant matter and liquids

A book on Toxicology

A few articles of lab equipment

A multitool

A rather plentiful amount of money stacked in a bag

Articles of personal information

Multiple smart phones in reinforced cases

A lighter

Special Candy:

A candy Neo has on her person constantly. It’s most identifying feature would be all of them having red white-polka dotted wrappers. They’re caramel colored, round, and smell much like vanilla extract. Though, they have a “creamy” center and are quite sweet, much like chocolate.

Though the issue with this candy is that it in actuality, is a rather strong drug. It stirs up activity in the pleasure and reward centers in the brain, along with suppressing certain aspects of sense interpretation. Eating a single one of these candies causes the following symptoms:
Decrease in understanding of surroundings (Hearing issues, blurry, slow vision, numbness)
Minor headaches
Dilated pupils
Misc. (Drooling, Crawling on skin, Fidgeting)

Another issue would be how addictive it is. Neo takes it to the point she wouldn’t let a soul touch any of them, and often times overdoses and experience the harsher symptoms.

Neo appear to get an endless stream of them; whenever she runs out she always gets more whenever in civilization.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Knowledge of the Mind and Body: During her time being captive and trained, Neo had been placed under an extreme curriculum throughout her years present there. She studied the human body, in and out, learning of the entire thing and it’s functions. She knows everything about it down to it’s cells, to put it simply, and can use this knowledge to figure out what area would cause the fastest and most efficient kill at every angle.

She also has a decent set of medical skills, to the extent she can perform small surgeries such as dislodging objects or stitching wounds closed.

Though not thoroughly touched upon, Neo knows some aspects of psychology. It’s main purpose is mostly to read the general public and know how to deal with other people’s behavior in a cool manner.

No Longer Knows Pain: Due to the length and immense amount of pain she had experienced while being trained, her mind has been desensitized to the sensation of pain to the point she would barely realize it was there if she wasn’t aware a wound was present. Of course this only protects her from a majority of the sensation’s feeling, and can be rather dangerous if she can’t realize she’s wounded, since she will still be bleeding out or unable to use a limb.

Fast and Flexible With Sharp Reflexes: Neo can perform some spectacular movements in order to move efficiently on the job. She can parkour with ease in order to quickly get to another place or a higher point with the least amount of movements and time wasted, along with fit in awkward positions for durations of time in order to hide. She pays close attention to her surroundings at all times, and her body reacts quickly upon instinct, whether she needs to quickly throw a knife in a strange position in order to counteract an attack, or dodge something.

Silent & Light: Considering she wasn’t trained too much in physical, up front confrontations, she has expertise in silence. If she wanted, she could make her entire person as quiet as an inactive room. Obviously a trait to have in an assassin, though she is able to take it a step further by being able to maneuver at a fast pace in complete silence. She can match footsteps, breathing patterns, and gait in order to sneak behind someone, acting as a shadowy figure of sorts.

Generally Good with Crafts: Neo finds the activity of creating her own things a very crucial activity, considering she needs to lie low almost constantly. She tends to make and maintain her own more complicated weapons, fashioned to look like what you could buy in store. A lot of her gear just seems like normal objects, but with closer inspection, their purpose refined to kill becoming apparent. If in a pinch, she can fashion some kind of weapon of items on the field, though of course being crude and needing some time in order to be crafted.

Stronger Than Normal: A natural trait trained to be better, Neo’s body is actually very sturdy and strong. Though not too bizarre for a human, more bizarre for a female of her size, Neo is capable of carrying objects heavy to normal humans with relative ease. She can’t do anything too crazy, but being able to pick up things or use rather heavy weapons could be effective under the right circumstance.

Good With Weapons: Pretty self explanatory and apparent. Neo has a proficient skill in a number of different kinds of weapons, more the common types (swords, knives, bow and arrows, etc.) than anything exotic. Though one common type of weapon she more refuses to use are guns, considering how irritating they are for her to maintain and carry around, along with her taking into account it would be difficult for her to lie low if she obtained a bunch of gun parts; someone would be bound to find her bag and grow suspicious of her, whereas a lot of knives and a bow and arrow are easier to explain as “hunting gear”.

Works Based On Analysis: Neo is all about environment examination. She takes advantage of her surroundings in order to pull off decent kills. For example, lets say her target was below a large chandelier, and said chandelier was supported by a weakening chain. Neo can take advantage of this by being at a high point, tying a rope to the knife, throwing it in order to sever the chain and cause the chandelier to fall, and easily retrieve the knife and leave no evidence she was even there.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Powers:
Nightmare Hands: Though previously locked off to her due to amnesia caused by trauma, Ava now remembers an ability she was capable of using a long, long time ago. Unfortunately she doesn't have a full grasp on her capabilities, considering in her earlier life, she had an intense fear of her powers, often thinking they were "monsters". The only competent manifestation of these abilities she can muster are rather small hands that branch from her body (their only origin point being at a point between the back of her skull and neck), being only able to grow up to 3 inches in width, and barely stretch about 15 feet from her body. She is able to spawn up to 10 of these arms, characterized by four points to resemble a hand, eyes adorning their "bodies", and sometimes manifesting mouths. These arms are a manifestation of her inner mind, and are only possible via the existence of her skewed subconsciousness. These arms only have the strength of a small child, only capable of picking up small things and with effort, moving slightly larger things. The farther they stretch, the less strength they have. The "fingers" they possess are actually rather sharp, but only at the strength and effectiveness of a common razor blade. Sometimes they whisper to her, stating her true thoughts, but are unable to be heard coherently by the sane, only sounding like mindless mumbling or slightly annoying noises.

» Pure Abilities: (Feel free to put any abilities they might have from their powers. Such as if they had the power to generate, control and tame electricity? They would have abilities that could allow them endure harsh climates, boosted speed and things such as that.)

I. Sacred Release

» Sacred Release Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when they release their spiritual power. This is essentially equivalent to a Shinigami's Shikai.)

» Sacred Release Powers: (Does your human get any additional powers from this transformation? For instance, if you had the power to control Fire in your base, could you control heat and magma in this state? Or would you gain something else?)

I. Ascended Sacred State

» Ascended Sacred State Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when they release their spiritual power. This is essentially equivalent to a Shinigami's Bankai.)

» Ascended Sacred State Powers: (Does your human get any additional powers from this transformation? For instance, if you had the power to control Fire in your base, could you control heat and magma in this state? Or would you gain something else?)

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Beginner
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Beginner
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Beginner
  • Physical Augmentation: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept


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[mod]A relatively minor thing, but before I do give this a proper grade, is this intended to be a totally powerless human? Or are you specifically aiming for a human that only has spiritual awareness? I'm assuming the latter, but you know what they say about assumptions.[/mod]
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Beginner

Comments/Notes: All good here. Just erase the supernatural abilities section and such, remove the Human Reiatsu section from your skills, and you'll be good to go, but that's minor stuff and doesn't directly influence the grade.

Additionally, I'll allow an Adept in Weapon Skill.
Tier: 6-0
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Ava is no longer powerless; Has risen to 5-3 in tier.

Focus has risen to Adept

General Speed has risen to Adept

Gained Ability: Nightmare Hands
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Ava (Previously Known As Neo) [Approved; 5-3]
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