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 Victoria du Belkane [APPROVED, 3-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Victoria du Belkane [APPROVED, 3-5]   Victoria du Belkane [APPROVED, 3-5] EmptySun Dec 10, 2017 3:59 am

I. Basic Information

» Name: Victoria du Belkane
» Titles: (Do they have any sort of title? Perhaps nicknames or titles they’ve earned)
» Age: 22
» Gender: Female
» Base Race: Quincy
» Secondary Race: Demon

» Affiliation/Rank: Shadowfall, Rank TBD

» Appearance: Victoria was always pale, but her current form has made her far more pale. Her body is attractive despite her odd skin color. She's lithe in most areas (the chest in the main exception), almost to the point that a person would say she would need to "get some meat on her bones." Victoria is, thankfully, basically locked in at her current build. She likes it as it gives off the feeling of someone not quite inhuman while not quite human. It's the perfect descriptor for her as a whole as well.

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Victoria is far from a "nice" person. She never really had a chance to be a nice person. Instead, Victoria is cruel to the point of defining herself as the epitome of a sadist. She cares not when someone screams for help. She cares not when an innocent dies. She cares not when she hurts someone for no real reason. Most everyone below her are a target. If her coffee is too hot or too cold, she'll tap the bare blade of her sword against the peon's neck. If her coffee is warm or cool, she'll do the same.

Victoria gets intense satisfaction from seeing people squirm under her pressure. She gets satisfaction from people trying to get under her skin. She gets satisfaction from people being in pain, people shouting in anger, shrieking in fear, howling in sadness, et cetera. Happiness? Even it gives Victoria a satisfaction. However, this satisfaction is simply that she knows that she can break it. The smiles curved into frowns, their eyes filling with tears of anguish--it is all satisfaction to this woman. Victoria uses various forms of punishment, the least severe of which is humiliation. She'll have someone stockaded, give them an extremely bad haircut and forbid covering of it, or making them walk around nude all as light punishments. This is, of course, for minor infractions such as sneezing out of place. She knows that certain actions don't require her full variety of punishment.

For more severe ways of punishment, it goes so far as to disfigure someone's face or genitals in a way that they would still be functional, but there wouldn't be a person with sight that wouldn't shy away or outright laugh at them. She's spread people's nude "selfies" around, sometimes altering them to make them far, far more embarrassing. She knows the right people to go to in order to make sure that information gets spread in all the right ways. Whether or not the information is true, Victoria doesn't care. She spreads the information to punish someone. It's their fault they screwed up, not hers. She is allowed to have creative liberties.

Humiliation he tends to use on servants and the like to make sure they know their place. That, and Victoria wants to make them realize she doesn't care about them, period. So we go to the next stage of her punishment, physical. This is more along the lines of what people are used to seeing and hearing about. These are the whippings, the torture, the dismemberments. This is what Victoria uses when she needs an immediate scream from someone else. It's more visual. That gives her a different kind of satisfaction, something she does enjoy.

Victoria is not above punishing someone sexually or emotionally either. One might thing that both of those fall under humiliation or her physical punishments. They do in all technical senses, but it is what it ends up doing to the punished that seperates it. It is a deeper pain, one that may never heal. It provides a longer-lasting satisfaction. This is more along the lines of what happened to Victoria herself. Had she the opportunity to truly learn empathy and sympathy, she'd never use such behavior. Instead, Victoria uses it as a way of going "this is how I felt, how does it feel, huh?!" Due to the varied nature of these types of punishment and the fact it must be personalized, Victoria doesn't have a set of examples she can name off.

She is the epitome of a sadist. She lives to see people writhe beneath her boot. It gives her a sense of life after being nothing but a puppet for so long. Most importantly, it gives Victoria a sense of domination. It shows that she is above most, not beneath them as she once was. Victoria is dominant in bed and in relationships. It will take a hell of a force of will to get her to be submissive, and even then some hypnotism would probably be needed. If she came to love someone, she might be a bit more willing to let them be on top, but so far that hasn't happened. Victoria, when not in the arms of someone she loves, can be described best as a 'dominatrix.' She truly enjoys the riding crop and seeing her slaves writhe in pain. Victoria does somewhat get off on other people's pain. But that's because the first time she remembers having 'fun' was killing her former master.

Victoria is not against slavery. You might think that being a former slave herself would turn her away from it, but you'd be wrong. In fact, it did the opposite. Victoria is only for slavery because of what it did to her. She no longer has whipping scars, but she instead has a determination to be on top and remain on top. Her time in slavery broke her, but she came back stronger and more determined to be in control. So she uses slaves to assert her control and prove that she is no longer one of them. It is a fucked up thing, but Victoria is fucked up.

III. Character History

Warning: This history will contain some 18+ sections. Reader Discretion is advised.

Victoria blocked out the memories of the fire. Well, she thinks she blocked them out. Her power did that—it was part of the price. The heat was the only thing from before that she does remember. What was before was perhaps so boring that it didn't deserve to be remembered. Victoria awoke in a dark place that felt so wrong to be in. The air was thicker, heavier with an overwhelming undulating presence. She awoke, shackled to a stone wall. It wasn't mortared stone, but solid and blackish-purple. It almost looked like a petrified stomach—full of ridges and bulbous protrusions. The cold stone was really the first thing she remembered from this time. She wished it was the only thing she could remember.

Victoria tried to call for help. No one answered. She saw patrolling figures, none of which glanced her way. It was too dark to see more than a few yards in any direction, but she could see that there were small openings that led into yellow light. That was how she saw the figures, who never seemed quite human. Victoria winced as she tried to wriggle free from the iron shackles binding her ankles. Before the hour was up, her ankle was already chafed. Victoria tried to break free. Oh, did she try.

It was met by a yell, followed by a cudgel.It was a man with too large of arms and what looked to be horns. Although that could have been her imagination. It was enough of a hit for her to see double. Double or not, the man's blueish skin was enough to tell her that he was not human. He told her to stop that whining. He hit her again when she began to ask a question. He knelt down, tapping her jaw—which was close to dislocation—with the end of his cudgel.

"Sorry girlie, but ya ain't in no nice place no more. Yer with demons now... And well, humans ain't got any rights 'ere.

Following that was the first time Victoria was raped by her captors. It was punishment for wasting his time. All Victoria did was scream into the burly hand covering her mouth. After he left, Victoria curled up into a ball and wept. She began to lose track of time very quickly. As time went on, Victoria heard over the silence the same type of muffled screams she had made. She wasn't the only one down here—and she wasn't the only one being punished for her actions.

Victoria tried to escape multiple times. She was beaten back every time. Normally this would have cause to kill her, but Victoria was a human. She was being used as a tool for the demons to let off some steam about the way humans treated their kin in the World of the Living. She was an arrogant human, thinking the way of the Demon World didn't work for her. They had to prove her wrong. If Victoria were a male, they'd find some other way to humiliate and break him. But Victoria wasn't. She was a fleshy toy to them for most of her miserable time in the dungeons.

Victoria's life hurt. Existence was pain to the point where suicide just wasn't worth it. She had tried multiple times, only to be saved by infernal medics. It seemed she was being watched for just such a thing. Victoria would just get punished harder for trying. It seemed as though the healing they gave also prevented any consequences of her punishment. It always felt sickening to have that healing go through her body. It coursed through her entire being, always causing seizures by the end of it. Victoria eventually just stopped trying to escape and suicide. She stopped trying to resist.


Victoria prayed. It was the only thing left to her. She prayed to God. He gave no answer. Neither did the Buddha, Allah, the Trimurti, nothing. She prayed to Cthullu. She prayed to Anhur, Guanyin, Horus, Susanoo, Zeus, Hades, Anubus, Chernobog, Odin, Jabru, Medjed, Seker, Bagadjimbiri, Khnum, , Quetzalcoatl, Degei, Angra Mainyu, Ninurta, Kroni, Xipe Totec, Dionysus, Rod, Shamash, Forseti... All did not answer. She ran through pantheons and associations. She went and found the ones that would help her or at least give her the death she so craved. It wasn't until she went into the pantheon of Chaos that she heard an answer.

"You rang, sug?

It was not what she expected. Victoria pled with the voice. She asked for death—the voice would not give it. She asked for freedom—the voice again did not give. After thought, Victoria broke. She asked for power—the voice smiled. Victoria spoke with the voice more and more, and the voice gave her some... conditions. Victoria agreed and she was bathed in raw power. It awoke something inside of her, something she had always felt sleeping there. Victoria broke her chains—her eyes and skin pale and deadly. When a guard tried to stop her, she killed him. Victoria did the same to anyone else who got in her way until she found the source of the voice. Victoria was covered in blood the first time she knelt before Mana, swearing the oath of loyalty she promised.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

Skill: Torture Techniques
Rank: EX
Description: The skill of using techniques that bring harm to someone else for the achievement of one's goal. These can be psychological, emotional, or physical tortures. Victoria's own skill in this is so high due to her being on the recieving end of many techniques. She knows how one's body will react, so she is able to perform the techniques for complete manipulation. It's a formidable skill outside of combat.

Skill:Human Anatomy Understanding
Rank: B-
Description: The skill of having a grasp of the inner workings of the human body, like a piece of precision machinery. Victoria's skill with this is only so high due to her high rank of Torture Techniques. Without that skill, this would be ranked at D+. She is able to understand the body greater than most, but repairing it is beyond her.

Skill: Thrill of the Hunt
Rank: B+
Description: The skill of tracking down a prey, enduring the chase through whatever obstacles are in the way. Victoria is capable of hunting through both urban and wilderness. Terrain means little, although she does not have the survival skills for a prolonged hunt. This gives her an advantage mainly over short hunts, when the trail is fresh and the prey is making mistakes.

Skill: Cooking
Rank: E--/B
Description: The skill of preparing meals. In terms of flavor, Victoria falls to the far end of the spectrum. Her food is bland and uninteresting. In terms of nutritional value, her food ranks fairly high in that regard. She is someone who can "cook mountains of food from few ingredients" although the taste would be lacking.

Skill: Swordsmanship
Rank: C
Description: The skill of wielding a sword or weapons with the "Sword" attribute. Despite it being her weapon of choice, Victoria is not very good with it. As someone who has only been training with it for a few years, it's something she is heavily outclassed on by the majority of warriors. Victoria is above a normal person's skill, but against a trained warrior she is surely to lose based on sword skill alone.

VI. Racial Dichotomy

Overview: Victoria is an artificial hybrid. She was born a full-blooded Quincy, but was eventually "tainted" by Demonic essence provided by Mana Asthavon. This was what gave her most of her newfound power and even awakened some of her latent Quincy power. This awakening is what spawned Victoria's unflinching loyalty to the Demon Queen, despite being perhaps the closest thing to a mortal in the Demon World. However, there are problems with being a hybrid-by-infusion. This has locked out many of both sides' abilities.

  • Able to use Za Koa like a normal Demon.
  • Able to survive in the Demon World without outside assistance
  • Retains Quincy Spirit Weapon & Quincy ability to destroy Souls
  • Able to use Za Koa influence to augment Quincy abilities

  • Vollständig, Letzt Stil, and Adjustable Demon States are unattainable
  • Akuma Kyodo, Demon Magic, and Hirenkyaku, are unavailable
  • If Victoria disobeys a condition of her contract with Mana, she will be temporarily reduced to 5-5 in tier.
  • Mana's influence can cause her Focus skill to be reduced to beginner temporarily.
  • Shorter natural lifespan (roughly half of a normal Quincy's)
  • Spirit Weapon cannot dematerialize and has become a focus just like a Quincy Cross

VII. Racial Abilities

Entō: (鉛筒; Lead Tubes) Victoria has started to research the possibility of mixing Gintō and Za Koa to create a hybrid version capable of being far stronger. Entō are the same size as Gintō with the difference being the metal they are made out of. Victoria tried the mixtures in multiple metal containers after getting thei dea that it might be the silver that is causing the issue. Lead was the correct metal, so Entō were born. They are far heavier than she would like but that is a reasonable price for their power. So far she has only created a few Entō.

  • Mischung: (Mixture) Mischung was the first created—created entirely by accident. The liquidized reishi of a normal Gintō reacted poorly with Za Koa when she was making a few Gintō. This prompted her research into their combining. Mischung is the result of the initial reaction. Mischung requires the liquid within to be spilled. After only a few seconds of being outside of its protective container, the liquid explodes. This explosion is thankfully more fire than force and does not do much damage if you can put out the strange brown fire that comes from it. Mischung can be compared to a self-igniting napalm. This is the easiest to make, as any improper mixture of Za Koa and Reishi will produce Mischung.

  • Magnetisierer: (Magnetizer) Made with 2 parts Za Koa to 1 1/2 part Reishi. Magnetisierer is a simple Entō. When the liquid inside makes contact with another surface, that surface will draw other Entō and Gintō within 5 yards towards it. The liquid stays magnetized for three posts.

  • Stahlschnee: Made with 4 parts Reishi to 3 parts Za Koa. Stahlschnee is an interesting one. Once the liquid exist the tube, it forms into a snowflake-shaped flat piece of steel. The steel is about 2 inches thick and hovers for only a single post before fading away. The shape changes with each cast, much like an actual snowflake's uniqueness. The angle and position is determined by the holding tube at the time of the last drop leaving. The plate of metal acts a shield or something along those lines. It's a big chunk of metal whose position can't be adjusted after release (except by someone of Master-level strength or two people of Advanced-level). There isn't much special about it.

VIII. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: die Knechtung (Subjugation)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: die Knechtung takes the form of a longsword. It is black in blade, hilt, and aura.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: die Knechtung feels almost wrong to hold for most people. It feels like it should be heavier than it is. It's like holding a fake sword made to look as realistic as possible. The sword feels like it should weigh tons, not mere pounds. It's an unnatural feeling, but it goes to show the gravity of this blade's sins. Victoria can keep die Knechtung summoned indefinitely with no drain on herself, similar to a Zanpakutou. She can also have it dematerialize and rematerialize just like a normal Spirit Weapon.

Unlike a normal Quincy, Victoria's Spirit Weapon cannot fire off arrows. It doesn't even really fire off anything. Instead, a blackish-brown mud is formed from the blade. This mud doesn't have much of an odor, but it feels like thick caramel or a stream of liquidized plastic. It writhes almost unnaturally, like it's living and on-edge. This mud acts as her arrows would. It seeks out reishi and spiritual beings, feeding on them ever so slightly. It is a simple organism effectively, gobbling up whatever spiritual energy it touches. Unless someone is submerged in the mud, it doesn't feed off enough to harm them. If they are submerged--which takes an entire day to prepare--then it is enough to harm them by sapping away whatever spiritual energy it has. This is not counting the fact that they will be submerged in a thick, viscous liquid and would therefore have trouble breathing.

The mud is spiritually charged naturally, but not enough to really be able to do much. Once it has taken in ambient reishi (approximately one post after its creation), it gains enough charge to be a proper Quincy weapon--for however proper this mud actually is. For every three inches of surface area of mud, a single 6-foot-long pike can be formed. These pikes are very much like Quincy arrows and behave as such except for the fact that they do not fire off. They simply pierce upward as if someone has thrust them through the ground. They match the color of the mud, giving it a seamless appearance.

The mud also has a unique application of being able to replace the liquified Reiryoku of Gintou. This allows her to use this mud, which has obvious demonic influences, to alter how Gintou normally would work. Her Gintou are stored in black, cast-iron tubes instead of the standard silver ones used by most Quincy. A unique effect of the mud's use as a catalyst is that both Demons and Quincy could, in theory, use her Gintou if they knew the proper arrays and incantations.

Although it is not a possible application yet due to Victoria's inexperience and lack of in-depth knowledge, a further use of the mud down the line would be the ability to give a sampling of what the Seal of Eris could give someone. This is a temporary effect, lasting until the end of the thread where it is used. However, it can be used multiple times on the same person. If used more than once, however, it creates a desire for more. This will eventually cause an addiction, which would only be sated by a permenant Seal of Eris. By that point however, someone would be so close to a shattered personality and mental state that it would be better to simply send them on a suicide mission.

The mud has another ability, something that Victoria does not like to use much because even it puts her off. It is the reason why the blade feels like it should be heavier than it is. Victoria can, with enough mud, begin to create crude depictions of the life her blade has taken. These are mindless, obeying her commands only. She has two ways of creating these imitations—crude or "detailed." The crude ones only take a semi-human skeletal shape. These are humanoid, yes, but the actual bone structure is mostly different. Despite being between 5'2 and 6'0 in height, they have fewer vertebrae and ribs. Their ribs do not even some close to the length of a human rib, and they will only have 2 or 3 pairs of ribs. They look more like claws than the ribs that humans have. Most unnerving about these skeletons is that they have only about a third of a head. They have an upper jaw, a lower jaw, and a bit of the structure surrounding the nose. That is it. They come out of the mud armed with crude, solid-bone swords, axes, etc. These skeletons are not very strong, fast, or even durable. An adept in any Natural Skill can easily destroy one of these skeletons. The problem with is their number. Victoria can create up to 5 per post, but she has an upper limit of 50 being summoned at one time. They also can freely step out of the mud they were created from.

The second use is the "detailed" version. These are, for one, not detailed. Or rather they are in features. They can mimic a person that Victoria has killed down to each strand of hair. They can speak the same voice, but they do not have the same mannerisms or personality—unless it is something Victoria knew of. The thing these things do not have is color. Instead, they are all the same, uniform shade of black-brown that makes up the rest of the mud. These are stronger than the skeletons (matching with an Adept in Natural Skills), but they cannot leave the mud. They must be in constant contact with the mud. Victoria can only summon one of these at a time, and doing so will halve her allotment of skeletons.

X. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes:

    *HOLDS B*

  • Tier: 3-5
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[mod]Due to the owner of this character application having left site, this application is being archived.[/mod]

Victoria du Belkane [APPROVED, 3-5] LzZCuy7
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Victoria du Belkane [APPROVED, 3-5]
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