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 Sycross Costello [Finished]

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I. Basic Information

» Name: Currently the Danava of Imagination and Reality goes by the name of 'Sycross Costello', it was the name which had been given to him once he was recycled and given life anew. As he was brought back into the world he had trouble remembering what his life was like in the past, in the back of his mind he felt that there had been something more to him but he couldn't put his finger on it. But the demon decided that he needed a name that he would be able to go by, for a long time he went through numerous different aliases- but after a close friend whom he met he decided to respect their memory by permanently making their name his. He carries this name in high regard, if it were his name perhaps he truly wouldn't care what others thought or said of it... but to live in the memory of his fallen friend he shall not allow anyone to trample on such a name.

Over time the demon has come to remember certain pieces of information, such as the name given to him when he was first born into the world. The name of "Adael Incoporus" was a name that some held in high regard, and that others wished it would just disappear. It was a name given to him by his summoners, they based it on the concepts in which he was forged in. He was given the name Adael, meaning "God witnesses", this said due to his summoner believing that he was the one to witness the birth of a new world in which he would be their 'God'. Incoporus was the surname given due to his concepts being vague and incorporeal, as is the idea of imagination.

He does not go by his name even though he has remembered it, he believes that the bond he made with a dear friend was more important to him than a few words made by crazy lunatics, and he shall continue to believe that.

» Titles: Over the ages he has been given a variety of sobriquets and pseudonyms, though many have been forgotten and the ones which are remembered are have not been used in an extremely long time: Lord, Fallen, Deus, and Sketchbook. All of these names have their own origins, some more interesting and viable than others. Though the names which have been forgotten by his mind seemed to likely be gone forever, perhaps he shall one day remember it all.

Both 'Lord' and 'Fallen' were nicknames which were given to him by the demon clan which brought him into existence. He was revered by the people in the clan, they thought that he would be the key to them winning the war and becoming the leaders of the demon realm. Because of this they referred to him as 'Lord Adael', very few in the clan were allowed to speak his name without the honorific or title- though this was not because he enforced the rule, it was the head of the clan which did so. The latter name was given to him after he had been sealed away and was no longer with them, they made multiple prophecies talking about how 'the fallen one would return', or perhaps they would speak of him orally. Until the very last clansmen they worshiped him and believed that one day he would come back to them, and they would resume their conquering of the realm.

On the other hand 'Deus' was a name given to him by the people who were in his inner world. When the davana got bored he decided to create his own world and people in the blank void of his inner world, this gave birth to cultures and things like he never expected to happen. Though they seemed to be unified under one religion for some reason or another, it was a common and accepted fact that someone whom they called 'Deus' made the world they lived in. Therefore while it was not a name that someone directly spoke to him as, it was a title given to him by the fact he merely existed.

Though on a brighter note, the name 'Sketchbook' was something given to him by the dear friend whose name he took upon their death. Once seeing what he could do, his friend who was an artist, decided that a fitting name to call him was Sketchbook. Much like the artist, the Danava's canvas was the world and his paint was his imagination, and so kindly and lovingly he was referred to as Sketchbook. As corny of a name as it was, Sycross couldn't help but love it more than any of the aforementioned names; the other ones were titles that he had been called by, none of them had true emotion behind the words. He loved this name because it was not a title, it was a nickname given to him, and for that he shall forever hold it dear.

» Age: Time is fluid for most people, the perception of time is something that is at a constant and for very few people can they actually stop the process of aging. If it were possible for Sycross to remember his past life he could likely call back to a time when the area in the demon realm he was born in consisted of city-states, which would be around 30,000 years ago. So in total he'd be about 30,000 years old, he spent a long time in his inner world but time kept moving for him. However due to the fact he died and was recycled, at this current day and age he will say he is only about 572 years old, but if you were to count his age as one time from start until now he'd be a total of 31,729 years old.

But on the other hand he does not look like he has aged a day past his twenties, a man who could even be considered a grown adult yet not an elder. Someone who was on the climax of life was far past the age which one would assume by just walking past him on the street.

» Gender: Both before being recycled and after his from has taken that of a male, his voice masculine yet soft spoken of course. Just by taking a glance and the danava you can immediately tell that he has a penis, or at the very least looks like someone who should have one. This guy is in no shape or form androgynous, perhaps the only thing about him that could be considered feminine would be his pale skin- not pale in the unhealthy way. Though in the end Sycross is someone who couldn't give a hell about gender, rather than looking at you with such a label he'd look at someone as a person. Though... that does not mean he doesn't like women, in fact he loves them!... Yep, male.

» Affiliation/Rank: Sycross at this moment is a loyal follower of Shadow Fall, working for the upper echelon in a group known as the 'Banshee Force'. Having the fourth position out of ten in this group, he serves to directly protect the thrones and goes on different missions. For now he will begin to believe in what they stand for, but only time will be able to tell if something about that will be changing or if it will stay like that.

» Shifter Appearance Written: Over the years Sycross hasn't seemed to age at all, the man has always had a constant appearance. He stands at the average height of five foot eleven inches, depending on where you are in the world this could either make him below or above average in height, for those using another system he'd be standing at a total of 180 CM. He has a slender figure, not being petite but for as strong as he could be he doesn't seem like there is a ton of muscle mass on him, while his muscles are relatively toned he has never been a muscle buff. Sycross weighs in at around 164 pounds or if you'd rather, 74 kilograms, while some might say it's a surprising weight for his size he does have a small amount of muscle mass on his body no matter how small.

On the top of his head lays softly his silver hair, it flows longly and goes down his back, his hair is soft and smooth- though most of the time Sycross doesn't find a reason to brush or comb it so even on it's best days it seems a bit wild and unkempt. Speaking of which, most of the time Sycross will keep his hair in a ponytail near the top of his head where most of his hair tends to hang, near the front of his face his bangs tend to sometimes get in his eyes but sometimes they are parted. The sides of his hair is where his hair tends to fall down onto his shoulders sine not all of it can stretch up all the way to the ponytail to be kept.

Right under his bangs lay his eyes, both of them a fluorescent purple that seems to match a lot of the rest of his attire. Directly on his face on the left eye is a mark which moves down from his forehead, an arrow going straight through the eyelid and down only to move off to the side. Sycross does not know the reason for which he has this, he assumed perhaps it was some side effect of him being recycled, or perhaps if his body stayed the same maybe it was something that he had received previously in life. Either way, for as long as he could remember, he had alway had the mark on his face and didn't know any other reason as to why it would be there.

For the most part while in his shifter form he tends to wear a classy white dress shirt made of pure silk. On the edge of the shirt where the buttons lay follows up a long purple line, going all the way from the bottom of the shirt to meet where his color lays, the buttons themselves matching the ones on his vest with a metal texture. The cuffs of the shirt happen to have the same texture, while having a silk feeling on each side they are shown as purple- though most of the time are not able to be seen due to the coat which he wears, though we'll get to that later. Around his collar lays a sleek black tie, near the top of the tie is a purple gem with golden etchings around the embedded gem.

Above the shirt is a purple vest which covers all the way around his back, though cutting off where the shoulders meet the sleeves. The vest is made of a thicker, yet similar silk material- whereas the shirt itself feels as if it was relatively thin. Much like with the purple lining of the dress shirt, the vest itself where it falls around the tie and color has black edges, the area in which the buttons meet happens to be the same with the long black lines following up on either side of the vest. The buttons of the vest itself as states are made up of a metal material, thick enough to not be bent but still out of a thick metallic material.

Finally, on the top of the vest is a long coat which seems to go all the way down to the back of his knees, or perhaps even a little longer than that if he were to hunch down a bit. The coat itself is made out of a similar material as the vest, but with a less constricting feeling of course. The white coat goes all the way up and pops up much like a collar would, near the shoulders lay two guards with golden edges, while following down all the way to the cuff of the jacket lays a black fabric with golden edges- much like how the rest of his coat near the front happens to have golden edges.

Though luckily for him, the pants he wears is nowhere near as constricting as his upper body happens to be. Wearing white dress pants, made with a silk fabric like his shirt though is much more akin to the fabric of his vest when considering the thickness of the material. Pockets lay on both sides of course, though the stitching is made in such a way where he can bend in any which way and the pants themselves are not likely to rip- expert sewing! Following all the way down are two simple dress shoes, a slick black and comfortable padding inside of the shoe itself, laced up tightly on the top of the shoe is two long and black laces.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written: Most of the time Sycross tends to look the same, the only time in which his appearance has really changed happens to be when he changes his form into his true form, his demon form. In this states he still stands at the average height of five foot and eleven inches, and at the same time his slender figure has not changed much no matter how one might perceive it, the muscle mass staying the same which leaves him at a total of 164 pounds. His figure for the most part has stayed the same even when he is in this form, nothing physically has happened nor does he really grow any type of horns nor anything else of the sort, for the most part he looks relatively humanoid.

In this form some might say his hair is even more wild than before, if the other one was wild and unkempt then this one can be considered a complete disaster. It looks as if no one had taken a brush through it in years, being the same silver color and as smooth as ever it is flung wildly to the side, his bangs hanging low yet to the side and in the middle as to not obstruct the man's sight. Unlike last time, his hair is not even long enough to warrant something like a pony tail, barely even going half-way down his neck, his hair is practically the same, just much shorter whenever he happens to shift into this form.

The two orbs in his face, or in other words his eyes, happens to be one of the few things that look non-humanoid in this form; and even then if one wanted to they could get an eyeball tattoo which could give them black scleras. Though much like his original form, his eyes have stayed the same purple color in, nothing about his irises happens to change at all- the only notable difference is that one is a slightly brighter purple than the other. Much like before the other constant thing happens to be the thing on the left side of his face, the long line which goes down his forehead all the way across his eyelid before scooting over to the left onto his cheek is still there. Though it makes him curious why such a mark is still like this even though he has changed from his true form, he doesn't know what influenced it to be there in any way.

Covering his entire body is some form of suit, more akin to something like body armor, Sycross has worn this for the longest of times- the suit itself being a sleek black. Here and there are breaks in the armor which leaves space for a purple fabric, and near the legs especially there are places where on the edges are also a purple color. Near the center of his chest is a glowing gem which is embedded into the suit itself, the gem itself seems to be glowing as well as being an indent into the body armor, therefore not protruding outwards for anything to catch or press against it.

Even though the body suit happens to go all the way down his arms, on the top of the body suit specifically near the chest and arm area he wears a long jacket which much like before has a flip up collar which follows all the way around his head. The jacket itself is intricately designed with lines, the jacket being mostly black with some lines following around the edge and covering across the arms in purple. Once going all the way down the sleeves you find the end where the purple lines meet and faded into a black cuff, the jacket itself being sleek as can be. The fabric seemingly made out of something similar from his jacket in the last form, being as constriction-less as possible.

On his hands Sycross wears padded gloves, the palm itself being padded with some type of gel which allows him to touch and hold things along with moving his hands without any kind of constriction. Near the top however, especially on his knuckles, are padding in a similar fashion as to what coves his entire body, the same type of hard body armor covering them. Though between his hands and the armor itself is the same padding gel covering his hands, as to keep his knuckles as free from injury as could possible be. The black gloves follow along to where the fingers are, similarly padded in both armor and gel alike they area purple color all the way down through his fingertips.

Beneath the suit itself is some clothes, a black shirt which sleeves follow all the way down his arms and is made out of a similar silk fabric. Beneath lays a pair of black pants which are not dress pants yet are made out of a smooth fabric, not cotton nor any rough type of material. Having pockets here and there leaves space for him to put things were he to bother to take off the suit itself. Near the bottom he does not have any shoes on mainly due to the fact the body suit itself have boots at the bottom, though he does wear a pair of socks underneath to prevent any kind of blistering.

» True Appearance Picture:

II. Personality

» Positive

◎ Active If he isn't doing something, then he is wasting time- and that is something he loathes more than anything. The demon must always be doing something, he loves being active and moving around- whether it is out going for a walk, reading a book, or just fiddling with his hands. Whenever Sycross isn't moving his mind wanders off into other places, his imagination will fly free and go in whatever direction it can be pulled. If he isn't doing something then he will definitely find something to do, whether it is going around and straightening things up or if it is simply drawing a piece of notebook paper and pencil before starting a sketch, he is a man who likes to constantly be on a mission, though because of this it does sometimes give him problems paying attention to what he was doing at the moment or whenever people are trying to talk to him, which can lead into misunderstandings.

To some extent Sycross has ADHD, he is a person who tends to wander off task, sometimes lacking persistence and has difficulty sustaining focus on one singular task. But this is most commonly seen with day-to-day things, whenever he sets out to do something, if it is important, he will make sure to do the task until it is finished to completion. This has lead into a problem of time management, whenever it is something he sets out to do and becomes obsessive over it then he will do it to the extreme, sometimes spending an ungodly amount of time on the things he has to do. On some projects he has been known to spend days upon days on whatever it is he is doing or fidgeting with at the moment, when in all likelihood he will probably forget about it within five hours of even finishing it. In reality the one thing that he truly chases afterwards is the feeling of satisfaction that awaits him once knowing he has finished something, it is a feeling unlike any other- at least to him. It's something that he craves, and forever will crave as long as he walks the world.

◎ Calm Perhaps a bit different form other people, Sycross is a person who tends to try and keep himself together at all times. When pushing his buttons just the right way it is definitely possible for someone to get on his bad side and aggravate him to the point he gets aggressive. But as long as someone doesn't push them in the right order then it's more than likely that he will not respond violently in any way, shape, or form. He believes someone who can keep a neutral expression is way more valuable than someone who let's their emotions drive them, and furthermore he is someone who believes their surroundings effect them. If he were in a group of people, it would give them more confidence if they were to see someone who was able to keep their cool no matter what they were doing, being able to see someone who at the best and at the worst of times managed to get the job done and get it done perfectly.

He spends his time doing things that are calming to him, he normally puts time aside every single day to do something such as meditation. He believes a calm mind leads to a sound soul, therefore he hates things that cause discord within himself and within a group. Whenever a problem occurs and he has the time to think of a solution rather than doing something on the fly, he will separate himself from the situation to take the time to consider all of his options so that he can go in with a purpose. He separates his response from the stimulus which he was given, if one were to cause a problem with him he would retreat to think of the best course of action before just deciding what to do for himself. He believes that if one did things without considering all the facts then he can put in jeopardy every single thing that he has worked so hard for, all of his time wasted.

◎ Cooperative While yes he is a person who believes he is always right and knows best, he also is smart enough to know when he is over his head and cannot do something alone. But in truth he loves working with people, after all when working with someone that means there are meat shields he can use when danger is inco-... E-Er, that means they can help each other if the time were to come that they needed to do things such as fighting or sharing information... Yeah, that's what was meant. A lot of things in life you can't do on your own, sometimes you need outside help and he can understand that, he is able to work in a group with people he trusts. The only problems comes in when he is having to work with someone he does not trust, whenever being around them he would always be looking over his shoulder and watching them- he would be skeptical on why they even bothered to be working with him and what they could possibly gain. Trusts is a huge problem that he has, he is not someone that could blindly trust them on the faith that they have no reason to back stab or betray him.

With all that said, even if he doesn't trust someone he does understand when doing things alone that there is a possibility he could be overwhelmed- whether it was the amount of work he had to do, or if he was fighting and the enemies were too great in strength or in number. He understands his own weakness and knows that other people could easily come to fill in the gaps where he lacks- but this has lead to an obsession of bettering himself every single day, he wants to get to a point where he has absolutely no weakness and he doesn't need the help for anyone to do a single thing. This is something he wishes for, this is something that he constantly trains both his mind and body to work on- he doesn't even want the help of his eternal partner, if he could do everything all on his own then he would!

◎ Empathetic This is a trait of Sycross that most people will never in a million years get to see, or believe that it even exists within him. It's a secret side of him that is very rarely shown to anyone, part of Sycross has come to disgust this about himself and believes that it is weakness. But when there is someone that he comes to truly care about, he will be incredibly caring and kind towards them whether they are going through strife or not, whether they are on the greener side of the grass or if the grass where they stand has withered and died. When someone has seen this side of him they will come to realize that he truly can care for someone, it's just that when someone is alone for so long it hardens their heart and it becomes near impossible to show emotion. Showing this side of him has become hard, perhaps it is because he is either secretly afraid of getting hurt or believes that if other people see the side of him that they will judge him for it.

By some miracle if he cares enough for a person to try and be there for them whenever they are having problems, it is likely they are talking to this side of him rather than the normal one which is shown to most people. In truth he is a good listener, if one wanted to talk about their problems then he would care to listen if they needed an ear- if there was a problem which they could not handle alone then he would do whatever was within his power to help them. He will constantly be looking out for the person, if they were suffering or in need of a lift, in emotional pain or being physical hurt; he would make sure that through thick and thin that at the very least they could say he was by his side and that they were never alone. But again, for him to become so attached to them, they must have known each other for a long time! He doesn't show this side off to people he just met, after all.

◎ Hardworking Possibly tying into him being passionate about something, whenever he sets his mind on something he will continue to work on it.He is not only willing, but he wants to do the work and wants to do it right; he is always efficient on things such as showing up on time and getting the job within the duration that he has been given. Perhaps this is just a way for him to pass his time, such as when he was stuck within his own inner world it led him to being an incredibly diligent person in governing his world. He would make sure things were constantly happening whether it was day or night in the world, whether it was supposed to be a peaceful or violent time for the people that lived there something would always be going on. He made sure that the gears turned and that they turned the right way, and if there was a nail which stuck up too high in the board then he would slam it down with all of his might, after all as being a hard working person he needed to make sure the time he spent working on this world didn't go to waste.

If he were working a job he would make sure that he would not only show up on time, but that he would arrive as early as he possibly could. He would make a point to never be the last person to show up or to do something, and if by some miracle he managed to fail completely at what he was doing then he would beat himself up at much as he could until he eventually felt like he has atoned for messing up, after all not doing things correctly wastes time and that is something he hates to do. Sycross is a self-motivated person, he is the type of person who would sweep the floor if he happens to just see that it was dirty and needed to be cleaned. He is someone who will take the initiative on something whether the person at the top tells him to do it or not, then again most of the time he hates being told what to do so perhaps if someone told him to do something he would go out of his way to not do.

◎ Incisive Most of the time Sycross can seem to be a reserved, quiet person- this stems from the fact that he is an analytical thinker and tends to go off on tangents within his own mind while observing things. He likes to get to the bottom of things, the thing that self-motivates him is curiosity of how things work or perhaps the curiosity of what would happen were he to do things thing or another. The danava detests when things have contradictions or do not make any sense by his logic, if something didn't click in his brain then he would keep trying until whatever he could not grasp previously was easily understandable. He believes himself to have a sharp intellect, a mind that can quickly and effectively grasp patterns, principles, and structures- he wishes to one day be able to understand how the world itself works, how the multi-verses can co-exist and not clash into one another and what powers managed to force everything into a perfect clockwork which makes the universe as we know it.

Sycross will see overt emotion as a weakness, something that he should distrust. This leads him to believe that if it came down to a situation where a decision needed to be made right then and there, that the person who showed such weakness would let their emotions get in the way of what they should do. Most of the time he is a flexible person, he is able to work around things if they happen to get in his way or form some kind of roadblock that would give other people problems. If there was something prohibiting his access from where he is to where he needed to go he wouldn't give a second thought to breaking the rules to get to where he needs to be, this has lead to a bad habit of his- the thrill of improvisation. It brings him a feeling that is closer to ecstasy rather than satisfaction when he just does something off the fly and does it great.

◎ Outspoken He believes that what he said should be heard, Sycross is never afraid to look at someone and let them know what he is thinking. He is a very opinionated person and will point out things he believes needs to be pointed out. This is both a good and a bad trait, while being able to voice your opinion is a good skill it starts becoming bad when one does it in a manner that is blunt and tactless to another person. It can get to a point where he does not agree with someone or does not agree with something, and he will point out it's flaws and be incredibly brutal with it, he doesn't care that someone else has feelings when he believes something needs to be said.

This likely stems from when he was younger, when the demon clan summoned him and made him their 'Lord'. His opinion was asked on almost everything, this caused him to some sort of inflated ego when he walks around, believing if it is needed then he would speak out against something no matter what. Most of the time he is okay with just speaking his mind and dropping the subject, very few times does it ever reach the point where it becomes a fight, he just believes that if one was to have a conversation with another, or talk to them about some kind of plan or action that their opinion is wanted on the matter. Besides, if their opinion wasn't wanted why would they ask in the first place?

◎ Passionate Whenever Sycross gets into something he can become adrenalized over it, if something catches his eyes he can come to find himself working on it almost non-stop if it were possible. Whether it was a project, another person, or perhaps even a cause in which he can find his faith in, then he will fight for it until the day he dies or stops believing. Were he to become passionate about the cause of a group he would come to believe in it's word, thinking that whatever they were doing was for a common goal whether it was a good one or a bad one. If it were a person he would come to believe that they could do not wrong and would follow them to the ends of the earth if need be. If he were to become passionate about a project of his, he will complete it to a point everything was done and complete exactly as he wanted.

This turns into him being a perfectionist about every single little thing that he does. Because of this he tends to thing it is either right or wrong, perfect or a disaster, he will think in one extreme or the other rather than seeing the characteristics of people and situations. If someone were rude or mean he would think "They are mean," instead of, "They can sometimes be mean." It comes to a point that he rarely can trust someone to do a task correct, some might see him as a micro-manager or a control-freak when in reality he just sees his actions as wanting to get the job done right. Sycross always tends to fixate on something that he messed up rather than looking at all the things he did right, tis leads him to procrastinating or avoiding situations where he thinks he might not excel, secretly this just means that he is afraid he will fail at the task and his rationale becomes, "I probably won't be able to do it like I want to do it, so what should I bother doing it at all?"

◎ Principled Sycross, believe it or not, does work off some principle or another. Though one would be wrong to assume that these principles are morally just or righteous, he is a person who drums to his own beat and follows his own set of rules. While these principles might not be morally correct, at the very least he does stay constant on what he happens to believe.

His principles are based on his own morality and what he happens to believe in, Sycross has an alignment of true neutral and most of the time will not lean to either side. He knows what is right and wrong, he has no evil nor good tendencies, he is likely to kill someone, but at the same time is just as likely to save them. Most of the time he will look past morality and weigh the options on if they would benefit him the most or what he just happens to feel like in that moment. He would not be the type to needlessly kill someone, if they get in his way or hinder him any shape or fashion then perhaps he would abandon or get rid of them if needed.

◎ Protective There are very few people in this world the Sycross actually comes to care about, the idea of camaraderie is a foreign concept to Sycross. Beyond that the idea of coming to 'love' someone is something that has never even bothered to come to his mind. He became an incredibly lonely person when he was stuck in his inner world for over 20,000 years, he became someone that tried to keep people and things as far away as they could possibly be. If he continued to care about things in his previous life outside of his inner world he knew he would constantly think of them, so for his own sanity and the sanity of his eternal partner he dejected himself from them, bringing himself to no longer care about them to save his own sanity- which didn't work, by the by.

But if he happens to come to care for a person he will be extremely protective over them, if something or another were to put them in harm's way then he'd do everything within his power to stop it by any mean's necessary. On the other hand if he were to come protective over an object or item he would make sure that it was always in his hands. He wouldn't even think of the possibility that anyone else could get it, the mere thought that the thing he currently has which is his and his alone could be in the hands of another person. If one were to try and injure someone or something, or take someone or something, he would go through hell and back to make sure he got what he deserved for daring to even look at his property the wrong way.

» Negative

✘ Arrogant Likely to be one of his worst flaws, he tends to have the mindset of what he thinks is right, and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks or says it won't convince him otherwise. A lot of the time his ego will take a hold of everything and he won't pay attention to what's right in front of him, reality sometimes is ironically too far out of reach for him no matter what he comes to find to be true. Even if at times he was proven that he was in fact wrong, there a high likelihood he won't even admit that he was wrong no matter how obvious it is or how much it is pointed out. But this does not mean he isn't willing to learn, while he does not outwardly say he understands that he is wrong, on the inside in his mind he keeps it in check that in fact what he thought was wrong- his outward attitude will not change whilst his internal attitude is taking every single bit of knowledge that he can so that in the future were something to come up he would not be wrong.

In fact the truth is he has insecurities, he doesn't like not knowing things, he doesn't like knowing being able to do this thing or another thing. One might take it as in truth he just likes stroking his on ego when in reality he just is not confident in the area which he does not understand, and because of that whenever he is proven wrong he hates it when other people shove it in his face- but if he was right he'd definitely shove it in other people's faces.

✘ Blunt A lot of the time when he sets out to say something he believes that need to be said he doesn't mean to insult someone, he doesn't set out to insult people but sometimes his thoughts take control of his mouth and the words just come out before he even realizes it. Rarely does he ever have to be asked for his opinion, if he sees something most of the time he will let it be known how he feels about it and will not care if the person who proposed the idea or commented on whatever it was they commented wanted his opinion in the first place. Though it does get his gears going when people don't take his advice and opinions on things, but he loves it even more when he is proved right, when what he said against their own thing happened to be correct and they ignored what he said. A lot of the time when he voices his opinion, his bluntness will make him seem like he is being a bad guy when in reality he is just trying to offer some friendly advice, though this does not mean that he is afraid to tell someone what they are considering or are trying to do is completely idiotic.

Sycross is the type of person who hates beating around the bush, if you are going to say something then he wants to hear it, you'd have a better chance with him if you didn't try to butter him up beforehand. Because of this doing things like obligatory small talk bores him to death, he does a little on the inside when he has to talk about the day-to-day things that no one really cares for at all, he'd much rather be talking about something that actually matters and is interesting!

✘ Egocentric He has an inability to differentiate between self and others, it is hard for him to look at things from other people's perspective and will not understand how others feel about it unless they voice their opinion to him. Most of the time he will look at something from his position and only think about it from his angle without any other opinions on the matter, and even then if one were to point out their opinion there is a high chance he wouldn't care how they felt on the matter. He is also somewhat of a narcissist, though he does not receive fulfillment by his own admiration, he takes more gratification from the opinion of others and hearing that what he did was amazing and that they think it is the greatest.

His selfishness, egotism, and vanity tends to drain other people dry, he brags and claims to be smarter, braver, more capable, and wiser than others. To very few people is he secretly envious of, he believes that if anything people should look at him and be jealous for his ideas, thoughts, appearance, whatever he has... they should wish they had something as great. But most of the time he doesn't let this get in the way of him having relationship with other people, most of the time it is his lack of trust in others that truly keeps him away from talking to other or getting close to another person.

✘ Fickle In truth he does not know what he wants in life, he can become tempted to take a decision whenever someone brings up a better option even when he had previous decided that the current road he was taking was the best one. He also tends to set unrealistic expectations, he will set lofty goals in which he believes should be achievable and when they are he ends up turning his back on them because they did not reach what he wanted them to. This leads into him having trouble in making decisions at times, when something is proposed to him he seems to be interested but then when the other option comes along he has trouble deciding which one he would rather choose.

But that does not mean he can't make them, whenever he sets out on something it's possible for him to take it to the very end and go all the way with it. Most of the time when he is fickle it relates to the people he hangs out with, being fickle on whether or not he is going to continue to be with them or decide to ditch them for what he believes to be greener grass, this mainly attributes to his lack of confidence and trust in other people.

✘ Hypocritical This is the state of being two-faced, or rather saying something and then going around to go ahead and do it- it is the act of condemning another person for an act of which the critic is guilty. Sycross hates liars and people who have the guts to tell him that he should trust him but they turn around and end up lying to him about things, how could he possibly have trust for them? Well on the other hand he has no problem going around and lying to people if it ends up helping him more, if it is needed then he will lie with a smile on his face and not regretting a single thing. But if someone were to come up to him and claim that he were a liar, and how he was a hypocrite for telling others that they should not lie?

He is hard headed, even if he knows what he is doing is wrong and unjust, he will argue his point and have his eyes closed, ears deaf, and heart locked! He doesn't take criticism well from anyone, were anyone to try and tell him what he was doing wrong, he'd lash out at them and tell them what he is doing is perfectly alright- very few people is he willing to take their opinions on things that involve him or the work he does. If he were confronted about his actions he would become incredibly hostile with other people, he would lash out at them in anger and tell them that what he is doing is right and there is nothing wrong with what he is doing,. Deep down, secretly, he does know that he is a hypocrite and knows the things he does are sometimes the things which he hates more than anything- he knows that at one point he became the thing he hate the most.

✘ Impatient A restless desire for change and excitement, it has been said many times that he hates wasting time- whenever he has to have patience to wait on something it drives him absolutely up the walls. He tends to show hostility towards things that delay him from his goals and resents being held up no matter if it's a person or an object which stops him from getting what he wants to get done, well, done. Similar to anger, in some sense, he gets frustrated whenever he has to wait for something to be able to do another thing- paperwork for example is something that is extremely tedious and Sycross has no patience for whatsoever.

Most people have their impatience triggered were they to have a goal, but that is not the same thing for Sycross- he is a person who has a goal at all times, which is to not waste any time. This goal tends to lead him in directions where he wants to be moving at all times, due to this it has lead to him being incredibly impatient all the time rather than only when something is stopping him from reaching a certain goal which he has set out to meet.

✘ Obsessive Whenever working on something that he truly wishes to work on, when finding that one thing to occupy his time, he will do it to the extreme and at times become obsessed with it. There is a difference from being passionate about something and then getting to the point where you are completely obsessed over it and it takes the majority of your time if not all of it at once. Though most of the time whenever he becomes obsessed over something it's going to be a project of his, were he to become obsessive over a person he would find himself wanting to be around them almost constantly. He would not have an unhealthy obsession with them, more so an interest or perhaps if it went far enough even some form of blossoming care or affection for them somewhere hidden deep down.

One thing should be noted, he does not become obsessive over trivial things such as drugs or paraphernalia. He is the type to become obsessed in the work he is doing at the time or perhaps even something as drawing a picture which he sat down hours ago to do, it is something that he does find himself almost having a problem with. But then again, that's just how he tends to occupy his time with... what else would a wandered like himself be doing?

✘ Possessive If he happens to find something that he cares for on an emotional level whether it be an object or person he will do his best to protect them. Though this extends to an even further level of him becoming possessive over the person and almost being overprotective to him completely sheltering them and keeping them away from all other forms of contact with anyone else. Most of the time he can keeps this in check, this can just lead to him having some form of jealousy which perhaps if it continues can lead into a festering hatred for another person or for whatever they happen to be doing in the moment. His past experiences with people have lead him to become a very suspicious person, were a person to come up to someone he loved he would be suspicious on their intentions even if it was merely friendly.

He does not let this ruin things however, most of the time he can keep quiet and not mention it or anything of the sort. Though... the problem comes when he feels the need to mention it, that's when danger might arise for the people interfering with whatever he has come to hold dear.

✘ Insanity One might say this is obvious, yet at the same time one could look at him and see a perfectly functioning person. Due to the lack of human contact within the majority of his life he spent trapped it has lead him into a social disorder, in truth insanity is two sides of the same coin. On one side you have the highly-functioning sociopath where he can live his life and no one seems to be any the wiser on how he truly is, but on the other side of the coin you have the psychotic person which is angry and aggressive.For the most part he seems to lack any type of remorse or shame for the things he does; were he to kill someone one day, within the few hours following the death of that person he would likely be sitting at home drawing in his sketchbook as if nothing had happened.

A lot of the time one would key the term of insanity as doing something over and over again with the same results, when in reality that is not what insanity truly is. Insanity is the inability to determined what is right and wrong, in truth it has come to a point where Sycross no longer can tell if killing someone is as right as it is to saving them, he has disregarded the thoughts and decided he could do without them and now lives in true neutrality- in true insanity.

✘ Vindictive In truth most of us in some form or fashion have fantasized about wreaking revenge on someone who has wrong, hurt, or betrayed us deliberately. Though for most people they won't think of it past that, their rationality kicks in and tells them that it was wrong, their moral compass fixing itself as to show that what they were thinking of was completely out of their mind. Most people will stay angry but then they go ahead and they move on with their life, for the most part trying their best to forget what had happened to them and will likely be fine when they are give time. This is by no means true for Sycross! He is a man who has lived with a broken rationalist and moral compass for a long time, this has lead him to become a very vindictive person to those who come and cross him, to those that stabbed the knife into his back and leave him lying there and bleeding on the ground.

Revenge is a reaction to injustice, or what someone at the very least perceives to be such a thing- they old saying "An eye for an eye" kicks in here. He believes that if someone has wronged him then they deserve to be wronged just as much, and in return he will try and wrong them at least a little bit more so that if they were to try and think about doing it again they would remember what he did to them. But little does he know of the end of that quote, an eye for an eye "leave everyone blind."

» Likes

◎ Caffeine This is easily one of the greatest creations in the history of the many realms, caffeine is something that Sycross has been known to constantly be drinking or sipping on. For a man who hates wasting time above everything else this is a godsend, something that allows him to keeps his energy and stay awake for as long as possible. Something that allows him to spend more energy than he is given, something that he can drink and has the ability to taste good! This is truly a creation that only the gods themselves should be allowed to have, yet is gifted to lowly commoners... perhaps he should try to change that one day.

◎ Drawing Imagination is a fickle thing; ideas will pop in your head and within seconds your attention will be taken elsewhere and just like that they are gone. One thing that he occupied his time with while being trapped was drawing, he would draw whatever came to mind! He loves the feeling of holding a pencil in his hand and letting the pencil's lead flow across the paper as it starts to form into a grandiose picture, whether it be something that looks professional or if it looks like an amateur just threw something on there. He believes the drawing is a true expression of creativity and imagination, something that anyone can do no matter the skill level, something like this brings him happiness. It's one of the few things that someone can bring up to him, and no matter who the person is he can get to talking with them and it will continue and flow! He spent a lot of his time after being recycled with an artist, he came to enjoy this man's drawings and asked him how to teach Sycross how to draw as well as he did- the number one tip he was given was to practice, practice, practice. So he can always, no matter on what day or where he is, be found with a pencil and a sketchbook.

◎ Music Yet again another perfect example of one using their imagination flow onto something, while Sycross has never been into making music, he loves listening to it. Music much like drawing or even writing is something that comes from the imagination and flows out onto a paper, but unlike the other two things they are not figures nor letters just written on a page. Music is something that once written down, someone can play it and the sounds can fill the air with a symphony that can give even the scroogiest of scrooges to stand up and dance, or at the very least smile while listening to it. Whether he hates you or loves you, if you were someone who could make music to some extent at the very least he'd respect your talent and the abilities that have been gifted to you, for the ability to express your imagination in such a way is at the very least impressive to him. He loves to put on music while he is writing or drawing, or perhaps he will put in ear buds while just going for a walk... though this does lead into the problem of him not paying attention to his surroundings.

◎ Rain There is an odd calmness that comes from standing in the rain, Sycross loves taking off his glove and holding his hand out to let the rain touch his bare skin, the cold yet warm feeling that comes from being outside in the rain. The only part that he could do without is the feeling that he is left afterwards, the feeling of being drenched and soaking wet- the feeling of when his clothes are heavy and his hair is wet and stuck to his head, when it heavily hangs and is hard to keep up. On the other hand he loves staying inside on a rainy day, he loves being inside and hearing the rain as it storms outside, puddling up somewhere on the outside as he can hear either the heavy or soft dripping that echoes throughout the house. He'd rather the sky be cloudy and cool than the sun be out, of course when the sun is out he is drenched... but that's in sweat, he believes rain is much more pleasant than being smelly and stinky.

◎ Reading Filling the paper of a book between your thumbs is something that Sycross will never get old of, flipping through the paper and hearing the sound of it as turns. Whenever he reads a book his mind is able to flow and go elsewhere, his imagination is able to take him to places that otherwise he would never be able to go. Books are also constructed upon the genius of another person's imagination, the concept of a book is something that is held near and dear to someone such as him. While he hates wasting time, he believes that if his time is spent reading a book then it is impossible for the idea that he wasted a single second to even cross his mind. It is not a waste of time to sit down and read a book, to let your mind grow and let it go elsewhere to travel the expansive world that is your mind. To be able to read and to go to another place, a place that you don't have to stand up and walk to, a place that when you go there it doesn't cost a single cent of your money, a place that when you get there anything could happen. He wishes that when he was stuck for majority of his life in his inner world he had things like books that he could of been reading, otherwise the things that he made in his world would never of existed- in fact the things inside the books would of taken their places on the canvas rather than the places and the people that were actually there.

» Dislikes

✘ Being Ordered Around He has always been his own boss, Sycross has always been the person who has told himself what to do and has never let someone force him to do one thing or another. If he has ever done something it is because he wanted to do it, if someone had ever forced him to do something or if he had no other choice he would act as if he truly wanted to do that thing. He wouldn't dare give them the satisfaction of telling him what to do, that was a privilege given to him and him alone. But if by some miracle he is forced to do something he didn't want to do, he would go out of his way to make sure that whatever it was the person wanted done was not by any means close to what they wanted. Had he been ordered to clean the floor, he by some miracle would make sure that scatted all across the floor was more dirt than there had been before, making it so that if someone were to come back behind him to have to clean it up it would be even harder to complete the job. He does not like authority, but on the other hand he loves it when he gets to order other people around, a bad hypocritical trait of the danava.

✘ Incivility Being civil is important, this is why whenever Sycross presents himself to other people in the public he tries his best to look as good as he can... apart from his hair. Whenever speaking to someone he tries to be as correct and precise with his words as possible, he would make sure that he is standing up straight and looking them in the eye. He tries to be as polite as he can to other people, so at the very least he would expect the same kind of treatment from others as he gives them. Whenever he meets someone that is not civil, and in fact has bad manners, he wouldn't why away from the confrontation of telling them what was wrong and how best to fix it. If someone went out into public looking like a slob then he would tell them how he felt, if he felt they looked like a slob then they should be treated like that. Had someone came up to him acting like a barbarian, then he is going to treat them like so. Though this does not mean he is against fighting, in fact he believes that fighting is one of the quickest and most civil ways to end a problem.

✘ Liars Sycross has a huge problem trusting people, it is something that he has always had and believes that no matter what happens he will always have a tough time when it comes to looking someone in the eye and taking them for what they said. No matter who the person is he always likes to be prepared for if they were trying to betray him, are trying to go back on what they said, or perhaps are just toying with him. In return he has a huge hate for people who lie, they are the scum of the scum of the earth. To some extent he understands why people lie, after all it is something that if needed he would do! He would lie and lie, lie some more, lie a bit over here and lie a bit over there. Whenever he is doing it he doesn't care at all, but the moment that someone else dares to try and lie to him the mere thought infuriates him. If he knows that someone is trying to lie to him he will try his hardest to catch them in that lie and corner them, he would force the liar to admit they were lying and why the heck they would have to lie to him in the first place. He would make their life miserable, he would make them regret for daring to not tell him the truth!

✘ The Heat He hates sweating, he wishes that things were never hot and they always stayed at a cool climate- after all he would sweat a lot less if it was always cool. He wonders sometimes if it would be possible for him to just get read of the sun itself, he remembers back in a place where it was never hot, the cold climate of his inner world. He doesn't understand! Why do people like it sunny? If there was a person who used fire as an ability he would absolutely despise them, but it would be less of a real hatred and more of a childish joke and scoff as to why they would have such an appalling ability, wouldn't using it cause them to be in harm's way of overheating? The bottom line is this, he hates sweating, he hates the heat, he hates the sun, and he wishes that they would all just go away and die in a hole!

✘ Wasting Time This is something that Sycross absolutely despises, whenever the thought that he is just wasting his time passes crosses his mind he would immediately go to do something. Whether it was going for a walk, meditating, drawing, reading, talking to someone, or literally anything else in the world- he'd rather do that than sit around and do nothing. The thought of taking his time to go out for a nap unless he needed sleep otherwise he was going to pass out never crossed his mind, he would rather spend his time having his hands on something or doing something- freaking anything! To him time is a resource that you can never get back, it is something that you have and it's something that every single second that passes a small chunk of it is gone and it is gone forever, you can never get that second back. And eventually all of these seconds that you come to waste will eventually form into an hour, an hour will form into a day, a day will form into a week, a week will form into a month, a month will form into a year, a year will form into the rest of your life! The thought of wasting his entire life not doing a single thing plagues him every single day. Sycross hates it when he does something and he comes to find out all the work he did was a waste of time, whatever he was trying to do didn't work out in the end or someone turned their back on him- to him this is the worst way you can wrong him. If he isn't on the move then something is wrong, if he doesn't have something his hands then something is wrong, if he has stopped caring about wasting his time then he has completely given up on everything.

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III. History

Chapter 1

A Price Paid In Full

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."

When the danava was brought into the world, it was not because he was recycled nor was it because he was created by Nidhana herself- in truth his creation began countless centuries, perhaps even a couple millenniums in the past when the demon clans started to form into city-states. A certain demon clan far in the corner of the realm started to build and it came to power much like many others, they knew of a certain ritual which could call forth a great power if it were ever needed... so they began preparations. It was meant to be a tool, whenever they got prisoners of either high demon blood or that of low, they would spill it and use it as material for their summoning. They would use a special technique to first gather all of the Za Koa within the demon's body and then contain it all together in another time-space which had been crafted by the demon elders from centuries ago to keep their secret weapon in a safe location so that no one could find it and use it against them, or even worse... destroy it. Once doing so they would then sacrifice the bodies of the demons they captured and they would let it build for whenever they truly needed to summon a great power to help them conquer and defeat their enemies, it would only be used in their greatest time of need, it was meant to be the ultimate power which would help them conquer all and destroy their foes.

This was a power that had built for thousands of years, a secret power- one that would wreak havoc upon the demon world when it was time for their rise to power to come, so for now the clan would one-by-one find the strongest demons which they could and slowly siphon their energy into the energy pool before discarding their remains for the summoning circle. Eventually as times changed, the world no longer was full of gypsy clans which would go about their days partying and being free- back in the day within this certain region of the demon realm the clans would go about and fight for the rights to a certain area or perhaps just items which the other clans had. But as time passed they started to settle down into a loose conglomerate of city-states, and as time passed once again their wars would rage on for the area, for the resources, for the people within the walls of the cities. The wars would rage on, within this war there were countless clans- hundreds of prisoners being captured day-in and day-out. One day, on one of the clans which were being ransacked and looted... something came to the attention of the clan head, the elders approached him and told him of a secret power which the clan had been building for as long as their roots took place in the demon world. At first the man wasn't sure if he could truly trust this information, he was the son of the old clan head whom truthfully knew about this plan, yet he was curious as to why he was never told about this by his father... but nonetheless, he trusted the elders and if this is what they thought would bring the war to an end and let his people live in peace? Then he would use whatever ancient power awaited him within their vaults.

Once preparing his men, he ordered them to grab the hundreds upon thousands of demons which had been captured over this extended time of war and to march them down into a secret place within the caverns of their city, it was here in the underground which they would begin their ritual. No one was ever allowed to go down there, it was off limits to everyone and only the elders of the clan new what truly waited their- something they called 'The Soul Room'. Once zapping the demons of their Za Koa and storing it away for safekeeping, they would bring them down to this room, and when they were at their weakest with not an ounce of energy to protect themselves, they would tie their soul to this room via an ancient sealing magic. Hundreds of thousands souls swirled around the room, the restless residing within the confines... the smell of death had long since stained the halls of the Soul Room. Once all of his men and the prisoners arrived, the elders would go through and zap all of their Za Koa from within them, and with that they would attach their souls to the room one-by-one. They would kill the demons by slitting their throat, this is so that they could gather the blood and use it as a catalyst to make the magic circle. Once the deed was done, they would gather in the corners of the room where holes laid in wait, here they would dispose of the bodies with the rest of the bones from the rest of their sacrifices. They would spend their time going around the room and fill the crevices in the ground and on the walls with the blood to create the summoning circle with the holes being around the edge. With this, they were nearly ready to begin the ritual for the great summoning.

First they soldiers gathered around the circles where the remains laid, they would light them on fire and let the smell of burning fill the room. The elders would circle around the middle of the room where in return the head of the clan stood directly in the middle, he was to 'receive the great power' as he had been told. The head elder began to chant an ancient magic, instantly the spirits of the dead start to rise from the ground, their souls flickering as they circle around in the room, due to the dense concentrations of souls within the area the air itself almost became hard to breathe- their sight even becoming impaired to some extent. Another elder began to chant a different magic, the souls starting to swirl all around the room in a clockwise rotation- starting to turn in a vortex surrounding the elders and the clan head, the demons formed a wall as if they were within the eye of the storm- a swirling tornado of souls encompassed them. Finally the rest of the elders start chanting at the same exact time, they all hold their hands up to the sky as a rift in space begins to open, the ground itself starts to crack and the room itself shakes. From within the rift an endless colorless energy swirling, the energy itself too enormous to exit the world all at once, it was too large for it the room to manage to fill. For this exact reason is why they had spent incalculable resources to expand the catacombs for as long as it could extend, going on for miles and miles in all directions except for up, in truth... the entire catacombs was the magic circle- and everyone in their except for the elders and the head were to be added to the catalyst- this is why he had been ordered only to take his strongest few men. However from within the vortex, the clan head could not see as his men were strangled from the sheer amount of energy feeling the room, their souls being ripped from their bodies as they joined the protective cyclone which circled the center and kept everyone from within safe from the dense amount of Za Koa. Outside their bodies not being able to withstand the bulk of energy and it began to incinerate them from within, the screams of agony just harmonizing with the groaning of the damned.

As the head elder kept the souls manifested and another one kept the protective vortex in the area, the rest of them focused as slowly the Za Koa oozed out of the rift, this seemed to continue and continue for what seemed like ages. The sound of crackling fire reverberating off the walls as it filled the room with a burning sea, the humming continued as the clan head stood there as if he were ready to receive the great power, he believed completely now that this was true and that this would indeed be their saving grace! That it would be their way to victor! The man imagined with all of his heart and soul what it would be like, he believed that he could make his dreams and wishes into reality and bring it into existence- it was then that the rift began to shatter. The Za Koa began to pour out faster than it could handle, the energy was almost too much for the magic to handle and it was about to be completely overloaded! He thought it was over!... And it was then that he learned the elders had planned for even this, instantly deeper cracks appeared as it shattered, all of the energy all at once being forced out of the pocket. When he believed that it was over, when the man was about ready to close his eyes and accepted death- he saw as the inner circle began to rotate in a cyclone much like the souls themselves were doing- yet this was much more violent. The ground was shaking and from above he could see the light of the sky as the energy shot out from the catacombs and forced open the ground, rupturing into a large open space as the cyclone continued to climb higher and higher- at this point the density of the energy was so intense that had it not been for the protective magic his very soul would have been ripped asunder! The tower had climbed even higher, it was farther than his eye could even possibly see at this point.

While the Za Koa began to extend even further into the sky, the fire from the surrounding area also began to circle up towards the sky and follow the energy as it soon became a maelstrom of souls, wind, energy, and flames. For miles upon miles one would be able to spot the vortex, in the surrounding areas alone all the Za Koa was starting to gather as the ritual continued, while not taking their soul it did indeed begin to drain all the citizens of their energy- anyone in the nearby area unless strong enough would find their energy being ripped away from them. The murmuring got louder and louder, at this point it seemed as if all the elders had been chanting the same exact thing as the from the bottom you could see the pillar close up- were it not for the flames it would of been impossible due to the mere length. Yet this was only the tip of the iceberg as the influence seemed to spread out as if it were a flower and they were hiding within the stem, the catacombs being the roots which had been fervently given nutrients. The chanting at this point had reached full screams as all of a sudden the walls of the cyclone began to close in, the elders being forced outside as it circled closer and closer around the man until it became to the point he was stuck in place- he as well was to be the spark. It zeroed in faster and faster until finally a large explosion of energy was sent every, it the shook of the explosion cause quake after quake and the catacombs in the surrounding area started to fall causing the rest of the city to collapse as well, the Za Koa spread across the sky and grew colors as if it were a bright light- it was announcing to the world the birth of a new demon... the creation of the Danava of Imagination and Reality.

The souls all at once had immediately swarmed the mans body, filling him as he began to hear slow whispers over hundreds, no thousands... no! Hundreds of thousands upon millions of words as they screamed out within his brain, it nearly drove him insane as he fell towards the ground, everywhere was on fire as in ruins laid out the scene of destruction, people crawling out of the rubble, children crying. The whispers grew into screams as all of a sudden as if in the blink of an eye they instantly went quiet- what followed was a slow instance of calmness, true peace and tranquility entered his body as the adrenaline of the event kept flowing. And finally he heard a voice call out to him, "Pfft, and you were suppose to be my master?" The man looked around in the rubble only to see some elders groaning, others on the ground dead; he then looked towards the guy, seeing the residual energy merely forming lights in the sky, a truly beautiful sight, "Looking for me?" The man was confused, he did not understand where the voice was coming from, but it was then he realize... the voice did not echo from the outside, in fact it was close- almost a little too close. "I don't know what happened around here but geez... it seems you guys really did a number on the place, though I regret to inform you that whatever you did has given me immense power. I feel as if I no longer need to stay within the confines of your body, as if I could make my own physical form and leave just at the snap of a finger." Immediately the man began to feel a pull from his chest, he screamed out in pain while he clutched it, he wanted to ask whatever was within his brain to stop and to listen to him... yet it felt as if he had no control over this being. It was not the secret weapon which he had been promised by the elders, it seemed to be more of an enemy than something of the sort!

He looked up towards the sky from the ground to see that figure of a man, his skin pale and seemingly white hair draping his head- the man seemed to be completely in the nude as he called out, "You!... You... You are to be our Lord! You sir are to save us and to bring us victor in all that we shall do, with your help we could surely even conquer the lord of the realm, please witness us! Become our God!" The man had been completely at a loss, this thing that had been standing before him was something that was supposed to be a weapon- it was not supposed to be something which could surpass him. It had been meant to be this thing which would bring him enormous power, enough to conquer all of his enemies! Why had it forsaken him?! He had forgotten about his men, about the elders, about his city which was on fire, about whoever could have seen the large pillar explode from the sky, about whatever he'd been thinking about hours beforehand, the events of the day, whatever! He could merely pray that this man... would take him up on his offer.

"Oh? Is that so?... Interesting. Your offer has been considered lowly one, before I make my decision I shall have to see of the world as I have yet to be given much information about how it works... for now, I order you to take control of your men and save the civilians, otherwise who would be there to worship me, their God?" The clan head stood up from the ground and immediately ran off to make his way to the surface, he was to prepare the for the arrival of his God!

But this new, mysterious man had other plans, he stood there contemplating what had been brought before him. His eyes watched the bright light sky as he had only just been birthed from some obscene ritual, whatever scent had filled the room moments ago was no longer there- it had been eradicated by the traces of energy. The only thing he did no for sure was that this was his beginning, this was his genesis.

Chapter 2

You're Gonna Go Far Kid

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together."

At first everyone had been confused, no one truly understood why all of a sudden there had been a new head of the clan elected- well, not even a head of the clan... it seemed this man was closer to something like an owner with the leader being his dog on a leash. Most of the time after the explosion the man had left the city and went out on his own, coming back actually clothed it seemed, he claimed himself to call the shots and because the head of the clan approved, everyone began referring to him as their 'Lord'. He didn't seem to really do that much other than sit in the room and call the shots, never did this man leave the capital building of the city, after coming back into the city and announcing his face to everyone he had not left. Though, they did have a name for him to go by, the head of the clan had decided to give him the name of 'Adael Incorpus'. The elders of the clan had almost all died, either they died from the pure concentration of energy once they had left the protective barrier, they died from the rubble which had covered the grounds of the catacombs, or they had died from the shockwave which covered the entire city. There were a handful that had managed to survive, but out of fourteen of them there had only been 4 left alive- living the city also almost without their council. However the city should count their graces, for in their luck the oldest surviving member of the clan had managed to live through all of this, the man who had been there during the creation of this project and the man who had told the head of the clan about it... the head elder.

For the most part within the first few weeks of this man's birth, he had spent most of his time learning about what he was and where he was from- he had approached the head elder and asked him what kind of ritual had been performed upon his creation. He had been surprised that in fact his creation had been planned for a couple thousand years, and he himself did not know the limits of his own power with all this energy that had been stored inside his body. Adael was sure that this at the very least would of likely increased his surplus of energy a thousand fold if not even more, it expanded himself even further than he thought would be possible. To be honest he was not really complaining all that much, quite frankly he was intrigued by all the effort that this clan and it's leaders had gone through to make him. He wondered for many days and nights what threat would force someone to go through such drastic measures as to sacrifice some if it's best men for a singular being which might not of even listened to them had they even managed to create one. Adael spent his the time within the room which he had been given to explore himself, this is where he escaped into his conceptual world and found the blank world- here he met someone with long features, a faceless man who sat in a chair reading a book. Adael spent his time questioning the man profusely on who he was, what he was, where they were, whatever question he asked this man for the most part he seemed to of known the answer. Upon learning that this man was 'on his side', he somewhat got more at east with the idea of him living within his head, though one thing he had been curious of is where the amalgamation of souls that had been made to use his bodies went. For some reason, this was an answer the eternal partner had seemingly decided to leave out of it's explanation.

After another month of meditating on what his purpose would come to be in this life, Adael for the first time decided to leave his room- this had shocked all of the servants who seemed to be going back and forth within the hallways. They immediately ran towards the head of the clan to tell them that the man after this entire time had left his room- during the time when he had spent in his room not a single time did he talk to the head of the clan nor let him into his room no matter how many times he asked. Adael had turned him away each and every time, telling the man to come back later or that he had no interest in talking to him- truthfully he only bothered to talk to one or two servants or the head elder. Most of the time when he had conversed with the head elder it was half because he wanted to off the man, and half because he had much knowledge on the world... which was what Adael needed the most of during this time. When leaving the room he began to walk out to the balcony near the top- this is where the last time he had talked to the people of the city... he was pleased with what he saw. The city had seemingly almost been completely fixed, looking all around all he could see was buildings being repaired, near the middle of the city where there had been a giant hole not long ago was nothing but dirt, they had seemingly fixed the ground but yet to pave over it with whatever it was they planned to do so with. It was at this moment when he considered it- he truly considered taking these people as his servants and taking them to victor against the demon city-states, the so-called 'enemies' as the head elder had so lovingly referred to them as.

Right as he looked down across the city he heard up from behind him heavy footsteps and a panting breath, when turning around to see what was going on he rose an eyebrow at the sight of the head of the clan who currently was bent over with his hands on his knees. "I... hah...hueh... phew, al-alright, you!" The man stood up with both his arms roughly shoved up in the air, the man seemingly approaching him with anger, "H-How dare you! You just stay in your room for longer than a month and then all of a sudden come out without saying anything? Couldn't you of at least called for me?! Like seriously, the nerve of some peo-!" It was at this moment he had realized something which he wasn't sure he could take back or not, the man's eyes went wide as he took a few steps away from the white-haired demon and bowed, "L-Lord! I apologize, I cannot be-believe my ignorance would take me to the point where I could dare raise my voice at someone whom is great as you! I can only hope that you will forgive my stu-stupidity and let me leave with severe conse-consequence!" The man stood there with his head down, he expected to be hit? Slammed? Humiliated?

It was at this point Adael would sigh towards him and just shake his head, "From over here it feels as if you would be willing to die for me huh? What if I went down there and told you to kill the first five children you saw? Perhaps you have a wife or child? Would you sacrifice them in my name if I sword to you that i'd help you?" At this point Adael didn't care about him raising his voice, honestly if it wasn't for the fact he was trying to prove a point then it would of been likely he would have busted out laughing the moment in which the man rose his voice. "Honestly... you guys around here take things way too seriously." It was at this point he started to walk towards the man, the other one seeming to shake with intense fear, it almost made Adael wonder if he truly though he was going to kill him... When he got within arm's length of the man he would of taken a step to the side and once passing him just go to pat the man on the back, "It's true I don't like you that much, frankly I hate almost all of you here... but jeez lighten up a bit, if i'm gonna work with you i'd rather have the person who'd yell at me, they are a lot less of a brown-noser and easier for me to get along with... oh, but do keep calling me 'Lord'." It was at this point that Adael would pull his hand away from the other man's back, and with that he would tart walking down the hallway leaving the man in complete disbelief, he seemed to of been surprised by how friendly Adael had been! Perhaps... this demon summoning thing hadn't been a complete disaster after all, hm?

While time seemed to pass, three full days would go by before anyone would happen to see Adael again, the only person who seemed to of been able to even glance or talk to him was the maid he had randomly pulled and said that she would bee working for him personally. Later that day he had left his room and told the head of the clan to call everyone to the town center, there he gave a speech: "I am sure many of you are unsure as to who I truly am, to be quite honest I do not truly know who I am as well, it was not long ago that I had been brought into existence by a ritual which I had nothing to do with. However as I am sure you all understand this, I know there is much civil unrest due to my absence and if people truly believe that I plan to do absolutely anything with the power that has been gifted to me by your people, the answer is? Well, obviously it's a yes. No person can be a great leader, unless he takes genuine joy in the success of those under him, I would like to get to know this city and it's people, to know and understands your strengths and weaknesses... with this? And hear me clearly now, I will not fail you." It seemed that for the most part the people had taken his speech with relative confidence, some left the area completely believing the truth that this man who had showed up out of nowhere just a few days ago would lead them to victory. Others on the other hand didn't seem to convince by him, they hated him and believed that the lives which had been sacrificed to make him truly were more valuable than what he got- though one thing was sure either way... he surely had an intimidating, and strong presence within the heart's of the people whether it was good or bad. As he walked away from the town square the crowd would of followed him into the capital building, here the man would let everyone follow him until he was lead to the throne room, normally this was the place where the head of the clan would sit when doing his duties. This time however, seemed to be much different from normal, Adael would walk up to the throne and turn to everyone in the crowd as he would take his rightful place upon the throne, not as a leader... but as their God.

Chapter 3


"Conquer we shall, but, we must first contend! It's not the fight that crowns us, but the end."

War- it is something that shall bring the end to everything, for if we continued to have war then the war itself will surely destroy all races and species everywhere. This is something that the demon himself never truly understood when he first experienced, he believed war was merely a means to an end, the thing that was used to get you what you wanted. It was something that he thought was a necessity to show your dominance and to let the others known that you are the apex predator, that you are the one who deserve to be on top and if anyone had a problem with it then they could either shut up or come and fight you over your position. For a long time he justified what he did with the idea that he had to do it and there was no other option for him, if he wanted to be the 'King of The Hill' then he needed to be ruthless, to lash out in anger and make others fear him. He was a product of his environment and nothing more, when he came into the world he was immediately put on a pedestal and he began to pick up on the things which surrounded him- lunacy and egotism. He learned many things while he stood on this pedestal and tried to eradicate his enemies, but sadly the one thing he did not learn is that when you are being way too cocky and overconfident- someway, somehow, life will find a way to humble you.

Nothing seemed to change for a while once he was pronounced their 'God', the only difference was that Abael had started to leave his room more often- he would regularly leave the city to go scouting of the other areas. He didn't want anyone to accompany him, but it seemed the stubborn mule of the head clansmen decided to follow him out of the city. For a God who was supposed to be their absolute ruler, for some reason or another it seemed like not everyone really followed his orders as he wanted them to- most did, perhaps out of fear or respect and maybe even some hope that he would bring the revolution for their people. In truth the only reason the man had followed him out is because of the thing he had said to him that one day, even if everyone was to revere him as Lord he would want at least one man to be real with him, someone that would voice his opinion. Ironically enough somehow or another the one who was supposed to be the master became the servants, and the one who was supposed to be the servant became the master. Abael did however trust the man, the pure dedicated emotion that he felt while being inside his head was something that Abael could not only trust, but be comforted by the idea that this man would not betray him even if all others did. In the sense it gave Abael a sense of relief, someone he could truly call a friend and someone who he could bring himself to trust and care about- even if he was to be some absolute ruler this does not mean he could live without friendship or comradery. Maybe this would give him a true reason to want to fight for their people rather than the curiosity which killed the cat, the interest of if it would be possible for him to lead this ragtag group of warriors and mages into battle and demolish their enemies.

Abael's plan had been to get information for now, to let the city rebuild it's defenses and for them to train their soldiers so that when the time comes they would have enough to battle off their enemies. Though it seemed the world had something in stored for the group, something that they hadn't expected, something that would almost bring their plans to ruin before they truly even started. While Abael and the clan head had been out and about going around, scouting out the positions of other cities and armies, discussing strategies on what they could do to take them over- they had been attacked. They did not know what was going, they were oblivious to the fact that had been spotted going around surveying the surrounding areas, it seemed this caught the attention of a nearby city which had seen the pillar of light even so far away just a few months beforehand. During the time which the two had decided to leave the city it seemed that another army had been on their way marching inbound for the city to talk to it's leader, but once arriving and seeing the city in ruin? Their plans had changed completely, going from the thought of peace back to the mentality of war, they had set out to conquer the city and sieged it's walls which were still in the process of being rebuilt. They set out and destroyed the walls, they crushed the archers on their towers and shot at the men running around on the outside who happened to of been on duty during the time which they attacked. They tore down the gates, some with the power flew over the walls and some just decided to climb them instead- the penetrated the interior of the wall and the fires of battle began to brew.

At the exact same time of this happening, Abael and the man had started to make their way back to their home- bringing themselves over the hill with random chatter and ideas of which they could do for the different cities they had seen recently. But when getting over the hump, they stopped at the sight of fires and flames, the screams of their people being heard from miles away as their city was ransacked- everything that they had worked for in the past few months had been for nothing at this point! Immediately the clan head sped into action, making his way down the hill and over towards his burning home as it left Abael standing on the hill alone only to watch as readied himself... This was his first true battle, he wasn't sure how the rush of adrenaline felt as it entered his system, he didn't know what it truly meant to be in the flurry of battle! In truth some part of him had been afraid that if he went in the battle he would not be able to handle himself, everyone just had assumed that he would of been this great warrior! But then something burned from within, it was this warm and comforting feeling of familiarity with the surrounding- as if he had been in battle many times, as if this was where he belonged and this was truly his home. It was a feeling from deep within, yet it did not feel as if it was something that he was considering for himself, it felt foreign to his own mind and rather than surging from his heart it surged forth from a warm feeling in his chest... whatever this emotion was, he knew that it was not his.

But luckily enough for him this was just what he needed at this point, as if following from behind the clan head he also let his legs carry him into battle as he zoomed past him at top speed. The feeling felt natural for his strengthened body as he met the first soldier on the field of battle, his hand rose and shot forth as it made contact with the warriors jaw as a loud crack echoed. The warrior had flung back towards the ground as the flames rose higher and higher, he seemingly got thrown into them as he screamed in pain before rolling out, the clan head had came up right behind him and slung down his sword as it cracked up against the mans chest and blood splattered out everywhere. The two men would sprint down the outside of the walls rallying all of their men and soldiers that they could find and taking them out to fight, a fierce battled ensued on the outside as they started to make their comeback with their leader and their God being back in action. It wasn't long before that they had manage to take back a good section of the wall from the enemies, both Adael and the clan head decided to leave their men on the outside and head inside to get to the main problem- both of them split up in hopes of finding the enemies leader so they could take them out. Both of them scoured the area from top to bottom, they went through house after house, they checked every single alley and found their way around the city. This entire time they kept rallying troops, they kept saving the civilians that they managed to find and they defeated every single enemy soldier that they could find at this point.

Somehow by a stroke of luck they both found their way towards the capital building at almost the exact time, however the clan head had arrived just a few minutes earlier than Adael as he had been held up by saving a group of civilians that had been locked up and thrown in a cage. As Adael found his way into the large double doors of the capital building, he saw as the clan head had already been beaten bloody and throw to the ground as a woman stood there with a long sword in her hands. "Oh? So a sow of your stature has managed to find it's disgusting way in here? Honestly i'm kind of surprised that you'd have the guts to come into my home and ransack it, though surely you will come to understand that what you have done here is a huge mistake... that what you have done here will come to haunt you in the next few minutes as your body becomes something we use to fertilize the ground."

The woman seemed to of scoffed at his proposal, she merely stood there with her bloodied blade in hand while scanning him to see what he truly was worth. "My dear, I do not believe I have had the courtesy of meeting you just yet, i'm afraid that as to what your identity may be is nothing but a mystery to me and I am sullen to inform you that I do not care. Whether this is your city," as she'd point to the man, "Or his, I shall come to rule this as if it were my own and you shall sit in the dungeon and rot away down there." The woman raised her blade and seemingly took her place as she didn't even bother to wait for Adael to respond nor give him time to prepare himself, she immediately zoomed in and slung her sword down towards the man. He responded with his own sword as they clashed, sparks flying everywhere as their high-speed confrontation went back and forth from what seemed to be an eternity but in truth could only have been a couple of seconds. Their blades made a symphony of metal and against metal as eventually one sword slip past the defenses and ran straight through her stomach, her whole body instantly sent into shock as she shook with fear and anger at the same time. Her hands no longer having the strength to hold her blade as she began to shake even more violently than before, it fell to the ground as she slumped forward against his body. At this point he threw her off to the side and ran over to the chief, who luckily enough seemed fine besides a bit of blood loss- nothing they couldn't really get patched up in the matter of a few minutes.

The following events had been relatively simple, he had brought the man off to another areas to get patched up and made sure that he would be safe no matter what happened, if they managed to bring every thing to a close or not. Following that, Adael left the man in the secure hands of their cities physician and went on to gather the troops and raise their morale, it wasn't before long the had managed to stomp out all of the resistance which had been given to them. The entire army almost running back to the city, or being captured and locked into the cages which they had been throwing the cities civilians in. Adael had gathered everyone into the city square for a damage report, but the most meaningful part of this was that the civilians and the warriors of the city saw that he was indeed serious about being their leader. They saw a man who was doing everything he could to get things under control, they saw someone they could respect and come to believe in, they saw someone who could truly become their God. With everything in check they managed to calm the city down, get all the fires out and hurriedly throw back up their walls if anyone else happened to get the bright idea to come and attack them. Everything had seemed to of been calming down for the most part, no one really freaking out other than a few people who had lost their loved ones in the attack and blamed Adael and the clan leader for not being in the city during the time of the attack. Adael didn't feel any remorse for something he had no control over, however on the other hand it had seemingly sent the clan leader into some sort of depression. Though this thought was soon rectified within the next week as they threw together their army and marched onto the city which had previously attacked them, with half of their forces gone and their leader being used as a stepping stone to the throne, they were an easy take over... and in truth this was the beginning. This was the start to a conquest which would soon come to set off a chain of events that would make history.

Chapter 4

Road To Victory

"The road to victory and success is bathed with the blood of those left behind."

Frankly after his first fight, Adael almost saw no reason at all to continue going around and surveying the rest of the cities. He had only been afraid the first time before he had never once before fought on the battlefield in such a manner, the demon had never let his steel clash against the steel of another blade and for that it had caused him to over-prepare himself. And in doing so this lead his city open for being attacked, now being more knowledgeable in the aspect he decided best to be smarter about how he did things at this point, he didn't truly fear battle anymore. In fact to some point it was almost exhilarating, the mere idea of combat was exciting to him now that he knew how to do it and was more confident that he would not die were he to go out in the battle, the fear had pretty much all left him at this point. This was considered to be his greatest strength, his lack of was incredibly useful to him while fighting- but in retrospect this became something that could also be considered something akin to his greatest downfall, something that would lead him to a state of ruin. Never had Adael considered the fact that it would come to kill him, but this is due to the fact that he no longer even feared death itself, but then again the prospect of death was something that no longer swayed in front of him with this newfound surge of confidence. Even as people would fall to the left of him, fall to the right of him, fall right in front of him; none of their deaths ever mattered, but this is not because their lives did not matter to him, something in him had changed and a switch had been flicked off.

Most of the time after dealing with the invaders had been spent rebuilding the city and establishing connections and dominance to the city that had been taken due to the brash decisions the invaders had made once setting their eyes on the ruins. A lot of resources had been spent splitting the work force between both cities, not to mention Adael went over to the city and forced the soldiers and civilians to work as slaves, he got resources so he saw no reason to now use what they took. Most of the enemies were forced to come back to their city so that they could work there under the watchful eye of Adael, meanwhile the clan head went over to the other city to find it's secrets and to fortify the city. The other part of the time had been spent doing tedious things, mostly going around and training more soldiers so that when they began their conquest of the other cities they would have enough warriors to truly fight against everyone fairly, they even forced the soldiers of other armies into their own through mind control. Part of Adael did indeed feel bad for what the people was going through, however must of his sympathy was put to death whenever he thought about the audacity they had when they first attacked- how they tried to kill him. With these thoughts fresh in his mind he ended up having no problem what happened to the civilians or the soldiers, the woman and children being a second thought to them as they would perform their duties as slaves to his rule. He had very little to no mercy for them, and it seemed his civilians to some extent could appreciate his iron hand against them, and to know that they were put before everyone else.

Finally as time passed and they managed to set up a straight connection to the other city along with granting even better defenses to both cities, they started to convene- they got together to set up the plans for what they would do. This is where their real planning would start to see where they would go first, what they would do when they got there, how they'd do it- in the end all the scouting that Adael had done ended up saving them a lot of time after all. They set out plans, for now their army would stay together until they expanded their reach and got more soldiers underneath them- once this happened they would split the two armies up with Adael leading one of the armies and the other one being led by the clan head. For now everything seemed fine, it seemed as if it would work and there would be no problems... though the real idea came in at was when would they truly split up? That ended up being another conversation for another day. Though everything was planning out nicely, the soldiers were being trained in how to use magic and Adael himself was looking to expand his horizons even further by speaking to his eternal partner. At first the thing didn't seem too interested in talking about it, but once speaking to it and eventually talking it into telling him more about what Adael truly was- he learned that magic beyond what he thought was possible was even more than possible. Here is where he trained and learned his origin, here is where he truly realized his capability to become a true god... this is where he learned that the elders weren't so dumb after all.

With this newfound power he took forth onto the glorious battlefield, fighting his way through city-after-city, learning more about his powers and how truly powerful he was- he began to understand... or thought he understood how the world worked. It was a dog-eat-dog world, and right now he felt as if he was the apex predator and everyone else in existence was nothing more but rodents which would become his food, he believed in the truth that he was to become the most powerful being in the world- and this is when the idea to come to control the entire demon realm began to manifest within his head. But in truth that was something he couldn't really care much for, that was an idea which would come to mind and into reality around five thousand years in the future, something that when he believed himself to be at his peak that he would even bother to attempt it. For now he marched through the cities, he marched through the fires and the flames, he marched and enslaved civilians; whether they be men, women, or children... none of them were safe from the new big dogs in town. Frankly Sycross couldn't care for what life had been like for his people in the past, apparently they were lower on the food chain but for now they were learning, learning how to become the one who was feared by all. And eventually the time came when they split the two armies up, each army having thousands upon thousands of soldiers and having no problem sieging cities with little to no causalities at this point. Sycross enjoyed the power, he let it get to his head a little bit but the one thing that kept him grounded to reality was the man who brought him into this world- the leader of the clan stayed by his side and treated him like a person no matter how strong he got, no matter what happened he didn't mind letting his opinions on matters be known against 'Lord'. To some extent people didn't like that, they worshipped Adael like a he was truly 'God' himself at this point, they didn't like that he did that- but whenever someone tried to correct him Adael would stand up for him and say that it was alright and that he didn't mind all that much.

Much like with the first one, when cities were taken they immediately got all of their subjects mind washed, if they tried to run away from the ritual then they would grab their loved ones and murder them before eventually murdering the person who tried to run away. They didn't take any prisoners, everyone was going to listen to them otherwise things were not going to go pretty for either of the groups involved in this little blood war. Time went by just as one would expect, woman were forced to be incubators- the ones who were not apart of the main city of course. As time went on and new generations came he saw no need to brainwash them, after all they were a generation being raised to worship the one true God Adael. The people in the main city began to live like kings and ruled the lower class citizens, they all had amazing lives with their food being many, their children all getting educations and then as they would love to, would go on to work for the army so that they could fight for their one and only Lord. No one dared to oppose him, at this point he did not rule by fear- but instead it was as if their city-turned-nation was a religious cult completely devoted to Adael, they loved him and believed in all that he said no matter what it was, the man could do no wrong no matter what he did to other cities. No matter if he ordered his men to rape and pillage, nothing he did could be considered sinful as he was to be the perfect example of demon-kind, or that's what they believed.

Eventually time came and gone as it always would, Adael at this point had became the ruler of almost the entire region, thousands of years had already passed and he still ruled. Everyone feared their empire and the city-states started to turn themselves in without a fight and of their won free will began to worship the one true god. No one dared to go against his divine law, and anyone who did would be trampled underneath his foot and soon be force into slavery under his empire, at this rate he truly believed that he would one day come to accomplish his dream. But before that day would come there was something he needed to do, for the first time in ages the two armies came together and spoke to one another, there was a city-state that needed to be absorbed into them before they became the true rulers of the area- it was the final fight. They stormed the gates, their flags waving high in the sky as all the soldiers charged, they were met by fierce adversity as archers from the roof began to pick them off one-by-one. But no matter! For through it they forged on, they slammed against the gates, some climbed the walls and others took flight as they slammed, slammed, slammed, slammed, and eventually the doors broke down as they began to pillage the city, just like it always did it went fine! After all didn't they have Lord on their side? Didn't they have the one person who would bring them through the road of victor no matter what it was that they did? Soon... even the greatest city in the region came under their rule- Adael took the ruler out into the streets and cut his head off of his body right in front of his subject to cement the reality that they no longer had their own freedom.

As the prophecy would come to pass, the clan eventually took over every single city-state in the area and created the first empire in their region, other places starting to copy what they did but of course they were far ahead of the game at this rate- it was certain that at least in their region they had the strongest army. All of them had been united under a single banner, millions and millions of people living for one person at the helm as he watched them form high above in the sky where he was their 'Lord'. Every single day people would pray to him and thank him for all that he's done for their people, for the past 5,000 years of fortune which he had brought them... he was considered a saint to their people. It truly was surprising, someone with such negative thoughts and emotions would become such a hero to a group of people- someone would even call it stupid to follow the man into life-or-death situations and trust him to make the right decisions. But at this point they had done it so many times it wasn't clear to them that this man had not been of the right mindset to lead them, it was already far too late as he had too many devoted followers.

Nevertheless, this man had one last plan... a plan which would shake the very foundation of the Demon Realm.

Chapter 5

The End

"In the end, the world will break ya' down more than they build ya' up."

It was about five thousand years into his life at this point, honestly life was going beyond good for him, he was worshiped every single day by his loyal followers, his empire was booming and he was considered nothing less than a miracle. The ground he walked on was worth more money merely because his boot laid there for half a second one time- putting his name on something, if it had not been approved was almost considered sacrilegious! His word overruled everyone at this point, the new council of elders all put together could not say anything against his word and he only allowed the head of the clan's word to mean anything now because he was at one point a close friend. At this point in time they rarely ever saw each other, his only friend in the world had been off making sure everything was fine in other places in the kingdom while Adael stayed on the throne within the palace and watched from afar, making sure nothing went unsupervised. Adael had ruled for five thousand years without any problem it seemed, of course there had been minor rocks in the road here and there that he'd run into but it was never nothing he couldn't deal with. There was no mountain that was high enough, there was no valley that was low enough, nor was there a river that was wide enough to keep him from succeeding in whatever he did! He was High-Lord Adael! The subjects were his, he knew that every single one of them idolized him and he would use that in any way he could, he would manipulate them to his benefit and not care of their feelings nor their opinions, were they scared? He couldn't care! In truth he was a terrible leader, he had let the power and wealth get to his head, he let his ego get too big for what it truly could fit and because of that it would lead to his downfall. This demon did not have a single humble bone in his entire body.

What would one expect from the ruler of the empire, and soon the entire demon realm? He didn't care of Touketsu and his opinions or rules, he thought of himself as someone who was higher than even such a great being! It was a long time ago that the idea to overcome even the demon god himself had formed in his mind, though during the time he knew that it definitely wouldn't of been possible with the measly manpower back then. But at this point in time he was highly confident in the people whom he was using and manipulating for his own personal gain. He believed with all of his confidence and might that it would be possible to even beat the lord of the demon realm, that it would be possible that he himself would become the Lord of all demons! Adael didn't think anything else would happen, he didn't believe there was anyone else who would be able to fill such a great position! This evil plan of his kept forming once again, soon enough it became the only thing he ever thought of and sooner or later it became a bit of an addiction. Never did he speak to anyone about it, he was amassing all the power he could gain so that when the time came for him to make his move that he would be able to do it without a single problem. Slowly one after another he would be moving more resources to the army and making sure it got larger and larger as time went on.

Eventually it became time for him to announce his plan to the entire nation- the night beforehand however he had called a meeting of all the elders, the clan head, and then the governors from the different cities that he had appointed. Not a single person knew what the heck this meeting was about, he had randomly sent out envoys on how everyone would be needed in the capital and left it at that. And even with that said he had waited for a long time to even show up, he was literally the last one to show up to the meeting which he had called for in the first place- then again no one had anything to say about it. Not a single soul in the room dared to criticize their Lord- except for one man who seemingly called out a joke, "Pfft, oh what makes you so late? Walking in with style are ya'?" The man currently sat in the seat next to the one where Lord would sit at the head of the table, his arms crossed in front of his chest as he sat back in his seat while looking out of one of his eyes towards the white-haired danava.

"Pfft, you know I am a busy man so did you expect anything else? I have a kingdom to run, people to constantly be seeing, then again it doesn't matter! Not like any of you would rather be somewhere else than here with me, yes?" As Adael went to look towards the rest of the table none of them really seemed to disagree, one of them starting to nod their head before the rest of them would follow in hopes of not getting called out for not worshiping their 'Lord' correctly. The man in the seat net to him just seemed to sigh as he would lean back into his seat even more then he had done before, seemingly not to really care what the meeting was going to be about, perhaps he thought it was going to be a lame one? Adael smirked as he started to walk around the room for a minute, slowly pacing back and forth as if thinking to himself before eventually he would go to take his seat at the head of the table. "So men, you know who I am and that I have been here almost longer than all of you have, you know I do what is best for this kingdom and that I know what is best for this kingdom, always. That is something that I just know as Lord." All of them not really sure where this was going just begin to nod in accordance, as if they were following on for the most part.

Well... all but one of them, "Oh come on man, you couldn't of called us all together to explain that point for the sixteenth time today, sorry but you know we all know that here. After all we here by just sitting in a room longer than a few minutes, someone will mention your name or perhaps just drop everything and start praying to your greatness. Or somethin' like that..." There was no hidden malice behind the word he was saying, if anything it was more of a friendly jab of sarcasm at the man, this did make Adael smile for a moment but it soon happened to return to a serious and solemn face as if to show this meeting was going to be more serious than what it normally was. Even the man whom seemed to be his friend had immediately straightened his posture and tightened his upper lip as if to say that he was now being serious about this conversation rather than taking it as some kind of joke.

At this point his hands laid softly against the table and his hands clutched, "Well personally i'd rather explain this to you guys and the people at the exact same time, so instead of explaining it here I would like you all to get the guards to go around town and gather everyone in the square- this way it will be much easier for me to explain, and explain a single time." For a moment everyone seemed to be quiet, as if considering what had been asked of them, but then finally one of them stood up which was then followed slowly by the rest of them also standing up. One-by-one they all left the room to do as Adael had asked of them, even his dear friend who had been in a joking mood just a few moments ago had left to do as he had been told- after all this was the man who was God. For a while Adael had been left to his own thoughts as the room was completely empty, finally a guard came in to explain that the crowd outside the palace has been completely brought together so that they could be talked to. When Adael got out there, he said this: "My people! It is I, Lord. I as you all know am the one above all, the man that all of you here worship for you have seen what it is that I can do, you know my power and understand that anything is within my grasp and for that you follow me without question. As I am now I would just like to tell you something- it has been a long journey since we started... as I am sure many of you remember the first time in which I stood here and talked to you, but for some this is something you have never experienced. Truthfully this is okay, I do not mind after all... but I am here to tell you that our conquest is not over- it shall not stop at this area! We have been complacent for far too long! Today I announce the next phase of our plan... to overthrow the false god! Touketsu himself will fall and I shall become the ruler of all the realm, and you shall all be my chosen people! Once this is finished, we shall go forth and conquer other realms!" In truth he knew his advisors would question him if he brought this to their attention, that is why instead he went behind their backs and got the people on his side before his governors and the people alike could argue with him. And... well, the people were definitely on Adael's side about this one as they cheered on, all of them simultaneously shouting 'Lord'.

The following few weeks were spent doing relatively calm things, for the most part everything had seemingly been going according to Adael's plans, of course he did get bitched at by a couple of his advisors, but that was to be expected after what kinda stunt he pulled. But for the most part everyone pretty much seemed on his side- he had managed to find the place in which Touketsu was supposed to of been staying... or at the very least he had managed to obtain the knowledge from another person. When the time came for him to rally his troops, he got them all together and on the way to the palace of the demon lord he met up with the rest of his army. It had an odd feeling to it, he was certain they were going to win but the world had this eerie feeling... something like he shouldn't be doing this, or somewhere deep down something inside of him was telling him it was a terrible idea. But alas, the man decided not to listen to his gut feeling, he marched along in front of the rest of his army, he merely spoke words of encouragement as they were going to completely 'demolish' the palace. The only one who seemed to be questioning the decision of Adael happened to be the one man who truly gave his opinion when the time came- and even though he was trying to speak to him and to beg him to turn back... Adael was having none of it. At this point it was his way or the highway! There was nothing that could convince him to turn back, he would refused to look like he was scared in front of his subjects.

There was an odd feeling as they seem to arrive at this large palace, a place that was obviously fit for a king... yet it seemed like no one had been there. There was no one walking outside, and there were no guards, no walls, nothing! Part of Adael got angered, for a moment he thought he had been told the wrong info, but then he considered the fact that perhaps the man sitting inside that palace didn't care for him! The angered mad immediately hopped down onto the ground and immediately started to walk forward, "How dare you! Do you make light of the great Adael? Do you truly think someone as measly as you can dare compare to my might? The might of my army? If it was only me then perhaps I could forgive it, but not my men! Come out here and face me Touketsu, you false idol!"

All of a sudden the sky itself began to darken, Adal started to look back and forth as he saw his men starting to shake in fear and the horses backing down while only one stayed close to the front- the clan leader still by his side no matter what. A deep, dark chuckle could be heard from the sky... seemingly a dark hand emerging from the clouds, and then all of a sudden, BOOM! Half of his army was thrown back due to an explosion as explosion after explosion hit, men screaming in agony as everything seemed to be wiped out in nearly seconds, half of his army still standing on the opposite side of him, "C-Come on! F-Fight someone your own size!" The hand was then pointed at him, but at this rate he felt someone push him out of the way as all of a sudden he looked to his right, only to see his best friend there one moment... and his body disintegrated next. Adael crawled over and started to claw at the ground as he looked up to the sky at the sound of a voice.

The voice was gruff, "Haha, you deserve a rightful punishment for this blasphemy."

And just like that, he was gone... and none of it meant anything anymore.

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III. History Cont.

Chapter 6

There Before Forever

"I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end."

Adael thrashed and screamed, his arms flying towards the ground and slamming as he grunted in desperation, he tried to rip at the endless void's ground as he tried his hardest to imagine a way out of his world. He tried his hardest to leave this world, if he didn't leave then he knew the fate that would be left to the people on the outside. He knew that everything that he had worked for would end up being a waste of time and they would all be decimated if he wasn't there. In truth he knew that even if he went there wouldn't be much of a difference, they had done all they could in planning and preparing for the last five thousand years, yet there was nothing they could do to expect the so-called 'god of demons' to be that strong. Perhaps in the end they should of expected this, they should of not underestimated their opponent and for that it seemed that Adael had paid the ultimate price- he had lost everything.

"Don't you think that's a bit much? After all you brought this on yourself, you should of expected such a powerful enemy- and even then you just stormed up and started yelling at the man. In my honest opinion you should consider yourself lucky he didn't obliterate you on the spot as far as I am concerned." From behind Adael was the sound of a page turning while slowly scribbling sounds could be heard, as if someone was writing something down on paper. "I do not wish to beat around the bush, you messed up and as your partner it is my job to help you understand that of course. I do not know if the demon shall keep us here forever or if he shall merely let us go after a few centuries or millenniums. Either way you have much time to consider your action carefully and decide for yourself if you did a dumb thing or not... until then when you would like to talk, i'll be here." During the entire time which the being had been talking he never once looked up from writing, his solemn and grim expression could be understood even with his lack of facial expressions.

Looking up to the man with a scowl, Adael just kept beating his hands against the non-existent floor as they started to get bloodier and bloodier with each hit as they just kept slamming over and over again, not stopping a single second for a break. His fists repeatedly hit the ground one after another before eventually cracks were heard, then at that point the sound of a book closing echoed throughout the void as footsteps made their way over to where Adael was, "Frankly if you keep acting like this nothing will come of it, you've been a petulant child so far, why not learn from your past mistakes?" The man didn't even looked down as all of a sudden Adael found that his hands were starting to heal, likely due to whatever it was his eternal partner was doing. Frankly Adael had almost had enough of it- there was a mixture of anger and fear within him at the same time an all it continued to do was disgust him again and again.

At this point Adael just groaned out in frustration and flopped down on his backside, he hated it so much, he could barely contain his rage. He hadn't said a single word this entire time to his eternal partner yet it dared to comment towards him? He didn't even bothered to look it's way, if he did he knew that there would either be angry words thrown- mostly from Adael's side -or just glaring. So instead of throwing a fit, or a temper tantrum, Adael just sat there quietly and considered his actions... because what he did, now the person whom he had considered his best friend was dead and there was no going back. Frankly all Adael wanted to do was see him again, even if he imagined him here then in the end it wouldn't be the same thing, it never would be the same no matter what... everyone was different now, everything was ruined.

How long had it been since he last saw the outside world? How long had it been since he last took a breath of actual air? How long had it been since he actually had contact with another person or being? How long had it been since he ate actual food or actually held a conversation with someone? As each day passed he made another mark in the sky but eventually he stopped caring and sooner or later all of it ended up slowly dissipating into the sky as if it was ink on a paper. Adael laid on his back as he looked up to the sky, fake clouds slowly passed overhead as he knew the secret- he knew they were not real and only figments of his imagination but to him it was better than nothing.

There was a feeling deep inside, something empty... he knew there was no looking back, he knew that everything he had fought for had long since been dead and now he was just a fool rotting away within his own world. A place where he was supposed to have dominion over had now become his prison, and it was impossible for him to escape it no matter how hard he tried. In truth being here had been a breaking point, it almost drived him crazy being in a place like this where there was nothing, yet there was everything at the same time. He sighed a little bit while leaning over to the side and moving his position against the ground, but then his eyes went wide at the sight of a man sitting in a chair reading a book- there he was... his eternal partner.

"Hey... you." Seemingly the thing then looked up from his chair but besides that didn't give much of any other kind of expression, just showing that he was listening to what was said. "I don't understand you, I don't know who you are, I don't know what you are... or even why you just sit there so calmly as if nothing was wrong- those were your people too weren't they? Yet you can sit there and show no expression as if you really didn't care for them. I just... don't get you, that's all." Adael just stared at the man from his position, he didn't seem to move or blink as the being once again went back down to writing whatever it was he wrote within the confines of his hardcover book. Adael started to get frustrated as it seemed he didn't respond to him at all. It caused him to open his mouth once again but then he saw a long and bony finger raise as if to ask him to wait a second and to show that he was indeed listening and he wasn't just completely ignoring what was said to him.

After a few moments had passed, the being put away the book by placing it on the ground and looking up from where he had placed it to meets the eyes of Adael with his own featureless face. "I am going to be honest with you here, I do not believe that you truly cared for many of those people. You merely use it as a self-righteous crusade to say that you did something right or that you were doing something for a cause when in reality you were doing it for yourself and no one else. In truth perhaps there was a single person which you brought yourself to care for, but they were blasted into dust by the man in which you wanted to fight. They died because they saved your life, and that is a reality that no matter how long we go on living here that you will have to live with. He is the only reason as to why you are even alive right now, and if you cared for the man like you said you did you would go on living for him. Though none of that is really my business, I was never too interested in anything you did while sitting on that dull throne everyday. I am merely the observer, the being which is to watch how you go about your life and give you guidance whenever you need it, I do not know all of the answers to your troubles but if you ask I shall give my opinion on things, otherwise i'll keep quiet."

Adael immediately went quiet in responses, he didn't have much to say on those comments... amidst his emotions and thoughts he knew what the being had said was completely true. He didn't care for any of the civilians nor the people who really fought next to him, nor did he even care for the elders or the governors. There had been something about his dear friend, he was the only real reason as to why he bothered to do anything with those people, and to some extent it killed him on the inside that he let all the power to get his head and cloud the real reason he was doing it in the first place. It started out with him doing it because he thought it would be a short-lived deal that would eventually help him see the world and experience more thing and that he would come to find a new place. Then it turned into him staying because he had someone he promised to do his best with, and in the end that just completely changed. In the end he became someone who lived the good life, he enjoyed being revered as some deity or god, he enjoyed living the rich life and knowing how much wealth and resources he had beneath him, owning people as if they were property thrilled him. After the more and more that he realized, he came to find himself completely disgusted... what was he doing? Why did he do it?

"I...I..." Adael had been silenced by this mans words, he went quiet and just let his mouth close, he did not have words to speak because he knew the man was right. He, somewhere deep down, knew that everything this person was speaking was the truth- perhaps it was because of the fact that he was someone that lived within his heart and mind and that he knew how Adael felt about something before Adael even felt about it himself. Really he didn't understand himself, but the only thing he knew for a fact was that this being was someone he definitely was going to have to be able to get along with, he wasn't going to be able to go an unknown amount of time without talking to someone... otherwise it would drive him crazy.

A long time passed before he could find himself getting over his friend's death, and really it wasn't something he just got over all of a sudden. He knew in secret that it would come to haunt him for as long as he could remember it, but he also knew if he let it haunt his memories and he never forgot about it that eventually it would drive him to insanity. Honestly part of him wondered if he was already living in a constantly loop of madness or not, but that was another thing he tried to stay his farthest away from because he knew it wouldn't lead him anywhere he really wanted to go. The days at this point were going by like seconds, the marks in the sky had long been gone at this point and no longer bothered to even fade into the sky, it seemed just like the clouds he had created the tallys found their way through the world. The only thing that Adael knew for certain, he had to do something and to keep constantly busy... otherwise he'd have a mental breakdown.

And just like that time would go on one day after another, sooner or later the seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, years into eternity. It seemed to be flashing by one after another- but instead of just sitting there and sulking Adael had other plans. He would meditate regularly, he would have the eternal partner of his help him truly understand and master his power. He would fight, train with the spirit powers which he had been gifted by the elders, he was going to train and train, he was going to become stronger- there was no if, and, or but... it was certain.

Chapter 7

Starting Anew

"Today isn't just an ordinary day. Today i'll create something beautiful."

It had been an untold amount of time, five thousand years? Seven thousand years? At this point everything was blurry, he spent most of his time doing different things to make sure that he managed to keep himself busy. In a weird way the one thing that he didn't want to happen did come true, to some form of the word he did indeed become consumed in madness. He was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result- perhaps not the legal nor medical term but it was definitely there. He trained, he talked to the souls within him, he talked to his eternal partner, he practiced imagining different things and then imagined different ways to use the things which he imagined. There was something about expanding his horizon wider and wider that intrigued him, the idea that he was furthering himself for some reason or another, whatever it was it didn't matter. In truth what it did was give him a goal, it kept him busy and let him believe that he had some kind of meaning in being there, some kind of reason, some kind hope.

On the other hand he also had many deep conversations with his eternal partner, he no longer thought it was fitting to call him a thing and he truthfully recognized him as a person, but he was at a loss to what he could actually refer to the being as. Even though the thing didn't seem to mind either way it did bother Adael- after all he was given a name when he first came into existence... couldn't he be given something similar? But for now he decided not to think about it, after all if he was going to name them then he'd have to do some kind of research, there would need to be some kind of meaning behind his name after all! The deep conversation with him, about life, about what their purpose in being here was, about what he should do when he leaves, about his desires. One thin that did end up bothering him more than anything happened to be the fact that the being never bothered to talk about himself, it was always about Adael and nothing else.

But alas he let the thought pass, he knew it wasn't something that the being was going to be comfortable talking about anytime in the near future. He wanted to respect it's privacy even if it never respected his own and always seemed to be watching him, that or reading a book. Perhaps he would also be writing a book- that was another thing that always intrigued him. He was always seem writing for the most part yet the being never bothered to tell him what it was he was writing no matter how many times Adael asked him. He would either not get a response, or he would get a response about how he shouldn't worry about it and focus on whatever he was doing at the time, even if he wasn't doing anything at all! But there was something about him, something about the fact that he was able to just sit here and talk to him that brought him at least a little bit of sanity, if it had been only him in this place it would of likely drove him to suicide at this point.

But as time had went on and Adael began to find himself, to understand more about the nature of his powers, thoughts constantly popped within his head on things that he could do with it. Things popped within his mind about things which he could change, things in which he could create. Luckily enough for him he didn't have to eat in this state, otherwise it was possible that he would of did a long time ago. Perhaps that was something at the very least he could thank Touketsu for- but that was a name that was to never be brought up. Whenever the other being in the room dared mention his name, it caused Adael to become incredibly angry and almost go into some kind of fit of rage, but at the very least he would of been thrown into some kind of rant or something akin to that. It was at this point he wasn't sure what the first thing he was going to do whenever he got out was, he wanted to make that person suffer as much as he did. But he knew that if he did that he would either be sent back to the realm or perhaps even worse find himself obligated, he was trying his hardest to become stronger then that thing but he knew if it got to that point he would of been able to rip a hole through his own world and find his way back to where he had been just before being trapped. Something told him Touketsu was something he should of stayed as far away from as possible, but his heart and pride told him that he should go and give him a piece of his mind... needless to say one was definitely being smarter than the other at the moment.

The other part that also kept him from going completely insane happened to be the spirits which were housed within his body, thankfully it was something that he could spend his time doing! He could talk to them, ask their opinions on things, get to know them and in the end also try his best to make their.... 'stay within his body', the best possible stay that it could possibly be. Adael managed to use this to his advantage, he got to know the spirits and through that he also got them to teach him what they know- and considering all of them were demons... he learned a lot of demon magic on the side of his other training.

After time had passed, something came into his mind... he could do anything within this world of his- after all he owned everything in here. There was no limit to how much could be put in here, the void itself was ever expansive and could grow as far as he wanted it to grow- if he wanted it to be the size of a multiverse them all he needed to do would be to imagine it. The thought had popped into his head because he had talked with his eternal partner about what a god truly was... and it made him realize that if he truly wanted to become a god, then by all means he could be a god of the new world. This got the gears in his mind turning one after another, and that was when he finally decided to work his mind beyond it's limits... he had created countless things, he had create so many things that it was impossible for him to remember what he changed and what had been reality before he changed it. But no, this was something new, this was something he had never tried before- heck his eternal partner didn't know if it would even be able to be pulled off! But that didn't mean he was just going to let that stop him, he knew what his next goal for training was... he was going to make his own universe and become the god of that world.

He sat down for a long time, and he just started to imagine an expansive black, he imagined moons and stars, he imagined a sun, he imagined a giant ball of blue and red. His eyes opened to him standing in what seemed to be space, everything that he had imagined sat there in ready for his genesis of a new world... yet when doing this his brain started to throb, perhaps had this been in the real world then it would of been impossible for him to pull something of this caliber off. But within the place that he was truly the lord of all? With just a few things placed here and there, he could create a world- he could be better than Touketsu... he could be the creator.

And that day was when it finally began, that was the day that the rest of his eternity within his conceptual world would change forever.

Chapter 8


"Love turns, with a little indulgence, to indifference or disgust; hatred alone is immortal."

He never realized how boring it would be to watch a world grow day-after-day, he figured that perhaps it would be fun interacting with the world but he soon came to realize that it was not as fun as he thought it would be. Adael figured whenever he watched it that he would be able to show himself, but he was soon told that it was in fact not the case- his eternal partner let him know how dumb of an idea that would of been. It killed him on the inside letting other people go about their days, watching them life their lives while he was forced to a role on the sidelines. But during this time it let him realize a few things, it showed him how truly cruel people could be- he did not imagine any evil deeds in this world... yet it happened so regularly. This is what made him realize how people can be malicious even if they were not made to be evil, even if they were not made to be hateful and to fight... giving them the ability to do such things was obviously a bad idea. It did make him lose a bit of trust in the people around him, the people he knew, it did callous his emotions to some extent and he learned not to just trust people.

Adael was so bored, he couldn't stand just sitting here and watching the world from a platform with his eternal partner, he wanted to be out there... he wanted to be in the world and doing things and interacting. But for the most part he was able to calm down and keep his cool, the world itself had been incredibly fantasy based with people having the ability to use magic. The world itself seemed to believe in multiple gods, with a head god known as 'Deus'. Deus, in other words, was the word they used for the representation of the creator who in turn was both Adael and his eternal partner. So instead of Lord, Adael started to like the name Deus here.

People thought the world was created through the one true god- Deus -and then three primordials; Aetheran, the Creator; Kraz, the Destroyer; and Zu'ri, the Watcher. Aetheran was responsible for the creation of all life within the universe, including the plants that were hospitable to this live. He created the Titans, divine celestial beings which were something akin to gods- they were tasked to watch over these worlds which were expected to grow and grow, to help it mature and to guide them along it's way. However there was one creation of Aetheran which stood out from the rest, he referred to this creation as his 'ultimate creation'. Unlike the other worlds before it, this world was nearly perfect and thought to be vibrant and full of life, something that was a shining star of cleaning hope for all to see. It was on this world that he created the human race and set in motion everything required for them to prosper- he brought his most trusted titans to the world to keep the elements in balance, making sure that the world stayed hospitable for his newly created race of sentient life.

But sadly this was just a story made up by the people, in fact there was only one person who created everything, who watched everything, and who destroyed everything- it was Adael. Adael forced the world to have magic, there had been mana within every person for the most part whether it be greater or lower. Some generally had more of an ability to manipulate it than some, but for the most part everything seemed to go by fine- until eventually a man came by whom threatened to destroy everything he had bothered to create. It made him angry, so much so that he himself created a man who was a man meant to be all powerful, it was a man with ultimate strength that could almost rival the strength of the god of the world. This man was made to guide the people, this man was there to show the people the way and to protect the world had it ever been in danger from a madman.

Oh how so tiring it became, watching them make mistakes again and again and then seeming them not correct their past mistakes. A thought came into his head, perhaps they were unperfected because he himself had come to realize that he in fact was not perfect either. Could a imperfect being come to create something that was truly perfect? Even if the world itself was perfect in creation, there was something about it that was not perfect- the people on this world while sentient and autonomous had their own free will. But something about it made Adael want to keep it this way, if there was no free will then it would be boring or him to watch and it would practically be like he was playing with a bunch of dolls. The world would be his doll house and he would have to guide every single one of the people within the house, sooner or later he'd get mad because he would not be able to see and understand their genuine reactions to things. The more and more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He got incredibly violent at times, causing catastrophes as if to show his anger to the people in hopes that they would clean up his act, but to his surprise none of them would do as they were told no matter how many times he tried. He was confused on what made human beings and other life akin to them tick.

Though even with that said there were still parts of the world which could bring him joy, there were people I this world who were truly good people, there were people in this world who tried to do good but just were misunderstood by the people within. Whenever he saw someone who tried their hardest, when ever he saw someone who no matter what happened to them they did their best to be happy and didn't go out of their way to hurt people, he blessed them. One could call him a biased god, but he hated the idea of the good people in the world always getting forgotten- in his world if you continued to do good things with your time then you would be rewarded for all of your hard work, that's just the type of god that he was. Meanwhile to those who were evil, he would put blockages in their way, right when their magic attacks was about to go off he'd shut them down and let them take a hit. Whenever they were about to reveal some kind of mystical evil plan a hero would show up just in time to stop them. But even with all of his guiding of the world and showing that evil would not be tolerated he could not understand the ignorance of the people within. They raped, assaulted, stole, everything possibly under the sun that could be done was done within this world! It angered him so much, he saw it over and over again for thousands and thousands of years, he saw the same generations of people going through and doing things which they should not.

At this point a thought occurred in his head, perhaps this is what it was like for his eternal partner? His eternal partner said he was there to watch him, and to observe what he did as he was the watcher. Or that was something that he referred to himself as at the very least- he watched every single thought he had, every single action he did, every single word that he spoke. When in his life had his eternal partner had these same thoughts? It was then that suddenly a fond feeling for the being started to form, call it respect or endearment, there was something that changed. Over time he started talking to the being more and becoming closer with it, starting to refer to it as more of a person than ever before, for the first time ever he truly treated this 'thing' as a partner.

On a regular basis he would talk to his partner about what he should do- and then a bright idea came from his, uh, non-existent lips. The idea to just let the world sit and fester into whatever it could truly become, the idea to let the world grow into it's own creation and let it lie in it's own bed. It was an approach which he had taken with Adael and he believed for the most part that as time went on it did become something that was not as bad as it originally was. Instead of meddling too much with him or trying to correct him on everything he did, it seemed that he eventually learned the ropes on his own and became someone whom he truly thought would grow to become an even greater person. So by taking his partner's words into consideration, Adael decided to step back from the world and watch from afar- he sword to his partner on that day for the next five thousand years that he would not mess with the world, that he would just watch it. At the start he thought it was a good idea, no matter how much death happened he hardened his resolve to keep his promise and to not to do anything... but it eventually became a large problem for Adael. He would see things that he would want to fix, events that he would want to stop, there was always something wrong with a situation which could make it better than what was going on. But, the promise was made and he intended to keep his word.

Though because of this he found himself starting to hate the world, starting to hate the people within it and starting to hate people in-general! Even the people outside of this world became fools that did not truly understand what they did to themselves, they were idiots who were too blind to see the truth in their actions. He watched as the good people of the world found their way onto the bottom and he could not help them, he found that the people who forced their way over others and stepped on them as a stone to get where they wanted to go normally ended up being the ones on top. He bit his tongue over and over and over again, but nothing seemed to change- in fact it got worse and worse, people in the world started to disgust him! Whenever he saw a single speck of hope he would be disgusted as someone would come along and ruin it all! Someone would come along and snuff out the bright light of hope because they wanted to, there was never a reason for it, at least not one that would make senses to try and get rid of all the goodness in the world, and for that they angered their god. He tried his absolute hardest to hold himself back from going to do things, he tried his absolute hardest to stay away and let the world do as it pleased! He found that even the heroes he had went out of his way to make ended up not living good lives either, they ended up wasting away all of their time and energy before withering and dying with age or finding themselves killed by the evil in the world. The children, the women, the men, the beasts, the planet itself was a corrupted endless ball of despair which continued to turn in it's own wicked ways.

It was then he realized something- he hated people.

Chapter 9

Strings of Fate

"The good die early, and the bad die late. The bitterest tragic element in life to be derived from an intellectual source is the belief in a brute Fate or Destiny. For man is man and master of his fate. When you think to take determination of your fate into your own hands, that is the moment you can be crushed."

At some point, Adael had enough of it! He couldn't handle it anymore- but he did swear so he couldn't dare break a promise! So instead of going to break a promise, he looked to his eternal partner and made a deal. The deal was to go down there and change it with his own hands! To show him that this world didn't need a god to show it the way, that someone down there could guide it.

And so the deal was struck, Adael let the souls within his body and his eternal partner cover the cost of the world and his unconscious mind would go on working, but his mind forgot everything that had happened to him before.

In this world Adael came from a very humble beginning, his life was that of one spent on a farm from where it was far out- the closest people around him were a couple miles away and it so happened that they themselves also owned a farm. So in truth there was no one that he really knew, he grew up without any other kids being around him! They weren't rich, but they weren't very poor either- they had a lot of land! But on the other hand they had almost not resources, food, and forget any type of schooling! They were absolutely broke, he grew up as a very naïve child who believed most of the things he was told. His mother was angelic, she was a true beauty on the inside and the out and frankly it was a chock to Adael as a young kid why the heck she bothered to stay with his abusive and near-demonic father. His father was a hardass, he punished Adael for everything he did no matter how small the mistake would have been, and over time his abuse got worse and worse. Though where they lived definitely had not been safe... in fact the world had changed a lot since Adael left the seat.

The story went like this: Kraz could create no real life, he could merely end what has been created by his brother. Any attempts he made at creation would end up vile and twisted, absolute monstrosities that most people would only see in the darkest parts of their minds. Whenever one of Aetheran's creations failed, it was Kraz who had been brought to reduce it back to stardust floating amongst the celestial sea. However, the dark primordial harbored a bitter resentment for his brother- why would Aetheran bring such life and joy while all he could do was end it? How was that fair, when both were born of the same stars? The internal struggle ate away at him, stripping the once benevolent being of his sanity and driving him into a frenzy. One by one Kraz would go to Aetheran's worlds, twisting, corrupting, and ultimately decimating them. Zu'ri, sworn to neutrality and maintain the balance of the universe saw no reason to intervene- after all, everything that begins must eventually have an end. It wasn't until Kraz reached this world that Aetheran realized his crazed brother's end goal; the destruction of not just failed creations, but all life- including Aetheran himself. The entire world was thrown out of balance, with natural disasters popping up all across the plant and vicious monsters being released into the world. While the denizens of the world, along with the lesser Titans, fought to preserve Aetherans most beloved creations, Aetheran and Kraz would have a battle of their own. As light and darkness, life and death danced the dance of conflict, the High-Archon Balderon Aurum would turn to she who was supposed to preserve balance; Zu'ri. Finally, after all the years of keeping a silent watch, the Primordial would intervene. Lending her essence to the High-Archon, the mage would be able to cast a spell to seal away both the light and the darkness... at the cost of his own life. The world was still scarred and broken, approximately three-fourths of the world being left a barren wasteland with monsters wandering the world and chasing off humanity- the world was still in danger. At this point all of the Titans seemed to all but vanish, however with the battle that would have surely destroy the world over, Zu'ri would return to her position as the neutral Watcher with only one final comment to the fledgling race, "It's your turn now, humans. Forge your own future."

But alas, Adael's father was not a man who feared the dangers of the world that Kraz had unleashed. Not wanting to deal with the law, he decided against hiring mages to come and protect him, his farm, and his family. Instead he hire unsavory men, ex-mages, and anyone else who was physically capable of offering protection to him and his family. Eventually as Adael aged, he was forced to do all of the chores around the farm- his asshole of a father never bothered to do anything and just gave the entire list to his son. Adael had accidentally forgotten to feed some of the animals on the list, and because of this when he came down from his shower his father hit him as punishment. He got beaten into a bloody mess by his father and eventually was thrown down into the basement, his father would turn off all the lights and then shut the door, propping something up against it so it would be impossible for him to get out. And so there he was without food for what seemed like days, Adael never saw a speck of light- for him there was no telling how long he was going to be forced to stay down there. During this entire time all he could do was hope and pray someone would come, that someone would be here to save him and show him there was actual good in the world... yet no body came.

Time would pass as it always did, and eventually once his mother had managed to shove enough alcohol into his father's belly to the point he passed out it allowed her to slip down into the basement and give him some food and water. The mother told her son that it would be okay and that he shouldn't worry, that just in a few days everything will be fine and he will be able to come out of the basement and he would of served the time for his punishment. Adael didn't understand what he did wrong, he knew that he forgot to feed the animals but that wasn't something he thought was big enough to cause something like this. He grew resentful and hateful towards his father- this entire time he had been fearful of what his father would do for him, but all of his fear and depression just channeled into the hatred, the pure anger boiled within him. On what Adael could only assume was around a week into his punishment, his mother would attempt to make her routine slip into the basement to spend some time with the boy and assure him that everything would be fine. But apparently his father had suspected something was wrong, so that night he had merely pretended to act as if he had passed out while she would continue to down to see the boy. Stumbling down the stairs came the man, he had brought a few bottles of beer with him, and once seeing her with the food he went berserk as he threw a few bottles down the stairs in her direction. Adael went to stand up but at the shattering sound of the glass he stumbled backwards while his legs shook- he was just a kid! What could he do? But as the father threw a bottle against the wall to shatter it and started to walk down the stairs to his mother, his legs just moved. That woman was someone who was an angel, a saint of a person who didn't deserve this! So he ran, his legs moved before he could think as his father ran towards his mother, and then all of a sudden a large gash had been forced down his chest and through his abdomen.

By the time the boy woke up, he was in a hospital room with doctors going all around while his father stood to the side of the room and his mother was sitting next to his bed. The doctors looked to the boy and asked him what had happened- they asked him if he had truly fallen off the barn while working on the roof like his father and mother had explained. For a moment Adael was confused, but after making eye contact with his mother he just started to solemnly nod, agreeing with what his mother and father had claimed to the doctors. It seemed that the doctors had to stitch him up- he had lost a lot of blood and was told that it would be best to stay off his feet and away from doing anything dangerous for a while. During this time there was something building up within his chest, something hurt more and more as he just wanted to scream out the truth and pronounce it to the world- yet he had been stopped by his mother... the only person in the world he loved wanted him to keep on suffering like this.

For a long time after this, the abuse continued- though it never got to the point where Adael would need immediate help, mostly because his father would not take him to the hospital and didn't want to get in trouble for something. But eventually his darling, sweet mother started to blame Adael for everything, saying that he was the cause for the marriage to be going to hell, and that just being there had ruined their entire life, that he was a mistake. At some point he just stopped protesting and agreed with her, believing that with every single fiber of his being that it was all true! That he was a mistake and he was ruining everything, that his father wasn't a bad man but it was him being a bad son and child to his parents.

For a long time this abuse continued, although there was never a scene where he had to go to get immediate help, mostly because his father would not take him and his mother was too scared to oppose. But eventually his sweet, and darling mother started to blame him for everything, saying he was the cause for the marriage to be going to help, and it was his fault for just living, and that has a mistake. At some point in time he stopped protesting and agreed with them, believing with every fiber of his being that he was a mistake and failure that was ruining everything for them. He thought that it was his fault.

And with this time flowed, things got progressively worse for Adael as the abuse continued- his father's beatings got even worse and his list of chores got longer. He would wake up early enough to make his own breakfast and leave as soon as possible before his father woke up. He would go through and for the entire day do all of his chores, doing everything around the house and everything around the farm. Sometimes he would get in before midnight, most of the time he would get in around two AM, or at worst he'd get less than an hour of sleep. What came next was the drunken rage, he'd get a couple of beatings, and then end up having to sleep in the dark basement once again- his room wasn't the best either but it was surely better than the basement, but at some point in time the basement pretty much became his room. Adael knew he probably should of ran away, he was afraid of the world and knew if it wasn't for the protection going around the house and farm, he knew that at this point without them he would of done been dead. Though he did seem to get along with a lot of them, he would make sure to leave the door unlocked whenever he went in so that they could come and get some food or come and do whatever it was they needed to do.

Turns out that was the worst mistake of his life within this world.

However one night while everyone was asleep, and Adael himself was on the cold basement floor, he heard movement upstairs when he knew no one should have been awake. He had manage to hear a few things as he was where the robbers had seemingly first walked in- he heard his father being woken up violently by the men as he was held at gunpoint- he could hear the fear within his father's voice. They talked for what seemed like hours, but eventually as time passed they ended up getting quiet. Adael at his young age had been so scared that he eventually found his way to a small space under the stairs where he could go hide which was a blind spot if you happened to look down from where the doors was. Where could the hired help of been? Weren't they supposed to be there for the protection of the property from people and the monsters? Shouldn't they of been stopped, or maybe even at least alerted the family within the house that someone had been approaching? All of a sudden he heard the door being violently thrown open as all of a sudden two figures were thrown down the stairs- both his father and his mother found themselves on the ground. His father stood up and looked to the front of the stairs starting to beg them to just take everything and leave, he was even willing to enslave both Adael and his mother if they left now. The men from the top of the stairs started to walk down before all of a sudden they began to wail down on the man, beating him profusely as blood splatted on the ground, walls, even on his mother. They beat him more and more until his skull was nothing but a bloody pool... he had just watched his father get beaten until he died.

As the men got done with his father they all looked towards his mother, he rose up his finger and then said some word before all of a sudden the men lit his mother up in a ball of flame. The ear-shattering screams which left her mouth sent shivers up and down his spine, he wanted to cry but he knew if he did then the men would come after him and it would only be a matter of time before he also died. His mother eventually turned into a pile of burnt skin, bones, hair, and the men then went upstairs going back and forth and taking every little thing that they could find. As a couple of hours passed the men left and it was left to morning at this point, Adael had been forced to stare at the two dead bodies for the last four hours. At this point he didn't know what to do- he just stood up, went upstairs, and left. He was at his limit, he just started walking and he didn't care if he ran into some monster which would end up killing him, he didn't care if the men found him and also murdered him... he just didn't want to be in that house any longer.

There was something odd about this entire situation for Adael, he didn't understand why all these bad things could of been happening to him when all he ever tried to do in his life was help other people and be a good child to his mother and father. It wasn't anything that he was doing, in fact his eternal partner had been manipulating the strings of his life this entire time to show him what it was like to lose. It was more of a test if anything, he was putting him through trials and tribulations and these definitely wouldn't be the last. He was making him go through things that he himself had forced onto others while he was Lord- even if he didn't know these things were happening because of him... they did. He wanted to harden Adael's resolve and show him what the world truly was so that when he was able to leave then he could do it. Sadly, Adael would never learn that it was his partner than in fact was putting him through these things, but it still wasn't over. Everything he was currently going through was just the beginning for something new that was on it's way, he was going to not only learn sorrow... but he was going to learn the game of love.

Chapter 10

There After Eternity

"Nobody is exempt from the trials of life, but everyone can always find something positive in everything even in the worst of times."

As Adael walked down the road for the entire day, he seemed to of been oddly lucky enough to not encounter any kind of monster or mage for some odd reason that he couldn't really answer if you asked him. As he was walking by the side of the road all of a sudden he heard footsteps coming up from behind him, Adael would of immediately stopped and slowly start turning around. This entire time he was hoping and praying for it not to be the men from the house and if it was he just... had to run! That was it, yeah! But as fate would have it, when he turned around- he saw his neighbor. He was a nice man who ended up living in a farm near the area. Adael would of began to walk over to the man's house and he found himself staying there- the man was much nicer than anyone he lived with, he even seemed to be nicer than his darling mother who a long time ago would of done anything for her son.

For an entire week Adael had stayed there, sleeping on his couch and eating his food without a single problem- part of him felt awkward about the fact that he didn't bothered to ask Adael to do a single thing. But this was a time of rest and relaxation, a time for him to reflect on his life so far and decide what it was that he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Adael soon came to the realization that in fact he wanted to become a mage when he was older, but not just any mage- he wanted to go live in a place called the isle which wasn't too far from where he currently was. In this place there were a lot of magicians where they could allowed to be trained by other magicians- one day he wanted to become an archon of the city! But alas those dreams were far away, that was something that at a young, impressionable age that he could only think about. After some more time had passed, Adael asked the man what he had done with his mother and father's bodies considering he had claimed to of left one day to go check out the scene once Adael had told him about it. It was weird to him, Adael had never once experienced a man who could be so nice- but because of this face he would of trusted whatever the man said with his life.

More time seemed to of passed, and at this point Adael found himself going back and forth and eventually started to work around the farm, he would cut the grass and take care of the animals- sometimes he would even do the chores. At this rate he and the man became something akin to father and son, they were the only people for miles and miles and with the amount of time they'd known each other he couldn't help but come to care for this kind man who out of nowhere willingly took him in. At one point Adael asked why the heck no monsters ever came around- the man explained to him that there was a powerful magical barrier around the outside of the farm so that nothing was able to get in without magic words- though anything could leave the barrier without such a thing. With this being sad, Adael instantly grew stars within his eyes as all of a sudden this man became something like an idol, and just like that he started to train Adael to become a powerful mage.

One thing that did however weird Adael was the fact that the man at times would randomly disappear without a single word, one day he would be there and then the next day he would be no where in sight and then all of a sudden sometimes a day, maybe a few hours later he would come walking down the road. In the end it wasn't a big deal, frankly it wasn't something really ever worried about- he was a grown boy and he figured that he would be able to handle himself now that he was a mage in training!

One day the man said he was going to have to leave, he left Adael enough food- though oddly enough he told Aster not to go grab the meat from downstairs because it was locked. He knew this was a lie, he knew for a fact there was two sets of keys and one of them was on the top of the shelf- his innocent childish mind immediately went to the idea that the man just didn't trust him to cook the meat. So as the man left he would go about his small day, doing some of the farm work, practicing on his magic, and then finding himself just mostly going around the house and doing random things- reading a few books, exercising, etc. Eventually when it came time to make his dinners, he decided to prove the man wrong; he jumped up and grabbed the keys from the top of the fridge and instantly zoomed to open the door. As he made his way downstairs and unlocked the large meat cellar, it flung open as the heavy door let out a cool blast of cold air. But what Adael saw was unlike anything else he had ever seen- it had definitely been a room full of carcasses... but they were in the shapes of humans. As he started to stumble back all of a sudden he felt a painful sensation on the back of his head before all of a sudden a darkness enveloped his sight, and like that he was out.

Adael woke up to the sight of a wooden ceiling, he looked around and eventually out of the corner of his eyes he saw a man standing there, it seemed to be the man. All of a sudden the man would of turned around and for a moment he thought it was his savior, but his eyes went wide when he saw that the man had a sullen and almost scary face. He started to jabber on and on about how he couldn't believe Adael had to go on and ruin everything, about how they had it perfect if he just bothered to listen to him! But all things came to an end, he prayed to Deus for forgiveness as he held out his hand... and then a large sawblade of energy went flying at Adael. He instantly closed his eyes and waited for death, but while waiting he found himself perfectly fine. When going to open his eyes he saw the man no longer was there, and all of a sudden all of his locks were done- he didn't know who had helped him or what had undone the locks, but the only thing that was certain was that he was out of there. He got off of the table, and booked it.

Life from then on progressively got better, he lived on the streets for a while near the Isle and found himself going around the town and doing odd jobs for people who would pay them. He'd go out and get materials, or if someone wanted the inside of their house painted then he was definitely their man. After a while he became a mage and would go around with a few of the mages from the Isle and learn the ropes, and that started to become something even larger when he started his own group with a few of his friends. Eventually he started to get closer with some of them in the group, it took him a while to warm up to them mostly because of how he had trust issues in the past... it seemed like he was actually being allowed to catch a break at this point, like things weren't always going against him. He came to find a woman he loved, he came to find a few pals which he could truly consider friends even against all odds... it was a family that he never had but had always wanted, it was the relationships that kept him going through life. He had realized the world was cold and empty, he wondered why someone would create people like this- why Deus would do this to them. But even with those thoughts roaming around within the confines of his head, time would go on as it always did, the clock slowly ticked as each passing second went by.

Now and again for some reason Adael found himself getting these weird memories, of a time before he was even on the farm with his father. Of a time before when he seemed to be another person, in seemingly a completely different world. But then it happened, all of a sudden one night as he slept around a campfire he woke up with a heavy breathing while he sat up from sleeping bag, and as he looked around he saw the concerned faces of his friends- as they all started to fade away... and as he looked around he saw a man who closed a book.

"The time has come... let us leave now, Adael."

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III. History Cont.

Chapter 11

A Start or An End?

"Every end is a beginning, and every beginning is an end."

Eternity never felt so short, in truth the time that he had spent locked up within his own world was something he knew that he'd never get back. But it was chocked full of experiences and lessons he never would of gotten to learn had he not spent his time in that world. Part of him didn't regret it, the other part of him hated Touketsu and despised him for everything that had happened to him. The part of him wanted to find the man and fight him once again, but on the other side was someone that could respect the things that he happened to of learned and came to fear his power. Never before had Adael experienced true sorrow, true pain, true happiness... perhaps it wasn't what Touketsu had intended for him to learn- but through some force of nature it happened and Adael was grateful. Without the help of this punishment he never would of gotten to learn more about himself, his powers, and then most of all he never would of came to understand that his eternal partner was a person and not a thing. It seemed like his time being trapped was over and that he would now be able to explore the world yet again, to set out on his own two feet and see how it had evolved- honestly he had lost track of how many years that he had been stuck in there.

When he found himself coming back to reality, his eyes zeroed in down to the ground as he found his hands deed into piles of white- the chilling air cause shivers to go up and down his spine as his teeth started to chatter. Looking all around him, all that he could find was a sea of trees as snow started to fall from the ground, his arms and legs were weak as they shook. For some reason he found that he could barely stand up, that his arms were the only thing keeping him off the ground at this point as his legs had been completely enveloped in snow and he could not move them for anything. His head hurt and his whole body ached, it pulsed with pain as he tried to move but he just found himself sitting there as the world was surreal. It was an intense emotion, knowing that after all of this time he had managed to somehow escape- he didn't know if there was a reason behind it or if Touketsu had just stopped caring about him. But there was a sense of irony in what he was experiencing, something about it just resonated deep within him... it was a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling that he had overcome something great which many in their life would never come to understand.

His whole body started to shake, his arms wouldn't be able to hold him up much longer- the world around him was becoming dizzy as he slowly found himself starting to fall into the ground. But right as his arms gave way, he gave one mighty pull to the side and turned his body over so that his back would sink into the snow and he could see the cloudy, grey sky. He was filled with overwhelming joy and sadness, Adael started into a chuckle which eventually progressed into a laugh as he couldn't contain himself anymore. All of a sudden tears started to form as they rolled down his cheeks as the laughing continued. There it was! The sky that he so longed for, yet the first time he sees it... it was a dark and dingy color. With how the world worked, he wasn't surprised, everything always worked against those who tried to accomplish things- that's what he realized when he was the Deus. Possibly this was supposed to be some sick and twisted joke, maybe it wasn't anything and he was truly free; at this point Adael didn't know the differences between what was fantasy and what was reality.

"You are free now, yet you lay down in the snow?" Deep within his mind, a voice echoed out. This voice seemed to be calm, it was a voice which he had heard so long ago... before he decided to go live within his own world. A voice which had been a guiding hand up until now, yet it seemed like he was back up to his old tricks as usual! Watching him, writing, deciding if he should speak up or not- it was probably for some kind of research that he was asking in Adael knew that... but there was something comforting about hearing his voice, about knowing something familiar to him wasn't too far away.

"It really is a bit more complicated than that, I can't move my legs... it seemed something took a toll on my body and now it is almost impossible for me to move at all." He tried to move his arms, he tried to move his legs, he tried to roll around and he tried to sit up. No matter how much he moved, no matter how much strength he tried to put into it, it seemed that his body was just too weak to continue moving, his body had become too weak to continue to function. "It seems like it's losing all functionality, maybe the dangers of being sealed away for a long time was a bit more grave than we thought it would be, god dammit... I hate that demon with every fiber of my being, whenever I see him I swear to get my revenge, but I must time it correctly otherwise... well, you get the point. Pfft." The anger for a moment seemed to swell up within him yet again, but it slowly faded away as he looked up to the sky where snow would fall, it hit his warm cheek, his hands were a shivering red while being enveloped underneath him.

Though he knew something was off about it, he knew that there was something that just didn't feel right to him- even in all this happiness which he was feeling there was something about how this world worked which always conspired against him. Adael should of expected something, yet for a moment he sat there with inner peace feelings him, he figured that nothing worse could happen to him than what had already happened... he'd experienced the worst of the worst. Now perhaps that wasn't true, but it was how deep inside he felt, it was an idea that popped in his head whenever he went through something.

Behind him, somewhere, he heard people in the background moving, the area had seemed very active for some reason- perhaps something had been going on? It would of been helpful if he knew where he was, then perhaps he would know if he should of called out for help or not. Deciding against he, Adael started to put all of his strength into his arms as he sat up, it was shaky for a moment but as he managed to get his body of the ground and hunch over his front, he managed to let his body structure keep him up this time. He then forced his body forward so that he could be on his stomach, he knew his legs weren't going to work so he decided to try his hand at crawling. Adael began to pull himself from one side of the ground, to the other, his forearms shivering in the snow as he pulled himself further and further away from his previous position, he had to get to hiding!

At that point he heard a voice, and as he looked back he saw a face that would forever be ingrained into his mind, a face that no matter how much time goes by he would forever remember it. And then all of a sudden his vision went black... and that was when his soul passed away.

Chapter 12

The Watcher

""Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.""

There was something that he never got over about eternity, the time which is spent never is given back. The more time that he wasted over and over again, first being stuck in that silly conceptual world of his and then he ends up getting recycled almost immediately after escaping it. Perhaps it was fate's away of playing a cruel trick on him, though his recycle was perhaps needed- his body had been broken and he did needed something new.

But it seemed even though he was getting recycled all of the souls which had been used as a catalyst still remained with him, as did the energy. This was because they were not tied to his body, in fact their fate was intertwined with his and in return his soul now housed all their consciousness's. It seemed that until he died for good, that he was going to forever have these with him. Of course he didn't remember his own soul being sent to Nidhana- a place which was supposed to be home for his type of demon yet he had never truly experienced it before due to his synthetic nature of being brought into the world, it was an experience unlike any other... yet it was something he didn't experience. As natural, he didn't have any memories from during this time, it was as if his mind had went into a hibernation.

For a long time after being put back on the earth he seemed to just wander back and forth, he did not have any real information on who he used to be and he had no real connection to his eternal partner. He had visited his conceptual world a few times yet it never seemed to have anything, there was no one in there. During this time he did not have his memories of the man he had been before, this kept him out of trouble as he decided to stay as far away from the spotlight as he possibly could without something so important. He knew what he was, but he didn't know who he was or the things that he could do.

Because of this he knew there would of been no possible way for him to defend himself if it came time for him to do so- perhaps there were a few people which he could take but there were some people who at this state were just out of his league! Though the world was beautiful, during this time he meditated on a lot of things, he wasn't sure what his purpose was in this world. One thing he did focus on was going around and learning new things, getting to know information that otherwise people wouldn't know... he became a master of secrets.

During the time period where he came to live for a few hundred years he began to regain his memories, mostly of the time from when he was created and of the time within his conceptual world. He does not remember how he got stuck in his conceptual world, but merely that he did get trapped there for a long period of time. This demon also came to remember the face of the person he saw when he died, the face had never really left his mind... it was something that was going to haunt him forever, that, or until he manages to find and kill the person.

This period for him was pretty boring, he watched the world as he did with his own world, some of the memories that were brought back from that time period were fond, others not so much. He knew of the names he went by- though one name did allude him... the name which he was given when he first was born into the world. The demon remembered who gave it to him, but besides that he did not remember what it was.

Frankly nothing happened in this period of his life, he was a watcher.

And it brought back very many boring memories.

Chapter 13


"I am free and that is why I am lost."

Life was boring for the next four-hundred years, he watched people go back and forth arguing about things which in the end he knew wouldn't matter. He had lived long enough that he could understand most problems would be forgotten about in due time, this demon understood that his own problems which at the time seemed like it would come to shape the world itself didn't matter anymore. In the end no problem really lasts forever, eventually it will subside, everything does come to subside at some point. Because of this he decided to stay out of anything going on, he decided to stay away from the big things going on between the Shinigami, Quincy, Demons, Hollows, whatever! It wasn't his problem and he couldn't care for it in the least.

Though there was a few good things which came out of his waiting, eventually it seemed that his partner had ended up waking himself at some point. It did however come to annoy this demon, the thing decided not to tell him and merely observed how he would go on with life if he happened to not of been there. The only real reason he even alerted the danava about his presence was because he was asked why he decided to stay out of the world's affairs. And of course the thing was met with a lot of anger and he became very annoyed at the fact he was practically ignored for a long time. But other than that things started to go along great between the two, just as they had been in the conceptual world, they were still very close. He would go about his day, and whenever it was needed his eternal partner would jump in with some type of advice for the man. It was really nothing new.

When this was going on he spent a lot of his time at this point had been spent traveling and seeing the world, understanding what it had to offer. He had seen the world grow up from what it had been to what it was now, he'd witnessed the differences in culture from the past to the point of what it was now. It all seemed so similar, even though it was more advanced than ever the things they did were the same- all humanity did was fight. It went all the way back to when he himself was involved in the world- all the demons did in his area was fight for control over something, whether it was land or resources all of it was the same at the end of the day.

Really the demon never sided with any one person or group, he made no friends and stayed within his own head. He continued to train much like he did when he had been forced into his conceptual world, he did this religiously as to become stronger. He learned how to contact the souls and force them into the real world so they could do his bidding, he learned many things about them now that he was out and about. Even if his eternal partner in the end did leave him, no matter what his souls would always be with him- it was til' death did they part.

A world which was busy never slept, this world was constantly buzzing with more news to be told or perhaps some new plan which would overturn. He eyed the world, keeping a close eye on their actions- he learned of the Gotei which seemed to be made of Shinigami. He learned of the Quincy and their little groups, if there was something about the world he was curious about then he would go out of his way to learn it, he liked to hear more whispers. Again he never made a bother, he would never cause problems with these groups but he always wanted to know more, he hungered for the knowledge. Perhaps this was because he needed to hunger for something, he needed to have a goal otherwise in the end he would find himself with nothing.

Maybe in the end all he really needed was a friend?

Chapter 14


"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

There was something about finding someone to confide in that is amazing, something about finally learning what true friendship is the ability to not always see eye to eye on things but in the end still be friends afterwards. The ability to get along with someone even though they are different from you, the ability to laugh at their jokes and not be afraid to smile around them, the ability to understand what they mean and the ability to let your guard down. These are things that for the longest time this demon had lacked, even with his eternal partner he never truly thought of these things. He would ask him of his opinion and things of that, but neither beings had the power to become friends.

During his travels he stared to get tired, he no longer saw a point in continuing his life because he had no where to go, no where to be. He had no one, and he didn't belong anywhere- yet wasn't this freedom the thing which he had fought so hard for? Wasn't this why he went through his eternal punishment and then got recycled for? This was supposed to be the life! He was supposed to enjoy it, didn't he earn that? Had he not been through enough to earn the right to be happy or the ability to enjoy things? It was hard to live through life without a goal, without any sort of direction for one to follow- it wasn't something that most people could do. He was lost, there was a dark misty fog between him and the greener grass and he didn't know if even when he managed to get over there if it was any brighter than where he already was.

Eventually he ran into a man in a bar- this man seemed to be as lost as him while he sat on the barstool, lonely. The demon didn't want to sit next to him but he didn't seem to have a choice, literally every other place in the bar was pretty much taken other than a couple of seats at a few tables where there had already been other people. So begrudgingly he found his way over to the man and sat next to him- he at first didn't want to be there at all and thought this was going to be annoying, that or he wasn't going to get talked to at all. Frankly at the start of the night he would of wished for the latter, but as time progressed the two men seemed to hit it off. He learned that in fact the man was the same as him- he could detect the fact he was a demon. Though apparently he was getting harassed by other demons coming for him because of some debt he owed, with the thought of the men who raided his house while he lived his life in his world coming to his mind, he decided to help the other one out.

He ran off the pesky demons, staying there for a while and convincing him that he was the one who lived here, that whoever had lived here before no longer was there. At times they tried to force themselves in the house but with his strength, he forced the low-level demons out of there without too many problems. Come to find out that this man whom he had made friends with went by the name Sycross Costello, he was some type of runaway from the demon realm who was a struggling artist, perhaps some kind of royalty with that kind of last name? Or at the very least some type of royal roots.

In the end he stayed with this man for a long time, they became good friends and drinking buddies. With this, the demon himself started to find the idea of drawing entertaining, he was even taught how to correctly do it. Heck! He even was helped with what to call his eternal partner, due to this artist which he met his eternal partner came to find the name Oz.

All seemed like this is how it would continue on for a while... but sometimes the truth was far too sweet to be real.

Chapter 15

The Present

"We live in the present, we dream of the future, but we learn eternal truths from the past."

Again and again things were taken from Sycross, first it was his original friend and his nation, and then it was his humanity. After that it was his life from some unforeseen person that had just so happened to be passing by. For a while after that it would come to be his eternal partner who would later return. So many things in his life put roadblock after roadblock, but right when he thought he could finally live happily at least for a little while, yet again something was put in his way to stop that train of thought. His friend had a sickness, it had almost taken him over night, his last words to Sycross were this: "Listen, I know one day you will be someone who can do great things, greater things that I could even imagine in my dreams. Even if I do pass away... please don't let that kill the fire you have in your chest, you said for a long time it wasn't there and that after you made a friend it slowly came back. Put that fire towards something else, aim it and shoot! Just because my fire is about ready to be put out doesn't mean that you are done for... not yet at least." It wasn't much after that his friend ended up passing away, it was a sad day for Sycross.

But it seemed that the man was right, in turn for him being so kind to him he decided to never let the memory of his friend died. From the day which he was buried the demon took upon himself the name of Sycross Costello, he knew it wasn't his name, but hey most of the names he had gone by at this point were random things he had called himself. He didn't feel right taking his old name upon himself, he felt odd hearing the words come out of someone's lips... so he would let the memory of his friend live on through him.

As he walked away from the grave that day, a fire had been renewed within him... a fire of conviction, he knew his mission, his goal- to live.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

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IV. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities

» Immense Mental Willpower
The sheer mental willpower that Sycross boasts is within reason, the ability for him to control his imagination and form it into thought by itself shows strain but it goes even beyond that. When being stuck in his conceptual world, the man spent a lot of his time just thinking; but once he began to construct his world? The world was vast, it was as if it were it's own universe! The parts in which the world could move, the detail put into this creation and then the fact that billions of people inhabited this pseudo-earth that he created. For thousands of years he stayed awake just to watch them, to make sure that his energy was constantly running so that he could keep up the creation and the world would not die nor disappear without their 'God'. And then even after that, when he ended up rewriting his own memory to bring himself into the world, for years he unconsciously let his mind take the toll to keep the world's clock ticking and the gears moving. Due to him being within his conceptual world it took no energy to do this thing, but even with the energy consumption being literally nothing, the amount of mental fortitude to be able to merely keep up this world for a few second nonetheless over twenty-thousand years would be incredibly. The amount of determination, the sheer mental capacity of this m
an is easily greater than the average bear.

» Colossal Energy Reserves
Due to the nature of his birth, Sycross has an incredible amount of energy stored within his body. With the energy of the souls which had been used to bring him into creation Sycross has expanded his energy reserves far beyond anything a normal person or danava for the matter of fact would normally have. Due to the energy being infused within him at his 'birth', his energy storage a had expanded to the point it would not be able to go back to a normal size. This is not as bad as one wold assume, this merely means that he can store more energy than most people would be able to. Therefore this has left Sycross with the great ability to store titanic levels of energy from within him.

On top of his own energy reserves, it is possible for him to zap the spirits dry if he really needed to. Their own spiritual energy and his own energy are one in the same, his is a giant pool whereas they are buckets which can fill in the pool. If it got to a point he was drawing on empty, then he could merely leech their energy one after another. However the more and more that he calls upon their energy, the less they are able to help him out due to their souls becoming tired and being sent into a hibernation-like state.

» Inner Peace
For a long time Sycross was not someone who was able to constantly think clearly. However once he got forced into his conceptual world he had a lot of time to think about his misgivings, and for this he started to meditate regularly. A lot of his time was spent finding himself and becoming one with the things around him, he trained with his eternal partner for thousands of years to reach a state which he is able to keep his calm. This was a large problem for him at the start due to the fact him being a hothead is what got him into the 'imprisonment' problem in the first place. Under almost any situation it is possible for Sycross to stay calm due to his training, however this does not mean if one presses the right buttons they might be able to tick him off.

On top of this, the souls that reside within his body are able to help him keep calm and keep focused in most situations. This is mostly due to the fact that he can understand what they experienced in their lifetimes, allowing him to stay calm and focused under even the greatest of tasks. Whether it was as simple as taking groceries out of a bag or cutting a wire to diffuse a bomb, with all of their experience chalked up into one mind and body they have reached a state of near-nirvana, something akin to inner peace.

» Heightened Senses
Through the use of the souls, his senses have been attuned with the world in a way which most people cannot understand. Much like using the souls like other servers to support the weight of the mental stress which is gained, he can understand the information which is relayed to him through the spirits. In some form or fashion it works like a sixth sense, giving him increased intuition along with the other five basic sense that apply; sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. In a sense they are all passive bonuses, but if he were to focus on the certain senses by themselves then it allows him to increase them further.

If increasing his sight, then it allows him to spot the flow of reiatsu and any other form of energy within the area. Along with this he can also spit the differences in the density of reiatsu. Due to the nature of his power in which it has been gifted to him, it also gives him the ability to see souls- perhaps this wouldn't be a great ability if it wasn't for the fact it also allows him to check the statuses of said souls. He'd be able to sense if a soul was close to hollowfication, and by seeing the aspect of their souls it will allow him to understand what race they are by the nature of their energy and soul. Along with this it also gives him the ability of telescopic vision, letting him zoom in as if he had a scope within his eyes- allowing for things such as thermal vision, x-ray vision, or even night vision.

If increasing smell, it allows him to be able to smell the different pheromones in the area- being able to zone in on certain pheromones to determine different types of information based off it. In the case that someone had recently left their scent, it gives him the ability to track them down via their trail. Much like with increased sight, he has the ability to smell the different densities of energy within the area and determine their unique qualities as it differs from not only race-to-race but also person-to-person.

If increasing taste, then he gains the ability to ingest energy attacks he then gains a boost; making him more resistant and effective against the certain energy which is being used. However once doing this, it would make him a bit more susceptible to other energies being used besides the one in which he ingest. This makes him ideal in single combat, though perhaps no where near as useful if using this ability within a group battle.

If increasing touch, then it allows him the ability to use structural analysis on objects. If he were to touch something then it would allow him the ability to understand what something was made up of and how much of it was in there. If something had been increased with energy then it would be possible for him to understand what type of energy had been infused within the component. To some extent it would even allow for a form of psychometry, being able to see the history of objects and knowing who held them, or if it was a sidewalk being able to see the faces of who had walked in that exact location just a few hours ago.

If increasing hearing, his ears become more in-tuned with the world and can hear the different frequencies of energy. He could tap on things and know the sound in which they let out, allow him to understand just at what frequency they need to vibrate at to cause molecular destabilization. Sycross would be able to hear the unknown frequencies which are impossible for most normal people to hear, it would also allow for a form of echolocation which would allow him to map out an area by just hearing how the sounds bounce of the walls.

» Dimensional Shifting
Over the years, Sycross has found that through the use of his Za Koa along with his origin powers, he can do a lot of different things involving his body. One such thing is 'Dimensional Shifting', as he calls it, this is the ability for him to shift his physical body into a different form completely. Most of the time his body is in the physical realm of the world, much like the concept of imagination which is metaphysical he can also turn his body into a metaphysical state. This will essentially allow his body to become intangible and allow him to pass through all forms of matter and energy, his consciousness being on the same plane of existence as before but his body on a different plane completely. Even in this state it is possible for him to move, however if he were to lose focus in this state he would not be able to keep his intangible form. It is possible for him to do this for other people or objects, however to do that he has to have constant contact with them and if he were to lose the contact then immediately they would once again become tangible.

But, it takes an immense amount of energy for him to shift his tangibility- and it takes even more energy for him to shift the state of other people or objects. Due to this, he can use the ability once during a post, after using the ability it will take an entire post cycle before he can once again turn himself into an intangible state. Sycross normally uses this to evade attacks that are coming his way, or at other times he could use it to get around something that might be getting in his way such as a person or a wall.

» Shape Shifting
With a mere thought Sycross can change his physical form, most of the time he will stay in his shifter form and sometimes if needed he can even shift into his true form, but if he needed to then it could be possible to change his form completely. If he wanted to walk into a bar and turn into a hot girl in hopes to get some poor sap to buy him a drink or two then he totally could, he can change anything about himself that he'd wish; whether it be his gender, appearance, or even state of being. This is possible due to the fact his state of being depends on his imagination, were he to imagine himself as something else then it can be so if he truly wanted it to be. He could glamor himself up to change colors on his clothes or perhaps his actual body, he could even change his bodies atomic structure and completely change it into something else if he so wished for it to happen, then by all means he could transform his physical body into whatever it is he'd like. If he has physical contact with another person then it is possible for him to also change their physical form, color, or something of the like.

While the act of changing himself is easy, that doesn't mean it is something that he could do on and off as if he were flipping a light switch- cause eventually that light bulb will blow. Eventually with him constantly doing something like this his energy reserves would slowly dwindle, after all changing something such as his appearance can be quite costly even though it is easy. There is no hardcore number nor set amount that he can continue to change his body, this is merely something that he can do and if he continues to do it then eventually it will cause him to run out of energy and not have the ability to use anything else within his arsenal, and this will lead to his eternal partner having to clean up any mess that he made in the meantime.

» Soul Vessel
Due to the nature of his creation, Sycross has hundreds of thousands of souls being housed within his body. Due to his dominion over his body and with a bit of extra help from his eternal partner he keeps them submissive to his own personality. He is able to keep the quiet if he so wished, if his body was a kingdom then the subjects would be the souls and his consciousness would be the king, his royal adviser being Oz. He has complete control over the souls within his body, they do as he says when he says it with little to no questions.

Sycross has the ability to tap into individual souls and understand how they felt; if there was an area of expertise in which he was unsure of himself then he could adapt using the knowledge of that soul to calm himself or perhaps learn more about their field of expertise. They grant him a vast quantity of knowledge by mere existing within his body, his brain power being further increased with the extra minds within his body, he is able to reflect the damage which he gets onto the souls minds which gives him a strong defense.

With the extra sets of eyes and ears it gives him a resistance to illusions, making it incredibly difficult to manipulate all of his sense. With all the extra minds in his body there is a low possibility to pull all of them under the illusion, if their master happened to be in danger then they would rush to his aid and use their mind to correct that wish has put him under. Along with this, were any mental attacks used against him then he could use his innumerable amount of souls within his body as psychic shields to defend against them, giving him a great defense against those with mental powers. Whether it be mental control or if it happens to be illusions, if his mental deduction is higher than that of the caster's deduction then he could break out of whatever hold they intend to keep him in- his mental deduction is that of his own along with the rest of the souls within his body.

Finally, as far as passives go, all of these souls act like an archive for everything they have seen but also everything that Sycross has ever seen. The demon remembers absolutely all thoughts, feelings, encounters, or experiences within his life- the only exception being what he is currently going through with trying to remember bits and pieces of his life before being trapped in his mental world. But along with this, he has the ability to manipulate what he remembers and what he does not remember, much like how he did it with his own mind while being stuck in the inner world. Were he to take a hold of another he could tap into their consciousness and subconsciousness, being able to know what they know and even to some extent allowing manipulation of their memories.

» Infection
Through the mixture of spirit energy and the energy within Sycross, a byproduct which takes form of this black, parasitic energy. This energy can take any type or form that he'd like; whether it be liquid, gas, or solid. The energy as a plasma is nearly non-existent, it already takes a plasma-like form once being created but it has no real abilities nor true techniques while stuck within the plasma form. But luckily enough for Sycross, he has the ability to change the state of matter at will and within a split second of creation.

While in a solid state of matter, the black mass takes the form of a tar-like substance which covers any and everything that it comes into contact with. It is a parasitic energy which melds with whatever it touches on an atomic level, and once it melds with something then much like the black mass itself Sycross also has control over it. Whether it be a person, or something like a tree to manipulate the tree itself. Anything that it touches he can slowly begin to disintegrate it were he to wish- the mass would start to eat it like a parasite and turn it into either more black mass to be used or send it back to Sycross for the energy to be absorbed into him. If he were to cover himself in the black mass then any injuries in the covered space could be healed, perhaps if he had his arm cut off- and there was enough mass built up -then he could freely heal the arm up at an incredibly sped up pace. The mass itself can also be telekinetically control by Sycross, it can take any form that he wishes and be flung around the battlefield.

While in a gaseous state of matter it is like a deadly poison gas which can get inside of someone and spread like wildfire were they to breathe it in. In truth it could either control another person's body or straight up start eating them from the inside out- it can also effect the environment if he were to spread it along the battlefield.

In a liquid state, it works much like the solid state but instead it is much more mobile, easily free flowing and is normally used to get in the small places that the mass that forms when in a solid state just simply cannot fit into.

The parasitic energy, in all states of matter, are like extensions of Sycross and from this he can see what it sees, he can hear what it hears, it can understand what it understands. In a sense it works like a hive mind, relaying information back to the host as an extension of his mind. In all forms, it can also do things such as negating energy or magic itself- as long as the correct amount of energy is put into it so that it could overcome other energy-based attacks then it could do the same.

» Soul Projection
Sycross has the ability to project the souls outside of his bodies, most of the time though most people will not be able to see the spirit unless they are able to see energy in it's natural form. This is because they are souls which cannot be forced into the soul cycle due to them being connected to the soul of Sycross, therefore their form is made up of reiatsu.

Once a soul has been projected outside of his body it is possible for it to leave his area. Acting as a scout, the soul has an intangible form and therefore can travel through physical matter. Whatever it sees, Sycross can see and recall within his mind- this goes hand-in-hand for whatever it hears, feels, etc. This makes the soul great for reconnaissance on enemies, however the more souls that he projects from his body the lower his area of effect. If he were to project a single soul then it would allow for a much greater area than if it was five or more.

» Possession
By either having physical contact with another person, or using a soul which he has projected, Sycross can use mental attacks against someone. While he shall not inhabit a body, it is possible for him to force one of the many souls within him into someone and pull on their strings as if they were a puppet. He would not be in the driver seat, however he would be referring orders to the soul on what to do and what to say- whatever happens within this body he can also see much like when he projects one of the souls outside of his body.

Due to this being a mental attack it is more than possible for someone to fight against his mind to take control of their body once again and for them to force the soul out of their body. The capability to possess their body depends on their willpower versus the willpower of Sycross- if someone were to have a higher skill than him in that then they could force him out of their mind.

It is also possible for the souls to invade a physical object, allowing them to manifest into the object. They could manifest themselves into a phone, allowing them to hear any kind of conversation they happen to be talking about at that time. Along with this they could manifest into something such as a lamp into a room, being able to do slight movement as well as understanding their surrounding and being able to relay information to Sycross.

» Soul Absorption
An ability very similar to 'Reiatsu Drain', this is something Sycross can pull off due to his connections with souls. By grabbing a person, he is able to force his reiatsu into their body and forcible remove the souls of the enemy. When doing this it will cause an intense amount of pain to whomever he is grabbing it from, and if he happens to actually pull their soul out of their body he can do whatever he'd like to do with the soul. If he wished to absorb them into his own body then he could force them to tie into his soul much like the other souls, he could also release them into the soul cycle to be reborn if they so liked. Finally, he could force their soul into the body of another thing completely- whether it be a physical object or another body then they could be forced into it.

However it is an incredibly hard thing for him to pull off, for him to do this the opponent has to be on an empty tank and have no energy within them otherwise there will be parts of their soul keeping them tied to their body. Secondly, he has to have a constant point of contact as he starts to remove the soul from the victim. If something happens which forces him to let go of the person then any parts of the soul that had been pulled out of their body will be shoved back into the owner's body.

Note: This above ability can only be done with the permission of the owner of the character/NPC or staff.

Event/Death Enable Only: However if Sycross wanted to, then it would be possible for him to bypass these restrictions which were listed with the exception of having to have physical contact with the target. By connecting his own soul with the soul of another, it is possible for him to force both his soul and the soul of the other person out of their physical form. This in turn would force both of them into the soul cycle and then into the afterlife.

» Rigor Mortis
By using the essence of the souls, Sycross is able to create a cloud of ash and smog which he can cover the battlefield in with ease- being able to manipulate and control the smog with his mind. If one without a physical body- meaning conceptual, metaphysical, or intangible -were to come into contact with the black cloud, then they would find their bodies starting to become petrified from contact. If one were to attempt to cut off the parts of their body in an attempt to get rid of it, they'd have to cut far beyond where the petrification had spread due to it spread on contact.

Even though it's relatively harmless to most people, the main aspect of this ability comes from when it happens to come into contact with anything that has reiatsu or energy. Whenever coming into contact with the energy, the black ash will attempt to erase and practically negate any kind of energy. If there is an ability fueled by energy or reiatsu, then the black smog will also attempt to erase the energy.

If Sycross wanted to, then he could take the smog and make constructs out of it due to his telekinetic control over it. It would of course gain the normal abilities that it would have though it would not be incredibly strong unless reinforced by something else. This is due to it's properties as ash, perhaps being able to stay together under intense control, though in the end it is still just a lump of smog that is so thick it has taken a physical form.

However this ability is relatively easy to beat if one happened to be smart- they could merely attempt to move out of the way and there would be no real problem. Another thing one could do is try to make a gust of wind to blow the smog away, after all in the end it is still a cloud of particles. And finally if one had the brains, if their body was being petrified, they could extend their reiatsu to try and fight against the petrification.

» Za Koa Mastery
The control and manipulation of Za Koa, the energy which resides with demons, is something that has already came naturally to Sycross. Perhaps this is because of the massive amount of energy residing with him, or perhaps it is the knowledge bestowed upon him about how to use it from the demon souls which were used to create his very being. With the massive knowledge that has been bestowed to Sycross by the souls, he has learned how to control his energy to near-perfection levels- this allowed him to gain the ability of manipulating it in it's purest state. Whenever he would like to call upon the energy from within him, he could manifest Za Koa in a couple of different ways; one such way is the ability to manipulate the energy into physical constructs or use it as blasts, beams, or shock waves of energy. Any type of energy manipulation technique that could be used in that manner is capable for him, easy enough for him to use and quite cost efficient!

Once releasing his Za Koa into the world it will find it's way to manipulating the terrain- a passive effect that all demon's with Za Koa have. Though his specific version of Za Koa will start to distort and refract the area around him, it will twist and effect anything in the area whether it be material things such as metal or intangible entities such as light or air. It can cause the wind itself in the area to become razor sharp to the point it has a possibility of damaging both Sycross and anyone in the area.

Along with this, Sycross can spread his influence throughout an area which will be able to give him knowledge on his surroundings such as: hidden barriers, seals, spirits, etc. At higher levels it can allow him to detect just about anything, there is almost nothing that can be detected from Za Koa- it will be able to give you the knowledge on the world and at times possible even people.

» Reiatsu Drain
Much like other demons Sycross has the ability to drain reiatsu from people and then use it to strengthen his own bodies and attacks. Though unlike other demons, his ability is effected by his origin and allows him to not only absorb reiatsu but also absorb things such as thoughts or consciousness.

Most of the time when draining reiatsu it is done with an area of effect kind of thing, if he were to do this with his ability then it would slowly over time start to make them lose consciousness. Essentially doing this would force the person into a mindless husk-state in which they will not be able to move. In this state they will not be able to respond or talk either, they are pretty much a useless waste of space that cannot defend themselves. However if Sycross wanted to make it much quicker, then he could grab a hold of someone and directly absorb their consciousness, making the effect much faster than if he merely had it effect an area.

Of course this alone cannot kill someone, this merely drains their mind of energy and puts them in a state where they are akin to when someone would be sleeping. The lethality of this ability comes into the fact that once they are unconscious anyone can do with them as they would please. Though of course this would mean they are on a time limit, they'd have until the person would wake up if they wanted to do anything with the person or their body.

» Black Inferno Blast
By forcing his Za Koa into a ball of darkness, it is possible for him to unleash a massive blast of energy from the darkness. Akin to something like a cero, this is an ability Sycross naturally has due to him being a demon and has not gained any kind of special training to have this. When it goes off and explodes, if anyone happens to be trapped within the blast radius, they will find that their skin would be generating an immense amount of heat that would put a strain on any normal person. This is not damage to the skin nor any kind of burn, but rather it is the parasite of a demon that has entered their body and will slowly start to suck the energy from the opponent until the point they will completely collapse over the course of five posts.

If a person is targeted by this power and hit by it too many times, it is possible that the extreme energy consumption could possible even lead to death as it begins to suck their life force completely out of them if they have absolutely nothing else to extract from them. Of course the strength of this attack is heavily dependent on the skill that Sycross has at manipulating and using his Za Koa.

» Kage Chōkyō-shi
By mixing his Za Ko and his own energy, it is possible for Sycross to create wormholes to different dimensions which allow him to travel the dimensions. Mostly this is used as an ability which is more for application, allowing him to travel by himself rather than forcing him to use some kind of gate or item to go different places. However if wanted to, it would also be possible to use the dimensional portals as a defensive technique by absorbing them into the holes- though doing this multiple times is incredibly difficult and can only truly be done by masters of Za Koa.

» Demon Magic
Sycross has a wide expanse of demon magic, this is because of the souls within his body and their 'archive' of magic- due to them all being demon souls he is able to recall the spells they used in their life and as long as he has what is needed, he can use those spells. Of course almost every spell is different in some shape, way, or form and because of that there is no clear way that one could summarize them as a whole.

Any kind of magic is possible if they were to use demon magic; manipulations, creations, curses, love spells, etc. Really the only drawback comes to the fact he has to have the resources to use it, without these things in the end it leads him lost on what to do. This also comes to the fact there are certain spells which Sycross will need to have enough energy to just use in-general.

» Akuma Kyōdo
The seals that cross his body is the layer of defensive skin that he has from being a demon. Though this is a bit different, he has an incredibly high density of this due to the matter of which he was birthed. In a similar fashion to his large energy reserves, with the amount of people who had been sacrificed for him to take physical form he also gains the different seals they had on their own body. However as these are dulled and not the original seals, they themselves are considered much weaker than the seals would normally be had they been on the bodies of the original demons which possessed them.

Though, due to seals that cover his body, it makes his Akuma Kyodo a mixture of different seals from the souls which had been sacrificed for him and in return makes the defensive skin much stronger than the one of a normal demon.

» Shadow Movement
The demon's ability to use shadow movement has only been honed by his own methods- unlike other things which are either actively or passively increased, his shadow movement is not one of those things. However he is smart, through the use of his origin and shadow movement it allows him to create afterimages. Something akin to illusions, it allows him make flashes of whatever he happens to be imagining at the time- whether it be himself or happens to be something else.

A lot of the time when he uses this ability he shall merely use his powers to increase the darkness within an area, allowing the usage of this power to become much easier and to make the potency greater than it normally would be.

V. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: Wonderland

» Origin Power: For Sycross, the separation from what is real and isn't real no longer matters, if he were to wish for something to be real then by all means he could just imagine it into existence. His mind is by all mean his greatest weapon, given the ability to defy reality in which wasn't suppose to be real is now possible, make his own world in which he controls the fabric of space itself, subject what he feels onto others. Whether he is asleep or awake, whether it his conceptual world or it is the living realm in which he walks, none of it matters anymore as he is now the painter and the world is his canvas. Were he to wish it things can change their state of existence, no longer trapped in their earthly forms but transcended into what is a higher metaphysical form of existence- were it his own body or others, whether it is the world itself, everything is now at his whim. This power is no longer bound by laws of reality and can extend far past what the mind itself can even hope to achieve, he truly is a god of his own personal reality.

» Origin Abilities

» Law of Realization: The differences between fantasy and reality are nothing for Sycross; daydreaming to him is the same as a wish. With the power of his origin, he can manifest his imagination into reality and realize what it is that he once thought. In the world, thanks to his origin, his word is law as he is able to bring things into reality as well as take them out- whether or not he created them does not matter.

Anything that he imagines within his mind, it is possible for him to also create that within reality. He could make anything from advanced weaponry to just a couple of sword and send them flying in his opponents direction. He has the ability to realize elements into reality and control them as well, however this is less of a manipulation and more controlling whatever it was he made telekinetically. He could make anything from the basic elements, to things such as lava, lightning, poison, etc. However this creation ability obviously has it's limit, depending on his rank in the 'mental deduction' skill, is how much weight he can realize into reality. Therefore it is not a thing that he could constantly do, there is a hard limit on how much at a single point in time that he can summon.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 0.89 Imperial Tons = 2000 lbs.
Adept: 1.78 Imperial Tons = 4000 lbs.
Advanced: 4 Imperial Tons = 8960 lbs.
Master: 12 Imperial Tons = 26880 lbs.
Grand Master: 20 Imperial Tons = 44800 lbs.

If he were to create anything with his reality origin, they would be different abilities and therefore are not strained by the weight he summons with his imagination origin. However, the numbers for the creation aspect with his reality origin are the same exact numbers. If something were to happen which would give a boost to his ability, the amount of weight which could be summoned would be equated depending on whatever the amount at time was along with whatever the boost he was getting was.

To some extent it is also possible for Sycross to manipulate the weather, however he could not control severe weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards. He could make it rain, snow, storm, and gusts of wind which are not above fifty mile per hour. However he could manipulate these aspects, if he imagined that instead of raining drops of water that it was actually acid, then he could realize the drops being acid instead of the actual water itself.

If Sycross happened to get injured, then by taking a moment and imagining that whatever wound he had been dealt was healed then the wound would start to instantly regenerate. With this it is possible for him to do anything from healing a few scrapes and bruises to even regrowing a limb that had just been lost due to an attack. However for him to be able to pull this off, there has to at least be a single post cycle from when he was injured to the point he starts to heal his wounds. This would make it so at the very minimum there is the post where he gets injured, the post after he got injured, and then the post when he can imagine himself being healed. This is not a cycle which he has to continually do if someone took his attention off of healing himself, he would not have to start the cycle over if he got distracted he would merely have to take a turn to begin healing himself once again.

» Placebo Ultimatum: Along with the ability to create things, Sycross has the ability to create illusions. When bringing an illusion from his imagination into the world, he has the ability to select those who can see said illusion. This is a mental attack, and therefore can be resisted by merely fighting against him if you happen to know it is a mental attack.

Though, when using this ability, if something happens in the illusion then when you feel- you also feel in reality. If you feel pain from the illusion, then you will also feel the pain. However if you were to check to see if they had done you any damage, then there would be nothing for you to find. Every single sensation feels real- all of your senses would be fooled along with your mind -but in fact whatever you happen to be feeling would not be real.

Of course if you feel enough pain from the illusion, then your mind will not be able to handle it and it will cause you to pass out from pain. However, there is no real way that this ability can cause actual damage to someone.

» Magnum Opus: Through the use of his imagination, it is possible for Sycross to create a living and breathing person. This is one of the greatest works of his, in truth it costs a great deal for him to create life no matter what level he does so. Because of this, it is not something he can just spit out one after another unless they are normal people.

First, if he were to create clones of himself, then the one who would control them would be Oz and if needed it would be a couple spirits from his own soul. He can only create a maximum of four clones beside himself, and they all share his reiatsu when using their abilities. The amount which they can summon and their areas are all summoned, therefore one person cannot summon the maximum amount and the other person can also summon however as much as they'd want. However it is possible for the clones of himself to act autonomous from Sycross himself, or he can give orders telepathically.

When creating normal people, this is a much easier task and can be done with much more ease than the other two. However these people are not easy to make, they have the minimum amount of reiatsu that is required for them to actually sea people that are not of the normal world. Though they do not have any ability at their creation, if he decided to later down the line give a normal person a power then it would be possible though that would make their creation and upkeep cost rise. He can only create a human or demon, and at this state can create a maximum of forty due to them having much easier upkeep.

It is also possible for him to create people with powers by imagining the power which they have. However it is impossible for their powers to be complex, it has to be something simple and anything beyond that would exceed him and they would not be able to be created. The creation and upkeep cost of this type of life is incredibly immense and is hard to make even more than one at a time, perhaps two if he is only intending to keep them create for a short-lived amount of time. Whenever giving them a power, it must be from the list below OR I shall run a power by a staff member to get it approved and then it can be used.

Below are 4 basic abilities and 1 ability which is not as basic for examples:

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» Ex Nhilio: By placing what he imagines as reality over reality itself, it is possible for the world to be effected as if the reality which he imagined was actually real. If someone happened to over fifty feet away from him, then by imagining the person in reality was actually right next to him, it would be possible for him to make contact with the person due to his subjective reality on the person. If he stabbed the person, punched them, or pushed them- then it would actually happen to the person who was more than fifty feet away.

This can also work with other items in the world, such as imagining a glass on a table was actually on the counter, and then pushing the imaginary glass off the counter would also push it over on the table. If the person or object moves, then it shall not effect where he imagines them to be, in his subjective reality they will always stay wherever he believes them to be.

However if something were to interfere with whatever he subjected to his own reality, whether it was something large or just something as small as a rock being thrown the way, it shall immediately dispel the reality. There is also a certain distance in which he can subject from fantasy into the actual world itself. Much like his other abilities, this is based off his 'Mental Deduction' skill, the better he is at this certain skill the wider his range happens to be.

Range Limits
Beginner: 30 Feet = 9 Meters
Adept: 40 Feet = 12 Meters
Advanced: 60 Feet = 18 Meters
Master: 90 Feet = 27 Meters
Grand Master: 130 Feet = 39 Meters

Depending on the bonuses he can get from other abilities, much like with his weight limits, it is possible for the area of effect to become larger.

» Origin Name: The Looking Glass

» Origin Power: As if it is the opposite of imagination- that which is freedom of the mind; reality is the chains which bind the physical body. This has awakened within Sycross and has given him physical lordship of reality, being able to bend, warp, and crush it to his whim. That strings of reality and what makes the world function is within his grasp, the space continuum can be trifled with as he pleases within certain areas for a small amount of time. The coding which makes up the world is within sight of him, he can manipulate and change it as he wishes- allowing him to subject his whim onto the world within reason. Being able to manipulate his own bodies to heal wounds which he has been given, or to subject the reality of suppressing the pain which is within his body, whether it is to destroy energy or to create it- the world is his oyster and he has the possibility to travel down any avenue in which he truly wishes, given he has enough control over his power to realize the dreams in which his imagination can concoct.

» Origin Abilities

» Divine Genesis: The ability to create something out of nothing, as well as the ability to warp reality with his creations. Unlike manifesting things with his imagination, this is difference due to it being tied to reality itself. Though Sycross can pull on the strings to make them do as he so wishes.

He is able to bring anything into reality, he is able to control whatever it is that he summons with his mind. This is incredibly similar to his other power due to how they were and in this case have similar aspects when it comes to creating things. This also has the ability to create things of physical matter, whether it be something modern or something which would seem as if it belonged in a game, he could create it. Whether it be elemental, or not, it is possible for him to bring it into the world as he sees fit. However this creation ability obviously has it's limit, depending on his rank in the 'mental deduction' skill, is how much weight he can create. Therefore it is not a thing that he could constantly do, there is a hard limit on how much at a single point in time that he can summon.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 0.89 Imperial Tons = 2000 lbs.
Adept: 1.78 Imperial Tons = 4000 lbs.
Advanced: 4 Imperial Tons = 8960 lbs.
Master: 12 Imperial Tons = 26880 lbs.
Grand Master: 20 Imperial Tons = 44800 lbs.

If he were to create anything with his imagination origin, they would be different abilities and therefore are not strained by the weight he summons with his reality origin. However, the numbers for the creation aspect with his imagination origin are the same exact numbers. If something were to happen which would give a boost to his ability, the amount of weight which could be summoned would be equated depending on whatever the amount at time was along with whatever the boost he was getting was.

Unlike the imagination origin, due to the fact this origin is more set into reality it is possible for it to do things such as generation portals within a certain area for fast travel. This can be used by opening a hole in the universe connecting two non-adjacent locations, much as if it were a doorway rift between the two areas. However, it is impossible for Sycross, in this form, to be able to close the portals on anything that happens to be passing through at the time. If something were to go into the portals, then the portals would not be able to be closed until whatever was in there comes out of the other end.

» End of Eden: With this aspect of reality, he has the ability to annihilate things that is held within the confines of the world. The ability to destabilize matter and erase things, to turn everything that is around you into utter nothingness. If he is within the area of something and he merely thinks about wanting to erase something, this his energy would immediately would start to attack it and eat it from the outside and violently attempt to destroy it from the inside out as if his energy acted like a coat of acid without acidic effect. On the other hand, he is also able to grab and touch things for them to start being erased by his energy rather than having an area of effect.

As the energy itself would come into contact with non-living matter, it would instead of deteriorating, would begin to be erased as if the matter which made up the structure completely disappeared. However this is not true, everything that gets destroyed is assimilated into the energy to make it stronger and larger. The 'erased' matter completely gone as it would be destroyed without any trace left, if it was destroyed and assimilated people wouldn't even be able to recognize that it became one with the energy due to the origin's influences upon the world.

Whenever the energy itself come in contact with other energy or energy-based abilities, much like if it was actual matter, it would start to try and delete the energy itself and cancel out it's effect. Whatever amount is deleted, then it can also be converted into more fuel for the energy to make it larger and stronger. As if in the blink of an eye, the energy would also be destroyed and assimilated into the destruction energy.

It is also possible for him to destroy organic matter, however unlike the others where it acts as a 'delete button' in some sense, if it is organic matter it is forced to act as a disintegrative energy. If coming in contact with a human being or something that is alive, whether Sycross himself touches it or an area of effect is added, then the person would find themselves slowly starting to deteriorate. The skin would first start to decay as eventually the flesh itself would rot and eventually the skeleton itself would start to turn to dust as the life would be slowly be drained out of them. However unlike making the energy itself stronger, if doing this to a person, then it would start to speed up the regenerative healing factors of Sycross.

» Warp: With this he has the capability to alter reality in ways that he wishes, however this refers to only the world around him and is not possible for him to alter any other person. He does have the capability to alter himself such as using this to strengthen his body, or whatever else he'd like to do it with, but he cannot alter the world around him nor himself with anything that is considered 'absolute'. He could not alter his own body to do things such as the ability to not die or to not be injured.

However this alteration ability obviously has it's limit, depending on his rank in the 'mental deduction' skill, is how much weight he can alter things within reality. Therefore it is not a thing that he could constantly do, there is a hard limit on how much at a single point in time that he can summon. Unlike the other two abilities, it is impossible for him to alter the maximum amount all at once. Due to the fact he is having to alter already existing matter, then he can only hit half of his amount all at a single time, therefore taking a minimum of two different posts before he could reach his maximum number.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 0.44 Imperial Tons = 1000 lbs.
Adept: 0.89 Imperial Tons = 2000 lbs.
Advanced: 2 Imperial Tons = 4480 lbs.
Master: 6 Imperial Tons = 13440 lbs.
Grand Master: 10 Imperial Tons = 22400 lbs.

This is a bit different from the creation abilities from both of his origins; this on the other hand is the amount of mass which can be altered as stated before. Much like the other two abilities, this is a completely different mass amount from the other two. If something were to happen which would give a boost to his ability, the amount of weight which could be summoned would be equated depending on whatever the amount at time was along with whatever the boost he was getting was.

It is possible to alter near anything about himself, he could make it so that his own body has the same properties of rubber if he wanted to. He could alter his genetic makeup so that it could allow for his body to be changed into a different substance completely.

» Domain: Domain is the incredibly powerful ability of spatial manipulation, this allows Sycross an assortment of ability within the area of which his power works. The has an incredibly large area in which his ability can be used and the amount of things he can manipulate in said area. The area of effect for Domain is based off the "Mental Deduction" skill, due to it being a purely mental based ability.

Range Limits
Beginner: 50 Feet = 15 Meters
Adept: 60 Feet = 18 Meters
Advanced: 80 Feet = 24 Meters
Master: 110 Feet = 33 Meters
Grand Master: 150 Feet = 45 Meters

Along with the rest of his abilities, it is possible for him to increase the range of his abilities.

Sycross has the capability to teleport non-living matter, this would mean that it is not possible for him to teleport himself nor is it possible for him to teleport other people. Within the area he can create it is possible for him to teleport a rock onto a table, as long as it was within the range of his domain, then it would be possible for him to put the rock on the table.

Along with the ability to create, or shape any type of space Sycross can also 'delete' space of things that are not living. Within this area he has the capability to fly along with having a conscious spatial awareness of the area in which Domain is active, even if he is blinded he'd have full sight of the entire area.

He can crush objects by manipulating the surrounding or personal space, he can distort space by bending the curvature of the three dimensional space to distort anything within, he can create small warps around himself to act as a barrier to protect him from oncoming attacks. Within this domain he also has spatial telekinesis which can allow for any application of telekinesis such as concussive blasts, levitation, etc. Sycross also has control of the spatial field's gravitational forces within the area itself. Also by manipulating space and altering light travel he can make things appear to be invisible!

Were Sycross to be knocked out, then the area of Domain is shattered and will not work until he were to wake up set the Domain up again, though this takes time due to the power of the technique. The area of Domain depends on the user's skill in Za Koa, the more one has and the more efficient they are at using this- the area of the Domain will extend even further than before.

VI. Eternal Partner/Conceptual World

» Conceptual World: An endless void which continues as far as the eye can see, there is nothing in this world were one to simply glance around. To the normal person it would be nothing, but to the danava- it is his world. In this place he is the god of it, unlike in the real world where he can possibly have an influence in the world; in his conceptual world he is truly the Creator and Destroy, the Alpha and the Omega. Within this world the only two people with absolute power are himself, and that of his eternal partner which is just as much of a lord of this place as Sycross himself.

In this world he can create actual life which can talk and respond to him, in reality they are merely figments of his imagination and by no means are living people. Much like when he was stuck within his world, he has the ability to create an actual universe in which he is the clockmaker, he is the designer which gives intelligence to design to the world and can truly become one which is above all. When in this world he is all knowing, he can see everything and feel everything which is going on within the area- he is Deus.

» Rilīja Attributes

» Alteration Release When living in the demon realm beforehand it had been easy to use the attributes of his Riljia, he thought that he was the cusp of what he was capable of! Oh how foolish he was, he didn't know a thing... when he got stuck in there and truly become one with his conceptual world, he learned during that time how it was possible to use such an odd tool. Most of the time he would normally use the attributes to materialize large things within his world to poof them out into existence, depending on what it was and how intricate the parts in the object are is relevant to how long it will take for him to project and then manifest into the real world.

Besides that, he has began to realize that in fact it is possible to manifest the attributes of his conceptual world, first off it is possible for him to use his own body as a medium between the real world and his own world. He is able to alter the chemistry of his body and change his own body into an area similar to his inner world, a large white space with no texture would for on his body wherever he would so wish for it to appear. Once manifested he can control the area with absoluteness, perhaps branching spikes out of his appendages to stab someone in the nearby area. It is also possible to do things such as reattaching limbs and healing wounds, within his body nearly all things are possible to achieve.

However there is a second stage to his release, instead of using his body as a medium he is able to grant his conceptual world a presence within reality and inflict it's attributes onto the world around him. A single time a thread he can create his conceptual world within a battlefield and control the area in whatever way he would like. He has the limitation of being unable to manipulate people, the only thing which can be inflicted on is the world itself and anything within the confines of the world, such as energy or matter. He can continue to manipulate the world for as long as he would wish, however the area of effect cannot be changed. With the amount of energy it takes to manifest, it would be impossible for him to manifest the area a second time in the same thread, if it goes away then it shall be impossible for him to recreate it.

» Eternal Partner Name: The name of this abhorrent conjunction of countless thoughts, beliefs, and imaginations has been given the name of Oz. It is not a name that he himself took, in fact it was a name that Sycross gave him once he decided to dub his origin of imagination as 'Wonderland'. Due to the nature of the story itself he thought it would fit best were he to be given the title of an observer, someone who oversees the land and Sycross himself and gives in his thoughts and opinions whenever one would think to ask his opinions on things. Oz does not mind this name, in truth he would of been completely fine without every receiving a name and being referred to as 'It', after all that's what he had called him for a long time. Sycross had never really seen a need to give the being a name, after all it was just someone inside of him which would help him fight and get stronger. But once being stuck in a world with him for a long time he soon began to understand that this thing was not in fact something which should be thrown around an abuse, this thing was a person. And as such he believed one step in the right direction was to give him a name, and as it has been said he was dubbed with the name of 'Oz'.

» Eternal Partner Appearance: Oz seems to take the figure of a large man, tall and lanky in body structure with most of his body fears seeming to have a bony appearance. The thing stands up to almost eight feet in height, and even then were he to wish it then much like his danava master then he could change his appearance to be whatever he'd like, or perhaps even taller or shorter. The man has a featureless head with a few indentions on where his eye sockets are as if to insinuate he can see from them, he has absolutely no hair on his face nor his body as well as his skin being completely white. He has normal hands aside from the fact of them being incredibly large and seemingly bonier than the typical human hand.

Much like Sycross himself, Oz has adorned upon himself much fancier clothing than what most people would choose to wear in their spare time. On the very bottom is a silk white dress shirt much like the one Sycross himself wears, though this one has normal buttons along with have no purple lining on the sides. Around the collar can be found a tie, most of the time it is a red or a black tie. On the top of the dress shirt is classy black coat which seems to be made out of the finest of fabric, near the front are the buttons which always stay buttoned no matter where he goes. There are very few exceptions to this constant attire, the only other coat he has been seen wearing is one that is completely gray rather than the black color.

Heading down, the next thing he wears is a long pair of dress pants in a similar fabric to that of his coat- they are normally black in color and go all the way down to the top of his shoes with none of skin showing. On either side of the legs are two pockets which are rarely used if at all, he has no need to keep items on him. The only other pair of slacks he has been seen wearing, is much like with his coat, a gray color which is only worn to match the a gray coat. On his feet he wears a pair of black dress shoes, they have no laces and seem to be the type which you would rather slip on, of course below it he wears a pair of white socks which go up his ankle but frankly due to the length of his pants they are never seen.

One thing that Oz can normally be seen doing is making long black tendrils from his body, normally he uses these to either hold things which he is currently fiddling with something else or some form of combat. Along with this, even though Oz can normally talk without any problem even with the absence of a mouth, he has the ability to open a slit up around where his mouth should be and reveal large fang-like teeth, it would look as almost his jaw was unhinged when he opened it.

» Eternal Partner Personality: Talking with Oz will most of the time leave one in a state of bewilderment, being confused in how the man talks. He is someone that acts truly refined, he speaks softly and his words are filled with what seemed to be near infinite knowledge. He is wise beyond his years and one might believe that in fact he is the true mastermind behind everything Sycross does, which is not far from the truth. Sycross will come to Oz whenever he needs words of wisdom or if there is something that he is truly stumped on, if there is something that he does not understand he will approach the wise one.

Though there has always been this air of mystery surrounding the tall, slender man- he has never seemed to have any sort of motive which drives him to do anything. Whenever approached about it he has merely given the answer that he is an observer, someone meant to watch the world from afar and jot down the notes of what occurs, yet at the same time is an assistant to the one which is meant to be the molder. As to whom he could truly be is up in airs to even Sycross himself, whether he is yet another figment of imagination, a physical representation of his origins, or literally someone from an ancient time... even he does not know.

In some ways, Oz is the exact opposite of how Sycryoss tends to act and goes about carrying himself. Unlike Sycross, Oz is an incredibly patient person and is willing to wait however long on whatever it is that is needed. A lot of the time he has never shown true emotion, or rather he has never given off the hint that he has ever felt an emotion strong enough to take a hold of him. Oz seems to repress how he feels and let's it fade into the background as if it had never existed in the first place, being able to keep calm under any such situation that has ever appeared so far.

In truth Oz is a mentor to Sycross, someone that Sycross looks to as a close friend and in return Oz treats him as if they are family. Though beyond this he does not seem to care for many things, very rarely has Sycross ever seen the thing take interest in whatever. The morality of Oz is completely unknown, even Sycross is unaware as to if he falls on the good or evil, or if perhaps he was somewhere in the middle. It has always stumped him... he is an anonymous man, one that seems almost too keen on showing Sycross the way.

» Eternal Partner Powers: Oz has the same capabilities as his master, being able to manipulate both the concepts of imagination and reality as he would please.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

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VII. Atma Vatou

» Atma Vatou Name: Gemini

» Atma Vatou Appearance: The familiar normally takes the form of a featureless man- though if one were to take note of the appearance they would see that Gemini is exactly the same size as Sycross. They are of the exact same height and look to be of the exact same weight, their shoulders are the same length as are the arms and the legs.

Gemini in fact has taken after Sycross, in his original form he shall appear to have absolutely no features and will look completely white. However, when activating his ability he can take the shape of anyone that is within the area, therefore in reality his appearance reflects on whoever it is he happens to be copying at that point in time.

» Atma Vatou Abilities: As an aspect of his imagination origin, Gemini has the ability to copy the state of being of another person- this is done through manifesting the body and powers into himself. An incredibly useful familiar for Sycross, though Gemini has a very sarcastic power, liking to make fun of and mimic whatever people happen to be doing. He is a very eccentric being and is someone who normally won't listen to people, though over the time he has gotten to respect Sycross out of fear.

By merely seeing something, he can copy their physical appearance, their voice, their speaking patterns, etc. Whenever just copying the appearance of someone he has the ability to stay in that form for as long as he wants. Even if the person who he was copying happened to leave the area or his sight then he can still stay in their form. However if he happened to switch back into his original form then unless he saw the person again he would not be able to take their form upon himself.

Whenever he copies someone's appearance, he is able to also copy their set of skills and abilities within the form that they are in. If he copied a Shinigami while they were in their shikai, it would not be possible for him to go and use their bankai. However if he copied one of them while they were in the bankai they would be able to use everything below it. But unlike when copying just the appearance, if he were to attempt to use their powers then the moment that he does he will be put on a strict time limit(8 posts), and once that time limit is over they will not have enough energy to stay visible and will retract themselves from the world for a period of time until they gather enough energy to manifest themselves again(meaning he can only use it one time per thread).

However, Gemini cannot copy the full scope of what someone is able to do- whenever copying someone he takes their ranks in skills but all of them take a minus, if someone has a beginner in something then at that point it would become a negative stat and a hindrance to him. On top of that, it is impossible for Gemini to copy anyone that is a higher tier than Sycross himself, therefore they must be on the same tier or lower. And while Gemini can copy abilities, he cannot copy any racial abilities- like a cero -and can only copy the abilities of the person, such as a Shinigami's zanpakuto.

» Atma Vatou Name: Animus

» Atma Vatou Appearance: Animus takes the form of a sword, but to be exact it takes the form of a hilt-less blade. The hilt itself takes the form of what a traditional Japanese katana would have, the wrapping going all the way from the bottom to the top. The wrapping of the katana is a blue color while the leather on the inside is a white color, keeping the wrapping from directly touching the wooden enter of the hilt.

On the top of the hilt where the blade should go, there is of course a slot for the blade to go however there seems to be no blade.

» Atma Vatou Abilities: The 'blade' is a representation of his imagination origin, this is shown through the freeform molding of the weapon. Instead of it not having a blade, the blade itself is merely intangible due to the fact it is actually his mind. Animus is the ability for his imagination to shape the blade and control it however he wants

Animus is the ability for his imagination to shape the blade and control it however he wants, the blade becomes whatever it is that he wants it to become. If he wanted the blade to be longer or wider, he merely has to imagine it and within a split second the blade itself will grow. If instead of it being a blade, he imagined it being a giant mallet- then it would take the form of a giant mallet. It takes no strength to swing due to the fact is has no effect on reality itself, therefore can do no damage to the world or do any actual physical damage to someone.

The blade itself would not be detectable due to it's metaphysical being as a representation of the mind. If one were to read the energy in the area they would find that instead of it coming from the blade, instead it would come from his mind as he is imagining what form the blade itself takes. However as said this blade cannot do any physical damage, the blade itself when hitting someone will only make them feel as if they took damage. But this is not because they didn't take any damage, in fact the sword does not attack the body- it attacks the mind and soul. When the mind gets damaged an excessive amount then it's possible to knock someone unconscious, but it would not be possible for him to kill someone from mental attacks. When the soul itself is attacked, then it is possible for them to be killed as if the physical body was being attacked- though this is a bit more dangerous than just 'dying'. By attacking the soul itself over and over again eventually the soul would be ripped from their body and once this is done it is possible for him to actually 'exterminate' the soul, in turn ripping it to pieces to the point it cannot return to the soul cycle. Though the damage done to the soul is naturally dictated to how strong the will power of the person being attacked is, much like their endurance against physical pain would be.

In it's intangible state it is possible to effect on thing in the world, anything that is made out of energy can be cut by this blade. If he were to waltz over some kind of barrier or to some kind of seal, then by merely slicing it with his sword- if the slice was strong enough -he could cut through it and pass as he wishes. This naturally goes the same with any kind of attack based on energy and anything akin to energy.

If he wanted the sword to be able to take a physical form, then it would be able to. But because of this if someone were watching then they would be able to see the energy around the sword and determines it's current length and shape. Within a second's thought he could raise up the blade and turn it physical if he wanted to so that he could block an attack, or perhaps turn the sword physical and make it extent upwards to help him get over something. However whenever this blade is hit with a lot of damage, due to the fact it is a representation of his mind, then it would be possible to actually do damage to him due it being linked. Though because of this, the blade is as strong as his rank in 'Will Power' and therefore can take as much damage as his mind can also take.

One would be able to tank this damage if they really wanted to, on top of this by expending their energy they could make barriers which could also block this. Finally, if their reiatsu is much stronger than what Sycross's will power could force through, then it would practically be like trying to cut a rock with a plastic knife and essentially the sword would do absolutely nothing.

» Atma Vatou Name: Gula

» Atma Vatou Appearance: A bit different than Gemini, Gula takes upon the appearance of a young boy. The boy wears a shirt, vest, and shorts along with dress shoes near the bottom, nothing too fancy honestly. The boy is white and his seemingly black eyes, the hair on the top of his head happens to also be black. He is not very tall, Gula standing below five feet tall and easily less than a hundred pounds- then again given his young appearance it isn't a surprise for the most part.

However, this is not the true appearance of Gula, that is merely the form he takes from choosing to do so. In truth his appearance is that of a darkness which manifests countless hands, eyes, and mouths. Though most of the time he will never be seen taking this form and will only do so when it is needed. Whenever someone sees him he will normally be in his shifter form, but in fact he hates it when people see his true form and sees himself as hideous. Anyone, besides Sycross or Oz, that sees him will end up on his list of 'If I Can Kill You, I Will'.

» Atma Vatou Abilities: Perhaps the opposite of Gemini, Gula is the familiar of Sycross which is related to his origin of reality. His name, much like Gemini, is not something which he gave himself but rather a name that Sycross came up with his bad naming habits. He is unable to use any of his powers in his shifter form, to use any of his powers he has to be in his true form which he tends to not go in unless needed, or ordered. Though luckily enough for him he can manifest parts of himself outside of his shifter form.

His body gives him very interesting powers, the first of which gives his true body an elastic property so that it can stretch at will. The true form of his body also has an adhesive property, being able to stick to things if he so wished to. His true body has a high regenerative ability if hit physically, but if one were to use energy attacks they would find it would be significantly harder for him to heal. However this does not mean he cannot be beaten by physical attacks, just that if one were to slash at him they would find that they'd constantly have to be attacking him to keep him from regenerating.

If something happened to be eaten by it's mouths, then this is where the origin comes into play. If he were to eat something, absolutely nothing would happen- however were he to eat two separate things then he could mix and match their properties. If he ate a piece of metal and a stick, he could rearrange it so that the stick was as strong as the metal and the metal was as brittle as the stick. When both came out they would stay like that, if they went back in then it would be possible for them to be reversed if he saw fit. If given enough time, he is able to expand to be able to eat anything- though it is impossible for him to eat more than two things at a time.

Though he also has the ability to eat reishi or any type of energy and spit it back out as an attack of his own if he so wished. He is also able to eat the attack and absorb it into his body, either making it bigger or just turning it into energy for his abilities. It is possible for him to eat more than one thing unlike with his other ability.

» Atma Vatou Name: Schrödinger's Cube / The Trick Room

» Atma Vatou Appearance: The cube itself is just a little bit larger than what could fit in the palm of someone's hand. It is a cube of energy and because of this there seems to be a constant energy which resonates within it and outside of it, because of this it has a constant glowing color. However if Sycross really wanted to turn off the glowing color then he could and make it look as if it were a normal cube. Though if he were to turn it off then the cube would be translucent, meaning you could see through it

However the 'Trick Room', is a bit different, as it does not have a form and rather covers an area in which he designates a target. From the outside, one would see the room as a large square which covers over an area. From the inside of the room, it is also a white color from all around you- however of course within the nature of this ability it will more than likely change if you are in there for some reason or another.

» Atma Vatou Abilities: This atma vatou takes the form of both concepts, allowing it to have two different states in which it can be used. When it is using the concept of reality, it takes the form of 'Schrödinger's Cube', however when it uses the concept of imagination it takes the form of 'Trick Room'. This technically counts as two different atma vatou due to the fact it uses both of the concepts. He cannot use the other one's ability when using one of them due to the fact they actually have to change it's state of being when doing this.

Schrödinger's Cube has it's own unique set of abilities, when the cube is in use he has the ability to use it as one large cube or split it off into multiple small ones with a maximum of using five at a time. The cube itself has the ability to absorb things into it, the cubes themselves once sucking something into it can do a couple of things. They could either shoot it back out and use it as an attack, store it within the cubes itself for a little while, use it as if it was a reiatsu drain and strengthen himself, or just absorb it and use it as if it was his own.

The Cubes can change in size depending on whatever it is the Sycross wishes, if he wants them to be smaller then they will change and if he wants them to be bigger then they will change. It cannot contain things for an extended period of time, it differs depending on his skill with 'Focus'. The better he is with his focus skill, the longer he can hold things within the cube itself if he decides to try and keep something in there rather than absorbing it or shooting it out.

Round Time Limits
Beginner: 3 Rounds
Adept: 4 Rounds
Advanced: 6 Rounds
Master: 9 Rounds
Grand Master: 13 Rounds.

However, if it were to take the form of Trick Room, then it becomes an ability where he can designate the room to manifest. Once manifesting it around someone then he can force the room to take on any attributes he would want it to take on. If he wanted it to be as if it were the vacuum of space, then it would feel as if the person inside loses all kinds of gravity and whatever would happen to them in space would happen to them within the room. Mind you he cannot physically effect the person inside or change anything about them, only change the aspects of the room itself.

Much like the cube, it has a time limit depending on Sycross's ability with 'Focus', it has the same time limits and he is able to keep the room up for as long as his skill allows him to. If he wanted to dematerialize the room then naturally he would be able to do so.

VIII. Merged Paths

» Phyuja Rājya Appearance: In this form there isn't too large of a chance as far as his actual body goes, his body is of the same features besides the fact his eyes are no longer a black color like how his true form happens to have. Much like his true form he has short hair, but instead of the hair being thrown off to the side his bangs are much longer and happen to fall over one of his eyes. Much like in all of his forms, his hair is a wild ball of messiness and the unkempt ball is all over the place.

His height is the same, his weight is the same, though it does seem as if the actual muscle tone of his body is a bit better. Near his forearms there are black tattoos which circle around, five on each side, and whenever he uses his abilities one or both of them will light up.

In this form Sycross wears a purple shirt with rips in it, underneath is a black shirt that is not ripped at all. Both shirts are very thin and seem to be made out of a silk-like cloth much like the other clothing he wears in some of his forms. Above the shirts is another short-sleeved shirt which he wears, though it is able to button he does not wear it. Laying on his shoulders is a long coat which falls all the way down to the ground, near the top is the white fur of the coat which makes a nice color scheme matching with his hair but different with the rest of the black color from the coat itself. On the inside of the coat it is purple with a pattern making up a bunch of different hexagons.

Beneath he wears a pair of black pants that has rips all up and down the legs and waist while circling around in the loops of is a belt, while hanging just a bit lower is another belt, after all he is of the stylish type no matter what form! A little bit further down you would be able to find a pair of black sneakers with a thin purple line going around the sides of it.

Around his neck is a necklace, while on his hands are a pair of leather gloves- seemingly this guy likes to wear gloves a lot of the time apparently.

Due to the nature of his origins, in this form, he does not take on any aspects relating to the concepts themselves.

» Phyuja Rājya Powers: Due to the nature of his abilities, his origins while in his Phyuja Rājya do not mix at all. They stay separate and individually they both get stronger, unlocking new potential. The abilities which he had beforehand also become stronger, each one of them getting raised to a new level as both mentally and physically his body is given boosts due to this new and improved state. The body itself not getting a large change as for the most part that stays the same.

The only real difference from his form beforehand is the new surplus of strength given to his origin abilities as well as the power given behind his body. Reality and Imagination, they do not mix, as in some sense it's like comparing fantasy to real life- and Sycross having these two things already closes the gap between what is real and what should not be real.

» Phyuja Rājya Abilities (IMAGINATION)

» Law of Realization: A power which he has had since the beginning, the ability which he can use to manifest his imaginations into reality. The ability can bring fantasy to reality just as it did before, but this time his ability to manipulate the world has risen. His weather control is greater, being able to make larger changes, but nothing which would be able to consider severe or even a catastrophe. His healing ability at this point has become something one would consider instant regeneration, the time which was originally used to imagine the wound healing is no longer needed. The post where he gets hurt is of course there, however the next post he can simply imagine it as if it never happened or if it was already healed, the next post the wound would be healed! This form cuts down the healing rate by a full one-fourth of the time which had been previously used.

Whenever he creates things of course there is a limit on how much he can do, there has always been a limit and no matter what form he takes there shall always be a limit. But when releasing this state and fusing himself with his origins even further, he increases the limit and his mind is able to take more and more punishment and strain. While in this form his weight amount is still decided by his MD skill, but due to the processing power of his mind being double, the weight limits themselves are also doubled.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 1.78 Imperial Tons = 4000 lbs.
Adept: 3.57 Imperial Tons = 8000 lbs.
Advanced: 8 Imperial Tons = 17920 lbs.
Master: 24 Imperial Tons = 53760 lbs.
Grand Master: 40 Imperial Tons = 89600 lbs.

Though this is not the final state of this power, it can reach heights even further, lessening the differences of the worlds to an even thinner margin.

» Placebo Ultimatum: Sycross has the ability to transmit his dreams to others, achieving the ability to create illusions that can fool minds. As usual he has the ability to project this illusion into different minds, it being a mental attack still being able to be resisted though due to his increased processing power naturally this is much more difficult than before.

Normally whenever this ability is active, the pain that you would feel is also felt in the real world- the senses being fooled so what you feel actually is also felt in the real world. Though this is increased to the point that all of your senses are fooled, not just your mind and also not just your touch, what you hear is completely different! The smells of whatever Sycross wishes for you to smell seem to be real, the differences are between the real world and this illusion world is none, most people would not be any of the wiser when stuck in this.

Though as this ability has also evolved, Sycross now has the ability to fool even the nervous system within his own body as well as the body of others. If he wanted to, then by touching another person, in that place which he touches them, he has the ability to seep his own energy into their body and manipulate the nerves in that location to feel whatever they want them to feel. Whether it was pain, pleasure, happiness- he can even induce minimal emotions that overtime one could become addicted to! He could manipulate their senses to the point that they also loses on of their senses in the place where he touched them.

Furthermore he also has the ability to manipulate his own nervous system, being able to do things such as turning off his pain receptors. He is able to manipulate and fool his body into believing things to keep him going through any odds, whatever his mind wants his body to believe, he can control it.

» Magnum Opus: His great works increase, the cage of his mind has widened and he is now able to make even greater works of arts. Sycross now is able to make the life which he creates into stronger beings, their own pools of energy wider than their inferior counterparts as they are now on their own levels of power that outclasses their former selves.. Of course not being as strong as most people could reach, they have their own limits before they themselves fall apart.

Much like before he is able to create clones of himself, the same manner of controlling them is done here- though the differences happens to lie within the amount. Unlike before, he now has the ability to summon up to seven different clones at one time, as before they do all share his reiatsu when using the abilities. The amount they can summon and the distance in which their areas can cover are as well nothing different than what it had been before, they all have the ability to act autonomous.

If he were to spend his time to create people without powers for servants while in this form, then he would be able to create much more than before! He in this state would be able to skillfully create up to fifty different beings which suck off his energy. The upkeep being easy of course, though over time as natural this would overcome him and he would not be able to keep fifty in the world for a long time and this would cause for them to eventually collapse and disappear.

Though the real work of art happens to be within the powered aspect, unlike before where they are only allowed simple and weak powers, here they have evolved! The abilities which can be gifted to these beings, while not being of the strongest level, are still much stronger. They have their own potency and have reached 'Phase 2', every ability being unique in their own way. The abilities shown below are not the ones he is restricted to, if getting them approved by staff he can also create other ones.

Below are 4 abilities that can be shown as examples:

Click Here:

» Ex Nihlio: The ability to subject his reality onto the world has gotten stronger, at this point he is able to keep up his own reality for more than just a single hit. Now, he is able to keep up this ability for a couple of post cycles, the posts cycles being dependent on his Focus skill. The higher level he happens to have in the focus skill, the longer that he is able keep his own reality realized over the real world.

Round Time Limits
Beginner: 2 Rounds
Adept: 3 Rounds
Advanced: 5 Rounds
Master: 8 Rounds
Grand Master: 12 Rounds

Sycross has also gained the ability to subject one more reality, being able to place two different realities within the same plane as the original one. This would allow for three different worlds to exist at once, inside of these two realities he can only effect one change, but with the ability to have to realities gained he can have one reality where there is a rock falling and another one where someone is placed under said rock. With all two of the three under his control, as long as it exists in the physical world that is within his area of control, he can have these two seemingly separate worlds interact.

Though on the other hand, the range from before has also increased which allows him the ability to effect things in a much wider radius than before. Like before, the area of how much he can subject with his own reality is determined by his MD skill, but due to the processing power of his mind being double, the weight limits themselves are also doubled.

Range Limits
Beginner: 60 Feet = 18 Meters
Adept: 80 Feet = 24 Meters
Advanced: 120 Feet = 36 Meters
Master: 180 Feet = 54 Meters
Grand Master: 260 Feet = 79 Meters

However, beyond this the ability has also evolved beyond just an illusion which can also effect the world. As long as the things he are effecting happen to not be anything with a spirit then he can change the physical positioning of physical things. However for this to work it cannot have an actual energy source, reiatsu, soul, etc.

There is however one more level which the man can reach, a single level that will increase the range of his ability to subjugate the world to a greater extent than before.


» Phyuja Rājya Abilities (REALITY)

» Divine Genesis: Another step in his journey to becoming the being he once thought himself to be, Sycross has the ability to warp reality by creating things, though this time things are a bit different for him- rather than being manifestations they are actually within the confines of reality.

Sycross can bring whatever it is he wants into the world by simple turning his energy into it, whatever he summons is also control with his mind. By creating things whether it be a sword, or if it happened to be a blast of wind, he can bring it into the world.However this creation ability obviously has it's limit, depending on his rank in the 'mental deduction' skill, is how much weight he can create. Therefore it is not a thing that he could constantly do, there is a hard limit on how much at a single point in time that he can summon.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 1.78 Imperial Tons = 4000 lbs.
Adept: 3.57 Imperial Tons = 8000 lbs.
Advanced: 8 Imperial Tons = 17920 lbs.
Master: 24 Imperial Tons = 53760 lbs.
Grand Master: 40 Imperial Tons = 89600 lbs.

The portals in which he can create are no longer just doorways, they are rifts. Because of this he now has the ability to open a portal within a portal, in doing this it would cause large explosions. Though as before they cannot close around something and will not be able to close when something is in-between both of the 'rifts'

» End of Eden: His being has been changed as well, he is able destroy things by the fact of them just being in his presence. The speed in which things would be destroyed is practically doubled much like the effects of the rest of his abilities. This is the ability to annihilate things that is held within the confines of the world. Much like before the things listed below are things which he could do with his previous ability, they just happen to be able to be done faster.

The abilities of End of Eden are exactly the same, Sycross as stated above merely has increased his usage and the application of said ability, essentially having two blankets of 'acid' over things.

» Warp: Within this state, the ability to alter reality itself has increased to a new level- allowing him to alter more things within the world. Much like before, he does have the capability to alter himself such as using this to strengthen his body, or whatever else he'd like to do it with, but he cannot alter the world around him nor himself with anything that is considered 'absolute'. He could not alter his own body to do things such as the ability to not die or to not be injured.

Like before, the alteration has it's limits, depending on his rank in the 'mental deduction' skill, is how much weight he can alter things within reality. Therefore it is not a thing that he could constantly do, there is a hard limit on how much at a single point in time that he can summon. Unlike the other two abilities, it is impossible for him to alter the maximum amount all at once. Due to the fact he is having to alter already existing matter, then he can only hit half of his amount all at a single time, therefore taking a minimum of two different posts before he could reach his maximum number.

Though unlike before, the amounts below have been doubled due to this new form which he now resides in.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 0.89 Imperial Tons = 2000 lbs.
Adept: 1.78 Imperial Tons = 4000 lbs.
Advanced: 4 Imperial Tons = 8960 lbs.
Master: 12 Imperial Tons = 26880 lbs.
Grand Master: 20 Imperial Tons = 44800 lbs.

It is possible to alter near anything about himself, he could make it so that his own body has the same properties of rubber if he wanted to. He could alter his genetic makeup so that it could allow for his body to be changed into a different substance completely. At this point it is also possible for him to alter the structure of his body to be resistant to certain elements or effects, if something is special and he does not know the actual ability itself, then once he learns it's properties and how to defend against it then he could alter his body in that way.

» Domain: The demon can superimpose, switch, invert, rotate, or otherwise control direction and everything in them, turning up to right, left to backward, down to forward, right to up, etc. Though he can only do this for the people within his area, anyone out of his area would not be effected by the directional manipulation. Domain can also merge matter with another by overlapping the two objects' spaces, removing their separate boundaries no matter if they are organic, inorganic, living, or dead.

He can also open up small pockets of space in which he can use to store things for later- however it is impossible for him to store anything that is living or animate in the pocket dimension.

Sycross can manipulate the space of reality, being able to crush and throw whatever is within this area of his domain. The area of his domain, much like his other abilities, have widened further and now have an even larger area of effect. Though much like before these are all based on his MD skill, the area changing depending on the different levels in this skill. The ranges only being doubled from the previous amount as his mind has grown as much as his body also has.

Range Limits
Beginner: 100 Feet = 30 Meters
Adept: 120 Feet = 39 Meters
Advanced: 160 Feet = 48 Meters
Master: 220 Feet = 66 Meters
Grand Master: 300 Feet = 90 Meters

Though this ability has greatly increased in it's versatility, now being able to open up small pockets of space within an area he can use to store things. Though it is not possible for him to store anything living or animate within this pocket dimension of his creation. There is also a weight total which is based of his Will Power Skill.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 0.13 Imperial Tons = 300 lbs.
Adept: 0.15 Imperial Tons = 350 lbs.
Advanced: 0.20 Imperial Tons = 450 lbs.
Master: 0.26 Imperial Tons = 600 lbs.
Grand Master: 0.35 Imperial Tons = 800 lbs.

In this stage it is only possible for him to open up a single pocket of space to store things.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance: This form is unlike any of his other forms, in fact this form is the only one which if one saw they would immediately know that it was not human at all. This being seems to be made of black esoteric energy, a body which has long arms, long legs, an incredibly thin waist, and spaces there should be none. The body itself looks like it would be able to be broken by the wind due to how thin the structure of it's form seems to be.

There seems to be a mixture of black and white energy that at all times resonates from the body of Sycross, this is due to his mere presence and even if he wanted to turn it off this would not be possible for him to do.

The face of the figure has no real features for the most part, there is no hair on the head and much like the rest of his body it is a black color. However he has eyes on both sides of his head, however below his eyes seems to be two other slits which he can see from, therefore giving him four eyes, naturally giving him better eyesight in this form. If one were to look into his eyes they would see that all the way through they just are a white color much like some of the energy floating around his body. His mouth is very much the same, whenever it is open the white energy just seems to seep out and if one were to look inside they would just find an unending white color.

If one were to see the inside of him, they would see that there are no real organs but instead of blood there would seep this white energy- it would not flow out as if it were a white liquid but more of go into the air. This energy seems to be similar to the rest of the energy which floats around his body as it would just merely join whatever was in the air as it would just flow outside of him.

His hands are large and all four fingers and thumbs are long, all of them seeming to extent to a sharp point as if they were claws. The feet below have no toes, but merely meet near the top as if he was wearing shoes, seeming to be no ending point from where his ankles and feet meet due to the fact his entire body would be the a pure black.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers: Reaching a completely new level of power, Sycross at this point has mastered both fantasy and truth, imagination and reality. His level of skill and the accuracy of his abilities reaching unfathomable heights as his body is strengthened to it's maximum potential. His physiology changing completely ascending to a new level as his form no longer needs a physical body, new passive abilities spawned off just from the change itself as his body is different, his energy having changed as well and given new properties.

He however does not gain any sub-origins, due to the nature of both his origins and what they entail, there is nothing that is not within their grasps. Rather, his powers are as they always have been- merely the concepts of reality and imagination.

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Physiology Change: At this point, due to the origins in which he has been born upon, Sycross has ascended beyond the need for a physical form. No longer does he actually have a physical body, he at this point is purely made out of energy, reiryoku, and his many amalgamation of souls. His body as said is no longer physical and merely exists on a metaphysical plane, therefore if there are any physical attacks on his 'body' then it would simply go through him.

On the other hand if someone happened to blast him with their energy, then to some extent it would do damage. However due to the fact he is literally not on the same plane a lot of it is just the excess amount of energy seeping through onto his own plane as him being in the presence of reality opens rifts between the two. So, any type of energy-based attack thrown at him while in this state will be dulled.

At this point whenever the energy seeps out of him, it goes into the area and just lingers, as his body is no longer filled with organs or blood. Whenever there is a cut, or merely energy seeps out of his existence, then this energy lingers. When lingering, it is possible for Sycross to control it however he'd like, allowing him to throw blasts of energy all around as the potency of the energy is out within the world.

However, due to this once he is out of the form instantly all of the energy that had left his body would absolutely disappear. Meaning, he'd be without any energy if too much had managed to pour out of his body.


» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities (IMAGINATION)

» Law of Realization: It no longer matters if it is materialized from his mind or not, everything is real. He is able to create moderate tornado, minor flooding, freezing, though nothing that is on the larger scale. Any kind of creations that would be made with the weather is kept to a minimum as he would have to create things for a wide area. And at this point whenever damage is done to him, it is literally regeneration within a moment's thought if he so wished for it to be. By merely imagining himself having more energy, he is able to completely fill up his energy supply in this state to put himself at maximum capacity once again.

However this does not mean it is possible for him to increase the amount of time which it is possible for him to stay in this form, that is one thing he is not able to imagine.

Like for many of his abilities, the amount which he can create has also gotten larger. As usual this certain ability is, and has always been based on his MD skill and the amounts which had been originally given have been quintupled from his previous release.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 7.14 Imperial Tons = 16000 lbs.
Adept: 14.28 Imperial Tons = 32000 lbs.
Advanced: 32 Imperial Tons = 71680 lbs.
Master: 96 Imperial Tons = 215040 lbs.
Grand Master: 160 Imperial Tons = 358400 lbs.

» Placebo Ultimatum: The differences between illusions and what is real no longer matters at this point, Sycross can make what isn't real, real. When making people go through illusions, the pain that is dealt to them in the illusion is done to them in the real world. Perhaps someone would be cut by something in this illusion, then in the real world they would feel as if someone had came by and cut them. If they happened to die within this illusion, then they actually die.

Due to the nature of his ability, by merely looking at someone he can manipulate what they are feeling. Manipulating somoene's nervous system at this point has become nothing less than a piece of cake.

Furthermore, this has ascended to the point of being able to literally control the minds of people. By looking at another person within his line of sight then he can fight against them, sending psychic attack after psychic attack before eventually it would be possible for him to take control of their mind.

» Magnum Opus: The greatest works of art he can make, at this point he might as well be known as The Creator himself. While not able to create an entire race, he is still able to keep ahold of many at a time!

Whenever Sycross creates clones of himself, they no longer are held by the same restriction of matter. At all times they all have their different amounts of matter which they can effect and change. On top of this they no longer share the same energy, while in this form the mere existence of himself and the clones, they all have a constant flow of energy going through them. And finally, in this form, he can create up to ten different clones at a time as they all act as if they were their own beings.

At this point keeping people in existence is incredibly easy and takes nothing but a second thought for the demon. Being able to create up to seventy different people all at once if he would like, although that happens to also be his maximum amount which he can create.Though it is very unlikely that he would even bother to create something within this form due to the fact he has a strict time limit.

They are no longer able to have their powers increased further, but this does not mean their physical abilities are not taken away. The abilities are slightly stronger of course due to the differences in which their creator can power them, but 'Phase 3' focuses more on their skills and physical attributes. When being made, they all have the ability to use their own energy to increase their attributes along with being naturally faster and stronger.

» Ex Nihlio: His subjective reality might as well be real at this point, whether it is his reality that one could believe in or if it was something else, they are the same. He is still only able to control two subjective realities at a time much like before, however this time instead of being forced to stay strictly to one thing he is able to manipulate up to three different things within this new reality of his.

The round limit which had been allowed has also increased, the time limit still being based on the skill that he has within Focus.

Round Time Limits
Beginner: 4 Rounds
Adept: 6 Rounds
Advanced: 8 Rounds
Master: 9 Rounds
Grand Master: 12 Rounds

The area which he can manipulate has one again risen to the challenge, finally reaching it's maximum capacity. Like before the range is still based on MD, though from before the numbers have quintupled.

Range Limits
Beginner: 240 Feet = 73 Meters
Adept: 320 Feet = 97 Meters
Advanced: 480 Feet = 146 Meters
Master: 720 Feet = 219 Meters
Grand Master: 1060 Feet = 316 Meters


» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities (REALITY)

» Divine Genesis: Sycross can practically create whatever he wants to, this world literally similar to what he could do within his own conceptual world. Much like before his capabilities to increase his weight limit on creation has been raised by a quintuple amount, if not being further altered by any abilities they have reached something thought to be unparalleled in any other form.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 7.14 Imperial Tons = 16000 lbs.
Adept: 14.28 Imperial Tons = 32000 lbs.
Advanced: 32 Imperial Tons = 71680 lbs.
Master: 96 Imperial Tons = 215040 lbs.
Grand Master: 160 Imperial Tons = 358400 lbs.

And at this point, the portals in which he creates can be closed off with just a second thought. These rifts now able to be opened one after another all across the battlefield, he is able to manifest them around something and simply close it to destroy it. There is no distance amount which he cannot cross, by merely thinking of the place he wants to go he is able to step through the portal and be there. He can keep the portals open for as long as this form would allow it, eventually closing whenever it came time for the form itself to call it quits.

» End of Eden: Both 'The Creator' and 'The Destroyer', Sycross has the ability to quintuple the speed of things around him start to become erased at this point. He no longer has to touch people to begin the disintegration process, if their physical endurance is not high enough then when using his energy their presence would begin to be destroyed.

At this point he has an aura that surrounds his body, whatever would happen to be harmful to him that could likely come into contact with his being would begin to feel this destruction effect. Whether it be a person, their weapon, or some type of energy, then coming into this field of his would be near impossible for someone not equal to him in power, or someone who happens to specialize in defensive abilities.

At this point his energy has become a miasma when using the energy, when using this it might as well be something akin to a toxic fume onto the world and if anyone steps into this they would find their it starts to eat their energy and themselves. Life itself starting to be destroyed on a molecular level as the energy rips the very essence of their beings. Whenever this miasmic energy would come in contact with a living being, and they were not able to protect themselves, then it would also completely erase their soul from the soul cycle, essentially killing them permanently.

» Warp: At this point he no longer is restricted to altering the area or himself, at this point as long as someone's overall will skills are lower than his overall will skills, then it is possible for him to even manipulate their physical body. If someone has an equal amount of will skills as himself, then it would not be possible for him to alter them in any way, shape, or form. On top of this, it would not be possible for him to create an absolute such as 'they die', on top of this he cannot alter their soul or the energy which they use. He can merely alter their physical body and nothing beyond that.

As every time before, the alteration has it's limits, depending on his rank in the 'mental deduction' skill, is how much weight he can alter things within reality. Therefore it is not a thing that he could constantly do, there is a hard limit on how much at a single point in time that he can summon. However unlike every other form, it is possible for him to go ahead and alter as much as he would like to alter at a single time, not giving this restriction to the form.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 1.78 Imperial Tons = 4000 lbs.
Adept: 3.57 Imperial Tons = 8000 lbs.
Advanced: 8 Imperial Tons = 17920 lbs.
Master: 24 Imperial Tons = 53760 lbs.
Grand Master: 40 Imperial Tons = 89600 lbs.

» Domain: Everything within his area is now under his control, with this the area is as if he himself owned it. Everything within it is his to control, the space itself is not released from his grasp. His range being increased, much like with the rest of his abilities they have been quintupled based on his previous release's numbers.

Range Limits
Beginner: 400 Feet = 121 Meters
Adept: 480 Feet = 146 Meters
Advanced: 640 Feet = 195 Meters
Master: 880 Feet = 268 Meters
Grand Master: 1200 Feet = 365 Meters

The demon can superimpose, switch, invert, rotate, or otherwise control direction and everything in them, turning up to right, left to backward, down to forward, right to up, etc. Though he can only do this for the people within his area, anyone out of his area would not be effected by the directional manipulation. Domain can also merge matter with another by overlapping the two objects' spaces, removing their separate boundaries no matter if they are organic, inorganic, living, or dead.

The amount of weight which is held within his pocket dimensions have also been increased, all of the amount being quintupled from the previous release.

Weight Limits
Beginner: 0.53 Imperial Tons = 1200 lbs.
Adept: 0.62 Imperial Tons = 1400 lbs.
Advanced: 0.80 Imperial Tons = 1800 lbs.
Master: 1.07 Imperial Tons = 2400 lbs.
Grand Master: 1.42 Imperial Tons = 3200 lbs.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

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IX. Equipment/Other

» Equipment: He does not keep much on his body, this mostly is related to the fact that he is able to make mostly anything that he could think of. Though one thing that at all times he would keep with him is a couple pencils, and a sketchbook. Therefore if he happened to off lost the ability to keep his creations manifested then he would still have his drawings and his pencils. Other than this most of the things that he carries on his person, besides his clothes of course, are really just manifestations of his imagination. He has no real special item that can do anything, anything that he did have has long since been lost to the sands of time with his empire being completely torn to the ground at this point.

X. Sheet


Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

XI. Role Play Sample

Gloved fingers circled around a cup of coffee as it seemed to steam up off of the dark liquid. A deep sigh as heard as Sycross hung his head backwards, leaning his head towards the glass wall which covered the entire side of his wall. Outside of the glass window he could see people on the street walking back and forth, the cars driving up and down on either side of the roads in their lanes. Honestly while he didn't like humans at all, Sycross did have to admit that they did end up coming up with some interesting inventions here and there.

Caffeine was one of them, without it he wouldn't be able to stomach having to be here with the filth which walked the mortal realm. Ever since he could remember, he disdained mortals, even if they had been created to be perfect nothing would of made it so. They lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, anything that they can do somehow it will end up being done. Then again he wasn't impudent enough not to recognize the fact that other people also do this, it wasn't just something that humans did. It could really be done by any race; Shinigami, Quincy, Iramasha, Sueki- honestly you could name any race and apply the before mentioned adjectives to them.

If it was possible then he wouldn't spend his time around any of them, but sadly he knew that would be possible. Even if he wanted to never be able to see another human ever, he knew that eventually for some reason or another he'd have to end up going to this realm. After all he wouldn't be able to do what he is doing today without having to go to the human realm. Right at this moment he currently sat in a dear friend's seat, a delusional artist who thought the world of Sycross had claim to this seat.

Whenever thinking of the man it create a pit in his stomach, an empty feeling that he knew no matter what it would never go away. He wondered if he had actually known about the sickness at that point in time if he'd honestly even be able to do something about it. An ancient curse placed upon him which gave him a sickness that not even some of the best casters could of dispelled. At the very least Sycross would of liked to try if it was possible. But alas that time was long gone, he knew there was nothing left for him in the past besides relishing in his prideful memories, and then reliving the sad moments which he had experienced.

The fingers which were moments ago slowly tapping up against the coffee mug maneuvered their way down the side of cup, his fingers wrapping into the handle. He raised the glass off of the table and brought it to his lips, instantly he could feel the heat that radiated from the cup of coffee, but that didn't stop him. He tilted the glass back and started to slowly sip on the java as it threatened to burn his lips. Though this sensation was something that he was used to, a feeling that almost became comforting to him.

As he got finished sipping on the coffee he would place it back down on the table as his head tilted the other way this time. A sea of tables and chairs next to him, over to the right the glass door which lead inside as it brought you up to order from the counter. There were people sitting here and there within the room: two people who seemed to of been some kind of couple on a date, a college student working on some kind of term paper, baristas going back and forth as they prepared and served coffee. And there he sat, a bitter old man whose mere existence was souring the shop with the grief for a dead friend- he knew it was about time for him to leave this place.

"Miss, do you mind making me another coffee? I would like this one to-go." The women seeming to give him his total as he'd pull out the wallet from his pocket, giving her the correct amount of change as she would walk off. He watched her for a moment as she made her way back up to the counter, though his head tilted to the door as the bell rang once again- a mother and her child walking through the door as they walked up to the counter. Sycross couldn't care less, he looked away once again as his focus now went to across the street, his eyes zeroing in on a man who seemed to sit on the side of the road. A sign begging for help as his messy hair frizzled all over the place, his ragged clothing torn to shreds and dirtied as his heavy breathing could be seen; he was obviously sick, in this cold weather Sycross would be surprised if he survived the season.

To him it was almost sad that people would be willing to leave one of their own kind out in the open, but then he realized perhaps if he was in their situation he wouldn't want to drag trash along with him. Though that didn't mean to some extent he didn't pity the beggar. An existence in which you have to rely on the kindness of others and just how they so happen to be filling that day, it was something he couldn't imagine. He knew for a fact had he been in the shoes of that man, he would be begging and hoping for someone to come by, anyone.

"Sir! Here is your coffee to-go!" An enthusiastic voice rang through his ears as it brought him back to reality. Immediately he turned his head away from the mirror as he looked to see the barista holding out his cup, Sycross would reach up and grab it as the woman seemed to nod and back up for a moment as she turned around and began to walk away. Placing it on the table, Sycross would grab the other cup and bring it to his lips, tossing his head back as the now lukewarm liquid seeped into his mouth and slowly emptied.

After a moment the danava stood up, taking the to-go cup into his hands, and started to make his way past the people sitting in the tables. Navigating all the way through the sea of chairs, only to pass the counter on his way out. The echo of someone telling him to have a nice day didn't reach his ears, he merely tuned it out as he reached over and grabbed the knob of the door. He pulled it open, and walked out into the cold street as he started to take a step down the road. But at that instant his eyes flashed over one more time to the man he knew wouldn't make it past the blizzards to come. For a moment the pity almost got the better of him, but then he started to make his way down the street as the other people passed him.

It occurred to him at that moment that perhaps he did have some humanity left in him, he did think of the man even if only for a second. However he knew this was a pesky thing, this experience left him with the lingering thought of if he should bother to go out of his way to extinguish this- or perhaps try and protect it with everything he had. Whatever decision he made, Sycross knew not to focus on it, for one who waits for the future to arrive in front of them gets lost in their incompetence.

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