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 Yellow, [Inverse Niflheim]

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Sect Master Yellow

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Enter The Saca Dila Character

I. Basic Information

» Name:黄色的火花 Huángsè de huǒhuā
» Translation: Yellow Fire Blossom
» Titles: The Yellow Dragon, Sectmaster Yellow. Slumbering Calamity.
» Age: 4,500
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue.

» Association: Niflheim.
» Appearance: [What does your Saca Dila look like? This can be a written bio or an image]

» Purpose: The purpose behind Niflheim’s sacadila is the inverse of the shell that was created, i wish to make story that doesn’t follow the linear outline of the quincy. While Niflheim personifies Control, her sacadila is naturally going to be about Raw Power.

Beyond that though i want this character to help delve into the quincy of the inverse realm. How did they come to be? Because as we know the quincy of the standard PH verse came about upon the advent of Nozomi within this realm. However, the quincy of the inverse realm didn’t neccisarily have that happen to them. Thus, how did they come about? Was it a mutation of the energy of the world that allowed them to become more in tune with the spirit energy around them?

So, i want to introduce the inverse quincy within this app. Paint a story for them that can hopefully eventually help bring flavor and more interaction for the quincy race as a whole on PH. With the vandenreich slowly prospering and moving on from their rocky past, and more people becoming interested in the quincy, i want this character to be one that helps bring depth to the story, and to add a secondary flavor to them that can hopefully have people become more interested in rping as quincy, and even give them more options when doing so!

I. Basic Information

» Affiliation/Rank: Sect master of the

» Physical Appearance Description: (You can write what your Quincy looks like here. You can also choose to add or remove this if you decide to add a picture.)

» Physical Appearance Image: (If you have an image of your character, you can add it here.)

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Normal Personality

Pacifist: Yellow has a very realistic mindset when it comes to the engagement of battles. For her the lines of black and white are cut quite cleanly and set alongside one another. Why should one life a hand to slaughter unless the blade has been pointed against them? Why should one have to kill those who cannot raise a hand against them? Is there a purpose in such wanton acts which only serve to propagate the cycle of death and misery that seems to plague life? Many of these thoughts are the accumulation of why yellow does not raise her hand against others without a good reason.

She would much rather talk, work through and find a solution to the problem presented to her. This can be seen easily even in hostile situations through her soft smiles, and gentle nature. The unprovoking aura that surrounds her even in the most grave of interactions. The calm serenity that saturates her words, and flavors her actions, is a window into the gentle creature that presents itself to those around her.

However this is almost improbable of being mistaken for cowardice, because of the simple fact that you can point a weapon to her neck with such a close proximity that it literally presses into her skin, and unless it can cause her harm, or will result in harm done to those around her there is a very high chance that she will not react to it, and will merely speak to the offender in question until the situation escalates or de-escalates to either end of the spectrum, that is to say the person gets bored of threatening her, or actually goes far enough to force a reaction out of her.

Soft Spoken: Contrary to belief based upon her past and stature, yellow is very soft spoken. It's a philosophy of hers that loudness is one of the dispositions of a violent soul. Thus when speaking there is a softness within her voice, soft and ethereal like the floating clouds. Despite this when speaking she has the tendency to enhance her voice in the manner of how it projects. Therefore it's an interesting duality that many often don't come across.

Often her soft, reserved manner of speaking can be mistaken for being shy, ditsy, or insecure. However if you listen carefully to how she speaks, beling the kindness, and the warmth is often a hint of steel. There is kindness within the way she speaks, in this soft bewitchingly soothing tone. Yet there is also strength , and tenacity.

Interestingly enough, unlike many ; her tone is often not indicative of her mood. Rather, the way she speaks is often the best gauge to how she's feeling . For example she generally uses semi formal wording in neutral setting or moods, with a faint reservedness about her. When in happy/euphoria, the barrier seems to shift into unreserved, and informal wording. When angry there often is a faint crudeness in her word choice mixed with formal identifiers such as miss, sir and so on. The reason being, yellow prefers to distance herself in association with those that irritate her, and break down verbal distance with those she likes or finds agreeable.

Finally, often based on her own personal preference , her moods can only faintly be discerned from her facial indicators, looking for key aspects of posturing and nonverbal cues is the best way to assess her mood.

Sleepy: not quite a affector of her actions , but rather an outward “feeling” that she seems to project. Partially because yellow isn't a morning person, nor a day person really, and her speech really hammers that point home. Her words often are slow and unhurried during the day. She doesn't seem to take much into consideration during the day when speaking.

During the night however, it seems that there is less of the sleepy persona that she has during the day. Her speech is still soft, but it is concise , there aren't any drawn out words as if she's yawning and talking simultaneously. There is an almost refined air about how she speaks.

Caring & Kind : Yellow is a very kind and caring individual. Probably partially due to the length of time that she has lived, and partially due to her natural disposition. The way this is shown is generally a mix of action and of wording.

Her speech, at least to those who she enjoys is often soft. She easily inquires of others and tries to help find solutions to their problems. Even to strangers, there is a gentle warmth in her soft words that has a soothing effect. A genuine essence that seems to radiate outwardly that what she says isn't just perfunctory; but rather is from the bottom of her heart.

Raging Personality
The Yellow Dragon:

III. prelude

Dawn of enlightenment: no one quite knows how it happened, but 5,000 years ago the skies changed, and humanity took a qualitative leap in evolution. Supernatural abilities , reliant on what they called the essence of the world were born. Beings who could go beyond what was natural appeared.

Some practiced the way of the sword , others practiced secret arts reliant on the amazing control that they had over the world essence that they had refined. These humans broke conventiality, creating mighty spells, strange seals and abilities to shroud the body in their worldly essence.

It was said that it all started as the dawn created from the east, the rays harkening forth a new era. Some called these beings Quincy , some called them enlightened, but the vast majority called these beings cultivators.

In the beginning it was nothing but chaos, there were no rules, no roadmap to guide the many whose parents could not teach them to use their budding power. Many took to the dangerous mountains, shunning the mortals that either deified or bedeviled them.

The world was never the same, yet as years faded to decades, and then to centuries order was instilled, laws to protect those who could not cultivate were put into action. Groups gathered and established sects, progeny was born and mighty clans sprung from the barren earth, paving the way for future generations.

In the beginning there was no name for the era that was begun on that day, however many who were born were said to be enlightened, far more than mortal. Thus it was said this was the beginning of the era of enlightenment. And this era was at its peak 500 years later.
III. Chapter 1

Child of the fireblossom clan: in the jade province a child was born within a prominent family. The family was named fireblossom , after the flowering fire of their progenitor. This clan had risen to power shortly after the beginning of the era of enlightenment. A hegemon of their area. The clan was situated upon a mountain top , the frigid winds whipping about at all but a fleeting few months in the summer.

But there was some misgiving about this child. With the era of enlightenment it was not only humans who broke through the shackles of the mundane, frightening beasts with the ability to gain sentience arose along side them. Some of which upon coming into their powers found themselves capable of transformation into a human form.

This led to offspring that seemed to hold something other than human in their genes. This child was born with hair that was as yellow as goldenrods , and an eye that was gold and slitted like a reptile, not to mention horns adorned her head. A clamour arose within the clan , many questioning the legimitacy of her bloodline.

III. Chapter 2

Body refinement:

III. Chapter 3

Condensing of the fire elemental essence:

III. Chapter 4

Slaying of beasts:
III. Chapter 5

Catastrophe! The fireblossom clans final hour.

III. Chapter six

Nomad from the east.
III. Chapter 7

Condensing of the fire essence sea.

III. Chapter 8

III. Chapter 9

Slaying dragons:

III. Chapter 10

Emergence of a thousand horses sect.

III. Chapter 11

Thousand year seclusion:

III. Chapter 12

Reaching level three body refinement:
III. Charapter 13

Conquering of the radiant sword sect:

III. Chapter 14

Disturbance in the north:
III. Chapter 15
. Transference to a new world:

III. Chapter 16

Seclusion to reach body refinement level four :

III. Chapter 17
present day:

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: (If your character has any non-Quincy related equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

Raw speed and power: how speed and strength are interchangeable
Skin like steel: durability.

V. Sword Skills

Flaming blade:

Inversion strike:

Laido practitioner:

V. Hand To Hand

Smoldering fist: focus on elemental attunement and damage

Air palm: focus on speed and air displacement

Severing strike: focus on sharpness and air currents
Rippling impact : ‘focus on internal damage based on vibrations generated upon impact

Spear blow: focus immense speed and arm strength upon a single finger.

Bulk up: super saturate muscles for drastically increased strength at the cost of bodily integrity.
Bulk up goes to stage 5.

Anihillation: to be used after bulk up stage 5 , empties all stores power from bulk up to deliver a calamitous strike.

Cotton palm strike: utilize stance and counterforce to neutralize strength .

V. Foot Work:

Blossoming steps: -focus on energy imbuing and destruction
Overload: focus on short bursts of speed in small area’s
Stampede: focus on momentum and raw force exhorted
Dance of a thousand horses: focus on maneuverability and elusiveness
V. Soul Essence, and Body Cultivation

Soul Essence: What is soul essence? It is the condensation of spiritual reishi or “world energy” After subsequent mediation and refining this energy is then stored within the body upon a path called “meridians”. Depending upon the person, there are natural variations within the cycle of energy within the body based upon the method that it has been cultivated. These energies can be based upon natural elements such as “wind, fire, earth, water, electricity” Or based upon sub-energies such as “metal, steam, cloud.” This naturally changes the effects that take place when condensing an individual's soul essence and then utilizing it for refining. Below each main essence will be explained.

Fire Nature Essence: Fire natured essence has a primary focus on destruction, and a minor focus upon defense. It is purely intended to bolster the destructive capabilities that fire embodies and further it will increase the destructive capabilities that resonate with the element in nature. In this case any fire style techniques will find their abilities bolstered based upon the level of practice the user themselves has managed to reach.

Wind Nature Essence: Wind is a fleeting force, sharp and capable of destruction but wild in the form of a gale. Thus those who focus upon wind natured essence will find the speed of their attacks, and the maneuverability of their bodies greatly increased. Those who practice the wind nature essence have a much wider variation of attacks and whimsical abilities to dodge. Their bodies are naturally lighter than one their size should naturally be.

Earth Nature Essence: Like an Immobile mountain, Earth is the essence of strength and durability. If wind essence is meant to boost external weapons, attacks and motions, then Earth nation focuses within. The saturated energy that is refined seeps into the bones, the joints, the muscles and the skin. Hardening them, and refining them until they can at higher levels become something very similar to that of steel, or even beyond.

Cultivation Level One: Durability is Increased by +5% when in comparison to those of a similar stat. Strength is Increased by +5% when compared to someone of the same stat level passively.
Cultivation Level Two: Durability is increased by +10% when in comparison to those of a similar stat. Strength is increased by +10% when compared to those of a similar stat.
Cultivation Level Three: Durability is increased by +15% when in comparison to those of a similar stat. Strength is increased by +10% when compared to those of a similar stat.
Intermediate Cultivation Level Four: Durability is increased by +15% when in comparison to those of a similar stat. Strength is increased by +15% when in comparison to those of a similar stat.
Intermediate Cultivation Level Five: Durability is increased by +20% when in comparison to those of a similar stat. Strength is increased by +15% when in comparison to those of a similar stat.
High Cultivation Level Six: Durability is increased by +25% when in comparison to those of a similar stat. Strength is increased by +20% when in comparison to those of a similar stat.

Water nature essence: Placid Water, Ever changing and raging is the essence of control. Those who focus upon water essence find their energy easier to control than those surrounding them. The grasp on ambient energy in the air is also much greater than those of similar skill levels to the person at hand. That is to say, if there was two quincy, the one of the water essence would have a vastly easier time of manipulating, gathering and controlling the reishi that already was pre existing within the air around them.

Lightning Nature Essence: Sharp and fast, the Lightning nature is the essence of speed and sharpness. To those who cultivate it, they find their hands are akin to weapons, capable of slicing through the hardest of objects like they are simply butter, They are also as fleeting as the wind, capable of moving from one location to another like a flash of lightning.

Levels of Refinement

The body cultivating technique is built upon the concept that once the natural “essence” of the heavens and the earth has been condensed and refined it then is possible to establish the meridians within the body. These meridians exist within the bones, the muscles and ligaments. Within the vital organs, and are a major pathway of energy circulation without relying on the soul. This is merely the concept of the movement of energy. The refining process is actually the overflow that seeps from the meridians within the body, this overflow can then be directed and utilized as a form of nourishment for the body, and can directly affect its growth and development many ways.

It is because of this, the concept of refining is divided within many stages, all of which can then be simplified down to “levels” And “Classes” such as Regular, Intermediate and High. Regular cultivators are what are considered to be within the first three levels of body cultivation. They have just dipped their toe within the vastness of the cultivating world and because of it their meridians can be easily disrupted, and cultivating is slower and more strenuous for them. Below will highlight the perks, and methods that can be considered viable or “safe” for each classification of cultivation, first by “rank” and then by level.

Regular [levels one through three]

The first three levels of body refinement fall within the regular cultivating category. As a fledgling body refiner it is often needed to have a jump into hardening those meridians and stimulating them to begin to accepted the refined “spiritual energy” as a source of energy that can be utilized for nourishment within the body. Thus quite often practitioners of this class use concoctions that are then put within hot water to increase the medicinal efficiency of them. Once absorbed these rare ingredients often have the affect of stimulating the meridians.

From there the safest thing for any beginner to do is work through revolutions and breathing techniques. Find the pattern and element that is best for them to practice, and the one which is most compatable to them. Personality and physical strengths is often the best indicator of what element is going to fit them. For example, someone like zaraki kenpachi whose attacks are for the vast majority extremely physical in nature could easily assimilate with the earth nature. This also stems partially from the personality, as zaraki kenpachi loves to fight, but will not cause wanton destruction unless it is because of a fight. Someone of the fire nature would naturally be more inclined to cause mayhem and destruction with ease, and would have an extremely volatile aspect to their personality most likely.

These are just a few examples of gauging just what “Energy” will be right for the person in question.

For example, Yellow has a soul essence that is naturally more inclined towards a fire nature.

VI. Blut Mastery

黄山 Huángshān (Translated as : Yellow Mountain) :

黄色霸王 Huángsè bàwáng (Translated as : Yellow Overlord) :

黄龙 Huánglóng ( Roughly Translated : The Yellow Dragon )

VII. Rasotengai Mastery

霸主潜力 Bàzhǔ qiánlì (Rough Translation: Overlords Potential ) :

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Overload
» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Overload Is A transmorphic weapon that in the beginning of its use takes the shape of a zhanmadao or Horse Chopping Sabre. The only difference is that this blade spans approximately 10 feet in length, it’s curved back adorned with a smooth etching of a dragon in flight. Its long pommel, which is made to be gripped with two hands is made entirely

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: (what abilities does it possess?)

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: deitific ascension

» Vollständig Apperance: (What does your Quincy look like when their Vollständig is activated?)

» Vollständig Abilities: (What abilities does your Quincy's Vollständig grant them?)

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner [For Pure Bloods Only]
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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