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 Raziel (WIP Long Term)

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General Information

Family Matters: Knowledge can be gained without such an attachment of family or kin. It doesn't require a connection or bond to understand such things. Raziel's interest lay only in knowledge and a hunger for it that surpasses everything. He doesn't study merely one thing and accept it as fact. He provides multiple avenues and practices before accomplishing what he sets out for. Raziel is a different man who never became part of a family. In truth when he was born into the Rukongai he avoided others entirely. His only interest and fascination with the gathering and understanding of knowledge. Raziel never got involved in smaller things with others. He believed that his path lingered somewhere else away from such meaningless connections. It was better to be a person who focused solely on the pursuit that encompassed his soul. He didn't have the soul of a man who desired to be a father, a son, or a brother. He desired nothing to do with Family or those beings.

Name: He never took a name when he was reborn into the cycle. Raziel made the most sense to him for no reason really. He took that as a name and ran with it. It held no meaning or purpose among the people around him. It was simply a title or something to be called of little importance in the grand scheme. His name doesn't serve a purpose towards knowledge or locating it. It's merely something for people of lesser minds to call him. It serves so little a purpose that it barely deserves to exist. The only reason he took it was because it was simple and easy to remember. He didn't care for the way Japanese rolled from one's tongue that much. Finding it an annoying bothersome thing to go through names and pretend they held meaning. Raziel would suffice in the end with or without people's approval. He was a complicated man then and now having taken a name with no meaning to him. No importance exists in the name of a man, only what knowledge he may bring.

Age: Raziel's age is unknown, though speculation has been made into him being around twelve hundred years old. The reasons for his form not changing do linger into the territory of his exploration into strange sciences. It can be stated that Raziel is older then most would put a thumb on for his age. He doesn't seem to age or change much in the long run. Raziel has shown little interest in the subject of age and older beings. The only thing that matters is the accumulation of knowledge they gathered. Certainly, an older lifespan is helpful towards the grand goal of building and creating such wonderful treasures. He's always seen life and the numbers as a meaningless calculation in the long run. All that matters is how a person lives the life they are given. What knowledge and experience they gain from it are of the greater importance. Everything else is a simple game of cat and mouse to the finish line of life.

Species: Raziel is a vizard, though his circumstances are different from most. Many suffer a tragic backstory about becoming a hollow. About going through this and that while breaking free at the last second to find themselves. Raziel did this on purpose becoming a vizard to further his knowledge and experience. Being a Shinigami had outlived the knowledge and information he could gather. He decided that questioning and asking wasn't enough. And physically turned himself into a Vizard. If a man were to devote himself to something like knowledge why would he shrink from such a thing? Raziel embraced becoming hollow and even frightened the hollow whom he encountered. His hunger for experience and knowledge outweighed any sense of danger or risk. When asked by Odin what reason he took this risk. Raziel responded instantly, that no knowledge is free of risk. Everyone must take the plunge and see for themselves what comes of it all. If the hollow wanted to see what more he brought all he needed to do was submit. Which the hollow did in the end.

Affilation: No purpose exists in joining a faction or organization. The knowledge they present is simple and easy to come about. Simple conjecture can lead one to the truth of the matter in moments if desired. Raziel has never seen the point in these people who jump into duty. They retain nothing and don't live for their goal or purpose outside of merely existing for the faction they serve. Loyalty to a royal or some person without again. It's merely a farce that's never interested him or made sense. He believes wolve's may travel in packs. But the wolf that hunts alone still does just as well in the long run. People are about experiences and while a faction or organization can provide certain experiences. Such conditions can be replicated without declaring yourself cut off from everything else. Such is akin to giving up the pursuit of knowledge and growth. Which to him seems to be the ultimate sin.

Younger Physical Appearance: Raziel employs a special kido type seal to keep his spiritual pressure hidden and lower. This allows for him to keep a younger appearance without transcending to his adult form unless absolutely needed. He believes that for some experiences a youthful body is better. This is why he is so hard to pinpoint in his age. In his younger physical body, he is one hundred and fifty-seven centimeters tall. Weighing in at fifty kilograms without anything else on his bones. This, of course, is a form he considers comfortable and easy. Desiring his youthful appearance perhaps out of vain pride or something. Despite his seal being a smashing success he never does provide a good reason for him doing this. Perhaps in some portion of him, he does desire to stay younger. But the realization of his power also worries him somewhat. By locking away his adult appearance and staying in this youthful frame. Raziel has in turn chosen two physical forms.

In this form, he appears to be a nineteen-year-old boy. His short black hair and demeanor seem innocent if not withdrawn from people. His frame is lithe and tends to remain barely visible to people. He seems to lack a presence that people get behind. He doesn't even appear hat noticeable in this form. Making it ideal for almost every situation of gathering data and analyzing things. It allows for a lot more freedom and shows a development of kido beyond its years. Raziel finds this form's usefulness comes good in the living world. He wears a school uniform for whatever city he is in. Tending to allow himself to blend into that school's environment with flawless technique. With practice, you can go anywhere and blend in well enough. Acting your age and gathering knowledge have a purpose regardless of the body. Raziel's form has no defined markings or appearance things that stand out. It's when he emerges that those become more clear.


Natural Physical Form:

In his regular form, he appears like a man in his early thirties. His long black hair flowing to his shoulders and to the middle of his back. He stands at one hundred and eighty-six centimeters. And weighs in at only sixty-eight kilograms. He finds this form disturbs people or frightens them. Since he isn't so great with people or communication skills. He finds words interfere with the grand objective. Gathering knowledge and studying things while observing. His physical features often times seem to intimidate others along with his spiritual pressure. Which he generally doesn't intend to do. Raziel finds people staring and making idle talk about him rude. Thus he avoids using this form when possible with any encounter. It's a last resort and often times comes from him having little choice. His stone sour expression often keeps people away from him.

On his form, he wears black leather pants with a nice pair of boots. Wearing a belt to keep those pants on his figure. Wearing black gloves on both hands from a desire to not touch anyone with his bare skin. Among other things that come from his need to keep himself clothed. He wears a black coat over his black dress shirt. Which he seems to wear a black tie. His entire mood seems to linger towards an almost gothic persona when in this state. Merely missing the lipstick and fingernail polish. Not to mention eyeliner and he'd make an interesting goth singer. Raziel finds the experience of being in this form tends to lead to more strange encounters. While he does find troublesome problems in this form, he does tend to desire to be in it. Being confined in that smaller form is uncomfortable and doesn't allow for him to enjoy himself. This form is natural and doesn't choke him as much within that body. Stretching his spiritual pressure and his body feels nice often bringing about joy. Often times in this form he will walk around naked as he finds no need for clothing.


Current Locals: His location is a strange discussion as he tends to be a wandering man. Almost a gypsy in the way he goes from place to place. He leaves little trace of himself in that place as he desires. Not wanting to leave an impact or do anything amazing for a place. Raziel is someone who believes in remaining neutral heavily. So his current local is the world. He wanders it endlessly to feed his only passion in this life. His hunger for knowledge is ceaseless and seems to be endless. While he does bed women occasionally in cities as long as they are intellectually stimulating to speak with. Being a sapiosexual makes him very different from most. Raziel finds interest only in a person's mind much more. Their body is a meaningless shell that doesn't begin to comprehend that endless maze within them. It's merely a shell around the greatest vessel. Raziel's locals are complicated since he doesn't stay in one place long. Carrying his portable laboratory with him from place to place.


Knowledge Hunter: Learning is one of the purest joys for him. He cannot find anything that makes him more excited then possibly learning. That excites him far more than anything else. Raziel has found a desire to invent and hunt down knowledge being his life's passion. He's not counted years or believed in anything. But the search for knowledge and it's endless pathways. Not everyone signs up to become superheroes or lead the forces against evil. Raziel has found that sort of thing dull and not worth involving himself in. He's always learning and computing things at a superhuman level practical. He's been prodigy since he was a young child. One of the brightest minds to come along in years.

He infiltrated the Shino Academy as a boy just to test himself. He was hungry for what knowledge perhaps an organization could potentially have. And did seriously consider joining their ranks while prioritizing hiding his full strength. Making sure to never display his power in the open for anyone. He made sure to show himself as a weakling at all times. To study and gather knowledge on kido and reading materials they had around. The knowledge while not as grand as he anticipated was worth the study. It was worth the loss to people weaker than he and pretending he knew less. Acting perhaps became an art form in of itself. Learning different views without getting physically attached or involved. Knowledge requires you to be free of attachment to truly hunt it down. Every faction or leader will say the same thing. They will argue that by joining you gain more knowledge. But what makes their knowledge better than the others? It is blind ambition and pride that makes people believe themselves better.

The only thing that truly separates a person is the experience they've obtained in their lifetime. What have they subjected themselves too to see what can happen? What have they gone through in order to accomplish their goals and ambitions? Do they hold a true ambition out of being some sheep to a faction or another? It isn't as though he doesn't see the appeal of some leaders. They hold a fascinating visage that can lure in most. This, of course, would make anyone wish to jump on the bandwagon. But for him, it's simply not enough to desire that sort of outcome. As scientists and inventor, he strives for perfection. But never will obtain it, as there are always outside elements. Knowledge doesn't have a perfect or endless supply. There is always more to be learned and considered. Things one must realize they know nothing about in the long run. This is almost a euphoric experience to know nothing about something. It means he can pursue his hunger further and further.

The best example of his hunger for knowledge can be seen in his transformation. Raziel changed himself into a vizard on purpose. To experience what it was like having a hollow within him. He cared little about anything but obtaining this experience. Learning what it felt like to undergo hollowfication. To feel the sting of the Hollow within one's soul as it consumed them. It was such a pleasurable and almost exciting encounter. The hollow's fear of him was so full in the air. As it hadn't expected a Shinigami to do it to himself on purpose. Not for power, no power held no appeal at all to him. For his own liking, he was powerful enough. Monkeys and apes beat their chests like dogs and focus on that instead. He had no interest in such worthless things for his hollow. He desired something purer and less tainted then some meaningless clinging to power. He didn't go to surpass someone or use his hollow for some cliche reason. He wanted to see and taste that experience with his own being.

He and the Hollow found a mutual interest in one another. The hollow simply couldn't find darkness within Raziel. It wasn't a dark desire or a hint of hunger for power. He cared nothing for those sort of things. He didn't bind himself with attachment or things like that. They held almost no meaning or purpose to Raziel. This almost deadness within him was something the Hollow couldn't figure out. Raziel named the Hollow within him Odin, giving him his name. The hollow had one previously but found this one more interesting. Raziel explained that like Odin he gave up something for greater knowledge. They both had given up an eye for a way to learn. To see the world from both sides without being tainted by the view of either one. Raziel has no animosity towards hollows or such beings. He finds them fascinating and needed for discovery towards new horizons. His research isn't illegal or anything outlandish as the only studies on himself. Raziel has never found purpose or meaning in other things.

Confident: Their are different types of Confidence, Raziel isn't arrogant in the slightest. If he doesn't know something he owns up to it instantly. Almost like a kid at Christmas getting a new present. He goes for it quickly and with a hunger, few could define. But he does have faith in himself and self-confidence. The way he carries himself is as a man who's seen things and knows. He isn't a psychopath or insane like some others. He doesn't believe in ending life without meaning or showcasing a hate towards someone. That serves no purpose for him or them. He gains nothing from meaningless anger towards a being. Getting his fury to show is something difficult, as Raziel's fuse as humans put it. It's the world's longest fuse and doesn't seem to ignite ever. He lingers in a place far beyond the principled and bad choices. People make mistakes, they exist so you can learn knowledge unknown. Previous encounters exist to make the next ones more fascinating.

The evidence of his confidence in himself and what he can accomplish has been seen multiple times. Raziel believes even if he fails he can grow and learn from the experience. Develop and find a new way to come to terms with things in the long term. When testing out devices Raziel uses himself as a tester for them. Experiencing each one and remembering the pain he felt. He's had an inclination towards feeling the pain to see what it brings. Raziel has lost his arm for this purpose once and regret it that same day. Pain is a reflex that is needed to learn and understand. He does believe there is overconfidence and is willing to acknowledge a lost. Not before experiencing the taste of something unknown to him. That flavor is something almost hard to pass up for him as he finds it almost euphoric to feel it. It's not masochism or anything like that. Pain and damage aren't things that excite him. What excites him is the unknown and the new potential knowledge there. His confidence to find it and track it down.

These are elements that separate him from the normal man you'd run into on the street. Raziel's confidence and poised nature draw the attention of those around him. He believes in himself as both a person and an inventor. He does keep his mind open and never views the world as a single journey. But many journeys that one can take, this is the reason he won't swear loyalty to one side. No side is perfect or right, he doesn't view them as a needed thing. He's also confident in his skills in dealing with beings who he finds attractive mentally. Confidence is the key element he see's that leaders have in themselves. Some do where shackles of blind ignorance he believes. Because they refuse to acknowledge the enemies around them. The strategy involves both respecting and seeing things for what they are. This is the hardest part for some to grasp. Raziel finds those who work for the people admirable, but he never lets himself display anything less than full confidence.

Intellectual: Perhaps the purest thing about him is his intellect. Raziel has never shown interest in combat or fighting people. That sort of thing is boring and tends to lead nowhere special. Combat is the sport of those who've no desire to study and learn. It's something they fall into as they drain everything for one thing. This has always annoyed him. People who fight or proclaim themselves the strongest. What difference does it make being the strongest one? If the smartest one waits for the right moment in time. One simple move and they can topple the king over. It's not difficult strategy to unfold as people seem so intent on it. Intellect is the key element to Raziel's being other than his hunger for the unknown. He finds the intellect of certain people fascinating even if only small douses exist for him. Raziel finds people like Sosuke Aizen and Kisuke Urahara fascinating by far. Though he wouldn't take anything from Shadin Yuudeshi or other figures.

They've shown bright and perhaps the fascinating minds in academics. Certainly, they are interesting figures who deserve a closer examination. They are beings who's intellect fly high beyond just being low breed animals. It's interesting what fields they have studies in and have shown capabilities. While he doesn't consider himself an equal in any of those field. He is a very quick study and a man who is capable of doing many things.


Raziel (WIP Long Term) XZGpCF2
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Raziel (WIP Long Term)
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