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 Zero (Reborn Ending) W. I. P.

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Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Michelangelo "Zero" Telca
» Titles: The Beast of Sound
» Age: 21
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Leadership/Yayjuu (The Beast of Sound)
Diplomat/Kokuryuteshi Realm

» Physical Appearance Image:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Zero is an individual that has a long struggle through his life to define who he is, and who he isn't, or doesn't want to become. He in many regards has many people in life that he looks up to and find inspiration from, it has shaped him to be a person that wants to protect the things that he cares about, but he is not one that wants to bring harm upon the innocent or not involved in the conflicts that they themselves did not cause. This has defined him as the type of person that is easy to identify as a hero in some regards, but he does not fight for the bows of order and justice, much of his action are characterized by how he has felt in life, and how he would like to repay the people that have helped him though life. He through out time has shown that he can hold multiple loyalties without violating the others as best as he can.

Zero dislikes dangers in terms of bringing about harm, however through his struggles, he has learned that he wants something to change in the world in it's current crumbling state, there is many difficulties that must be tackled, that some of them will risk conflict and harm, after all one must take great risks, for an even greater chance at being rewarded for such. If one were to find what Zero did outside of his events in which he is defending the Earth and Karakura Central, one could still find him socializing, getting to know people, and trying to better himself from the knowledge that he can gain from others. He does however love also spreading sound with music and such, after all he use to possess many gifts in the abilities to manipulate sound.

If one ever wanted to better know him, they would simply need to approach him, if he didn't approach them first out of curiosity's sake, he is very open to getting to know and introduce himself to people, while this may sound odd to most, but it is very easy to get Zero to acknowledge a person, even if they were an enemy, even on that he might even hate, but he will give them the honor of being acknowledged, until they have proved that it isn't worth to do such an action.

Among Zero's Value's, he values understanding above pretty much most else, since that is what he has always tried to have mastery over throughout his life. He also values life, and is not willing to kill most of enemies even should they be aiming for the kill themselves. While he does possess pure Quincy blood within his veins, since he lost his parents, he does not possess the same drive of the Quincy Pride to slay away at his enemies mercilessly after having for a small time experienced that won't accomplish much most of the time, when on acts on their own ambition towards it. It's also dangerous in many regards, in his mind for the Quincy race to unite under such a goal and since the fall of Hulderic Hylam's reign of the Vandenreich fell, he has kept an eye on them to make sure they don't stray too much onto a path that makes them repeat the same mistakes.

As for much more casual thing, Zero enjoys various snack foods over most things and has often been a fan of seafood, for his appetite. His favorite color has always been orange and for that he has enjoyed the transition of day into night at sunset, he often experience watching it alongside his childhood friend, as he friend enjoyed trying to paint the night sky once it has settled in.

Finally, due to the events of Shadow Falls attacks in Europe and Malaysia, Zero has developed a prejudice against all of demon kind, while he might not admit that it is for personal reasons, this is how it currently stands.

III. Character History

» History Childhood (Birth-Age 5): Zero was Born on January 5th 2395 but it is unknown who his parents are or there names because of his further history. It seems that Zero isn't even his real name either but that is to be explained later as well. He had a good childhood through at this time. It was a normal single child family. His father was executive of a world wide company and his mother stayed home with him. Everything was so great at the time for them all but at 5, his parents went on a trip and he was to stay with a sitter. But it seemed that the sitter never showed up and the parents couldn't be called. When the Parents left leaving their child in a servant's watch it didn't get much better. It seemed this servant wasn't good at watching because Zero left and began to wonder the streets. During this time his parents went mission on there trip and were never seen again. The same was expected of Zero when they discovered he was gone as well.

Zero wandered the streets for a week until he meet another kid that called himself Haru and seemed to appear at the age of 7 but could be older. Eventually these to became great friends and would have some fun adventures across Central. But it was as Zero was about the to turn 6 that they faced there greatest threat which was called a blizzard. Even through they could find money for food and some cloths they couldn't seem to find good enough shelter. As they continued 3 days in the storm they came across a helpful man. He brought them to his home and said they were welcome to stay if they could help him with a few thing over the time. Ends up that this man would be worser than standing in the blizzard. Not only was this person a Scientist but a Arrancar scientist and he could see the potential in the two of them.

Early-Teenage (Age 6-11): As time went on it became a sort of bond between the three. It started as a ordinary thing where they would go out and do jobs for him and he would teach them and let them stay. But one day they crossed path with what was known to them as a hollow. It seemed that his friend Haru had special powers but it seemed they took over during contact with it. (this happened during spring when he was six.)

The creature through had knocked Haru away in a attempt to get to just Zero. But in a instant the man who gave them a home rush out of no where and cut the hollow in have with a sword that he hadn't seen before. After the creature was dead he came over to me and told me to help Haru to get home. The next day the Arrancar talked to both of them separately and together. In his talk with Zero he told him about the creature and what it was. Then he told him if he wanted powers like his friend and he answered yes.[/b]

During the night he look through both of there family trees through DNA and found Quincy heritage in Zero. So the next few days he tried to get him to understand how reiatsu works and how to control it from a Quinces way. By and of fall Zero could finally form his bow and fire a single arrow a day. But eventully this was all he really did training wise through fall and winter. but on first day of spring the Arrancar told him to fire five at a tree. with the constant one shot use Zero had grown his accuracy and limit a lot over that time. After training them both of them for the next year to there limits that they could be considered power of most experienced members of the Gotei but not yet at the seated level.

Their arr-ins changed to tasks to take down hollows and demons on outskirts of Karakura Central. Also did they change as well. Both of them had changed over the two years from children playing around the city to Hunters for Hollows and demons. Then at the end of the final year they were told to hunt down a shinigami and when they found him he was relatively weak. As they engaged in combat it was about to end very quickly with two against one but neither felt that it was right to kill him. seeing this the arrancar steps in and deals the finishing blow on the Shinigami.

The reason that Zero and Haru had attacked the Shinigami because of how the arrancar explained it to them. The Hollows and Shinigami have been fighting for a long time for victory but neithier is fighting for good and the arrancar said the mix of the two called Arrancar were the ones searching for peace but to defeat a enemy force must be used. With the whole shinigami problem solved everything reverted to normal but as Zero turned then the Arrancar decided to let them roam for al little bit since they were capible of taking care of themselves with Haru's ziamachi powers and the many techquies that Zero has learned as well. He gave them enough money to last them food and shelter for two years. Anything else they needed they would have to get on there own.

As it turned out there were bounties on demons and hollows and Haru and Zero took a shot at each of them and got tons of money. As they continued this way it was how Zero got his first name because every time Haru gave him money he'd come back with zero left. Originally he was called Quincy by the Arrancar and friend and buddy by Haru. But this struck to him and suited him well. It seemed by the end of this journey that zero was twelve and Haru was 14. Even without the Arrancar they still learned at the required rate would be as smart as the average for there age.

But something bad happened to Zero over this time, he became rebellious and the Arrancar didn't like that at all.

Mid-Teenage (Age 12-16): Zero continued to rebel being taught and being told what to do by the Arrancar and this is when the three of them began to split apart. It was in the next month that the Arrancar had created his solution. By creating a ziamachi spirit for Zero so that it would lesson to him. By taking apart of himself and creating a ziamachi called the voice was it possible. As the voice lay inside of Zero it began to take over and change him from rebellious to obident and unquestioning. Haru took notice to this two and could tell that something was wrong over the year that went by. Haru was 15 and Zero was 13 when the plan to kill the arrancar began. First by using his Ziamachi's abilities was he able to assist Zero in taking back his body.

The next day they were up earlier than the Arrancar an surprised him as he went to actually wake them up. Quickly the battle was ended and it was there victory over him. They quickly killed him and burned the home they lived in after taking multiple things with them that they knew were useful. But little did they know a small piece of the Arrancar named Key inside of Zero named the voice.

Now as Zero turned 14 the voice came out of it's dormant state and took over Zero for a short time but long enough to get him away from Haru and to erase his memories. But after two years of zero looking for his memories and Haru's search for them were they reunited again. Also during this two years of searching there skills had to be lost and regained so they both must go through training again to reach what they were once were two years ago. But Zero some what used his powers during the time of memory loss so was closest to returning to normal but the Yayjuu would help speed up the process for Haru. After so Zero and Haru joined a group for there kind called the Yayjuu which welcomed them kindly.

After spending, a bit of time learning to protect the people of Karakura and the Earth as a whole, Zero due to his capable abilities, worked his way up the ladder that was the Yayjuu's chain of command, all the way to the Circle of the Beasts, he had gained the trust of the Yayjuu's admirable leader, Shadin Yuudeshi, working alongside him on occasion, helearned that Shadin operated under the tense pressure that he was the Beast, and the primary guardian of Karakura Central. In addition to this, Shadin was an extremely busy man, he was grateful that he was able to take part in the Beast circle and he tried his best to maintain basic peace where the Yayjuu wished to provide it.

Under the pretense of representing the defenses of the earth and engaging the enemy, Zero took on the Demon Queen, Mana Ashtavon, in a battle that would end up practically killing him literally, but with the help of his current ziamachi spirit wanting to preserve it's own life, his soul was put into a recovery using the ziamachi's own spirit to try and put Zero's soul into a stable state. From that day, his soul was in a very different formation, making him believe, even though his body was the same, that he himself was a different person, so he renamed himself, Cero Telca. Afterwards many interesting events of their own occurred, during this time that an old Quincy named Hulderic Hylam, came to visit him, revealing that he was the new Quincy emperor, and he desired to establish the Vandenreich. Given the new opportunity and experiences that could have come with that, he gladly accepted the offer and maintained the research and science divisions of the Vandenreich while Hulderic was gathering the Quincy once more from across the Globe.

Late Teenage Years (Age 17-20): Moving forward in his life, even though during this time frame was filled with uncertainty, Cero did not know what feelings within himself to even trust, but he did learn that trust was a very important thing in life as he was crossing the boundary into adulthood. It was during this time that the war for Australia began, Shadin Yuudeshi wanted to seize the land from the Monsuta, as the world as a whole has lost far too much free ground to not resort to the war, that gave back a flicker of hope and revolution to humanity. For Cero in particular though, he had to help Hulderic, as he was fighting his own assault on a Australian city that was being defended by the Kokuryuteshi Realm. Most importantly the way that Hulderic ended up executing his plans, attracted the attention of Sing Iramasha, the Princess of that realm. She was not happy with his action, cause a lot of destruction to begin, in which Cero became involved, show off a few of his skills before things continued to a point that Sing decided to retreat away from the battlefield, leaving words that echoed throughout his mind. During the fight as well, Hulderic pasted on memories to Cero of the first Quincy emperor, showing him that war truly was a bloody conflict that didn't end well for any of the parties that choose to involve themselves in it. Those that do however, then to do it out of an ambition, or the need of survival.

Thankfully, there was nothing else in Australia that was to note, that required Cero's attention, so he had quite a bit of time to think about the things that had been told to him by both Hulderic and Sing, even the action that Shadin Yuudeshi had taken during and before the war, were the type of things that he was thinking about as the days pasted by and eventually he graduated from Karakura High, considering himself practically an adult as his 18th birthday rolled around during the school year as well. But that was merely only the beginning of his troubles, as there was a priced to be paid for the Vandenreich's involvement in the Australian war, and the Kokuryuteshi Realm, most certainly wanted someone to pay for blood, with blood. Across the Globe, Quincy-kind was attacked by the Kokuryuteshi Realm in the name of vengeance for their slain defenders. The Vandenreich's base in Antarctica was lit ablaze, as a message and statement, that they would not accept the idea of attacks on their soldiers, especially from weaker powers. As an effort to preserve the Quincy race, Zero tried to surrender and negotiate something that would be better for the innocents that had been involved in the conflict between the two organizations. In turn Zero, became an diplomat between the Yayjuu, and the Kokuryuteshi Realm as the two were likely to go to war, and there would need to be someone that could try to mediate the issues that would come.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: ~Uses Equipment Thread~

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Enhanced hearing/

"Endure above all else"/

Swordsmanship: Iaijutsu/


Overload: Super Natural Stamina/

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

Blut Arterie/

Blut Arterie: Split Second/

Blut Arterie: Rebound/

Blut Vene/

Blut Vene: Iron String/


Hirenkyaku: Bound and Double/

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Klinge Betrachtung

» Spirit Weapon Appearance:

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

Act I/

Act II/

Act III/

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Seele Spiegel

» Vollständig Apperance:

» Vollständig Abilities:

Act I: Rule of Light/

Act II:

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner [For Pure Bloods Only]
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



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