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 Kirino Asashima [APPROVED, 2-5-]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kirino Asashima [APPROVED, 2-5-]   Kirino Asashima [APPROVED, 2-5-] EmptyTue Jan 09, 2018 8:34 am


Race: Shinigami
Age: 330
Appearance Age: Late Teens
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Association: Gotei United, Asashima Family
Rank: Former Head of the Asashima, Current Lieutenant of Third Division


Kirino Asashima [APPROVED, 2-5-] AP1


Kirino is a bit of an eccentric. She's not the most conventional person and sometimes her behavior catches people off guard. There are some social queues that she ignores. She's not unaware of them, but mostly doesn't care. This is one of the main reasons that people sometimes feel awkward around her. For example, personal space isn't something she always honors. She isn't a cuddly type person, but someone who has no problem being touchy. It's not always in a friendly way either, but in a curious way. If someone has a feature that she likes, she'll get closer than she should and probably poke at them. Another example of social norms that she ignores is sensitivity. If you ask her if something makes you look fat, she'll probably say yes if it's true. If you say you're stupid, she'll nod. She sees no reason to lie about stupid shit, so if you're being an idiot, then she'll say so. It only changes if something hits a boundary she won't even touch.

Kirino is an adventurous person who has no problem taking risks and trying something wild. She loves experiencing new things, which is why she has a plethora of hobbies and other things she enjoys doing, even if she isn't good at them. For example, she sews, knits, practices martial arts, cooks, does hair, is a sketch artist, and has recently taken up photography. She has tried many things, and is always willing and ready to try something at least once. She's the type to go sky diving or bungee jumping just because she was bored one day. If she doesn't like something, she'll never do it again, but you won't see her saying no to almost anything right off the bat. There is only one thing she will say no to immediately and that's hunting or other activities that harm nature and its creatures. Kirino has an appreciation for nature and doesn't like seeing it destroyed.

Kirino is an energetic person, but also gentle. She's like a "big sister" to others and a Mother to those who are much younger. She enjoys the company of children greatly and has no problem spending an entire day playing games with them. She has enough energy to keep up with their wildness as well, so it comes easy. Kirino is able to get along with just about anyone, but there are certain traits that she does not like in people at all. First of all, narcissism is not something she'll deal with. The "I deserve this" attitude is something she may punch you over. She has no problem starting a fight since it is often that she has every ability to finish it without fail. Kirino is someone well versed in combat and if you piss her off, which is hard to do, taking you out is an easy decision to make. Kirino prefers not to fight and doesn't like hurting people, but sometimes you make exceptions. It's hard to make Kirino not like you, so coming back from that is harder.

"The Archivist" is the easiest name that anyone could come up with to describe how this woman behaves. Since she was young, Kirino has always gathered things up and put them away to keep for later. Anything she ever gathered was useful in some way. Unfortunately, the word 'useful' for Kirino means something different. If it's 'pretty,' she'll call it useful. She's a bit of a hoarder. She collects things all the time. Whether these things are trinkets, money, memories, experiences, friends, or even powers, Kirino collects it all. Don't let this confuse you with gluttony or greed. It's not a selfish "mine," but a fun habit that she truly enjoys and has no problem sharing with the world. If she has something another needs, she'll gladly hand it over, but would prefer that person return it. She does get anxious if someone doesn't return it though, and that isn't a side of Kirino many want to see. Another way to make this woman mad is not returning what you've borrowed.

Spiteful. Yeah, Kirino has a vindictive spiteful piece of her personality. It's not something that usually comes out, but if she truly feels wronged by someone, it's best to stay out of her way. Kirino isn't the type to take someone down with violence, but more the type to hurt their ego and pride. She hits people where it hurts the most, with very little regard for what it will do to them. The only care she has at that point is what it will do to those around them. In other words, she won't attack family or do anything that is irreversible. She's usually a nice woman with a skill at reading people's emotions and figuring things out about them. She can tell when someone is hurting, scared, stressed, or a plethora of other emotions. She can see through fake smiles and attempts that people make to hide their feelings. She can tell when someone is bothered by something, but also whether they're secretly feeling something for another person. The emotions she picks up on aren't always negative. She's someone who does her best to give to other people and will go out of her way to makes others happy, even if the way of doing that would harm herself. She doesn't like seeing other people upset, stressed, or trapped in some situation they don't know how to get out of.

» Likes: Kirino's number one interest in life is kido and the millions of applications that come with it. She looks at kido like scientists look at science. She doesn't focus her efforts in one subject of kido, but studies and experiments with all of it. Kirino enjoys the worlds she traverses through. Whether it's the World of the Living or the Soul Society, there is always something new and exciting for her to find. She doesn't leave the Soul Society often, but will choose to do so when she gets bored. She leaves for a month, returns to see a year has passed, and can explore some more. Other things she enjoys are tea, the ocean, and spaghetti. Kirino seriously enjoys herself some spaghetti. Want a way to her heart? Figure this out. She's also okay with the occasional drink.

» Dislikes: Kirino doesn't like mushrooms, anyone who is mean to children, coffee, and very few other things, but she seriously does not like it when things stay the same. She cannot stay in one place for long. She needs to have new environments and new people. She doesn't know why she is like this, but she is. She chalks it up to being a drawback of her power. As she accumulates powers and spells from her travels, she accumulates experiences, friends, memories, and other things to satisfy some emptiness she has. It's the only thing she could come up with to explain it. Her need for things to change is why she was completely fine with the Gotei Thirteen to United change.


Growing up in the Seireitei is probably one of the most boring experiences of anyone's life, especially within the noble families. For Kirino Asashima, there was nothing impressive about being nobility. She was trapped in a world she didn't like and had so many expectations on her for so long that she never got a chance to really be herself. Her early childhood was a quiet one. Her first memory consists of her and her Mother sitting out in the family gardens and reading about the different types of flowers that were growing there. Her second memory was of watching her older brother be scolded by their Father for being too obnoxious and not acting like proper nobility. Since she and her older brother, Junpei, were always close, seeing him be scolded for being himself created a rift between Kirino and her Father. She tried to get her Mother to defend Junpei, but her Mother only sided with their Father, no matter how miserable her children were. And that is where Kirino's relationship with her family became one of anger, of disappointment, and of silence.

Kirino learned to behave for her parents or get disciplined. Any time she tried to speak out, her Mother or Father shut her down, so expressing herself became difficult. In order to please them, she backed down from any individuality and did as she was told. This continued for years and her parents did truly become pleased with her. When she became old enough for it to be announced, her Father and Mother made the decision to pass over Junpei for her as Head of the Asashima Family. It was something she thought to be an honor, but it wasn't what she wanted and she felt bad for her brother, the first born of the family. In fact, Kirino felt so guilty about it at the time that she went to his room that night and apologized for it. Speaking as nobility made the apology very dull and seemingly fake, but it was a sincere apology. For many years after, Kirino's entire life was dictated by her parents. She became nothing more than an expressionless puppet to be strung along by their wills and desires. It got to the point where her social demeanor became dull and unremarkable.

After a social gathering of the higher nobility, and her parents wanting to show her off, Kirino proved unimpressive to the other nobles around. She especially had a negative interaction with the younger brother of the Saionji Family. Her attempts to talk with him left Kazuo Saionji bored and wanting to flee, something her parents took note of. Later that night, Kirino was berated by her family for hours for not being kinder to the other nobles and embarrassing them the way she did. Her brother noticed this going on for far too long. She was being overly-harangued by her parents about the gathering, so in a bit of an angry moment, Junpei spoke up in her defense. "Hey, lay off her will ya? It's not like she asked to be put in this position. You're the one that took that from me and put it on her. I may not be as smart as she is, but if you're that dissatisfied with what Kiri's doing, then put me in instead." It was through those words that Kirino realized her brother had wanted to be Head of the Family and she accidentally took it from him. Knowing her Father wouldn't agree, she devised a plan to make sure the title fell back into her brothers lap.

Years later, when her training to become the Head of her Family was complete, Kirino happily took on the role. Once she completed the ceremony and all power for the family was in her hands, Kirino immediately made the announcement to pass the title to the rightful heir of the thrown and handed the family back over to her brother. This enraged her Mother and Father, but the tradition of the family was not going to be ignored. Once the Head passed on their duties and picked a successor, no one would argue with their choosing. The same day that Kirino became the Head of the Asashima, she gave the title away and her brother became the Head. No longer the child they could order around and with no familial responsibilities on her shoulders, Kirino felt free for the first time. With that freedom, she had to figure out exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Instead of sitting around the house running the family, she wanted to go places, learn, explore, and experience new things. It didn't take her long to decide to enroll in Shino Academy.

Kirino's time in the Academy was a remarkable one in certain aspects. She was an above average student that excelled in kido. When her skill in kido were found out by her Mother, her freedom was stripped away from her again. She was forced to remove herself from Shino Academy in the middle of her second year. She tried to fight it, but her Mother pulled some bullshit about being part of the Asashima and honoring her family. Luckily, the teachings her Mother began during this time were more up her alley. She began studying kido and practicing the special sealing kido that had been passed down from her great grandfather. Apparently, there was some sort of beast hidden stories beneath the Asashima home that was too difficult to defeat, so they ensnared it in a trap and sealed it away. Every ten years, the Asashima must re-strengthen the seal in order to keep it in place. If it becomes to weak, the power will release and wreak havoc on the Soul Society again.

It was fifty years later when Kirino was able to return to Shino Academy and finish her studies. The only reason this happened is that both her Father and Mother passed away. Her Father died fighting an Arrancar and her Mother became ill and died a year later. It was both a sad and relieving moment for Kirino since she was finally free, but two people she loved had to die for it to happen. Kirino finally graduated and joined up with what was the Fifth Division at the time. Many failed and successful missions later, Kirino found herself training for her shikai. It took her only five years to gain her shikai and upon discovering its nature, she transferred Divisions. It was about this time that a massive change came to the Gotei Thirteen. The Gotei United was formed and many changes came forth. One of those changes was now the research Division being placed at Division Three instead of the Twelfth Division. There were many people that didn't care for the change, but Kirino wasn't one to give a damn. She was sort of a free spirit anyway and often did as she wished.


Soul Shell: Kirino is someone who travels to the World of the Living quite a lot, so she keeps a good amount of these on her at all times. She usually has a pack of fifteen to twenty.


Kido: It comes from her family's bloodline. Kirino's combat strength very much lies in her kido. She is a natural in the subject. Her ability to control kido is often described as elegant. It is as efficient as electricity over steam. Combine that with her fascination with kido and you have one killer combination. Kirino is one of the few in the Gotei that people go to for extremely powerful kido. Some of them take a lot of time and may require more than one person, especially seals and restoration kido, but they're highly effective. She has even started to come up with her own private kido, some that would be considered forbidden among the rest of the Gotei. Kirino's kido also comes without incantation. Instead, she utilizes the focus and efficiency that comes with magic circles. These circles form from her reiryoku and replace the incantations that most other Shinigami have to recite. Because of this, the execution of her kido takes half the time to cast.

All Spoilers Are Pictures For Each Kido/Ability

Shunko: This advanced technique is one that Kirino quickly took an interest in. The fact that it combines hand-to-hand combat or Hakuda with kido makes it a perfect match for her. Combing it with her skill wit Hoho, shunko allows Kirino to become an unstoppable force. Since she isn't one to use her zanpakuto in combat as quickly as so many other Shinigami, Kirino needed something to prevent her from drawing it. Her ability to control reiryoku allowed her to create a more polished form that seems almost effortless for her. Instead of the chaotic lightning that surrounds the common version of shunko, Kirino's takes form by changing the color of her hair to a vibrant red, giving her a white glow of reiryoku along her skin. When her shunko is activated, the area around her sinks in, as if a large bolder had just landed with her at the epicenter. In reality, it's her reiryoku taking form and concentrating within her body to give it the boost it needs for battle. Kirino's shunko gives her an extra level in her physical stats: speed, durability, and strength.

Kirino's shunko lasts up to a maximum of fifteen rounds of posting. This varies based off of thread because if she's used a good amount of reiryoku before activating shunko, she will not be able to keep it powered for as long of a duration. The fifteen rounds requires her to immediately activate it.


Tobichiru: (Scatter)
Kirino pinpoints her reiryoku into the tips of her fingers, causing them to glow blue and small spheres to form. Once this is done, she makes a fist to dislodge the connection from her fingers, which causes them to start destabilizing. From that moment, Kirino has three seconds to release them or they'll fire off in her hand. When she releases them, they fire off in the direction that she's thrown them. The small spheres act like bullets once they're thrown, moving at speeds that double her own. She can use this ability once per post to a maximum of 15 per thread. It is a simple kido that takes little control, so it's not hard to teach, to use, and is efficient on energy consumption too.


Sāji: (Surge)

This is a small, more compact version of her shunko. Her reiryoku is rapidly concentrated in and around a single limb. It gives the chosen limb the same enhancements that her shunko gives, which is a single level to strength, speed, and durability. This kido continues to wrap the limb until it is dispersed by striking an opponent or object. Upon making that impact, the released reiryoku fires forward and creates a blast that knocks back or crushes the opponent (not to death), depending on their position at the time. Someone on the ground will more than likely be crushed while someone standing will be thrown back. Kirino can use this kido five times per thread.


Taihō: (2 different kido, Cannon)

The Taihō kido are focused versions of Sokatsuki. Ikioi Taihō and Bakuha Taihō share this description, but each have different usage numbers. The massive blast often seen with Sokatsui doesn't occur with the Taihō. Instead, it's a focused beam of blue flame that fires from the palm of her hand. Ikioi Taihō can be used between 3-8 times per thread. Bakuha Taihō can be used between 1-4 times per thread. Number of usages vary based of amount of reiroyku Kirino has when she tries.


Mahō no dangan: (Magic Bullets)

This kido comes as a funnel for Kirino's reiryoku. Two points are created next to her, one on her left and another on her right. These points funnel her reiryoku to them and expand to create two flower-like magic circle. These magic circles fire out thousands of bullet sized and shaped bites of reiryoku. She continues to fire them through mental commands. They aim at whatever she is facing, so if she turns around they turn as well. The kido lasts for four rounds of posting before "running out of bullets" and has a one post cooldown until it is able to be recast.


Aoi Ōu: (Blue Shield)

Kirino places her hand on the ground and releases her reiryoku to create a magic circle. The magic circle spreads out rapidly in an intricate design. The magic circle reaches out to ten foot in diameter with Kirino in the middle. The magic circle then erects a shield around her that deflects incoming energy attacks and prevents enemies from entering. The shield is created rapidly, so it can be used as a sudden form of defense. If she chooses to do so, the shield can stay up for up to a maximum of five posts. The entire time, Kirino must keep her hand grounded in the center of the magic circle. Once her hand has been lifted, the magic circle drops and so does the shield that it provides.


Sōdai Ōu: (Grand Shield)

This kido uses the same process as Aoi Ōu. The differences are that it requires two hands placed on the ground, reaches out to one hundred feet in diameter (the size can be adjusted based off Kirino's needs), and has an offensive capability. While it does shield everything within the confines of its location, after the shield is struck by an energy, that energy is absorbed and then fired outward to repel anything within a three hundred foot radius. The shield uses Kirino's opponents energy against them by enhancing the energy within itself and then releasing it at a rapid rate. The release creates an explosive blast with enough force to destroy buildings and surrounding forests.

If she chooses to do so, the shield can stay up for up to a maximum of three posts. The entire time it is in use, Kirino must keep her hand grounded in the center of the magic circle. Once her hand has been lifted, the magic circle drops and so does the shield that it provides.


Inazuma Tozasu: (Lightning Seal)

This is Kirino's contribution to the Asashima Family legacy. The Asashima are known for their advancements in kido. They've created multiple that are currently being used by the Gotei United today. Kirino created Inazuma Tozasu as her own personal contribution. It is not yet perfect, but it does its job very well. She has not passed this particular kido onto anyone and will not until she knows she's perfected its use enough to teach it. It is doubtful that time will be soon.

Inazuma Tozasu or "Lightning Seal" is a powerful sealing kido that binds a persons ability to use their type of energy. Kirino uses her own reiryoku to create strips of lightning in her hands. The more she puts into these lightning strips, the longer, thicker, and faster they become. They seek out Kirino's target through her mental commands, acting as lightning whips and flinging toward her chosen victim. Once, or if, they're caught within her web, they coil around the victim like a snake. Once they've fully enveloped the person's body, Kirino's reiryoku begins to alter its own make-up to match the one she's captured. Once matched, her altered reiryoku enters their stream of energy and nullifies it. Once nullified, her reiryoku creates a seal on a part of the person's body that keeps the process going. The process continues because the seal acts as an adapter, allowing the victims only energy to constantly fuel the seal and keep their energy nullified. In doing so, they are permanently rendered of no different than the average 6-tiered character.

The Process/Posts Order:

Activation. It's instant once Kirino has decided to cast this kido, it's already on the playing field. It merely grows as things go on. There are two chains of lightning that she can use, one for each hand.
Chasing. It could take an entire thread to capture the person. It's possible for her to run out of energy for this. The chains move at three times her own speed, giving her a bit of an advantage.

[Post Capture] Once the target has been caught...
1) Restraining. It takes 1-2 posts to fully coil around the target. Struggling targets can break free, though it can be difficult. If they haven't broken free by post 2, the next happens.
2) Alteration. The alteration of her own energy to match theirs and create a connection happens over two posts as well. If the person has not broken out by post two, the next step occurs.
3) Nullification. Once their energy begins to be nullified, it's nearly impossible for them to use any energy based abilities or enhancements to break free. They'll have to rely on strength or being saved at this point. Once this one posts passes, the seal is created.
4) The Seal. It's the final process and ends the kido. The person is rendered no different than an average 6-tiered character and Kirino is the only one who knows how to remove the seal.

This kido is draining, especially when using it against powerful people that can and do fight back really well. If someone wants a seal removed, they'll have to ask Kirino. If someone who does not know how removes the seal, it's possible for the removal to backfire and destroy the person's ability to access their own energy. This kido can only be used once per thread. If cancelled or broken though, it can't be used again. Kirino has practiced the use of this kido on criminals to get it to work.


Woman With A Swift Step: As elegant as a dancer on stage, Kirino's always had a fluid way of moving her body. She has flexible and agile muscles that cater to her need for speed. This gave her an edge when learning techniques like Hoho. Her natural speed and agility has allowed her to advance quickly in the art. During her years at the Academy, Kirino proved her skill when tested on shunpo. She was often in the lead on such things, outclassing a lot of the other students in the subject. She wasn't some prodigy, but she was always seems as an impressive practitioner.

In her early years in the Gotei, she used shunpo as her main way of fighting, coupling it with hand-to-hand combat. When her talent for hand-to-hand and speed was discovered, Kirino was trained in more advanced arts. She started off with Utsusemi, a technique she learned to implement quite well. The needed speed to pull it off was something she got used to quickly, though only because she trained for days straight to do it. She has more recently dabbled into speed clones, usually able to create up to six at a time without tiring herself out quickly, an impressive feat.

Not as impressive as anything else she has trained in is her ability to use a sword. Since a Shinigami's sword is usually their zanpakuto, and Kirino looks at her zanpakuto as a tool more similar to a computer, it is not something she's practiced in. She has made sure to train her swordsmanship enough to hold her own in combat, but she prefers a more close up experience with hand-to-hand techniques. She's studied the fundamentals of Kendo to add to her basic knowledge of swords and how to use them. Still, Kirino prefers to keep to kido first and hand-to-hand second.

Kirino's fighting style when she's going head to head with someone is beautiful to watch. She takes advantage of her flexibility to overwhelm her opponent with unpredictable movements. Often using her limbs as whips, a kick she performs can seemingly be going one speed only to rapidly speed up and practically smack her opponent instead of the blunt damage expected from such attacks. When using her fists, Kirino has a strange fighting style. She always strikes once and expects a block, quickly firing out a second attack with the same limb to knock her opponent off their balance. For example, she'll strike with her elbow only to whip out a fierce backhand.

Kirino isn't one to take damage. She isn't the most durable person, so she concentrates most of her ability to defend herself in dodging and blocking. She normally has enough strength to prevent someone from pushing through her blocking, but that's not always the case. This is why her number one preference for fighting is kido. However, because of the time kido takes, it's not always the most efficient way of battling. Even her skill in kido cannot override time, though that is something she's looking to change some time in the future. So, she utilizes hand-to-hand combat, her speed and skill with Hoho, along with her intense training to dodge correctly upon reflex.


» Zanpakutô Name: Aya'Ayeka

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Kirino Asashima [APPROVED, 2-5-] Zan_Spirit

» Inner World: It's called The Archive. Kirino's inner world is a massive multi-floored maze of bookshelves, creating an almost unending library. The bookshelves represent the compositions and configurations of thousands of different subjects in the Archive. While within her inner world, she is able to look through it no different than a library. In many scattered spaces inside the maze, there are "clearings" that hold the completed items that are described within the books. Each clearing varies in size that depends on the size of the object Kirino is able to create.

» Zanpakutô Appearance:
There's nothing special about her zanpakuto when it is sheathed. It's a basic black-colored katana.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

This ability has no name, but Kirino always has access to the Archive inside of her zanpakuto. Most of the time, she is able to access the information mentally and use it from there, her mind acting like a computer accessing the internet. However, she does have the ability to take some of whats he knows and create small items out of it. For example, if she needs a pencil, combining wood and lead would allow her to create a pencil. If she needs a shirt, combing a material like cotton or wool with different techniques in her knowledge base (knitting, crocheting, weaving) would allow her to make it. She can make just about anything. The larger the item, the more time it takes. Small and simple items like pencils, ice, or fruit can be made within a post. Large or more complex items like a gun, vehicle, or furniture would take a couple of hours, maybe more. It depends on the item.


» Shikai Release Phrase: Open The Archive

» Shikai Appearance:

Kirino Asashima [APPROVED, 2-5-] Zanpakuto

» Shikai Abilities:

The Archive: The Archive is described in Kirino's inner world for the sake of appearances. What the Archive actually is is much more vast and complex. The Archive is an unbelievably immense collection of knowledge that comes from Kirino's experiences in life. Over time, using her shikai, she is able to collect data on every thing she encounters, from the air people breathe to the grass they step on. All of these things that she analyzes are stored in the Archive.

Compositional Analysis: This ability is how Kirino is able to analyze what she comes across. She places her zanpakuto against what she wanted to analyze and the item is broken down rapidly and stored within the Archive to use later. She can analyze anything that has influence over another thing. This means she can analyze air, water, the body, energies, and almost anything that exists in the world. She can even analyze specific powers, abilities, and store the information on them away.

Kirino can analyze living things, as long as it does not have a soul during the analysis. This means she can analyze plants and other parts of nature, but she can't analyze a living person. Things like memories and emotions, for the sake of this power, are counted as connected to souls. If a person dies, she can analyze the body as long as the soul has left it. Since her analysis breaks an item down to it's base components and then puts it back together after the ingredients are stored in the archive, it would kill a living person. So, her analysis doesn't kill because it can't breakdown a soul.

For combat specifications, Kirino can only analyze an item once every two posts. She can recreate on the following post with the same cooldown. To make that clear, it would follow this order: analyze, recreate, post, analyze, recreate, post, etc. Recreated abilities, after being broken down by her zanpakuto, are now under her control. This allows her to redirect abilities upon the recreation.

There is a massive list of ingredients that Kirino already has in her Archive, but listing all of them is just dumb. I'll list ones she might use in combat instead, since that's what matters.
  1. Water
  2. Ice
  3. Fire
  4. Stone
  5. Electricity/Lightning
  6. Glass
  7. Air
  8. Demonic Energy
  9. Reishi


» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]


» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Experienced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Experienced
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Experienced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Expert
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Experienced

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Application Checklist
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  • Appearance Present [X]
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Expert
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Experienced

Tier: 2-5-

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