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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ketsurui [Approved; 1-2]   Ketsurui [Approved; 1-2] EmptySun Jan 14, 2018 6:47 pm

Enter The Arrancar

» Name: Ketsurui
» Age: So many years have gone by...I've lost count..
» Gender: Female

» Association: None (Currently)

» Appearance Written:

Ketsurui stands at a height of 5'11". Her physique is very lean and muscular, skin as pale as a full moon. Her bust is average, waist very curvy, earning her a hourglass frame.

Behind long, full lashes burn eyes of a menacing red hue, whose pupils are cut into thin predatory slits. Full, plush light-purple lips conceal teeth as white as pearls with upper canines extending past normal 'human' lengths (though not enough to protrude through her lips when her mouth is closed).

She has silver hair that reaches down to her mid-back, thus is often kept up in either a braid or tight bun. It's silky enough to shine in even the dullest of light, making it appear as if it's always radiating moonlight.

The only features that remain from her Hollow form are a pair of retractable wings of bone and tattered membrane that sprout from her shoulder blades, and a lengthy tail of bone.

» Appearance Image: [Will work on one]

II. Personality


Ketsurui yearns the affection of others. Her need for it is all-consuming to the point that her very own personality is typically locked away in her subconscious in order to make room for her performances. These 'performances' are basically actions she'll take and personalities she'll develop based on the current situation she's involved in, or person she's interacting with. Whomever it is, be it friend or foe, she will adapt her behavior to reflect whatever the other(s) deem acceptable and worthy of their love and attention. This way, she will feel as though she's always receiving positive attention, even at the cost of her true self being neglected.


The most frightening thing that haunts her private thoughts is being hated or rejected by others. She will become quite undone if she learns that someone abhors her, and quite agitated if there is no 'worthy' reason behind it. While being ignored is something that's somewhat tolerable, absolute disgust thrown in her direction is too much to bare.

While in most instances Ketsurui will try to rectify the reason for someone's disgust towards her, if there is no way to rectify the relationship, she will snap. Her darker nature will devour her every thought and action, sending her into blind rage until she eliminates her target or is brought down herself.


It is very rare for Ketsurui to ever feel comfortable enough to be herself. Only after forming a true bond with another will she allow her personality to be freed from its chains. Those few will find that she is a very loyal individual, whom is willing to sacrifice herself in place of others. She is also very thoughtful and empathetic, despite the usual nature of her species. Most would consider her to be almost..human.


Typically an observer, Ketsurui prefers to watch and learn through the actions of others first before attempting anything herself. She will analyze everything she witnesses then place it into practice, often repeating the action until mastered. Her mind is always racing, calculating, planning. Her ability to formulate tactics is above-average, her ability to learn from past mistakes or the flaws of others is far superior.

III. History


I never like to think back about my time as a mere mortal. Nothing good ever comes from recollecting those cruel memories. But I have to admit- had it not been for my terrible past as a fleshling, I wouldn't be who I am today. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing..

Growing up was rather rough. I was never accepted by my peers. In fact, they were disturbed by me. The adults would say that I was simply 'bubbly' or 'imaginative.' Their offspring called me 'weird' and 'freaky.' I'll admit that I gave them just cause for such minor teases- I was always focused somewhere other than where everyone else's attention was.

In class, I always stared out the window. More often than not this earned me a seat up front near the door to rectify that, not that it really helped. You see, I wasn't just trying to space out and ignore my lessons. Actually, I was a rather studious individual who had above-average grades, though I wasn't quite at the top tier. Rather, my attention was called to these strange creatures that randomly appeared.

They were quite odd- nothing I could ever uncover in my textbooks or even at the library. Nearly completely animalistic, they also had humanoid features to them. But their most wondrous anatomical oddities were these white bone-like masks on their heads. They never made me feel uncomfortable. Not like they did to some of my peers. I noticed several of the other kids would shiver or just flat-out faint in their presence, which made me wonder if they could see them too. Whenever I found the courage to ask they would deny the ability, though I could tell that some were reluctant to tell the truth. Perhaps it was because they knew how I was treated from the moment I brought the creatures to my teacher's attention. Not to go too deep into detail, didn't go well.

For the most part, the hybrids minded their business when we crossed paths. A few showed interest, but none approached me. Not at first, anyways. That changed when I saw one of them go after a child in my class- some punk a few months older than me who would bully me to tears through both physical and mental abuse. He was always the instigator. Everyone followed his lead, for fear of suffering his wrath.

It was a serpentine-like beast, well, in its lower-half anyways; the upper had the torso of a human man. Like all the other unidentified creatures, it had a large white skull mask. Unlike the others, it had long slender fangs that reached well past what would be considered its chin. It stared at me for a good long while before acknowledging its prey, as if trying to decide whom to truly go after. Just when I thought it had decided to come towards me, it slithered at an immense speed to the backside of the boy and struck.

I can still remember how I felt when I saw the unsuspecting victim disappear within that widened maw. Elation. Absolute delight. Finally, my suffering at his hands would come to an end. All it took was one deep swallow and he was gone.

Or so I thought.

Somehow, the brat's body was limp and lifeless on the ground when the beast moved away. There were no penetration marks from its sword-like teeth. No saliva. Nothing. When I looked back at the thing, I noticed a pair of legs hanging out from between its clamped jaws. They definitely belonged to him- I could never forget those torn and stained blue jeans. Yet they had an almost ethereal appearance to them- translucent..ghostly. After really thinking about it, I came to realize that it was his spirit.

The creature slurped up the remains of its meal before addressing me. It actually talked! Boy, was that a shock. Looking back, I should have been more afraid; I mean, I had just witnessed a spirit being consumed mercilessly right before my innocent eyes, and now the consumer was almost upon me. Yet fearlessly, I stared up into its hollow eye sockets without so much as a tremble through my body. Somehow, I felt more comfortable around this thing than I did my own kind.

Through a deep grumbling voice, the monster hissed, "He has been waiting for you. We have been watching you for him. His patience is endless. He can wait a bit longer. Until you're fully ripe.." Bewildered, I just stared. It didn't bother to explain any further. Without another word it slithered off and disappeared into what looked like a portal of shadows.

Not even once did I consider bringing up my encounter to anyone. It would only earn me more of their ire.

For some reason, I started seeing the beings less and less after that. It was then that I started to realize I was feeling more lonely. Had I truly been filling a void with their presence all that time? Apparently. With my social skills at an all-time low, I felt helpless. But I wanted to desperately make a connection with someone, to make friends. Now that the creatures were no longer acted as a distraction, I figured it was possible.

Oh, it was. But not as easy as I originally planned.

Being myself wouldn't cut it. Everyone always thought of me as a weirdo, so my image had to change. Thankfully, I always found myself a rather observant individual; I learned best by watching. Thus, I did what I did best: observe and take notes. Everyone had a different personality, thus their likes and dislikes varied. When grouped together, there were rather meaningless arguments about these preferences, often leading to a dispersion of friendship or, in more drastic cases, physical resolve.

I decided it would be best to approach one peer at a time to best incorporate their preferences into my own actions. I would agree with them, even if I thought they were wrong (I could always argue or complain in my mind without causing any confrontation). At first, the children were taken back. Gradually, though, they started to lower their guard enough to give me a chance. Once that had been accomplished, I stuck to my guns, sucked up all my morals and self-esteem, and became a puppet that would dance to their wants and needs.

Being well-aware of my own deception, I hated myself. Truly, I did. But the positive attention I received helped ease the mental pain just enough to let it be tolerable. I earned the friendship of many, but never felt a real connection. How could I? In truth, I was still alone. Still..hollow.


My life ended when I was in my early thirties. Not that I really cared- I basically lived day-to-day with little to look forward to and even less to care about. As expected, my 'friendships' all faded come graduation from high school and I never really bonded with anyone in college.

Once I dreamed of a career where I would actually enjoy going in to work every day. Hah. What a joke. The work to achieve my status had been very hard and stressful, the results not worth while. My rent was high and paycheck low. Happiness continued to elude me.

One day after staying late at work..again..I heard an old, familiar voice. The serpent-like creature from my childhood materialized from the shadows of the parking lot, in the same way it had mysteriously faded all those years ago. Almost immediately, I felt elated. That soon turned to suspicion, then dread, as more creatures of various anatomical variations joined him. Before long, I was completely surrounded. Yet none of them attacked.

It felt we all just stood there for an eternity. Eventually, the air rippled before me and actually split open, with the edges of the tear in reality being gripped by what looked like human fingers. I couldn't quite see who they belonged to- the owner remained concealed within his or her realm. When I leaned in to investigate, a blade shot out from the depths of the darkness and pierced right through my heart. It retreated back before I had the time to even realize what had just happened.

The scent of my own blood was intoxicating. I reveled in it. Oddly, there was no pain..just relief. Somehow still on my feet, I again tempted fate and tried to move towards the tear, only for one of the hands gripping it to fall to my shoulder. It was so cold, yet comforting at the same time. My vision started to waver. When it blurred to the point that only shadows could be deciphered, I heard a masculine voice. It told me, "Worry not. This is not your true death, but the beginning of a new life. I hope to see you again, when you are hollow but whole." The riddle was perplexing, especially for a mind that was fading from existence. The last words she heard were but a whisper: "Now devour..Koku'shib'you.."

I awoke in what seemed to be a desert. The white sand stretched on as towering mounds from horizon to horizon. There was a wind visibly blowing the tiny particles around, but I couldn't feel it. When I went to roll onto my stomach, my body felt much heavier than normal. As firmly as I could I planted my hands down for support, only to find that they weren't hands at all. Instead, they were large black claws.

Panic didn't set in. Curiosity did.

Though my head was still working out what had happened, my eyes wandered up my claws and rather muscular arms to their crease at the elbow. Jutting out from the edge of my elbows were a long, curved and extremely sharp bone. They looked lethal. Moving across to my chest, I found it protruding out and covered in thick black fur. Peaking out from between the follicles were white bone fragments, also curved- too thick to be true ribs but they kept the appearance of such.

With a heave and some effort I managed to push myself upright, only to find my spine was fixed to an abnormal shape, forcing me back onto my knees and claws. Inspecting behind me revealed that my torso thinned towards where my bulky legs were, which were bent backwards, like an animal's.

Clearly, my human form was but a memory now. I had died and been reborn as..something else. I looked up to take a break at my self-investigation to instead inspect my environment and noticed the shadow my head cast was rather lengthy. If the trend continued, no doubt my head was beastly too. With nothing better to do I decided to work on figuring out how to operate my new form.

Walking was quite awkward at first, but I caught on rather quickly. What bothered me, though, was an extra weight that bore down on my shoulder blades and across my back. Focusing on the muscles there, I found I could move them more freely than anticipated. In fact, they almost felt like a second pair of scrawny arms. After fully flexing them, I noticed that more appendages branched off from the main limbs. A quick glance back confirmed my suspicions: they were wings. Well, more like the bones that would compose such things with small traces of shredded membrane between them.

With a chortle I decided to test them out. Honestly, I didn't expect them to function- how could they? Yet when they were flapped, lift was generated, and with a few more beats I fully lifted from the sand. Noticing a new weight from behind, my attention centered upon it. With minimal effort I found myself swinging a tail comprised entirely of bone. Just what in the heck was I? Sighing heavily, I planted a claw on my smooth head and spread their fingers. A new discovery was made: two long, pointed furry ears that seemed to sprout from two openings in the surface of my skull.

Before I could imagine what I appeared as when all the parts came together, a sense of pressure invaded my stomach. Instinct took over and I immediately spun around in mid-air to come face-to-face with the serpentine creature that seemed to be my stalker. He seemed to be smiling at me. Well, at least as much as his face-skull would allow. Rather than retreat or take off higher into the air I landed on all fours again, somehow knowing I wasn't in any danger. While I could tell the pressure I felt radiated from him, I didn't see him as a threat.

Deciding to break the silence between us, I asked what had happened to me. In a rather dull tone, he explained that I did in fact die, but my spirit was devoured by someone like him, yet much different- stronger. That answer earned the beast many more questions, naturally.

Thankfully he was quite patient and answered every one, allowing me to come to terms with my new form, called a Hollow, and the realm I was now to call my home, Hueco Mundo. And most importantly, if I wanted to survive, I needed to feed..just as he had in the human world.

I found it strange that I didn't feel the desire to devour as he explained all Hollows did. But there was a lingering emptiness inside me, right by my heart. Subconsciously a claw lifted to that area only to find it was empty- literally. In place of flesh and bone was a gaping hole. Upon recognizing it, I began to feel sad, lonely, and despair. All of the raw emotions that had once consumed my life as a mortal came back ten times as strong. My yearning for positive attention, for acceptance, filled every fiber of my being. It was overwhelming.

As I cried out, the serpent snickered. He had expected as much to happen. What he didn't expect was for me to clamp my jaws around his muscular throat. Effortlessly my teeth penetrated both scale and tender flesh, I could feel my canines extend and dig deep. My body acted on its own accord, drawing both blood and spiritual energy from the serpent as he howled out in agony and squirmed, fighting to break free futilely. Fortunately for him, I snapped back to my senses before I could fully devour his essence and let him go.

He seemed more surprised that I released than the fact that I had attacked.

When he inquired about my change of heart, I simply explained that I felt 'full.' I then promptly apologized, worried that I may have lost a potential comrade. That shocked him further. We decided to accompany one another while I learned more of the desolate land and my new place in the grand scheme of things. The sand dunes were truly endless, but we effortlessly climbed and descended them. Our conversation was quite pleasant, and as it continued to build, it felt as though that hole in my chest was being filled at last.

The two of us were alone for quite some time in Hueco Mundo. The only times we ever traveled to the human world were so he could satisfy his ever-growing hunger. Truly, his seemed insatiable. Whenever he went on the hunt, I stalked about elsewhere. While I had no true love for humans, it still bothered me to see them devoured. I had always yearned for their love. Perhaps I still did deep down.

A few times I came across lost spirits, still chained to their earthly desires. These poor souls were terrified at the sight of me. I couldn't blame them for being afraid, but it still hurt that they were. Now and then I would find a human sensitive enough to see me, just as I had once did when I was still alive. But unlike me, they fled in terror as well. With each scattering being, the hole in my chest ached more and more until the pain became unbearable.

I needed to feed.

But I couldn't kill an innocent human.

As my body started to tremble from the lack of sustenance, I remembered what had happened back in Hueco Mundo. My hunger had been eased by consuming my comrade's essence. Not only did the pain fade, but I was able to feed without ending his existence.

Quickly my mind raced in attempt to make the best of a dire situation. What could I possibly do? The answer came in the form of a soul-piercing shrill. Immediately I sought out the source, phasing from shadow to shadow, keeping low to the ground while speedily closing the distance. With a powerful bound I landed on the roof of a small apartment complex, upon which a newly departed soul cowered before the imposing figure of a Hollow.

Instinct took over. I lunged and plowed into the monster's backs, completely blindsiding it. The two of us tumbled clear off the roof and into the alley below. Having pinned the Hollow beneath my clawed feet, I wasted no time in sinking my elongated fangs into its neck. Unlike with my comrade, this one did not- could not- struggle. I couldn't tell why, nor did it really matter at the time; I was hungry and hurting and this was the means of relief.

When I was full, I released the Hollow, believing it would crawl away to safety. It still didn't budge. My serpentine friend appeared at that point and marveled at the site before him. He proclaimed his surprise that yet another was spared a fate worse than death at my hands, and was taken back by how much stronger I seemed to have become in such a short time. I inquired as to what he meant by that and he gestured to the twin wounds in the other Hollow's neck. There was an odd viscous fluid leaking from them- some sort of venom I hadn't possessed before.
Indeed, I was starting to change- to get more powerful and dangerous. And I liked it.

My 'life' continued at a rather passive pace. When hungry, I would depart to the human world and seek out other Hollows whom hunted humans and render them helpless, allowing the spirits to escape and other supernatural forces to cleanse them. This method caused me to grow in strength at a more gradual speed, which suited me well.

Eventually, my actions caught the attention of other Hollows. While some flocked to be at my side and forge a comradeship (whether out of fear or genuine curiosity), others tried to eliminate me. They failed. Horribly. Even those that I struck down were spared. Well, then again, I didn't stop my new 'friends' from devouring those that hunted me. I probably should have. Before too long I had accumulated quite the following and gained a fascinating reputation, one that would cross into other realms beyond that of the human world and Hueco Mundo itself.

Beings who called themselves Shinigami started to track me and my brethren whenever we appeared in the human world. At first they posed a mild annoyance- they thought they could spy on me without being noticed. Arrogant little things they were. Sure, some actually possessed some skill, but I could sense their spiritual energy from miles away.The only reason I even allowed them to follow (I could have easily evaded them) was to ensure my group never came to harm. So long as I was around, the Shinigami kept their distance. It had to stay that way- I had been told what their purpose was and how deadly they could be.

Other Hollows started to take notice of this trend and flocked to my growing community. I had to start making rules for them. For one, I would not allow them to devour any innocent human souls. Those who were considered criminals or loathsome creatures deserving of death were fine, so long as the act was done quick and close to my location. Any who disobeyed or could not control their urges were left to their own fate or personally put down.

Because this was such a necessity, I wound up traveling further and staying longer on my adventures in the human world, which was starting to drastically change right before my eyes. More humans were becoming aware of our existence somehow, and due to their rise of spiritual energy, more of my fellows were losing control. This in turned summoned more of those menacing Shinigami. It also caused one of the latter to at last confront me.

He called himself Shiro and claimed he had been tasked with the decimation of my group. Arrogant as always. And yet, I sensed his statement to be flawed. There wasn't any emphasis behind it, nor did he present himself with a cold demeanor. Instead, the man cracked a side-smile and started to chuckle. Several of my companions rushed to my side, including my closest friend, the serpent, believing his act to be a ruse. But the more I studied him the more my suspicions were confirmed: he had no intention on fighting.

Shiro proclaimed he actually respected what I was doing. He cared little for the souls of the damned, and while he would have preferred them to be sent to the underworld immediately, allowing them to suffer just a bit longer as a Hollow was bittersweet. While normally I would have been offended by his superiority complex, I agreed. People like that did deserve to suffer- that is why I never allowed them to associate with me once they were devoured and turned themselves. They became quick prey to the Shinigami.

When I asked what he had in mind in place of trying to end me, he stated that he wanted to train me. Bewildered, I plead for more details. In return, he explained how Hollows are capable of evolving into different, higher forms. Of these, the most well-known and blossoming species were dubbed Arrancar. Fascinated and hungering for more power to protect those under my care, I decided to play along and see what this man could offer me.

I placed my serpentine friend in charge of caring for the others while Shiro and I ventured back to Hueco Mundo. He decided it was a safer atmosphere to train and the land itself would aid in speeding my progress. We found ourselves a portion of the desert where several rocks had scattered about, two of which had joined together to create a small shelter.

The Shinigami knew I was strong and how easily I could dominate the other Hollows. But even so, I still lacked basic combat tactics and fighting arts. While most of his knowledge worked for bipeds, he figured I could compensate for my inability to stand fully upright.

For nights we worked on basic maneuvering, strengthening my body, enhancing my already impressive speed. He threw blows and I evaded them. My strikes came quick but he was quicker. Once Shiro decided my speed and agility were sufficient, we worked on my strength. This trait was more difficult for me to grow, due to my former fear of confrontation. We would test ourselves against the boulders. While the Shinigami obliterated them with minimal effort, I could only crack them. No matter how many times my claws raked or punched, it seemed I lacked the capability.

Out of frustration I unleashed a roar that rattled the very air around us and actually shattered a stone to dust. Having no idea how I accomplished such a feat, I turned to Shiro, who stated that I had unleashed a portion of my Reiatsu, or spiritual energy, with my vocalization. Being as quick as a whip, he decided to work on building and refining my spiritual essence instead of brute strength.

We eventually returned to the human world in order to seek out my community. Shiro departed to rejoin his squad, leaving me to hunt for the others alone. It took quite some time before I came across my serpentine friend in some forest that resided a few miles from a human town. Just as I was about to make my presence known, he dissipated right before my eyes. A sudden rush of Reiatsu blasted past me then vanished all at once- his essence was just..gone. Where he stood was a Shinigami clothed in both black and white. The pressure he exerted was much fiercer than any I had encountered before.

This man wasn't alone. He had other Shinigami obediently standing at his sides, reveling at the defeat of my good friend. As they laughed and celebrated, the killer looked up directly at me. No one else had even sensed my concealed presence; somehow he not only did that, but he locked-on to it directly. "Show yourself." He demanded, tone as cold as ice. My body rattled with anger, blood boiled with hatred, fur stood on end. I complied, shedding the invisibility veil that surrounded me. All of the other Shinigami gasped and grew pale.

"Your reputation precedes you." He growled. "But this folly is over. I've hunted down all of your followers and cleansed them. They are no more. You are alone." As soon as he finished, he tilted his head up curiously, having heard several thumps sound off from around him. The other Shinigami had collapsed and laid completely unconscious. A flickering blue mist surrounded their frames, which arched into the air and whistled past over his head to my outstretched wings, which absorbed it. In a matter of seconds the spiritual energy was absorbed completely and his squad rendered helpless.

I purposely didn't steal his Reiatsu. No. That would have been too easy. I wanted to fight him. I wanted my fangs to sink into his flesh and claws rip him limb from limb. He deserved pain. He needed to face an agony unlike any he had suffered before. And I was going to give it to him.

"So it's like that, is it?" The Shinigami didn't even care about the fallen. He was focused on his target and fully intended on eliminating me. Without warning he flashed away from my field of vision, but it didn't matter. I could still see him. I could also smell him. Most importantly, I could feel his essence. He appeared just as fast mere inches from my face, a long sword drawn and its blade prepped to bisect me. I swiped him away with the backside of a claw like the insignificant insect he was.

Though he landed perfectly, his stance revealed a great deal of surprise and hesitation. Through growls and hisses, I taunted him, asking if he had ever faced someone on his level before or if he preferred to slaughter the weak and helpless. His resolve invigorated he went back on the attack only for his blows to be deflected with a nail, wing segment, or tail. No cut he tried made it. No stab penetrated anything but air. The Shinigami was growing furious and getting sloppy.

Completely losing his head, he called forth the name of his Zanpakutō, beckoning for more power. I waited patiently for the transformation to finish. When at last the metal reshaped itself, it turned out to be a lengthy chain with a large sickle blade at its end. Admittedly, the man wielded the weapon with a great deal of grace and professionalism. But still, no fancy move he made to cut or pierce met my flesh. I even allowed him to wrap the chain around my legs and claws to give him the false sense of control. I was starting to actually get amused.

All at once my mood shifted to the negative. Despair was gripping at my hole again as the reality of what had happened sank in. After all those years of seeking acceptance, of trying to find others to relate to on equal grounds...You killed them. You KILLED them! My Reiatsu erupted outward, splintering the thick trunks of the trees around us in a quarter mile radius. The pressure I exerted actually brought the Shinigami to his knees. YOU KILLED THEM! AND NOW I WILL KILL YOU!!!

It wasn't a threat- it was a promise.

As I roared out again, releasing all my pent up emotions that had been stored away for decades, I felt my skull start to crack. But I didn't let up. I continued to holler, devastating more of the environment around me, completely flattening the forest beneath my spiritual pressure. I dashed forward, all four claws raking at the earth. Time slowed as I approached my target, maw agape, fangs extended in anticipation of the kill. In that time, I noticed fragments of bone fall away from my peripheral vision. I felt my muscles spasm and limbs contort. Bones snapped, flesh rearranged itself, all in the blink of an eye.

I reached back with an arm and balled its fingers into a fist, which was thrust forward with all my energy behind it. It wasn't my fist that met with the fallen Shinigami, though. Instead, a black-bladed sword had manifested itself within it and its tip pierced straight through his skull, right between his terrified eyes. Somehow I managed to stop my momentum before tumbling over the man, though the two of us were buffered by a gust of wind that had trailed behind. It was intense enough to rip the Shinigami from my blade and send his corpse tumbling through the fallen foliage, where it disappeared within a batch of bushes and fallen tree trunks.

Breathing heavily, arm still outstretched, I looked down upon it to see a human arm and hand. My flesh made true again. It was then that I noticed I stood upright. My form had shifted again. I had evolved. It felt..incredible.


I awoke back in Hueco Mundo, having apparently passed out from the exertion. Shiro was there hovering over me with a look of both concern and amusement on his handsome face. He congradulated me for having gone above and beyond his expectations, then promptly slapped me on the shoulder. Noticing his cheeks redden, I gave him an odd, puzzled look before noticing that his touch felt much hotter than normal. Investigating further prompted a moment of intense shock- not only was my shoulder flesh and bare, but the rest of me lacked clothes as well.

One punch later and I was dressing myself in a spare kimono Shiro had brought me while he made out with the sand. I took the opportunity to really look myself over- just to make sure I hadn't hallucinated the transformation- and was amazed at what I found. My human body really was back in all its curvy glory. Not only that, but it had a few nifty additions to it as well. The wings I possessed as a Hollow were still attached to my shoulder blades, as was my tail, which I gave several happy flicks. And for some reason my hair was now silver instead of blond.

Noticing a shimmer in the sand, I knelt down to discover my sword was still intact as well. Touching its hilt flooded me with a soothing heat and energized every cell in my body. Fortunately, Shiro came to just in time to be drilled with many inquiries. Having never met any Arrancar before, it was a blessing to have his encyclopedia of knowledge to quickly fill me in on everything.

Great. So now I had a whole new form to master.

Shiro had other plans first, however. He wanted to introduce me to his home- Soul Society. After he explained what the realm was like I was very hesitent; that was where all the Soul Reapers lived. But he assured me that by mastering a few proper techniques, not only would I be able to mask my true self from the Shinigami and residential spirits, but they would regard me as one of my own. I would be free to walk among them and do as I pleased.

Even then I still yearned for companionship. While I could befriend more Hollows, Shiro insisted that they were far too beneath me and that there were greater being to associate with. I still wanted to protect them, though, and expressed my concern. In return, he declared that by venturing into his realm I could learn more about the ones that hunted my kind, thus I could be better prepared to protect them.

There were a few techniques he taught me to accomplish his goals. One allowed me to surpress my Reiatsu to bare minimal levels. The second taught me how to withdraw my animalistic appendages into my body and call upon them at will. Third, I learned to manipulate my spiritual essence and mimic that of a Shinigami's so that I wouldn't arouse suspicion. Thankfully I was gifted at manifesting my Reiatsu and mastered the abilities quickly.

The true test came more as a crash course. Shiro opened a gateway to Soul Society and pushed me through. The gates promptly closed behind me.

My human instincts took over. I fell right back into my former self-preserve mode and began to observe my surroundings as well as the people around me. There were spirits of all ages around me, happily going about on their ways, living their lives completely clueless about the monster in their vicinity. I cautiously started to walk around and investigate what seemed to be a marketplace. Indeed, goods of various conditions and sorts were being exchanged for coin everywhere. Everything was so...normal.

Shiro joined me a few hours later. I clonked him on the head for his little deception. He laughed..and I did as well. For some reason I felt more comfortable than I had in years. This new form just felt right, and being around such jubilant people was uplifting. Yet still, buried beneath the surface was that void. The more I watched all the interactions, the greater it widened. Sensing this, Shiro placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and lead me towards a less occupied part of town.

He warned me that if I couldn't control my desire, my true nature would be revealed and every Shinigami would be alerted. Not wanting to disappoint him nor see my life ended when it had just been reborn (again), I focused on keeping my head level and emotions in check.

Just as I was about to lead the way back to the market, I noticed an older couple struggling down the block. Their cart had lost a wheel and the elderly man was too weak to lift the cart for the wheel to be replaced. I charted my course directly to them and offered my assitance. They happily accepted and became even more joyous when Shiro joined in. Together, we had that car up and going in no time and had earned the appreciation of two complete strangers.

The void seemed to lessen from the selfless act. I realized that not only did helping someone feed my desire, but I had done so without taking on a personality other than my own. Hoping that it wasn't just dumb luck, I decided to try and interact with more of the villagers. Most were very friendly, some of the men quite perverted, but I didn't mind. All of the positive attention was refreshing. The acceptance was even more fulfilling.

We decided to stay in Soul Society. Not only was I able to get nourishment from the people without hurting them, but I was fitting in very nicely. It probably didn't hurt that Shiro, a well-known Shinigami, was always close at my side. He really seemed well-respected.

Our bond strengthened over the years. We grew quite close, earning the envy of many. Shiro managed to procure me a Shihakusho after a visit to his squad, which he periodically visited to keep up appearances. He informed me that it would be very easy for me to slip into the Seireitei unnoticed- many new recruits were being cast and assigned into squads. Knowing this would allow me to spend more time with him I obliged, donning the signature robes and discarding my kimono. This uniform also allowed me to keep my Zanpakutō clost at my side. It was perfect.

I came to learn that blending in was even easier here.

The society was simply remarkable. Everyone sought to help one another and to maintain a peaceful environment. Here I was able to feed freely- the spiritual energy that the Shinigami exerted, even at rest, was powerful. I could take small enough amounts from large crowds to keep any suspicion from arising. And the more accustomed I became to their essence and to the Soul Society as a whole, the less I needed to consume.

Peace is a fickle thing, though- it can be easily disrupted. All sorts of odd things were starting to occur back in the human world, which acted as a domino effect on both Soul Society and even back home in Hueco Mundo. I could sense the disturbance but didn't want to investigate- I was finally happy with Shiro and all the Shinigami I befriended. In the end, my paradise was to be lost. I would have to act rather than sit on the sidelines.

With war breaking out everywhere, Shiro decided it was time to retreat back to Hueco Mundo and return to my training. It was with immense reluctance that I complied. Fortunately, no one took notice to our absence- they were caught up in their own tasks. We all had a role to play.

Shiro started with techniques he knew I would learn quickly so I could utilize them as soon as possible. Utilizing my Reiatsu, I learned how to better focus it and mold it into new forms of attack. The basics included the Cero and Bala. I had been able to use a form of it as a Hollow, but the power level of it in my Arrancar form made the former pale in comparison. It fired so hot that the sand beneath its course would turn to glass and cave into deep grooves. The enemy boulders stood no chance even against my lesser attacks.

While we practiced, I started to sense the spiritual essence of my kind again. More and more were flooding back to Hueco Mundo, fleeing the human world in utter terror. Many naturally flocked to our position, sensing the intense spiritual pressure we exerted. Seeing them all brought back painful memories of those I had lost. With Shiro's guidance and care, I was able to keep my focus and continue training. Though it hurt to be reminded of the past, I knew it would hurt more to see more of my kind suffer. I needed to get strong to face whatever threat was disturbing the balance of the realms.

Learning how to wield my Zanpakutō was the most difficult trial. I had never so much as held a sword- the closest was the blade of a scalpel from my former job. Shiro had to teach me the basics. It felt like it took an eternity. While I had no recollection of just how much time was spent, I eventually learned enough swordsmanship to get me by. The next phase was even harder: mastering Resurrección. This technique allowed me to release my true power through my blade. I had no idea at the time just what my 'true power' really was, but Shiro had a good idea.

He remembered seeing me for the first time. I had pinned a Hollow and was feeding from it. Then, he recollected my battle with the Shinigami, and how I siphoned the spiritual energy of his subordinates from a distance. And, at last, my little feeding sessions in Soul Society. I had a unique ability to absorb spiritual essence and empower myself with it. With such a skill, in theory, I could never run out of energy. Better yet, I could drain my opposition dry before they could do any damage.

Enlightened, I asked what form Shiro's Zanpakutō was- I had never seen it in action aside from its standard form when we practiced together. His sly grin was a bit unnerving. Shiro raised a hand before his face and spread out its fingers. I could both see and feel him manifesting a great deal of spiritual energy, which took on a bright white light that blinded me from seeing his face. When it died down, in place of his striking features was a demonic mask. A Hollow's mask.

It seemed I still didn't know everything about all spiritual beings.
Ever the one to feed others with information, Shiro explained that he was a being called a 'Vizard.' Basically, he was my polar opposite- a Shinigami who obtained the powers of a Hollow. This revelation made many pieces of the puzzle that was the mystery of that man fall into place. No wonder he had observed me..why he didn't ever attack..why he disobeyed orders from his superiors. He hid his true abilities from everyone in Soul Society, knowing it would make him an outcast, or worse: sought to be slaughtered.

I never felt more connected to him than I did then.

Emboldened, I continued to push myself to the limits. More than ever before I wanted to achieve his expectations. As we practiced against one another, more and more Hollows gathered, further fueling my will. I started to feel more invigorated as they clustered- I didn't tire at all, in fact. Little did I realize at the time, but I was subconsciously drawing on their Reiatsu and melding it with my own. Eventually, my body and spirit reached a point where I could no longer withhold all the power.

A dome of devastating white light expanded out from where I stood, blowing all of the Hollows across several domes and flattening them in the process. After the light faded only Shiro and I stood unfazed still facing one another. Though I couldn't see it I knew he was smiling genuinely behind that mask. Even staring ahead I was able to see thin light blue lines of light floating around me, their ends attached to my outline. My wings and tail had emerged on their own and my hands were covered in bone-like armor, their tips serrated blades.

Sensing something amiss, I reached back and actually disconnected my tail from my body. The spine fragments it was composed of doubled, lengthening it into a more flexible whip. Pulling my arm up to better observe its structure, I noticed the end had a nearly invisible needle. With a shrug I reattached the limb and gave it a testing flick. It was remarkable how it remained a part of me even as a weapon. I was able to do the same with my wings. They became twin blades that resembled my Zanpakutō.

Shiro suddenly flashed forward with his blade drawn and ready to strike. Instinctively I parried. As our blades pressed against one another, the blue strands of energy I birthed started to wrap around his weapon and towards his arm. As soon as they touched his flesh, the man winced and hissed. He leaped back but the energy continued to entangle him; I could see his strength wavering. When he collapsed to a knee I panicked, unsure how to recall the essence. Thinking quick, I forced my blades back to my shoulders, forcing them back into their wing forms.

Breathing heavily but nonetheless still alive, Shiro shakily raised to his feet. Bless him, he started to laugh, making light of the situation. He then removed his mask and dismissed his own power, feeling it was time to end their session. Agreeing a hundred percent, I eventually managed to calm myself enough to focus on my spiritual energy, which I forced back deep inside. As my own strength lessened, my wings retracted back into my flesh and tail as well.Only then was I able to join in on his infectious mood.

When we returned to Soul Society everything had changed. Just how long we were in Hueco Mundo I still can't recall to this day. The Gotei 13 were no more, but instead had united into a single faction. There were more Shinigami than ever before as well. This made us question the state of the human world- if all those changed had happened in Soul Society, what could have possibly happened there?

We decided to see for ourselves. Hell had literally broken out everywhere. New species stalked the planet's surface. The very air reeked of death and decay. Chaos reigned supreme. Feeling detached from the current events we retrested back to Soul Society and found our answers second-hand. Things were truly grim, but gradually improving.

What were we to do? I desired to protect my people, but also cared for those of Soul Society. How could I possibly fight against both warring factions? Neutrality seemed like the only answer. Together with Shiro, we ventured to and fro the other realms, fighting off those that preyed on the weak. It was the only solution we could think of.

And I still do it to this day..

IV. Equipment

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills


A master manipulator of Reiatsu, Ketsurui is capable of conjuring her spiritual essence and condenscing it together, forming a spherical shape. The more she pours into the attack the larger the orb becomes until it eventually errupts into a large, devastating beam.

Cero, Wings of Destruction:

Rather than to conjure Reiatsu before her hands, the substance is instead conjured at the tips of each of her wings' points. This allows her to fire several destructive beams at the same time and at different directions.


A lesser form of the Cero, this technique, which also conjures spiritual energy into spherical projectiles, is primarily used for a means of distraction by Ketsurui. While their potential to harm is still quite generous, especially when fired in rapid succession, peppering her opponents into swiss cheese isn't quite her style.


Ketusuri has focused on mastering Reiatsu from the inside out. While her skin is naturally more durable than most, due to her specific focus in the spiritual arts, it's more susceptable to physical blows than others of her kind. It is, however, far more resistant to Reiatsu-based attacks of all sorts. Lesser techniques can even be absorbed by her flesh and used to regenerate any taken damage.


Speed has always been her favorite attribute, along with agility, of course.This technique makes her naked to the eye when utilized and allows for fast travel across great distances in little time.


Detecting the spiritual presence of others has become second nature to Ketsurui. She can detect even the smallest lifeforms across great distances, so long as they exert even a minuscule amount of spiritual energy. With focus, she can determine their species (seeing as each one has their own unique 'frequency') and even decipher their strength.
In combat, by noting the fluctuations of spiritual power, Ketsurui gains more insight as to what her opposition is about to do. Thus, her reaction time is superior to most, allowing her to dodge or parry with little effort.


Naturally, her body is capable of regenerating at an accelerated rate. When combined with her ability to absorb and manipulate the Reiatsu of her enemies, it's even more astounding. With enough spiritual energy absorbed, Ketsurui can even regenerate limbs within moments.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Mugen'no'kiga

» Zanpakutô Appearance:

Rather than to possess a standard guard, the Mugen'no'kiga has a replica skull of Ketsurui's Hollow form. With the jaws parted, the single long black blade extends out from where the 'throat' of the animal would have been. Along the upper portion, which would be flattened on a standard blade, a spinal cord rests along it up to half the blade's full length.

» Unique Power(s):

Reiatsu Suppression/Shift:

She has learned how to suppress the spiritual energy her form gives off to bare minimal in order to keep others from detecting her easily

Ketsurui can also manipulate her Reiatsu to resemble those of other species, such as Shinigami. This allows her to move/live among them without raising suspicion.


Ketsurui is capable of absorbing spiritual-based attacks. Whether they are caught or strike true, the energy is taken in through her skin and dissipated throughout her body. She can choose whether to use the essence to aid in healing her wounds or provide her with renewed energy/strength. Should an attack be influenced by an element, however, the element itself will still affect her, though not as greatly (i.e a fire attack will still burn but its impact will be lessened).

There will eventually come a point where too much energy has been taken in by her body. Should such a thing occur, Ketsurui must manifest it as an attack of its own and let it be unleashed. If incapacitated and the limit is breached, her body will automatically release the excess in an explosion, which will leave her completely drained there after (due to her being unable to control her own Reiatsu from also being released).

**Limited Amount Capable of Being Absorbed: Eight(8) Large-Scaled Energy-based Attacks**


Her Zanpakutô, being an extension of herself, has also mastered combat with spiritual energy. Therefore it has been strengthened to not only be able to take direct hits without being harmed by Reiatsu, but deflecting it back as well. It requires a good amount of precision and strength to do so, so timing is key. Ketsurui can even slice through spiritual attacks, splitting them apart enough for the strikes to pass at her sides.


She possesses the ability to not only absorb an opponent's attack, but launch it immediately back at them. This includes energy melded with an element. However, should there be a trace element and she chooses to absorb it as well, she will still receive that element's damage (at a more powerful strike than if the spiritual energy was absorbed alone).
Normally, the reversed attack will be just as powerful as it was originally. Ketsurui can, however, influence the strength and greaten it by adding her own Reiatsu into the strike.


If Ketsurui comes in direct contact with another, she is capable of absorbing their spiritual energy at a rapid rate. The longer she touches them, the more is drawn out from their bodies, until they are left unconscious or worse for wear. Weaker opponents will fall swifter than those with more experience, of course. This ability extends to not just her hands, but her wings, tail, and even fangs.


By releasing her Reiatsu and condensing it, Ketsurui is capable of forging a spherical shield around herself. Depending on how much energy is placed into it will determine the amount that can be taken by the shield before it shatters. Spirit energy is less effective against the barrier, though it can also absorb a good mount of physical blows as well. Due to the large amount of Reiatsu it requires to sustain, it can't be conjured for too long.

**Amount of Shields per Topic: Ten (10)**

VII. Resurrección

» Resereccion Name:
Deseo Sin Fin

» Resereccion Release Phrase:
"Satiate your hunger, Mugen'no'kiga"

» Release Actions:

Once the technique is conjured, Ketsurui's blade will dissolve away, including its hilt. The essence will flow into her body, from which her bone wings and tail will sprout, all of which secretly contain the Zanpakutô.

» Resereccion Appearance:

A constant blue aura surrounds Ketsurui's frame, from which whisps of spiritual essence lash out and tendrils sprout.

Bone gauntlets form around her hands up to her elbows, whose fingertips possess retractable serrated blades. More bone armor attaches to her shins and knees, increasing her defense slightly.
The Arrancar's sclera turn black and pupils burn a steady red.

» Resereccion Abilities:


The aura that surrounds Ketsurui is capable of nullifying all forms of attacks that are forged from spiritual energy, should she desire it to be. She no longer needs to focus on he absorption or deflection of such techniques- the aura itself will abolish it.


Should her spiritual aura touch another being or structure made out of spirit energy, it will automatically be absorbed. Opponents unlucky enough to be entangled by the tendrils will find their spirit energy drained within seconds and their strength fade as well.

Because Ketsurui can send her aura's tendrils out, this ability has a long range to it, and with multiple tendrils existing at a time, multiple opponents can be entangled as well.

**Note: Amount of time required to fully absorb a target's spirit energy is absorbed depends on that individual's power. It requires about 2-6 posts (two for weaker individuals, 6 for stronger) and requires constant contact.

If enough distance is managed once ensnared, the tendril will 'snap' off and the attack will dissipate.**

Romper la Esperanza:

Hope is a very strong thing. It can force one to fight on even when they are broken. It keeps people going even against outrageous odds. Hope can turn the tides and bring victory to those who were meant to fall.

This technique releases Ketsurui's inner turmoil. All of the pain she had felt over the centuries, every desire that had been shattered, friendship lost, love not all manifests itself into a spiritual pressure. Those close enough will be bombarded by her emotional pain a thousand times over, eliminating their will to continue on.

Due to the overwhelming energy it requires, as well as short range, Ketsurui must be able to get close to her opposition to utilize it. Those with a very strong will or those who can rely on their inner joy can overcome this suppression. Memories of the pleasant type, if forced strongly enough, can also cancel out this ability. However, those who have had a tragic past or have known any form of depression and have not overcome it will have all of their own former emotions come back to haunt them (their minds will be forced to relay those tragic times over and over again).

All of Ketsurui's focus must be put into this ability for it to continue. Thus, she is unable to act while concentrating on breaking those unfortunate enough to be under its influence. Only once she senses that their wills are broken will the technique end, leaving her prey vulnerable to the ending blow.

Maximum range for this is about a standard city block.
Those who overcome this ability can't be ensnared by it again for the entire topic.
This ability will only last for approximately five posts.**

VIII. Skill Sheet

Will Skills

Willpower: Advanced
Mental Deduction: Adept
Pain Endurance: Adept
Focus: Advanced

General Skills

Durability: Adept
General Speed: Advanced
Strength: Adept
Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills

Perquisa: Advanced
Sonido: Advanced
Cero/Bala: Adept
Hierro: Adept

IX. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

This is from a Star Wars RP Forum

A shaking hand passed through a patch of rich green leaves that were attached to an equally vibrant bush. Their fingers spread apart then enclosed, seeking out something quite particular, but so far in vain. The appendage was withdrawn momentarily- long enough for its owner to stare down and will it still for what had to be the tenth time in a five minute span.

Get a hold of yourself... She sighed heavily to herself. There's nothing you can do. There wasn't anything you could have. All you can hope.. Her brow furrowed, wrinkling with frustration as the hand, despite her pleas, shook. Deep down, she knew the cause was her own inner turmoil and not what had transpired many light-years away. After thrusting her hand back into the bush, her head suddenly snapped back with a fierce, piercing pain. Images flashed before her mind's eye in rapid succession, one lasting but a fraction of a second before moving to the next. They were memories of a time she longed to forget. Times of pain, fear, torment.. And yet, some held good times and even better individuals. They had to have survived.. They taught on Korriban for a reason- they were the best of us.. Yet doubt still sunk deep into her soul. They...had to have..

At long last finding the fruit of her desires, and a nice bushel at that, the woman snapped them free and placed the sickly green spheres into a basket. That should be enough for now.. Straightening from her crouch and enjoying the cracking of her spine (which resulted from far too much time bent over), a moment or two was allowed for her to examine all of the goods she had collected. There were various roots and flowers, some vials of what looked to have viscous material coating the inside as well. All of them had been gathered immaculately.

"Well then, it looks like we can get back to the shi-" Startled, the woman twisted back and forth, her long black cloak billowing out in the motion before falling back silently into place. "Where did he get off to..?" Her stomach lurched to an all-too-familiar sensation. The raw fury, the bellowing hatred..the manifestation of the Dark side. She instinctively gazed up as a flock of birds soared past overhead, then looked to the direction from which they had fled.. Overwhelmed with dread, knowing that she was no longer alone and her dearest friend missing, the woman took off into an immediate sprint.

Effortlessly, she leaped over roots and bounded clear over fallen trunks of no longer living trees, the Force pumping frantically through her veins, energizing every cell of her body. Her speed became a blur to the naked eye and then some, yet despite the natural obstacle course she faced, it failed to hinder her even slightly. If there were any aspects the woman prided herself on they were her speed and agility. As she raced towards the source of the disturbance, the vegetation unnaturally thinned. Before long, she had brought herself to a skidding stop, her eyes locked on the back of a very loved beast.

"Stop!" She cried out, raising her right hand towards the Nexu. Even before he looked over his shoulder, she was fast approaching, worried that the woman beyond would act before she was in position to defend him. "Come back here, please.." While inwardly she trembled, her voice was filled with authority and confidence. Reluctantly, he slowly backed away from his former prey, body still hunched down low and ready to strike if need be. When the two were side-by-side, the woman placed her hand onto his head to keep track of his placement.

Heart thumping heavily, she finally took the opportunity to look at the Sith across from her. And she was not in a good condition. "You're hurt.." She blurted out. Then, shaking her head in disbelief of her own obviousness, added, "I can heal you, if you'll allow it. I can also provide you with some nourishment- you look extremely dehydrated and starved.." It was not an easy decision to offer such thing- most Sith despised such kindness and would rather perish than admit weakness. Being one of their order, she knew that much and a lot more. Hopefully, pride wouldn't cloud this woman's judgment- she clearly wouldn't survive for many more days..or hours.

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