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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:55 pm

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Brj0p65

Name: Abalia Kyoraku-Hayden
Age: 31
Race: Shinigami
Alignment: Lawful
Affiliations: Captain Commander of the Gotei United, White Gold Queen of Vastime, Heir to the Kyoraku Family, Owner of the Tundra Cafe.
Abilities: Self-control, exceptional knowledge of diplomacy and negotiation, and having powerful friends.
Character Summary: A staunchly legalistic woman who has, over time, softened at least somewhat marginally. It is difficult to contact her outside an official capacity, due simply to the amount of duties she maintains for herself.
Roleplay Offered: Political discourse and official negotiations are the name of the game. She can usually offer advice on how to better oneself, and she tends toward genuine discussion on the nature of the law and authority.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Yg0uRgr

Name: Alexander "Alex" Vaugrenard
Age: 26
Race: Human.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Affiliations: His family.
Abilities: Extreme durability, and enough heat to burn himself anyway.
Character Summary: A former wandering vagrant who now works almost exclusively to better himself, in order to protect his friends and family.
Roleplay Offered: Because Alex is a very simple man who actively wanders, he can effectively be anywhere he's needed on Earth (or even beyond, with suitable reason). Usually he'll give you a crash course on one of two things; the way life works, or why you're wrong. If you need a character to get some hard lessons learned, Alex is your guy. He's also a bit of a family man, though, so he can give some surprisingly earnest advice if you play your cards right.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) 9pbpjrO

Name: Kagayaku no Murasaki
Age: 228
Race: Half-Zanpakuto Shinigami
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: Gotei United, Seventh Division Captain
Abilities: Master of the sword and one-on-one combat, able to speak with the zanpakuto of others.
Character Summary: A woman who is extremely driven and committed to her own self-improvement, Murasaki wants nothing more than to do the absolute best she can as a Shinigami. She will always help others to improve in turn, but she is quick, to the point, and will not take any half-measures. People who get on her bad side will rarely leave it. She is, however, also very much a girl at heart, and in her day to day life she's cheerful and enjoys a simple life.
Roleplay Offered: Murasaki is a friendly and simple girl who enjoys fashion and good sake, and so people who also like these things will get along well with her. She is also an exceptionally talented Shinigami, and arguably one of the most skilled users of the zanpakuto in Soul Society, so anyone looking for teaching regarding their zanpakuto would do well to seek her out.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) 99UGw8K

Name: Erchanhardt Burgstaller von Königsberg
Age: 819
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: Unaffiliated
Abilities: Extreme strength and martial arts skill.
Character Summary: A tired old man who's seen and done far too much for his own good, Erchanhardt is a man who believes that anyone is capable of change if they are willing to put forward the effort to do so. Of course, this is born of his own regrets in life, and it can perhaps be said that much of what pushes him forward in life is to simply make up for the sins he has committed in the past.
Roleplay Offered: Overwhelmingly philosophical in nature, Erchanhardt is a character that is extremely well-read, and will always give his full insight into any situation presented to him. Both intellectualism and rustic simplicity will always draw his interest, and despite his noble refinement, he appreciates hard work and physical effort. He is, also, one of the great masters of hand to hand combat, and is usually willing to offer some degree of insight to people that seem trustworthy.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) VKgiU3Q

Name: Cyrus ast-Auramazda
Age: 391
Race: Quincy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliations: Vandenreich
Abilities: None at present..
Character Summary: Leader of the Vandenreich and a former bearer of the power of the Soul King, Cyrus is currently recovering from what could only be described as the greatest mistake he might have made. He is, at present, someone simply doing his best for the Vandenreich in spite of his weakness, but in truth his every waking moment is filled with thoughts of how he might rein in the evil he has inadvertently let loose. He is a man who values promises above all else, and yet he is a man who has broken many of them.
Roleplay Offered: Cyrus is a man with a wide range of topics that he is willing to discuss, and his nature as leader of the Vandenreich provides for both a good deal of authority and a general opinion on the vast majority of the Earth's happenings. However, he is at present incapable of handling much in the way of violence, and he avoids anything which might risk his life at the moment.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) EN5jH3y

Name: Ahura Mazda
Age: ?
Race: Divine
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Affiliations: Vandenreich (loosely)
Abilities: Divine intervention.
Character Summary: Mazda holds himself above all things, believing that his word and his existence are both of the most absolute importance. There are only a tremendously small handful of people whose words have any value in his eyes, and all others are considered nothing more than sheep to be watched over and cared for. To his credit, he is not a malicious being per se, and he will protect what he perceives as his children. His methods, however, are often extreme, and he is not a forgiving god.
Roleplay Offered: Mazda is someone that is more difficult to interact with than most, necessitating some connection to the Vandenreich, or to his own personal aims, in order to earn his attention. However, he often traverses the world with little regard for guidance or direction from others, and he will often protect those he sees as being in need from what he perceives as threats to their bettered existence.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) SoW4RKb

Name: Valentine Ransom Carter
Age: 8000+
Race: Martian
Alignment: Unknowable
Affiliations: Representative of the Martian Collective and high-ranking member of Lux Orior.
Abilities: Exceptional psychic power, and access to the Martian Collective.
Character Summary: Valentine is something of an enigma when interacting with others, and it is extremely difficult to gauge what he is thinking at any given moment. Something is clearly off about him the moment that one speaks to him, though of course it is difficult to discern what. However, this strange nature is wholly cultivated on his behalf, and he could in truth simply act like a totally normal human if he wanted to. He, however, prefers to seem very strange.
Roleplay Offered: Valentine is something of a personable sort, representing the public face of Lux Orior in many respects, and he is very fond of learning all manner of esoteric new things about the world. As such, one can generally interact with him if they have something to provide to him, whether that be on behalf of Lux Orior's interests, or simply something which has piqued the curiosity of the Martian Elders.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Y5SJIWg

Name: Julian St. Vendemiaire
Age: 58
Race: Vizard-in-Progress
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliations: Gotei United, Third Division Vice Captain
Abilities: Exceptional understanding of zanpakuto and kido, and possessor of a guillotine which can completely obliterate souls.
Character Summary: Julian is a man of absolutes, a believer in justice and righteousness for the people at any cost. Though he once put forward every last bit of his effort into a revolution to destroy the Gotei United, their reforms to the Rukongai and change in policies have led him to ally himself with them, and to enforce their law so long as it continues to benefit the people of the Rukongai.
Roleplay Offered: Julian is very intelligent, and exceptionally supportive of anyone who wishes to better themselves and their society. He will generally offer a helping hand to those who require it, though he has not the slightest degree of sympathy for those who bring harm to innocent civilians, and will enact the harshest violence against them.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Vj10DvA

Name: Fuuen
Age: ?
Race: Plus
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliations: Gotei United, Substitute Shinigami
Abilities: Highly skilled swordsman and passive manipulator of spiritual energy.
Character Summary: Fuuen is, fundamentally, a very flighty character, one who resembles a gentle breeze simply passing through. While this is in no small part on account of his generally agreeable and gentle demeanor, it is also on account of rather severe problems with his memory, chiefly that said memory is unreliable at the best of times. He is a kind soul, and a pacifist through and through, but one who shows surprising attachment to his convictions.
Roleplay Offered: Due to his pacifistic outlook, it is very difficult to approach Fuuen for any roleplay which would involve violence or combat. This may seem to be something of a conundrum for quite many characters, as he is also an exceptional swordsman that most would quite like to teach from. However, one is infinitely better off speaking to Fuuen about artistic or philosophical topics, and through this they may find that he is willing to teach them in time.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) PGKNfaw

Name: Rukia Kuchiki
Age: ~490
Race: Shinigami
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliations: Kuchiki Family, Gotei United Seventh Division, Shino Academy teacher.
Abilities: Master Kido practitioner, exceptional spiritual power, lots of ice.
Character Summary: Rukia is certainly not the same young woman that she was 400 years ago, and this is quite apparent in her actions and in her words. She feels rather old, despite her relatively young age among shinigami, and she wonders occasionally if there is any more place for someone like her in the world. Despite this, however, she strives to do whatever she can to better things around her, even if this occasionally means that she has to bend the rules. Perhaps, in that sense, she hasn't changed so much at all.
Roleplay Offered: Generally speaking, Rukia is always willing to offer a helping hand to younger shinigami and newer members of the Gotei, as she believes that they still have a great deal of promise and potential that she doesn't want to see wasted. She is willing to help anyone who needs it, though it should be noted that her patience is rather easily worn.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) ZmK1lwq

Name: Shishiyuki Koizumi
Age: 1081
Race: Shinigami
Alignment: True Neutral
Affiliations: Koizumi Family Head, Shino Academy Instructor.
Abilities: Exceptional hakuda and kido mastery.
Character Summary: Shishiyuki is a woman of many faces, generally dependent on the situation she has been placed into. Beneath all of those facades, however, she is a fairly normal woman, if one who has rarely been given the opportunity to think much of her own desires. She places the honor of the Koizumi family above all else, though this is not necessarily as a matter of filial obligation; Shishiyuki simply holds tremendous value on oaths she has sworn to herself, and so she will not renege on her aims to be the perfect family head.
Roleplay Offered: Shishiyuki is a former member of the Gotei's Combat Squad, having served during the campaign against Aizen, and teaches hakuda and kido at Shino Academy. Because of this, she has a wide range of knowledge that she is generally quite happy to share with anyone that she would consider a student.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) F9ziyHq

Name: Kyo Sawachika
Age: 21
Race: Shinigami
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliations: Gotei United, 5th Division Apprentice.
Abilities: Physical strength, excellent architectural prowess.
Character Summary: To call Kyo "to the point" would be a tremendous understatement of just how forward this man really is. Kyo will always speak his mind to the absolute fullest. He isn't afraid to make mistakes in his speech, or to embarrass himself, as he firmly believes it's better to simply make a mistake and correct it than to operate under a mistaken assumption. He's boisterous, proud, and perhaps overbearing, but loyal and a good man through and through.
Roleplay Offered: Kyo is generally speaking a more lighthearted character, and generally sees much better use in a more comedic situation where his natural energy can be best applied to a narrative. However, he is nevertheless an intelligent man with a wide array of knowledge, and his work in the Stealth Force means that he's available to many people looking for his blunt approach to conversation.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Ql8r59k

Name: Ninsianna Kishar
Age: Old.
Race: Danava of Bureaucracy.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Affiliations: Vandenreich.
Abilities: Binding supernatural contracts.
Character Summary: More friendly than one might expect for a woman defined by order and legalism, Ninsianna believes in the value of structure at all times. Being the Danava of Bureaucracy certainly informs her personality to a stunning degree, and it is rare that she allows much of anything to occur in her life without a contract to ensure that it is handled in a particular way. Despite this, she is well-meaning, someone who believes in the benefit of this order rather than one who wishes to enforce it as a tyrant.
Roleplay Offered: Ninsianna is exceptionally able to provide characters with avenues for growth, as the contracts that she writes are enforced by power far beyond the scope of anyone alive. As such, she can put anyone into a place of exceptional power or tremendous danger if they simply sign on the dotted line. Additionally, as the personal secretary of Cyrus ast-Auramazda, Ninsianna functions as a substitute for him in any Vandenreich business, and is always available to assist in Vandenreich matters.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) T4cnUWG

Name: Claudia Duvalier
Age: 35
Race: Mongrel
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Affiliations: CEO of the Duvalier Group
Abilities: Unfathomable wealth and corporate influence.
Character Summary: Above everything else, Claudia loves nothing more than to know that she has caused someone else to suffer. This is not some sort of sexual interest in pain, but rather an earnest joy found in the knowledge that the lives of others have been made worse, or simply ended outright. However, Claudia knows that she cannot simply create a world which is filled with nothing but violence; and so, instead, she has built up a corporate empire which can always fund warfare and strife, all while she builds nations up simply to see them fall.
Roleplay Offered: Claudia is a character whose roleplay offerings are overwhelmingly corporate and business-minded in nature. She is not a character who interacts with others unless there is some tangible benefit to her, as every minute spent in idle chatter could instead have been a minute spent preparing to cut profit. However, if you are someone she believes can offer her something she wants, one will find that she is willing to offer the world for it.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) J8MLW9c

Name: Reida Ray Copeland
Age: 33
Race: Fullbringer, Quincy-in-Training.
Alignment: Neutral.
Affiliations: Vandenreich, Todgestalten Coordinator
Abilities: Guerilla warfare specialist and very powerful energy absorption.
Character Summary: A widow whose life was upended by the destruction of World War 4, Reida seeks little beyond a world where everyone can simply live in peace, without needing to worry that they might have to suffer like she has. However, she hides this intensity behind a veneer of relaxed Southern hospitality, and she is certainly one of the most outgoing and generally friendly people in the Vandenreich.
Roleplay Offered: On account of Reida's willingness to call anyone a drinking buddy, she's very available to meet with any member of the Vandenreich and have a chat with them about the state of things. Of course, her actual outlook means that conversation might quickly become heavy, but that's just how things go over a couple drinks. Those who are members of other organizations, however, may find that she has quite a few choice words for them.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) 2d19lip

Name: Vegas "Alex" Vaugrenard
Age: 11
Race: Demon/Human Hybrid.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Affiliations: Her family.
Abilities: A magical girl with the power of sparkle, pizzazz, and explosions.
Character Summary: A soul untainted by the realities of the world, Vegas is an optimist in the truest possible sense, someone who will always support her friends and who genuinely believes that, in the end, everything will be okay. She doesn't simply think these things will happen out of nowhere, however, and because of this she is willing to always do her best in everything she does. She's not particularly intelligent, nor is she especially strong, but her desire to do the right thing is enough to carry her through.
Roleplay Offered: Due to her age and her general character, Vegas is more inclined toward the more lighthearted side of roleplay than weighty, serious events. That isn't to say that she is incapable of having those sorts of threads, however, and indeed she is very much able to serve as a positive voice in even the darkest situation. Because of her willingness to help anyone, no matter what, she can serve as a very good bit of emotional support to anyone who needs it, even a complete stranger. Her work as a magical girl, additionally, allows for one to interact with her in a more combative setting, though fighting a child may net you quite a few enemies.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) NnDy5B3

Name: Ira Holyfield
Age: 67, but 13 physically.
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliations: None at present.
Abilities: Being cute, a fundamental grasp of martial arts.
Character Summary: Ira's current situation in life is not one that he would cever call preferable, but he isn't one to just idle around and be sad about it. The body he currently inhabits is that of his deceased granddaughter, and as such, he will do anything and everything to protect it. He's cocky, a womanizer, and not the brightest, but he has plenty of advice to give and all the time in the world to give it. Just don't expect him to share all his secrets for free.
Roleplay Offered: Ira is very easy for anyone to interact with, as he often wanders the world looking for people to teach him new approaches to become stronger. If anything, he is often on the hunt for others, though it should be noted that he's not one for violence. Not for any ethical reasons, of course, he actually loves a good scrap. He just doesn't like risking serious injury.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) ZJnSAIx

Name: Levi di Lotic
Age: 27
Race: Iramasha
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliations: None at present.
Abilities: Purifying water, kissing.
Character Summary: A free spirit in every possible sense of the word, Levi is the kind of guy who will do something solely on the grounds that he hasn't done it before. Many would expect that this makes him something of a gentle soul, but there is a certain edge to this side of him, and one who spends a lot of time around him might quickly find that his detachment from most things leads to something distressingly akin to sociopathy. Ultimately, the only things that matter to Levi are those that he chooses to have matter to him.
Roleplay Offered: Levi just wants to have fun, however that's offered to him. If you can catch his attention, you'll have Levi around for at least a thread, maybe more. Of course, he's pretty attached to the things that catch his interest, so you might find that you've actually bitten off more than you wanted to chew.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) CgkAtSd

Name: Cresimir Engelweiss XIV
Age: 253
Race: Sueki
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliations: Grand Sueki Army (loosely)
Abilities: High physical prowess, predatory fear manipulation.
Character Summary: To call Cresimir "deranged" would only be to drastically downplay the sheer degree of madness that he displays. Cresimir borders on the incomprehensible to anyone who is not himself, and his motives are nothing more than to cause others as much fear and misery as he is capable of inflicting upon them. He has no greater purpose, no higher aim. To him, fear is in itself a worthwhile aim.
Roleplay Offered: Violence. Cresimir will almost assuredly try to fight you if you approach him, solely on the grounds that he can. If, however, you have some way to catch his interest, he will at least be willing to converse with you. Given his mental state, however, one may find he doesn't have much to talk about.


Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Nacxkrm

Name: Yekaterina "Katya" Isaenko
Age: 25
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Affiliations: Ataman of the Cossacks.
Abilities: Leader of a well-trained army, two-time miracle worker.
Character Notes: She's married now.

Rawk's Band of Merry Men (Women Also) Qnq8OHl

Name: Kokoro Shihoin
Age: 24
Race: Shinigami (Half Suika)
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Affiliations: Shihoin Family, General Member of the Gotei First Division.
Abilities: Expert grappler and stellar practitioner of hoho.
Character Notes: Big gyaru. Bigger bisexual.

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