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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Dark Ginto Series (Ghislain Exclusive) (DONE) Empty Dark Ginto Series (Ghislain Exclusive) (DONE)

Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:38 pm
Dark Ginto Series (Ghislain Exclusive) (DONE) FrSC0tv

» Item Name: [State the name of the equipment]
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» Item Description:

Dark Ginto Information: Ever since he could walk Ghislain had been unable to wield normal Quincy equipment. For a magnitude of reasons coming from his power was the Anomaly. He did showcase a special series of Ginto he could wield from time to time. But they were far from perfect and in truth did cause him some difficulties. Not being able to use the Ginto of other people caused Ghislain trouble till one day he finally realized it. Sofia was the anchor that caused him to truly awaken. To decide that enough was enough he needed to embrace his gifts. For so long he spent trying to fight as he was without improving. Without truly moving forward and going with the times. So he finally studied and came up with the idea. Of making a material similar to the Ginto that they often used. But fundamentally different so it could handle his power. Ghislain's Dark Energies have always consumed the more light based Ginto technology. By making them and constructing them out of a special Dark Matter. Ghislain is able to prepare and make them without the trouble.

Sadly these Ginto don't work like normal ones and don't allow for the techniques of other things that came before. Ghislain's unable to truly use the Selee and some of the equipment his brethren use to do things. So it's best to adapt and come to your own conclusions. Ghislain learned much from his battle with Sofia. She showed him that he needed to become stronger. To truly press and go further with his limitations. And create something massive. Ghislain always enjoyed Norse Mythology so must of the techniques and the Dark Ginto Spell's he's created below are made from that series. These are contained in different kinds of containers and cause different effects. Ghislain considers himself a puppet master of sorts in some cases. Inventing and devising his own way to fight without going all out. Ghislain truly learned and became a capable warrior. The Dark Ginto Series are the only things that can truly wield his power. While more are likely to come, these are the beginning for him.

Jormungand: The first technique he got the idea of creating something from his childhood. By feeding energy to the serpent he's able to create a massive Sea serpent and partial dragon. It's very breath is poison and can kill very quickly those who are caught in it's breathe. Ghislain's shown an immunity to this poison, this brand is a special brand made of a Dark Matter based poison. Which he can control and spread himself. The creature is massive towering at 70 meters tall when summoned and capable of plunging an entire area into a poison based fog. The main difficulty is escaping the beast when summoned. Some people may be able to blast the poison fog away or even remove it. This will make things difficult for Ghislain as the serpent only does that generally. People fast enough can outrun the poison fog, it should be noted this poison can poison the air and water. The creature is able to apply this and those who are poisoned will find it difficult to face it.

It should be noted again you can blast away the poison and potentially damage Jormungand with enough force. Destroying the massive serpent dragon is hardly impossible. As many will find out when he summons it choosing to release Jormungand from its slumber. The Dark Ginto tube containing it only requires him to open it for the figure to come free of its binding. The creature is purple scaled and had fangs sharper than daggers, those who are sad enough to be struck by the figure's teeth. Will die a painful death unless given an antidote. It should be noted that Ghislain can extract the venom and poison from people freely. As said previously he's able to manipulate and alter as he see's fit during confrontations. People could find the antidote and possible reverse the poison or resist it.

On the first turn, they will notice a shaking in their body, on the second turn the poison will cause hemorrhaging and bleeding to occur from the ears and nose. On the Third Post of being poisoned, it will begin attacking and causing damage to the nervous system and cause hallucinations. The target can cure themselves before the position does extreme damages in ten posts. The target will begin feeling tearing and damages inside their bodies. Healing or some form of removal of the toxic substance is needed at this time.

Fenrir: Much like it's brother the Serpent Fenrir is a contained in a tube that once opened allows for it to move freely. This creature is immensely strong ability to create massive craters with its paws alone. Its jaws are able to rip spells and energy based attacks in two. Fenrir is designed for the purpose of smelling and detecting traps or markings. It is able to remove them but is also extremely faster and powerful. Capable of bringing down ten men in a second if given the chance. Fenrir is known to be the Wolf who killed Odin. This has only brought Ghislain a form of joy in its creation. Unlike the Serpent, this is more of a forward fighting creature. Who takes joy in combat and fighting close range. It is able to remove binding, curses, or markings from its master. With its powerful nose and keen intuition, it's able to detect them rather quickly. Helping Ghislain combat and fight those who may use methods undesirable for him. It can remove things devouring them and gaining energy from doing so. It's able to release its power in a roar or a growl. This Hound is far more dangerous then most would expect with its power base. Fenrir serves as a loyal protector and guards for Ghislain. And also helps him maintain the monetary he was so well known for. The Hound of the Vandenreich, tracking and other things are a specialty of this creature. But it doesn't track in the regular sense, it's able to sense things from a soul essence and even further. Fenrir makes a truly capable and frightening companion for Ghislain. This, of course, is but one of his favored summons since he made it.

Brynhildr:By far the strongest Ginto Ghislain's create in the form of his summoning based Ginto. This technology has allowed him to create some masterful creations indeed. He often saw himself as a man who tried to undo his sins. But the truth was a simpler tale of him wishing he was a hero. One who Brynhildr would accompany into battle from the Heavens. By creating this Ginto based creature he accomplished just that. The buxom maiden appears with her body armored and carrying a glowing spear. This weapon is her tool of combat and she is ready to aid and fight with Ghislain. Her powers mirror his own, but they both are connected. When she takes damage so does he. When he does she does as well and both of them suffer for it. They share energy and are able to use one another's weapon and moves. Ghislain can manipulate and help her fight more fluidly given the beautiful maiden time. Able to shift weapons and allow her to fight at a melee range for him. Ghislain and Brynhildr make a duo that is extremely hard to fight. But this is tiring for Ghislain also as he's sharing his energy with her. They are both in sync and fighting at different paces allowing for combinations and moves.

Gungnir: This is the first Weapon based Ginto he'd made using technology and ideas from the Seele product. The way this spear works, however, isn't normal in the slightest. It's blade isn't bound to a single direction. Often times he can use this to his advantage. As the spear will bounce and move around almost like a living thing. Till it strikes its target with deadly force. This is what makes Gungnir dangerous as it can apply this effect when thrown. Where it bounces around not as one would expect and curves in unnatural ways. Ghislain's spear can be used multiple ways and doesn't require a singular use. Combining this with his runes and other powers. He's able to attack fiercely when using Gungnir. The balance and craftsmanship of his Gungnir are effective and does allow Ghislain to fight effectively. Growth is the only option the male has to become something more. He's begun to understand that not all methods are known.

The path to learning to fight for what he is. It's a long one that will require a long and painful road. Sofia showed him part of the road, now it's his job to prepare himself for the next part of it. Ghislain is ready to emerge and go past the limitations this world has set. To rise beyond the shackles of just being an emperor and move somewhere new. While these are only the first ones of his Ginto Weapons, it's likely that someday in the future he will make more. And develop them as he goes to complete his ultimate goal. Fighting Mana again and this time being a better warrior for it. Facing her not like he did last time as some using a single move. But more he'd prove himself to Sofia as more than what she saw in that encounter. Their previous battle when on for ages without an end in sight. This was, of course, a typical matter when it came down to it. But Gungnir and Ghislain would prepare and be ready for the next time they met. He'd showcase just how much of an Emperor he truly was.

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Dark Ginto Series (Ghislain Exclusive) (DONE) Empty Re: Dark Ginto Series (Ghislain Exclusive) (DONE)

Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:16 am
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