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Coding In Template By:


Sueki Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Jericho
» Titles: ?!?!?!?!?!?!
» Age: 12454532
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: ?$£?$?£!?$£?

Jericho [WiP] InzvOpt

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Jericho is a man to boast his accomplishment. He knows when something took a lot of effort to create or complete and he will relish in that sense of victory and accomplishment. This isn't limited to just boasting about his own achievements. He will gladly commend anyone, even his foes, for being as mighty and dedicated as they are. However, this also brings him into contact with people who do not try hard enough. he will not watch on as someone struggles to achieve and will help them be the best they can be. It's just his way.

Defender of his people
This man will lead his people to a brighter future. One where they do not have to be afraid of extinction or foes that they cannot take down. This is why Jericho will always remain neutral in most aspects as he cannot allow neither good nor evil to grasp his world. A Sueki in trouble is a call for help that he will always answer. Each man and woman under his dark wings are his family and he will stop at nothing to keep them safe.

As a wonderful husband and devoted father, Jericho knows how to handle people. He can show sympathy and kindness wherever it may need to be, even offering to be a punching bag for those with more outlandish emotions. It is true when they say Jericho is like a father to all Sueki as he will listen and he will be that shoulder they need, or the fist to bring down a fortress around them.

Thanks to all of this devotion and ambition, Jericho cannot be defeated. In his eyes, he is the stalwart guardian of Orbis Cruento and will not allow anyone to walk over him. He will fight and his resolve will keep him on his feet. Any amount of pain he feels matters not as that pain may one day be multiplied by thousands and aimed at his world.

Jericho [WiP] 6swipkC

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Natural Abilities:

The True Sentinel
Jericho's defense is built around the damage he is able to withstand. Normally he comes across as someone with average strength. However the more damage Jericho withstands, the greater his defenses will become. This works on a 1 to 1 ratio. if Jericho has 50% of his endurance remaining, he takes 50% less damage. If he has 1% remaining, he takes 99% less damage. This defense boost also allows Jericho to nullify a wide array of attacks as it soars. at 99%, Jericho could survive nearly any attack that hits him, so taking Jericho out quickly or incapacitating him is wise.

Jericho is not innately powerful but contains all of this power behind a particular restriction: he must be dealt damage or injured to boost his own damage. Jericho stores the damage that he is dealt and is able to pulse this energy into his limbs to fight with. A punch or kick energised by an injury can become highly explosive depending on how long he has gone without unleashing the attack. generally, his attacks become half as powerful as the damage dealt to him. This means a punch with the force of a Gran Rey Cero requires him to be struck by 2 Gran Rey Cero's first.

I. Racial Abilities

  • Sueki Influence: Sueki do not retain the original Soul State, draw power in the form of chi or use demon powers or abilities. The previous character is wiped clean though may keep their previous personality, history and general appearance. If you wish to keep a similar theme then you may, but do note that some changes should be made to accommodate the Sueki blood now within them. A carbon copy of the previous character will not be approved.

  • Blood Rites
    The Sueki live and die by the blood within their dark veins. Blood is not just a source of survival either. By taking blood and drawing certain patterns on surfaces, a Sueki can conjure a Blood Rite. These spells widen the strategic options a Sueki has in and out of combat. Upon finishing the blood drawing, the Sueki must then make contact with the pattern with their own blood and call upon the ability. This is often done by cutting the Sueki's own hand, feet etc and slamming them onto the pattern. A glow of darkness will emit from the bloody pattern and the spell is cast. Note that these patterns may be drawn upon the Sueki's own body. Some Sueki have even scarred their own bodies to create permanent patterns on their skin for easy access to these spells. The effects of a Blood Rite are increased in speed, size and strength (where applicable) based on the Sueki's Blood Rite skill. The actual pattern needed to be drawn is not specific and can be changed slightly so long as it fits the theme. The pattern also can be of any size, so long as it is distinguishable.

    • Kumopu: The ability to cause the target to burst into an artificial veil of shadows and dash to another targeted location within a few meters at extreme speeds and reform back to it's usual form. A sueki will always be able to move themselves regardless of size.

      This ability when used upon themselves is the Sueki version of Shunpo and Sonido, granting them similar speeds but with a shadowy visual effect. During the moment the target affected is a shadow, they become physically invincible, cannot be interacted with and they cannot physically attack until they have left the shadowy state. The state will only last between the jumping point and landing point and can only last for a maximum of 1 second per Blood Rite skill level and the distance is 3m per skill level. Sentient creatures and the user can determine the full length of the Kumopu and force it to end early, but objects cannot themselves.

      Kumopu is generated by drawing the shape of a Moon. The image cannot be symmetrical.

    • Kumitsu: The ability to cover the target in a veil of shadow that blocks off energy from the outside and from within. This allows anyones energy that has been covered in shadows to become undetectable by people outside of the veil. This gives off a visible aura of darkness that hides their appearance so it's rather obvious that they are there. However, if used at night or in very dark places, the affected target becomes very difficult to see as they blend into the darkness around them.

      Kumitsu is generated by drawing any image, but then drawing a circle around it. The image cannot be symmetrical.

    • Kumotabi: The Blood Rite latches onto the darkness of shadows and of the night all around them, churning darkness around itself. After a few seconds of this the churning becomes an enveloping portal of shifting shadows that can expand and contract to hold multiple people. The size of the vortex is 10m in diameter for each skill level. A sueki may create this vortex on any surface but they must always remain in contact with it otherwise the portal will dissipate instantly, not function or pull anything in.

      Once everyone has been highlighted by this ability, the user casts the Blood Rite a second time upon the pattern in the center of the vortex, channeling the vortex as the darkness pulls everyone within. This ability can suck in anything that is within the vortex and connected to anything that is currently in it so long as the entirety of the thing being pulled in can fit through the circumference of the vortex. This means a building could not be sucked into a small vortex just because the corner happens to be on it. The whole building must be able to fit and slip through. This does mean that verticly, there is no limit to how much that can fall inside.

      Anybody that stands on the swirling darkness that isn't granted permission to travel by the user or denies their own desire to pass will not move at all when the vortex pulls.

      During travelling, everyone falls through what seems to be an endless chasm of darkness lit by candles on black chandeliers. The distance required to make it to the other world is about a mile of falling. At the bottom is another swirling vortex that spits everyone out at the other end the other way up, so they emerge from the vortex head first and stop at their feet, standing. It is possible for a Sueki to force another person to move through the portal so long as their willpower is higher, but this requires triple the effort and can be fought against.

      Kumotabi is generated by drawing a perfectly symmetrical image.

  • Blood Dependency:: All Sueki characters Are highly dependent on a constant intake of blood to survive. If this is ignored then the Sueki will start to age rapidly and turn to ash during the night of the 7th day without drinking blood. The withdrawal symptoms slowly start to becomes noticeable on the 3rd day and get worse leading up to the seventh when the Sueki will look about 100 years old. After drinking blood, the Sueki will feel full and no longer hungry then their body will gradually become more young over the same number of days they had not taken in blood.

    The actual age it stops at changes depending on the person and can be altered as Sueki may have preferences on how they look. There are some that even choose to look elderly. Whilst blood starved, a Sueki will always feel hungry for anything so long as they do not drink blood.

  • Mental Strength: Sueki have strong bodies to handle their blood but also a decent amount of mental strength. This allows a Sueki to last much longer than a human when faced with dizziness and effects that instill mild mental weakness.

  • Child of the Night: Being outside in the light of the moon or covered in natural darkness and shadow enhances the Sueki's body. This allows a Sueki to react faster, move quicker, think more rapidly and generally become much more aware and agile than if the sun was out. This includes the shadowy veil of Kumitsu. Training and fighting in the moonlight or dark places enhances their potential and growth.

  • Dark Vision: Sueki are able to see in the dark. Everything a Sueki see's becomes black and white in darkness, allowing them to notice more when others cannot but also never lose sight of the shadows around them. Sadly, if a Sueki looks directly at a bright light then it shall momentarily blind them. Beyond this, Sueki are able to use darkness to track movement by focusing their mind on their prey. Moving in darkness is like being caught in a spiderweb to a Sueki. The stronger the Sueki is, the larger scope their influence will be.

  • Solar Frailty: Sueki have a very big weakness: The sun. They cannot come into contact with solar energy or sunlight otherwise the ageing process within their bodies starts to rapidly react and they will die within ten minutes (or say 20 of the sueki's posts). This makes it difficult for Sueki to fight or do anything while the sun is out and have a disadvantage against solar based characters. (Hit a Sueki with sunlight 20 times and they die)

    Fire, electricity and other non-sunlight abilities do not cause this effect. Thus, candles, light-bulbs etc do not age them. How your Sueki falls apart into dust is up to you, but ten minutes will ultimately kill them. This can occur faster in varying intensities of sunlight, and on which parts of the body are afflicted. Only the body parts being soaked in sunlight are affected and the rest of the body is fine. Looking directly at the sun will blind the Sueki for 24 hours.

  • Human State: This is not a form in the slightest. Sueki are capable of entering a sort of meditation that shrinks their fangs and reduces the prominence of their Sueki features so they appear to look like they have normal teeth, no horns, normal eyes etc. Upon close inspection, it will be noticable that their features are not exactly the same as a humans, but they can pass as a Human in most situations.

    The Sueki also denies Night Energy access to their powers in this state of meditation. They can move and react as normal as though they were 5-5 tier humans but if they wish to use abilities they must stop meditating and return to their normal state.

    Holding this state for too long eventually tires the user. They are still weakened by sunlight as normal and by revoking darkness to keep this form up, their aging process occurs more rapidly. The Human state is not recommended, but is there if necessary.

I. Bloodline

Bloody Royalty Bloodline:

Exclusive: You must have permission from Chao to have this bloodline.

Tier 2
Protect: The Sueki may exert a silent distress signal. This signal can be picked up by absolutely anyone subconsciously, but most may choose to ignore it. The signal comes as a urge to protect the user and can cause random strangers to flock to the Sueki to defend them. This cannot work on anyone that is not already calm.
Royal Aura: You exert an aura of power, making you appear important to everyone that may notice you. Your words dominate conversations as your class pushes you above everything and everyone. This may cause you to drown out the voices of others and luckily has less effect on people that have gotten used to your dominance. Sueki royalty do not remain silent and may force others to do their bidding even if they usually would not. (if you have the spectre ability, you may shout) Anyone with a willpower stronger than or equal to the Sueki's are unaffected.

Tier 1
Hunter Blood: The Sueki gains the Tier 2 abilities of the chosen bloodline in addition to their usual tier 2 abilities granted by being royal. Your visual alterations match the choice of Bloodline but you must only choose 1 trait.

    Beast Form: The Sueki is able to transform into a Crow. Transforming into and from a small animal is instant. Larger animals take up to a minute. The sueki cannot change what they wish to transform into. The Sueki gains all of the natural benefits of the animal they become. This does not allow a Sueki to become were-animals.
    Inner Beast: The Sueki gains some properties of their chosen animal when not in Beast Form. For example, increased physical strength from a Bear. Increased movement speed from a Wolf. Sonar Hearing from a Bat etc. This allows the Sueki to move through the air slower or faster than normal.

Sueki Identify: Being of royal descent, you have the ability to scan a Sueki visually and learn their name, age, bloodline, how strong their urges currently are and when they last travelled to Orbis Cruento.

Tier 0
Incomprehensible: People below tier 3 may not be able to withstand your presence. To them, you appear as a blur. You may also choose to become incomprehensible and blur automatically to everyone but this lasts for only a few seconds.
Banshee Song: A forbidden hymn known only to those of royal blood, you utter words no living thing can comprehend. As you speak, living things begin to wither and die around you. Given long enough, you are capable of turning everything within earshot of your voice to decaying mush. This includes anyone that is not a Sueki, however the rate of decay is slower on mammals. It may take a single post for a powerless foe to decay completely, or 20 for someone of the same power level as the royal sueki. Machines and structures are not effected.

I. Umbra State

» Umbra State Appearance:

Jericho's body does not change much. However, his eyes turn jet black and glow with darkness.

» Umbra State Benefits:

Jericho is able to create a large barrier of night energy in the shape of a sphere above and blow ground. Within the confines of the dome, anyone that is not a Sueki slowly has their energy drained to continue fueling the dome and keep it lasting. this is a very weak effect that takes a lot of time to complete.

The barrier may be destroyed from within and from outside of it with enough force. Usually, those below 1-? tier would not be able to destroy it.

Jericho's physical attacks including punches and kicks emit an aggressive force with enough power behind them to instantly cause a deadly impact up to 100 meters away. This means Jericho could throw a punch and smash a dent into a car that had already sped past him. These ranged attacks match the power he gains through Vengeance.

Jericho gains the ability to absorb energy into his body via touch and convert it into night energy. Whenever he connects a physical attack, he may steal a small amount of energy from that opponent.

I. Character History

» History

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Sueki Skills
  • Blood Rite Affinity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Umbra Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dependencies: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Bloodline Affinity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you roleplay. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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Lord of the Understream

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[mod]Due to no update, I'm gonna go ahead and archive this. If I made a mistake, go ahead and contact me on discord, in this thread, or through PMs to let me or another staff member know, and we'll get this unarchived for ya.[/mod]

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