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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:51 pm
Word Count: 500 -- S_E
I. Basic Information

» Name: Yvette Ikizukuri
» Nicknames & Aliases: Doll of Power,
» Age: Former life - 415; Rebirth - 1 Year
» Sex: Female
» Affiliation: Tsubasa Unabara; Vanguard - Boros Guard 4th Seat;

II. Personality

» Alignment: Chaotic Good

» Uninterested: When it comes to most subjects, Yvette has very little care towards it. This isn't because she hates whatever is being talked about nor is she just not interested In reality, Yvette seems to be pretty mellow about things that don’t peak her interest 100%. Whatever that thing is though changes very often, with her next trait causing her to constantly switch back and forth between hobbies and likes.

» ADHD: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Yvette cannot sit still without doing some form of physical activity, whether it be tapping her foot to tapping her finger to spinning around in a chair to a bob of her head. Something, anything, that would get her mind off of the fact that she is currently not doing anything. Another effect of this is that she has a tough time with sticking to one point of interest for too long, her average being around 20 minutes. She doesn't plan for her future, preferring to live life as it goes on.

» Honest: Even if it would be morally okay to lie, Yvette always opts for the truth. She finds that a person is easier to trust if they are transparent at all times. She tries not to lie even when it benefits her, to uphold her relationship and impression with other people. This trait also prevents her from plotting anything devious or malicious in intent as she wouldn't be able to keep it secretive from others.

» Shy: Like everyone, Yvette has a spot in life where she's comfortable. When it comes to her social life, she wants to stay in that bubble in which she's comfortable. While it would be difficult for her to get close to those who she doesn't know, it's just as hard for those people to try and get close to her. She talks to all people with a very cold tone and short, one-word sentences as to not interact with strangers for too long.

» Affectionate: While she is extremely harsh to strangers when it comes to those she deems close enough, Yvette softens up. She becomes very affectionate in her actions, often hugging or kissing those she loves, albeit embarrassed that she is doing so. She won't admit to these actions if confronted, often changing the subject or just outright deny that it ever happened, but she does care dearly for a select few.

» Selfless: Though she will be the first to deny it, Yvette is actually a very caring person. While she tries to bear this facade of strength, toughness, and attitude, she has a soft side in which she uses to aid others. Most of the time it'll be swift, as to make sure that nobody catches her.

While Yvette is very helpful, many have different opinions on how she helps and who she helps. To those people, she could care less. A person in need is a person in need, no matter their views, no matter their history.

III. Appearance

Yvette, the Doll of Power [Approved 3-5] Blake_render_by_xizayoixakix_d6hd4ct

IV. History

"It's a girl."

Disappointment would wash the old man's face and he learned the sex of his newborn child. This would be his fourth and final attempt at a child, a son who he could be proud of, a son that would take over his legacy. But no, all he got was daughters, all three and now four of them, with the first three going into their own fields and doing what they wanted with their lives, so he had to make sure there was at least someone to take over.

See, Yvette's family was apart of the Macto clan, a distant relative of the Hayden family, descendants of the same ancestor but one was much more pretentious than the other. Rags and riches would be the most accurate statement when comparing the two, the Ikizukuri at one point being in deep poverty before gaining money from outside source. At the time of Yvette's rebirth, her father was not only a big contributor to the Macto Clan but he was also one of the heads of the Yakuza, a gang that was feared throughout the nation for their brutal methods and the mass amount of influence on the country of Japan.

Anyways, that is what he wanted to pass down. His first three daughters had hated the thought of being tied down to a life of crime, the oldest daughter pursuing a career in fashion, the middle child attempted to escape the country and life in general but was murdered in a plane "accident", the final daughter became a lawyer just to spite her father and his business. Yvette was his only hope.

So from a young age, Yvette was taught how to fight. She was a full Shinigami, with both her father and her mother being Shinigami themselves. Though with that in mind, she never touched her Zanpakuto, even once, her entire life. Her father was a very old-school person, relying on fists more than anything in the entire kit of the Shinigami. So with that in mind, from a young age, Kido and Hakuda was a big influence on her life.

Her social life was also different than a normal girls. With her aptitude for fighting, Yvette gravitated more towards the boys than girls her age. She would often wear her hair short and wear more boyish type clothing, rarely wearing a skirt or dress, and the boys would treat her like one of their own. These same boys she stayed with throughout her childhood years into her teenage years, and even then she would still join them on banter, talking about girls and getting really into sports. She was a guy's gal so to speak. Eventually, this would explain her homosexuality, or at least be her excuse for it.

"You're late."

Around 16 is when Yvette started to be more adventurous and more rebellious, and her father, being the strict man he was, wasn't having any of it. It was common knowledge that in the Yakuza, one can not be weak, no matter what, as weakness leaves an opening for being taken advantage of and he wouldn't let that happen. Before, when she was young, he would raise her like a soldier but he gave up when she was 11 or so, though he saw a reason to pick back up that lifestyle. Yvette, on the other hand, wasn't taking this sudden change well. To vent out her feelings, Yvette found a partner, a girl whose name she had forgotten by now. The relationship was more for sex than an actual relationship, but it helped Yvette get by while her father was going through a phase.

But then they broke up.

And it was at that point everything had come crashing down. Her Mother, who had been off to the side most of Yvette's life, had died due to illness, her father had learned that the group in which he had committed most of his life to, the Macto Clan, was on a very rough decline, and finally, the stress of everything was killing her. This would all fuel a month's vacation, an escape to Sweden so she could attempt to piece everything back together.

As a cherry to top the cake, her father committed suicide. She didn't find this out until she arrived back home at the end of that month. The humiliation, failure, and guilt drove him to take his own life.

"家族にようこそ." (Welcome to the family.)

It was the logical thing to do.

If Yvette laid out all her options there would have been 2 choices lying out in front of her: either do what she was trained to do for her entire life, or do what her father did and end it all. She enjoyed life a little too much to kill herself so instead, she joined the Yakuza. And in there she was respected, much more than she could have ever expected in her life. Most of this fame came from her father, who had a cowardly ending but lived a great life, thus holding his daughter in high regards, but that didn't mean that she would get special treatment.

Yvette was a grunt. She would do all the busy-jobs and small tasks that her higher-ups weren't going to bother themselves with. This was how Yvette was for about her first 3 years with the Yakuza. And she didn't complain, she just got work done. In return for her services, she was given protection, money, and a roof over her head. Life was good. But then came the promotion. She went from being a junior to a senior, gaining her own junior to be in charge of and got into even deeper shit.

The physical change wasn't too bad: she gained a few new tattoos, was moved to Kyoto from Karakura, and was gifted a new Zanpakuto. Most of the Yakuza, or at least the Chiseikunshu family, gifted their shinigami custom Zanpakuto that were specially catered to them. The concept was something that royals would do, giving their children the family Zanpakuto, but with the wide amount of people, it was almost like Zanpakuto mass production, as if one wasn't a fan of their Shikai they were just given one.

Before, Yvette didn't know about this, but with her new job came some new info. She went from knowing nothing to knowing about 70% of what went down in the family. Trust was something needed in this line of work, and her higher-ups put a lot of it into Yvette. She couldn't let them down. So between then and the time she retired, she put in 120%.

The cause of her leave was simple really. After 156 years of working for the Chiseikunshu, making her 172 at that point, the family had two changes in management. This new head was the grandson of her first boss, and he had to take a liking to Yvette, a little too much liking. He started getting grabby and she wasn't having any of it, so she quit.

"さまよっている人のすべてが失われた" (Not all who wander are lost)

She found herself jobless and without a purpose, wandering the world in search of a place to set herself and aid those around her, or at least be able to support herself. For a good period of 2 years, Yvette found herself living on the streets of America, moving from state to state very often so it wouldn't be easy to pinpoint her. Though not like anyone would really want to hunt her down anyways, she wasn't really a person of interest nor power so many kind of saw her as an average person. And for a period of time, Yvette's life was peaceful. Or at least as peaceful as it could.

Somehow, roughly 50 years into living the lifestyle of hopping from place to place, Yvette found herself in Asia once again, but more specifically in Tibet. She stumbled upon a monastery and was taken in as a student, being taught the ways of Buddhism by the monks at the monastery. They weren't hesitant with letting in an outsider, and Yvette had no objections of being invited to a family.

After a year of being there, Buddhism seemed like her sort of thing. She could really understand and grasp onto the concepts and ideas that followers had to uphold, their way seeming like second nature. She became experienced in the fighting style of the Shaolin, being taught by one of her closest friends who she just simply called "Xiao Peng", or Little Fat due to his round size. Most of the monks and students had some sort of nickname in which everyone called them by, and it wasn't really hard to remember because there were less than 20 of them at all times, with various monks being sent on missions semi-often so that they can get a difference in scenery and a new experience on life, while at the same time teaching others in the way of the Buddha.

And thus, for roughly 200 years, Yvette would find herself placed in Tibet, staying away from all international conflicts and otherwise.

But that all changed 11 years ago.

"Your time has come."

By this point in her life Yvette had hit a high amount of stress. This mainly stemmed from her not doing anything that she saw as impactful in her life. I mean, you can't really blame her. She's been stuck at a monastary prasing Budha for more than half of her life. The world has been changing around her and she herself was getting old. Those around her have come and gone for so long that some have referred to her as a god due to her suspected immortality, but she felt like there was more to the world than just religion. She wanted to feel like she did when she was a kid before her life went to hell. And thus she went to search out something new, leaving Tibet.

Once again, she found herself homeless, but not for long. Somehow, she had stumbled upon a man known as Tsubasa Unabara, a shinigami royal. The two of them had made acquaintances, nothing more nothing less. A few years would pass before she would end up joining the Vanguard, sharing the want to protect earth from outside sources.

Recently, a year and a half ago, Yvette contracted a sickness that was incurable. It didn't have a name at the time nor was it able to be studied as once contracted, the person dies not too soon after. To combat it, Yvette had requested of Tsubasa to be made into a doll. And thus she was. The change was semi-drastic, as it was hard to get accustomed to her metal body but it wasn't long before Yvette had learned how to operate it like her original body.

V. Equipment & Abilities

Yvette, the Doll of Power [Approved 3-5] Ee4b94179c3ed1c61730df05e529a5e6-d8mcx38

» Peacemaker's Tear:

"The sword once belonged to a man, not a warrior nor a leader, but a man. This man wanted a serene life, a quiet life, a life where he wouldn't have to worry about the war or his family being in danger. But danger was still there, and he couldn't just ignore its existence. It stared him in the eyes, and he was too much of a coward to stare right back. So he made 13 weapons. This was his blade."

The Peacemaker's Tear is a simple greatsword, used by Yvette as a replacement for her zanpakuto, or lack thereof. There's nothing really special about the blade itself or its history, as from the flavor text above one can infer that the owner is a mystery.

The blade measures at 5'8" and weighs 70 lbs. Yvette's preferred style with the sword is to use it in vertical slashes most of the time, rarely using it for horizontal attacks as it leaves her open to attacks. To make up for that fault, she uses her legs to kick when there would be a moment she would need to slash horizontally.

» Crybaby:The bread and butter of the Tear, it's name given do to the wailing sound it makes when it is triggered.

To trigger it, anyone in a 20 m radius must activate a transformation of any kind. When this is done, the sword makes the crying sound described earlier, tears flowing out of the eyes of the lion engraved on the blade.

Granted that's the only appearance. Behind the scenes, the sword takes the difference between in tiers between power-ups and adds it to Yvette. So for example, if an opponent was of the tier 1-5 and increased to 1-1 through a transformation, then Yvette gains 4 sub-tiers. If multiple people in the area are transforming at once then all tiers get added on, up to 5 different people. The way that tiers are taken care of is that there are full-timers, sub-tiers, and sub-sub-tiers (such as ++ and --).

» Slayer of Power: Yvette was born into the Macto Clan, a special group of people who had a mutated gene n their bodies that would allow them to unlock a power specific to them. Each member would have their own theme of what their power can do. Some wield lightning while other scans bend gravity to their will. Yvette, on the other hand, can manipulate power.

Labeled under a Concept-based Slayer, the concept of power is an iffy one to convey with just words. Basically, Yvette can manipulate how strong a certain object is and the overall flow of "power" between objects. "Power", in Yvette's case, is not what one person has, rather a force in the world that connect all living beings. While some characters have a massive amount of power, power being something that can be grown by an individual, they can't really harness it to its full potential. That's the difference between Yvette and those she fights.

The Slayer of Power is allowed to alter a specific object's power or even "power" itself, enabling them to steal power, lower it, or mold it into physical attacks. That's another thing, power is strictly physical. So attacks that are magic based, like Kido, bear no power, instead of going off of "strength", or at least that's what Yvette calls it.

» Physical Hunt: A utility-based move that Yvette cannot turn off. Physical Hunt functions as a kind of radar, helping her since those of power that are in her line of sight. The way that it shows it to her is that every person has a faint glowing aura around them. Those with a tier of 5-0 to 6-0 have a very slim and white glow to them. This is the also the base color for everyone, say if someone was concealing their power then they would also show up as a white aura but thicker than an actual 5-0 or 6-0. Those with a tier of 3-0 to 4-5 have a light blue color to their aura, and the aura itself is smoky instead of the slim outline like the 5-0 aura. People in the tiers between 1-0 and 2-5 have a dark red/black aura. Depending on the person's control their aura's size will start coming into play here. The real honchos, the people who are 0-5 and above, have the ability to distinguish their aura from others. Once they hit 0-5 their aura is more personalized and catered towards that person's personality and power set.

» Slayer Magic: As a Slayer, Yvette has gone down the conscious choice of taking her innate power over the ability to use Kido. With that in mind, the Slayer Magic uses whatever element that the Slayer is dedicated to, in Yvette's case it would be power, so she's able to convert however much power she has in her system into a metaphysical form.

Currently, she has not formed any spells for this type of magic but plans on doing so in the nearby future.

» Racial Benefit: Hard Skin

» Phase One Transformation: In Phase One, there is no physical change to Yvette, but there are some changes behind the scenes.

» Calm Mind, Calm Soul, Calm Body: Mentally, Yvette transcends into a completely different state. On the exterior, Yvette becomes a husk of what she once was. Her eyes gloss over and her expression becomes emotionless as it looks as if she is acting on pure instinct alone. While all of this is true, Yvette is not unconscious nor unable to control her body. She can still move at will and respond to others with basic communication skills, but besides that, she is basically gone while her body works on its own.

Not only does her face change, her movement and posture change as well. She tends to stand straight when she's in Phase One, along with her movements becoming more fluid and smooth, allowing her to change the direction of her actions at any time if necessary. As if she were one with herself, not really fighting or controlling her brain nor her body.

» Phase Two Transformation: This form begins to show a change in Yvette's appearance, and the changes are pretty drastic. For starters, her skin and hair color returns to it's an original pigment of a paler shade, akin to a white, something that stays consistent throughout her transformations from this point onward, which isn't really much. A trait that is specific to this form is that she grows a pair of horns from her forehead, normally peeking through her hair. These horns are pretty short, measuring at roughly three inches from her forehead.

» Woman of Steel: Luckily for Yvette, the perks from the phase before no longer affect her because this perk now takes over.

Woman of Steel restore's Yvette's original personality and in the process adds a trait of immorality. In essence, she loses her moral compass, doing what is the most optimal in any situation without hesitation. Those above her tend to enjoy this mode of her because she doesn't ask questions, hell she doesn't do much of anything besides what she is told to do. Her machine portion of her body really shines in this instance, slowly losing her humanity.

» Unstable: Once this form is activated, Yvette loses all ability to control her spritial power, which results in her valve being turned completely open. This can be a blessing and a curse as this removes all possibilities of stealth or hiding but at the same time has the potential to decimate any living being that is within her vicinity.

» Phase Three Transformation: Not discovered yet.

IV. SKills

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

    Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

    Shinigami Doll Skills

  • Hard Skin:Adept
  • Spell Reflector: Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Beginner

    Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

Coding done by S_E

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