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 Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+]

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Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+] Banner

Race: Nature Iramasha Age: 2500 Gender: Female Weight: 140 Height: 5'7"

Affiliations: None Rank: None

Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+] AP1


My Lady is the Sea

Whether it’s the Iramasha of Water, Sea, or Ocean, Celena is apt to take all of these titles. If anyone has a problem with it, she’ll fight them for it. She takes pride in all three as all three have proven to embody who she is and the powers she possesses. It’s easy to see that she’s extremely protective over the Ocean and all bodies of water that cover Earth. It’s where she spends ninety-five percent of her time. There is no other place that Celena feels more clear-headed, more relaxed, and more at home than when she’s in the water. The water is most appealing to her in the depths of the ocean, where it’s the cleanest and most undisturbed by other lifeforms. Celena cares deeply for the ocean and the creatures who live there. Ocean and sea creatures flock to her often, her favorites being dolphins, whales, and small colorful fish of many sorts. Even she has to admit that sharks and octopus are extremely stubborn creatures, but she protects them just the same.

Celena will not tolerate the abusing of the ocean or sea. Anyone who dumps waste of any sorts in her waters will quickly become acquainted with her wrath. Do not let her catch you peeing on the beach either. You’ll suddenly find yourself caught in a powerful riptide while she watches you struggle from a few yards away. When the waters of Earth are neglected, Celena can become the most wrathful, vindictive, and scornful of women. When you neglect these waters, you’re neglecting and disrespecting her home and that’s not something she appreciates. As cold as the deep ocean, her heart rarely shows sympathy toward those who disregard the beauty of where she comes from. Celena is very strict with her views on the ocean. If people make bathrooms and other ways of destroying waste, they could use the plethora of inventions that are used for that; her home is not to be tainted and dirtied by the inconsiderate and lazy fools that think they own this planet.

Without the common neglect of her home bothering her, Celena is a surprisingly kind woman. It’s true that she can often seem cold and uncaring, but this is not the case. Celena has lived a large portion of her life in the ocean. She doesn’t often interact positively with the people of the Earthen Realm because she mostly runs into them in times of war. The amount of times that she has removed navy ships and submarines from her waters, uncaring to who or what she was interrupting in the process, is a higher number than most would expect. She does not tolerate war when she doesn’t have to and will happily take part in a war, siding with herself, if people refuse to cease their killing in her waters. She tries to be patient and give warnings to stop the times her home is in danger, but people, especially humans, have this habit of not taking her seriously. This is especially entertaining when whalers and other fisherman don’t heed her warnings.

Celena does not think that her desires are unreasonable. It’s not hard to leave whales, dolphins, and the other creatures of the sea alone either, but she came to the realization a long time ago that this world does need some creatures as sustenance. She’s accepted fisherman, who actually go for things like tuna, and she’s accepted crab fisherman and the like as well. She will never allow the needless slaughter of the more intelligent creatures, like whales, dolphins, sharks, sea lions, otters, and even octopus. When she finds creatures like this with their lives needlessly ended, Celena has no problem taking her anger out on people. However, Celena is not an impulsive person. She does think and prefers planned action over anything else. Her self-control is how she’s not let her anger get to her and has prevented herself from taking a life. As mentioned before, she removes ships from her waters. She does not sink them or kill the people who inhabit them.

On Calmer Waters

It was mentioned before, but Celena is actually a kind person. As long as she’s not trying to protect her waters, she is interesting to interact with. She has a natural cold demeanor. It could be blamed on her affinity to deep and dark waters, but that’s not the case. Her cold demeanor comes from her lack of real social interaction with people. She has had minor interactions with hundreds of people throughout the years, but there hasn’t been anything personal. Her cold appearance comes from the look in her eyes when she’s not smiling. Her quiet and calm, curious, or contemplative expression holds with slightly wide eyes and little of anything else, which makes her seem like she’s staring into your soul. Some could compare it to the wide-eyed nature of animals, fish for example, but without any mouthy expression. The moment she moves her lips though, all of that changes and the real Celena emerges. Her smile clearly shows her kindness and elegance.

Celena’s voice is as appealing as the melody of songbirds and as calming as the ocean waves washing onto a sandy shore. For someone with little interaction, she’s quite the articulate one as well. She speaks with the ability to captivate her audience. She radiates confidence with her elegant and dignified ways of just being. Every move she makes is elegant, smooth and meaningful. The same way she does not waste her words, she does not waste her movements. Celena is a woman with purpose. She knows her path and has not deviated from it for a moment. She is a woman who fully understands her place in the world and has no doubts in her mission. With little to no insecurities to hold her back, she naturally aids people in rising as well. She is an encouraging and an inspiring woman, who believes that everyone has the right to and can accomplish the goals they set out for if they work for it. Celena’s strong principles, and her ability to back them up, can inspire others to do the same. Celena isn't entirely aware of this though.

Coming with the soft and melodic voice is a talent for singing. And coming with the grace, elegance, and flexibility is also a talent for dancing. Her songs aren't what is on the mainstream. She sings more lullaby type songs. They are meaningful, soft, and melodic and she often accompanies them with her dances. Celena does not have a type of dance that she does. She hasn't been formally trained, but if you could compare her dancing to any styles it would be belly dancing, ballet, and contemporary dance. Her moves rely on her agility, balance, and the ability to accurately control her body. Celena loves being able to dance, though she rarely shows someone. She usually dances out at sea. She's more apt to sing for someone before she dances. Since she often plays with water while she is dancing as well, using it to enhance the beauty of her performance, Celena doesn't often dance away from bodies of water. The more excitement or passion she feels toward a song and dance, the more water she may use to express her joy.

In Deeper Waters

Since Celena has not had many personal or casual encounters in the past, she’s not aware of any sort of effect she may have on people. In the few times she has talked to others, especially women, she has seen insecurities in them that she doesn’t understand. The people of the Earthen Realm fascinate her. There is so much modesty and she doesn’t understand why. Celena is a woman who has every ability, without feeling shy or embarrassed, to walk around completely naked without problem. People could say this is because she has a great body, but even people with great bodies are shy. They hide themselves behind clothes, towels, blankets, and whatever else they can find to keep themselves hidden from the world. Celena does not see the need to be hidden. She only follows certain societal rules because there is no need to make people feel uncomfortable. She does it for their sake, not her own. Celena prefers to pacify the worries and insecurities of those around her. There's no point in making others feel awkward; that makes her feel bad.

Since Celena is someone who is very confident and secure in her own skin, it can be upsetting when others make her feel bad about herself. Celena doesn’t care about bullying or being made fun of, it’s the people who tear her down because of her confidence. They don’t do it intentionally, but the blushes, looking away, covering their eyes, and other gestures like that make her feel like she’s done something wrong. Since this happens when she’s walking around naked, she kind of has done something wrong, but she’s not aware of it. The lack of true social interaction over her years has left her ignorant of many social rules. One of these rules is ‘sexual harassment.’ Celena isn’t going to do anything that would heavily violate someone, but she’ll stare at cleavage, look up a shirt or skirt, snap a bra strap, pull at the belt line of someone’s pants, and many other things. All of this is done out of curiosity. She’s very playful with it, but it can cause problems with some people. She’s just trying to observe and learn about the new things and people she is surrounded by.

Celena being as ignorant as she is of the world around her means that she can be taught. She’s already a very intelligent woman with the ability to speak multiple languages, but her knowledge doesn’t go very far onto land. Her knowledge is much more focused on the waters she calls her home. She wants to learn more and likes it when she discovers new things, so quick trips to the sandy beaches have been the only rare times she has to learning about more. Of course, this means that her experience with people, who aren’t on navy or fishing ships, are random people in bikinis, swim-trunks, and bathing suits on the beach. People like that, most trying to relax on vacation, aren’t the best to learn from. Most of the time, Celena just observes them as well; she doesn’t try to hold a conversation. The fact is, Celena has a small fear of those on land. She finds the majority of them odd and doesn’t understand how they could live in such harsh conditions. The slight fear she has keeps her from exploring much further, so she usually stays in wet lands. The sea is safer.

Celena is gentle, generous, and gracious in all meanings of the words. She is helpful, cooperative and can be very forgiving. It’s kind of hard to find a negative trait about her. That is, until she starts talking about beauty. Celena has a very strict view of what she thinks is beautiful. Living in the ocean, her view of beauty is the color blue and bright colors. Blacks, browns, and greys are very unattractive colors that she’ll describe as “hideous.” The more vibrant the color, the more she’ll like it. The first time she sees a dark-skinned person is going to be an interesting interaction, since she has not seen one before. The first time she sees a puppy is going to conflict her. As she looks into the little things eyes, she’s going to wonder why it came in brown and not blue, pink, or green. This is sort of what you can expect when surrounded by sea-life over the normalcy of living on land. Luckily, Celena is a pretty adaptive person and once things are explained to her, she’ll more than likely will not make mistakes like that again. She's an alien to this world, more so than others.

Celena is also conceited, egotistical, and prideful to the point that she can easily offend and aggravate people around her. She thinks very highly of herself, which can be connected to the amount of confidence she exudes and her lack of social interaction. She doesn’t hold back complimenting herself often and sees herself as a masterpiece of sorts, and believes everyone else should see her the same way. She treats her body like a temple, like it’s a sacred thing that must be taken care of and damaging it is among the highest crimes one could commit. She is a valuable artifact that should never be touched, so attempting to do so will likely result in a smack of some sort. If she hasn’t given you permission to touch her, it’s best to keep your hands to yourself. She’s not so conceited that accidental contact would result in the same things, but she really doesn’t enjoy being touched. Celena’s view on herself isn’t a one-sided thing. She thinks everyone should share this view of their own body. You’re the most important thing in your life so treat yourself like it. Treating yourself like anything less than a treasure is just idiotic. She will call you on it too.


In the beginning...

There was water and darkness. I have no idea how I initially came to be. I floated along for an amount of time that was difficult to comprehend, flowing forcefully through the world around me at depths that the light of the sun could not reach. It took me decades to realize I did not have a form. I did not have a body that could act as my shell, that I could control. I was merely a consciousness in this dark blue world of mine. Decades longer and I figured out how to will my own consciousness to move in directions I wanted, following currents I deemed so in order to explore this world I lived in. There was not much to see. The creatures around me were strange, small, and insignificant to myself. For a time, they became creatures to play with since they could not see me. A time of play turned into an experiment when I felt anger for the first time. I created a small burst of current to whisk away a creature that frustrated me with it's inability to acknowledge my existence. There's nothing more terrible than not existing to anyone or anything around you.

After discovering this power to control the water around me, I began practicing. I still could not be seen by these small creatures, so they were victims to my personal training. I did my best not to hurt them. At times, I was able to aid them with this small control I had over the water. Larger sea creatures began appearing, attacking the smaller ones that I had begun to know. I could help only so much. I watched many be eaten, slaughtered without much help from me. I practiced more, enhancing currents and learning to push and pull water at a whim. Still nothing more than what I can assume is a spec in the water, I held more power than any of the larger creatures that inhabited the area of sea I had been living in. I got rougher with my treatment of certain creatures, like the sharks, and experimented on them for years before I felt strong enough to really explore. I moved throughout the ocean now, observing the hundreds of creatures that I cam across, but had no ability to see me. I moved along the ocean floor until I saw something shine.

I had never seen the sun before. Moving along the ocean floor for so long brought me higher in elevation until I reached the first light of sun I ever experienced. This was about two thousand years ago. The water was warmer where the sun shined. I wasn't sure whether I liked that feeling, so I moved back into the depths I was familiar with, but something was nagging me. There was some need left unfulfilled and it kept pulling me back to that sunny area. I fought the urge for some time, but no amount of practicing with the water and its currents kept me distracted enough to ignore it for more than a few years. I wandered back to the shining sun and looked up for the first time. I could see a ball of light shimmering with the strange movement of the surface water. At this time, I did not know there was a 'surface' to travel to. I did not think the water would end the higher I went and my curiosity to reach the bright shining light was becoming more pressing. As I went for it though, a shadow crept between me and that light. That was the first ship I saw.

It was also, however, the first child I had ever seen. A small boy had fallen off of a boat and into my waters not a few inches from me. It wore strange clothing, had strange black seaweed (Yes, that's what I thought it was) growing from it's top, and flailed wildly in the water. It's appendages were the most interesting of what I had seen of all creatures. I did not know what hands were at the time, but they fascinated me. No fins, but arms and legs. No gills, but lungs. I was about to push it up out of my realm when I heard something else enter. A girl had dove into the water and was trying to save the boy. I watched for a while longer, but neither of them could breathe under water and it seemed they were to die. With a small alteration of the current, I willed them to live and raised their bodies to the surface. I moved to the very edge, refusing to rise any further. The idea of leaving the water like I could tell he just had was not appealing in any way. I heard him though, the name he called out. "Nun" is what they called me. I did not understand the name, but I took it as fact. It was one of many names I took on throughout the years. As they left, so did I. The boy left with his life and a story to tell, while I left with a discovery of life and a new name.

The surface was still haunting me, more so now that I had witness life above the crest of the water. I wanted to see it, but would I be able to leave the water to do it? I truly did not have the courage to try it. Instead, I forced myself to continue with my exploration by moving away from the light again. I thought that if I did not see it, I would not be tempted. I was wrong of course and found myself a huge distance away from my original spot when the sun beamed its way into my waters again. My world was bigger than I thought and getting bigger with every day that I traveled through the currents of the ocean. The temperatures here were different. The color of the water was different. The lands at the bottom were different as well. I discovered a plethora of new environment and was able to distract myself from temptation for some time. At this point, I was able to flow freely in my disembodied form. I could move so quickly through the water that no other creature was able to keep up. It was so natural and I didn't have to share this with anyone.

Terribly loud noises echoed down into the water. Massive booms were soon followed by debris of unfamiliar material tainting the beauty of my home. Two ships fought above me, firing cannons back and forth at each other. The carnage was nothing like I had ever seen. The ships were filled with holes, slowly sinking down to the depths with me. It was a fascinating, but horrifying scene to witness. Many bodies came with it. Bodies of men in the weirdest outfits of any era I have witnessed sunk into my waters, their blood corrupting the blue waters and their bodies beginning to rot from the moment their hearts stopped beating. I thought it was over, but the few survivors from one ship were soon caught by a second incoming from the continent not far off. Instead of aiding the men back into their ship, they fired onto them and killed them. This was the first act of cruelty I witnessed from man kind. This act cemented my reluctance to leave the safety of my ocean, where those merciless killers did not, and could not reside. It was safer this way.

A New Point of View

Battle was not something I ever expected to experience. I did not want to experience something like that, but about a thousand years ago, I did. For a few months, I stuck next to a fishing village of the coast of the country of Japan. The children there loved playing in the water. Though they could not see me, I enjoyed watching them when they came out. The children's innocence gave me a sense of joy and hope for mankind, and I wanted to keep them happy. I brought fish toward their village so they'd prosper and it worked. When Isonade made its appearance and threatened the children's lives, I took my first stand in protecting mankind. That beast was formidable. It's massive hooked tail was a problem for only the villagers in the fishing boats as it tried to hook their boats and drag them into the depths to devour them. I did my best to keep them afloat, pulling their bodies from the boats and setting them on land. I did this not with the current, but by manipulating the water in a manner I had never done before. My desperation helped me get stronger.

Once the villagers were safe, I did what I could to force Isonade to flee these waters. However, I did not do so without cost. I had never felt so weakened before. I felt my consciousness fading, and because of my disembodied existence, I honestly thought death was my fate. Everything went black and I slowly sunk to the ocean floor. The currents apparently brought me to shore because I woke up beneath a blanket and with quite a few children surrounding me. I panicked. They were looking right at me. I shot up from a bed and realized I was not in the water. I was not in the world I knew. Before I could react to that, I fell. I didn't know how to walk and after examining my body, I realized I had arms, hands, hair, and everything else I knew the the women had. The only major difference was that my hair was a vibrant colored blue. The children gave me clothing to wear and then helped me learn to walk out of the hut I had been sleeping in. When I made it outside, the entire village was kneeling before me. I had no idea how to react to something like that.

I looked around desperately for the water I knew. When I first laid my eyes on it, I did not recognize it. I did a double take when I realized that I really was on the outside of my home. I really did have my own body. I was also being treated like some sort of god by these people. They showered me with gifts, food, and praise. Every time I attempted to flee and return to my home-world, they distracted me with something new. I learned to walk, read, write, sew, cook, fish, and garden in the village. I played with the children whenever I wanted. I was given the finest clothes they could make and the pampering didn't seem to stop, but I didn't notice the village was slowly dying. My being distracted prevented fish from gathering here like it once did and so things were getting bad and people began to worry. It was then that I revealed my power. I walked into the ocean and called forth schools of fish to aid the prosperity of the village. From that moment on, things only got worse. I quickly learned that being a god to people was stressful and disappointing.

There was only so much that I could do to help them. There was only so much power I had, but they expected more and more. When I was unable to provide them with what they wanted, they became angry and irate. I tried to explain to them that I wasn't all-powerful, but they did not want to believe me. They demanded more and more. They wanted me to change the tides, I did. They wanted more fish, I gave it to them. They wanted more rain for their crops located inland, I brought water from rivers up north. Nothing I did satisfied them. I was never given a break. They wanted more and more. I began telling them no and that is when they tried forcing me into doing more. Their greed angered me and I lashed out by creating a tidal wave that destroyed the village. In anger, I left them with nothing but flooded land and a message for them to rebuild on their own. I returned to the ocean then, never to return to that place. I kept their teachings close to my heart and noticed my body would merge with the water when I entered it, so I did learn some things. Unfortunately, the main thing I did learn was that humans were selfish and ungrateful creatures.

The Western Waters

For some reason, I thought I could flee the selfishness of mankind by moving to another part of the world. I traveled through the depths of my oceans until I came to the Western Worlds. I found that slave ships were often brought from the African continent to cities in America like Jamestown, Charleston, Boston, and New York. At first, I could not comprehend what a slave was, never mind understanding a slave ship. The term intrigued me and I found myself observing these things. I feel like I am naturally drawn to the cruelty of man because when I found out what slaves were, I was appalled. At first, I thought it was normal. I figured it was people paying back debts, like women often had to do in Japan. I also thought maybe they had gone to war, won, and took slaves as payment for the war, but obviously I was wrong. Men used their advancements in technology to oppress other men. They'd beat them when they did something wrong. They separated parents from their children, husbands from wives, and siblings from each other. I thought I had seen the worse of mankind, but I knew nothing of mankind's cruelty until I witnessed slavery.

It was more than fifty years before I witnessed another act of mankind. I preferred to avoid their kind at all costs. If I didn't avoid them, it was because they invaded my home with their ships. There was a point in time that their ships was all I saw. Big wooden creations were constantly floating along the surface of my world, carrying people and other things to trade. I was so angry at the idea of slavery that I took some matters into my own hand. I sunk ships in short amounts of time after they left the docks of Africa in order to have enough time to free the ones chained. I used the waves to get them back home and drown the men who tried locking them up. So many ships came and went. I couldn't keep up with it all. And things went very wrong when the African men were being blamed for sabotaging the boats. From my place on shore, I witnessed the African men being slaughtered in horrifying ways because of something I did. I was only trying to help and it backfired on me, again. It felt like any time I tried to help, it backfired and I lost confidence to help. From that time on, I kept to observation and did nothing to help. Children were the only exception.

I have to admit that by this point, I was so angry with the surface world and those who inhabit it that I let my anger take control. I didn't even take a look on who was on the ship. It was larger than the ones I had seen before and so I assumed war ship. There is a reason they said the ice burg came out of nowhere. It did. I made it. I popped it up out of the water and destroyed the hull of the Titanic. I then sat on the ice burg, watching the ship slowly go down and people panic. I didn't even realize that there were normal people on that ship until I decided to get a closer look and saw children. By that time, the ship had broken in half and people weren't going to be saved. I moved closer and watched from beneath. Now that I'm older and know more of what I am doing and have become more skilled, I think back on that day and hate myself. I could have warmed the water so they didn't freeze to death. I could have created an icy surface so they didn't grown. I could have pulled those who sank from the depths and brought them up. I was in such a panic and felt so guilty that I didn't think right. The only thing I did was use the currents to keep the survivors together.

When the ship hit the ocean floor and the survivors settled, I planned on taking them toward land. Any time I tried to move them, I felt guilt overwhelm me. I chose to just keep them together at that point. A couple of hours later, the rescue boats showed up and began pulling the survivors to safety. My curiosity welled up again and I brought myself to the surface of the water, allowing only my eyes to be seen. An eight-year-old girl looked over the edge and was the only one to see me. I could see her broken spirit in her eyes. She lost someone in all of this and it was my fault. I thought, at first, that she would grab one of the adults attention and point me out, but she just stared. She never told anyone that I was there. For good reason, she never smiled, waved, or laughed. I had broken this innocent child for selfish and stupid reasons. I was going to check the rest of the boats, but my cowardice at the time kept me from doing it. I apologized to the girl, but I did not tell her why. There was no need to scar her more. If she had told anyone that a blue haired woman from the sea sunk the Titanic, she would have had a horrible life. She likely would have been locked up or killed for being insane. Humans weren't kind to those who are different.

The look in that girl's eyes haunted me for some time. It was four years later before I decided I needed to find out who she was and what happened to her. I came onto shore and scared the living shit out of people who were playing on the sandy beaches. The blue hair and strange outfit threw them off greatly. They began yelling obscenities, calling me a demon, a witch, and whatever else they could think of. It reminded me of the brief moments I watched the Salem Witch Trials. I had come onto land for the second time during those years, interested in what "witchcraft" was. It did not take me long to flee, as my blue hair immediately caught the eyes of paranoid religious fanatics and I was to be hanged along with those of Salem. Anyways, coming ashore was a dangerous thing. I hid for the most part, trying to make it into the city, but never failing to be sighted. Stealth was not among my skills when I looked so different to everyone in the world. As I sat on a rock at the bottom of a cliff, a curious man came forward speaking English. I had only learned to be fluent in Ancient Egyptian and Japanese up to this point. I heard some English, but not enough to speak it among the natives of America. And yes, I know now how ignorant that sounds.

The man helped me out. He was so interested in me, who I was, and what I was. It took him a few months to get me fluent enough in English in order to truly communicate. Once I was able to, he wanted to learn so much about me, but I declined until he helped me find the little girl I described. I didn't know her name or age at that time. I only knew what she looked like. He brought me records of the survivors of the Titanic and I finally found her. Her name was Marjorie Collyer and she was eight when I killed her Father by sinking that damn ship. It was a relief to find that her Mother lived and remarried, but I knew her life would never be the same because of my anger and my power. As thank you to this man for helping me, I answered as many questions as he wanted answered. Unfortunately for him, I didn't know much about myself. Even after centuries of life, I couldn't tell him what I was. I couldn't tell him whether I was "born" or not. He was shocked to realized I didn't even know I had a body until after a few centuries of my life had passed. I told him about my interactions with Ancient Egyptians and the fishing villages of Japan. I told him about the pirates I saw and the slaughtering of innocents. He realized that I was not fond of mankind.

In an attempt to get me to change my mind about mankind, he helped me get a disguise and brought me into the city of New York. It took me a while to pronounce that right. At first, I called it New Yolk, like the yellow stuff in eggs. I was corrected enough on that. Anyways, it was not a good time for me to go to the city. It was plagued with some sort of disease right after the end of the first World War. I only spent a day there. I had no interest in becoming ill and fled the moment I saw waters to do so. I never saw that man again. To this day, I don't even remember his name. He didn't get the chance to teach me about the humans because I didn't give him the chance. The city was disgusting. The air was hard to breathe, there were too many people, and they were all sick. Why would I want to stay in a place like that? Not only that, but seeing the impact of war on that place was just annoying. It's like all they knew how to do was fight. Two decades later, the world ended up in another war over some asshole that thought genocide was the way to get what he wanted. Since I preferred to stick in Western Waters at this time, I was close to Pearl Harbor when those of my old land came and attacked. I would have gotten involved, but I learned not to. The last time I let my anger take hold, I killed innocents and that wasn't going to happen again.

It was a little less than twenty years later when I finally took action in the surface world. I had been studying humans from afar, usually watching those on beaches and ships to try and understand them. It was when I overheard someone's radio talking about a missile confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. Another war? I didn't hold back in that moment. I was so done. I traveled to the blockade as quickly as I could. When I arrived, it was obvious that the Soviet ships were intent on crossing the line and it was going to result in a naval fight that would just start another fucking war! As the ships were ready to cross the line, I moved in and reversed the currents until they were about half a mile back and for the first time, I boarded a ship to say what I needed to say. Of course, I boarded the lead ship and stayed there, ready to act on my threats to sink the ships without batting a damn eye. Once the Soviet Union found my threat valid, mainly by having their leader send message back to the mainland to prove a point, letters of communication between the hostile parties ended the tension a while later. Apparently, knowing more powerful forces were at work, they gave in. I don't know why, but they kept my presence a secret. I assume it had to do with keeping up reputations and not seeming cowardly. Not many men would have liked the idea that their army was bending to the will of a woman, no matter how powerful. Fine by me. I won.

The Emergence of Power

From the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis to around the twenty first century, things were pretty okay. I hated the fact that people still fought and September 11th hit a wrong nerve, but I was sick in meddling in human affairs. If I was there at the time, I'd help, but if I wasn't then I felt little responsibility over anything that happened. I was moving through the Pacific Ocean on the east side when something tickled at the back of my head. That was the only way I could describe it. I had never felt it before. It was like something was calling me and so I followed that call. When I arrived, I was on the edge of Japan again, looking inland. I could feel a body of water moving into the area, so I moved up Karasu River in order to get a better look and feel about what was going on. I wandered around the area when there was a sudden shift that I couldn't explain. I felt like I had been cut off from the natural world some how. I couldn't sense the oceans I was used to and before I could regain my composure, the amount of power I felt suddenly appear around me pushed me to my knees. I had never been in the presence of another being with power until then.

I could feel the clashing of power occur above my position. When I finally got the strength to raise my head, I watched a war between beings that I could compare to myself take place over my head. They all held swords of different kinds, had the ability to dash around at speeds my eyes could barely follow, and even some held dominion over water and ice the way I did. The person that most intrigued me was a boy with orange hair and the ability to fire out black energy of some sort from the edge of his black blade. It was that boy that seemed to singlehandedly end the war as many of his comrades fell. In the middle of this though, I felt my connection to the world around reestablish for some reason. I didn't know what the hell to do and I wasn't getting involved in this war. I was sick of war. I jumped my ass back into the river and left before I could get caught up in any of their bullshit. Something that day did stick with me though. A lot of them had strange colored hair, like me. Was the color of your hair often dictated by the powers you possessed? Was my power over water the reason my hair was colored this beautifully? The boy with white hair created ice. The boy with orange hair was powerful as well. It brought a lot of questions forth, but I didn't know how to get them answered. Over the next few years, things changed more than expected.

The power levels of the people in the world changed drastically. People with power began making themselves known for reasons I couldn't understand. I had been unaware of their existence in the first place, so the sudden appearance of powerful beings took me for a loop. I completely avoided the Ender War, choosing to stay hidden in the depths of the ocean instead of participate in that. It was when the war with Kin occurred that I didn't feel right sitting back and doing nothing anymore. The centuries of controlling the ocean and waters of the sea had brought me to a level that I thought I could at least aid in battles. Kin was a terrifying creature, but after finding out about his plans, I could not justify sitting back and hiding over protecting the world at large. It wasn't long before that war came to my own doors, so to speak. I ended up against about ten of his brainwashed followers. At the time, I didn't know they had been controlled with his aether and so I feel no guilt about destroying them. It wasn't hard. It was the first time I went into battle with the intent to kill too. Once I caught them in my waters, I froze them to the core and shattered them into enough pieces I couldn't count. All of that was in protection of a town on the edges of the ocean.

Luckily, that war ended with the Soul King sealing Kin away in his own dimension, but that doesn't exactly settle with me. There are power houses in that realm that, if they do return, it is possible this world will be lost to Kin's vision. There was a short time, when I found his way of drawing people in was by granting their greatest desire, that I thought of joining him and his cause. I decided not to stoop so low as that. It was a pathetic way of gaining what you want. How did he grant those wishes anyway? By taking away the lives, loves, and dreams of those who did not follow him is the more likely answer. Someone like that didn't deserve my loyalties, so I wouldn't give it to him. With the Ender War and the war of K-World, it seemed battle was going to be an inevitable part of life. I had many choices to make, questions to ask, and a lot of power to gain. With the boom in Arrancar, Demon, and Hollow population around 2150, I took part in many battles that took place along the shores of the eastern world. I couldn't be everywhere, even though I did try to be. It was the first time I returned to my old fishing village. I protected them again and my legend had apparently not faded from their memory. There was even an old statue of me in the center, but it is now destroyed because of a battle I held to protect them. Maybe they rebuilt it? I don't know. I do know that is where I got my second name, the name after Nun: Suijin.

There was so much fighting and for so long, that even though I became more and more powerful with each enemy I defeated, I became tired. After fifty years of fighting, the world became much more innovative and some fighting settled. When the notions of underwater cities came, I was conflicted at first. However, when I realized how many this would keep safe, I aided in their creation by creating safer areas for construction to occur. I prevented drownings when things went wrong, like creating pockets of air by separating the water when equipment failed. I did most of this passively, but people did recognize my work and often thanked me. During these times of receiving gratitude, I noticed something about myself. I did not truly have a name. The previous names I knew of were given to me based off of different religions: Nun from the Ancient Egyptians and Suijin from the Japanese. However, when someone asked me my name, I did not have one to give. I was never given a name. I had no parents that I knew of and my birth was my sudden consciousness under the water itself. I didn't even know what race I was until more recent history. Upon discovering this sad truth, I felt like something in my life was missing and it bothered me. The fact that I didn't know how to figure these things out made it worse.

A Path to Self-Discovery
2250-Present Day

Being so attached to the ocean made it very difficult to try and find out where I came from, if I had a name. For a while, I tried to leave the water for extended periods of time. It was difficult and not for the reasons most people expect. I've learned that water is everywhere. It's in people's fridges and pools, in the plumbing, rivers and other waterways, but also in the air that most breathe. As long as there is water, I can survive. The more water there is, the easier it becomes for me to survive. This is why I avoid deserts, but I can still survive there with seriously limited power. I assume fire and air users would prefer those types of areas. Moving on though, it became my mission to figure out where I was from. I studied some in Japan since that was the most spiritually aware area form what I knew of. I learned more about the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and Demon world through my explorations. I hadn't found anything about the Iramasha Realm at that time. I had to run into a woman named Yavriil to find out about them. It was by luck that we ran into each other, though sometimes I wonder if she sensed me and hunted me down. Either way, it was because of here that I finally made it to the Soul Society, and therefore the Iramasha Realm.

I too my time in studying about my own kind. My physical makeup outed me as a Nature Iramasha. It turned out my body was more made up of water than I thought. During my studies, I began training as well. I learned more than a thing or two about my own kind, Yavriil helping me the entire time. It was about two years into this training that I found out about the one who held my powers before me. Her name was Amaris Sakkari. I guess she could be called my relative of some sort. I am reincarnated from her. She fell centuries ago in battle, a legend that had not been lost to the Iramasha, who led much longer lives than I expected. I was told about how she fought a Devil Iramasha and killed him, but his last blow left her weak and fading. She enacted a final ritual to allow her to be reincarnated. Many thought her powers lost because the cliff she had attempted the ritual on collapsed beneath her into the ocean below. Whether by luck or Amaris' skill, it completed and is the reason I was born beneath the waves. I spent my years alone because no one expected her reincarnation ritual to have completed. In a way, I was a miracle of sorts. Soon after, I was able to meet Amaris' family. To my surprise, I was welcomed as if I was part of the family.

I never truly felt right around them. They kept calling me by the name of a woman I knew nothing of merely because we shared the same appearance. I guess we technically shared a history, but that's like saying sisters are the same person. In my mind, Amaris died and so I was born. I couldn't wrap my head around what they were trying to do. It didn't help that Amaris' younger sister was pushy about it. Her Mother was kind and tried to keep me from feeling overwhelmed, but I could not handle that. I spent over two-thousand years on my own. Them trying to push me into their family to fill the hole they had in their hearts was not fair to me. I know it sounds selfish, but whether they liked it or not, I was not their daughter and they needed to accept it. This went on for four years and bothered me through my studies and training. It got to the point where I was avoiding and hiding from them, especially the youngest. Once I felt that I got enough training from my own kind, I chose to leave. I knew where I was from and who I came from. I needed nothing more and wanted nothing more. The moment I got the chance, I left the Iramasha Realm for the World of the Living. It wasn't a hard choice. There was more water there and I felt at home.

You know, I never thought it would happen. In fact, I never thought it could. I didn't think someone was stupid enough to try with how important it is, but when the Moon was fucking destroyed, I had never felt so lost in my life. It was like a piece of my soul was ripped away. I was greatly weakened at that time. I had been walking at the bottom of the ocean when suddenly the currents stopped. I had never felt something so still in my life. It was like sitting in the middle of a room with no vents and no lights. I was off balance and felt so sick for what seemed like years. It was only a few weeks, but during that time I kept hidden. I did my best to try and recreate the currents on my own, pushing and pulling currents and waves to try and keep things from going so wrong, but the oceans are too big for that. By the end of the first week, I laid at the bottom of the ocean, forcing myself to create an underwater aquarium for as many of the creatures in the ocean as possible. I cannot explain that time as anything more than being very sick and terrified at the same time. Weeks of meditation to keep the massive under water aquarium passed, and I was finally able to let go. The currents started back up and the tides were flowing mostly as normal. Unfortunately, the time the tides and currents were down, a lot of sea life was killed. There were only so many I could protect.

Last year, 2417, was probably the most peaceful year that I had been apart of in a long time. Conflict had reigned supreme for so long that it felt like I was never able to rest. From protecting people from the onslaught of Demons and Arrancar to the aid in building underwater bases, I had always been doing something. Since the year had given me enough time to settle down, train, and study more, not only has my skill in the control of water greatly increased, but my knowledge has. I've come to understand myself more clearly and can say that I'm quite proud of who I am. The legacy of the woman before me isn't something I care about. And with the destruction of the moon's effect on me, I finally realized what my name was going to be. Celena. I thought on many different names: Luna, Kamaria, Lucine, Aisha, and Aylin didn't fit me. There was something about the name Celena that stuck a little closer to my heart. I took on the surname Sakkari to honor the woman who gave me life. Though I was not going to allow her legacy to run me, I did appreciate that it was her that brought me into this world. In a way, she was my Mother.

Natural Abilities & Passives

Speed: Celena is meant to be a naturally speedy, agile, and graceful character. She's meant to be able to adapt and change when needed. There is nothing more adaptive than water as it changes from liquid, to a solid, and a gas depending on the environment it has been introduced to. Celena's natural speed is very high, but her agility and reflexes are what is actually impressive with her. Like water rushing down a river, she knows how to curve, bend, and move around accurately. Her movements are as graceful and often as deadly and as powerful as a rushing current.

Durability: Celena's natural durability is not impressive. This is why she uses her speed to avoid being struck over taking hits like ruffians often do. This is also why her Essence of Water ability is a natural thing. Since her body couldn't really defend itself by taking hits, she needed something to help her out. Her durability is not going to get her many places.

Strength: Celena's strength is similar to her durability, but a little better. She doesn't yet have an ability to make up for the fact that she's not the strongest woman around. Usually her abilities with water make it easy for her to not need to be strong. The amount of pressure she puts on with her control over water often makes up for any attacking ability that she lacks.

Fighting Ability: Celena has no style. She has no techniques and no formal training that would be named here. She merely has experience and the guidance of the world around her. She doesn't often use a weapon and has little to no skill in such. However, Celena's hand-to-hand ability is more impressive than most expect from a woman as dainty as her. Her hand-to-hand style consists of a dance-like movements as graceful and ever-changing as water itself. With movements as fluid as the flow of water, her body is treated like whips in attacks and rubber bands in defense.

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Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+] Banner

Racial Abilities & Skills

Aether Magic

➤ Name Of Spell: Luminescent Bubble
➤ Type: Personified
➤ Class: Material
➤ Skill Range: Beginner
➤ Effects: The most simple, useful, yet useless spell in her arsenal. It's a bubble that glows and provides Celena with light. She can do thousands of these without any problem. There is no cooldown. It doesn't glow bright enough to blind anyone or effect eye sight that much. If she puts a thousand of them in one area, then yeah it can bother someone, but it's just a damn glowing bubble.

➤ Name Of Spell: Aether Twister (Water)
➤ Type: Essential
➤ Class: Material
➤ Skill Range: Beginner
➤ Effects: Taken from Aether Magic Spell Thread, modified for Celena. Aether Twister is a basic Material Spell. Celena will direct her Aether energy towards the target of her choosing. Once she's identified the target, she will then begin to summon up supernaturally charged water with her Aether. Which, at that point, a cyclone that expands for roughly a half city block will emerge and attempt to submerge the opponent within it's gales. The primary damage will mostly come from projectile being flung at rapid speeds within the tornado, along with the fact that within the vortex will be water strong enough to cut through flesh, armor and various types of defenses. During the time that the vortex continues, Celena can throw in pieces of ice she's created in order to ensure extra damage. Celena can cast this up to ten times in a thread, though its doubtful she'd use it that much. Since the vortex lasts for three posts maximum, there is a five posts cooldown for recast.

➤ Name Of Spell: Healing Hand
➤ Type: Personified
➤ Class: Material
➤ Skill Range: Advanced
➤ Effects: Taken from Aether Magic Spell Thread, modified for Celena. A simple yet very useful spell which focuses on the metaphysical aspects of healing. By using the Aether within her, Celena is able to create a field around the wound and reconstruct whatever is enveloped in this field. This field is usually defined by the formation of a glowing light which emanates from one hand, but Celena's version also uses gathered water. It envelops whatever it is reconstructing and begins the healing process through that method. Masters of the Aether Magic can even use Aether Stones as conduits to create the markers and reconstruct whatever is in the field. Celena can keep one cast of this going for three total posts. With a cool down of one post, she can recast for three extra times per thread. She can put this spell into Aether Stones in order to have a few extra casts on hand.

➤ Name Of Spell: Water Reversion
➤ Type: Personified
➤ Class: Material
➤ Skill Range: Advanced
➤ Effects: A pretty advanced spell that concentrates on reverting gasses and solids to water or liquid forms. If the base of the solid or gas is water, it can be effected by this spell. For Celena's usage, she concentrates on focusing her Aether at a certain point and then unleashes it toward the object(s) in question. As her Aether makes contact with the object(s) in question, they're reverted to water. This mainly goes for ice and water based mist. The width and range of this spell is dependent on the amount of Aether she chooses to use and will vary based off threads. The base width and range are: 30ft cone width and 60ft range. She can cast this spell at maximum of fifteen times per thread and once per post, amount lowering based off the situation within the thread.

➤ Name Of Spell: Fos Nero
➤ Type: Personified
➤ Class: Immaterial
➤ Skill Range: Advanced
➤ Effects: This advanced spell can kind of be compared to shunko. Only able to be cast once per thread, lasting up to seven posts in thread, this ability uses her Aether to give each of her physical abilities, durability, speed, and strength, a one level boost. This is used when she is getting in closer range with fighters. It stacks with any other passives she has. Since Celena has no real style or technique when fighting, most of her ability comes from reaction. Like the element of water itself, Celena has the habit of going where the environment allows her, so her fighting style is completely reactionary and this enhances that in an attempt to give her an advantage in battle.

Aether Stones

Celena's Aether Stones: As Iramasha can make multiple Aether Stones, Celena has become quite skilled at creating them. She finds them very useful. Celena often has a large number at hand in order to makeup for some holes in her abilities. Her Aether Stones come in different shades of blue, that will be expressed through the color they're described in the list below. The number in [brackets] represents the number of Stones she has on her every thread, unless otherwise stated.

➤ The Lake Stone: This stone is activated with the incantation "flow." Once activated, the stone released a large amount of water until an entire lake has formed. The lake will cover whatever the environment allows, but the amount of water released will always been equal to 1 million gallons, a fourth of the amount of lake Michigan. The lake it creates is an unnatural one. [1]
➤ The Healing Gem: This stone gives Celena one cast of her Healing Hand ability. The spell stated in her Aether Magic holds the same effect that the stone would, including the three post cast time, except it breaks upon being used. The spell is cast by touching the wound in question. [3]
➤ The Freezing Crystal: This stone is used by tossing it into a body of water. Once done, the stone is no longer usable. The stone's effect is that it freezes up to half-a-million gallons of water, concentrating the surface first. It freezes deeper once the surface has been completely frozen. [1]
➤ Lunar Asylum: Only able to be used under water, this stone can be broken in order to create a large sphere of water with nothing but air on the inside. The sphere can be seen through from the inside, but looks like water rushing in a sphere on the outside, so it's difficult to see in. [2]

Aether Class

Aether Class Name: Iramasha of Water

Aether Class Power: Overall, Celena is the Iramasha of Water. Her sub-class being the Iramasha of the Ocean is what gives her the connection and extra strength to the natural bodies of water. Her main class gives her the ability to control, generate, and manipulate water. This class is a complex thing because water is almost everywhere: in plant-life, in the air, and even in the body.

Aether Class Abilities:

Base Water Ability: 1) Control, 2) Generation, 3) Manipulation

Control: Her ability to control water matches her control over aether for obvious reasons. It's connected. She's extremely skilled in it, among the most elite of practitioners. She's had centuries of practice with her aether, so her knowledge of it is as accurate as her execution.

Generation: This is tied to her aether control as well, for obvious reasons. Celena doesn't exactly generate water. It's more that she takes it from the world around her, such as the air and plant-life, and gathers it to her area. This is why places like the desert are difficult for her to act in.

Manipulation: The real kicker of her powers is the ability to manipulate water. At her base power, Celena has the ability to control a small amount of water. It's not impressive and can maybe fill a bath or two. She can bend the water at will, using only mental commands. Mentally controlled water moves at her speed. To speed things up, she can use her body to double the speed at which her water moves. Hands, feet, whatever... She can use it all. She does this by pinpointing her aether around her, using her body as a medium to do so. For long ranged combat, she'll use her longer limbs, legs/feet and arms/hands, and wider movements.

Immunity: Being the nature Iramasha of Water, it makes sense as to why the essence of her being would not harm her. She is immune to water attacks. This does include very cold or boiling water, but does not include ice or water heated to the point of being steam. For ice, it becomes a solid and acts more like an actual weapon, attacking her body in a more substantial manner. For steam, it's not the water that is hurting her, but the degree of heat that comes with it.

Temperature Control: Celena has the ability to drastically alter the temperature of the water she is using. She can alter it from freezing to boiling without much issue, however it does react to her emotional state. The "hotter" her emotions are (anger, rage, excitement), the hotter the water becomes. The "cooler" her emotions are (disdain, hatred, sadistic), the colder the water becomes. It's a strange difference, but it's more of a mental, time, and goal thing. Water will become hotter in the moment, when she's acting on impulse and using her strength to out-fight an opponent. The water will become colder when she's calm, calculated, and wanting to fight more defensively. When choosing to control ice, the amount of Aether Celena uses in increased by 50%.

The Essence of Water: This ability is a passive and refers to Celena's bodily makeup. It describes what her body seems to be made out of, but also explains how the ability functions and changes as things happen and Aether is expended. It also explains what happens if the ability is canceled somehow or needs to be negated for the sake of power or an extra boost of Aether.

This passive makes it seem like Celena's body is made of water. When you make physical contact with her on normal circumstances, she seems no different than anyone else. When she takes damage, however, her body doesn't show blood or cuts like one would expect. This passive makes it seem slike her body is made completely of water and like she's not being damaged.

The reality of this is that Celena's body's natural essence with water aids her. It's like having a shield around her entire body that is made up of water. The shield uses her aether to mesh and merge with her skin, allowing it to protect her from damage for a certain amount of damage that occurs. Since she is not the most durable person, this makes up for her natural bodily weakness.

While in combat, this shield can be worn away based off of what she has been struck with. Weaker abilities and wounds like cuts and scrapes won't make it go away quickly, but can wear her down. More powerful abilities can tear through her shield between 4-8 posts, but in any combat thread, she'll have the shield up for a minimum of four posts. As her shield gets worn away, normal injuries will show and evidence of damaging her will become more apparent to her opponent(s).

Sub-Aether Class Power: Iramasha of the Ocean

Sub-Aether Class Abilities

Strength of the Ocean: This passive refers to Celena feeling and being more natural in bodies of water. Since water is her entire theme, it should be obvious that the more water that is around, the more powerful she is because the more she can use. However, it's much more than that. While in lakes, rivers, and the ocean, there is something more spiritual there that her Aether connects to. Since pools and plumbing are more about mankind and not nature, her strength doesn't come from them. Lakes, rivers, oceans, and other natural bodies of water give her a much more fluid (haha) and natural connection to the water that she is using. This means that if she is fighting with water in the cities, another water user can likely out power her (dependent on tier and stat as well). However, if someone of equal strength and skill over water tries to fight her in bodies of water, she'll more than likely out power them because of this. Even those of slightly greater strength and skill in water can be equaled in power while she's in a true and natural body of water.

For a more mechanical explanation of this passive, while Celena is in natural bodies of water like rivers, lakes and the ocean, she will be considered two tier levels higher than normal and her speed, durability, and aether control each increase by a single level, to a maximum of Master (This changes if she ends up being granted GM though actual RP advancement later on in life.)

Aether Armament

Aether Armament Name: Aquarius

Aether Armament Appearance: The weapon you see below:

Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+] Aether_Arma

Aether Armament Abilities: Celena's Aether Arma does three things. The first is that is allows her a melee weapon for when things get close for comfort. The second is that it increases the speed at which she can use her spells and manipulate water: it halves the cast time of any spell. The third is that it decreases all cool-downs by one post to a minimum of one post. Celena can summon her Aether Arma outside of water within an entire post. However, she can also summon it within water instantly. Her Aether Arma advances per released form, this being its first.

Ether Morph - Immersion

Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+] Second_Form

All prior abilities and passives work in this form. What is stated here on the differences from her base form to this form. The only things that change are her "base water ability" and the amount of Aether spent when she chooses to use ice. (Cost for using ice is halved to 25%).

Manipulation: In this release, Celena has the ability to control an amount of water that could fill 2-3 hotel sized pools. She can bend the water at will, using only mental commands. Mentally controlled water moves at her speed. To speed things up, she can use her body to double the speed at which her water moves. Hands, feet, whatever... She can use it all. She does this by pinpointing her aether around her, using her body as a medium to do so. For long ranged combat, she'll use her longer limbs, legs/feet and arms/hands, and wider movements.

Ether Morph - World Fusion

Celena Sakkari [APPROVED; 2-4+] First_Form

All prior abilities and passives work in this form. What is stated here on the differences from her base form to this form. The only things that change are her "base water ability" and the amount of Aether spent when she chooses to use ice. (Cost for doesn't exist in this form and on).

Upon activating this form, the Essence of Water refreshes automatically and is like new.

Manipulation: In this release, Celena has the ability to control an amount of water that can compare to a very small lake. She can bend the water at will, using only mental commands. Mentally controlled water moves at her speed. To speed things up, she can use her body to triple the speed at which her water moves. Hands, feet, whatever... She can use it all. She does this by pinpointing her aether around her, using her body as a medium to do so. For long ranged combat, she'll use her longer limbs, legs/feet and arms/hands, and wider movements.

Also In The Blood: This power requires permission from the owners of the character that it may be used on. Permission not needed in site event threads. Permission not needed for NPC characters either. It's a known fact that water is just about everywhere, including in the body. Because of this, from this form and on, Celena has the ability to take control of and manipulate the blood of up to three creatures. This allows her to use them as a puppet, make their bodies fight against them, or even apply the painful process of pulling water from their bodies in order to dehydrate them. In order to do this, Celena needs to have physical contact in order to make the initial connection. Once that is done, she has to be within 30 feet to keep that connection strong enough to control the water in another living creature. Blood outside the body is free reign.

Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

Celena's final form grants her enough power to shake the world's climate. When this form is activated, there is no physical change to her appearance. She holds the previous appearance. It's more of a change in nature, as her aether connects to a massive amount of water surrounding her location. From bodies of water, to the water in the air, and even in the body, everything is impacted. Those within three miles of her can feel this pull occur. Those within a fifty yards can feel this pull moreso. It feels like their own blood is drawing toward her. Clouds gather, waves move a little quicker. It looks minor, but is a massive shift in the natural world.

All prior abilities and passives work in this form. What is stated here on the differences from her base form to this form. The only things that change are her "base water ability." Upon activating her final form, the Essence of Water refreshes automatically and is like new.

Manipulation: In this release, Celena can control hundreds of millions of gallons of water. At her peak, she can control up to twenty square miles of water if needed. (Note: This amount of water doesn't even rival a lot of the lakes in the world.) She can bend the water at will, using only mental commands. Mentally controlled water moves at her speed. To speed things up, she can use her body to triple the speed at which her water moves. Hands, feet, whatever... She can use it all. She does this by pinpointing her aether around her, using her body as a medium to do so. For long ranged combat, she'll use her longer limbs, legs/feet and arms/hands, and wider movements.

Also In The Blood: This power requires permission from the owners of the character that it may be used on. Permission not needed in site event threads. Permission not needed for NPC characters either. It's a known fact that water is just about everywhere, including in the body. Because of this, from this form and on, Celena has the ability to take control of and manipulate the blood of up to ten creatures. This allows her to use them as a puppet, make their bodies fight against them, or even apply the painful process of pulling water from their bodies in order to dehydrate them. In order to do this, Celena needs to be within 30 feet in order to make the initial connection. Once that is done, she has to stay within 150 feet to keep that connection strong enough to control the water in another living creature. Blood outside the body is free reign.

NOTE: Anyone who does not give permission for Celena to use her blood manipulation powers 1) can only say that she was holding back when they fought and 2) cannot kill her.

Skill Sheets

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Stones: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

Nature Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Recovery: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Nature Transmutation: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
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  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

  • Comments/Notes: After talking to Serenity about it in DMs I am giving this approval. Any queries can be directed at me in DMs in regards to the application review.
  • Tier: 2-4+

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Trained
  • Focus: Experienced

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