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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:41 am

The Reborn Wolf

Ulv Auber

Do you know De Wei? 6EdIfMt

Ulv stood at the cusp of a massive crater, and knew that it was once her home. She had long since given up trying to understand these annoying feelings of knowing things she couldn't possibly know, and just went with the flow. It seemed the best way to do things, after all. Just go with the flow and things will work out eventually. Is what she told herself. And hey, it worked out so far. Right now, she was just about to grab a guy pulling himself out of the crater, and once she had grabbed him, drag him up so he dangled face-height, eye to eye with Ulv.

"Hello, little rat. I'm looking for someone, and I would like you to tell me where they are. Could you point me in the direction of De Wei?" Ulv asked him. She had been given a tip from a friend that some scav boss called De Wei had stolen what little survived, whatever caused this catastrophic mess to occur. The man dangled for a bit, flayed his arms helplessly, and then sighed with deep exasperation when he realised he was entirely outclassed and caught red-handed. There was nothing he could do.

Surprisingly, he actually gave up the location of this De Wei without much trouble, which was a new one for Ulv. People here seemed to like trouble, and were always scrapping with anyone they could get their hands on. This guy, was a smart guy, and she liked him for that. Once she had gotten what she needed, she send him on his way and then turned in the direction she was pointed. Her Earth-Grasping Step was getting better these days, it was something she could pull off with a nice degree of swoosh, but it was still not perfect. Least of all, The Wind still whispered in her ear about it, but Ulv could tell it was not right just by herself.

Took her a few hours to get to the very detailed place that here informant had given her. His nervous stammering had really given her everything she could have wanted, and a lot more actually. But that was what you got for scaring people into telling you what you wanted them to tell her. It was certainly a scavs base, filled with junk and badly dressed people that smelled horrible. Fortunately her nose filtered out severe smells so she wasn't overwhelmed, but it still smelled back.

Sat up on a throne of junk, was De Wei. He looked like an asshole. He smelled like an asshole - in more ways than one - and he exuded the aura of an asshole. Preempting anything he was going to say as he got up from his throne, she just pointed.
"You stole gauntlets from me. I am here to get them back, however you want to deal with that, I will indulge you" Ulv told him. She had stripped off to her short top and pants before coming in. As much as she didn't like to show off, her muscles were intimidating to people.

De Wei laughed, and jumped down, not wasting any time with any pre-battle words. Just, starting a fight. Which was nice. What did caught her offguard, was that he was only wearing one of her gauntlets. The other hand was conspicuously bare and without anything. That didn't stop the actually gauntleted hand smashing into her face with a loud thunk and knocking her off her feet. Right, yea. Fists - or Fist, as it seemed - of Thunder let you punch like a champ even with weedy arms. She needed to focus, or there was going to be a mess of Ulv.

Getting up from the pile of crap she was knocked into, she steeled her focus and intensely locked it on De Wei. He favoured his right because of the powerful gauntlet, and with no gauntlet on the other side, Ulv was confident in her strong muscles able to protect an attack from that side. The next punch came, and Ulv twisted out of it's path and shifted a little to the left and twisted back, sinking a punch into his gut. It was a good punch, no body-control martial arts involved like Female Dragon Fist, and no crazy spiral control like Thousand Mile Death, but it was still a decent punch.

De Wei, seemed to believe it was a much better punch than Ulv thought. He let out a strangled gasp, coughed a bit, and then collapsed into a pile of scav. Ulv cocked an eyebrow, thinking it was some sort of trick, but nope. He twitched and gasped for a few moments, and then went still, his breathing the same as an unconscious person, and his still open eyes glassy and unseeing.

"Wait, he was a little bitch? Gods, that's unsatisfying" she muttered, walking over to him and taking his gauntlet off his arm. Well, one was better than none. The guy probably lost the other one or something. He seemed that kind of an idiot. It seemed that taking out the boss made her the new boss. Strange culture, but there you go. She was among humans, after all. Men gathered around trying to give her pieces of shit - fortunately not literal, although she'd not be surprised if that was - and a few gave her lengths of chain. She was confused as to what the use of those were until she followed them and found them attached to metal collars around the necks of girls.

It angered her for a moment, but then rationality overcame. Was she going to go across the world and crush all evil under her heel? Smash in everyone who had a bad thought? So she just shook her head softly and barreled out of the crowd, taking the slave girls out of the camp. Once a sufficient distance away, she snapped off all the collars and let them scatter. Maybe they were confident of their abilities to survive. Maybe they knew where they were going. Either way, she didn't stop them. Until only one girl was left. She stared at Ulv, and Ulv stared back. Usually, people were offput by her eyes, but the woman was just...interested.

And then she nodded.
"Come on then" she said with such great confidence that Ulv couldn't help but follow her. They crossed the plains and got to the foothills, were a small house stood. "I'm home! Ran into some trouble, but my plans were expedited by this girl" the woman exclaimed. Inside was hot, and she could hear a hissing crackle of a hot fire. Like, this place was a small forge or something.

Out of some other room, a man came out. Old, gray hair and wrinkled skin, he still had a well toned body, from a life of working the forge.
"Hmm. Interesting girl. I'm Gordo, thanks for helping my daughter. She gets herself in all manner of trouble, and one of these days she isn't going to get out of it" he grumbled, staring at the woman who was making pains not to listen. Then Gordo saw her gauntlet and raised a thick, hairy eyebrow. "Seems you have exactly what my daughter was going for. You know that gauntlet is part of a set, a very important and very well made set". When Ulv nodded, he carried on. "Right now they are dormant, a sort of failsafe designed by their original crafter to ensure that only the original man or his descendants could truly wield it's power. They aren't terrible when dormant, but are brilliant when awake. I can wake them up, if you want".

Ulv felt his offer was sincere, and so she gave him the gauntlet and then left him to his work. The daughter, crooked her finger and Ulv had no reason not to go, so she followed.
"I had it, but you made it easier, so I want to give you a thanks. We are reclaimers. We, well, as the name suggests, reclaim stuff.
We got a book of things to find and send back to the base, circled things we have found, circled and crossed things we have found and sent back. But, we do get a little leeway to give off stuff if we find people worthy of having it. Sure you were just there for your gauntlet, but you didn't hesitate to send the slave girls free rather than taking the guy's throne and all his power. So I think you can have something of your choice, that is circled"
The woman produced a book, and handed to to Ulv. Well, if it made her happy...

Flicking through the book, the circled stuff didn't really interest her. She was a personal girl, not really into weapons or anything like that. But, one sword caught her eye. She felt her soul - shattered as it was - tugging towards this thing. It was pretty big, a two handed great sword,with a sharp edge and an ominous look to it, even as a picture. Like it could cleave a Dragon in two.
"This one" Ulv said, making sure it had a circle before pointing it out. The woman looked, and then nodded, going into the back room, and dragging out the sword. In person, it felt even more ominous. Ulv still had no idea what to do with a sword, but it felt like she had always owned it. And this was deeper than the strange past life feelings. This sword went far, far beyond her last live. This, was a life many lives ago. A life so powerful, and so vigorous, that it seered itself onto the soul for every life to come.

"Dad'll be done in a few days, so feel free to come back then" The woman offered, which was nice. Ulv liked coming back places, it meant making friends. And making friends was a good thing for her. She could have stuck around and chatted, but she was highly interested in this sword, so she left the house with a wave and went somewhere, to learn about it.

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