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Kuegyoku-nari QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Chifuyu Yuudeshi
» Link To Character: Application

Kuegyoku-nari [崩玉体, Break-Down Body]

Crystal Matrix: Crystal Matrix is the evolution of Chifuyu's crystal body that rapidly evolved past its previous state. This is primarily prompted through the exposure to Adam Eve's power of progression and evolution. Formerly Chifuyu's crystal body was only 10% naturally crystal, the amount minute and diluted throughout her body. Her body is now a strange homogeneous mass where her cells are not confined to the standard parameters of normal people.

Each and every cell of her's is an equal ratio of a strange organic-crystal substance. Each cell is the same, there isn't a difference between a cell in her leg or a cell in her heart. They may take the form of a human female but ultimately they are inter-changeable. She is able to alter her physiology much easier and to a higher level, for example if you were to try and damage her brain by striking the head, her mind is divided over her entire body, there is a brain there but it isn't what she requires to think and operate. If her lungs were compromised she could filter air through her skin, being able to filter out most contaminants in the process.

Abilities Of Crystal Matrix

Crystal Aegis: Crystal Aegis is her defence mechanism, it is natural for the human body to do whatever it can to survive. Her body is able to regenerate quite quickly this is due to the fact that in the past she could regenerate, but it was so much harder. Her cells were not homogeneous they were all computed to a certain function, if her arm was torn off she'd have to reconstruct the entire arm, with her cells all being the same she can shift and move around her mass to where it's needed. If she was to be on the verge of death from say blood loss, her body would begin destroying parts of itself to keep that functioning by replacing and repairing bits although if she has the alternate option of completely removing her requirement of blood by having all her cells absorb oxygen or recycle it.

She is very hard to kill, she may not be the strongest physically but her body is very impressive with its resilient nature being able to survive in a lot of instances so long as she has the required mass and/or energy available to harness in maintaining herself.

Reality Matrix: Formed from a hybrid power, she possesses the ability to interact and control the world around her to an extent through Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst. Given that Chifuyu's own powers stem from Zin's Hogyoku. One of the most special things about the Hogyoku is it's power to alter the fabric of reality to achieve an effect, a desired effect, now this isn't full-out Reality Warping. It is a localised warping power given to her which she can only manifest in her hand. This is the result of her hand being the focus point for her essence, at this focus point the nature of causality can break down and for a moment reality is malleable. This isn't something combat worthy, it is pretty useless since she cannot will a person to die by just touching them but for a moment by touching someone she can alter them, usually in the form of some kind of evolution or progression.

The best example is the Shinigami evolving into a Vizard, or a Hollow becoming an Arrancar. Chifuyu's Reality Matrix allows for her to progress a person in some manner, usually in the form of a power upgrade or for character development. That is the purpose of this power. She can take something and alter it, she could take a weak weapon and alter it, infusing it with strength to become something much more powerful. This power stems from her own intellectual nature and her trait as a tinker. Strangely she cannot use reality matrix on herself, stemming from the fact that she is the cause. It is like a battery cannot charge itself, it can power something else though that is Chifuyu's power.

[Note: The Reality Matrix is primarily a character development tool, in the rare instance it can be used once-per thread for altering something for combat. Say for example an attack or barrier, she could alter that to be exponentially more powerful but the ability would not be able to be used again in a thread.]

Limitations Of Crystal Matrix

Energy Constraints: Chifuyu is limited depending on her energy, without an external force powering her such as the Yuudeshi Network or another form of power. While she can siphon off energy via her crystals from sources like if someone willingly gave her energy through contact with her cells or she was able to convert external energies via crystals such as heat but that would still be limiting unless it was on a grand scale. Without sufficient energy Chifuyu can find it very hard to operate to her maximum potential.

Mentality: Chifuyu is not exactly bound to a brain, theoretically she could inhabit multiple bodies comprised of her cells. She can control crystals and all these cells but even given her super-human brain enhancements with her phantom tech to say that she can control upwards of a hundred specific actions would be ridiculous. Her power is mentally taxing the more she uses it, short of her body acting on its own to keep herself alive when she is trying to do so many things at once the power is much weaker. Direct and focused thoughts are much more powerful, such as hurling a group of crystal shards at someone is much better than trying to hurl these shards and controlling every single shard.

» Why: This is my wish after winning Fight of the Year 2017. The power itself stems from that thread and is derived from it as well, their follow-up thread only adds more purpose behind why this power would develop. Otherwise it is essential towards Chifuyu's development of Vanguard technology and the like which is why I am requesting it.

» Extra: N/A

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[adm]Your wish has been granted.[/adm]
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