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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:30 pm

Ruby Icewalker

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012
Soldier Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ruby Icewalker
» Titles: Bestial Suigura, The Remnant.
» Human Age: 10,000+
» Suiguran Age: 240,350+
» Gender:
» Origin: Suigura Of The Body
» Kingdom: North
» Affiliation/Rank: ???

» True Appearance Description:

Eyes as red as blood: Ruby Icewalker was an anomaly of the icewalker family, her eyes unlike the silver that her family took pride in--where of a crimson hue. In the fading light they often have a rust like quality to them and have been likened to the color of dried blood. Her eyes are not flashy, but rather have a haunting quality to them, almost like they are trying to peer into your very soul.
In the darkness, her eyes seemed to be akin to floodlights, their hue of a more ruby variation, glinting like precious gemstones in the dark, reflecting the light of the moon. In this manner, her eyes could be mistaken for that of a predatory beast, rather than someone of a more humanoid nature.

    Haunting: Rubies eyes are haunting, they seem to see through a person and the pretenses that they have. This is more a manner of how she stares than being actual fact though. Her large ruby eyes will often study, sweep and scrutinize on even the smallest detail, a twitch, a sigh, a shake of the head. All of these things are encaptured in this rust-colored gaze. All of these things paint a picture, which is why her stare is often a source of discomfort, as if being laid bare at a cursory glance.

    Power Of Will: Assertive, Dominant, Overbearing, Overwhelming. There are many words that could be likened to the magnetic force that lingers in rubies gaze. It is a force of will that has been built upon an eternity of existence; her stare often can be considered powerful because it carries the will, the steely determination that she constantly projects. Many people like to show their assertiveness with how they talk, or walk--Ruby shows that assertiveness in the dominating gaze she has, because of this people seldom tend to make eye contact.

    The Remnant: Days, Years, Millenia--Time is something that projects itself within her magnetically haunting gaze. The remnant of a bygone era, and it shows through her gazes in a very interesting way. Many times, people tend to hide everything that they have experience. However you don’t find all of that with ruby--she tends to be very open with the experiences that have shaped her, and that shows in her gaze, it’s like glancing into a bottomless abyss, a wealth of experience she has had.

    Torchlight in the darkness: Kindness, warmth, perseverance. These things flavor the assertive undertones which permeate her fleeting glances and cursory stares. She isn’t heartless, and has quite the feeling of attachment for the world around her; and it shows--especially in her stare. The hardness has been offset by moments of softness, a break from the constant aggression. You may have to look to find these fleeting moments of warmth though, because she does cover it up when it happens.

Chestnut Hair: Rubies hair is of a very earthy tone, it’s rich hues very similar to the color of a chestnuts; or of a more mahogany tone. It’s worthy of note however that in the light this color-palette changes ever so slightly--Reds are hinted in the sea of brown that glistens radiantly against the suns rays, scores of dark brown scattered within a bed of lighter vibrant brown gives her hair a bountiful tapestry of variety that often can be called “mesmerising”

Body of a Goddess: Ruby’s body is toned, it’s firm and sleek; muscles well proportioned and curves in mostly all of the right places. To the standards of a human Ruby has a body that could be considered to be that of a goddesses. Coming in at a lanky 6 ft 7 inches the suigura of the body is a mountain among the female populace, an aberration of genetics that seems to defy the rest of the family she was born in, and most of the rest of the mundane world.

    Superhuman Physique: Going back to that toned and sleek body with well proportioned muscles, Ruby is in possession of a body that truly could be considered “Superhuman” in the most literal way. Her muscles are naturally denser due to the fact that she naturally has over 100x the natural muscle fibers within her muscles in the same space, that sleek and lanky body of hers is actually an accumulation of roughly 2 tons of explosive power. Because of this accompanied with a high metabolism, aesthetically speaking there is only about a 2% body fat on her, the rest of it being the deceptively strong yet soft looking muscles that adorn her, from a sweeping six pack, to the well proportioned muscles on her back, arms and well endowed hip regions.

    Scars & Soft Skin: There’s an interesting duality that accompanies the wear and tear that has battered Ruby’s body over thousands of years; the fact that her skin is soft and supple, and yet crisscrossed with scars. You may not see the scars easily but if you catch it in the right lightning, there are innumerable claw-marks that lightly crisscross her back, her arms and torso and even legs. Over time they have faded until they are barely discernible; but that doesn’t mean they are not there. Back to the softness of her skin, her skin is satin-like to the touch, and has the elasticity you might expect to find in a child rather than a 10,000 year old suigura. Thus her body is a baffling mixture of Soft Satin and Scarring.

    Caressed By The Snow: Partially due to the lack of a need for melatonin to form due to the environment, & partially due to the fact her cells can regenerate faster than they can be damaged by solar radiation; Ruby has skin that is befitting of snow white and the seven dwarves. Her skin is the color of freshly fallen snow, only with a healthy youthful complexion to it. This aesthetic is partially because of the concept of “immortality” that she has, so long as cell growth outweighs cell death, this means that her cells are always in surplus, rather than at a deficit. This naturally translates to her constantly glowing skin which looks like it is caressed by the snow.

    Tribal Markings: True to her nomadic heritage, it seems like Ruby has some tribalesque markings adorning her body. From the downwards facing triangles of a reddened hue beneath her eyes to the one between her brows, as well as faint markings that adorn her shoulder blades and move downwards along the small of her back and middle of her lower back. All done by hand in a red black dynamic that frames a stark contrast to her snowy white skin. These markings hold significance to her because they were given to her during her coming of age cerimony by her parents, and were the last things she ever received from them.

->Insert Image Here<-

The Mask Of Beasts: Normally seen adorning the top of her head, Ruby wears a tribal like mask which is made from the many beasts that she has slain, painted in their blood, formed from their fur, sculpted from their bones. It is very much so a memento of the time she spent in the realm of beasts, and is a trademark of her aesthetic appearance.

The Nomadic Style: This mask has a very nomadic feel to it, going in line with her tribal markings this mask has a very simple yet elegant sculpting to it, the subtle brown lines and red undertones bringing together to form a very simple feel to it.

» True Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

❅ Analytical Genius: When it comes to logical outcomes and thought processes, Ruby while not particularly versed in modern technological advances; is certainly a genius. But just like many people branded with this label she often is seen as peculiar in her methods of looking about the world. There are a few affecting factors of this that directly influence how she behaves or may be perceived by others. Below are the factors that can be seen as affecting factors towards social based interactions.

    Keen Deduction:
    Ruby despite the nickname “The Bestial Sugiura” is very sensitive to what goes on around her. The world to her is very similar to a jigsaw puzzle where every piece of it just fits like so. Because of this concept, she is very good at deducing anomalies in the environment around her, as well as from the social interactions that precede those anomalies. Faint changes, like a spike in heart rate at a gathering coupled with a change in the aroma in the air, or even maybe a change in heat in the room could be clues to something like a fire down below. Physiologic changes in state, changes in the environment, all of these things for ruby weave what could be called an amazing tapestry that unfolds before her.

    It is because she is so keen that often people can mistake her observant nature for nosy, or spying. She isn’t one who will balk from the social repercussions of say observing someone changing if she considers that there could be something worth learning from the incident. This ties in very well with her Analytical nature, everything follows a vein of logic-- everything has a reason for happening; following the breadcrumbs will inevitably lead to the solution. Her eyes, ears, smell and taste are all tools she can use to discern those breadcrumbs to help fill in the blanks on the imperfect painting in her brain so to speak.

    This mindset has led to terrific sensitivity and deduction skills. Where someone may just smell the scent of roses and think “These are lovely” for Ruby it would be, why are there roses here? Is it a token of love, a token of mourning? Are they for display? It’s this manner of going down a list. Then she might do a cursory scan of her surroundings to find things that would fit with any of the initial thoughts within her head. In this way she is going to look for consistencies or inconsistencies before eventually she would be capable of coming up with an answer.

    Because of this thought process, she also has a very potent gaze; not because it’s transmitting emotion, but rather because she gives people the feeling that she’s staring into their soul. Everything Is information for Ruby, she is constantly analyzing what’s going on around her.

    Methodical Elimination:
    Ruby is very methodical in how she conducts the process of going about things. If something presents itself as a major problem, rather than tackling the pie as it is; she’d much rather look at it as a series of smaller problems that can be worked through bit by bit. If something doesn’t work, then she can eliminate it from the running schematic of solutions for the problem and then move on. In this way, she certainly works on problems in a very methodical step by step manner. Not only with problems though, this is a method she uses in almost every facet of her life. By breaking it down, she is capable of coming at things from any angle she needs; a method that gives her the tools to diversify the solutions that she solves her problems with.

    In this way, she is often Apt to seem inquisitive in her questioning rather than joyous or frightened. Her questions will always seem pointed towards a certain direction, she will always if need be ask blunt questions so long as they fit the parameters of what she is trying to accomplish. That being said, because she is methodical in nature, she often isn’t the most socially tact with her questions, she isn’t adverse to stepping on toes or ruffling feathers if it gets her the answers she needs to solve the questions that she is trying to ask.

    Probably because of this, she seems to be prone to ignoring social edicate when stemming from what questions should, and should not be asked. Often coming off as brazen and confrontational to those who have just met her for the first time; it is this need to break everything down that is apt for being misconstrued as rudeness, inconsideration for others, or just plane jackassery. However, because she goes about analyzing things in this manner, she is very efficient in just about anything she does, more often than not; if she does something it’s for some purpose or outcome. She doesn’t do things for the sake of “doing” but for “solving/progressing.”

    Firm Reasoning & Outcomes:
    Ruby after she breaks everything down into their specific steps is pretty firm in her reasoning. She doesn’t think and outcome simply happens, she believes that there any many underlying factors that will influence and further compound to allow that outcome to happen. It is for this reason that everything is broken down, analyzed and then used to form theories within her head, given an outcome can be “discerned” but it will never truly be concrete until it comes to pass. It is probably for this reason that the Bestial Sugiura is Firm with her reasoning and the outcomes that may stem from that.

    Every outcome has its cause, and every reason can be strung together to help that outcome actually come to fruition. Negative actions, neutral actions, progressive actions. Everything plays it part in the inner mechanisms of what comes to pass. This is the main reason that she is so methodical in problem solving, so observant when she’s deducing things. It’s because she wishes for the reasoning she has to be as accurate as it can-- so that predicted outcomes are as accurate as possible. It is because of this that if she says something, she is often going to say it with an assertive and confident manner. This generally can come off as arrogance or hubris, but it’s simply because she puts all this time into thinking of her actions, planning them and then allowing them to come to fruition.

    Coincidentally, this also means that she naturally weighs everything she says generally before she says it. In 10,000 years of existence she has found that less is more; words have power, and thus should be used carefully depending on the situation. This goes back to her enjoyment of silence and solitude as well, because in silence she doesn’t have to necessarily care about the repercussions of something she has said--or hasn’t said. In solitude she doesn’t have to care about speaking at all, and thus this is where her enjoyment stems from, as she is constantly thinking, deducing and weighing things when in the company of others-- being by herself is almost like having a break from all that, which is relaxing for her.

    The Art Of War:
    Ruby is a brutally efficient person, one who is capable of dismantling the subtle actions of her opponents to paint a clear picture of the situation within her mind's eye. It is because she is Logical, Observant, Constantly looking for the answers from what was gained from observing that she is such a capable warmonger. When fighting it isn’t just fist on fist, or the bark of a gun; it’s the environment, the way the wind is blowing, the state of psyche of her opponents. All of this has an integral part in how she fights; she constantly is breaking things down into logical patterns which can be then utilized.

    Information, that is the driving force behind how she fights; real time information rather than prior knowledge. There is a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, that is ruby’s combat mindset in a nutshell. Everything is a moving working three-dimensional picture, a puzzle that can be broken down into the individual pieces that can then be reconstructed and utilized for her own benefit. She doesn’t try to only win, she will try to break the puzzle, the working picture if you will. To her winning does not constitute who is stronger, it is who is better equipped. Ruby is efficient because she will try to break a person rather than simply trying to win.

    A win can be overturned at the next encounter, but if you instill fear, instill doubt in your opponent it could be crippling. Why bother winning when you can simply take away your opponents drive to fight in the first place? This mindset probably stemmed from the thousands of years she spent fighting beasts. If you beat a beast it could just lick it’s wounds and come back, now if you broke that beast, it may never bother you again. Which is why she is brutal, since she isn’t even often trying to win, she’s trying to deterred. So to fight the bestial sugiura is more than who is stronger, it is who is going to break first, and more often than not-- It won’t be ruby who cowers.

❅ The Beat Of My Drum:

    Lazy Bird:
    The Bestial Suigura is not an early bird by any means. This probably stems from that fact that in the wild she didn’t really have to get up when someone asked her too. She just got up when she wanted; which is why she can be considered very sloth like in the mornings or just after waking up from a nap in general. Now this doesn’t translate to her being grumpy, but the effort it may take to wake her up, or to talk to her in a state of drowsiness is certainly hard enough to be considered rude. Given she does things at her own pace, it may take an hour or two before she actually is awake and alert enough to bother answering someone.

    Extending from that train of thought, Ruby is the type of person that is more active towards the twilight hours than she is in the early morning. Animals generally are most active at night if they are “nocturnal” and ruby certainly fits that pathology to a T-- she is most active at night rather than during the day, and it shows. During the day while she isn’t always the definition of sloth, she also isn’t really in a hurry to do things either. It takes time, and she will take all the time she wants to complete something.

    Meandering Tempo:
    Kind of going back to that “she will take all the time she wants to” aspect of the Lazy bird, Ruby doesn’t seem to march to any tune other than her own. You can scream, shout or threaten bodily harm but she’s not going to go any faster than she is. This naturally stems from the habits she built up in the wilds for many thousands of years, she hasn’t had a need to actually go ahead and march to another drum other than hers-- so why should she do so now? Now, she’s not going to be rude about it, unless you be rude to her. Yet yes, it’s going to be a bitch for you to get her to do something you want her too simply because she may decide not to do it and move on.

    This easily show’s itself in the way she moves. There is a sensuality that stems from the fact that she. Does.Not.Rush. Her movements are languid, slow and steady and methodical. Sometimes she may do several things outside of their typical sequence because of the fact that, was how she decided to do them. This isn’t to say that she is unyielding by any means, but rather than she just prefers to do things a vast majority of the time her own way. The odd thing about it is she isn’t as touched upon before, confrontational in the least-- instead choosing to not argue excessively over her own habits.

    However, this laid back sentiment is precisely why she is so calm in the face of adversity, and arguably fits in with her methodical demeanor because she has trained herself to take things at her own pace, and in doing so is able to maybe see things other people might have missed if they rushed. However all this boils down to one simple concept--She just tends to do things at her own erratic pace.

    Sense Of Self:
    You have those who derive their worth from others, and those who derive their worth from themselves; Ruby is the latter of those two statements. She knows who she is, what her perks are--and her disadvantages. She know’s she isn’t perfect, and she knows that she will not always been the one adored by everyone around her. However, she really just doesn’t care because of the fact being that she is who she is. This is her sense of self, and it is part of the reason she is capable of braving the eons.

    Ruby will not care if you call her unyielding, nor care if you call her names. Not because these words are untrue, or are not worth paying attention too;only because she knows in the end she is worth more than that. This concept of self however, more shows in her bearing and demeanor than in her words a vast majority of the time. She is very stable, and easily able to push through emotional, mental and physical abuse because she knows in the end it is worth it. Her sense of self is a drive, it is a way of living that she has internalized for so long that she believes it with every fiber of her being.

    If your bones break, you merely have to mend them, if you lose everything you merely have to build it up again. If you are afraid of the dark you merely have to find the courage to stand within it. If your back is against the wall and you have nowhere else to go--you merely have to carve the path yourself. These thoughts are a very good representative of just what she thinks. She will not rely on others to accomplish what she can herself, or rather she knows that if she can do it, then she can push through it, and then strive for a better tomorrow

    Philosopher of Pain:
    Probably stemming from that idealistic sense of self, Ruby is capable of taking one hell of a beating. Because to her pain is something that .

❅ The Bestial Suigura:

    Killing Intent:
    Ruby Icewalker has killed for millennia, has bathed in oceans of blood from the beasts that she has slain, has climbed over veritable mountains of bodies, and killed countless creatures. Killing has been ingrained so far in her bones that it still is almost second nature to her. Among st the beasts she killed for the pelts that made her warm, she killed for the space that was hers, she killed to maintain the hierarchy she had established and she killed to eat. Every facet of her life revolved back to that one point--killing. Thus, how sickening would the killing intent of someone who has killed probably millions be?

    Her killing intent is not the promise of violence, it is the pressure of annihilation, or being erased entirely. This intent is enough to cause ones soul to feel like all warmth has been sucked from it. If you’ve pushed her to the point of feeling the radiating killing intent that lays firmly locked beneath the surface, then you’ve been categorized as a target that must be expunged.

    Her killing intent can be mistaken for a veritable aura of death, radiating intensely from every fiber of her being; it is intense enough to cause wild animals to flee without putting up a fight. It’s partially why she was considered an Apex predator in the wild, she had drenched herself in blood so often, that this killing intent is almost ingrained within her bones. The art of destruction, the way of death. Dismemberment and massacre are second nature to the suigure of the body.

    Domination Of The Alpha:
    What does it mean to be a beast? Is it ferality, or is it this need to teach the other who truly is top dog? It’s a kind of pressure, a kind of untamed force that naturally can be felt through a gaze, through a touch, a caress. All of these things accumulate to form this intimidating pressure that naturally radiates from the bestial suigura. Her posturing, her tone and inflection, her gazes and glances. All of them portray this Alpha Animal, this fierce beast that is at the top of the food chain.

    It’s something entirely different than the need, the projection of killing intent that has saturated her bones--solely because there is no direct need to kill stemming from it. It’s very similar to how a king, or a queen generally has a dignified and noble aura, they have a pressure that is from the years that they have been in positions of power, they have from leading. Which is very similar to Ruby and her pressure, it is born from being within a situation where she constantly had to assert herself, to be the one who was on top, to put other creatures in their place.

    That's why all the subtle things she does radiates such an overwhelming pressure. It is a presence that she simply has, and projects at all times-- it is the natural essence of who she is.

    Unyielding Will:
    Beyond the killing and bloodshed, the powerful aura that she projects; there is a will that will not bend even if the sky fell upon it. She is proud yes, but it’s more due to a simpler concept--self worth. If she compromises for another, then she will inevitably compromise for herself. That's why she is just as brutal to others as she is to herself, why she doesn’t take the easy path, or the path against others.

    She knows that what she leads is a path that is mired in blood, in hatred and she accepts that. More than accepts-- strives to be more then that. It’s a thought process that stems from the fact she knows she can do better, that she can be better than the person she is. It is this drive for excellence that is an integral part of her unyeilding nature. Her dominating aura, her savagery, her killing intent all of these are culminated into this ceaseless drive that seeks not perfection but refinement. Stagnation is the root of decay and death; to her atleast--which is why you will not see her stopping.

    She would arguably rather die than stop progressing, stop pushing the bubble of what she can do and challenging her limitations. Obstacles? She just needs to push through them. Limits? She just needs to surpass them. It’s never a matter of can I do this--it’s a matter of how will i do this. There is always a way, a method to success, it’s just a matter of finding that method. This is also her mantra when it comes to difficult situations, pain, anything. It’s just a matter of how hard does she need to work to overcome it? Never has the word can’t crossed her mind, because she has never truly believed that she can’t do something, she’s never had the luxury of being able to stagnate due to the environment she was sculpted by.

    This is why the thought Unyeilding comes to mind when thinking about her willpower--she just doesn’t stop. If she can’t find a way to overcome it one way, then she will try every other way until she succeeds. Effort is something that she isn’t afraid of; if 100% doesn’t work then she will use 120% or even 140% of everything she has to get the job done.

    The Pinnacle Of Savagery:
    Ruby is dominant, she is mired in the blood of those who she has killed. She is as equally warlike as she is analytical, as she is patient and compassionate. Just like any beast she has a side to her that is brutal, that is less than curt, less than understanding. To some this side is interchangeable, to others it is something that takes a long time to rouse; but when it does it is a rude awakening. To Ruby, it is a line--when you cross it you will know. After you cross that line you truly will find why she is called the bestial suigura. Bestial intent mires her actions, flavors her outcomes. Just like two wild beasts tearing each other to shreds, there isn’t a concept of sympathy-- she’s going to do everything she can to dismantle and rip you apart.

    This savagery is definitely an outcome of nurturing. For tens of thousands of years she was living amongst the beasts, and a beast does not stop when provoked unless dominated by something stronger. A beast does not care if their opponent cries, begs or pleads for forgiveness--to be pardoned. No, a beast will continue to pound that person into the dirt, to crush and rend them until the perceived threat is eliminated. That is the essence of savagery, if she breaks an arm and her opponent hits her with the other? She will break that arm too. If they use their feet, then their legs will be broken. If they use their mouth all their teeth will be removed.

    Removed-- not because she is cruel, but rather going back to that bestial concept of eliminating the perceived threat. She doesn’t want to have to kill someone, she just wants the threat to be expunged. Going on that vein, if she broke an arm and they stopped; then she would stop. However, if they fought to the last; well she’d probably continue to break bones, tear tendons, and destroy her opponents will to fight in an inhuman and unrelenting manner. She will not flinch if she gets drenched in blood in the process. She is trying to make the person who has crossed this line STOP; she isn’t trying to exert more effort than absolutely necessary.

    For this reason she is going to be brutal. She would rather be a raging beast, destroying a person bit by bit--than have to do a prolonged fight. She is monstrous, and she’s okay with that.

❅ The Wanderer: The nomad? An individual who finds the open sky to be as enticing as the world around it. Finding the mysteries that lay hidden, the jewels that have been long forgotten in the land around them.

    Solitude’s Company:
    Sometimes, it’s the quiet things-- the moment when the birds stop crying, and you merely listen to the soft drum of the rain. It’s those moments in life, when all is still and the world is quiet that Ruby enjoys the most. A time of peace to reset, to collect the thoughts that she has and them move forward from that. That, is why Ruby is not a stranger of silence. She does not balk from the silence, and instead is a friend to it.

    This can be seen because more often than not because she doesn’t have a need to fill every instance with conversation. She’d much rather not talk than talk, it’s easier to think; and she enjoys thinking on her own rather than having to deal with a jumble of words from another person. That’s just how she has learned to live her life.

    Too and fro, distant lands and obscure shores. The thought of seeing the unknown out there, of grasping it with her own hands is amazing. She wishes to learn of these distant places, the distant shores that seem to be the stuff of myth and legend. It can be seen with a far away look in her eyes, as if she has gone somewhere other than the present. Paths that have yet to be traveled, the places no one has been. She loves going there, she loves to be the first to crest an obscure peak, the first to seek the mountain top.

    This is why at times, finding her is a pain. She could be here one moment and then gone on a journey the next, looking for the distant lands she has yet to see. Those distant shores that have yet to be crossed. Such things such as wealth and glory, those actually matter very little to the Bestial Suigura, because she lived so long with so little, she values experiences over materialistic possessions. She could sleep out under the blanket of the stars above without any issues, and feel perfectly at home.

    She often isn’t confined to a single kingdom because of this, and has instead traversed them all. Fleeting like a cloud in the sky, she doesn’t quite know where she is going to go next. That shows in her attitude, her actions and how she interacts with everyone around her.

❅ Tempered Kindness:

    The Patient Listener:
    Probably stemming from the need to watch, look, and listen that was hammered home in the wild-lands, Ruby is without a doubt one of the most patient listeners you will meet. She doesn’t interrupt, nor does she have the need to ask unnecessary questions. This stems from the notion that she doesn’t need to ask, she can get accurate answers from watching. Watching and figuring that if it’s relevant information for her that it will be given to her in due time.

    Time, as well is something that she is not worried about. She has lived so long now that, she knows that sometimes things cannot be rushed, that if you want an accurate answer you just have to suck it up and wait. It also helps that Ruby doesn’t mind silence, be it awkward drawn out social silences, or the silence in a somber room after the death of someone dear. These silences actually for her unfortunately --or fortunately, depends on who you ask--are actually comforting rather than discomforting. Thus, it’s inconsequential if you take your time to get to the point, given she’s not going to leave unless something more important has come up.

    Speaking of Importance, there is a level of prioritization that she does have when listening: Is it relevant to her, is it relevant to those she cares about, does it pertain to the safety, what is the ramifications of what is being conveyed. Versus, casual conversation she is going to naturally pay more attention if there is more than a mere social indicator for it. Bar those she cares about, she isn’t going to listen as intently to someone who is venting their woes. Granted the person she is listening to generally, won’t know that because she has that searching gaze. So all in all, despite the differences in importance she puts on different situations she is a very, very good listener.

    Advocate for Betterment:
    Anyone can be better, do better and in general--become better. It’s just a matter of how much time, effort and focus someone is willing to put forth to it. She doesn’t hate someone for failing, but it does put a wrinkle in her skirt if someone doesn’t even try. Stemming from her constant nature of pushing, overcoming and refining herself she hates to see that effort, time, and intent not reflected in the people that surround her. Want to drive her up a wall? It’s easy, just. Do. nothing-- and your goal will be achieved perfectly fine!

    Going down that vein of thought, if you find a wall that you perceive as being unable to be overcomed on your own-- ask her. While she does not rely on others to overcome her limits and refine herself, she doesn’t look down on others for seeking that help. Help, doesn’t make someone weak, rather it is impressive in her eyes to admit that someone can’t overcome those obstacles by themselves--because she could not admit it. Her pride, and her very temperament wouldn’t allow it.

    Pride however doesn’t play into her perception of others. In a perfect world to her, everyone is striving for their best; striving to overcome their limits. This is mostly the reason why Ruby is actually willing to put quite a bit of effort into the betterment of others. Ruby is at the forefront of those who advocate the benefits of self improvement; more than willing to as well lend a hand. Not only will she lend a hand however, she will improve right along with them, train with them, learn with them; walk that road step by step by beside them. Why? Well, Ruby believes that if you are going to advocate you must be willing to do it yourself.

    That concept of lead by example is also a reason she pushes herself so hard, why she challenges those limitations and seeks to burst past them. It will be a cold day in hell before she stops advancing, stops refining herself to become something more than she was already. Something greater than she was before. You wish to advance, then advance; and i will help you do it-- that is the thought process that she lives by, and why she is such a strong advocator for betterment.

    Charismatic & Uplifting:
    Despite the oppressive nature that ruby exudes, she is actually quite charismatic. This stems from her firm reasoning, her nature of believing the outcomes that she works through. It is the alpha aura she projects, as if she is an apex predator--it demands respect. When she speaks, she doesn’t just say the words; she has her full determination behind them. She speaks candidly, truthfully, and with every fiber of her being, which is easily conveyed to individuals around her.

    Now, honing in on her like of pragmatism; Ruby will speak the truth as touched upon before. However, she also will not discourage hope. Being inclined to see the world as it is, does not translate to her conveying that futility to everyone else. Always searching for a silver lining, also looking for the rainbow in the midst of the storm; she tries to give people hope when there is no other hope to be had. Why? Ruby believes that willpower is such a powerful thing, the determination that stems from it, the raw potential that can be tapped through it is crucial. Giving someone hope will revitalize them, being the one to give them that hope also garners trust and respect.

    It’s like tending to a wounded animal, if you nurse it back to health it can be fiercely loyal to the one who helped it. Ruby understands,and is willing to nurse that wounded animal, or shine a ray of hope in an abysmal situation. If nothing else,she will wade the tide of hopelessness and bring hope to them herself. This pertains to personality because, she’s more inclined to spin things in a favorable light, she won’t lie about the bad--but will spin it in such a way that it isn’t hopeless.

    This also translates into charisma, because she is willing to lead. She is willing to be the one who braves those turbulent waves to lead those who follow behind her. Leading by example, and following through with what she says, believing in what she says. These simple things are why she is so Charismatic, and Uplifting.


Silence: The quiet moments, when a needle could be heard if dropped--clattering upon the ground. The moments when the birds aren’t crying, and the winds have stilled. This concept of silence is very welcomed to Ruby; it brings her a sense of somber peace. It stems from the days of quiet in the ancient forests in the wildlands, and how she was able to move silently without disruption. Those days were simple, days of peace and yes; days of violence. Probably because of that she finds silence to be comforting rather than awkward and unnerving. It is these subtle moments of peace that she can find clarity within; and because of it she tends to talk with a sparse frequency. If someone doesn’t ask her a question, and it’s not imperitive she will generally allow the silence to linger, to savor it.

Forested Areas: The smell of sap, of the earth and the foliage that surrounds it. The soft muted sound of rain pounding upon the leaves high above her, of the animals that rustle through the undergrowth--This is the home she longs for. Ruby true to her alias of the Bestial Suigura loves the forest, she feels most at home in these rugged undeveloped settings. If you asked her if she wished to hike, or go shopping--the answer undoubtedly would be hiking. She feels most at ease when she’s not surrounded by technology, to breathe the fresh air, to taste the sensations that linger within it, there is no higher feeling of connectedness that Ruby has experienced than this. She feels as if she is one with the world, and a part of the natural cycle when she is within a wooded setting.

Integrity: Maybe this stems from her past, the simplicity of beasts and their forthright nature, but she loves integrity. Those who mean what they say often will find it that they are looked upon in a favorable light by Ruby, as well as she is more often apt for opening up and conversing to these kinds of people rather than those who fail to follow through. It’s a matter of prioritizing that she does almost subconsciously, so yes Integrity is a key indicator of character to her, and thus it does matter if you follow through what you say to her.

Valor: Valor stems from the concept that a beast will never back down. It’s something that was ingrained within her bones, and she often views people by that ingrained instinct; those who show courage and the backbone to stand firm gain her respect, those that do not garner not quite disdain--but a sense of dismissal from her. Not quite because she intends to be selective, but rather because of her experiences this is something she subconsciously does. So for those who find themselves in situations that she is observing she will judge these people, have no dissolutions of that fact, she is constantly judging and categorizing, because it’s how she has lived thus far.

Pragmatism: The world is what it is, the future is ever changing and the present is dictated by the present. This is something she loves, the sense that the world is not viewed through a rose-paned glass, but rather the bitter chill of reality. Ruby is definitely a realist, and she doesn’t believe in false hope or a need to believe some sort of falsehood. She loves that the world is as brutal as it is kind, is as sorrowful as it is Joyous, as fair as it is unfair, that the world is uncaring of those who live within it. This is why she is Pragmatic, because she knows the world is unfair and thus does not expect kindness, but searches for it, does not expect joy but makes it for herself. Anything she has she knows she must FIGHT for it. She does not believe the world cannot be utopian, and knows that if it is not checked it can turn perfectly dystopian.

Potent Brews:
Hard Alcohol--she LOVES the stuff. If there’s one thing she feels society has done right, it’s these concoctions that can give her a belly full of fire! Quite honestly, you could joke that the way to her heart is through good hard alcohol; because you might be onto something there. Now, this isn’t a love of being drunk, or a love of drinking. She merely loves how the stuff makes her feel, the warmth that it will blast into a person is enough for her. So if you wish to get her talking, or start off on the right foot try alcohol, even if it doesn’t work it definitely will leave a favorable impression.

Honesty: The body language of a beast doesn’t lie, again beasts are very forthright creatures. They have no need to deceive, to lie and to cheat. She loves the simplistic nature of beasts, and see’s the value in the way they live out their lives. Thus, yes she loves honesty; to the point that if she was ever looking for a mate this could be a deal breaker or deal maker right away. To be honest is to be full of integrity, to be honest is to take responsibility. Coincidentally she also will not under any circumstances converse with a liar, she just doesn’t see the point in conversing with someone who has lied before and could potentially do so again.

Those that are strong trample upon the weak; it’s a statement that is especially true amongst animals. She loves strength because of the fact that to be strong is to be in control. Those who have power will naturally be able to live more freely than those who do not .

Solitude: Sometimes she just enjoys the thoughts inside her own head. Yes, that's right she isn’t the type who constantly needs to be in attention of another person. She is also perfectly happy to remain in her own company, be it on a night blessed by drifting flower petals and a full moon, or at a cozy pub with a good pint of ale in her hand. Sometimes 2 is one too many, and she is notorious for being quite blunt about when she truly wishes to be left alone.


Stagnation: stopping, the lack of a drive to move forward, to be content and stationary. Ruby is at her core a person of constant change and self refinement, there is no limit to the “self” but instead a self imposed limit in which a person stops trying, stops climbing, stops attempting to achieve more. Naturally because this is the very creed that has allowed her truly ancient existence to continue by, she hates the inverse concept to progress which is stagnation. Ruby believes by stagnating not only are you limiting your own achievements, possibilities, and feats--but your future as well. The path to the top is never reached by sitting there and doing nothing. For those who choose this sedentary notion, she does not hate them, but she certainly will think less of a person who chooses to shirk the possibility of becoming better than oneself without a doubt.

Cowardice: For such a savage, unbridled, cunning, warrior like beast of a woman that ruby is-- it’s not surprising that cowardice pushes her metaphorical buttons. Living one's life in fear, is like living in a cage, or so she thinks. You become defined by what scares you, what demeans and stops you from doing more. To be a afraid is ok, because everyone feels fear every once and while, but to be a coward is to stop fording the river of life. Cowards can’t be trusted, they can’t be relied on, which is one of the key reasons she as a person positively HATES cowardice. To ruby, those around her are those she trusts, relies on, consideres comrades who she can brave life with through both the glory days, and the hellish days. She cannot trust someone who doesn’t have the backbone to face life headlong without balking under the circumstances dealt to them.

Lies & Deceit: This is a very similar vein of thought to the one Ruby has on cowardice; if she cannot trust a person to be honest and upfront, why should she like them? Ruby is a very simplistic being in the sense that, like animals she does not lie. She has a very honest, open nature to her that stems from the beings she lived in such close proximity to for a long time. Animals may be savage, but for the most part they are straight forward, honest in their intentions and needs. This however brings up an almost amusing notion. Ruby as a person would rather someone who wished to kill her, say so than lie about it. If someone cannot own up to the actions that they have chosen to partake in, why should she afford them any more respect, or dignity than vermin?

Blood: Bordering on Hypocrisy honestly--Ruby dislikes blood. Despite the ruthelessness of her nature, the horrid way she can bring about atrocity after atrocity without batting a lash, there is still this notion to her that “One must preserve, and not destroy”. Sure, she is a being that is very close to that of an asura, but that does not mean that to her the needlessly spilt blood does not matter. Its why deep within her, she often feels some sort of remorse for the blood that has been spilt. Be it a remorse that is only to herself, it serves to remind her that this world is not one that is fair. That everything has its price.

Lack of Self Worth: How can one continue to exist if they do not have a sense of worth to call their own? If you cannot value yourself you should not bother with others. This is something that ruby believes, and is why she dislikes those who downplay their own strengths, their needs and their ideals. Why should it matter to her, if it doesn’t even matter to the person in question? That is her thought process.

Injustice: Just because the world is not fair, why should she just accept it? Ruby hates those who oppress, even if she understands why it happens. She herself may do it as well, but she does not by any means like this part of life. Coming from a past where she herself was oppressed, tortured even-- why should she bow, or anyone else for that matter? It is this notion that drives her to strike out against injustice. You want for her to dislike you instantly? It’s pretty simple, abuse someone, use a position of authority to do something to someone that could be considered wrong and vile. Those who are stronger have a civic responsibility to those who are weaker, or at least that is something she would like to believe, even if it’s not always true. This world is not utopian, and she is very oh so painfully aware of that--but she will try anyways. That is why she hates injustice.


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Ruby Icewalker

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012
Soldier Template

III. Character Background[music is beneath each Arc]

Arc Ⅰ- The Remnant Past:

Chapter 1-Those who wander:To know who ruby icewalker is, one must first go back many thousands of years to times shrouded in obscurity. The sugi’s had just crossed over then, nomads from another universe. A new unfamiliar world stretched out before them, one of these nomadic groups was the icewalker clan. A clan of obscurity, hailing deep within the ice-crested mountains of howling wind far from the rest of the suiguran civilization. The desolation here, the life barren other than for the creatures that roam it, eking out a somber existence as they had since the beginning of time.

What is important about this day ten thousand years ago, is a baby’s shrill cry broke the howling wind and the the roars of monsters, the stuff of nightmares lurking in the distance. This baby--was the person who eventually would be known as the Bestial Suigura, Ruby Icewalker. However, right now she was just a babe, squalling in a rough blanket held by the midwife who had helped the exhausted mother give birth to what was a healthy and beautiful baby girl. At this point in time, Ruby did not know what fate life had in store with her, she merely looked out at the world in wonder; the sounds, the scents and sights all new to her--alien and unfamiliar. The feeling of air was an anomaly that set the babe on edge, and inevitably caused her to cry.

She was then held in her mother's arms, the first sensation of warmth her cognisant mind would have in the bitter cold that permeated even the inside of his tent with it’s healthy fire casting an orange hue against the canvas walls around them. The shadows of their profiles dancing across the canvas that surrounded them as the mother held ruby carefully in her arms, a look of such adoration crossing the mothers face. Even with the sounds of many different clansman moving around in other tents, drinking and yelling obnoxiously in different states of inebriation--none of this affected the inhabitants that lay within this tent. There was a sense of serenity and peace, that encompassed everything.

Then, the babes eyes opened--their red irises glancing up at the person that they would many months later eventually call mother. These eyes were so alien to the Icewalker lineage, fair skinned warriors whose very eyes were the color of the silver snow-filled lands they inhabited. It was this anomaly that would give her the name “ruby” because her eyes were the color of gemstone. Her hair a hearty chestnut color, she was an amazing child, one who was loved by her mother, and the family that surrounded her. As a kid she was doted upon, loved and cherished to such a degree you could say she was “blessed” to have the life she did in her years as a child. She did not go hungry, and she did not have to endure too much of the bitter cold. It wouldn’t be until her Teenage years that she truly begun to run into trouble with this place that she called “home”.

Chapter 2-The Outlier:
She was aberrant, an anomaly of strength and power that frightened her family, frightened those who would call her friend. At the age of fifteen her blows were strong enough to shatter the skulls of beasts that normally would take several of their best hunters to take down. She had already caused injuries to those around her, both accidentally and on purpose. A divide gradually appeared between her and those who she used to call “family”. She was often on her own.

However, she learned from it. The pain, the days where she went hungry because her parents wouldn’t share food with a monster. Stones that were thrown upon her body, the bruises that stemmed from beatings of the frightened parents. Her childhood was a veritable hell of pain, neglect and abuse that all stemmed from her monstrous strength and power.

People fear what they do not know, and it was no different for her. Often she’d cry herself to sleep at night in the shack she had been given at the fringe of the camp. No one would check on her, there was no sweet song of a mother to sing her to sleep, no warm embrace to snuggle in. No, instead she got stones thrown at her house in the midst of the night, she got the blood of animals thrown against her home. She cried so often that her tears ran dry, yet there wasn’t hatred. Instead the worse thing of all was that she felt that all of this was her fault. Even the fact that here in the snowy southern peaks she was forced to walk barefoot, the snow blistering her feet, and her clothes nothing more then tattered rags.

However as years of neglect, of abuse went on, the tears that fell readily had all but dried up, the sympathy that she felt for her fellow tribesmates was nothing but a figment of the past. The people that had originally beaten her now would be beaten in return. She would exact a pound of flesh from those who harmed her, she would exact broken bones from those who broke her bones in the past. To those who stabbed her she would stab them in return. To those who tortured her she would take great pleasure in torturing them back.

The world had rejected her, her family had shunned her. For years she had been beaten, battered, tortured and broken. They had broken her arms, her fingers, her legs and her ribs. Hey had gone to great lengths to try to kill her time and time again. It was this gradual process during the most fragile years of her life that had changed her, that had broken and altered her until she became this .. almost bestial presence. She had experienced the pain of having her bones broken, slowly watching as they twisted and shattered her fingers, she had been whipped until her back was bloody, left to starve in a stinking hole in a ground for sometimes months.

However even though she would hurt them as they hurt her, even though she hated them they still were her kin. Those of the same blood and so she would protect them just as often as she hurt them. She became the deterrent for the beasts that they could not handle, the shield that protected her clan from annihilation. She believed in her clans ways, that had survived since before the sugi’s had come to this realm. However, she also never felt like she was apart of it all.

She was keenly aware of how much they hated her. How much they wished that she would be dead, and yet there were still a few kids that were nice to her. The countless nights that she was not in her broken down shack and was chained in a hole in the ground they would bring her foot, they would bring her water. These kids risked the brutal punishments of their elders for her sake, and it was for them that she stayed. Even as the world sought to break her, it was these children that kept her going, it was them that allowed her a glimmer of hope in the darkness.

Even as the years passed these children, they helped her through the darkest hours, they gave her the hope she needed to survive and yet, as she grew stronger, as she grew taller the elders were frantic. They had eventually come to realize that eventually this child that they shun, that they had beaten and battered, chained up and reviled would eventually grow strong enough to threaten them. Would become powerful enough that eventually she would threaten them. The thought that Ruby eventually would exact justice from them was enough that the methods grew harsher.

They stopped treating her as clan, and treated her as a beast. Chained and beaten, locked within that hole in the ground as she wasted away, as her eyes continued to glance upward at the lone hole in the roof to look at the passing seasons. However this didn’t break her, the months without a soul talking to her didn’t bother her, as those children, now young adults continued to sneak by to talk to her. It was these fleeting moments that sustained her, however. . . like all good things it inevitably came to an end, as the head rolled and crimson was spilt once more.

Chapter 3- Rage:
It was the straw that broke the camel's back, the day she was brought out into the sun line up with the row of kids turned adults that unfortunately she knew despite how much she wished to deny it. Lined up in a row, these men and women did not flinch, and had no qualms with what they had done. However the elder would not have any of it. It was on this day that Ruby once more learned the harshness of the world, of a tyrannical ruler who was paranoid of those who could usurp them.

For on that day, screams punctuated the air, as sanguine fluids ran in glistening red rivers down the backs of those who had helped her. As she was forced to watch as they had been beaten with whips studded with animal tooth, as again and again they had been asked to confess their crimes against the clan, the crime of ignoring the orders of the elders. Yet, all that they got from them was the steely gaze of their glimmering eyes as they looked on. Even as their blood dyed the snow covered earth scarlet, as muscle was torn and flesh was split open by the bite of the whip, these men and women betrayed nothing.

Yet Ruby couldn’t take it, the meek sorrow of her fate that had long since grown numb. The pain that she had endured which she had long since gotten used to. It resurfaced, even as she was chained and forced to watch the tautness of her muscles gave away that she knew these people. As hard as she tried to feign indifference, ruby could not forget the connection. These men and women, once boys and girls once children who had helped her when she would have died, fed her when she would have starved, who had given her hope, now were before her, being beaten by the very people who had her beaten, who had her harmed.

Yet until the end, they remained as defiant as ever. Even as they died from blood loss, as their limbs had been broken before her eyes, as they had been beaten to death. Why.. ? that was the first coherent thought that crossed her mind after the wet sound of the last of their broken bodies hitting the wet crimson slush below was swept away by the wind, steam rising from the heat of their bodies in the cold. As the elder turned their back to her, to these fine people he had just killed and declared why it had to happen, that they were nothing but vermin without respect for the clan. That they were of detriment.

The Elders words poisoned the memories she had of these people, disgraced the charity they had shown. Yet, even as she listened to it, even as the elder painted her friends in a bad light she could do nothing. She was broken, and battered and the hope seemed to leave her eyes to be replaced by something else, yes it had been replaced by hatred and determination. She would leave this place, and she would gather the tenacity she needed to do so.

So seasons passed, and ruby remained within her hole in the ground. She ate the bugs that wormed from the soil, she killed the animals that came within her cage. She ate whatever she could, and drank from the snow that fell through the hole in the ceiling. As she got older, her strength continued to increase. The energies of the world being converted within her, saturating her bones, strengthening her flesh. It was beginning to give her the strength she needed. Yet try as she might she still could not break these chains, she could not destroy the shackles that bound her.

So she clung to life, staving off starvation, staving off the pain and torture for 50 years, acting meek, acting weak and downtrodden. Acting as broken as she ever was. She did not let them see the muscles that roiled beneath that flesh. She did not let them see the markings from the shackles that bit into her flesh, the abrasions from the rusted shackles that rubbed against her skin. She bided her time, she bore it all until eventually It seemed like her strength had increased a large margin. Her power had grown far greater than what it had been originally.

It was then she knew, these chains would be unable to harm her any more. That she would be able to leave this place, and so as she moved, her body silently straining against the chains that had bound her for a century she broke them. Shattering the bindings that kept her here in this cage, shattering the seals that had been placed upon her cage by the elders. She destroyed all of it, and then destroyed the exit to the very cage she was trapped in, a beast surfacing in the moonlit night, she was ready to leave. But before that she was determined to exact her vengeance.

Chapter 4- Farewell :
The moon cast her silhouette upon the ground as she snuck across the land of her village. The sound of laughter had died down after the twilight hours had faded to the dead of night. Ruby’s tall figure creeped silently past the campfires which had burnt down to the last, embers glowing faintly in their last moments before finally going out. It was this moment, when everything was silent that ruby was hit with a sense of nostalgia. How many years had she lived here, breathed the same air as these people, eaten the same food. How long had it been since the memories had gone from good to nightmares. She couldn’t say she had forgotten hope, but happiness? That had been taken, no it had been stolen from her long ago.

She couldn’t say that tonight it would be taken back, the years that she had lost to these people could not be recovered, her tears could not be reclaimed but she would send these horrible people to the place that they deserve. Not for her, but for those people who showed her compassion, showed her that she had something to hold on to, something to live for. For them she was going to murder the people she had been tortured by, had been broken, beaten and battered by. The thought that she was going to do so tugged at her conscience but it did not deter her. There was no love for those that did this to her, did this to them.

These thoughts propelled her through the camp, silently moving between the snoring bodies of her kin. She was a wraith in the night, undetectable by those around her until she made it finally to the large perimeter that guarded the camp of the elders, the guards that had been stationed here having dozed from the long monotonously painful task of staring at the cold ice covered earth for hours since the beginning of their shift. Ruby slipped right past them, and crept up on all fours like a beast against the ground towards the large tent that had a fire still flickering in the midst of it. The shadows of the men, and women who had ruined and taken everything from her for so long dancing in the incandescence of the flame; Still talking in the midst of the fires warmth.

Her muscles tensed as she launched, barreling through the fabric of the tent to brutally bring a clenched fist into the back of the first of her victims this evening; an elderly man who had been a prominent elder of the tribe for hundreds of years. The wet crunch of his skull as it broke in was only accompanied by the myriad of screams that left the tent as these people, so drunk and atrophied from their power and lifestyle were slaughtered like sheep. It was bloody, it was violent and morbid the way she put these vermin down, bones and bodyparts lay at contrary angles to their normal alignment. The screams that punctuated the night, snuffed as their throats had been crushed.

If not these screams would have lasted for hours, as years of hatred, of hopelessness and fear was vented. When dawn arose the shift of guards would be greeted with a sight that let their lunches flow freely from their mouths: Blood and gore spattered upon the ground, broken limbs and visible bones, faces beaten beyond all recognition. It was a scene so heinous that they wondered if it was some sort of incarnation of evil that had done it. It was a sight that these men and women who came and saw, swore never to speak about to anyone else.

These bodies were buried, and reported to the populace that they had died of natural causes overnight. Other guards reported that the freak of their tribe as well was missing. It wasn’t hard to connect the dots from there. Meanwhile, quite a distance away Ruby was walking, her bare feet ice-cold against the frozen earth, her breath and body emitting steam as she walked forward. She felt empty inside, the emotions of hatred had been vented, and she had avenged them. Yet there was nothing but a void within her, a gaping maw that seemed all consuming, and never ending.

She wished to die, she wished to fade away with those who had helped her, but she knew that was not what they would want for her. Thus she walked, one step at a time she left the horrid past that had kept her in chains, that had tried to break and crush her into dust. Taking her first steps into what what she would find later was nothing but an unforgiving, and frigid world.

Arc Ⅱ- The Time Of Wandering:

Chapter 1- Lair of beasts
Ruby’s eyes shone underneath the thick fur hood as she crossed the snowy tundra, a hand raised to block the oncoming wind. She did not know where she was going, just like she didn’t really know how far she had come. She had left behind her ancestral home after finally enacting her vengeance, she visited the graves that had grown into a grove with towering tree’s to pay homage to her friends, and she left. It was clear those who knew her were glad to see her leave, and those who were newly born who only knew of the rumors propagated by those in power were afraid of her power. There was nothing left for her, which was ironically why the pain of her past simply fell away, left behind with the home that she was sired from.

Out in the snowy unknown, a land mired with beasts of legend, Ruby soon learned that the harshest thing was not the enemies she had to fight on a daily basis, nor was it the wounds that gradually scabbed over from fang, and claw across her flesh. It wasn’t either the time she had to spend each night in the cold, mending her clothing. Instead, it was the gnawing hunger, and cold that in the first few years after leaving the closest corners of the charter sugi realm that was her greatest enemy. Many nights she slept under those beautiful and alien stars, surrounded by a cold so great, even her heated body could not overcome it.

However, in the cold, she found something she had been unable to do while in the dungeons of her home: the ability to train. At first, it happened because she wished to stave off the cold, but soon the hours she spent before bed, and the hours spent in the morning were periods of time she looked forward to. By honing herself in this cold, by centering herself in the silence, she found the capacity to become better. Within the cold, her stances and movements brought her warmth, in the howling winds, her work-outs brought her tenacity. She, who forsook everything about her home, pursued perfection to not have to be beholden to another ever again.

She who faced the horrors of civilization wished to be powerful enough to rise above them. She did not have any grand aspirations, nor did she believe that she would eventually return to reclaim her home. She was not naive, she was only one person; it was that realization one night as she sat alone, staring at the vast nothingness, with the wind howling around her, and the creatures baying in the distance, which caused a determination to ignite within her like no other.

If nothing more, she would brave this wilderness, she would become a beast befitting to live among beast. Maybe, among the simplistic creatures who lived by might is right, she would be capable of finding a home. However, she knew to do that she would have to become faster, stronger, and better than all the monsters who would rise up to fight her.

So she ran, jogging in the cold, however, most of the combat knowledge she gained was not from the combat styles shown in her village. Instead, it was from the battles she had faced. Her travels lasted tens, maybe hundreds of years upon this frigid white tundra. Within that time, she fought scores of beasts, and at first? Those beasts tore into her flesh, they broke her still weak bones, they spattered her life's blood across the ice and snow, to melt it away to show rock beneath. Many nights she slept merely to heal the wounds dealt with her, too tired to even make a fire to stave away the cold.

However, as time went on, those defeats and injuries became lessons. The beasts which could destroy the sides of cliffs, and could rip the landscape apart with a bat of their paw were beaten by her.

While her psions seemed to cease growing, she became aware of different energy that burned within her. It stemmed from her body, which was befitting of her nature, it was borne of her will, and because of that, it saturated her bones. It was a strange thing because it was hard to explain what this power felt like, for her who had been used to using psions for the longest period of time, it was strange to feel something different permeating her bones.

However, its effects were noticeable, her wounds would heal faster, her muscles had become stronger. The cold which hammered her every day became more bearable. Still, her life was a miserable existence. For hundreds of years, she wandered the desolate snow-crusted lands. Her body became used to the cold, and the battles with ferocious beasts which were tens of feet tall became commonplace. Civilization was long lost, and only the looming mountains remained before her.

They jutted up like fangs which sought to rip open the heavens. Their peaks invisible from sight, their majesty was hidden by the eternal blizzards which plagued this place. However, when she stopped that day and looked upwards it gave her the drive to continue forward, the endless plains of snow and ice were not infinite, there was an end to them. Which was why she would trudge forward, garbed in the skins of the beasts she had slain, intent on traversing their invisible peaks, and reaching the other side of their endless depths.

What had started for her, as a way to leave it all behind had changed somewhere along the line. The hundreds of years that were blurred into one eternal frost had given her one thing: Willpower. She refused to allow this endless wildland to succeed, after all even after the hundreds of years that had passed, she still remembered their faces, the faces of those who had given their lives for her. She would be doing them a disservice if she simply curled up and allowed herself to succumb to an eternal sleep.

And thus, upward she’d climb, trekking towards the heavens.

Chapter 2- The Lonely Peaks:Traversing a perilous mountain range after killing thousands of beasts, this will be the journey towards the ultimate foes, fighting against the elements, nights of frigid cold and having ones veins turn to ice.

Chapter 3- King of Monsters:The battle of the beast-king ouroboros the mighty serpent of ancient times.

Chapter 4- The Lonely Forest:The forest that was subdued by her, her time as the apex predator amongst the predators, a being of slaughter and violence. This will be the stem of time that passed.

Chapter 5- The Bestial Suigura:Feared by beasts, and forgetting even the basics of her human roots, what is she? Is she beast or is she a suigura? This will be the time that she has forgotten about her past due to the stress of the present.
Chapter 6- Humans of the west: Western Suigura’s have invaded the forest deep within the wildlands, they have come looking for beasts to slay for pelts and clothing for their king and queen.

Chapter 7 - The end of an era: Upon the journey into the depths of the forest, the western suigura’s who had been besieged upon all sides have met the being amongst them that reigned supreme. A bestial suigura. In the years they spent within this forest gathering pelts they have managed to convince Ruby Icewalker to once more rejoin society, having helped her snap from the stuporous animalistic state she had.

Arc Ⅲ- The Suiguran Kingdoms:

After many millienia of wandering, Ruby had gotten sick of wandering around with no clue on where she was or where she was going to be. That just didn’t fit into how she planned to live the rest of her eternity, if nothing else then because when you have been wandering for 9000 odd years you kind of end up going to the same places more than once, which was what ended up happening to her. Because of this and as well because for some time she had been keeping small tabs on the western kingdoms she had decided it was as good a place as any to settle down in, and start the next stage of her life, which was essentially remaining in a single place.

After she got to the western kingdom she found and built herself a small hut on the outskirts. Instead of making a name for herself as well, the Sugiura of the body decided to lay low, and observe. Given she hadn’t been in a place of human interaction for many years, infact she didn’t even have a clue how the icewalker clan was or if it had survived the countless millennia in which she had left them. She had many things to learn and didn’t quite feel like embarrassing herself with interacting with strangers even though her speech was rusty due to not needing to use it.

So instead of interacting she ended up observing individuals in taverns and other local settings while sitting in the shadows, learning what was acceptable interaction with others, rather than unacceptable interaction, something which ended up taking her quite awhile seeing as it ended up being the polar opposite of what she was used to dealing with, so this was how she ended up in the western kingdom at first, a mere whim had brought her there but over time? It certainly wasn’t what ended up keeping her there, what kept her there was the people who she ended up getting a soft spot for, such a vibrant albiet militarized society, one where if you had enough strength you could go far, and she enjoyed that, and because of that even to this day she considers herself loyal to the western kingdom, even in its state of collapse, waiting for the day when it will rise up and become a flourishing nation once more.



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Ruby Icewalker

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012
Soldier Template

IV. Ren Qi

» Unique Physical Ability

Ren, The Human Energy: Drawing from a concept that is tied in with Qi, mentioned by the chinese There are multiple “types” of energy within the world. For example there is Tian Qi which is heaven qi, which is the energy that exists within the heavens. However for the suigura of the body, ruby her energy source is not predominantly the energy that sugi’s use. Her predominant source of energy is this elusive “Ren Qi” which is the energy that stems from the body itself. It is a type of energy that saturates every fibre of her being and as a byproduct naturally elevates and hones her body through each and every action that she partakes in with the sole thought of physical perfection in mind.

Ren Qi, is an energy that is derived from a mixture of elements that accumulate in the body over time, natural energy that is brought in through breathing, through living is accumulated and eventually will begin to deviate from the natural manner of use and begin to saturate the muscles, it will siphon off psionic energy and begin to use that as a catalyst as well to begin the cycle of creating this energy that solely exists within the body with the intent of perfecting, manipulating and honing the body until it gains a state of physical unity.

Now that’s the general gist of what Ren Qi actually does, given that it for all intents and purposes is an energy that is fairly hard to measure, it resides within the body and everything it does, everything it affects is purely internal and physical in nature. That is to say, Ren Qi is not used to fire off mighty beams of light, nor is it something that is going to be utilized to create barriers, seals or anything of that nature. Therefor it might be easier to think of ren as a unique internal source of power that the body naturally has and exists alongside and uses on a day to day basis for function. Humans have metabolism which is the process of harnessing energy from food to function. Ren Qi is very similar in the fact that all these “aspects” of how a body works are considered a part of its inherent strength, yet with Ren Qi it’s intent, it’s goal and outcome is not about just bodily function. It exists to make the body stronger, faster, more power than what it originally was.

Ren Qi can cause all sorts of improvements to the body, such as increased regeneration, speed, power and durability. It can be used as a catalyst to fight far beyond the limits that normally individuals are bound by. The biggest downside, however, is that Ren Qi makes an individual incapable of using suiguran magic or maintain any true release forms.

    Vitality: Ren Qi bolsters an individual’s vitality to immense levels when compared to those that lack it. With Ren Qi saturating the body naturally, it improves and removes the inefficiency that naturally occurs at the cellular level, refining the processes that occur within the body and increasing the power of each of these functions. Ren Qi users often are capable of taking blows that would cripple any normal individual solely with their body, and then the damage could be seen regenerating before the foe who dealt that damage in the first place.

    The Reason being, Ren Qi as explained before, is a type of energy that focuses solely of bodily perfection. It enhances what is already there and allows it all to function more efficiently. This naturally means the energy that was wasted in movement can be redirected elsewhere, into things such as regeneration of the body, which includes things such as blood, and wounds that are inflicted upon it.

    Ren Qi users are even fully capable of sustaining their bodies purely off the Ren Qi that is present in their body in the first place, being capable of surviving situations where they would be without air, or without food or water for long periods of time, as an example of how monstrous the vitality of a Ren Qi user might be, they could be fully capable of existing without food or water for years, or until such a time that the Ren Qi that exists within their body has naturally been depleted.

    Enhancing Effect: Ren Qi as explained before is constantly perfecting and honing the body at a microscopic level so long as it saturates the muscles and bones that are affected by it. This means naturally a Ren Qi user is going to be physically monstrous even when compared to those of a similar level as them. The reason of course being that a Ren Qi user simply based upon the nature of their primary source of energy is focused on physical perfection, rather than any side techniques such as spiritual natured attacks or magical attacks.

    Of course the downside of Ren Qi is that it is a naturally dominant source of energy, it will assimilate a vast majority of any other type of energy that is existing within the body as a result of it’s massive physical enhancements, this generally causes for external techniques such as magic to become null and void.

[Based off Ren Qi]The Body Is But A Vessel: The body is but a vessel is a unique ability that stems from the vast majority of the energy that is at ruby’s disposal being saturated within her individual cells and on a much larger level the muscles, bones and the skin of her body. This means essentially even without normal bodily function, such as respiration, blood, or even a beating heart the body is quite capable of functioning so long as the reserves that are within her body are ample for continuing the process of cellular metabolism within the body. Given the need to breathe, and for blood is vastly simply a transport system to continue to feed the body the food it naturally needs to burn to keep on moving. Thus, what this ability essentially does is in times where one or all of those natural “reliant” factors have been removed or destroyed, the body is capable of for a certain period of time (10 turns max) continue functioning without them due to solely devouring the spiritual energy that is latently saturating the body at all times.

» Natural Abilities

[Based Off Ren Qi & The Body Is But A Vessel]One With All Things:

How does the body interact with the environment around it. (Ren QI is known as a “dominant effector” which means as the body seeks a state of “equilibrium” it is naturally absorbing the latent energies in the air surrounding it that naturally will affect it. Kinetic force, Electrons, Gamma radiation, (Sun’s Rays) are typical energies that are absorbed and naturally converted into an energy source. Free-floating Psions (Suigura energy) is converted at a 95% ratio. (I.E for every 100 units of psionic energy, 95 units of that energy will be converted to Ren Qi for bodily utilization.

-[Establish how this connection is validated ]
How is this all connected? (Ren Qi, per the effect of “ultimate bodily physique” Naturally incorporates forms of energy that are pertinent to the continued function of the body. Thus energy sources such as “electrons” tie in to neurological impulses are absorbed passively from the environment. The Sun’s rays (and variant energy derived from said rays) are also broken down, and then incorporated into the Ren Qi. Psions are naturally occuring energies that are absorbable by Sugi’s and therefore this is also for the vast majority of it; absorbed and converted to Ren Qi.

Techniques Based Off Of One With All Things:

    Absorption of Electricity: One of the byproducts due to how the concept of One with all things works, is a latent tolerance and “Absorption” of electrical outlets. This concept naturally is found in two different forms--Active, and Passive--which function differently. Active absorption is the concept that she is consciously absorbing electricity for her own personal use, such as if she was to grab a object and consciously siphon some of the electrical energy off of it, that would be active and she is capable of processing 20% of that energy. I.E if she absorbed a terawatt of energy the converted amount would be only around 20% of that terawatt. Passive absorption happens gradually and is part of the manner she maintains her Ren Qi energy pool within her body. Electrons in the air, and unclaimed forms of electricity are all viable sources of intake for passive absorption. Unlike active absorption, Passive Absorption is very gradual, but 90% of the energy intake is converted into Ren Qi, thus trading off a slow pace for a higher efficiency.

    The Offshooting factor for this is an electrical resistance; given the fact that her body siphons and converts electricity, it means that it becomes possible for some of the damage given to her by lightning or electrical natured attacks to become diminished. Granted, this works in a slightly different manner than natural resistances in the sense that since this is due to a function of her Ren Qi if she’s hit with say 20 lightning natured attacks over the course of five turns, her body will become oversaturated beyond the “balanced” state it tries to maintain. This causes for the resistance which diminishes attacks of a lightning nature to 85% of their total power to plummet to her body’s natural threshold. Meaning rather than having a 15% resistance to lightning, it would drop down to 5%, given 10% of that buffer is generated via passive absorption.

    Charring Body Heat & Resistance: Stemming from Heightened energy output from regenerative properties and the increase in cellular activity which is atleast organically speaking the reason the human body gives off hat in the first place, Ruby has what could be called a bonafide toaster oven for body-heat. Infact, naturally speaking because her regeneration is as naturally overclocked as it is, her body naturally generates heat to the point of causing steam to rise around her in the rain, for water to touch her body to evaporate over a few seconds of contact, and for her touch to be capable of even burning normal mundane humans. In Fact, her body naturally runs a temperature when in normal use of around 300-500 degrees fahrenheit, or 149-260 degrees Celsius.

    Naturally, because of the fact that her body is just so hot to begin with, she is capable of withstanding immense levels of heat with her bare skin: Approximately up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit can be withstood thanks to her bodies innate heat resistance without more than slight burns appearing upon her skin, while she can technically continue to function in temperatures even upwards of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, However at these temperatures she would be sustaining moderate to severe burns if left within them for an extended period of time.

    Resistance to Radiation: Considering the fact that even Gamma Radiation from the rays of the Sun itself are incorporated into the absorption of natural energies that then get compounded into Ren Qi, it should make sense that Ruby has a greater than average resistance towards Beta and Alpha particles, as well as the wavelengths that make up radiation in general. For example a human being can be killed by 10 sieverts of radiation within a period of merely an hour. If Ruby was subjected to a similar level of radiation, she would be capable of withstanding it and would come out of it completely fine without any sort of issues stemming from it whatsoever.

    Now, that being said she isn’t immune to radiation. She just has an extremely high tolerance for radiation, the effects of alpha and beta particles and gamma waves. Like any other being there is only so much that she would be capable of enduring before her body stops functioning outright.

IV. Physical Parameters & Combat Skills

Bodily Density & Raw Power: An interesting duality exists within the bestial suigura. As breifly stated in super human physique in the appearance section of this app, ruby has a rediculously dense body. Her muscle fibers are 100x the density of the average person, and because of it her body’s durability even without the aid of Ren Qi has reached a frightening degree. Blow for blow she is capable of taking punches that could shatter buildings, or create craters without gaining more from it that purple bruises. This however is speaking of only the punishment she is capable of taking from blunt force drauma, given her body’s natural density it’s a given that she would be quite capable of withstanding an overabundance of pure physical abuse purely from her unaltered body.

Now going into what she is capable of taking when it comes to bladed weapons well. She is quite capable of withstanding strikes that would be capable of severing bone and rending limbs while only maintaining moderate wounds. As an example from just how much damage she is capable of withstanding from bladed weapons without spiritual aid, she could potentially take a blow from a blade with tons of kinetic force while only taking moderate wounds from the weapon.

All this is capable solely because of the fact that her body is so much denser than the average person. It means that there is more mass to be diffused through, it’s thicker and it also means that weapons have a harder time breaking through the dense network of muscle, blood vessels and connective tissue than they normally would. A good example of this in terms of comparison would be a piece of paper. It’s easy to rip one piece of paper, but how much harder is it to rip 10 or 100, or 1000? It gets progressively harder the more paper there is right? Take that concept and apply it to rubies muscles, her bones and her skin. All of it is arguably much denser and thus harder to break, tear, crush and batter than the typical joe.

If it was just density that would be one thing but, with density comes weight. Ruby is heavy, weighing in at over two tons of pure muscle, and only 2% body fat-- she is a monster in the shape of a towering woman. Each of her motions, her kicks, her punches, even just running and jumping carries an absolutely monstrous amount of kinetic force. To put this into perspective, If we say Ruby is moving at a speed of 300 miles an hour, and then uses her 4,000 pounds of force and punches someone, if we do the calculation there would theoretically be 16,295,098 joules of force behind that blow, which is 12,018,648 foot-pounds of force, mind you that is not even factoring in her massive physical capacity, that is merely the force of her body being exerted in the form of raw kinetic force.

If you couple that with her demi-god like strength, feats such as cratering the earth, toppling skyscrapers and even causing massive amounts of destruction across mountain ranges, turning forests into splintered piles; all of these things are quite capable within the scope of what she is capable of. Her body is a tyrannical force to be reckoned with, the most powerful weapon that she has in her entire arsenal.

Dashing Power & Mobility: Because of Ruby’s tyrannical strength she is capable of reaching dizzying speeds through it’s utilization. Jumping, Dashing & Launching off of objects are primary methods she utilizes her strength to give her an edge against a stronger opponent. These dizzying spurts of raw physical power can allow her to move much quicker than a person would expect of someone of her weight, being capable of going above mach speeds in short spurts or in straight lines utilizing her strength. The downside is, while those who can simply go fast might not cause destruction from this level of speed, Ruby carves a swathe of destruction in her wake; given her speed is subjectively earned purely from her massive strength it means that to reach these speeds she has to exert it into every single step she takes.

In this way when she truly gets moving, her steps are strong enough to put craters in concrete, shatter rock, and even destroy steel. Destruction also means that she is certainly easy to spot when moving so quickly, because it is violent, flashy and leaves a clear trail in its wake. Beyond the fact that her strength is how she gets started, her immense weight is what keeps her going if she runs into obstacles. Walls, Buildings, Barriers; so long as they aren’t durable enough to actually stop her, she is going to be capable of crashing through them and more or less maintain her speed.

Now this dashing power can be used for much more than simple forceful motion. Due to her upbringing she became intrinsically aware of how much force she needed to use for different situations. This translates into this explosive dashing power suprisingly actually being a key foundational piece to her nimbleness. Capable of moving short distances almost instantaneously due to her power she can adjust the amount of force she uses with a near pinpointed level of precision.

Godly Senses: Ruby was born with extremely heightened senses. Touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing are all boosted to tremendous degrees due to the genetic aberration that has created what she is. These heightened senses however vary based on both acuity and potency, which will be listed below.

    Discerning Taste: Ruby has what empericans would call the tongue of a god. When she eats something she isn’t just tasting the standard bitter,sweet,salty,umami and sour. She can figure out the diet of say the beast of which the meat she’s eating belongs to based on the subtle differences in texture and potency of taste. If you gave her a row of salt she could theoretically if she had prior knowledge of the locale of origination accurately tell you where each and every one of these salts came from. However there’s a better use for this that was nurtured over the many long years of her life; the ability to detect poisons.

    Growing up in the suiguran Wildlands in forests of beasts and plants that wanted to kill her, and surviving forced her already naturally heightened state as the suigura of the body to be elevated even further. This is why she is capable of discerning a multitude of different poisons based on composition, and even capable of discerning if something is poisonous or not without prior knowledge of what it is, or where it originated from.

    Hypersensitivity: The vibrations on the ground, the minute motions of the wind as it blows by her skin. All of these things are plain as day to Ruby. Her sense of touch is far greater than the normal person, and unlike a normal being who has the most acute sense of touch on their fingers, face, lips and so on Ruby’s sense of touch is not lessened on any part of her body. Because of this she doesn’t just react to what she can see in front of her, she is capable of reacting to what she feels around her.

    More than the simple fact she can feel them, she is also capable of discerning what she feels. The vibration of voices, she can more or less get a general idea of what is being said through the pattern of vibration that moves through the air and touches her skin. Given hearing is merely vibrations being carried through the three small bones of the inner ear into the cochlea, it’s not terribly surprising that at a heightened state such as her own that Ruby would be capable of using her skin as a medium to discern sound. Now, the downside is that while she can discern it, it’s merely as information. Information, but not sound; similar to thoughts inside a person’s head, she loses the subtle nuances that could be given through inflection and tone, and rather is capable of getting just the information.

    Because of this, while she can discern the information it doesn’t mean she goes off of it the full entirety of the time. Given what she gains from this is incomplete information. However, things that she is able to discern completely is background noises that otherwise people would miss via the medium of her skin’s sensory capabilities. Also because her skin is capable of picking up even the minute tremors in the ground that could be from machinery many miles away, there is a massive influx of information that stems from her heightened sense of touch.

    This of course has it’s upsides and downsides, for example; she has a truly frightening scope of awareness, from the obvious to the completely obscure. However the downside is she has to sift through that information, using the analytical nature of her mind to break down, digest and then assess the information to figure out if it’s relevant or not to what she needs. An example of how too much of a good thing would be a bad thing is in the city, her reaction time is naturally delayed by around .1-.5 of a second due to the over abundance of noise, sounds and vibrations that would onslaught her at any given point in time.

    Acute Hearing:
    Ruby's hearing is superhuman by any reasonable use of the word. This is not considering her mindset of breaking down and scrutinizing on the slightest detail, but rather the actual physical capacity for her to hear, discern, and register sounds that come into contact with her. A human mind you, can only register from 20-20,000kilohertz of sound; a bat can go up to 212,000Hz, which is the realm of sonar and echolocation. Ruby's hearing is vastly better than humans, but not quite as good as a bat. Ruby's hearing is comparative to that of a cat, or dogs. While having such great hearing benefits her, it also makes it difficult for her in certain situations.

    Just like a cat, or dog, loud noises can be painfully loud to her, just like a dog-whistle being capable of driving any given animal crazy, ruby is very similar in some regards to that, which is why heavily populated places are detrimental to her. The increased flux of information impedes upon her reaction time.

    Intricate Smell:

    Ocular Prowess:

[Standard ] Atomic Regeneration: Not quite as fancy as the name may lead one to think, stemming from the aspect of her immortality, the suigura of the body has a monstrous talent from regen that works on the cellular, and even atomic levels. Now, what this roughly translates to is that concept that much like how the suigura named ruby has managed to remain with her youthful appearance for over ten thousand years, she has been able to not only utilize her superior cellular regeneration skills to maintain her youth, but she is even quite capable of regenerating the wounds that have been inflicted upon her because of the concept that all of her cells are capable at a base level of constantly regenerating at rates that easily outstrip the rate of cellular death that is occurring on every inch of her body.

That being said, this concept is capable of being taken a step further than that, being applicable to injuries that include those on a level of her limbs being destroyed and her bones being pulverised, all these injuries can be mended at rates that in specific situations could be considered to be “visible” to the naked eye. Such as wounds on a level of say a hole being punched into her abdomen regenerating visibly before the eye of the person who did it. Granted this regeneration is not instantaneous if you consider beings who are capable of regenerating limbs in a matter of nanoseconds, however because of her being the suigura of the body, what she is capable of doing would be considered the utmost limit of what is possible when taking in the body itself.

This concept means that while in the midst of fighting, small wounds generally can be seen to vanish before the naked eye as she fights, puffs of steam being the only real sign that these “wounds” have taken place. Granted however, for deep wounds such as a rod has been shoved through someone's arm, the concept of regeneration that her ability stems from will heal the wound over the course of a few turns. Such is the same with broken bones and anything that does not contain the concept of a limb or multiple limbs being severed. For these processes, generally speaking all that is needed is three turns at maximum, for deep and severe wounds on the first turn, blood will clot and scabs will naturally form over the most severe wounds, on the second turn the wounds will be covered in a pinkish scar-tissue that would be limited partially in durability by the fact that this is a “freshly” healed wound. That is to say that these wounds have not hardened up yet due to the fact that the suigura of the body is using what is considered a “vastly” heightened regenerative system with none to very little supernatural aid in the process from “supernatural energies” On the third turn the wounds that are on par with broken bones or those severe to moderate wounds will be completely healed. Thus to rehash before continuing.

    Scrapes and light cuts heal visibly during the progression of her posting phase.
    Moderate wounds fall between severe and light wounds and thus should heal around the 2nd turn phase.
    Severe wounds aligned with broken bones take three turns to heal, going through the scab phase, newly formed skin or “scar phase” and then fully heal on the third turn phase. Broken bones conform to the three turn model, the only difference being bones become “usable” but frail on the 2nd turn and set the first turn before being fully healed the third turn.

[Non-Standard]Fatal Regeneration: The name for this concept is a misnomer when compared to it’s actual affect, however essentially the gist of this is that due to the heightened level of regeneration that Ruby possesses passively. Coupled with the concept of “how” she has gained immortality, she has a rarely seen application for her regeneration− that stems from these two concepts. This application is that unlike most creatures, ruby’s body is quite capable of working even after a fatal wound has been inflicted upon her. How? That’s quite simple actually, due to the concept of her cellular regeneration in conjunction with an ability called “the body is but a vessel”. The body is quite capable of increasing the regenerative process, by supplementing it with massive amounts of energy; facilitating the process of regeneration. After this, the organ or organs in question that are considered to be absolutely required for continued life will be regenerated over the course of a turn.

Some downsides to this technique stem from it being something that is capable of bolstering what is considered “peak bodily regeneration”. For example, while this fatal regeneration is capable of regenerating wounds such as: holes being shot through the brain, the head being cut from the body or the internal organs being completely destroyed; it does not guard from things of such nature as atomic destruction of the body. Honestly, injuries that are greater than say a hole being blasted in her heart would cause for her to fall into a state of near death for the remainder of the thread. Meaning she’d be unable to fight due to the body going into a state of “hibernation”, so that it would become possible for her to regenerate from the massive injuries that took place.

Moving on from that concept as well, technically speaking so long as a vast majority of her body is in tact she is quite capable of regenerating any lost limbs, or organs during this “hibernation” state. However if something happens such as the body itself being erased on a subcellular level then she will not be able to regenerate from the injuries that have taken place. As well this is another flaw in her design, the cellular regeneration of her body targets damage on a cellular level for the vast majority. Thus, atomic damage that accrues within the body that has been accumulated over time does not completely regenerate until the entire cluster of cells that are damaged get ripped apart in battle. This is why even though she is capable of regenerating even from fatal wounds, you can feasibly see scars accrue on her body from attacks that damage things on the atomic level.

Moving on with fatal regeneration concept she is quite capable of using this during combat so long as the previously mentioned threshold of damage has not been exceeded, she can fight in this manner even with holes being blown through her chest wall to take out her heart or if all her blood as been bled out of her body. However, there are some repercussions which will be listed below in sequential order based upon the amount of fatal attacks that have been taken.

    The first time she takes a fatal attack there isn’t anything of note, nor the second time other than a massive drop in the energy naturally accumulating in the body.

    Once you get to the second time she takes fatal damage the energy accrued within her body becomes low enough that while she can fight in base form, the accelerated process of regen has caused a side affect of making it so she cannot a) release into higher forms than base for the remainder of the thread. And B) she is automatically powered down from any released form to a base form.

    Three times the user will become what is called “exhausted” For the remainder of the thread the user will have their physical margins drop by a single mastery level in each of the respective stats of strength, speed,durability. I.e masters would become advances for the rest of the thread and so on.

    The fourth time the user enters what is known as critical fatigue. This not only maintains the aforementioned affect of having physical mastery margins dropped, key mental statuses such as Mental Deduction, and Focus will also drop a skill mastery level for the remainder of the thread.

    The Fifth time the user will be in what is called a comatose state.

    The Sixth and final time will cause the user's energy to completely empty out.

[Non-Standard]Regenerative Overclocking: Another Feat that stems from a similar thought process as her capacity to overclock her regenerative abilities to heal mortal wounds is a constant regenerative state known as Regenerative overclocking. The concept of this “ability” stems from the capacity to regenerate the injuries she inflicts upon herself as they happen. That is to say, she jacks up the amount of energy she is using in terms of what her body is consuming and all of that is then converted into a regenerative factor that allows her to pull off feats such as hitting someone hard enough to break her own bone and then have that bone regenerate even as it’s fragmenting.

Of course the premise here is that by elevating the regenerative factor and her energy consumption both to the limit, she is capable of for a certain period of time truly “maxing out” the capacity of her body to heal from injuries in very very brief periods of time. Generally speaking however this level of healing for any creature would be detrimental, as it over-taxes the bodies ability to regenerate and thus for Ruby this technique is very similar to that of a double edged sword. It theoretically at its maximum can give her 5-6x the speed of her natural regenerative capacity, by speeding everything up to that margin. Now this is by no means something that can be sustained indefinitely and thus it is something that lasts approximately 5-6 turns in its entirety and is a one-off type ability, that is to say this technique after it’s use will be unusable for the remainder of the thread, on top of draining 25% of her energy reserves from regeneration alone during that time, in conjunction of doubling the time regeneration takes for the four turns following its use.

This isn’t all that this technique does, given the concept of speeding all this up vastly increases the energy being used by the cells themselves, her body grows to become unimaginably hot, being capable of causing steam to rise when walking in the midst of the rain, or capable of causing burns on those who come into contact with her. In essence, all the energy that is being used then emits heat as a byproduct which has to be vented from the body in some manner. In this case, the “cooling off” system for her body when utilizing this technique is the smoldering temperatures that can be felt racing like wildfire across her entire body during the five to six turns that this ability is capable of being utilized for.

Once she really gets going, generally in the midst of a battle where she is throwing everything she has at her opponent, the heat that is present racing through her veins can reach upwards of 700-800 degrees fahrenheit. Capable of causing flammable objects to heat up or even set on fire from being in contact with her body.


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