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 Morgan Kay [WIP]

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Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter Morgan Kay

I. Basic Information

» Name: Morgan Kay
» Alias: None so far
» Age: 24
» Birthday: 21st March
» Gender: Female
» Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Every gender, every race)
» Nationality: Japanese/British
» Reiatsu Colour: Azure Blue

» Association:

Vanguard: Picked up by them initially after being found as a wandering Plus, she returned to them after forging herself into a Shinigami. With the lingering feeling from her previous life of 'protection', it's only natural she'd join an organization devoted to protecting people. Though she is rather irresponsible, flighty and carefree, she attends to her duties seriously, and as soon as possible to make sure everything, the world and the people in it included, are in top condition. She's only new, but damn does she put her fervor to use.

» Appearance Written: Morgan is, overall, fairly attractive. Her skin is a peachy, tan kind of colour, with a few smatterings of freckles over her body, which is noticeably curvy despite her height of 5'1". She has a cute, heart-shaped face with large, deep blue eyes lined with long eyelashes, a small button nose, plump, pouty lips that seem to always be curled into a small smirk, and carefully-trimmed eyebrows that match her hair in colour. Her face is framed by wavy, mussed black hair that seems to curl inwards slightly at the bottom, and a messy fringe. Her body for the most part looks rather soft, but the muscle is noticeable at a touch, and faintly visible. All of this comes together to create a very tomboyish yet overtly feminine, and attractive, look. One which Morgan most certainly takes a great deal of pride, and a small amount of smugness, from.

Morgan's accent remains noticeably british even after spending a few years in Soul Society, and usually has a confident, cheerful tone to it. Her voice itself usually falls slightly on the deeper side of pitch, but since she sings quite often, she has quite a range which she can go to. Of course, Morgan's confidence usually carries over to her posture. Laid-back but alert, and with no small amount of self-assurance, and slightly pushing her chest and rear out. Not enough that it's clear she's doing it, but enough that they stand out. She almost perpetually has one hand resting on her hip or waist, or in a pocket.

Clothing-wise, Morgan usually has a very casual style, mostly consisting of hoodies and jeans on cold days, or clothing such as tank-tops, halters, and shorts on warm days. The pride she takes in her appearance applies even to her clothes, and she never wears anything low-quality if she can help it. Morgan likes to dress in a way that flaunts her curves when the weather allows for it, showing off the body which she is oh-so proud of. After all, she likes making people happy, and seeing an attractive girl showing off makes people happy too!

When it comes to doing her duties however, Morgan usually dons a sort of uniform of her own making. The base layer is a plain, black bodysuit which covers a small portion of her thighs, and leaves her arms and upper chest open to the air. With that, she then wears a pair of black stirrup leggings connected to the bodysuit by a pair of garter straps. Her Zanpakuto tells her not to wear shoes for some reason, and it's about the only piece of advice she actually takes from the spirit. It is in fact because using her Shikai would destroy her footwear, and Shizukaminari knows how much Morgan cares for her clothes.
The final portion of Morgan's clothing is a blue jacket which covers her shoulders, and goes down just low enough to cover her rear. It has a zipper in the middle which she usually leaves open, and high, wide collar. It also has an unusual amount of belts, one on each shoulder, one at the bottom, and one around the collar. Maybe she thinks it looks cool? Of course she also has her Vanguard badge, a blue, gauntleted fist with her name emblazoned on it in gold, usually attached to the end of the belt on the left side of her collar.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality Traits: The Eye of the Storm

» Personality:

Protective: The very core and base of Morgan's personality is her desire to protect. She died protecting someone, and that feeling carried over as she became a Plus and shaped her as a person. Before anything, Morgan is protective. Not overly so, she knows what boundaries are and how not to be overprotective, but nonetheless she cares for just about everyone unless they prove that they're not worthy of it, and will fight for anybody, no matter who they are.

Compassionate: Tying into her protective nature, Morgan has a rather amazing capacity for compassion, caring for just about everyone in an almost maternal way, but usually in her typical, boisterous way that she does just about anything. Whatever anyone needs, she's happy to do, but that doesn't make her a pushover. She knows when to say no.

Noticeable: Morgan is loud. If she's there, you'll know it, and it's practically impossible to miss her with how much of a spectacle she tends to make herself. She loves being the centre of attention, whether she's punching a pack of Hollows, or dancing for a room full of people. An an extension of this, she loves performing and making things. Dancing and singing are things she is especially good at.

Stubborn: Good luck trying to change Morgan's mind on just about anything. Getting Morgan to change her view on just about anything is immensely difficult. You'll need something pretty massive for her to even start to budge, or to catch her in a moment of desperation. This also applies to her will, too. She won't back down in a fight no matter what, even moreso if it's in defense of another.

Straightforward: Something that's both good and bad about Morgan, really. She's not hard to understand, and she's generally a very easy person to 'get', and get along with too. But she almost never thinks of doing things the...well, smart one. She always takes the most direct route. Usually, that route is violent. It usually takes another person to try to get her to take another path, and that's near-enough the only time she'll actually listen. Well, unless it's her Zanpakuto.

Reliable: Once again stemming from how protective she is, Morgan is unrelently reliable. She's happy to be a rock for others to rely on, to be vented to and if someone needs her somewhere at a certain time, you're more likely to find her there early than you are to find her arriving exactly on time, to make sure she doesn't miss it. She's always there if you need it, and she'll make sure you know it. She can even get offended if someone thinks she wouldn't help.

Self-improver: Morgan desperately wants to get stronger, both for herself, and so she can be better at protecting people. She's always striving towards this goal, seeking both allies to spar with, and enemies to fight so that she can push herself to her limit, and then surpass it. She wants to be the strongest, so that there's nobody who could prevent her from protecting those who need it, and earn the title of Kenpachi for herself.

Afraid: For all her confidence, Morgan is truly terrified of one thing. Not being good enough. One of her primary motivations for getting stronger is that it won't come to pass, and its a fear that plagues her every so often with the musings that perhaps she, or someone she cares about, will die because she simply wasn't good enough to save herself or them.

Uncertain: Since Morgan is relatively new to the world, she's still uncertain of things. She's forgotten a lot of facts about the world and is having to relearn them. Both her personality and worldview are easily moldable by those close to her, as well as during any vulnerable moments she may have. Since she's so extroverted, she almost relies on others for what she should know of the world, and even sometimeswhat she should think of it.

Violent: Despite her generally compassionate, caring nature, Morgan still enjoys violence and combat. If she doesn't think it'll cause any harm for others or too much for herself, she'll draw a battle out both to train more, and for fun. She is far from a pacifist, and takes every reasonable opportunity to spar or fight.

Appearance: Morgan takes a great amount of pride in her appearance, and is meticulous to a fault when it comes to looking her best. Both her body and her clothes must be clean, and she always needs to keep herself in top shape. Of course, she does like to show off all that work too, if the weather allows for it.

Joy-bringer: Morgan loves to bring happiness to people, bringing a smile to their face through either doing things for them, helping them out with emotional issues, or anything else she can possibly do for them. If it doesn't bring harm to someone that doesn't deserve it, she's likely to do whatever she can to make someone happy.

I. History: Towering Cumulus

» History:

» Human Life:
Morgan was originally born a human in Colchester, England. She was always the confident type who people flocked to in search of something akin to a leader, and she happily took to the role. She lead her friends into a great many things, and they all found the various things they enjoyed with eachother, and even learned new things from the group. For Morgan, she found herself greatly enjoying martial arts, singing, dancing and once she had the ability to actually pursue it, gem-cutting and jewelry-making. Plus a whole bunch of other things, but less so than those four. Morgan also found that she quite enjoyed helping people out, either being someone for them to vent their problems to, or in her younger years, beat up bullies.

During her human life, Morgan pursued two quite different life paths. The first, started earlier, was as a prodigy of competitive, combative sports. She took to a multitude of martial arts quite easily, and eventually found herself in multiple MMA tournaments where she regularly came close to first, or first. The second was far gentler. She took to college to learn psychology, and to become a therapist. Though she had far less talent with this than she did with martial arts, she still got along with it, and did rather well in her classes, though nothing special.

It was on her way to class that Morgan's path to becoming a Shinigami and member of Vanguard began. She had passed by an alley, and heard a shout come from within. She checked to see what was happening, and saw a woman in the process of getting shaken down for money. Of course, being the reckless and protective girl that she both was and currently is, she dived in to put her martial arts skills to use and protect the woman. She managed to knock a couple of their skulls together, but one of them pulled a knife and stabbed her. She hadn't even noticed until the end, when they all ran, that she was bleeding, and collapsed shortly after. The woman called for an ambulance, but Morgan bled out on the way to the hospital, and passed away at the age of 19.

» Becoming a Shinigami:
Morgan awoke with a thumping headache, no memories aside from her name, and a lingering urge to protect. She had become a Plus. Of course, she knew nothing of the world now, but that urge to protect, remaining there due to that being what she was doing in her last moments, spurred her on, and she sought out opportunities to do just that. Considering that she was pretty active, and rather strange, for a Plus, she quickly came to the attention of the Shinigami and Vanguard both, and was picked up before she could get herself turned into a Hollow. She was taught the basics of the world, so that she actually knew things beyond her name. She picked up the process of becoming a Shinigami, gathering large amounts of Reishi, and once she was sent to Soul Society she began to do just that.

Fortunately for Morgan, she had immense Reiryoku, and it took under a year for her to gather the Reishi to become a Shinigami, months which she spent seeking out places to gather it, and indulging in both her urge to protect and a newfound instinctive urge to fight, carried over from her past life. Her subconscious still carried the memories of how to help, both physically and emotionally, and she put them to great use during that period. Once she became a Shinigami, Morgan practically sprinted to the Vanguard station within Seireitei, and begged to be trained as a Shinigami so that she could join them. So, she was sent to Shin'o Academy, took up an Asauchi, and started to learn some of the more in-depth parts of the world, and of what being a Shinigami exactly entailed.

» Shin'o Academy:
While Morgan did have some talent with sword combat, she still found herself falling back on her muscle memory for martial arts, and when she finally turned her Asauchi into a full Zanpakuto, it internalised within her, allowing her to use her martial arts alongside the strength granted by wielding a Zanpakuto. With this, Morgan started to develop her own martial arts, a mixture of the vastly improved speed and strength granted to her by both being a Shinigami and having her Zanpakuto internalised in her body, and her subconscious memory of various martial arts from her old life. Now able to fight properly instead of with her weaker sword skills, Morgan truly started to excel, able to put her immense Reiryoku and natural talent for unarmed combat to use.

As part of her education at Shin'o, Morgan learned to communicate with her Zanpakuto spirit, Shizukaminari. Unfortunately, their personalities were complete opposites. While Morgan was straightforward, emotive, easily roused and rather violent, Shizukaminari was quiet, calm, collected, and almost pacifistic. She was the eye of the storm compared to Morgan being the storm itself. Due to this, Morgan and her Zanpakuto didn't exactly get along amazingly, with Morgan being too stubborn to take Shizu's advice, and Shizu being too traditional to allow Morgan to wield her power without doing it as she wished. Despite that, there was a strong loyalty to eachother even if they were far too stubborn to work together.

Morgan's urge to protect others stayed constant throughout her years in Shin'o, never wavering once, and it always spurred her on to train to be her best. During her time at Shin'o, she also learned about the Kenpachi, the title given to the strongest Shinigami in a generation, and decided that she herself would become the next Kenpachi. She considered herself truly capable of achieving that title.

Despite her inability to cooperate with her Zanpakuto, Morgan still graduated 3 years early due to her exceptional ability. Of course, she was pretty happy about that, and after a night of hard celebrating, she got to work.

» Vanguard
Morgan sought out the Vanguard in hopes of working for them. Her urge to protect people hadn't waned at all during her time at Shin'o, and she wished to put that to use by protecting Earth. She readily jumped into the boot camp, and managed to get through near-effortlessly. Once she finished, she received her Vanguard Badge, and later procured a Gigai which she got infused into herself so she could readily switch between the land of the living and her spirit form, and a Denreishinki so that she could always know where she was needed.

» Current:
And with that, Morgan set off to punch what needed to be punched, do her Vanguard duties, get to know some new people to make up for the friends she lost from her previous life, make people happy, and train so that she could become the next Kenpachi.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Vanguard Badge: As a member of the Vanguard, Morgan has her own, personal badge. A blue, gauntlet-covered fist that matches her eyes in hue, with her name emblazoned in gold on the back of the hand and usually placed on the left side of the collar of her jacket when on duty.

LIFEBOAT: Like other Vanguard members, Morgan has the LIFEBOAT nanites implanted into her. Frankly, she kinda dislikes them since she thinks that she can make the decision to retreat for herself, but she appreciates the idea of being saved from certain death by them.

Infused Gigai: Morgan's Gigai is infused into herself so she can easily shift between the artifical body and her Shinigami form, allowing her to more easily carry out her duties as a member of Vanguard. Plus, y'know, taking part in the land of the living.

Denreishinki v2: Morgan possesses a Denreishinki so that she knows if there are any disturbances going on, to train if they're not on earth and to do her job as a Vanguard Initiative member if they are on earth. Also training even if they are on earth.

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills:

Extended Life-Spans: This is quite the unique trait that Shinigami possess over that of Human's. For, unlike human's, Shinigami can retain their visible youth for the many countless centuries to come. Those who are keenly in-tune with their spiritual energy can even greatly expand their lifetimes by upwards of fifty-percent more than usual. More than that, it seems to also reside over into the cosmetic side of things. As trained Shinigami with a good control of their Reiryoku can utilize it in order to preserve their youth for further prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, with the improvements in Modern Medicine over the past few centuries, there are also many various treatments available to Shinigami in order to enhance both their life-spans and physical appearance if need be at times.

Enhanced Endurance: This is quite a noticeable feature in the race of Shinigami. Most Shinigami in general possess a very high tolerance to pain and injury than their human and Plus Spirit predecessors. For what would normally be considered a critical to life threatening injury to a human, a Shinigami would have far higher rates of survival due to the greater amounts of power behind an assault that would be required to essentially kill a Shinigami. An example of this would be a slash to the chest by a Shinigami who is roughly on a Seated Officers level. If this individual had been a regular human, chances are they'd have a good chance of dying from copious amounts of blood loss associated with the tear in their chest. However, since they ascended to that of a Shinigami, they are able to take multiple blows to the chest until they are finally put to a rest. Henceforth, one of the most ensured ways to kill a Shinigami is normally by slashing their head off.

Konso: This is the course of action most Shinigami go through in order to send wandering Souls in the Human World or other realms and send them to their respective place. If they had lead a neutral or acceptable life, the most probable place a spirit would end up is in the Soul Society. If the subject in question had lead a destructive life that was full of senseless murders, endless amounts of theft and causing general pain upon others, then they'd generally be sent to the pits of Hell itself. Moving onward from that, Since Morgan's Zanpakuto is internalized, she performs Konso by pressing her thumb to the spirit's forehead, thus sending them into the afterlife. However, it is possible for more skilled Shinigami to perform a mass version of this through a massive burst of their spiritual energy in emergency circumstances. It's also worth noting that this can be applied to other races as well; but the Shinigami actually has to kill them in combat. So, for example, a Shinigami can send a supernatural human to the Soul Society if they engaged in a battle and the Shinigami ended up slaying the human.

Purging Sinister Souls: When a Shinigami is able to kill a Hollow with their Zanpakutō, this process generally leads to them being purged of their sins. After this effect has taken place, a hollow will typically revert back to their previous state as a Plus and will be led back into the pits of the Soul Society. This transformation system is called sublimation; it's essentially a form of rebirth which Shinigami are able to perform. Though, it should be noted that not all Hollows are sent to the Soul Society. Being that Shinigami only have the capacity to cleanse any wrong-doing this being had done after ascending to a hollow, Hollow's which committed heinous acts in their human lives will still be sent back to hell after they are destroyed. In the case of Demon's, however, if a Shinigami becomes powerful enough, they will attempt to purify their soul so that they can be reborn again as either a Human, or, if they feel the threat is too dangerous, simply send them to the pits of hell. This can also be applied to other races such as other Shinigami, Sugiura and so forth. They'll simply be returned to the Soul Cycle when killed by a Shinigami.

Reiryoku and Reiatsu: Morgan has an incredible amount of Reiryoku, especially for someone who was relatively recently turned Shinigami. She was able to collect enough Reishi to transform from a Plus into a Shinigami in under a year thanks to this. Thanks to her immense levels of Reiryoku, Morgan has managed to grow in strength incredibly fast, and thanks to spending time in Shin'o Academy both getting reaquainted with the world and learning about being a Shinigami, she has managed to apply it to a powerful Reiatsu.

Martial Arts: Morgan was a MMA champion even before her death, and her natural talent and skill has only been enhanced after becoming a Shinigami. With the addition of forgetting all about the previous ideas behind them and relying on muscle memory, she's been able to apply her own twist to the martial arts she used, and has combined them into her own unique style which emphasizes overwhelming power and speed, focusing on beating down an opponent before they can get a chance to retaliate, and being too fast to get hit if the opponent is too durable.

Internalized Zanpakuto: Morgan's Zanpakuto is internalized to allow her to use her martial arts, instead of her lesser abilities with a sword. Due to this, she is never unarmed, and doesn't need to unsheath her weapon to use it. She's always ready to fight and protect no matter the occasion, and her Zanpakuto cannot be broken unless her body itself is broken.

Shunpo: Morgan has started to learn Shunpo, though she focuses on swift bursts of movement, more suited to combat, than sustained usage over a long distance, to the detriment of the latter.

Hoho: Hoho is what make the Shinigami so fast when they begin to Shunpo or Flash Step. The higher this is for your Shinigami character, the faster they'll overall be in this state. So for example, an Advanced Hoho user would most likely outrun an adept or beginner Hoho user should they begin to speed things up in their fight. Along with that, the Advanced user could also have more room to dodge, avoid and attack more rapidly than the lower user. Thus, with this knowledge in mind, choose carefully where you want to place your characters speed.

Kidō: Morgan doesn't show much skill with Kidō, often fumbling with the chants. She much prefers to fight using her body than she does using magic, so this doesn't really bother her much. Of course, it does leave a hole in her abilities that can be exploited.

Zanjutsu: While Morgan is capable of using a sword, she doesn't excel at it like she does with unarmed martial arts. Additionally, since her Zanpakuto is internalized and used through her body, she hasn't gotten much practice with Zanjutsu since she awakened her Zanpakuto, leaving her lacking compared to other Shinigami.

Hakuda: This is where Morgan's true talent lies. Her skill with martial arts translates to Hakuda, and she has taken to it like a fish to water, rapidly gaining skill with Hakuda and excelling with it far beyond any other ability in combat. She combines it with her own self-made, unnamed martial arts style to completely overwhelm enemies.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Shizukaminari

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Compared to Morgan's tomboy-ish appearance, Shizukaminari is a true lady. Her features are refined and regal, with high cheekbones, pale skin and sharp blue eyes which are usually looking on with a predatory gaze, giving a different impression from the gentle smile she usually wears. Shizu's hair is stark white, with carefully arranged blunt bangs, and pulled back into a bun on the back of her head. She's relatively tall, standing at 5'9", with a body similar to Morgan's in curviness. The most notable feature about her, however, is that she's a kitsune. Her eyes are slitted, making her gaze even more intimidating and predatory, she has two large fluffy ears on top of her head, two fluffy tails, and red stripes that come to a point on her cheeks.

Clothing wise, Shizukaminari usually wears a long, loose grey kimono with a depiction of a storm imprinted on it. A large, stormy cloud is set on the shoulders, spitting lightning and rain down onto the ocean below. Beneath the robe she wears a full suit of sleek body armour, consisting of a black full body suit wrapped with azure-blue plates trimmed with gold placed in key locations.

» Zanpakutô Spirit Personality: Shizukaminari is the perfect example of a Japanese lady. She is refined, calm, collected, always appears to be in control, and surprisingly averse to combat for a weapon. She demands a ceremonial manner in all things, to the point that if Morgan were to achieve her Bankai, she would require a chant for its usage, unlike most Zanpakuto. She is very traditional, and methodical in all forms, even so much that her Shikai requires methodical, controlled actions to use to its full potential.

» Inner World: Shizukaminari's Inner World appears as though she and Morgan are within a storm, with rolling grey clouds forming the floor, and torrential rain and lightning striking down from above and arcing across the cloud floor. Crumbling stone statues line the sides of it, and a large domed building with four spires stands equidistant from the inhabitants of the Inner World no matter how much they try to reach it. Somehow, Shizukaminari manages to remain entirely dry despite the pouring rain, and never flinches no matter how close the lightning strikes to her.

Inner World:

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Since Morgan's Zanpakuto is internalized, it has no appearance, aside from just being her body.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Morgan does not currently have the ability to use any powers when her Zanpakuto is sealed.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: O violent storms that flow perpetually, converge to my will and become my power!

» Shikai Appearance: When Morgan's Shikai is released, lightning arcs across her body, and her Zanpakuto finally takes form. It bears similarities to Shizukaminari's armour, except more fitting for Morgan herself. Her arms and legs up to just above her knees and halfway up her upper arms are covered in blue plate armour. Her eyes also light up the colour of her Reiatsu.

» Shikai Abilities: When Shizukaminari is released, Morgan gains the ability to control lightning. However, Morgan's Zanpakuto demands she be controlled with its usage, using kata and forms to influence it. Of course, this conflicts with Morgan who just forces it out of annoyance with the unnecessary ceremonial movements, and thus reduces its power. In addition, lightning flows through her body, empowering her when lightning is used against her, and greatly increasing her strength and speed.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: O light that rains down on heaven and earth, bring my enemies to their destined annihilation and grant us the protection of thy brilliance!

» Bankai Appearance: In Shizukaminari's Bankai, the first change is her jacket. It grows in length to reach just below her knees and gains a new belt at the new bottom, as well as gold trim and detailing. The second change is that she gains a new piece of armour similar to a corset, wrapping around her stomach area and chest. The third is that all of her armour gains gold trim and detailing to match her jacket, thus gaining a more regal, elaborate appearance. The fourth and final change is that a flame-like aura of lightning emanates from her eyes, which grows as her power increases.

The actual Bankai itself involves something akin to bringing her Zanpakuto's inner world into reality. Morgan punches the ground, and from that punch springs rolling grey clouds which cover the area, somewhat reducing visibility. A torrential storm starts with clouds gathers above, and lightning arcs between the clouds above and below, potentially striking enemies or Morgan herself, and filling the area with static and eletrical energy.

» Bankai Abilities: As with all Bankai, Morgan's physical abilities are drastically increased. However, for Morgan, this goes even further. The static and electricity in the air caused by what is basically two storms merging is absorbed by her and ramps up her strength and speed even further, and that only increases as more builds up over time. In addition, her ability to control and resist lightning is increased, to the point that if lightning in the storm strikes her, it does nothing but make her stronger. Of course, the lightning can also strike enemies, and she can direct it as she wishes to either empower herself or to bring her opponent down.

I. Shikokai

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

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» Shikai Abilities: When Shizukaminari is released, Morgan gains the ability to control lightning. However, Morgan's Zanpakuto demands she be controlled with its usage, using kata and forms to influence it. Of course, this conflicts with Morgan who just forces it out of annoyance with the unnecessary ceremonial movements, and thus reduces its power. In addition, lightning flows through her body, empowering her when lightning is used against her, and greatly increasing her strength and speed.

» Bankai Abilities: As with all Bankai, Morgan's physical abilities are drastically increased. However, for Morgan, this goes even further. The static and electricity in the air caused by what is basically two storms merging is absorbed by her and ramps up her strength and speed even further, and that only increases as more builds up over time. In addition, her ability to control and resist lightning is increased, to the point that if lightning in the storm strikes her, it does nothing but make her stronger. Of course, the lightning can also strike enemies, and she can direct it as she wishes to either empower herself or to bring her opponent down.
These just need some more definition on what exactly she can do. Just "controlling lightning" is too vague. Rest of it is fine though!


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