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 Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] EmptySat Mar 03, 2018 2:18 pm

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Lethal Miasma

Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] ZsJCzbR

Basic Information

» Name: Jetta Yuudeshi
» Titles: The Lethal Miasma
» Appearance Age: 12 - 14 [ More Like Elementary School Student ]
» True Age: Around A Hundred Fifty or Two Hundred Fifty [ 150 - 250 ]
» Gender: Completely, and entirely a Female
Affiliation/Rank: Vizard Corps - Organization
Yuudeshi Clan - Family
Zin Yuudeshi - A Parent, Father
Zeda Yuudeshi - Older Brother
Shadin Yuudeshi - Uncle
Seika Yuudeshi - ??? [ Jetta refers her as 'some lady' ]
Seishi Yuudeshi - Possibly Cousin [ Jetta calls her by her name instead of 'cousin'
Shatari Yuudeshi - Possibly Cousin
Kakine Yuudeshi - Uncle

» Appearance Description: Starting off with the basics of Jetta's appearance.

Jetta Yuudeshi's Height is estimated to be one hundred forty-one centimeters tall, or to be exact, four feets and eight inches tall. It is very odd, or weird to be exact, for her height at her current age. For most of those who are directly related, may be sons or daughters of Zin Yuudeshi, their height can be comparitively as tall as Zin, or maybe a few inches shorter, but Jetta's height is much different. While Zin Yuudeshi stands about five foot ten inches tall, she is a feet two inches shorter than Zin is, the vast differences between both of their heights can be very shocking, and odd. This occurance might be the cause of the 'side' effects, or we wouldn't call it as a 'side effect', it is more of a 'cause' than just an 'effects' off of it. If anyone around her realise, she has not age even a bit, ever since she hits about 80 or 120 years old, that she 'kills' the components within her blood cells that could age her body, and reversing the effects of the cells within her body, which prevents her physical body from aging, nor dying. It is probably because of the continuous tries to reverting her blood cells from aging, harming the rest of the cells in her body and prevented her height from any further growth. But this is just a theory, there might be reasons behind it.

Moving on to her weight, she is not as muscle-built and heavy like her father, Zin does, but they should not underestimate her despite her body weight and height. She eats her food in a balanced diet, through day and night. Although she isn't a male, and aren't well-built, her endurance and durability is not something to mess around with, especially when it comes to receiving a punch from her, she is not someone to go easy with, just because she is a woman.

Jetta's Hair, can be more or less interesting than it looks. Although being the daughter of Zin Yuudeshi, she does not gain the 'hair traits' from her father. She has a fiery crimson flow hair that flows down over her waist, and be considered to be as long as her body. She usually keeps her hair flowing down or tying her hair up into a ponytail. It is typical for most average person to have crimson red hairs, but it is unusual for those who leaves their hairs until it could compare to the length of our body height. The way she ties up her hair, and the colors gives her a little bit more of an 'asian look'.

Her eyes, is not very special, except one. Like her father, Jetta's eye color changes depending on her mood, but it affects both of her eyes at once by her mood. However, there is only two specific eye colors that she has that shifts in depending on her mood. When her eyes shifts into black/brown, which could mean that she is being 'neutral', or it is unspecific about it. There is one noticeable feature is her red eyes. You could tell that she is angry, or aggressive when her eyes shifts to crimson red colors, but the eye colors does not have any specific special abilities within them, as they can only be told if she is pleased or not through her mood. Nothing else but that.

Jetta's attires, is somehow interesting, more or less. She wears a black trench coat, mainly made out of leather at the inside and outside, which it is protected against waters that prevents her clothes from getting wet. While wearing trench coat as her 'outer attire', she wears a highschool uniform underneath the thick, black trench coat. The reason that she wears a highschool uniform underneath her coat is unexplainable, but she does not always wear highschool uniforms underneath the trench coat. Jetta 'usually' wears a black shirt underneath the trench coat and a pair of black pants, even shoes itself, she wears only this attire when an event is going on, meeting with her father and the rest of the Yuudeshi members and missions, while she wears a set of highschool uniform when she goes 'somewhere', which it could be anywhere.

Jetta has a few items with her. The first noticeable item is her pendant, taking an appearance of a normal pendant with a cross around it. Fiery particles that scatters around inside the pendant that glows around can be seen inside the pendant, floating. Where, when and how the pendant was created is unexplainable, and probably only Zin knows about it as she received the pendant from her father to wear it. Inside the pendant is also where her inner hollow resides from the start when she gets her first pendant from Zin, it might be a surpressor for her inner hollow until it is tamed or such. Another item is her Zanpakutō, having a black hilt and a long blade that has the appearance of a normal katana and it is set on her right waist. Only both of these items are known to be visible to anyone, while the rest of the items are either hidden or kept 'somewhere'.

Her reiatsu color is colored in red wihout her mask on, but soon after she dawns her mask, her reiatsu would flow out from her as in white color. There is no mystery or odd behind those as changes in reiatsu color with and wihout mask happens commonly among vizards.

» Appearance Picture:



» Personality:

- Hostile : Unlike her father's comedy and open type of person, Jetta is a little more of a solitude woman. She is cold and hostile towards many people around her. Because of that, she is harder to get along with, as Jetta tends to avoid those who tries to talk to her, or ignoring them completely and pretending that they did not exist on her sight. Most people considers her to be a 'Tsundere' type of woman, and a few hardly pays attention around her. While acting hostile and cold towards majority people, annoying her too much can force her to resort violence, whether to be allies, comrades, friends or family, even clanmates, so she is not the type of person that you should cross lines with as well. Leaving her alone is better than being too clingy against Jetta.

- Mind Of Steel : Possibly the only characteristic that her father had inherited. Jetta's mind and willpower is similiar to Zin, that she won't change her mind, nor stop what she is doing no matter what kind of method they try. Beating the crap out of her, nuking her, breaking her skull or even blasting her to the space won't haze a single bit of her mind, almost like a steel cage that is locked for eternity until something's accomplished. Of course, with a mind and willpower like that, she would try and accomplish anything that is almost impossible to achieve, and won't even mind if it is about giving up her life. You can't really stop her from doing anything at all, even if you lock her into an indestructable room, she would keep trying and she finds a way to get out and do the job. Or to be exact, no one can do a single shit about it.

- Serious : Jetta has always the serious look on her face, rarely putting up a smile for any person, even to her family as well. If you receive a smile from Jetta? Well, the sky isn't blue then. She takes her missions, position and work very seriously, finding her slacking off is rare, unless she is taking a medical leave or something special happened. Her serious nature could usually bring in misunderstandings, and bad things happening, since her 'overly seriousness' gets her to take words easily. If you challenged her to destroy a town, she would 'try' and 'do' the impossible. If she can't do it, then she will find a way and definitely do it, but she wouldn't be so stupid enough to actually destroy a town, unless it is her enemy's. She may be serious, but she concerns more about her family than her own duty, because of this, her mind would 'sometimes' wander around before realising what she has done.

- Caring : Jetta doesn't really show much of this side except to those are extremely close to her. She might be very hostile and cold towards those are around her, if you know a lot about her, deep inside, she is actually a person who cares about those are beside her, especially her families, but she mostly would try and avoid this side of her because she thinks that being on the nice side for too much could ruin her own reputation and lead to a lot of chaos and misunderstandings. Not many noticed this side of her, no one except but her parents only.

- Loyal : Jetta is a kind of person that never backs off from her words, and surprisingly extremely loyal to her country, organization, allies, friends and family, to the point where she prefers to give up her life than actually spouting out any important information that she knows, or had. Although she knew that she do not have the power to protect everyone, she would still try her best to do so with her flesh and blood. Well, if you're part of her friends or family, heh, you're just too lucky to get protected by a woman, which would either be an embarassing for men or just crawl away with shame to be actually being protected by a woman, when it is men's duties to protect someone.


» Background:

- The Daughter Appears -
Jetta Yuudeshi, a female who was born within the Yuudeshi Family, and being the daughter of Zin Yuudeshi whom was once of the known strongest vizards around the world itself. But, there's one thing that shocked some of the family members within the Yuudeshi Family. To be simple, most childs that are born within the Yuudeshi Family would have the genes of the member and, at least similar appearance like their said parents, but for her, some are shocked and some aren't, giving that her appearance almost looked different than the looks of what Zin Yuudeshi has, but her personality isn't altered much, and most of her personalities are somewhat influenced by Zin's genes.

It wasn't so easy for her though, even as a woman. She has to undergo many sorts of hardwork and, of course, very well-known word that is called 'Training'. But she doesn't just 'TRAIN' with one person, but instead, she is trained by 'most' of her family members, which includes Zin himself, Shadin, Kakine and so on. It may be tough for her, but she withstood and endured against that 'stress' which she has throughout her training. To be honest, not about her family, but putting into her gender, most commonly known females would not be able to stand such stress she had undergone, even if they are damn tough at her age, not reaching yet 18 and she had to went through all the 'trainings' and 'work' in order to heighten, improve, sharpen and increase her skills, from top to bottom. Many common females would either complain, all soft and shy or cry like a little kid, but from a tough family? She isn't like any other females who would back off from major wars and plots with 'just like that' way.

- Zin Yuudeshi -
Of course, the first person she is going to 'train' with would always be the parent, the father, Zin Yuudeshi. Before even started a training together First thing's first is managing her newly-born powers that she had, especially with her gifted abilities to manipulate so-called 'Gas' around her, but that ability was placed aside and was decided to have her abilities with flames to be 'upgraded' first before mentioning the rest. At first, Jetta wasn't really good with hits from the wooden blade at all and seemed to cry quite quickly.

As time slowly goes by, she was able to harness her use with flames, but it wasn't yet to the point where she was able to use it effectively, with continuous mistakes and explosions for the misusage of her flames that may cause some damage to her own, that may be a lesson to harness her defenses as well, but it wasn't what Jetta, herself was after. While Zin was yet busy with his own work as being a part of the vizard corp's leader, he would still find his own well-free time in order to harness her own abilities, although he would attempt to improve her abilities through the manipulation of flames, her father did not completely ignored her gifted abilities with Gas, but just at a way where it was hardly being harnessed and more tilted to improving the effectiveness of her flames than trying to harness the abilities of her Gas Manipulations abilities.

Things went a little bit wrong during her training when things got quite busy at the moment, where she had to postpone her training with Zin. She was not allowed to be in a battlefield, at all, to be honest, since her level was not enough to be able to fully entering the battlefield and enough to fight against much tougher opponents than she was, and before Zin, her father, truly went off for 'business' or 'work', he gifted her with a so-called 'Necklace', with fiery orbs spiraling within the very necklace. Jetta did not know what's within the said necklace, but she kept it and wore it, until that very day comes. As things are still busy, she usually put herself in a corner and staying there alone, until she comes across her uncle, Kakine Yuudeshi. While Zin, her father, of course, is still busy with many problems and business coming through and around his ways, she had some time to spend with her uncle, but the time wasn't used for fun, it was being used for training.

- Kakine Yuudeshi -
Sharing her problems with her abilities about the Gas Manipulation with her uncle, he got the grip of it and decided to increase her capability of using the air, or at least the 'gas' around her to make her once-useless ability into a one dangerous weapon. While Kakine and Jetta did not spend much time resting and mostly focusing onto 'upgrading' her capabilities with her abilities, when they do rest, she 'tried' to have some sort of a communication or at least some uncle and niece relationship, since Jetta never met her uncle until when things got quite busy in vizard corps.

Kakine taught her to increase her focus onto her surroundings in order to effectively manipulate the air around her. If she were to drive her attention to something else, it would be rendered a fail to manipulate the gas around her. But the first thing she has to know in order to manipulate the gas around her is to acknowledge how much energy she needs to tap out in order to place all the gas she desires under her own command. It took several 'explosions' and attempts to successfully have the air around her to be under Jetta's command, but because the lack of focus she has, she was only able to manipulate a little amount of air around her. Took her almost a huge span of time just to get all of her weaknesses solved, but at the same time, the relationship between herself and her uncle was improving, but again, not all family members of the Yuudeshi members has a lot of free time, when Kakine had 'something' to do with his family, and that is when she gets a grip with her own abilities.

- Self -
She did, actually, tried to ask a few family members for some help, but she couldn't actually bring herself to do it since she thought they may be too busy on their time to actually assist with her abilities, which may be troublesome to deal with. So, her own decision is to 'assist herself' through her own abilities, acknowledging her Zanpakutō's power and her own abilities.

Of course, she has to undergo many sorts of difficulty despite training herself, and took her many.. pains to go through the road of evolution. As for starters, she begins to perform a meditation called 'Jinzen', where one forces their mind together with their Zanpakutō and enter the inner world, and that is when both Alastor and Jetta met. She attempted to hear what his name was, as she knew that every Zanpakutō has their own 'real names', and knowing their names may achieve the Zanpakutō's full potential of its second release. But the second she entered the inner world, her Zanpakutō spirit appeared before her eyes, bearing closer to her ear, the male whispered out his name, as 'Alastor', and that was the time she once achieved her shikai, but never used it or revealed it otherwise to anyone.

It wasn't much to explain throughout her self training about harnessing her own Gas Manipulation abilities and improving her control with her own flames through Jetta's 'own' ways, until there is a single day where she heard the whispers of the inner hollow, echoed from her own necklace which Zin gave her. An eerie echo that brings the chill down to her spine. Nothing much to be explained, when her masked forcefully formed itself in the 'middle of her training' when she attempted to bring her flames down to a higher form of level by mixing her flames together with her own Gas Manipulation to create something that most may not be able to do, harnessing their own flames with another ability. Sounds interesting? No?

The inner world's battle between Jishin and Jetta was quite ferocious, destroying most of the landscapes during their 'war-like' warzone, and yet, the crimson haired woman had won the battle, but this doesn't force the inner hollow to acknowledge her fully as a so-called 'Queen', but it does not matter, as the necklace had weakened him very well enough but still able to keep his potential up-to-date. This 'ending battle' had heightened Jetta's powers much quicker than most shinigamis could, or simply, most Vizard could. There is no cause for the inner hollow to form inside of her, as it would either be an unnoticed infection occured inside her, or again, influenced off from Zin's genes as her father was also a Vizard as well, but this occurance doesn't explain the situation entirely. Putting that aside, with her abilities and powers heightened and harnessed, it took her quite the time but she was satisfied with the results. With these newly heightened powers, this was the time when she first reverted or, to be more exact, 'Accidental' reversion of her own cells that forced her back into her 'almost-young' age of a kid, but this result doesn't seem to affect her abilities and physical 'self', with only the 'physical body' being reverted to her younger days. She didn't told Zin about this, or simply say that she doesn't 'want' to.

- Current Days -
With now her powers being heightened up to newer levels, she was finally able to enter the battlefield, even major ones, and willing to put her life at risk. Of course, she was able to be apart of the vizard corps now, her father's organization. Thinking that if she were being able to be apart of the organization, she would be able to lift off her father's weight on his 'business' and 'work' if she helped out along the way, but let the time rest for the future. Now, the time ticks, and sees what will happen beyond the future of hers.

Phatom Tech

Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] Pbucket

» Phatom Tech:

» Phantom Tech Abilities:

» Phantom Tech Powers:


Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] 95bb5b10

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++]   Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] EmptySat Mar 03, 2018 2:34 pm

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Lethal Miasma

Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] ZsJCzbR

Natural/Racial Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

- Gas Manipulation/Gas Generation : One of Jetta's main abilities that she was influenced by her inner hollow. Although she manipulates, or use was composed of gas, she could both physically and chemically damage her opponents through air, by changing the atmosphere of the air depending how she does it. Before turning the explaination to a complex one, this ability can be converted to a simple explaination about 'this' ability. Starting with her manipulation, she could manipulate anything, or everything that is related to air or gas, even if such gas is an unknown component or never existed before. As long as 'the gas' is 'one' with the air or the atmosphere around her, it will always be considered as gas. When she manipulates any certain types of gas, she could compress, expand or change its components, elements, atoms and particles inside, allowing her to create her own 'air' sheild, 'air' sword or anything else that can be turned into a shape or form of an item.

Although Gas Manipulation is similiar to wind, or air manipulation, it is quite different. While the atmosphere around her consists mainly of oxygen and carbon dioxide, she could manipulate the 'air' around her. Surrounding her enemies with carbon dioxide, renders them to be unable to perform respiration, or breathe, eventually putting them to death after quite some time. This also works on spirits as well, surrounding the gas around them as she compresses the air 'a little', and slightly changing the components on the gas, which will interrupt the person's spiritual energy that resides inside them and leaves them exhausted wihout laying a finger on them. This known method of Gas Manipulation can usually be mistaken as Blood Manipulation ability, although it has many characteristics of it and it can also be said, or specify as Blood Manipulation.

While the red blood cells of an average human body flows within them, containing oxygen to transport around the body and dispose of carbon dioxide from the human body, it allows her to manipulate their blood flow and immediately put them into their death. How she could kill a person through manipulation is the gas composed inside the blood cells, including plasma and platelets, since both of these components will also consist of gasses inside of these, but be noted that she could only manipulate her own blood, and unable to manipulate someone else's. Although, there is some 'drawbacks' for doing so, since she is a Gas Manipulator, not Blood, but to be noted that these drawbacks won't affect her if she uses it on herself, as she is allowed to do so with her skills with it. She could also manipulate the gasses, energy or spiritual particles inside a spiritual body, whether it is a demon, arrancar or any races, it would work against them, but explaining how she does it in a human body can make her manipulation a little bit more understanding for those who is confused with her Gas Manipulation which it was being mistaken as blood manipulation. It can be used for both offensive, defensive, healing, support, and self-use but such manipulation can hardly be used for supports, but its explaination for support use is unknown.

The offensive is when it comes to compressing the molecules and the elements of the gas around her, allowing her to expand and contract any kinds of gasses that exists or does not exist. Since she could generate any gasses around her, it could be a dangerous weapon as well, allowing her to create stars that is similiar to those in outer space, but when it comes to sizes between her own and the one at space, it is a major difference. The stars that Jetta creates are in between fifty [ 50 ] and a hundred [ 100 ] times smaller than the original size of the stars that you see in the space, like sun for example. She could create planets with it as well with right ingredients, but that does not matter. While the sizes between the original and hers are vastly in difference, when it comes to terms of power of the stars, there is no big difference between both of them.

Through offensive use of 'stars', she could cause either 'Nova', or 'Supernova'. It will be explained soon, as getting to the point of the manipulation is better, eh? Anyway, not only stars can cause Nova or Supernova, it can also be used as a ranged weapon, or a projectile which can be useful at times, but unrecommended for her to do so and she can get herself caught in the sheer explosion of one star that she fires.

Since 'stars' are made up of large mass of hydrogen when she creates one, she could launch the said 'star', and collides against the victim 'physically' or'direct contact' with him/her, causing an implosion which would first squeeze, or crush itself by the outer force, but in result, it will bring anyone within 100 meter radius in, and then an explosion which would force the 'crushed energy' to release its maximum power, injuring everyone, including herself, the user by the strong force of the explosion, but the amount of explosions caused by the 'stars' that she summons depends on how much 'gas' that she uses to make one, which means the more mass of gas she uses, the larger and stronger the explosion and the larger and stronger the implosion would be. And of course, she will have to describe what gas [ Or Ingredients ] to make such 'stars' or 'planets' before using as a projectile. Using the wrong ingredients and compressing them, or combine them can result a disaster, possibly causing an ionizing radiation that could severely damage an average person's body and kill them hours after the disaster happened. But this sort of radiation won't affect spiritual beings, and only affects the human population [ Non-spiritual beings ].

Physical damage can be done to the opponent as well, depending on what types of gasses she uses against her enemy to form a weapon against her hands. But there are only few known gasses that she frequently uses in combats when it comes to melee.

= Uranium + Plutonium + Hydrogen Gas - These specific combined gas could be combined through compressing its molecules and elements, forcing the gas to put, or squeeze themselves together into a solid object, allowing her to use a weapon that is called 'Gas Sword', but in this combination, it is not being simply called as 'Gas Sword'. Depending what the weapon could do, it has its own 'special' or 'set' name for it. This combination of Uranium, Plutonium and Hydrogen Gas are called as 'Radioactive Sword'. If observed and seen clearly, and throughoutly, it has a form of an average katana with no specific colors on it, as it is because the weapon is mainly made out from the air, and known to be colorless.

Anyways, the 'Radioactive Sword' has its 'special ability' which anyone could know by the name of 'Radioactive'. The 'Radioactive Sword' can do radioactive damage, and it is highly flammable which explodes on contact with ANY fire users, and becomes stronger when it goes on contact with ANY radioactive users, which its rare in most cases. For hydrogen, it is just an extra ingredient to fully power the 'Radioactive Sword'. The sword can also be done wihout Hydrogen's presence, but at the less stable level where it might explode by itself if the radioactive sword does not adapt to the surroundings [ This won't happen with Hydrogen added, of course ].

For non-spiritual beings, if the weapon is applied 'directly' to the wound of the victim, the radioactive chemicals and components would enter the bloodstream, or blood flow of the victim, and slowly destroy the cells and tissues inside their body slowly. It takes about 10 posts to fully destroy the human cells and tissues. The victim will remain unaware of the spreading radioactive substances in their body until the 8th post, but if the victim has a keen sense of spiritual energy, they can detect a slight spiritual energy that emits from the spreading radioactive substances. Anything can cure the victim, even the simplest and the weakest healing can immediately heal the victim from the radioactive sword, but if left unnoticed, the victim will began to feel dizzy at the 10th posts, and losing his/her balance at the 15th post, before their death at the 20th post.

The sword, although receives boosts from radioactive users, it does nothing on radioactive users, it can be well explained by those who knew the effects and contents of the gas. She can only weild one sword whenever she creates one, and of course, depending how much gas she has to generate. 1 post per gas, as much as she want, since one gas can already take her one full post to create one, even using a small amount of gas requires her to do an adjustment to the gas and let it adapt to the earth's surroundings. Not doing so will disperse the gas immediately to the air, or simply fading away from Jetta's control. Of course, which means that the air, or the gas that fades away from control are no longer 'in existence', or simply put that its atoms, elements and everything that has within the air, or manipulated gas is completely destroyed.

Four posts are needed to fully create. If any do not know what does the radioactive sword do, it is just as simple as the fact that it deals radioactive damage that pollutes and spreads throughout the entire body, whether be spiritual or flesh and blood, it spreads for a long time [ VERY LONG TIME, Possibly taking over 10 posts to fully spread the entire body ] before slowly taking its affect and killing the victim who does not have enough time to heal themselves or taking off the radioactive. Be aware that as the radioactive substances spreads throughout the body, the medicines, or lower leveled healing will be less affective every post, means that the sooner the better. Of course, the radioactive substance won't wear off, until it is removed, or completely killing the victim.

While being powered with radioactive, the sword has a tremendous amount of strength and durability, even IF the user has a beginner level strength, the sword itself provides enough strength that is enough to shatter mountains and split a road into two, while its durability that can withstand impacts from a Cero Oscuras fired triple times by a Tier 0-3, which gives a large advantage for Jetta when it comes to comparing strength and durability. Although in exchange for those, when it is being looked as an ordinary katana, its weight is just something that requires a lot of energy and strength to do so, but a beginner strength could be enough to hold up the katana well enough, but the lower the level of strength that the user has, like Jetta in terms of her high durability and low strength capability, she has a hard time to bring up the sword and swing around.

It does not require much energy to create one, but it needs a lot of time for her to create. Its weight, though, is not enough to exchange for the massive raw power and durability that she can gain from the sword, while she equips the weapon, she is unable to manipulate whatever contents that is left inside as the weapon was solified from its gas state, which means it will be out of her control and can only use it for melee combats. As it is being made as a radioactive contents, her energy will slowly be sapped from her body for every post. The sword's longetivity depends on the amount of energy she has. Once she hits about 60% or 70% energy left, the radioactive sword would destroy itself and disperse to the air, though this can be prevented by allowing her spiritual energy to continuously flow into the sword while exchanging her spiritual energy with the radioactive contents, which means she will be infected with radioactive substances until she stops using it. As said, the radioactive contents won't wear off until it is being removed or the host being killed, and it would be a big risk for her to take. She could use the radioactive sword as long as she could, as long that she does not use too much of her spiritual energy and keeps it above 80%.

It can be used once per thread, and last as long as depending how much energy she has left and how much she could save, as it turns off after it is lower than 80%. Be noted that it cannot be used, weilded, or even held by anyone except Jetta, if did, the victim will be infected with radioactive substances that could slowly spread to the victim's whole body, but this does not apply to radioactive users.

= Oxygen Sword - As the name goes, it is nothing special [ Probably ], nothing useless and nothing useful about it. It is colorless but visible if looked and observed closely enough. It may be invisible for some but it is not, as it is because it was mainly made out of oxygen. The sword's statistics itself depends on the user's level. To simply put, the amount of power, durability, speed, swordsmanship and every statistics that the sword itself has follows Jetta's level, which it is only a 'little bit special'. If it still cannot be understood, there could be an example for the ability that the sword has only.

If she is a tier 4 with adept durability, beginner strength, beginner speed and beginner weapon skill, the sword will follow the set of levels that has being placed. Once she has an adept durability, the sword could last longer and more impacts from attacks, whether be cero or physical, while the oxygen sword also follows the tier level of the user. If used by tier 0-3 [ Although Jetta is the only one who could use the sword ], depending the level of the skill that the person has, the oxygen sword may gain a large boost of power similiar to a tier 0-3's level, means that if the user has a Grand Master strength, the oxygen sword could gain that level of strength and smash a city into bits with a swing [ Not to be sarcastic though ], and Grand Master durability of the user that possesses that level can allow the oxygen sword to withstand blows from high tiers like 0-2++ [ Again, trying not to be sarcastic ].

The oxygen sword only follows the level of power and skill of the user, which its Jetta, but an exception that it does not follow with Jetta's elements and remains a plain, weapon made out of air. The use can be said as an unlimited use, due to its low energy consumption and simple creation with only an instant creation of the sword as the surroundings around her are mainly made out of oxygen and would be an easy job for her to create one wihout facing any difficulties through summoning one. Although there is an exception that she cannot unleash any abilities, whether with physical, energy-based or ranged, as the oxygen sword is not her Zanpakutō and cannot unleash any abilities with it. This is the main sword that she frequently summons throughout her fights. It does not take much of her energy, taking up only a little amount from her and does not require much time to make one.

There are yet many things that she could do to her opponents, even if they are simply made up of gases, or air that could be rendered harmless, not all of the gas that she generates will always be harmless. It can be proven that her gasses can harm both spiritual and non-spiritual beings, regardless of their races and amount of power they have. None other than doing physical and energy-based damage against her opponents, she could do it throughoutly in an offensive way by chemically damaging her opponent's soul, organs, spiritual energy and many more that can damage his/her body at a critical level, even if its not dealt physically, mentally or through energy.

Going on with the defensive part, other than using oxygen or carbon dioxide around her, she can hardly use, or manipulate any other gasses around her, and generating one may be a tough work for her since it could take her a long time to generate more powerful gas around her to protect Jetta from any attacks that can be assumed as High-threats, but there's a lot of advantage for her when it comes to oxygen, or carbon dioxide protection, or mainly Nitrogen protection. To simply describe it, since earth is out mostly of Nitrogen and partly oxygen, allowing her to form an 'invisible' sheild around her which deflects any incoming attacks, whether be an energy-attack or physical attacks. It can be a little bit special as well, as the sheild's level is not set, which it follows her DURABILITY and tier level only. Although durability hardly matters and mostly follows according to her tier level, it can have many benefits when it comes to gas, or air protection.

Before assuming about how durability works, depending on her tier level, it deflects and protects her from any attacks coming from lower tiered levels than her, and that's how tier level for the gas, or air protection/sheild works. For durability levels, it is out of the matter for lower tier level uses, and becomes useful when it is against higher tiered levels than she is. If someone who has higher tier than Jetta, she could condense the air around her before the incoming attack gets in contact with her, as when the attack hits her, the amount of pain and the wound will lessen from its original damage, although deducting only 20% of it. The protection of air around her can be turned on, and off at her own will wihout any of her spiritual energy taken as the field [ Air Protection ] around her is mostly subconciously active, giving her an auto-protection from attacks if she were to wander around and receives a surprise attack from any threats.

Though, only the nitrogen and oxygen field could protect her from any physical attacks and energy attacks, she could summon the sheild around her with her mind, or concious as well wihout requiring any incantation or any sorts of movements through it. It is transparent and any outsiders could see through the field around her and considered as 'an invisible sheild'. Saying that Jetta could summon the sheild of air around her through conciousness, the field around her could also repel peoples and spirits themselves, meaning any direct contact with any spiritual body or flesh [ Applies to lower tier levels than Jetta ] could simply blast them away with large burst of high air pressure. When it comes to that, there are chances that peoples themselves can be trapped inside her field, unharmed, but which means that they cannot be released from the field of air or else they will be pushed away by a strong force of air pressure, and mostly likely that she is unable to use the sheild to protect her allies as it seems that she does not have any ability to do so and can only apply it to herself. Be noted that the field cannot be used for offensive purposes and is used to be a protection for her.

Most likely wihout her sheild around, it could put herself in more danger than when her sheild is up. Through the condensation of the air around her, any incoming attacks that gets in contact with the condensation of air will slow down, deducting the force, lethality and power of the attack, as when the attack hits her, it will result 20% less damage, or allowing her to have the chance to stop a certain physical attack together with her durability with her bare hands alone.

Healing, which its on a whole different level. While not being a blood manipulator, she could still manipulate the 'outer tissue' of the victim, and heals the wound, but unable to lessen or maintain the pain from increasing. Other than patching up a wound, she could not do anything else as she is not an intermediate user when it comes to healing. As simple to describe, she manipulates any remaining gasses that is left inside the wounded area, and manipulate the platelets within the victim's blood flow, forcefully closing off the outer layer of the wound and covering it. While the wound is healed from bleeding and the wound is closed, the victim can still feel the intense pain that they've received before, which means her healing abilities are only meant to stop any bleeding and cover up any available wounds that might be infected by any foreign diseases if not covered up soon.

Self-use can apply with healing herself wihout any outside help. To start explaining first, if anyone realises her lack of growth in height, it is because to prevent her from aging like any other humans, or spiritual beings that could age. To maintain her health and age, she would repair any dying tissues or blood cells and fixing those with the platelets inside her body, and usually slowing down her blood flow and accelerating it at the same time, causing 'unexplained confusions' to the cells of the body and reverting her back to her young age, and this can be called as 'Semi-Immortality' with some efforts to do so with her blood. Because of this, the blood cells suspended her growth and maintained her as a body of a child.

Unlike her healing capabilities on others, she could patch her wound, repairing her lost limbs, lost flesh and lost blood, which it is more of a 'regeneration' ability. When it comes to repairing, or requiring blood due to blood loss, she could use the dead blood cells' gasses to create a new one, splitting into two, and two again until the required amount of blood is replenished, or replaced. Not just flesh and limbs, her organs can be regenerated, including her heart, liver and the rest, but an exceptional is the brain herself. There are possibilities that she could regen her brain, but it won't be just a 'brain' when regenerated. The said 'brain' will be created out of reishi, to be described as 'Spiritual Brain', forming new memories after the recreation of her brain.

Though Jetta's regeneration is less likely like any other regeneration abilities, allowing her wounds, lost limbs and organs to regenerate at any speed by her own will. Taking for an example, if she is wounded badly, depending on her will, it could take almost instantaneously period of time to heal it, or taking almost more than 3 posts to fully heal the wound, although the faster the wound heals [ By Her Will ], the more severe the side effects get. Since she manipulates her own blood cells to fix her wounds, her wounds could heal faster with more blood attempting to fix the wound as she manipulates more of them. But, manipulating too much will result most of her limbs being rendered paralyzed momentarily, since most of her limbs will be lack of blood cells and oxygen which would paralyze her body until she fully heals her wounds and return the blood cells back to their position, or reducing the amount of blood cells and returning the blood cells to her limbs again.

Though, healing the brain will have its own description below.

= Spiritual Brain - This set of 'repaired' brain made out of reishi known to be a 'fake brain' although it has a complete set of functions that follows, does and functions like a normal brain would. Of course, this 'new brain' is used specifically if she is facing near-death or death situations. Similiar to cyberbrain, it is more 'special' that allows her to store all memories into her brain with one glance of an eye at rapid speed and memorize them instantly, although having a 'newly formed brain' would reset her entire memories to a new one, forgetting about her life, name, even GENDER themselves, losing all her capabilities as a vizard and forgetting about her shikai and bankai, known to be a newly 'refreshed' Vizard once she gains new memories, which means she will frequently losing control over her inner hollow because Jetta would be unaware of the inner hollow's presence after losing her memory entirely. As this case never happened, explainations will be set at a suitable time since there is not much of an information can be obtained from the Spiritual Brain. [ EVENT USES ONLY ].

Regenerating, or repairing organs would usually take a long time for an average person, but thanks to her mastery in gas manipulation, though not entirely, she could manipulate the gasses inside the platelets in her blood cells and quickly fixing her organs, whether be single or multiple, it could take her only 3 posts to do so, but in exchange for those, her entire body would be rendered paralyzed due to shortage amount of 'blood' and platelets during her manipulation of the platelets in her body. There are not much of drawbacks other than those. Jetta does not really create any said 'immortality', but she 'gains it' through fixing any dying cells with platelets in her body, allowing her body to stay young while suspending the rest of her growth, whether be height, weight, bust size, or anything else, it is a side-effect for allowing her to stay the way she is currently because of that.

- Fire Manipulation/Fire Generation : As the name says, she could manipulate, or generate any sorts of flames. Of course, her flames weren't as normal as any other flames you see across the world, common flames where you see in kitchens, or burning a bunch of trashes. She could control the temperature of any generated, or manipulated flames by generating any suitable gas that may be able to decrease or increase the temperature of the flames. Normally, an average temperature of the flames would be between 500 degree celcius to 1500 degree celcius, but she could exceed to limit to the point where it could be as boiling hot as a sun, or as hot as the known red giant, exceeding the limit temperature of an ordinary sun which can be enough to evaporate liquid waters from miles away because of its ridiculously hot temperature. Her flames, can slightly be special when it comes to temperature adjustments, and there are a few characteristics, or you can know them through the names that has been given when that said flame is created, adjusted or generated.

= Flames - This is a level where you get to know these typicaly, common ordinary flames that can match with the temperature of the flames where you see in the kitchen, candles, burning trashes and burning coal. This level is where she is allowing to adjust her flame's temperature from 300 degree celcius and 2000 degree celcius. There's nothing special in this sort of level, and these ordinary flames can do less harm as possible when using, so that anyone caught within the vicnicity of her flames won't be turning into a bunch of dusts unless they are weak against fire. This point as nothing special to be seen, supposingly.

= Sub-Zero Flames - Through decreasing the amount of intensity and carefully increasing the amount of carbon dioxide around the flames wihout extinguishing the presence of the flames, when mixed with oxygen, the generated flames can become a surprisingly cold and deadly flames. In common sense, flames are used to combust and burn victims that is caught in the flames, but this 'Sub-Zero Flames' are capable of catching her victims on fire and freeze them to death instead of burning them to death, allowing her to adjust it to the temperature of [ Negative ] - 35 degree celcius. Allowing the flames to continue burning against the victim's skin for too long can eventually turn their blood into frozen blood, and their bones being frozen as well, paralyzing the nerves located on his/her arm until the victim is warmed up by any source of heat, even a weakest known fire like a small match may melt it immediately. Freezing the fat of the body takes one to two posts, then beginning to piercing through the victim's fat before freezing his/her's blood flow, for three posts. When freezing blood flow of the body, it will not kill the victim, but only to paralyze them and receive frostbite. After the blood inside the victim has been frozen, it continues the freezing process from the flames to the nerves for 2 posts, then entering the bones and completely freezing the entire set of bones within the body for four posts before known to be rendering the victim paralyzed completely. The victim caught by the sub-zero flames can still move before their nerves has been frozen by the sub-zero flames. Be aware of that applying water against the sub-zero flames will only increase the process speed by one post. Anything with source of heat can immediately extinguish the sub-zero flames. Total of 11 posts required before freezing the victim's body and paralyze them until any source of heat is found. Quite the opposite version of a normal fire.

Although, there is weakness behind this ability. While it works normally against lower tiers, those that are higher tiers than her may increase the duration of the freezing process which gives the 'higher-ups' to put out the fire. By means of increasing the duration of the freezing process means, 2 posts duration shall be added for every [ per ] upper tiers than she is before completely freezing their body and paralyzing them before any source of heat is found.

= Sun's Flames - It burns, like hell it does burn. Known to be so hot that it could simply melt even the toughest steels like butters, and it does its job in a decent way as well. Its ridiculously boiling hot flames that she generates can simply turn trees to ashes wihout even having a direct contact against it, and evaporating liquid waters from miles away after the flames like this is generated, it would be a fire that it will not be your best friend, AT ALL. Through increasing the contents of Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Plasma, her flames could simply rival up to the level that can compare against the sun's heat, even from light years away from earth, it can still be hot. But if its up close against her sun-leveled flames, you might as well close your eyes and never see it, or the burning flames of the sun will definitely blind you by an extreme intensity of light from the ridiculously strong heat radiation and plasma that 'releases' itself from the boiling hot flames that was generated from her hands.

It works like any other flames, it functions like one, except its even dangerous than the sub-zero and normal flames that you see everyday. While being able to rival the sun's level, its blasts and waves of flames from this level can be considered fatal, and dangerous enough to melt through a large hole against multiple walls, and capable of evaporating a large portion of the sea if formed a sphere of flames that is large enough to radiate enough heat which turns the liquids of the sea into water vapours. Although being able to do something as ridiculous as evaporating waters and turning liquids to water vapours by the extreme heat radiation from the flames at this level, she could adjust the radiation of the flames by compressing the air around the flames, which it will compress together with the radiation itself and no one, could feel the boiling heat temperature and the heat waves from the flames in this level if she were to do that, but it does not mean that its affects, and power would still be gone. It will still be as powerful as described, but to prevent any living things from being destroyed by the radiation, it will be compressed.

Not a good idea when it comes to leaving the flames at this level to be burning and igniting your clothes, or body on fire. As you leave it for the first three posts, the victim's flesh would begin to melt by the intense heat from the flames, before continuing burning off the victim's nerves like fried chickens. Of course, it won't travel all the way to the victim's brain and burn it together as well, and it only burns the location of the limb. As for an example, if one's hand were to be burned, their nerves that is located accurate around the arm will be burned, and fried by the boiling flames, while leaving the rest of the nerves alone from the intense flames. Burning the nerves of the victim would almost take two posts to travel, since burning nerves for the flames at this level would be like burning a whole stack of leaves in a few minutes.

After the nerves are burned, it ends with the bones that are attached within the flesh of the limb, attempting to melt through it like slicing it into half, taking 4 posts to do so due to the thickness of the bone which might take more time than doing so to the rest, but it gets the job done easily. Once the bones are burned off, he/she will completely lose control of the injured limb, unless it is healed or regeneration. Normal liquid waters will not be enough to take out the fire and wind works the best against the flames of this level, capable of extinguishing the flames if the wind is strong enough.

Of course, many may wonder how she could condense the air around the radiation itself from the flames, and how would it affect Jetta since the hot, boiling flames of the sun could kill any nearby living and non-living beings around her. The answer is simple, since many knew that the air was mostly created out of Nitrogen and Oxygen, she could use the 'outer air' and try to squeeze the radiation itself to a smaller level, allowing the radiation to unable to kill off any nearby living beings unless being given direct contact. She could stop herself from doing the compression, and allow the radiation to burn every nearby beings to ashes and evaporate liquid waters from miles away, but it is highly recommended for her to do the compression to prevent any unnecessary attention to her.

The heat radiation coming off from the boiling flames would not affect even the slightest bit towards her, thanks to the protection from the Nitrogen and Oxygen that constantly protects her from any dangers that might endanger her health, but with her sheild down, it could affect her, even if she has immunity over flames could let the heat radiation of the powerful flames that she would not be able to keep it stabilized. Even at a compressed level, it could still affect her due to being formed beneath her palm and could radiate against her hands that could simply melt it away, but her control over flames prevents from doing so and only the heat of it could affect her, a lot. In attempts of creating such a lethal fire, such heat could lower down her focus by one against her enemies, for being too distracted by the pain of the radiating heat of the flames, and there is a low chance that her tier could drop by one, due to amount of power that the flames in this level could reach.

Its common to know that the flames in this level is afraid of wind, as the rest of her flames are also afraid of wind and can be extinguished by it, but it is unknown for the weakness of Red Hypergiant since it is rarely being tapped in by Jetta, while winds like breeze could not simply take out her flames. Strong enough wind, from Tier 4 or higher can easily blow her fire at this level away. Another weakness that the flames possesses as it becomes weaker and weaker against even higher level tiers than she is, becoming less effective. For an example, if she were a tier 4 who uses this ability against a tier 0, no matter how powerful the said flames is, it could render useless against the difference of both levels, thus the meaning of 'Less effective against higher-ups'.

= Red Hypergiant's Flames - Truly, if she were to tap her flames at this level, you could certainly call this the beast of all flames. Anyone who are able to witness the flames that she generates being tapped in this level is truly blessed, but not for long until they will be turned to dust within a matter of seconds. It is extremely lethal, devastating, powerful and destructive enough to turn a large country into dusts within a few minutes of using this. The flames at this level, is just at the shocking level at its temperature, the limits of an ordinary sun's flames that could simply evaporate an average shinigami into air, wihout knowing his/her existence. Its color is slightly different than the rest, being able to glow in full red when her flames hits this level, and can be considered deadly by the extreme amount of mass in hydrogen kept within the flames could simply turn a building into nothing but air itself.

Red Hypergiant can be considered to be extremely hard and unstable to use, because of its extreme amount of mass kept inside could leave the flames to be unstable enough and blow up if not manipulated, or used properly. Any fire manipulators that can manipulate victim's flames should handle Jetta's flames at Red Hypergiant level with care to attack her, or the manipulator will not be satisfied by its result of self-destruction that is enough to annihilate both the manipulator and Jetta herself to dusts. Works and functions like normal flames, but it ain't a good news if you caught yourself on fire at this level. The heat that the combusted flames emitted while burning your clothes, or flesh will certainly be a bad news, radiation that could simply melt off the flesh of the limb where it was burned. As for an example, if the sleeve on the right arm, or THE ARM, is caught on fire by the flames of this level, the limb would simply melt by the extreme heat radiation from the flames that is burning the victim.

Given to its devasatingly high temperature, it does not give out any heat radiation unlike the other lower level of her flames. Oddly, it does not extinguish when used underwater, and does not cause the liquids to evaporate when created, although its heat works well against solid, living and non-living objects, it can be rendered both useful and useless in water. Knowing that, it can be used specially in underwater, enable Jetta to fire a blast of flames at this level within the water wihout worrying that it would extinguish, but its damage is halved when used underwater, due to the existence of water around the Red Hypergiant's flames, its damage is deducted by half, making it less lethal in water than on land, but it does not mean that it won't melt through any flesh, but this gives the advantage of any water users who has weak defense and could use the advantage to protect themselves.

This flames, do not spread on any flammable contents, and stays at the same position from where it was burned, and it turns to be the opposite of it. While not being able to light up any flammable contents and spread across the place, it could spread like crazy when it comes to non-flammable contents like metal, rocks, soil, earth or any sorts of objects, chemicals or materials that is non-flammable, exceptional for any air-related materials, chemicals and objects. As for an example, if she were to lit a tree on fire, and its contents are flammable, it will not spread across the forest, and stays the same until the object is burned, but when she lights up a building with the flames of this level, which the building is non-flammable, it would spread throughout the building and cause it to collapse against the ground, but this spreading does not work underwater.

The flame's weakness, is certainly very hard to find. While the flames at Red Hypergiant level is rarely used, exceptional in special occasions, there are no known weaknesses for this type of flames as it can be used both underwater and land, and the most acceptable theory of its weakness is wind itself. A wind that is strong enough, like tornado could extinguish her flames in this level immediately. While it works against higher-ups/higher tiered opponents, it only works on 1 tier differences, which means she could still severely harming her opponents if they were 1 tier difference [ 3-1 against 2-1 ], but surprisingly, extremely weak once the opponent is 2 tier much stronger against her, which means those of the opponents that are further stronger than her tier may render this ability almost useless.

- Immense Durability & Pain Endurance : One of the most noticeable traits that she had gained from Zin's genes from her birth. Her durability can be forced to be reckoned with. Jetta's durability can allow her to receive more fatal blows than an average person who has the same durability on her level, when her sheild is down. Her durability could allow the air around Jetta to deduct 20% of the damage from any attacks, whether be physical or energy. Her tolerance in pain is something that you should get pissed at, even for those that has higher tier levels than Jetta. Even if you land a thousand impacts and wounds against her, she could tolerate them at a highest level, and still stand firmly even if she is wounded at a dangerous level where most people at her condition might not be able to live or even move an inch. Because of her durability, she is much different than an average female and much tougher than average males who has pain endurance and durability at her level, giving others different point of view towards her because of that. But yet, her durability and pain tolerance is quite fascinating, although not reaching to the point like Zin, but through inheritance of his genes gave her 'some' of it.

While her skin looks and seems to be fair, it does not mean that it'll be easy to simply cut open a wound against her skin with 'just like that' method. Together with the air around her and her durability, she could slow down the impact, or deducting the lethality of the impact, allowing her to catch a weapon with her bare hands regardless of the person's strength. Thanks to that, any incoming weapons that impacted, or hit her could leave no scratch to her skin, working much like Hierro but stronger than an average hierro. So, try to put as much effort as possible to cut her down, or else she could simply use her durability and air to weaken the force and stop it with her hand instead of sheilding herself with her Zanpakutō.

Her high durability level is also involved to her air sheild, which depletes the amount of damage and force that she receives from her opponents where it will come in handy at times, which its why Jetta could handle more fatal blows than an average person who has the same durability level as she is. The higher the durability she has, the less lethal of the blows from the opponent will be.

- Strength : Her strength isn't as much as her durability as that Jetta is not a combatant type that specializes in melee attacks, but to the extent where she could harm both at physical and spiritual level. Although its not much, but the level of her strength is enough to send blows and shockwaves from her palm which could at least 'do some knockbacks' on the opponent even if it does not cause a scratch against them.

- Fire Immunity : Jetta has a large immunity over flames and heat, allowing her to withstand an extreme amount of heat to the maximum of 50 thousand degree celcius, unharmed and unaffected. Not only she could withstand high temperatures, Jetta could turn her opponent's flames almost useless against her, although her opponent's flames can still damage her but it could still be rendered as 'almost powerless'. Any fire-based abilities, or attacks will have its damage gone almost majority of it, to be estimated 80% to 95% of its damage being depleted from the opponent's flames. While gaining immunity over flames, it wasn't just depleting damage only. Any fire-based attacks hits her, or being used against her, will make the situation even worst. She could absorb a quarter of the energy from the flames that had inflicted on her. As for an example, if her opponent were to use a blast of flames against her and Jetta was caught in it, she would be left unharmed, but when the flames had contacted with her body, it would gather in the spiritual energy used in the flames and flow into her body, taking away a quarter of the total spiritual energy used within the certain fire-based ability, or 'just' flames. So, think twice before using fire-based attacks against Jetta, or you'll end up making the situation even worse than before.

- Space Immunity : Have you ever heard of space immunity? I guess not. Jetta has a high immunity when it comes to having combats within the space, as almost the entire space were her territory. Why? Since she has the ability to manipulate various of gasses, even unknown and foreign gasses, she could still manipulate those by knowing the contents inside wihout knowing the exact formula for it. She could gain a large advantage over space, so its better not to encounter her nor challenging her at the space. Many would say that she will not be able to use any of her fire capabilities within the space, but it will be completely wrong. The moment she uses her flames, she would generate oxygen around her flames to prevent her own flames from extinguishing, meaning that she is allowed to use her elements within outer space even wihout oxygen's presence as she could generate them her own.

That isn't the only advantage she has from this immunity. While space does not provide any oxygen, none of the elements would work against her, and the void, or space will not be able to kill her otherwise. Using the extremely dense pressure and no oxygen capacity could simply bust into her victim's defenses and crush them with sheer pressure from the space. Everyone knows, she is one hell' of a dangerous girl when it comes to space combat.

Kidō Expert : Jetta isn't just good with gas manipulation and flames. Since manipulating those needs a good amount of control with spiritual energy, Jetta could easily control her spiritual energy and uses Kidō with ease. The method she summons are more similiar to Zin's OTSK, where she could simply 'think' about the number and the name of the said Kidō in her mind and fire it off wihout any required posture or movements, enabling her to use up to Kidō #99, like Zin who does not require any incantations for any traditional kidos up to 99. But she'll have a slight difficulty of doing the incantation, since the way how her Kidō works is slightly different from what Zin's On The Spot Kidō does.

While she could use a Kidō through her thoughts, she also have to know her enviroment well, the coordination of her enemies, wind's behaviour and the amount of spiritual energy required to be able to shoot at such a distance, or summoning one. With these calculaed and analyzed, Jetta could summon a bakudo or Hadō with her thoughts within a quick succession, although it will take longer for her to analyze her enviroment before using a Kidō against her targets. Although, this step can be ignored through using similiar way as how other shinigamis uses their Kidō.

As stated earlier ago, her skills with Kidō are similiar to Zin's abilities with them, the OTSK, but quite different. Of course, she could conjure up an energy and fire, or summon the Kidō that she desires from her thoughts/mind, allowing her to use Kidos on her victims wihout any required postures, movements nor incantations up to Kidō 99. But for her case is different from zin. Simply put, wihout any incantations and 'postures to do' the Kidō, the Kidō that she summons will still work, but twice as weak as an average shinigami that uses Kidō at her level. Though if she summons a Kidō through incantation, the Kidos that she summons will be two fold more stronger and powerful than an average Kidō summoned by those from her level, although there are nothing special between those that she could summon kidos through thoughts like Zin, capable of firing from any direction wihout needing to point at the opponent or requiring any incantation.

- Vast Spiritual Power : Jetta's spiritual power, isn't just a 'Just hit and get' sort of amount. She attains these vast amount of spiritual energy is through the training of manipulating gasses, where it requires a lot of concentration and energy to do, and not just only the gas manipulation, she has to train herself to manipulate the flames in the past. In order to increase the longetivity, effectiveness and the duration of being able to manipulate the elements and use more abilities, she has to go down through harsh training to expand her spiritual power. Since Jetta is not meant for melee combats, she might as well expand her spiritual energy in order to perform more energy-based attacks, especially Kidō. Despite those, she DID started off with a weak spiritual power in the past after birth, unlike the 'most' of the relatives around her whom was born with a considerable amount of spiritual energy, while she has to undergo training with 'Zin', 'Jishin', and 'Enshin' to expand, or increase the 'small' amount of spiritual energy that she has, which results to her current where her spiritual power expanded to the point of where it is enough to keep up against an average captain-level shinigami, but the force field [ Of Air ] around her prevents the spiritual power from spreading too much from causing any suspicions about her.


» Zanpakutō Name: Alastor

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Alastor's appearance, can be described as a 'male', from the tip to toe, but he has many appearances, and mostly keeps his appearance and form on his main.

Alastor's height could stand up to 165 centimeters [ 5'5" ] tall, and relatively taller than Jetta, and 'looking down' at her whenever they talk, but she doesn't seem to get irritated by it though. Despite being taller than his owner, his height can match with most of the males within Karakura City. Compared to foreign citizens, Alastor's height is not much of a being deal. Oddly, Alastor is unaffected by Jetta's effects of compressing her blood cells which caused her growth from increasing, while he is remained unaffected by the effects of the compressed growth.

Meanwhile, his weight cannot be determined by almost anything, even the most accurate reader could not actually specify his weight. Alastor's weight changes to a random level everyday, it can be ranged from one pound to a million pounds, but his physical body and appearance is remained unaffected, even if his weight changes.

Alastor's eyes has fiery-like colors, and like Jetta, his eyes are normal like any other citizen and humans but with a small 'special' ability. While unable to change colors like Jetta, his eyes can detect fast moving objects. For simple, an average person's eyes can hardly detect a fast-moving object that is as fast as light is, while Alastor could see 'what' or 'who' passed by him, even if the person moved at the speed of light, allowing Alastor to have the advantage over enemies as this applies not only to human speed, even fast-moving objects and energies can easily be detected by his own eyes.

Alastor's clothes or attires are seemingly different than Jetta. He wears a set of more royal-like clothes, having a sleeve that matches with the length and size of his arm, paticularly known as 'Bell Sleeve'. Gold trimmings can be seen at the end of the sleeves, where it opens up widely and allows his hand to pass through. He also has a pair of gold-colored pants, which fits with his 'royalness' set that he wears.

His reiatsu color is basically crimson red in color, following with his fire-based abilities that had inherited his reiatsu to be red, but its pretty common.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:

- The Typical King : Alastor is not exactly a king in his origins, but he acts like it. Speaking with respectful manners and in a regal tone, although despite that, he is more of a mentor to Jetta than a fatherly figure, mostly guiding her to a path of good instead of ruining her own future. Putting that aside, being a king-type, he could usually be very careful with his decisions, and plans for every choice he makes. He isn't just a type of person whom you could just be friends with him and skip off, he could just simply stamp a 'No' on you, since he hardly trusts anyone around him.

- Neutral : Alastor is at nobody's site, staying neutral between both the protagonist and Antagonist, although he is mostly noted that he is at the side of the 'good', which he would might a 'lawful neutral' man. While being neutral in his aspects of being king-like, he keeps any choices that could benefit both to himself and Jetta, and attempting her not to hesitate with any decisions that might be good for both of them.

- Take Precautions : Mostly, Alastor would try and take any 'backups' which includes weapons, items and such 'in case' anything unnecessary happens, which he would always take precautions for anything that might happen on their way to somewhere else. Again, Alastor is always very careful with making decisions, even if it is the easiest decision that can be answered by an 'idiot', he would still take precautions and answer it carefully.

» Inner World: Her Zanpakutō spirit's inner world is nothing to expect from, as the appearances of the inner world is nothing but a void itself. The 'room' in the inner world within the void has solid air covering and protecting 'inside room', and it is also extremely durable against variations of attacks that is attempted to land against it, but nevertheless, the inner world's appearance is nothing but the void, or space itself with a space area large enough to go miles away wihout any blockage. Flames, though, can be used as long as she is within the box of air that is packed with oxygen which allows her and Alastor to use flames within the inner world.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
Her sealed Zanpakutō looks like any other ordinary katana, having a normal black hilt and a long blade that could 'almost' rival her height in terms of its length and Jetta's height, but surprisingly, Jetta could wield a Zanpakutō for woman at her size.


» Release Phrase: Burn them to ashes, Alastor.

» Shikai Appearance: There isn't much change, really. Though, if you know about Byakuya's bankai, this is almost as similiar it is, but it is being released in a different way. Its release are fairly easy. After the release phrase, she places her palm at the tip of the blade, then pushing it foward until the entire Zanpakutō has turned into a large sea of flames. While pushing the blade, as it dissapear, immense amount of flames would pour out from the dissapearing blade like a water flowing out from it.

The only changes that you'll see is that her Zanpakutō had turned into a sea of flames that moves around her in circles and burns anything within vicnicity.

» Shikai Abilities:

- Improved Durability : Although Jetta's endurance with pain has not changed when she is in her sealed state, her durability has rose up to a higher level and more durable than an average vice-captain that has their durability boosted. With the heat emitting from the flames that surrounds her in circles, she could combine both the heat and oxygen together, then 'implant itself' against her 'skin'. Which means her air sheild will turn off in her shikai state, but her skin becomes 5 fold more durable, which its hierro-like but her skin is consisted in hardened heat waves and hardened oxygen particles that increases the thickness and durability of her skin. It will not turn off, or break, but it can be pierced through if enough force and strength is applied to it [ Advanced Strength, Lower than Advanced will have even more difficulty to cut through her shield ]. The hardened heat waves and oxygen does not affect any of her attributes.

- Increased Strength : Together with her durability that has hardened her skin, her strength could actually pack a punch as what you don't really expect from a female. Together with the hardened particles from the heat and oxygen, a single punch could simply send an oversized opponent whom would be 3 times of her size. Though, there is nothing you can really expect from her small improvements in her strength, but might as well be careful if you're going to compare against her in terms of strength, as although her height and size is as small as a kid would be, one punch could let her smash a skull of an average human with ease.

- Control : The sea of flames are completely under her control, and she has a large control over these flames. They aren't just ordinary flames that you've seen everyday, as they are twice as much powerful and special than any other flames. With her complete control over flames, any of those who tries to hijack her flames during shikai would make a big mistake. Anyone who manipulates her flames in shikai would have the flames opposed to the victim who manipulated it out of Jetta's control and would continuously attack the enemy who manipulated 'it' until they are dead, or the flames are extinguished.

She could control the movements of the flames with her hands, but she will be unable to control the speed. The speed of the flames are at an advanced level and could catch up against a vice-captain's speed. While manipulating the flames with her hands, she can do various of things with them. For an example, if she were to clench her fist at first, the sea of flames would turn into an orb flames where it gathers its flames into one place to form an orb. Once she lunges her fist foward, the orb would fire itself into a blast of flames towards the enemy. If blocked, deflected or counter-attacked, it won't simply dissapear like any other attacks, as it would return itself back to Jetta and reforming into a sea of flames while awaiting for another command from her.

Another example can be shown as well. When Jetta clenches her fist and opens it up, the flames could split itself apart and attack her enemies from various directions with the splitted flames. As again, she could bring her flames back if the attack has been blocked, deflected or counter-attacked. Though this 'flame splitting' is more amusing. If both of her flames happened to 'crash' or 'slam' against each another, it would form a larger version of it and head towards her enemy. Of course, it is not like a homing missile and needs to be manipulated with the movements of her hands. Just be noted that her flames can take out many forms, depending the movements of her hands [ Or fingers ], she could use those advantages to place an attack against her enemies.

Though, she also have weakness to do these sort of movements. As described, the flames does not manipulate through her will and is manipulated through the movements of her hands, which means that any movements of the hand [ Or fingers ] could manipulate the flames, even if its out of her will to do so, which means she must be careful with it. An example, if she were to pat herself on the head while she is in shikai, the sea of flames that she manipulates would attack Jetta, even if she does not 'want' to do it. Additionally, she is unable to adjust the speed of the flames that she manipulates and could only control her flames through the movements of her hands.

- Fire Switching : This may be the only ability that Jetta is allowed to perform during combats until she is able to learn more abilities. If you remembered, her flames have 4 different types, Normal, Sub-Zero, Sun, and Red Hypergiant's level. She could switch her flames between all four of them during combat. For an example, if she were to launch a wave of normal flames towards her enemies, before hitting the opponent, Jetta could switch the flame's type to sub-zero and freezes the victim instead of burning them during the incoming of the flames. But, Red Hypergiant's flames are strictly forbidden for her to use within the soul society or the human world as such flames while her shikai is activated can immediately swallow up the entire karakura city if not being used properly, since the Red Hypergiant's flames are considered extremely powerful and need to be used with care. There's no limits of switching her flames continuously, as it does not affect the amount of spiritual energy that she has and could switch them through her will.


» Bankai Appearance:


» Bankai Abilities: (What type of additional abilities does your character get in Bankai? Please describe them in 3 paragraph's; six sentences each)


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Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Lethal Miasma

Jetta Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 1-1++] ZsJCzbR

Inner Hollow Basic Information

» Inner Hollow Description: Jishin's appearance is normal, but the basics can be stated. Let's get on with his appearance.

His weight is much like the same as alastor's case, that none can scale his weight properly. Unlike Alastor's weight that changes from day to day, his weight changes at every single second, almost like his weight was going berserk, but that's quite wrong. As his body was consisted of gas, he can change his weight at will, or sub-conciously changing it which results his weight going berserk, so his weight can be scaled to indefinite amount.

Jishin's height are noted to be 5 feet 10 inches tall, but that does annoy Jetta a little as he always teases Jetta when it comes to comparing their heights, mocking Jetta until she starts violence against him. But yeah, his height can be compared to an average male citizen of the Karakura City. He isn't the tallest nor the shortest, but to use his current height to tease Jetta whenever he could.

Jishin's Hair is fairly simple to describe about in terms of the rest of his appearance. His hair are black in color, and his hair, are often covered off by the hood of his jacket. His hair, can also known to be considerably messy when his hood has been taken off, as it was almost like he just woke up from his sleep and never brushed his hair, but surprisingly, his hair is quite smooth to rub on, but there's nothing special off from his hair and its normal like any other ordinary men on his 'age'.

His mask is pretty unique at its own ways. Its pretty much looks like an ordinary gas mask used by the military with a pair of goggles that protects the eyes of the wearer, but for Jishin, the right side of goggles was removed by Jishin because he would not be able to see clearly with both worn together. While normal gas masks protects a certain person from inhaling any toxic gas, Jishin's gas mask allows him to scan any sorts of contents as long as it is related to 'air', nothing else are special about the gas mask.

Jishin has a set of odd eyes, where his left eye is crimson red and the right eye is green. Though, his left eye is not normal, as it can glow crimson red while it is hidden behind the gas mask. Jishin's left eye is not cybernetically made, and it is made out of true flesh, but the case of his left eye that is always glowing is unknown, which its pretty special yet it has no abilities that can be confirmed that the left eye that glows crimson red that 'could' still be considered 'special'.

He also wears a set of attires, which its normal for most people to wear a casual clothing, even for a hollow 'like him' would wear casual clothes normally. A plain white t-shirt and a grey hoodie jacket that was used to cover the top of his head, and a pair of leather pants that could repel rain waters, or drops. There's nothing special about these as they are casual clothes worn by most average citizens of Karakura City.

Jishin does not bring any sort of items with him in an exception of his Zanpakutō. The hilt of his Zanpakutō is visible, but the blade seemed to 'dissapear' from the hilt of the Zanpakutō, but the truth goes to the air around him. Every single gas, or air around Jishin is typically his Zanpakutō, and it would be very surprising to hear that the air was actually his Zanpakutō. This occurance is unknown, but through Jishin's explaination, ever since he existed, the blade of his Zanpakutō 'exploded itself' into particles of air and gas, which eventually, no matter where he goes, the atmosphere, or air around him, is definitely his Zanpakutō themselves.

His reiatsu color is as simple as it is, white in color, and it does not change its color even if he is in bankai or Resurrección, keeping his reiatsu at the same color as it is before.

Inner Hollow Personality

» Inner Hollow Personality:

- Carefree : Not like most of the inner hollows that described to be very aggressive against their host, Jishin, on the other hand, a different case. He is mostly, or known to be extremely carefree with his life. Whenever you budge yourself into a problem, he would not likely be serious with the situation and will absolutely ignore the dangers of it. Not only with these situations, getting him to fight someone is likely impossible with his carefree nature and he would provoke someone to fight HIM instead. Though his carefree nature is always in many situations, whether be a training, work or whatever happens, he would not care at all, and be in a complete calm state even in the worst situations.

- Berserker : Jishin's true nature, and personality, when his opponent manages to provoke him into a fight, or manage to let him have a stir of excitement in his fight, would simply turn him into a berserker when he fights. He would laugh, giggle, having a smirk on his face and turn into a complete maniac after he is 'out' from his carefree self. His fight would likely more random than his usual carefree self if they managed to stir up his excitement within battles. He would think nothing of himself, or comrades, or anyone even the closest one to him, even Jetta as well, once he has turned into a berserker himself and would only love the fight itself, but the chances are.. mostly rare as his carefree personality is really hard to get pass by in most situations, and he would likely go insane if someone manages to 'snap' him into it, but if he manages to keep his sane up, its just 'special'.

- Life : Of course, Jishin cherishes his own life more than anyone. By means as long as he, himself, can live, he would dare himself to abandon his alies, friends, even his family and betraying them at all cost to be alive, and truly, he is extremely cold-blooded. He wouldn't care much if Jetta dies, and he lives, but because the fact that he will die, if Jetta dies, he would do whatever he takes to keep her alive, even if he is not pleased, unwilling, nor wanting to do so, but because for his own survival, he has to protect her life, and his very own life. Because of this, he is extremely persistent of interfering any fights that Jetta is in, those 'kinds' of fights that could surely put her into danger and possibly having to lose her own life.

Jishin's Powers

» Inner Hollow Powers:

- Beastly Strength : Jishin's strength, is truly a beast itself, capable of smashing a building bare-handedly wihout a flinch with his physical strength. While his body is not well-built as it looks, it does not mean that he can't smash a building into pieces and blast a mountain to oblivion with an uppercut, but he wouldn't be THAT strong. His strength is enough to send crack to the ground with a single stomp and halved up a building with an enough force that sends off with a punch to the building itself, and sending shockwaves from a distance using his raw strength alone. Although his strength is not all high and mighty, but its lethal enough to get smashed in the face by his fist together with his beast-like strength that could simply shatter the entire set of skull of an average person. So, remember to wear a set of armor before going out to meet his fist.

- Gas Cero : This is a cero, that only Jishin himself could weild, and use as this requires the generation of gas, any type. This is much more special than most ceros that has its own 'set of specific attributes and cannot be changed', but for his case, he could change his cero to whatever type he likes as long as he could use and generate those gas. It has varities of powers between all of the gas that he uses, as this cero can be used once, and waiting for 2 posts cooldown before another use of this cero. How can he change the type? Through Gas. For an example, if he 'wants' his cero to be more powerful than an ordinary cero, he would generate a large amount of hydrogen against his palm before charging a cero against his palm as well. The dense hydrogen and cero would mix itself together by allowing the gas itself to adjust its contents and 'level' suitable enough to mix together with the cero. Once both the cero and gas is combined, Jishin could fire off a huge blast of white energy to his target, and cause an explosion. Many may think its just the same cero, but its different. Together with the hydrogen that cero had combined itself with, the power and the destructive force is threefold much stronger than an ordinary cero. Thus, gaining its nickname of 'Gas' Cero for having the ability to use any sorts of ceros that weilds different purposes, powers and abilities using different 'types' of gasses, this includes radioactive substances, or gas.

- Gas Manipulation : While Jishin was originally skilled, and mainly a gas user, his abilities, skills and everything is applied to every gas that he manipulates, generates and uses. Unlike Jetta's sword created by the gas that she generates, which has no color, or its hardly visible for a naked eye, but on the other case like Jishin, he has quite a special ability through using the gas. When a weapon is created by the gas, or air that he generates, he could change the form, shape, or even the color itself by his free will, but he is unallowed to change the specific powers of the said weapon that he has created. He has no limits of doing, or using the said ability, and able to use at the same style, and fashion as Jetta could, but through a higher aspect of power and skills of using it.

[ Slightly Modified About The General Information About Gas Manipulation ]:

- Black Flames Manipulation/Generation : Unlike Jetta whom could tap her flames to different levels and could manipulate wild flames, for his case, it would be different. He could only manipulate, and generate any 'black flames' and could only maintain the flames that he manipulates at a constant level, nothing else. Although, the destruction of his flames can be considered vast and dangerous enough. For most flames, they are used to burn its enemies into ashes, light up flammable materials and melting any solid objects depending how powerful the user's flames were, but his flames are merely a 'solid object' itself, although it moves wildly through his manipulations. Instead of burning his enemies, or melting any sort of materials, his flames 'cuts' through them, or 'slice' them like any physical attacks would. To be simple, his flames works more of a solid material than fire-like materials, which it ignites flammable items on fire, burning its enemies or heating up its surroundings.

Making the explaination sound simpler, Jishin's flames will not be able to burn, generating heat, melt or light 'things' on fire unlike other flames. Instead of having these set of abilities where an average flames could do, his own special flames could 'cut' through flesh, bones, humans, both animated and inanimated beings, buildings, and anything that is solid, working almost like a physical attack would, and an energy attack would, as example, highly condensed spiritual energy similiar to Getsuga Tenshou, when released, it can cut through solid buildings. Flames like his could cut through 'most' average solid objects. Many may wonder how does he prevent his flames from burning, melting or even emitting heat waves. Its fairly simple, and similiar to how Ichigo 'uses' his Getsuga Tenshou, through channeling his spiritual energy into his Zanpakutō and fire off a highly condensed spiritual energy from the blade that can result destructive and fatal to those are caught in it. For his case, he does not need to 'fire' off his flames in a similiar way of how Ichigo did with his Getsuga Tenshou. The moment he generates his 'black flames', many victims within 10 mile radius can feel an intense heat coming off from his flames for several seconds before the heat waves dissapears, which it would be the sign of his 'black flames' can actually burn, melt and having the same function as many other flames would. For using the time he has during the release of the heat waves, he channels his spiritual energy into the black flames that he generated, expanding his own spiritual energy before condensing the air around the flames to prevent the heat waves from spreading. By then, the heat waves would be condensed to a small tiny fraction of it at its core within the flames, which means even if it gets into a direct contact with any living or non-living victims, they won't even feel a single burning pain from it.

Going on with its abilities, Jishin could allow his flames to manifest any sorts of forms, whether be a sword, spear, bow or even lightning bolts, he could use them within a melee fight, but he hardly uses his flames to form a weapon, as Jishin himself is more of a hand-to-hand combatant type and prefers using his fists within a fight. Although he does not look masculine and big in terms of size, his punches can deliver fatal blows for an average human and could simply break their bones into pieces. Of course, he can increase the amount of his strength by generating flames around his hands that covers the outer layer completely by his black flames. After using his spiritual energy and condensing his heat waves from spreading, his fists can be twice as tougher and could deal more lethal blows than he normally could wihout the support of his flames. Every punch from him during his fists being engulfed by his black flames can serve a well good night sleep on the face.

Though, he has limits from maintaining his flames properly. Through limits, by means of the stability of his flames. Since Jishin had not fully mastered his fire manipulation abilities, he has a huge unstability with his flames and cannot maintain his flames from being 'lit' longer than 3 posts, then 3 post cooldown before he can 'summon', or manipulate his black flames again. If Jishin maintains his black flames longer than 3 posts, not only it will self-destruct, the unstable energy from the manipulated flames will implode each and every single of his limbs which can be almost as painful as if his body were being ripped apart by some entity, but he would not need to fear for losing the limbs 'forever', as he could manipulate the gasses inside his body to regenerate his limbs back into one piece, but if the self-destruction actually happens, he will be forcibly removed from that certain thread.

Reborn is one of his most favourite abilities, and only Jishin, himself, possesses. There aren't any reasons why he does not actually pass down, or influence this ability that his black flames has to Jetta. It may be convenient for both of them if she actually had this ability, but it is unexplainable for this sort of situation and may be given, or influence to her after some time. The ability, by the name of Reborn, more or less likely a revival ability. Example of this ability can be compared to a phoenix, burning itself by its own flames into dusts and reviving into a newborn through the remainings of its flames. For his case, it is similiar to that, but not through a suicidal process to revive itself. Depending on the circumstances, it could regenerate the limbs, and organs through at extreme speed as it was almost regenerating at the speed of light. There are several conditions before the regeneration.

The first condition, is that the victim [ Which is Jishin ], must have at least 2 unharmed organs [ Not Counting Limbs ] from a certain fight before allowing him to revive from his death. A complete annihilation of his body and organs will NOT be able to revive him from death and can be considered dead forever. The second condition required is that his blood must be within th radius of his 'death', 5 miles wide. If even a drop of his blood is located within the area, he will be able to revive if the first condition is 'granted' after his death. The third, and final condition, after his death, Jishin must have the remainings of his reishi within 10 mile wide radius. Wihout it, his body will not be 'complete'. To be simple, he could revive with only his blood and remainings of at least 2 organs, wihout the remainings of his reishi [ Applies only during Resurrección and hollow mask dawned by Jetta ], Jishin's powers won't dissapear or stripped off from him, but locked away for eternity. He can still maintain himself as a hollow, but no longer with any hollow powers, which means that Jetta will also lose her Vizard powers and reverts back as an official Shinigami.

If all condition applies, he will revive completely wihout his powers being restricted, completely repaired from tip to toe by his own black flames, but he will no longer be able to fight anymore after his revival because his spiritual energy does not 'revive' together with his body. This ability, that the black flames itself possesses, can be used continuously, but once per thread. There are possible errors, or consequences may happen after Jishin's revival. Which means, there are possible chances that he might receive any sudden breakdowns, amnesia, and almost anything could happen to him [ Could also affect Jetta herself ] after his revival from death.

- Mask Takeover : Possibly an ability that only a few 'inner hollows' could have, which in Jishin's case, the Mask Takeover is an ability that allows Jishin to fully control, or taking over Jetta's body completely whenever she summons a mask. Its hard to call it as an 'ability', although this ability has its own specialities and characteristics when 'used'. This ability, activates automatically whenever Jetta actually dawns her hollow mask, but this can be prevented if Jishin is unwilling to switch places with his own will, on the other hand, Jetta herself, cannot prevent the takeover ability from taking effect, which means she'll have no power, or chances to prevent him from taking over her body once she dawns the mask and he could only prevent himself from doing so.

The ability itself has its own 'abilities'. How this ability does is when both Jetta and Jishin switches places after the mask dawning, their bodies do not change, but their stats [ Skills ], personality, 'performance', and 'possibly' abilities is switched 'completely' to another level. Since only Jishin is the only one taking over, or switching places with Jetta, all of the advantages and disadvantages is shifted to only himself.

The advantages that his abilities, 'skill sheets', and the rest of his characteristics can be switched altogether with him during the takeover, which means even on Jetta's body, his strength can be 'brought along' through switching. Although he could not switch physical bodies with Jetta, he could at least bring along his 'powers' along with him since he is more 'adept' to it. Not only just that, he could also manipulate flames like Jetta does as well, but at his skills with manipulating flames are not as efficient as she is, however, unlike her flames, Jishin is unable to switch between the levels of his flames, and the flames he manipulates are kept at constant level, and known to be considerably stronger than common flames.

The disadvantages are, both of them cannot switch their physical bodies during the mask takeover, nor able to use one's skill sheet. Which means, that Jetta's 'skill sheet', and Jishin's 'skill sheet' will be switched after the mask takeover. For an example, if Jetta's speed were to be in beginner and Jishin's speed in adept level, during the mask takeover, both of their levels will switch once the mask is dawned, which ALSO means that both himself and herself will have to provide their own set of skill sheets in order to verify both of their statistics during the mask takeover. Of course, it won't affect the duration of the hollow mask being summoned.

This ability, may sound simple from what it was said, but according to Jishin, the Mask Takeover ability has three stages, when the ability is used. Stage 3 had never been achieved, and may be able to do so in some special circumstances if Jetta herself were to put herself in near-death situations. All of these stages shall be described, in detail, but all two [ Not Including Stage 1 as it is an 'automatic stage' of the Mask Takeover ] of the described stages shall be omitted until proven [ In A Thread, Which Means These Stages Can Be Legitimately Used In Threads, To Prove These Stages Exists ]. Be noted that these stages has its own specific 'official names', although 'unofficial for most people around him', and again, the Mask Takeover ability and the stages only applies to JISHIN ONLY.

And also, to those who are asking, Mask Limits can majorly affect this ability due to the limited amount of time to use the hollow mask depending on the user's tier.

Stage 1: Unawaken - Stage One, Via Unawaken, one of an automatic stages that Jishin will be 'placed in' once Jetta dawns a hollow mask and Jishin himself, takes over her by his own will. During this stage, most of his powers, or abilities is restricted from being used in the public, however, he is able to use only a few abilities and the potential of his powers [ Including Cero, Bala, etc. ] will not be reached at its full potential. To simply put, Jishin cannot simply 'pour out' his powers wihout a flinch or sweat, and could only use a quarter of his abilities, or powers once Jetta dawns her mask and he takes over her body. Although, an exception that his racial skills will not be restricted by Stage 1 and can remained powerful in terms of strength.

There aren't much advantages during stage one, and most of it is tilted towards the disadvantages due to the huge amount of restrictions to his powers when 'his mask' is dawned by Jetta. The advantages, is that his racial skills can be kept at its level, which his strength and the rest of his attribute's levels will not increase nor decrease during the mask dawning. In many cases, when a vizard dawns their mask, his/her powers will be augmented, whether be strength, speed, durability or any sorts of attributes, the user will be able to boost his/her powers when a mask is dawned. For Jetta's case, its different whenever she dawns the hollow mask. Basically, instead of having her [ Or Jishin's ] strength boosted after summoning the mask, her strength switches with Jishin's strength [ Racial Skills ], resulting 'her strength' being stronger while durability being lower.

This 'skill switching' will not apply when Jishin does not take over her body when she summons her mask [ Occassionally, he won't take over her ], instead, he will 'channel' most of his reiatsu, or reiryoku to her body to enhance every aspect of her power, and skill, spiritually. While giving out most of his reiatsu/reiryoku, he won't give all of them away to boost her aspects spiritually as well. He would compress 'some' of his 'given reiatsu/reiryoku', then channeling them into her physical body, as well as boosting up every aspect of her powers and skills, physically. Or simply put, if Jishin does not take over Jetta's body when she dawns her hollow mask [ Through His Will ], he could 'simply' channel his spiritual energy to Jetta to boost, augment or enhance her powers, abilities and skills, both physically and spiritually boosting/augmenting/enhancing her.

Disadvantages are, mostly tilted towards his powers themselves. During stage one, majority of Jishin's powers are restricted, and the potential of his powers are twice as weak than the normal potentials [ Not Full ] of his abilities, which means his cero, bala, flames and the rest of his powers will be weaker than its normal state, simply put that his bala will only be 10 fold faster, weakened and slowed down due to the restrictions of his powers, and his cero would be two times weaker than an average cero would be, and again, due to the majority restrictions in his power, its power was deducted, less effective and weaker. For higher stages, Jishin could actually allow himself to 'switch physical appearance', or simply put it, they can switch their 'bodies', by using his body out from his inner world, and switched himself with Jetta's body, he could manifest his full appearance of a male's at higher stages, but due to the major restrictions to his powers, he is unallowed to do so and only be able to manifest his hollow mask.

Giving that he was able to fully take control over Jetta's body when she dawns her mask, even she is unwilling to, Jishin would still have the ability to take over by his very own will. But, again, because of his restrictions on the majority of his powers, if Jetta is still unwilling with Jishin's control over the mask dawning, not only he would have difficulties of moving his body through the resistance from Jetta, there are high probabilities that she might regain control over herself wihout the need to remove the mask, through surpressing him through sheer willpower that would prevent him from taking control for the second time, as long as she keeps her willpower up. If Jetta ever lower down her willpower, the possibilities of Jishin, himself, regaining control over the hollow mask can be high, since when she waver her thoughts and will, he could take the opportunity with her guard still down and retaking over his position and control over her body. He can only maintain himself in this stage within 4 to 5 posts, before entering his stage 2 [ Depending how long Jetta could hold her hollow mask on with her tier level ].

Stage 2: Half-Awakening - The second stage, moments after the hollow mask is dawned. This ability is also considered automatic, activating after a period of time is passed during stage 1. There will be some noticeable traits, or changes after entering stage two. During the hollow mask on, Jishin's right arm [ After Taking Control Of Jetta's Body In Stage 1 ] is engulfed by black flames, seemingly to blow itself upwards from the arm while swirling around his arm slowly. His hand, though, is not engulfed by flames. Not only his right arm is affected, black flames begins to spread out from the sides of the hollow mask and from the eyelids of the hollow mask.

In Stage 2, only 'half' of his powers are restricted, and the potential of his powers can work 'normally' like any other Vizard powers/abilities. His cero and bala can work normally like any other average ceros and balas unlike stage 1, enabling Jishin to maintain his flames longer, expanding only 1 post longer. Both of his advantages and disadvantages are fairly tilted at the same level. His advantages in stage 2, is that his powers are enabled to rival against an average Vizard or arrancar as only half of his powers are restricted and some of them was unlocked. Although, he is still unable to switch physical appearances with Jetta completely yet, but even so, his surpression against Jetta's will for switching places with him is far better, which means even if Jetta still is unwilling to switch places to him, Jishin can still move properly, with slight movement mistakes, lag and possibly a sudden body shutdown.

The duration of maintaining his black flames is 1 post longer than stage 1, presumably twice as fast than the black flames [ When He Manipulates Them Through Air ], but nevertheless, it is less stronger when manipulated, but faster. For melee users, once the black flames combusts, or engulfed around Jishin's fists, his speed will slow down because the increase amount of density, or weight of the flames, but Jishin's strength can be three times higher and stronger than before, although there might be slight delays for every punches that he attempts as he wavers over the weight of the black flames around his fists. These aren't the only advantages he has, as he could use his Gas Cero during stage 2, although he has limited types of gas to use in Stage 2. The limited gasses to use in stage 2 for his Gas Cero is Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and etc. that aren't related to radioactive, flammable or explosive type of gasses. Though, the potential of his Gas Cero in Stage 2 is much weaker and less effective, although still stronger than an ordinary cero.

Though, the disadvantages, or the drawbacks becomes more lethal but less of them than before as the stages increases. The disadvantages during stage 2, is that the black flames that Jishin uses, has its weight being increased, approximently about 2 to 4 times heavier, or denser than normal flames would. Because of the increased weight of the black flames, the weight itself wavers his body around and more likely focusing on maintaining the black flames around his fist from dropping him down by its sheer weight. Not only that, his movements and speed becomes slower by the effects of the increased weight, giving him several lags in his movements and increased delays in his punches and kicks. And to be noted, every posts as the black flames maintains around his fists, his spiritual energy, and including Jetta's spiritual energy, shall be drained slowly at the same time, and extinguishes when leaving to 40% left within their body.

Final Stage - Full Awakening : Presumably an unknown stage where it grants user an access to maximum potential usage of gas manipulation, almost unlimited spiritual energy and extraordinary boost in stats, especially strength and speed itself. But this stage will not be achieved or used until achieving AT LEAST TIER 0-3+ TOGETHER WITH ADMIN'S APPROVAL, as this stage can be presumed to be generally OP [ With reasonable explaination, of course ] and extremely powerful. And of course, this may put her into a resurrecction state, but depending on the condition, the chances are 50/50 to either stay into the sealed state, or entering Resurrección form [ which may be more powerful than the final stage itself when he is in sealed state, shikai or bankai ].

» Hollow Mask Appearance:


For Jetta

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Acid Skill: Beginner
  • Garganta : Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Adept

For Jishin

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Master

Racial Skills
  • Acid Skill: Beginner
  • Garganta : Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Master
  • Regeneration: Advanced

Two skill sheets are provided for both as this sort of skill sheet is 'special' and is required for Resurrección, and Mask Switching Ability'


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  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Experienced
  • Pain Endurance: Expert
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: After the changes I requested were fixed -- along with the app being ported over so that it would be able to be changed -- this app is now 100% approvable. A bit of a drop in tier, as I feel this better suits the app's quality and content.
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