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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Sueki Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Rhett Dragomir
» Titles: The Ruler, Arcane Princess
» Actual Age: 215 Years old. (appears 13)
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Bisexual
» Affiliation/Rank: N/A, Unaffiliated (Currently)

» Appearance Written:

Build: Rhett's build is, as you would expect, very kid like. Having the body of an underdeveloped 13 year old girl makes people unsurprisingly mistaken her as such. Like a budding flower, she is easily passed over by the men (or women) who would desire a more “matured” figure. Some of them don't live to regret that fatal mistake.

Rhett is rather short, barely managing to make it to four foot six inches. This coupled with her small, barely A cup bust size is a mention of just how immature her body feels. She has had centuries to come to term with it, and could “probably” change it with a bit of magic or something, but she never felt much of a desire to after about the first century of her being a Sueki. That said, she's kind of become an embodiment of humanity's dark and sinful desires. Indeed, for the darkness of humanity plays a large part in Rhett's personality. She loves it, thrives off it. She'll make them want her, or they will be consumed by her dark and ravenous heart.

Cosmetics: Rhett has silken straight blonde hair, a wonderful tinge of brown could be seen laced into the lighter shades, giving her hair a natural depth. They almost appear like natural highlights. The color of her hair meshes quite well with her garnet eyes, a fitting color for a girl who lusts for the blood of man. She doesn't often wear make up beyond a layer of eyeliner, but there have been times where she's been known to. She might be a child in appearance, but she is far older than that in spirit.

She also has rather long canine teeth, a trait found naturally in all Sueki. They are sharp just like you'd expect, able to pierce flesh with ease. These same teeth also secret a sedative enzyme that works as a fast acting tranquilizer. This is so her prey can't run away while she revels in the delicious and arousing act of feeding off them. Sueki have a tendency to all have something different about feeding that affects them, some may hate it, others may be indifferent. Rhett on the other hand, loves it (provided they are someone she knows) . There is no greater pleasure save something probably like sex.

» Appearance Picture:

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Good Traits

Energetic: As something you would expect of a person who is deemed “eternally a child”, Rhett is extremely energetic. She seems to have youthful vigor no matter where she goes. She has a short attention span and can easily move from one task to another, quickly getting impatient with herself or others if they take too long. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to tasks that require patience, she has very hard times with. Her focus flips like a switch from task to task as she feels like an energizer bunny hyped up on caffeine. Rhett is a fast talker in most cases, almost impossible to understand her of she's really excited. The only times that her speech can be deemed slow by her standards, rather... painfully slow, is when she is edging her victim just before their demise. She loves savoring every moment of their final breath for as long as she can.

Perhaps due to her energy, she is also a rather excitable girl. She is capable of extremely eccentric highs of bubbly personalities. She almost seems like she could never be as dark and depraved as her dark traits. Her high pitched voice might sound like songbirds and almost musical in nature, easily complementing her agreeable nature when she's feeling these incredible high and light feelings. One could easily mistake her for a pure delight, a loving person to be around. It's always important that no matter how bright the cover of the book looks, it's contents could be the darkest pieces of literature known to man. Rhett is no exception.

Astute: Thirsty for knowledge almost as much as she is thirsty for the lust of man, it's no surprise that Rhett ends up becoming something of an astute character. She is exceptionally gifted at collecting hard-to-obtain information, and is a general pool of knowledge. She has had several centuries to pursue philosophy, theories, facts, and various realities. There is little that Rhett actually doesn't know when it comes to anything relating Sueki, Demons, Human made philosophy and beliefs such as religion. She uses her knowledge as a bargain oftimes, enticing men into forbidden or long forgotten tales, spells, miracles, or anything of the sort that humanity would lust over. That is just the way of things, she offers them succulent tips only for them to crawl into her nest for the final time. Their dark curiosity being their demise. However, she has been known to release information when others are in a state of crisis. She is not evil, you know. She's just in it for herself oftimes. If a crisis could affect her or her food, she might be willing to be a bit loose with something if it might be able to help the preservation of her and her meals, as well as her own race.

Brat: Many would consider this a bad trait, but others, too would be able to see this for the good trait that it is. Coupling with her energetic nature, Rhett is also somewhat of a brat. She's not too honest with herself or honest with others and is usually having trouble properly expressing her true feelings towards people or things. The closer to the people around her that she gets, the easier this becomes to deal with, and may even be seen as an endearing part of her character. She'll act rude and callous to those close to her, or those she meets, but ultimately she has a soft inner core that really just wants to be loved and accepted. Those who can overcome this trail are met with a girl of undying and unconditional love and affection, as well as having the most wonderful princess to serve, for she is the Sueki that will rule the world.

Passionate: Rhett is passionate by nature, seeking her end of her own goals with as much fervor, no.. with more than enough fervor to match that of anyone else. Perhaps due to her troubled past – and her even more troubling present – Rhett has a burning desire to see her own dreams come to reality. She wants a place she can call home, people she can call her friends, her subjects, even her lover when it comes to it. In a world with so many strong and magical entities, her dream may seem difficult, but it will be – and is – something that she will fight tooth and nail to see. Rhett desires above all else to anchor herself into life and do what it is that a person of her noble and royal position is responsible for.

Bad Traits

Obsessive: Rhett may come off as an energetic brat with a silly idea, but when it comes to the darker sides of her personality, things tend to get a little more serious. It's hard to break the shell around Rhett's heart, but anyone who does manage to bust this barrier – or somehow find a way through – They will be met with a girl who would show undying love and passion. She will demand they only have eyes for her, to be her knight, to do her bidding, to bow before her and accept her love in all it's capacity. They will forever be bound by her suffocating obsession, doomed (or perhaps blessed) with her undying love. They would experience an eternity of bliss underneath her foot, experiencing the pure happiness and purity of one so worthy to be called “Hers”.

Sadistic: Another one of Rhett's darker traits is sadism. It is unclear how this personality really came to be, but perhaps it was due to her poor treatment at the hands of her previous parents combined with the terrible abuse set upon her by older sister (And the one that turned her into a sueki to begin with). It's no surprise that if one is constantly subjected to the depraved, dark corners of humanity, that one would try to cope with it, to understand it lest it swallow them whole. Enjoying the pain of others, enjoying the despair of another, to relish in their hysteria as they become unraveled at the seams; to desire something so horrid can only be described as psychopathic. Admittedly, this trait of Rhett's doesn't show up too often, but it would be foolhardy to assume it never will. When pushed to a point, Rhett is capable of many things. She is part of the “Race of Nightmares” as it were.

Psychopathic: Coming apart at the seams, unraveling in the hands of the wicked. An endless night spreads across the land of Rhett's inner world, tainted red by the blood of humanity. This is the girl's darkest and deepest trait. A trait that would surface only in the most dire of straits, the already unstable patchwork that brings her mind together can become fractured, wild. It is a trait that would make Rhett entirely unpredictable and capable of horrifying monstrosities under the “pretense” of sociopathism, even though she knows better. A sueki is a nightmare, a mix between a ghost and a spirit, a monster. Rhett is, of course, no different. She is a monster through and through, and only God have mercy on those who incite the Ire of Rhett Dragomir.

» Likes:

Stuffed Animals: Rhett has always had something of a weakness for plushies and other stuffed animals. They are soft toys and were largely one of the only things that kept her company in the two-century social experiment enacted on her by Claire, her older sister. Perhaps due to her isolation, she has developed something of a delusion that stuffed animals can “talk to her” giving her their names, and even befriending her. Of course, this is all hogwash and just figments of parts of her mind chipped off, small little contingents of persona given embodiment and projected onto things within her life. Interestingly enough, sometimes these “personalities” can give Rhett insight into her own self, or provide her with information she didn't previously have before, or a different perspective. “True genius comes from whispers of madmen,”

Romance: Though she would never admit it, Rhett is a hopeless when it comes to romance and romance stories. She reads them like it's a drug, unable to get enough of them. She often times hides her collection from other people because she's somewhat ashamed that she loves something like that so much. She's supposed to be a sueki, a nightmare of the dark, a denizen of the deep. She's not supposed to like such mushy and fluffy stories right? She should be all into horror novels and flicks involving blood and gore, and despair and such. That's normal, romance is not. Despite this, she is a girl that one day hopes to experience a romance story of her own.

Sweet/Sour blood: She is, after all, a sueki. Though perhaps it's interesting that Rhett likes both sweet and sour bloods. Just like with normal food, it's no surprise that people all taste different too. Anyone who has rich, sweet, honeyed blood is seen as exceptionally delicious to her. Anyone who has a shockingly sour is also something she savors.

» Dislikes:

Being Treated Like a Kid: One thing that Rhett absolutely hates, is being treated like a kid. Yes, despite her appearance, she will be quickly angered when called 'short', or 'kiddo', etc. She demands that people respect her authority or risk risk receiving her ire in the form of punishments. She will not have her subjects undermine her by belittling her and taking note of her diminutive stature.

Dogs: Such pathetically domesticated animals – notably dogs – Rhett seems to find pity for, yet also outright dislikes them. With Dogs, they were descendants of the powerful wolves. They hunted prey in the wild and ferociously attacked intruders to their territory. They are a proud animal, but dogs? When you look into the face of a pug? The only thing Rhett sees is scum, pathetic disgrace of cross breeding, selective breeding, and terrible mistakes of nature. To see a race fall so hard from their ancestral brethren invokes no other emotion than disdain. If it were her in their place, surely she would promptly end her sorry, miserable existence.

Humans: Anothe rone of Rhett's dislike is with humans (and especially men at that). Perhaps it's part of her backstory, but she has shown a certain level of disdain for humans and humanity, and will often times be harsher on them subconsiously. Though she tries to retain her composure (as any good Ruler would) around them, she may be seen sometimes being expressly unfair to them. Despite this, it is not impossible for one to get past this hate-barrier and find a way into her inner shell, but this way may be somewhat hard, and not worth the effort of many.

Feeding from Strangers: Is actually a Sueki specific disorder that fills a sueki with extreme anxiety when feeding from people they don't know or aren't close to. Much akin to the term 'shy bladder', these sueki have what is known as 'shy fangs'. They will ordinarily refuse to take the blood of random people, and be incredibly reluctant to feed even if it was offered to them by the stranger. Because of this, Rhett may actually go longer than what is safe just to avoid feeding from people she doesn't know until she nexts meets up with another of her peers. Also, because she is a sueki of the House of Temptation, this same principle also extends to the other form of sustenance she can consume: Lust essence

I. Character History

» History

Chapter 1: A Girl to be Wanted

The story of Rhett goes back centuries, a transitory state where the future met with the past, and a new era of nostaglic design came to fruition. It wasn't far to say that this era mimicked the designs of old, of times during the 1800s where stone buildings stood tall, horses roamed the streets, and peddlers sold their wares on the cobblestone walkways. It was an ironic, almost paradoxal truth to the phrase “ The more things changes, the more they stay the same”, Humanity went in what appeared to be cycles, going from what is new back to what is old, to revisit history and learn from it, to pull it into the modern era, to fuse time as one, whole continuum. In this Era, a girl was born. A baby with eyes of pure sapphire. Big, blue eyes looking upon the world for the first time. When her eyes first opened, the face staring back at her was none other than her mother, but then there was no one else there. Just her.

Initially, due to a missgender upon birth, the little baby girl was named Rhett. She was born to a single mother in the heart of the land of Romania. Despite rocky years in the past, Romania eventually rose back into a country of respect, a country that prided itself on their history. It was here that the war hero Vladimir would be close in the hearts of her people. To a degree, some may call the stories of him increasingly epic until his image somehow ascended unto godly proportions. Others yet still insist that he may yet live, donning the alias of Dracula, perpetuating the idea that immortal blood sucking vampires existed in this world, this realm. Perhaps it wasn't entirely hard to believe, after all. Other fantastical beasts and spiritual entities now walked openly within the realm, the merging of natural and supernatural becoming more and more seamless by the decade. Stories told of these blood sucking beings for decades and with each decade, a new story would find itself within the collaboration of history. Surely with so many testimonies, it was clear they existed. It was clear and yet, where did the hero of Romania go? Did he take his new kin into a new realm? Did he establish a new kingdom elsewhere? These questions circulated in the hearts of many romanians. Yet still they pressed on, rising to once again be a place of interest.

Originally, Rhett was not a member of the Dragomir house. Instead, her name was Rhett Ionescu, daughter to Anamaria Ionescu, a single mother of just the one. The father of Rhett never ever knew her, and it was said by many she was borne of a one night stand with a random Man she had found traveling. Though her mother loved to travel, she never quite made a lot of money with her profession. Because of this Rhett had been born into a house of the povershed; being a single mother only made it worse. Still, Anamaria made enough for her and her daughter to get by, but often home-schooled her daughter so that she did not need to find a sitter for when she would leave on working trips. In her childhood years, she would follow her mother anywhere her work had to take her. Eventually, there wasn't a place in Europe she hadn't been with her. It was rough, but Rhett certainly did enjoy the familiar site of their cozy home after each trip, sitting close to her mother by the fire place on cold nights.

Eventually, this all changed.

Of course, there would come a time in her mother's life where she would begin to feel unfulfilled, seeking another partner in her life to share her experiences with. Of course a time would come where she would want a husband. At first, Rhett did not understand why there was suddenly a man in their house, or why they were holding hands with their mom, all she could understand was the way that he looked at her. From the very first moment, Rhett had experienced the chills of fright for the first time. The look in eyes almost seemed.. beastial, predatory. The looked past the little girl in a way she had never felt, never wanted to feel even if she never knew before. Rhett never could remember his name, a subconscious function of her psyche to repress the memories of him. The memories of that terrible man, and what he did.

Looking to her mother, she could not understand how she could look at him with a face like that. With such an embarrassing expression when it was so obvious, so clear to the girl that what hid behind that mask was something horrible. She couldn't explain why she thought this way, she could only remember that she felt almost instinctively afraid. Every fiber in her being screamed of danger, telling her to run from this man. Yet, even as the flames of the fireplace crackled, dancing evil shadows across his face, she could not leave. She had nowhere to go. She didn't want to leave, even though she knew she should. She didn't want to leave her mother.

But, looking back, the way he smiled... She should have ran. She should have ran far, far away.

The seven years of Rhett's life where it was just her and her mother was over and with it's ending, was the beginning of the little girl's spiral into the darkness of humanity. Indeed, for she was a girl to be wanted.

Chapter 2: Desire, Darkness, and Death

The girl could still remember the orders she had been given. The orders she had to abide by every hour, of every single day. Orders given to her by that man, the very same man who went on not but a year later and married the girl's mother. Her husband, the girl's stepfather. Everything had changed between them when he entered her life, nothing was the same. Her mother had begun to spend less and less time with her, frequently leaving on trips for work alone. The girl would spend these days with her stepfather, the one to be her guardian in these times. But it was these times where the despair of her new life only grew stronger, more prevalent.

At first, things appeared normal. At first, things seemed fine, but still.. she knew how scary he looked when he knew her mother wasn't looking. In her field of vision, he always appeared normal, always looking like a regular person. In those times it was almost possible to forget that look he would sometimes give her. The same look that would terrify her at night, dominating her nightmares. The days went on like this though, at least, at first, nothing happened. The first year before they became married, nothing happened. It was only after then, and after her mother started to leave that what dominated her nightmares, waking her up in cold sweat, became reality.

Rhett tried to resist, at first. She somehow felt the inherent insidiousness in his soul, yet couldn't explain it. When she was gone, though, she started to figure out why she felt that. She tried, resisted and yet.. She defied his orders only once, the very first time. She still remembered that order like it had happened yesterday. “Strip”, he said, commanded her. Looking back, Rhett realized it had been a test all along. A test to find her boundaries, to see how much she would do for her 'father' without need of further 'discipline'. She could still remember the overwhelming fear she felt, the pit in her stomach she felt when she refused, when she told him that she would not with a simple 'no'.

For the first time, she felt the fear have having fingers grip around her neck, squeezing harder and harder. Her mind was filled with fright and confusion, falling into a panic. She would try to pry his fingers, but it was no use, they were too strong. She was reduced to just gritting her teeth, peering at him through teared, pained eyes that only widened when she gazed upon the expression he bore. She felt as if her heart would stop from that face. It was nothing, it was a void, emotionless except for the ugly disdain as it gazed back on her. It was such a dismissive expression, not even bothering to look angry at her just.. horrible, evil. That was the last thing she saw before her vision faded, her consciousness leaving her, her body grown limp. It was only then that he released her, allowing her to painfully drop to the ground, spraining her ankle and bruising her knee. The girl coughed and gagged, fighting against her slowly opening thought to finally let air back into her lungs, tears strewing down her face, her body sweating from the fear.

That was the first – and only – time she resisted his orders.

From that day forward, she started to learn what to expect what would happen when her mother left on her frequent outings. She knew and yet she could not tell her mother, she could not for... if she did, It wasn't Rhett that would pay for it, but her mother. He had threatened her life for Rhett's compliance. Even a girl of her age knew what that meant, so she bore it alone. She pretended around mother so she wouldn't notice, she had taken notice before, but a side glance to Him caused her heart to skip a beat. It was mad, like an animal. It was malicious, like a demon, a devil. It was evil. So.. for her mother, she lied, she pretended, she acted like a normal girl, even as she was bound in despair, chained down by fear, unable to find the light that she lost when she fell into the darkness.

Every time was worse and worse, every session he would go deeper, dig deeper in the pits of depravity with her. Each act was more degrading than the last, each step made Rhett feel less and less like a human as she even started to accept her place in all this. She was an object, a toy to be used, to be abused. There was no escape. The more she started to realize this, to accept this, the color slowly began to fade from those sapphire gems that were her eyes. They lost their luster, fading to gray, a dull, listless color. She experienced over and over again things that no girl should ever, ever have had to experience. Yet, all that seemed to matter anymore to her survival was that he was everything, he was God.

She remembered the snide grin he wore when she no longer shared a shred of unwillingness, of defiance. His job had been done, he had made her into a broken existence, no longer a girl, but a tool. A tool was meant to be used. With phase one of his plan completed, it was only weeks later that he continued with the next plan. She could no longer pretend to be happy for her mother, so upon her return, she panicked, asking her husband what had happened. Just like that, the cat was out of the bag, she had now become aware of what he had been doing all this time. With a sneer, he told her everything. He told her everything even as she laid shackled in front of that same fireplace she used to spend her days with her mother, cozy and warm. It had not been used in years. It was cold, like the floor she was curled up on.

Then, with a sickening sound, a gurgle and a thud, a scarlet liquid splashed across Rhett's listless face. In her blurred vision, she saw the light, too, fading from her mother's eyes. She was on her knees, her face frozen in the same shock she wore when her husband had sliced across her throat, causing a fountain of crimson from the gash, staining her in red as it pooled around her knees. Rhett trembled, tears slowly forming in her deadened eyes, her distant emotions trying to resurface from the sea of despair she had been drowning in. But.. it was no use, he was too thorough. She could not get up, she could not go to her mother's side. The only thing she could do, was croak out, calling to her, her sadness even dead on arrival.

“Mama... Mama...

...don't go”

Chapter 3: Less Than Human

With the death of Anamaria, the final nail in the coffin that sealed Rhett's fate was done. She had learned that this was not the first time this man had done this, and that he made a living of making sex slaves of girls like her, breaking them in and selling them for obscene amounts of money. Dating and marrying her mother was just an accessory to get close to her daughter, only to sell her. They left on that same night, the winter air was cold as her tattered clothing was falling apart, holes dotted about her outfit and her cowl was dusty and smelly, apparently having not been used for many months. With her gone, he no longer had to hide his intentions, forcing a hood over her as a leash was fastened to the collar she was forced to wear. Truthfully, she almost didn't notice as her head was filled with thoughts no girl her age should ever be thinking, having been fully corrupted by the things he did to her. On the outside, she looked almost dead. She was pale and zombied, devoid of most emotion, of most color that a girl her age ought to have. The only time when she felt something, anything, was when he was doing things to her. It flipped a switch in her that she never knew she had. Maybe it had been there all along, or perhaps it was a result of his conditioning.

The girl had long since stopped dreaming that someone would save her, that salvation was something she could even manage. She had lost, utterly and completely, before she even had a fair chance to fight back. The only thing she could do was curse her luck, but even then, all she could think about was the next high. When would be the next time that she would feel good? That was all that mattered anymore. She was a tool, less than human.

Eventually, the reached their destination. It was a week later, in another country, another land. It was here that the girl that the girl was sold off. It was here that she was bought by another, her life came down to the transaction of money. It wasn't a single person that bought her, but a company, an underground organization that bought slaves like her and used them in prostitution houses, brothels. There's was one of the few that would buy minors. To them nothing was above what made money. It didn't matter, nothing did, anymore. The girl was beyond caring about who she was, or where she'd end up. Her listless eyes dull and lazy, eyelids drooping from the lack of emotional inflection. She just wanted to feel good again, like before. That was all that mattered.

Then, just like that, her life changed again. She would never see the man behind her as she was carted off to a new life, a new purpose. She had went from one prison to the next, the only difference was this prison was away from that house. That house that had been so cozy years ago, warm and with her mother, who was gone. Now, she was locked inside a room of pink and hearts, dressed up to look good for her customers, the people that would pay to use her. And here she remained for many more months. Occasionally, she would see some of the other girls, fighting and screaming as they resisted the handlers. They weren't like her. They hadn't been thoroughly trained like her. Rhett became acclimated to this life easily. She eventually began to see patterns in her customers, remembering some of them even by face and name. Some returned out of looks, others returned out of possible love or possession, but they all said that none were as obedient as her. Truthfully, none of that mattered, but she still decided to pretend to care. The happier her customers, the nicer the handlers were to her, giving her better food and small – very small – moments of solace.

Eventually the brothel began to realize that the girl was showing zero signs or desire to leave and started to give her a little more freedom. Having risen as one of the brothels' highest money makers came with perks, it seemed. She was let out of her prison, supervised at first, then eventually the door was simply left unlocked. Now having free roam, she was able to see the other girls. She recognized the face of ear many of them wore, others were despondent like her, but many were frightened, crying, and over all seemed like pains to the customers. She wanted to feel pity for them, but she could not. She couldn't pull from any of her emotions anymore, they'd been buried so far deep within herself that she felt she lost them. She eventually came to learn she had gotten various nicknames because of her loyal returning customers. It was sad, almost despicable, but she did find that she almost cared about some of them. Some treated her nice, others came only to abuse and torture her.

Maybe there was a certain part of her that started to enjoy her life here. To her, it was just a way of life anymore. She no longer felt the fear that one day she might die, her stepfather was no longer in the picture. He was likely long, long gone, with his small fortune in hand. Ironic that she finally found out how much she was sold for. She had already made the brothel five times that in net gain. She had lost count of how many different customers she'd had, she used to care, but now it just seemed like it all blended in together.

A few years passed, and eventually it just felt more like a job. Regulars came and went, but she realized just how normal it all now seemed to her. It was rare for anyone to satisfy what she had become, but they came around, sometimes. She kept a mental note of who those were for later. Eventually, the brothel started changing up some things, and started sending her out on 'deliveries' where she would service customers and collect their payment before returning. They charged a premium for this of course, but it allowed for a far wider range of customers in the comfort of their own home. She quickly realized why some of them never left their houses, and they disgusted her, others though, while weird, grew on her over time.

Then, one day, on her return of one of her 'deliveries', she came into view of the brothel entrance only to find it surrounded in local and federal authorities. She had been warned of these many, many times and was scolded over anything that could blow the cover of the place. It seemed that all of her preparations were for naught, the place got caught anyway. She knew they were through, and she'd never return. She pivoted and ran for it, taking the cash from her last delivery in order to use for food. She had lost the place she had called her home for the last few years (if you could even call a place like that a home), it had given her a bit of a pang, sure. She didn't know how to live on her own, she had never been taught that, and she was still too young to be called an adult. She was barely 12, still a girl. She didn't know where to go, or what to do. She thought of turning to her customers, but without direction she was lost, stuck in an alleyway.

It was in that alleyway, in that cold, torrential downpour that she met Her. She met a girl who would change her life, again. She met Claire. Claire Dragomir.

Chapter 4: More than Human, Eyes like Crimson

During her days as a street rat, doing whatever she could to survive, no one had ever taken her much notice. She had already been used more than most adults, wasted, expended. She was under the radar of pretty much anyone and everyone, so imagine her surprise when this captivating woman did. Judging by her features, she at least appeared to be Romanian as well, just like the girl. There was something about her that she couldn't resist, something about her to forced the little girl's grayed out and listless eyes to stare at her, gaze at her. Her instincts told her that she felt danger, so why? Why couldn't she tear away from that gaze and run away? Once again, her life would make another drastic change.

In that night, that alleyway, she felt the euphoric pain of fangs sinking into her neck for the first time...

Eyes that were once blue and vibrant, yet remained dull and listless for so long, started to fill with another. Dull grays became seething crimson. The glowed with a luster unlike that of a human's. The shades of red of a freshly turned Sueki were among the most beautiful in the world, lighting up the night with the victim's first bloodthirst.

The transformation was unbelievably painful, every vein in her body felt like it was on fire as she cupped her hands over her mouth, choking and coughing on blood, wanting to scream but unable. At first, it looked like she might die from the transfusion of Sueki blood, her small body seemingly unable to handle it. Heart beating heavy, she writhed and convulsed for hours, laying in a pool of her own blood as it excreted from her own pores.

Eventually, though, something within her clicked. With a gasp, a resonating heartbeat, the change was done. Complete. The scarlet hue of her eyes started to fade, resting at a warm garnet color, dark, just like the insides of her soul. No longer were they that listless and gray color, yet the void had still not been filled.

Claire then urged her to follow, to come with her to her home, her castle upon a hill. Having nothing to lose, the girl found no reason to refuse her. Whether or not she had such a captivating aura that compelled her to agree even if she'd wanted to say no didn't really matter, since Rhett didn't care. She didn't know what she was turned into, and she didn't know what her future held, but thoughts like that were never fitting for her anyway. Worrying about the future were thoughts for people, not tools.

The way the girl comforted her though, it was nice, she guessed. It was largely lost on her, but it was the thought that mattered. Over the next few years, Rhett had no trouble acclimating to her new life, just like before. In fact, this was easier. For some reason, the more she stayed around Claire, the tighter her chest became. Eventually, it had gotten so bad that merely looking at Claire filled her with such a confusing warmth, something foreign and forgotten to the girl. Resuscitating a dead soul apparently took years.

In time, Claire would give her simple tasks, rewarding her with praise, or scolding her with reprimands, punishments. In a way, it wasn't all that different from her stepfather, yet she was far less cruel then he had been. Falling into this lifestyle was easy; she'd already been conditioned for it.

She was instilled day after day with thoughts of loyalty, devotion, even love though it was lost on her. Or, at least, that's what it seemed for the longest time. Slowly, the girl began to let down the wall to her deadened shell, no longer willing to resist the compulsion from Claire. She was now her older sister, so this kind of thing was normal, right?

Eventually, Claire's demands got more extensive. The feelings that Rhett was forced to feel became stronger too, bouncing back from apparent happiness to extreme sorrow. Before Rhett knew it, she started to become dependent on Claire for emotional stimuli. She found herself doing things automatically to please Claire, instead of doing things for herself like she had been doing up to this point. She started to hang on every word from Claire, craving praise, needing praise.

She had no problem obeying her orders and her demands up till this point, but eventually, Rhett started to feel other things, such as shame, embarrassment. Feelings she thought she'd lost. Despite her dependence on Claire, she found it increasingly harder and harder to obey her big sister. Before, she merely reveled in the ecstasy that Claire would reward her with. But now, she started to become a bit ashamed at it, remembering that there was a time in her life where feeling pleasure from ecstasy was all that mattered.

Chapter 5: The Isolation of 200 Years

The day came where Rhett eventually disobeyed her. It was meek, as she had barely gotten up the courage, but it was a direct refusal to do one of Claire's increasingly degrading demands. The feeling of disobeying her felt awful. Claire instilled her with a crippling amount of negative emotion, making her feel absolutely awful at telling her no.

Rhett was then isolated in a room prepared just for her. Nothing but a bed and a handful of stuffed animals were kept in this room. It was barren, alone, a void, just like her chest. Of course Rhett was barred from leaving, and she had never given a sentence. She was locked in this dusty room, not knowing how long it would be before her punishment was lifted.

She thought it may just have lasted a day or so, a week at most. Every time Claire would visit, she would not even utter so much as a word to her, and was usually only to come feed her stale blood from some person's body she never even know. Eventually though, days became weeks, and weeks became years. The only outside contact she received was her daily vial of blood through the small hatch that was cut into the door, and whenever Claire actually came back. Even her visits, though, were slowly getting more and more scarce. Eventually, she'd only check up on her once a year.

The isolation, it was crippling. Rhett had become so dependent on Claire that when she was cut off cold turkey for what seemed like eons, she slowly began to deconstruct. Her mind started developing other personalities to keep her company in the centuries she was kept in the room. They were the only thing that kept her from completely losing it. It was from this that her Umbra state was manifested. The personality that became her polar opposite was there with her. It was sporadic at first, but eventually. She was there with her for every hour, of every day, for decades.

Still, Rhett started developing even more social and emotional disorders to help her cope with the time alone. By the time Claire would eventually (if ever) come back, she wouldn't even be the same person. She would have become a husk of desire, of want, of covet. She was a shade of her former self, ravenous to take from the world back what she had lost and so much more. She would take, everything, from this world.

Nothing was too insignificant, no one too precious, to be taken by her.

Chapter 6: Magi of Dragomir

Whether it was an oversight by Claire, or some odd phenomenon by her ancestors, a series of books one day appeared on a desk in the room Rhett was isolated in. One was the "Crimson Book of Blood", and others were tomes that explained what the Magis Dragomi were, as well as a blank parchment that seemed to fill with letters before her very eyes. The parchment appeared to be... talking to her.

The house of Dragomir had chosen a successor to their line of magic, Thaumaturgy. Claire had refused her rightful place as the heir to their collective magic and had apparently ran away. Naturally, then, did it skip over here, deeming her unworthy and unwilling to accept the fate of the Magi. Now that Rhett's adoption into the house was official, she was the next heir.

It didn't take Rhett long to decided she wanted this. She craved the means to take back from her which was lost. She craved it more than anything. She became fascinated with the tomes, fervently studying them every day, practicing their contents for years, decades. She spent the better portion of 75 years poring over the grimoire, developing a clear obsession with the knowledge contained within them.

Soon, the world would once again know the term "Thaumaturgy", for she would bring down the very heavens to get her desire sated. With her and her Umbra personae, she would Rule this world.


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Coding In Template By:


I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Natural Abilities:

Small Frame: Rhett's small frame gives her a slight advantage anywhere a small frame would be useful, however her body can't take take as much trauma as others.

Sinful Allure: Over the years, Rhett gained an uncanny ability to play with the hearts of men, giving them just enough of what they want to get what “she” wants. Though she hates reducing herself to such a degree, she can and will play a subtle and cunning role to achieve her desires. This is only enhanced by being a Temptation Sueki.

Blood-tipped Tails: Rhett has 3 tails she gained upon her transformation into a sueki. They allow her to do a range of things that you would imagine a tail would allow. She has superb balance (both on the ground and in the air). However, perhaps the more fantastical aspect of them is that she can in fact use them for weapons. The tips can harden with a crimson covering that can pierce through quite a few materials, such as wood, steel, and other materials.

Another effect of her tails is that, if impaled, a person will find their blood (or essence) being drained. This can function like any other feeding using her mouth, and can trigger Blood of the Taken.

Hovering B: By manifesting the wings of a succubus, Rhett is capable of hovering and limited flight. The extra limbs sprout from the small of her back and arch up into a bat-like wing tinged with night energy. Rhett especially likes to use this in conjunction with her Kumopu to be an especially slippery target. Probably a good thing, she is squishy.

» Unique Abilities:

Blood of the Taken: This is a a unique ability that Rhett developed some time after she became a sueki. Though the origin of this power is largely not understood, it could be said that the girl's history is part of why she developed this. Emotions seething over centuries, seething over the memories, seething over her past when everything was taken from her, over and over again. She had never any choice in her life that seemed to matter. From a very early age, the traits that would have made her a healthy, normal girl were taken from her. The nature of this ability is that Rhett receives additional empowerment from feeding on another, gaining minute bonuses based on host's race. Perhaps another reason for this trait to manifest is probably due to the fact that the girl still has the body of that child she was when she was turned into a vampire. Small and frail, lacking in many physical qualities that could prove disadvantageous when fighting to survive, or to compete against another. So, because of this, taking in the essence of another will empower her for as long as the blood lasts. Rhett can only be empowered once per thread.

Combat Effects: Rhett becomes empowered by drinking the blood or alternative essence from another. When empowered, Rhett gains small traits based upon the race of the host as well as a small bonus to one physical skill.
Shinigami: Strength is increased by 1 tier; Gains the ability to draw in ambient reishi from around her (when applicable) and release it as a blast akin to a kido. Power and speed of absorption is affected by Rhett's blood constitution skill.

Hollow: Durability is increased by 1 tier; Allows Rhett to generate a mask (much like native hollows, but is largely for cosmetic reasons), her skin grows even more pale as her veins turn icy cold. Gives Rhett the ability to replicate a powered-down version of a hollow's Cero called a “Psuedo-Cero”. Power and Area of Effect affected by blood constitution skill.

Demon: Does not improve any physical stat, but instead gives Rhett [Regeneration C], giving her minor yet improved regenerative qualities(compared to normal); Demon blood empowers Rhett's Night Energy capabilities, somehow pulling Za Koa straight from Touketsu.

Human(any form): “Slightly” boosts all physical skills (except weapon proficiency, additionally, if I gave it a numerical factor, it would be by 12%); Reduces Rhett's vulnerability to the Sun. May have an effect on her ability to compel others.

Quincy: Speed is increased by 1 tier; Gains the ability to absorb reishi from the ambient environment allowing her to empower techniques of magical origin. (Like Arcane magic) Effect of empowerment and how many successive uses is affected by blood constitution.

A note on balance: This ability is largely to give unique flavour to Rhett's history and theme that I am attempting to realize along with her identity. Ordinarily, Rhett is physically weaker than others, sometimes even with those sub tiers below her. This is partly because I have (from a mechanic standpoint) allotted a great deal of her power budget into this ability and her ability below. While still something of a “copycat” ability from an objective standpoint, the effects have been greatly generalized in favor of a more uniform and easy to understand modular increase to her physical capabilities. Additionally, if a race was not listed here, she receives no additional bonus, or outright can't drink their essence. Note that Rhett still needs to actually be able to drink the blood of her target, which, if that happens to be her enemy, will prove to be extremely difficult. Any sane person wouldn't just allow her to drink their blood without a fight.

Magi of Dragomir: “Magis Dracomi” (also known as Thaumaturgy) is the school of magic passed down through generations of the house of Dragomir, one of the original lines of vampires now called Sueki. This school (as with most forms of magic derived from humanity) are complex teachings that have been refined from each heir to the line. It could be said one's magic is meant to be passed on, a relic left behind for a generation before. It is a collection of their history, their lineage.

Rhett Dragomir is, of course, no different. Though adopted into the house once she was turned, there is not a clause that refuses those who would be taken unto their house. Should a suitable successor arise, it need not be important if they are of the same blood. The house of Dragomir was one of the first involved to adopt this philosophy. Despite this, technically anyone can learn magical schools like Thaumaturgy with enough practice and effort, others still show special and unique aptitude for understanding and applying the magical theories of any given school, as well. Rhett is one of these cognitively gifted protege. Still, it would not be a difficult feat to pass on Thaumaturgy to anyone who would show an interest in the school.

This trait is to explain that Rhett has the ability to use Thaumaturgy, which is a collection of spells from Sanguinomicon, Dragomir's crimson backed “Book of Blood”. It is a collection of Rituals, Incantations, Enchantments, Evocations and Inscriptions.

[Reserved for a Link to Listed Sanguinomicon Spells]

Notes: Much like kido, the spells able to be used with this learned technique will all need separately approved and will have their own thread that will be submitted in several drafts as more spells reach completion, please look forward to this “Arcane Project” mega thread.

I. Racial Abilities

» Sueki Abilities:

  • Sueki Influence: Sueki do not retain the original Soul State, draw power in the form of chi or use demon powers or abilities. The previous character is wiped clean though may keep their previous personality, history and general appearance. If you wish to keep a similar theme then you may, but do note that some changes should be made to accommodate the Sueki blood now within them. A carbon copy of the previous character will not be approved.

  • Blood Rites
    The Sueki live and die by the blood within their dark veins. Blood is not just a source of survival either. By taking blood and drawing certain patterns on surfaces, a Sueki can conjure a Blood Rite. These spells widen the strategic options a Sueki has in and out of combat. Upon finishing the blood drawing, the Sueki must then make contact with the pattern with their own blood and call upon the ability. This is often done by cutting the Sueki's own hand, feet etc and slamming them onto the pattern. A glow of darkness will emit from the bloody pattern and the spell is cast. Note that these patterns may be drawn upon the Sueki's own body. Some Sueki have even scarred their own bodies to create permanent patterns on their skin for easy access to these spells. The effects of a Blood Rite are increased in speed, size and strength (where applicable) based on the Sueki's Blood Rite skill. The actual pattern needed to be drawn is not specific and can be changed slightly so long as it fits the theme. The pattern also can be of any size, so long as it is distinguishable.

    • Kumopu: The ability to cause the target to burst into an artificial veil of shadows and dash to another targeted location within a few meters at extreme speeds and reform back to it's usual form. A sueki will always be able to move themselves regardless of size.

      This ability when used upon themselves is the Sueki version of Shunpo and Sonido, granting them similar speeds but with a shadowy visual effect. During the moment the target affected is a shadow, they become physically invincible, cannot be interacted with and they cannot physically attack until they have left the shadowy state. The state will only last between the jumping point and landing point and can only last for a maximum of 1 second per Blood Rite skill level and the distance is 3m per skill level. Sentient creatures and the user can determine the full length of the Kumopu and force it to end early, but objects cannot themselves.

      Kumopu is generated by drawing the shape of a Moon. The image cannot be symmetrical. in the case of Rhett, this is a typical Crescent moon with a runic circle around it. This sign appears to be drawn telepathically, or with her own aura in the area surrounding her feet, on in the air just below her, if flying. A mark left of where she was.

    • Kumitsu: The ability to cover the target in a veil of shadow that blocks off energy from the outside and from within. This allows anyones energy that has been covered in shadows to become relatively undetectable by people outside of the veil Those of higher tier, or of exceptional levels of focus may be able to see through this. This gives off a visible aura of darkness that hides their appearance so it's rather obvious that they are there. However, if used at night or in very dark places, the affected target becomes very difficult to see as they blend into the darkness around them.

      Kumitsu is generated by drawing any image, but then drawing a circle around it. The image cannot be symmetrical. In the case of Rhett, it is created by drawing a tribal design of a bat wing, then encircled by a runic magical circle. It's color is a pinkish-lavender.

    • Kumotabi: The Blood Rite latches onto the darkness of shadows and of the night all around them, churning darkness around itself. After a few seconds of this the churning becomes an enveloping portal of shifting shadows that can expand and contract to hold multiple people. The size of the vortex is 10m in diameter for each skill level. A sueki may create this vortex on any surface but they must always remain in contact with it otherwise the portal will dissipate instantly, not function or pull anything in.

      Once everyone has been highlighted by this ability, the user casts the Blood Rite a second time upon the pattern in the center of the vortex, channeling the vortex as the darkness pulls everyone within. This ability can suck in anything that is within the vortex and connected to anything that is currently in it so long as the entirety of the thing being pulled in can fit through the circumference of the vortex. This means a building could not be sucked into a small vortex just because the corner happens to be on it. The whole building must be able to fit and slip through. This does mean that verticly, there is no limit to how much that can fall inside.

      Anybody that stands on the swirling darkness that isn't granted permission to travel by the user or denies their own desire to pass will not move at all when the vortex pulls.

      During traveling, everyone falls through what seems to be an endless chasm of darkness lit by candles on black chandeliers. The distance required to make it to the other world is about a mile of falling. At the bottom is another swirling vortex that spits everyone out at the other end the other way up, so they emerge from the vortex head first and stop at their feet, standing. It is possible for a Sueki to force another person to move through the portal so long as their willpower is higher, but this requires triple the effort and can be fought against.

      Kumotabi is generated by drawing a perfectly symmetrical image. In the case of Rhett, it is an image of a symmetrical bat that will appear at her feat, it's vibrant lavender hues seemingly carving the outline into the ground below her.

  • Blood Dependency:: All Sueki characters Are highly dependent on a constant intake of blood to survive. If this is ignored then the Sueki will start to age rapidly and turn to ash during the night of the 7th day without drinking blood. The withdrawal symptoms slowly start to becomes noticeable on the 3rd day and get worse leading up to the seventh when the Sueki will look about 100 years old. After drinking blood, the Sueki will feel full and no longer hungry then their body will gradually become more young over the same number of days they had not taken in blood.

    The actual age it stops at changes depending on the person and can be altered as Sueki may have preferences on how they look. There are some that even choose to look elderly. Whilst blood starved, a Sueki will always feel hungry for anything so long as they do not drink blood.

  • Mental Strength: Sueki have strong bodies to handle their blood but also a decent amount of mental strength. This allows a Sueki to last much longer than a human when faced with dizziness and effects that instill mild mental weakness.

  • Child of the Night: Being outside in the light of the moon or covered in natural darkness and shadow enhances the Sueki's body. This allows a Sueki to react faster, move quicker, think more rapidly and generally become much more aware and agile than if the sun was out. This includes the shadowy veil of Kumitsu. Training and fighting in the moonlight or dark places enhances their potential and growth.

  • Dark Vision: Sueki are able to see in the dark. Everything a Sueki see's becomes black and white in darkness, allowing them to notice more when others cannot but also never lose sight of the shadows around them. Sadly, if a Sueki looks directly at a bright light then it shall momentarily blind them. Beyond this, Sueki are able to use darkness to track movement by focusing their mind on their prey. Moving in darkness is like being caught in a spiderweb to a Sueki. The stronger the Sueki is, the larger scope their influence will be.

  • Solar Frailty: Sueki have a very big weakness: The sun. They cannot come into contact with solar energy or sunlight otherwise the ageing process within their bodies starts to rapidly react and they will die within ten minutes (or say 20 of the sueki's posts). This makes it difficult for Sueki to fight or do anything while the sun is out and have a disadvantage against solar based characters. (Hit a Sueki with sunlight 20 times and they die). In the case of Rhett, she may not necessarily show age, but she is undoubtedly affected to the same extent, often showing signs of extreme lack of color, dark eye sockets and exhibit extreme frailty.

    Fire, electricity and other non-sunlight abilities do not cause this effect. Thus, candles, light-bulbs etc do not age them. How your Sueki falls apart into dust is up to you, but ten minutes will ultimately kill them. This can occur faster in varying intensities of sunlight, and on which parts of the body are afflicted. Only the body parts being soaked in sunlight are affected and the rest of the body is fine. Looking directly at the sun will blind the Sueki for 24 hours.

  • Human State: This is not a form in the slightest. Sueki are capable of entering a sort of meditation that shrinks their fangs and reduces the prominence of their Sueki features so they appear to look like they have normal teeth, no horns, normal eyes etc. Upon close inspection, it will be noticable that their features are not exactly the same as a humans, but they can pass as a Human in most situations.

    The Sueki also denies Night Energy access to their powers in this state of meditation. They can move and react as normal as though they were 5-5 tier humans but if they wish to use abilities they must stop meditating and return to their normal state.

    Holding this state for too long eventually tires the user. They are still weakened by sunlight as normal and by revoking darkness to keep this form up, their aging process occurs more rapidly. The Human state is not recommended, but is there if necessary.

I. Bloodline

» Bloodline:


The Lovers are a group of Sueki that have managed to focus their dependence of blood into different places. These include the House of Temptation that replaces their needs with sex, whilst the House of Souls feast on energy resources to fuel their fire.

Rhett Dragomir [Approved Sueki: 3-1++] AslsvmH

House of Temptation

Themed Visual Alterations: Hooves. Scales. Glowing Eyes. Forked Tongue. Horns and/or A tail.

Tier 3
Urges: Your urges outweigh your need for blood. You can survive without taking in any blood, but it must be substituted with sex instead. A temptation Sueki is now able to stop their bodies from becoming pregnant as they desire. Once pregnant, they cannot toggle the ability.
Enhanced Taste: You can determine the exact ingredients of something you taste and may learn about someone through the food they like to eat. Rotten and sickly substances will overloads the Sueki's senses momentarily.
Enhanced Touch: Being able to feel every bump and wave, you can read through touching patterns and even detect vibrations and their source.
Enhanced Vision: You can see clearly, even in dense locations at an impressive distance. Colours are more vivid and night vision is enhanced even further. The Sueki is even capable of long distance sight, noticing small details from up to 2 miles away.

Tier 2
Lustful Intoxication: The Sueki secretes an invisible veil of adrenaline that causes others around them to feel aroused and physically attracted to the Sueki. This can be used for the Sueki's own personal gain and may lower an opponent's guard in combat. When used on powerful characters, the Sueki may be able to convince them to perform simple commands.

Tier 1
Sexual Burst: Your lust can create a blast of sexual adrenaline, empowering your physical speed and strength whilst allowing you to derive pleasure from things you do and force yourself beyond your limits. These bursts only occur when you are around that one thing that turns you on. In the case of Rhett, There are at two individuals who cause this effect. They know who they are. Additionally, this ability can be activated through pain inflicted upon Rhett herself. This only lasts for 2-3 posts, and has a cooldown of ten posts.
Demonic: Your blood is acidic to non-sueki and non-demons. You can detect if a person is a demon or not by simply experiencing their aura through your senses. Demonic abilities deal slightly less damage to you.

I. Umbra State

» Umbra State Name: Aurelia, the Dragon Rider

» Umbra State Appearance:

» Acquisition: Rhett acquired her Umbra state when she was in a two century isolation. Being completely isolated from people for this long, in total silence, a voice eventually began to talk to her, giving her solace, comfort. Turns out that voice was from her shadow. A voice that was for the most part, opposite of her in every way.

Where Rhett has turned into a seething beast of covet and desire, the person on the opposite side of this shadowy mirror is one that shows compassion no matter the cost. One that forgives another no matter the sin. A saint, by many standards. At first, Rhett hated her, rebuked her existence. She couldn't understand the shadow and how it could forgive all those people who used her, how she could forget their stepfather after he murdered her mother and turned her into a sex slave. She couldn't fathom the warmth that came from that shadow. She couldn't accept it, she didn't want to accept it.

It took many years for her to reach Rhett, an odd relationship to be sure. Ordinarily, the shadow form wants the host to hate them, to make them think their the worst thing possible about them. The shadow wanted the opposite. She wanted the girl to find peace, to quell the ravenous void in her deadened soul, to perhaps heal a girl broken by circumstance.

Eventually, they came to an agreement. Aurelia would protect Rhett. In turn, Rhett would try to find peace somewhere, to find something in this world that she didn't have to take, yet could earn, to be rewarded with. With that, the draconic knight swore to protect her mirrored self, becoming the shield to her heart.

» Umbra State Benefits:

Passive Effects:

Form Change: Rhett's physical makeup changes a slight bit to better accommodate the robust power of the Dragon Rider. Her body is more durable, and her strength is elevated to better use the new equipment while in this form. spells of magical origin (such as Thaumaturgy) lose some of their efficacy, but abilities that utilize her night energy do not. Additionally, Rhett gains access to many that are fueled by them in this form.
-Combat Effects: Durability raises by 2, Strength by 1. Loses the ability to cast Incantations and Rituals. Evocations can be empowered by night energy.

Improved Flight[Hovering A+]: Rhett's dragonic wings are stronger than her base form's succubus wings, allowing her to fly faster and has increased stability.

Scalekin: Has a natural affinity towards any Reptilian or Dragonic beasts. Can commune with them as well. Scales that scatter her body make her resilient to fire attacks, and a slight resistance to the sun and attacks that cause sun damage.
-Combat Effects: Gains a 10% reduction of damage to fire and half that value from sun based attacks + the same value per level of Umbra Control beyond beginner. (Example would be that Adept gives 20% reduction to fire and 10% to sun)

Eyes of the Dragon: In the form of the Dragon Rider, Rhett borrows the power of the primordial beasts' extraordinary visual capabilities. Dragons were among the first to roam the Earth, and are among the most powerful, as well. Their sight has the innate ability to see Truth. Truth in it's most base form. Ordinarily, illusions, subterfuge, attempts to blind, none of these things prove useful to the all-seeing eye of the Dragons. Rhett can borrow only a fraction of this power for such a small vessel, but uses it to the best of her ability that it will allow nevertheless. She can see further distances. auras and energy signatures are more easily detectable.
-Combat Effects: Range of effective sight extended to one mile, spirit and energy signatures are detectable at a base range of 100 meters, scaling by 100 for each rank of Umbra Control beyond beginner

Active Abilities:

The False Holy Spear of Longinus: Rhett's primary weapon while in this form can be manifested at any time during the umbra state (and perhaps even without, depending on Tier). It is a sculpted replica of the spear that mortally wounded Jesus, gaining power from the very thoughts of Rhett's reverie whilst confined. Through her hate, her loss, she thought of Jesus and felt a connection with the idea of him. Through that nigh endless day dream, this spear was forged.

It is capable of mortally wounding most things alive with a fatal stab. Regeneration effects are less effective against wounds caused with this spear as a result, it's blood red blade stained from the son of God. Still, it is but a replica, and it is far from an exact copy of that fabled spear.

Wall of Poenari: The Wall of Poenari is a shield bestowed upon Rhett while in her Umbra State. Taking it's name from a castle fabled to be used by Vladimir the 3rd, this shield is capable of withstanding significant abuse. It might manifest as a relatively small kite shield, but it contains an aura that can block a much wider range, allowing her to deflect many power blasts of energy or huge weapons of destruction. It also has the benefit of bestowing minor protection to allies that stand behind her, as if being shielded behind the very walls of the castle itself.

She can summon this as it's ordinary shield form, or decide to omit carrying it. If she decides not to, she can summon it forth temporarily from an incant in a weakened form, appearing aetherial in natural, and likely shattering if overpowered, since while this makes her lighter, the shield itself is not as strong, since it's not fully manifested.

Shadow Breath: Upon taking in a deep breath, Rhett can unleash a devastating breath of shadowy night energy, causing fire damage and decay in a range that scales with tier and mastery of her umbra form. Incidentally, Aurelia hates using this ability as it is likely a cruel way to die. It is capable of reducing most common objects and clutter to ruins in a few seconds. Enemies take longer, but if hit with this breath enough times, enemies might find themselves succumbing to disease.

Sacrifice: Rhett is capable of spilling her own blood and causing damage to herself to invoke a minor healing rite. This by no means makes anyone wounded so bad that they are unfit for battle to be battle ready, but instead works as a way to ensure the life of another remains intact. It's an emergency ability that will further take from Rhett's blood the more severe the wounds. It is possible for Rhett to kill herself using this.

Wings of Cataclysm [Event Only Ability]: In times of extreme duress or in moments of dire straits, Rhett may call upon this fatal ability. Well aware of the damage it causes to herself to use, she has since decided to use it sparingly, and only if she is sure to get something she covets from it's use, for surely each time she uses this is a skate with death.

She takes in the very embodiment of shadow in this short term buff, empowering her body with an overloaded amount of night energy. Shadows envelope her entire body, shrouding her form as her dragonic wings unfurl, giving her an appearance not unlike that of a dreadwyrm. She is essentially using her body as a conduit to channel in the power of the night and forcing it to overcharge her body, drastically raising her attributes.

Rhett's personality goes through something of a paradigm shift while in this form. She forsakes Aurelia's ordinarily good nature and substitutes it with pure savagery, taking on more and more the aspect of the Dragon in both body and mind. Though she may be reduced to only her claws and her shadow breath, she is a force to be reckoned with in this form.

Combat Effects: Empowers Rhett with "Dreadwyrm Trance", increasing all combat stats significantly. Doubles Rhett's value of Blood of the Taken if she has fed this thread. Can not use weapons or spells. Lasts for a maximum of 5 posts + 1 per blood constitution skill.

I. Skill Sheet

[To find out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.]


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Sueki Skills
  • Blood Rite Affinity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Umbra Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dependencies: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Bloodline Constitution: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

I. Basic Information

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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Trained / Advanced (in the presence of the triggers of her lust bursts)
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Experienced
  • Focus: Experienced

  • Comments/Notes: After discussing with Chi in DMs, I see no problems with this app in it's current state.
  • Tier: 3-1++
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