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Tartarus Latest?cb=20170117175250


"Heroes? Villains? That sort of petty squabbling is beneath me. The only winners in wartime are the buzzards. Let them all fight over their pieces of the pie.
Everyone's got eyes bigger than their stomachs, and the crumbs are more than enough for me. Sure, maybe one day we'll all be able to settle down and laugh about the good ol' days. Until then, I'll just pour myself another shot."

What is Tartarus: Tartarus is an organization of like-minded individuals, or a terrorist organization, depending on who you ask. They operate in small, localized cells, typically with minimal input from their home branch, making it exceptionally difficult to locate and pinpoint their head of operations. Their goals are clear-cut and worn on the sleeves of each member: To turn the constant back-and-forth violence into a "gentleman's game". They excel in finding ways into dicy situations, and de-escalating them before they turn into full-on world-shattering scenarios, though there are also a great many claims that they have no issue turning otherwise meaningless events into cause for violence.

Profit through violence is a time-honored tradition, and Tartarus seems to elevate it to an art form; whether it's by standing up for the rights of oppressed minorities in contested zones, or by dredging up dirt at just the right moments, the organization seems to take great pleasure in maintaining the pace of warfare at one they profit from, and one that serves their own interests. There are countless reasons to fight, after all: To protect, to defile, to prove one's worth, and sometimes for simple enjoyment. Each member carries their own torch into battle, but the unifying credo is still easy enough to follow: There must, at the end of the game, be a board for a new round to be played.

To this end, Tartarus also sponsors various objective activities to foster goodwill between organizations, and ensure that the need for nuclear options never arises: Prisoner exchanges, trade of goods, and persecution of spies are all services offered by Tartarus, as a third party, to ensure that certain parties are suitably punished without any unsightly loss of face.

Where are They: A very well-kept secret, the vast majority of members meet with one another in the field, and there are countless safe houses scattered across the human world. Only well-trusted members of Tartarus are familiar with the home office, being the labyrinthine infrastructure beneath a certain Las Vegas casino.

Why Join: Tartarus is a collective that asks for no exclusivity, and is not jealous by any stretch of the imagination: Members are allowed to join and defect as they deem appropriate, and as they find various realms contested. A Gotei member is well within their rights to seek out information on the organization, and as free to walk away when their Rukongai district has been secured from demon incursion. There is little to be lost with working for Tartarus in the short term, and though they are secretive to the extreme, this doesn't change the work they do.

Besides this, warfare has become such a commonplace part of the world and its atmosphere that there are countless parties who would begin to wonder what the point of it all is. Capturing one continent, only to lose several strongholds in another dimension leads to a never-ending game, and it only gets worse to realize it's all being done for idle entertainment, or to keep a secret. Members of Tartarus recognize the necessity for violence and slaughter, but in a controlled manner, for purposes that serve long-term interests. As the world fills with more and more immortals, and centuries pass, causes to kill seem to grow more inconsequential as time goes on.



Original Sin: A most unique structure in the human world, constructed at great cost, and in a surprising hurry. Ostensibly run an eccentric hollow, the casino caters to those of various tastes and desires, and always has enough room free to host a small contingent of shinigami soldiers, or demons, or any other combatants. The casino freely cooperates with organizations and individuals alike, facilitating negotiations of many sorts. Via a combination of Garganta and (admittedly outdated) Gotei technology, the inside of the casino is significantly larger than the outside, and exists in a plethora of realms: While a human may enter from the human world, it is quite possible to walk out in less-guarded portions of Hueco Mundo, or the Demon World, making the concept of territory quite murky: Indeed, it seems to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously, making it a very dangerous headache to contemplate actually destroying.

Beyond this, the building is outfitted with state-of-the-art Augmented Reality, allowing people to pick and choose their surroundings as they enter: One can choose to roll dice with hollows in the sandy palaces of Las Noches, sip vodka tonics in the outskirts of the Demon World, or get a deep-tissue massage in the midst of the Seireitei if they so wish. To this end, the casino also excels at maintaining the anonymity of certain clientele at their request, blurring their features and voices as they arrive, so that their clandestine business cannot be tracked afterwards.

Available resources

A seemingly endless supply of Gikon

Home: Tartarus is a very lucrative operation, and has dozens of buildings bought through shell companies and false identities in countless countries: Any human seeking to escape can easily find themselves a home away from home in their ranks.


As any good organization consisting of cells, they seem to contain little to no central leadership, with parties contacting in sporadically, to their corresponding Sin Branch. Each leader of a Sin Branch also holds a corresponding position in Original Sin, serving as a cover for their identities, and a source of consistent income by which to fund operations they deem necessary.

Wrath - In charge of the Coliseum and the most overtly violent of the branches, those assigned to the Wrath Branch are exceptional combatants, who prefer to deal with issues by crushing insurgencies, and reminding others that a coordinated front can serve as an answer to any possible individual: Indeed, the notion of a single person that cannot be defeated by enough determined and connected individuals simply do not exist.

[*]Wrath Head - TBD
[*]Right Arm of Wrath- TBD
[*]Left Arm of Wrath- TBD
[*]Eyes of Wrath- TBD
[*]Legs of Wrath- TBD
[*]Acolytes of Wrath- TBD

Gluttony - In charge of the restaurant and bar of Original Sin, this branch excels in using incentivized appeals to peace, or to violence: Bribery, in a word. Those assigned to the Branch of Gluttony are well-suited to determine what it is others seek at any given time, and to ensure that they are either well-supplied in what pleases them...or find their pipeline drying up at just the right moment to make them sympathetic to certain targeted pleas.

[*]Gluttony Head - TBD
[*]Right Arm of Gluttony- TBD
[*]Left Arm of Gluttony-TBD
[*]Eyes of Gluttony-TBD
[*]Legs of Gluttony-TBD
[*]Acolytes of Gluttony-TBD

Sloth - In charge of spa and massage operations in Original Sin, Sloth contains arguably the simplest of the imperatives: To ensure that parties do not -gain- vested interests in ongoing affairs. To this end, they are encouraged to intercept and silence flow of information, outright subvert it, or to seek out the appropriate superior or counterpart to prevent overt action. Were a Captain of the Gotei to seek action against a certain individual, it would be the task of the Sloth Branch to overtly and covertly encourage the other captains, or their subordinates, to vocally oppose their involvement.

[*]Sloth Head-TBD
[*]Right Arm of Sloth-TBD
[*]Left Arm of Sloth-TBD
[*]Eyes of Sloth-TBD
[*]Legs of Sloth-TBD
[*]Acolytes of Sloth-TBD

Lust - In charge of Original Sin's brothel, the Lust Branch exists to incite parties against one another, and encourage action where it would otherwise go unfound. A direct counterpart to Sloth Branch, and in fact one that often clashes with them, Lust branch is no less important in ensuring certain parties find their actions countered by the appropriate forces at the appropriate times. Befriending everyone, and always knowing the right name to drop when it comes time to put away the weapons, Lust Branch is exceptional at convincing people that certain matters are or will become their problem.

[*]Lust Head-TBD
[*]Right Arm of Lust-TBD
[*]Left Arm of Lust-TBD
[*]Eyes of Lust-TBD
[*]Legs of Lust-TBD
[*]Acolytes of Lust-TBD

Greed - In charge of the Casino Pit in Original Sin, the Greed Branch is least involved in ongoing operations; it is their efforts which allow for countless resources to be effectively obtained and allocated. Be it material goods, new recruits, or potential weapons of great damage, Greed Branch is endlessly in ongoing negotiations to ensure that the other branches are constantly outfitted with the appropriate resources to do their work.

[*]Greed Head- TBD
[*]Right Arm of Greed-TBD
[*]Left Arm of Greed-TBD
[*]Eyes of Greed-TBD
[*]Legs of Greed-TBD
[*]Acolytes of Greed-TBD

Envy - In charge of Celebrity Aquisitions and recruitment, the Envy Branch is perhaps the most ostentatious of the Branches, often doing their very best to manipulate the public opinion for or against certain parties. With a few well-placed words, or a weekly letter of recognition, Envy Branch is in charge of ensuring that actions deemed unsavory are made public, and that those who seem to consistently find their interests aligning with Tartarus are given the opportunity to become part of the solution.

[*]Envy Head- TBD(Currently Yaksha)
[*]Right Arm of Envy- TBD
[*]Left Arm of Envy-TBD
[*]Eyes of Envy-TBD
[*]Legs of Envy-TBD
[*]Acolytes of Envy-TBD

Pride Amongst Tartarus, Pride Branch alone exists as an anomaly. It seems to hold no corresponding position in Original Sin, to anyone with clearance enough to observe the entire infrastructure. The Head of Pride simply seems to -exist-, and holds little power in the world proper outside of Tartarus. To this end, Pride Branch holds the greatest power of Tartarus itself. Pride Branch directly interacts with the Legs of each other Branch to be constantly informed of ongoing circumstances, personally performs background checks and psychological evaluations of new recruits found by Envy, oversees allocation of funds approved by Greed for any possibility of embezzlement, and generally operates as the Internal Affairs division of Tartarus.

Rest assured, those who run afoul of the Pride Branch quickly learn why it has no need to interact directly with the world, and they gain a -very- intimate understanding of what exists beneath the confines of Original Sin.

[*]Head of Pride- Typhon
[*]Right Arm of Pride-TBD
[*]Left Arm of Pride-TBD
[*]Eyes of Pride-TBD
[*]Acolytes of Pride-TBD

How To Join: Just fill out the application below, and one of our representatives will be with you immediately!

Tartarus Template

"Crawl on the floor, Rise to the Top."

Name: (What Is Your Character's Name?)

Application Link: (Please post at least a WIP before applying.)

Desired Branch/Relevant Skills: (What talent does your character have? It doesn't matter if you aren't some super powerful character. These can be their intelligence, speical skills or anything your character does that can be made useful to a team.)

Reason: (Why do you want to join Tartatrus?)

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