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 Rukia, The Royal Kuchiki [Canon][Revamp][Reapp][WIP]

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(Name)名前: 朽木・ルキア RUKIA KUCHIKI
(Title)王室朽木: 王立の朽木 ROYAL KUCHIKI
(DoB)生年月日: ???年01月14日
(Age)年: 491歳
(Sex)性別: 女性 (F)
(Race)人種: 死神 Shinigami
(Height)身長: 144cm
(Weight)体重: 33kg
(Affiliation)所属: 護廷13隊, 護廷統一的 Gotei United
(Weapon)武器: 斬魄刀, 袖白雪 Zanpakutou, Sode no Shirayuki
(Blood Type)血液型: A式血液型
(Zodiac)星座: 磨羯宮 ♑


Short and petite, Rukia is among one of the shortest among her peers within the Soul Society, as she's easily towered over by people of Yasutora Sado's, or the Arrancar, Nelliel Tu Odelschvank's stature. But what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in poise, and grace. She has a light, sometimes rosy complexion, paired with immaculately kept, inky lobbed tresses, of which, she always manages to leave a piece dangling limply between her eyes. Her eyes are a rich shade of violet; nearly as royal as she herself. Her warmly designated "Nii-sama," has mentioned on several occasions that Rukia bear strong resemblance to her older sister and his late wife, Kuchiki Hisana.


(Reserved)控えめ: Rukia often puts up a frigid, and lone demeanor around new people — unless she takes an immediate liking to them, that is. She is known to be highly reserved, and this often forces her to hide her personal troubles, even those closest to her. As accounted by Jushiro Ukitake, Rukia almost never opens up her heart to others, and has difficulty making friends and acquaintances.

(Compassionate)情け深い: Initially born into a lower class, Rukia retains her modesty, even as an adopted member of nobility. The pinnacle of grace, and immaculately, she often forgoes her status in order to converse with, and aid "ordinary" people, insisting to be called only by Rukia. This is symbolic, because unlike her brother, Rukia is a very kind person, and goes out of her way to make sure others are cared for, heard, validated, and happy, regardless of their social classes, or status within the Seireitei.

(Fierce)猛烈: When warranted, Rukia has been known to display a more brutal and callous side to herself; quite befitting of the cold nature of her reiatsu. Within her dwells a merciless and relentless side that seldom surfaces — but should it appear, those faced with her wrath rarely live to tell the tale. When this piece of her bubbles up, Rukia is more inclined to use profanity, among other things.

(Resilient)強い: Spending the majority of her formative years in Hanging Dog, it's safe to say that the Royal Kuchiki has seen and experienced the horrors of extreme poverty, and gone to vast lengths in order to be transformed from rowdy street fighter, to refined noblewoman. However, that doesn't mean that Rukia doesn't have a wild streak in her, that can sometimes be seen through the cracks of her cool exterior in times of duress or hardship.

(Noble)高尚: It didn't take long for Rukia to assume her role as a noblewoman; but it certainly has taken 460+ years in order for her to maintain such a role. Because she was not born into nobility, like her brother, she has to work twice as hard to remain prim, and proper, to the point where it's almost like a mask; a mask in which she takes off around her loved ones, and reveals her true, less dainty nature. She can often be found referring to people by formal honorifics, even if they're close to her.

(Smooth Talker)甘言: Throughout her upbringing in Hanging Dog, Rukia was forced to become highly proficient in the art of thievery and bribery in order to survive; in which she hadn't ever been caught. To this day, she still maintains, and utilizes her skills of persuasion to ensure that matters within both the Realm of The Living, and Seireitei flow smoothly, without harm or unneeded conflict within each respective domain — and of course, she uses it as an advantage over her friends, and brother, to protect their feelings when needed.

She is very good at acting, having acted her way through a number of tough situations; such as getting out of trouble with school teachers and convincing the Kurosaki family to let her stay at their house.

曰く History 曰く

Agent of The Shinigami Arc: One Friday evening, Rukia feels a strong presence (Chapter 1, pg. 1). She enters the room of Ichigo Kurosaki, who, mistaking her for a burglar, kicks her. Surprised Ichigo can see and touch her, Rukia, telling Ichigo normal Humans cannot see her, informs him of the existence and purpose of Shinigami. Ichigo, refusing to believe Rukia's explanation, insults her. Incensed, Rukia binds him with a kidou spell. Explaining what Kidou is, she returns his insults (Chapter 1, pg. 17-28).

Rukia, reassuring a nearby Plus, performs konsou on it. With the aid of some drawings, she explains Konsō and the duties of Shinigami to Ichigo. She reveals she is unable to sense the Hollow she had been tracking anymore because a great power is hindering her senses. Ichigo tells her he can hear something howling. Rukia realizes it is a Hollow, but is confused by how Ichigo heard it before her. She rushes out of the room to confront the Hollow, refusing to free Ichigo. Spotting Karin Kurosaki lying in the corridor, she listens as she tells Ichigo what happened. Ichigo breaks free of the kidou, much to Rukia's shock, and rushes to stop the Hollow, Fishbone D (Chapter 1, pg. 17-28).

As Ichigo futilely attacks the Hollow, Rukia injures it, freeing Yuzu Kurosaki from its grasp. When Rukia explains Fishbone D came because of Ichigo, he attempts to attack the Hollow himself. Rukia shields him with her body, rendering her unable to fight. Seeing that Ichigo is truly determined to protect his family, Rukia offers to transfer half of her power to him. However, Ichigo somehow absorbs almost all of her power instead. Rukia realizes it was Ichigo's power which had confused her senses earlier, leaving her wondering just who he is. After defeating Fishbone D, Ichigo collapses and Rukia goes to his side, where she is approached by Kisuke Urahara, who offers her a Gigai (Volume 1 Chapter Sketch).

The following day, Rukia shows up at Karakura High School as a new student, telling people her family had just moved there. She quietly threatens to kill Ichigo if he reveals anything about her true identity. Later, Rukia explains that her power is still inside Ichigo, preventing her from returning to Soul Society. She reveals she is using a Gigai to recover, enabling normal Humans to see her. Rukia tells Ichigo he will have to take over her Shinigami duties, which he initially refuses to do. Rukia, forcing his Shinigami form out of his body, takes him to a park where a Hollow is about to appear. As the Hollow attacks a young Plus, Rukia successfully persuades Ichigo to perform her duties (Chapter 2, pg. 8-23).

Rukia arranges for Ichigo to undergo some rudimentary training to improve his combat tactics. As he trains, she studies modern speech by reading a horror manga. They are interrupted by Orihime Inoue, whom Rukia initially does not recognize. Rukia notices a mark on her leg left by a Hollow, and asks Ichigo about her before leaving. That night, Rukia receives a message about a Hollow on her Denreishinki. She tries to warn him of a Hollow attack just as a large hand bursts through the floor. Rukia uses her Gokon Tekkō to force out Ichigo's soul, and he manages to slice off part of its mask, revealing it to be Orihime's brother, Sora Inoue. As the Hollow flees, Rukia explains to Ichigo that all Hollows were once Human (Chapter 3, pg. 3-21).

Ichigo and Rukia rush to Orihime's home, where Ichigo engages the Hollow in battle. When Ichigo is thrown through the apartment’s wall and knocked out, she wakens him, warning that if he loses, Orihime's soul will be eaten. Rukia enters the apartment as Orihime is badly injured. Revealing she can save her with Kidō, Rukia, telling the lucid Sora to move out of the way, treats her. When Sora decides to purify himself with Ichigo's Zanpakutō, Rukia states his sins will be washed away by the sword. When Orihime, waking up, starts to ask Ichigo questions, Rukia replaces her memory (Chapter 6, pg. 9-18).

When Ichigo states his wounds have healed very well, Rukia tells him she excelled at Kidō in the Academy, before changing the subject by asking him how to open a juice box. Mizuiro Kojima interrupts, noting Rukia and Ichigo are together again, saying they get along well. Ichigo says Mizuiro's hobby is womanizing, especially older girls, and warns Rukia to watch out for him. Keigo Asano, arriving, introduces himself to Rukia. As Reiichi torments the group, Rukia, ignoring him, continues to struggle with the juice box until Yasutora Sado arrives with a talking parakeet. Rukia tells Ichigo the spirit of a lonely Plus is inside it, which they should send to Soul Society that night. She notes Ichigo is now concerned about other people's safety. When an injured Sado is brought to the Kurosaki Clinic, Rukia tells Ichigo the wound on Sado's back was inflicted by a Hollow (Chapter 7, pg. 21).

The next morning, Sado disappears and Rukia searches for him. She later tells Ichigo she did not find him, nor has she received any word about Hollows from Soul Society. Ichigo, trying to track the parakeet himself, quickly finds the Reiraku of the parakeet, much to Rukia's shock. Just as they find Sado, they also come across a weakened Karin. Rukia orders Ichigo to take her home so he is not distracted while fighting. Brushing off Ichigo's concerns about her fighting a Hollow, she runs after Sado. Unable to catch up to him due to the restrictions of her Gigai, she curses the SRDI. Rukia is attacked by a Hollow called Shrieker, but is surprised when she survives his initial strike. During the fight, she realizes Sado cannot see Shrieker. Surprised by his calmness, Rukia verbally directs his attacks towards the Hollow (Chapter 9, pg. 6-19).

When Ichigo arrives, she, transforming him into a Shinigami, warns him about Shrieker's abilities. She and Sado hide Ichigo's body and the parakeet in a safe place. The parakeet says it is his fault she was injured, as he wanted to bring his mother back to life. Rukia questions him about this. When Ichigo defeats Shrieker, the gates of Hell open to claim the Hollow. Rukia explains Hell to Ichigo. After examining the parakeet, she, determining he cannot be returned to his body, reassures him about going to Soul Society. She erases Sado's memory (Chapter 13, pg. 12).

With her supplies running low, Rukia visits the Urahara Shop. She stops Jinta Hanakari from bullying Ururu Tsumugiya outside the shop before being shown in to Urahara. Ordering various goods, she pays for them with the bounty from Ichigo's defeat of Shrieker, shrugging off Urahara's concerns. She collects a previously ordered Soul Candy dispenser. At school, she gives Ichigo the dispenser, stating it will allow him to transform into a Shinigami without her help, while placing an artificial soul in his body. Ignoring Ichigo's unease with the idea, she makes him use it. When she receives an order, she drags him off to deal with it, leaving the artificial soul, Kon, in Ichigo's body. After dealing with the order, they rush back to find the artificial soul is causing mayhem in their classroom. They attempt to confront it, but he escapes, leading Rukia to believe it is a Mod Soul (Chapter 14, pg. 14-19).

As they search, Ichigo and Rukia argue until she tells him of Operation Spearhead, revealing that according to Soul Society's laws, all Mod Souls must be destroyed. As Rukia naively asks a shopkeeper if he saw Kon, she receives an order. When they find the Hollow, they find Kon is already fighting it. After it is defeated, Urahara arrives to reclaim Kon. Rukia tells him she is content with her purchase, and he does not have to worry about it. Later, Rukia and Ichigo see a news report about the incident on TV. Ichigo asks what they should do, but gets no reply. Rukia and Ichigo search for a dead animal to put Kon into, but eventually settle for a stuffed toy animal. On the 16th of June, Rukia notices Ichigo is very distracted. After a family meeting that night, Ichigo tells the confused Rukia the following day is the anniversary of his mother's death (Chapter 17, pg. 6-19).

The following day, Rukia waits for Ichigo near Masaki's grave. She questions Ichigo about his mother's death, asking if a Hollow killed her. Angered, Ichigo tells her he was responsible for Masaki's death. Horrified by this and what she had said to him, Rukia quietly watches Ichigo's family visit the grave. Kon, crawling out of her backpack, asks to go home, but Rukia insists they must be nearby in case a Hollow attacks. When Karin and Yuzu are attacked by Grand Fisher, Rukia senses the Hollow, but is once again surprised by the lack of any orders on her Denreishinki. She rushes towards them, meeting up with Ichigo on the way. She tells Ichigo she will not ask about Masaki any more. She, transforming him into a Shinigami, carries his body. Finding Ichigo's sisters, she sees Ichigo being confronted by Grand Fisher. Rukia, telling Ichigo about this infamous Hollow, berates him when he recklessly attacks it. As she realizes Grand Fisher killed his mother, Ichigo, stopping her from helping him with kidou, tells her to stay out of the fight. Rukia puts Kon in Ichigo's body, and they bring the girls to safety (Chapter 22, pg. 1-4).

When she honors Ichigo's request to stay out of the fight, Kon asks her to save Ichigo. Rukia rushes back to watch Ichigo's battle. Thinking to herself that she cannot interfere, as Ichigo is fighting for himself, she remembers the events of Kaien's death and decides not to interfere. When Grand Fisher escapes, Rukia tries to calm the heavily wounded Ichigo, insisting that the fight is over. When Ichigo collapses, she begins healing him. Rukia uses up most of her strength healing Ichigo's major wounds, so she returns him to his body before he is fully healed, reassuring him over the outcome of the battle. Rukia listens as Ichigo talks with Isshin. Afterwards, Ichigo asks Rukia if he can remain a Shinigami for a while longer (Chapter 25).

One Sunday morning, Rukia stops Ichigo as he beats Kon clean against a wall, revealing she has arranged for an implement to clean him with. She proceeds to use the school's toilet brush on Kon, but Ichigo orders her to take it back. At school, Keigo invites Rukia to the live broadcast of Don Kanonji's TV show and encourages her to do his pose. Rukia declines, politely saying she is too shy. The following Wednesday evening, Rukia accompanies several of her classmates to the broadcast at an abandoned hospital. Telling Ichigo he must be tired from his dual life, she instructs him to relax. She reveals she does not know what the "festival" is about. Ichigo explains it to her, but she still does not understand. He asks Rukia if there really is a spirit there, thinking the Shinigami would have dealt with it. She states it is likely a Jibakurei, which can be difficult for Shinigami to detect (Chapter 27).

When the Jibakurei screams, Rukia tells him it is a Demi-Hollow. As the show begins filming, Rukia, turning her attention to the events unfolding, is impressed with Kanonji's entrance. Ichigo asks her if they should perform konsou on the Jibakurei, but Rukia tells him it takes months to years for one to turn into a Hollow. Believing it would be trouble if there was a struggle with so many people there, she states they will do the konsou after the show and seeks to reassure him. However, Don Kanonji jams his staff into the hole on the Demi-Hollow's chest. Rukia condemns Kanonji's actions. When Ichigo is pounced on by security after attempting to stop Kanonji, Rukia, trying to change him into a Shinigami, is caught as well. Urahara frees Ichigo, prompting Rukia to ask what he is scheming. Urahara, claiming he is there because Ururu and Jinta enjoy the show, frees her. After Urahara knocks the guards unconscious with a blast, Rukia berates him for using Soul Society's tools so freely. When the spirit disappears, Rukia, realizing its body is about to reform into a Hollow, searches for it with her Denreishinki. She yells at Ichigo to look above him, attracting the attention of some security guards (Volume 4).

The following day, Rukia and the others are called before the school principal over their appearance on the show. Rukia distracts Kagine by claiming responsibility, allowing the others to flee. When Kagine notices the others are gone, Rukia escapes as well. That afternoon, she receives an order and leaves with Ichigo. As they bicker, they pass Uryū Ishida. Later that week, Rukia and Ichigo arrive at what they believe to be the site of a Hollow attack, but find a Plus cowering in a corner and no Hollow. Ichigo suggests her Denreishinki is broken, but Rukia insists it is working, rebuking Ichigo's suggestion that there is another Shinigami defeating the Hollows before him. Rukia is unable to get the Plus to reveal who saved him, but determines somebody is responsible (Chapter 34).

Rukia decides to call Urahara to ask whether her Denreishinki is broken. When he does not answer, she complains about him to herself. After school, she and Ichigo arrive at yet another site with no Hollow. The pair is approached by Uryū, who tells them a new Hollow has appeared. An order confirms this, and she is surprised when Uryū kills it. He introduces himself as a Quincy. The next day, Rukia tells Ichigo to keep Kon with him in case Uryū tries to contact him again. Later, she visits Urahara, and after scolding him for not answering her calls, asks about the Quincy. Rukia is confused by the repeated appearance and disappearance of Hollows. Seeing a large number of Hollows, Rukia goes outside and notices a spiritual disturbance in the sky. (Chapter 38).

Later, Rukia is attacked by a Hollow. During the fight, she realizes, with annoyance, her power has not recovered, despite her being in a Gigai for two months. Kon, arriving, subdues the Hollow, but Rukia bickers with him for forgetting what he was supposed to tell her. When Uryū interrupts them, Rukia deduces he is responsible for the large amount of Hollows. Ichigo, arriving, argues with Kon. The group argues until they notice the Hollows are gathering at the disturbance in the sky. When Uryū leaves, Rukia tells Ichigo about the Quincy and their extermination by the Shinigami. Ichigo chases after Uryū, leaving her alone with Kon. Ignoring Kon's advice, she goes after them (Chapter 47).

Rukia watches in shock as a Menos Grande appears near her. When she tries to stop Ichigo from attacking it, Urahara, binding her with Kidō, tells her to watch the battle, which he claims will be crucial for her and Ichigo. She is left stunned when Ichigo severely injures the Menos, forcing it to flee. When Uryū turns up at school heavily bandaged, Rukia tells Ichigo not to pay attention to it, as it is not his fault. Mahana Natsui, inviting her to lunch with the girls of the class, asks Rukia what her relationship is with Ichigo. Despite Chizuru Honshō and Orihime's encouragement, she states they are just friends. Realizing she has become too attached to the Human World, she ties up Kon and writes a coded note for Ichigo, telling him not to look for her and to go into hiding. She then leaves the Kurosaki clinic. Lost in thought as she runs, Rukia is surprised by Renji. Complaining she has become too soft in the two months she has been missing. He demands she summon the Human she gave her powers to. When Rukia denies doing such a thing, Renji asks why she is acting like that. Byakuya appears behind Rukia, surprising her. When Renji prepares to attack her seriously, Uryū intervenes, but is unable to defeat him. As Rukia notes Renji's increased strength, Ichigo arrives. Angry that he came after her, Rukia watches Ichigo and Renji fight (Chapter 54).

Hoping Ichigo will run away, Rukia leaps on Renji to distract him. However, Ichigo, continuing to fight, ends up being greatly injured by Byakuya. Rukia, saying it is her fault he is dead, asks to go to him, prompting Byakuya to say Ichigo resembles "him". Ichigo grabs Byakuya's leg, relieving Rukia. However, she kicks his arm away from her brother to prevent Byakuya from attacking again. She tells Ichigo to know his place and accepts her arrest, saying there is no point in finishing off someone who is clearly about to die. She tells Ichigo she will not forgive him if he tries to follow her. Renji opens a Senkaimon, and they leave for Soul Society. Rukia is imprisoned in the Sixth Division’s barracks. Refusing Renji's instruction to eat something, she mocks his eyebrows and new rank. Rukia asks if she is going to be executed. Renji states Byakuya is reporting to the Central 46, and he will most likely appeal for her sentence to be reduced. Rukia disagrees, saying she knows what type of person he is and he has not truly looked at her once since her adoption. Later, Byakuya, informing them Rukia will be executed in 25 days, tells Rukia they will not meet again until her execution. After Byakuya leaves, Rukia tries to cheer Renji up by saying it only makes her more determined to escape. She makes fun of his tattooed eyebrows, angering him (Chapter 65).

Soul Society Arc: During her stay in the 6th Division's prison, Rukia regularly talks to Hanatarō Yamada, who is assigned as a janitor there. When he remarks on how she always seems gloomy and sad, Rukia asks him not to address her with honorifics. She tells him of Ichigo, expressing her faith in him. She goes on to mention how it is her fault Ichigo's life changed, and that he suffered greatly. 14 days before Rukia's scheduled execution, Renji escorts a group of Onmitsukidō guards as they transfer her to the Senzaikyū. Once there, he points out to her they can see the Sōkyoku, which will be used for her execution, from the windows. Before leaving, Renji tells Rukia there was an unconfirmed report that five Ryoka invaded Soul Society, and one of them matched Ichigo's description (Chapter 79).

While in the Senzaikyū, Rukia notices the sky becoming brighter when Ichigo and his companions break into Seireitei. She senses the Reiatsu from Ichigo's battle with Kenpachi Zaraki, but is unable to determine if anyone died because of the prison's Sekkiseki walls. She quietly asks Kaien if she is worth spilling blood over. Shortly after, Hanatarō and Ganju Shiba open the door to her cell. When Ganju realizes Rukia is the one who killed Kaien, Rukia urges him to kill her, saying she will have no regrets if she dies by his hands. However, they are interrupted by Byakuya's sudden arrival. When Hanatarō decides to face Byakuya by himself to allow Rukia to escape, Ganju goes out to face him instead (Chapter 116).

Rukia tries to stop the fight, but is unable to handle Byakuya's Reiatsu because of the Sekkiseki's effects. She is shocked when Ichigo arrives, but becomes angry at him for attempting to rescue her. Ichigo, ignoring her protests, fights Byakuya. As Byakuya prepares to use his Shikai, Rukia warns Ichigo to run. However, Yoruichi Shihōin arrives, and stops him from releasing. When Hanatarō asks who the woman is, Rukia tells him about her. After Yoruichi escapes with Ichigo, Byakuya's Reiatsu renders Rukia unconscious. Despite Hanatarō's protests, Ukitake orders Sentarō Kotsubaki to take Rukia back into the Senzaikyū (Chapter 119).

The following day, Rukia is told her execution has been brought forward to the next day. Rukia notes that despite her shock, she is not saddened by the news. Attributing this to a dream she had the previous night about Kaien's death, she reflects on her role in his death, wondering why she did not stop him. She states she does not deserve to be rescued or have anyone stand by her. On the morning of the execution, the guards, tying up Rukia, escort her out of the Senzaikyū. As she is being moved onto Sōkyoku Hill for her execution, Rukia senses Renji falling in battle against Byakuya. As she mourns his defeat, 3rd Division Captain Gin Ichimaru approaches her. Gin, teasing her over how she greets him, points out Renji is still alive. After telling her he was trying to rescue her, Gin offers to save her friends for her. Reflecting on how much she has hated Gin since she first met him, Rukia briefly wonders what he would have to gain from such an act, only to learn he was joking. After he leaves, Rukia reflects on how Gin's lie restored her will to live, leaving her disgusted. Rukia is brought to the base of the Sōkyoku, where she sees Byakuya arrive silently. Rukia asks Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto to allow the Ryoka to leave Soul Society after the execution, to which he agrees, pleasing her. As she watches the release of the Sōkyoku, Rukia notes her heart is at peace once again, despite Gin's earlier intervention. She wonders to herself whether it is because of Yamamoto's promise or because Byakuya ignored her. She reflects on her life, concluding she has no regrets. As she says goodbye, the Sōkyoku moves to attack her. However, Ichigo, arriving, manages to halt its advance (Chapter 150).

After overcoming her initial shock, Rukia becomes upset that Ichigo is attempting to rescue her again. As the Sōkyoku prepares to approach again, Rukia warns Ichigo not to face it. However, Ukitake and 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku destroy it, after which Ichigo destroys the Sōkyoku's stand, freeing Rukia. Ichigo dismisses Rukia's protests, but she refuses to thank him. As she asks what his next move is, she notes to herself he has become stronger. Renji arrives moments later, much to Rukia's relief, but the moment is cut short as Ichigo throws her to Renji. Rukia and Renji scold Ichigo for being reckless, but are told to get to safety. As they are escaping, Renji refuses Rukia's demands to release her and help Ichigo. Insisting they have to run, he tells her Ichigo feels he owes her for allowing him to protect everyone. They are eventually confronted by Kaname Tōsen, who brings them back to Sōkyoku Hill, where Sōsuke Aizen and Gin are waiting for them. Aizen demands Renji hand Rukia over to him. When Renji refuses Aizen's order, he is attacked by the captain. Renji tries to attack Aizen while still holding Rukia, but he is quickly overwhelmed. Rukia offers to surrender herself, but Renji silences her. Ichigo returns to defend the pair, but Aizen, defeating them both with ease, grabs Rukia (Chapter 174).

Rukia listens as Aizen talks about Ichigo's role in his plans and about how to overcome the limits of a Shinigami. Aizen reveals the existence of the Hōgyoku, revealing Urahara had buried it deep within her soul. He states Urahara gave her a Gigai in hopes to turn her into a Human and hide the Hōgyoku forever. He further reveals he killed the Central 46 and orchestrated Rukia's execution. Wanting the Hōgyoku for himself, Aizen hoped her death would give him access to it, but settles for a non-fatal alternative, since the execution was interrupted. Aizen, removing the Hōgyoku from Rukia's body and tells Ichimaru to kill her, but a battle-worn Byakuya, grabbing Rukia, is impaled by Ichimaru's Zanpakutō instead. Rukia asks him why he saved her, but Aizen advances on them. Before Aizen can kill them, the remaining captains arrive to subdue Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tōsen. During the aftermath of the battle, Rukia is restrained by a member of the 4th Division when she tries to go to Byakuya's side while he is being healed. Captain Retsu Unohana, taking over the treatment of Byakuya, tells Rukia Byakuya is calling for her. Byakuya tells her about his deceased wife, Hisana, revealing Rukia is actually Hisana's younger sister. He recounts to Rukia about how Hisana had regretted abandoning her, and had kept searching for her while they were married. He reveals she asked him to find and protect her, as well as why he had sworn to always abide by the rules, thus leaving him torn between two promises when the execution was announced. He apologizes to Rukia for his actions. During the following week, Rukia, visiting Kūkaku Shiba's home, apologizes to both Kūkaku and Ganju for her role in the death of their brother, Kaien. Kūkaku cuts her apology short, saying she forgives her. She reveals Ukitake had already told her what had happened. When Ichigo and Orihime arrive, Rukia tells Ichigo she wishes to stay in Soul Society. The next day, Ichigo and the others gather at a Senkaimon to return to the Human World. Orihime gives Rukia a dress Uryū made, insisting she take good care of it. The group, saying goodbye, leaves (Chapter 181).

Arrancar Arc: Tōshirō Hitsugaya and an advance team of Shinigami, which includes both Rukia and Renji, are sent to protect Karakura Town from the threat of Aizen's Arrancar army. Upon arrival, Rukia, greeting a stunned Ichigo, assaults him. Removing his Shinigami form from his body, Rukia, dragging Ichigo off to fight a Hollow, tells him not to fear his inner Hollow, but to rise up and crush it. She forces Ichigo to apologize to Orihime for not being able to protect her. Orihime, thanking them both, welcomes Rukia back. Rukia accompanies Ichigo to the Kurosaki Clinic, where she is greeted by an excited Kon. Stomping on him, she bickers with Ichigo. After Ichigo shoos away the eavesdropping Yuzu and Isshin, Rukia, stating his family has kept its charm, watches as the other members of Hitsugaya's team enter the room. As they explain to Ichigo why they are there, Rukia assists with some drawings, throwing them at Ichigo when he criticizes them. Rukia, seeing the others off as they leave, annoys Ichigo by insisting she will stay in her old spot. She tells Isshin and Yuzu a false story to convince them to let her stay with them. She shares a room with Yuzu and Karin, which disappoints her slightly (Chapter 200).

When Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez invades Karakura Town with his Fracción, Rukia and Ichigo sense their presence. Counting six of them on her Denreishinki, Rukia, expressing surprise at their numbers, deduces they are combing the town, intent on killing anyone with spiritual power. She tells Ichigo Orihime is safe with Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, but one has targeted Sado. As she runs towards Sado's location, Ichigo goes on ahead. Rukia passes Sado halfway there. She expresses her happiness at his safety, but he runs past her. When she reaches Ichigo, who has confronted the Arrancar Di Roy Rinker, she asks him what he said to Sado. When he states he told him to step aside, she, ordering him to do likewise, leaves her Gigai, saying he runs the risk of losing control again if things go bad so soon after his previous fight. She tells Ichigo that Urahara's Gigai was responsible for her powers never returning, and she has recovered. While the Artificial Soul Chappy restrains Ichigo, Rukia, releasing her Shikai, kills Di Roy. Shortly after, Grimmjow confronts Ichigo and Rukia. Sensing Grimmjow's incredible power, Rukia urges Ichigo to run away. However, Grimmjow impales her with his hand. Chappy goes to her side, and after the battle, Rangiku takes her to Orihime, who heals her. After Orihime is finished, Renji asks if she is fully healed while Chappy fawns over her. Rukia, stating she healed incredibly fast, thanks Orihime, noting her skills have improved. When Ichigo asks how she is, Rukia tells him not to blame himself for her injuries. She suggests he ask Urahara about his inner Hollow. The following day, Isshin and Yuzu ask her if she has seen Ichigo, and she goes in search of him. Unable to find any trace of his Reiatsu, she returns to the Kurosaki Clinic, apologizing to Yuzu when she asks if Rukia had found him (Chapter 217).

At the Urahara Shop, Rukia encounters an upset Orihime leaving the store. Rukia is angered to hear that Urahara told her to stay out of the battle, insisting it is not right for her to be cast aside so easily. She tells Orihime, who is worried about being in the way in battle, that the ones who get in the way are those who lack resolve, not power. She states if any one of those who came to rescue her were not there, she would not be here today. As she says they should look for a way for her to help in the battle, Hiyori Sarugaki, appearing, takes Orihime away, leaving Rukia to wonder who she was. Rukia later finds Orihime leaving the Vizard's hideout. When Orihime tries to explain, Rukia tells her she felt a bit of Ichigo's Reiatsu when she arrived, and is content he is safe. Rukia and Orihime travel to Soul Society, where she asks Captain Ukitake to open the training grounds behind the Division's headquarters. The pair spend a month training. When the Espada attack Karakura Town, Rukia receives notice of the attack from a Hell Butterfly. Ukitake orders her to head to the Senkaimon in front of the Division headquarters. Rukia tells Orihime she cannot accompany her, reminding the Human she would end up in the Dangai if she entered a Senkaimon. When Ukitake tells her the Kidō Corps will secure the walls of the Dangai for her, Rukia tells her she will wait on the other side for her. As she rushes to the Senkaimon, Rukia wonders why the Espada are attacking so soon (Chapter 31).

Rukia arrives in Karakura Town to find Ichigo losing in a battle against Grimmjow. Freezing the Arrancar with her Zanpakutō, she tries to free Ichigo from Grimmjow's blade, which is pinning his hand to the ground. Ichigo comments on her power, prompting Rukia to state he was using a reckless power himself. Grimmjow, breaking free from the ice, grabs her head and charges a Cero. She is saved by the intervention of Shinji Hirako, who takes over fighting Grimmjow. The battle is cut short when Ulquiorra Cifer appears, restraining Grimmjow, before leaving with the aid of Negación. After the battle, Hachigen Ushōda, healing Ichigo, tells Rukia to take him home, as he will recover better if he is not near people with Hollow-like Reiatsu like them. That night at Ichigo's house, Rukia is unable to connect to Soul Society with her Denreishinki due to spiritual interference. She wonders who Hachigen and his comrades are, as well as what power Ichigo is trying to acquire. As she ponders the Arrancar's sudden retreat from battle, she decides to go outside to cool her head. She finds Karin and Yuzu outside the door, who ask if it is alright to have dinner with Ichigo. She tells the girls Ichigo would enjoy that. The next day, Rukia is present when Hitsugaya's team, filtering through the interference, contacts Soul Society. They learn from Ukitake that Orihime was taken by the Arrancar. Captain-Commander Yamamoto orders them to return to Soul Society. Rukia, accusing him of abandoning Orihime, states she cannot obey the order to return. As Yamamoto states he expected as much, Captains Byakuya and Kenpachi arrive via a Senkaimon to force them to return. Soon after, she leaves with the others through the Senkaimon. In Seireitei, Byakuya states he did not receive any orders beyond returning them to Soul Society, and they may do as they wish. He allows them to return to the Human World (Chapter 247).

Urahara opens a Garganta for Rukia and Renji, and, shortly after arriving in Hueco Mundo, they rescue Ichigo and his group from Runuganga's attack. As Ichigo greets the pair, they, hitting him, demand to know why he left for Hueco Mundo without them. She asks why he did not have faith in them, saying they immediately planned to come back to help rescue Orihime. As the group travels towards Las Noches, Rukia reveals Byakuya, allowing them to do as they pleased, and gave them cloaks to protect them in Hueco Mundo's desert. She asks Ichigo who Nel Tu, Pesche, and Dondochakka are. They introduce themselves, and Ichigo tells her they are Hollows. Upon reaching the walls of Las Noches, Rukia notes it is not made of Sekkiseki, so Renji and Ichigo break through it. As the group runs through the opening they made, Rukia mocks Renji for trying and failing to use Kidō to illuminate the tunnel. Upon arriving at a crossroads, Rukia proposes they split up, insisting she did not come to Hueco Mundo to be protected by Ichigo, and telling him not to worry about her. After Renji leads them in a chant about their safe return, the group splits up. As she explores Las Noches, Rukia senses Sado's defeat. She hurries in the direction of his fading Reiatsu, intent on helping him. However, she finds herself under a blue sky, which confuses her. The 9th Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie, appearing behind her, leads her inside his palace. When he removes his mask, Rukia is shocked to see the face of Kaien Shiba (Chapter 262).

Rukia asks if he really is Kaien, reminding herself she killed Kaien. Aaroniero, convincing her that he is Kaien, says he is alive and has taken the place of an Espada. However, when Rukia approaches him, Aaroniero attacks her. Aaroniero, reminding her that she killed Kaien, asks if she is prepared to offer her life to atone for the action. Rukia states she would do so, but she must rescue Orihime first. When Aaroniero tries to manipulate her into killing her friends, Rukia, enraged, demands he stop shaming Kaien's memory, insisting Kaien was not like him, Rukia begins to fight him.

Throughout their battle, Rukia hesitates, troubled by the thought of fighting her mentor. However, remembering Aaroniero has been avoiding sunlight, she exposes his true form. She is eased by the notion of not actually fighting Kaien, but is sad she had not saved her mentor from the control of a Hollow as she had previously thought. Aaroniero, releasing his Zanpakutō, impales her, breaking Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia, reflecting upon her training with Kaien, remembers his warning not to die alone and that he left her heart with her. Activating Third Dance, Shirafune, she kills Aaroniero. She is determined to go to Orihime's aid, but loses consciousness. Later, the 7th Espada, Zommari Rureaux, arrives to finish her off, however, Byakuya Kuchiki, appearing, challenges Zommari. Hanatarō, arriving, tries to move her away from the battle, but Zommari, using Amor, takes control of Rukia's body. Byakuya binds her with Kidō, which prevents Zommari from further controlling her. Byakuya, killing Zommari, requests Isane Kotetsu heal Rukia and Hanatarō. When Rukia wakes up, she is surprised to see 4th Division members there. She is also surprised to see Byakuya is injured, but he insists that she lie there until she is fully healed. Later, Rukia, hearing Aizen's announcement via Tenteikūra, learns that she and her comrades are trapped in Hueco Mundo. However, Byakuya explains the Gotei 13's preparations for battle in Karakura Town to Rukia (Chapter 315).

Rukia comes to Ichigo's aid at the five towers at the center of Las Noches. Freezing Rudbornn Chelute's arm as he tries to attack Ichigo, she tells him to hurry and rescue Orihime. Rukia, defeating Rudbornn's underlings fairly easily, battles Rudbornn. At this time, Rukia notices the battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra Cifer above her. Eventually, Rukia overpowers him by freezing his "branches". Rudbornn is knocked out of the way by Yammy Llargo, who bursts through a nearby wall. Yammy confronts Rukia, Sado, and Renji. When a Cero comes through the roof of Las Noches, Rukia notices Ichigo's Reiatsu. As Rukia wonders if Ichigo defeated Ulquiorra, an enraged Yammy, cursing the fact that they are all he has to fight, increases in size, causing his jacket to tear and revealing his Espada tattoo. Renji tells Rukia and Sado that together they can defeat Yammy, as he is only the 10th Espada. However, Yammy releases his Zanpakutō. As he towers over them, Yammy reveals he is the 0 Espada, much to the trio's shock. After Renji and Sado are defeated, Rukia is caught by Yammy, but Ichigo, intervening, prevents the Espada from finishing her. She asks where Orihime is, and is told she is tending to Uryū's wounds. Ichigo, moving her to safety, begins to battle Yammy. She watches Ichigo as he fights, wondering what happened to Ichigo above the dome. Rukia notes his eyes do not look like those of someone victorious in battle or about to cut down his enemy. After seeing Ichigo's attack on Yammy, she realizes his Hollow mask has changed from its previous form (Chapter 379).

Following Aizen's death, Rukia, along with Uryū, Sado, Orihime, and Renji, arrives in Karakura Town. Her arm is in a sling as they greet Ichigo. When he suddenly collapses, Rukia, along with the rest of the group, runs towards Ichigo as he screams in pain. A month later, Rukia and Ichigo's other friends are present in his bedroom when he wakes up. Rukia tells Ichigo how long he had been unconscious for, and that Urahara revealed he has lost his Shinigami powers. Rukia further explains the stages of losing his powers, with the first stage bringing intense pain, unconsciousness, and a reversal of the time Ichigo's body spent in the Dangai. With his Shinigami powers gone, the second stage sees his Reiatsu stabilizing and him awakening before his remaining spiritual power completely disappears. At Ichigo's request, the group goes outside. As it becomes harder for Ichigo to see her, Rukia knows this is farewell. Mocking Ichigo's sad face, she states she will still be able to see him, much to his displeasure. Rukia, disappearing from Ichigo's sight completely, leaves through a Senkaimon as Ichigo, bidding farewell, thanks her. (Chapter 436).

After the fall of Aizen, Rukia knew she'd have orders to return to Karakura Town, and the World of The Living, considering it was under the jurisdiction of the 13th division; and naturally, she did. She found herself staying with Urahara at his shop, acting as the residential Hollow dispatch so others from her unit wouldn't need to be troubled with the journey to the World of The Living, as it generally took them a considerable amount of time to arrive on the scene. Still expressing sentiment over her farewell from Kurosaki Ichigo, the Kuchiki woman began to make it a habit of visiting the Kurosaki Clinic every so often, to the delight of the Kurosaki household members. During these visits, things felt to her like they had when she first met Ichigo; they'd often have conversations about the occurences within the Soul Society. For the next few decades, Rukia aided in the restoration of the Soul Society, and then in turn, the reformation of the Gotei 13.

Following the second war against the Soul King that ended in 2015, the world faced a vast majority of its populace becoming awakened, gaining a newfound awareness of the existence of the other realms aside from their own. The balance of souls was tipped towards the World of the Living, which in turn allowed humans with no spiritual lineage to awaken with power, and for the most part, alongside the rest of the Soul Society, Rukia struggled to keep from interfering with the World of The Living's affairs, as long as the balance of souls was maintained. The peace achieved after 2015 ended in 2150 with the coming of the third world war, and for every human roused, a Demon, Iramasha, Sugiura, and Ziamichi spawned. Changes in technology bred the stronger defenses against the evils of Ender; while accelerating the evolution of civilization, and Rukia along with many other Shinigami were flocked to aid the humans in their fight for survival against The Shadow Fall, Kokuryuteshi, Monsuta and all associated depraved organizations that have laid claim upon various territories of Earth. To this day, Rukia strives to balance this strange new rendition of the World of the Living; fighting side by side with humans in their quest to defeat Queen Mana and the other demonic incarnations that have intermingled with the general populace.

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