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» Name: Andrei Vikenti. That is the true name of Radioactive. Each of his parents had decided upon this name as the combined meaning of his full name means "Warrior Conquering." They chose this name because of the fact that their family required a child born into their household that could bring great conquest. Being that they lived through The Time Of Troubles, a period of great war and famine for Russia, Radioactive had no choice but to accept this meaning into his life or be killed at an early age.

» Alias: Radioactive is his most common name. Radioactive prefers to be called this as he just assumed it as his new name following the death of his human body and rebirth as the nuclear beast he later became for the Gotei 13 at the time.

» Age: Assumed to be in his 800's

» Gender: Male.

» Appearance Written:

One of the most notable features about Radioactive is his gold eye. Following his battle against Flea Mischevang, the left eye of Radioactive was removed from his eye socket and he has since covered it with a black eyepatch. If one were to remove it, they'd see nothing but a void of gold energy behind it as he's since filled it with his spiritual essence as the years moved on. Mostly, however, his hair covers it and one wouldn't notice he lost his eye unless they inquired more about it.

Another noticeable trait about Radioactive is also his dirty blonde hair. He often keeps it very unkempt and it flows straight down to his shoulders. Which matches the beastly appearance he often keeps. As, whenever he opens his mouths, rows of razor sharp fangs cna be seen in his mouth and each of his hands and feet have clawed ends to them which represent the more primal nature of his essence.

As, when moving on to the appearance of his full body, the figure that Radioactive has is one that can be described as well toned and ripped with muscle. There are many different scars scattered across his chest, shoulders, back, sides, arms and hands to represent the numerous times his body had been craved by his opponents or makred by some major event in his past. Furthermore, what makes his body stand out is the fact that he towers over most people with his looming 7'11 height stature and it makes it hard not to notice the man whenever he looms over those in a room.

» Association:

Russian Government/Russian Civil Force: It is confirmed that Radioactive holds a high position of power within The Russian Government for his service during World War 3. And while he does not officially lead the country when it comes to political affairs, he is considered an unofficial king of it as he does have strong military control and allocation of resources. There are many within the Russian and governmental population which view him in a positive favor which allows for him to keep his power for the time being.

Vanguard (Master Of Arms In The Initiative): At the moment, Radioactive currently holds the position of Master Of Arms within The Vanguard. So he does hold a considerable amount of leeway within the organization. He views them as good people due to the fact that he still felt persuaded by Azure's words to him following their battle in The Platinum Heart Tournament Arc. All Radioactive desires to get out of this faction is to find a new family within it, push them toward greatness and attempt to live his next lifetime with some sort of purpose instead of that aimless sense of direction he was consumed by prior to joining the faction.

Karakura Heroes: While disbanded at the moment, Radiaoctive still considers himself a member of the Karakura Heroes. This was a faction that was active from 2007 until 2150 that focused around protecting the city of Karakura Town. He considered many of the people who were a part of this group to be his comrades and friends and both he and his wife were happy to be a part of it. There are still small desires to revamp this faction, so Radiaoctive himself may reactivate it.

» Frequent Locations: There are a few locations that Radioactive tends to frequent. He often can be found anywhere in Russia since he has allgiances with the national government there and is given the resources to freely teleport wherever he wishes in the country with their tehcnology.

Secondly, another primary place he loves to visit on his off-time is Karakura Forest in a place he calls "The Shark Shed". This is really just an old and abaonded house where his family used to live. It holds strong sentimental value to him to the point where locals in the forest often make it a point not to venture there to disturb him.

Outside of these two locations, however, Radioactive can be found in almost any region where there is conflict or Vanguard forces because of the nature of his job and hunger. So he is not just limited to Earth or the Living Realm and is known to venture into other realms when the time calls for it.


Distant: Despite the wishes of having a whole family once more, there is still a heavy amount of distance from himself and the others around him in the world. He is more than willing to engage with people, fight them, train them, teach them and otherwise give them his time. But, after that, he seems to slip away into his own isolation once more to live in memories of the past. It's hard for a beast like him to truly form relationships anymore as he has had a taste of that pure love, only to have it taken away and there is almost a hesitance within himself to even bother with it. As enduring the loss of physical health is one thing, but the scars of a mental and emotional damage seem almost unbearable to his subconscious mind. So this distance is almost a form of unaware protection to cope with that feeling.

Loves To Eat: What man doesn't love to eat? A non-living one is the answer to that question as far as Radioactive is concerned. Radioactive rarely turns down free-food and will often consume whatever is on his plate. However, while he may eat a wide variety of food, he doesn't have much of a sweet-tooth and sweet tasting foods are the lowest on his priority list of things to eat. He's a meat eater through and loves a good steak, roast, chicken or whatever source of protein he can get to fill his endless appetite. Do that for him and you'll be his new best friend in no time. As the fastest way to his heart is through his stomach.

Gruff Around The Edges: Radioactive's outward mannerisms are rather rough. He uses crude language, has a scowl on his face and maintains a rigid aura in response to his strong spiritual aura. However, as far as he is concerned, there is little that annoys or irritates him. This may be contrary to how others perceive him, but Radioactive has no reason to be agitated with the people in the world around him until they make it a point to get on his bad side. Otherwise, he considers himself to be rather relaxed in that aspect, but is always willing to speak his honest mind and doesn't pull back punches in most cases which can cause him to have that questionable reputation when it comes to his "gruffness".

Pride: There is a strong sense of pride that is had for Radioactive in the amount of strength that he possesses. However, this pride isn't one that is just pertaining physical strength. It applies to the kingdom built in Russia he protected, the investments he has placed in the Vanguard, the strength of his mind and his ability to achieve what his mind sets out to do even if he finds himself stumped by some of his own limitations. In fact, he is proud of the way he has grown as a man through learning that there is more to life than his own brute strength. As it was something that heavily blinded him, but over these years, he's learned to move beyond that to something more if he wants to attain that purpose, that fulfillment and to null the void within his heart.

Hard-Working: You don't get to be as strong as he is without hard work. Almost every day of the year there is some type of training done to his body, mind, powers or, in recent years, his intelligence. If he is not in the midst of some type of mission or combat, then at least two to three hours of the day must be spent improving himself in some way and that takes active commitment. To keep pushing himself beyond his limits, finding sparring partners, learning from those around him and seeking new knowledge is something he is hungering for to keep cultivating his spirit further.

Without a strong sense of practice, work ethic, challenge and a desire to want to push yourself; there is no point in having strength in this world as it will corrode away. And, if there is one thing he refuses to let dissolve to nothing, it is his physical strength, mental fortitude and an instinctive wisdom that comes with being a soul that has eight hundred years of experience to share with the world and himself. So it doesn't matter if everything in his body and mind hurts, he will continue to train himself in new ways to keep these tools within himself maintained and polished so that he may use them for whatever purpose, cause or people he deems worthy of his gifts.

Assertive: Radioactive is not a timid figure by any means. One can consider this to go hand-in-hand with his gruffness, but he understands he is a person that feelings life with strong feelings. That means if he feels there is an injustice to himself or others? He'll stand up and make it vocally known before taking actions to correct it. However, that does not mean he will just stomp over others as he also understands the importance of having people on your side after all of these years of existence.

Instead, what Radioactive seeks to do is to be able to express himself honestly, tell others when their behavior isn't acceptable and use these values to guide people towards a better conclusion; rather than forcing them to as he would in years past with his brute strength and influence. He values his own wisdom, experience and beliefs alongside others these days and that is an important factor towards Radioactive being someone who can control their assertiveness in a healthy matter.

Humorous: Radioactive isn't one to let the negative in life take away his humor. As far as he is concerned, if you can't laugh, it's at that point that you are truly dead. It's why he is known to poke fun at his own predicament, other peoples circumstances and the graveness of the reality they live in. Laughing, jokes and humor are good coping mechanisms to improve one's mood as far as he is concerned. Make him laugh and you'll often get higher marks of respect and friendship in his book.

Less Temperamental : Compared to his former years, Radioactive has become less temperamental in the sense of being a loss cannon. While he may not be shy about insulting someone to their face, he isn't prone to bouts of sudden violence, destruction or aggression anymore unless provoked into it by physical assault on his person. There is less of a point to him in picking needless fights unless the person is actively trying to grow themselves in his mind and he doesn't have a problem pushing someone if he FEELS they need it. Otherwise, he prefers to keep a more level-headed mind as seen in the way he has become more in control of himself, his powers and chain of thought.

More Open Minded: Perhaps it comes with getting older, but in recent years Radioactive has become more open-minded to the world, his flaws and the way he conducts himself. This is due to the fact that he has realized that his brutality, gruffness and raw aggression really has gotten him nowhere but more pain. Therefore, he has learned to expand his intelligence, seek insights from other people and learn to lean on the strengths of others; especially in the way he assists with Russia's government, The Russian Civil Force and Vanguard. He is more prone to listen to others on how they can provide assistance to him, teach him new ways of combat, how modern technology works and ways to better his life. A trait which was not common in him in prior years due to his close-mindedness and whole assurance that he had all the answers with his raw power alone.

Drinker: Radioactive has picked up the habit of usually having a hard drink around him. Given the excess amount of money he gets from the Vanguard and Russian Government, it's not as if he doesn't have a lack of resources to get this precious nectar. So, he prefers to dump it in the most cliched drink ever: Vodka. Often he has a bottle or case of Vodka nearby to help him get through the mundane day-to-day events, irritating people, mind-numbing situations and his own grief that pops up from now to now. It's something that helps to make him more social, relaxed and able to focus his thoughts from time to time. Of course he knows this can turn into a problem, but for now, it feels nice and he'll keep it around for as long as he feels is needed.

Turning Remorse In Atonement: There is a deep sense of regret beating within Radioactive for most of the actions that he committed in his former lifetimes. With the pain he has undergone with the lost of his own family, it's beginning to become all the more clear the damage he had done to others and the type of heartache his own actions caused in the past. And, to that, he almost feels he deserves it and there is no reason for him to be choked up about what has occurred to him as it's merely karma coming to return to him.

Which is why, in his mind, he seeks to make up for these wrongs by trying to provide some value and good in the world through him joining the Vanguard to help with the restoration of Earth's destabilization. It won't bring back the dead, it won't correct those wrongs and it won't wipe his soul clean; but it's the least he feels he can do to repay the world for some of the negativity he injected into it. Especially when it comes to the genocide mission he helped with the Gotei when it came to dealing with the quincies.

Family-Orienated: Family is important to Radioactive. It has what has guided him since his birth in the human life and is one of the pillars of his foundation and connection to reality. Protecting his sisters, brothers, mother, father, wife and children always brought him great purpose. He'd always put their well-being ahead of his own because that is what a warrior did during his developmental years as a human. They were the people who were always there for him and would continute to do so even in the after life with his sister.

Now, with most of those gone, there is nothing but a hole left himself. One that feels like there is no point to this without them. Which is why, to satisfy that hole, he often finds himself parenting others when he feels they need a strong male role model in their life. It doesn't matter if they need a father, brother, uncle, cousin or whatever; he often finds himself pulled toward those in need of guidance because it helps him feel needed, wanted and that he still has the ability to father even in spite of his failure to protect the family he lost. It helps him cope with the pain when he wants to choke up about that feeling of failing them because this is his own repentance for that.

And so, this trait of being family orientated in spite of losing most of his own still lives on through others and he refuses to let that go.

Strong Nostalgia Toward His Past: There is a strong desire within himself to go back to the past. To go back before things were complicated, filled with pain and where he still had a foundation to reality and family. Visions of his former livess come in his mind everyday and they hurt with how beautiful these attachments to the past are to him. So much so that he wants to rip apart time and space to go back. Yet, he knows there is no such miracle that can make it right again. So, instead, he prefers to just embrace himself within the womb of days long past to carry him in these glum days that he faces. It's not healthy, but it's one of the few things he feels he has and he doesn't want to let these nostalgic feelings go.

Loneliness: It's a crushing feeling that presses against his chest on some days. One that fills his every being with a painful sensation of isolation that comes with losing so many people that were near and dear to him throughout the years. Bit by bit, piece by piece; this loneliness has consumed his heart due to how much he has lost and how the world itself has contorted and changed to almost move beyond a need for him with how society has changed.

So, there is a strong part of Radioactive that feels lonely because of his family that he has lost, friends that have disappeared, the home that is no longer there and the native land of his people being almost unreconciliable from his human life.

And, with the disconnect he has enforced with his distant nature, this further compounds on this loneliness brewing within him as the people around him almost feel like they are worlds apart as he can't see a future where he can invest in others again like he did when he was a younger spirit. That hurts because living such a long life has made him realize everything is so fucking fleeting, but he still wants to retain that hope that perhaps this loneliness can be mended, yet it feels so damn futile to him.

Tiredness: Compared to his prime, Radioactive's grown more tired in his mental outlook of the world. It can almost seem painted on his face some days with how exhausting it seems to interact with others, speak and ties into together with the gruff exterior he presents. And this stems from different elements of his depression, loss and general bleak point of view he holds for this existence now. There are still many great things to extract out of this world when it comes to potentially trying to fill that void in his heart, seek new challenges, battles and things of that nature; but the isolation, grief and decline of mental health has taken it's toll on his energy and he just feels so tired of everything around him and the constant strife that has been active in his life even when he was a mere human.

Endurance Of Life's Pain: As far as Radioactive is concerned, it doesn't matter what series of tragic events life has in store for him, he still sees himself as someone that can endure it. It does not matter if he has to endure it alone, or with others, as he's already endure eight hundred years of hardship. So, to him, what does another eight hundred years of suffering mean to someone like himself? Will it give him an unimaginable amount of pain that no soul should deal with? Perhaps. Yet, in the reality of this pain, there is only more strength to be gained if he allows it to be processed. That is the belief Radioactive has. And if he is unable to endure that pain, then perhaps it's for the best his spirit shatters into a million broken pieces. As either way it goes, he will either thrive or he will die. That's all there is to it in his mind.

Hunger To Lose Himself In Battle: There is still a hunger to lose himself in the midst of combat. Why is this so? It's simple: it's easy to lose track of what hurts you mentally and emotionally during it. When you are trading blows with opponents, put your life on the line, leading others into war and consuming yourself within the heat of battle; there is no thinking of what truly hurts your heart. So it becomes like a drug after having faced this scenario again, again and again. One that takes away bad thoughts, tainted memories and lost love and replaces it with excitement, life, vigor and aggression to bring the best of yourself, your opponent and your men out in an exchange of spirits. This is why he holds combat in such a high regard because it releases his spirit from the chains of its heartache and allows him to be free for as long as he indulges in its seductive hands.

Primal instinct: There is a deep primal instinct that breathes within Radioactive's heart, mind and conciousness. It is the inner primal rage of a beast that lives on their instinct, strength and heat of the moment. It shreds away the pain of man's mind, emotion and intelligence in order to breathe in a new life of simplicty, joy and indulgance in life's basic pleasures. This primal instinct is what helped to fuel his powers for so long up until this point in his life. Now, he is questioning the worth of allowing that nature to consume him 24/7 due to the results it has gotten him.

As, instead of letting this feeling completely control him, he understands there is a time and place for this animalistic side of himself. And, what's more, the insights of his mind are coming to a place of trying to learn to properply infuse it with the humanistic portions of his ego. Instead of allowing them to be disconnected, connecting them both could allow for someone greater to emerge out of the shadows of his grief. As taking the mind of man, the free nature of the beast and making them one could take the greatest aspects of both and breed a new sense of controlled life for himself. And that is the direction he wishes to take his Primal instinct; even as it whispers different words to revert back to his more savage lifestyle.

Aren't You Ready For It To End?: Over the past ten years or so, there has been a steady decline in the mental health of Radioactive. While he tries not to show it much to others, the male has seen hallucinations of his family, voices that are not his own and a looser grip on reality. While he can utilize his willpower to lessen these effects, there is a definite change in the inner workings of his mind that is eating at him from his seclusion.

This in term has caused him to become highly more depressive throughout the years. Infused with more cynical, jaded and glum thoughts; the only reason Radioactive believes he exists at this point is because his primal instinct drives him to never want to cease his existence, while at the same time he refuses to wholly give into grief, loss, hurt and sorrow because of the promise he made to his wife and family that their death would never cause him to lose sight of his sanity. Other days it's harder to keep that promise, but he tries to remain resolute until he meets his natural end.

And to that sentiment, seeking his end is almost becoming a welcomed thought. There is no place that he feels at home at in this world for Radioactive. The man has had eight hundred years of existence and has gone through multiple lifetimes to see what htis world has to offer, to see how it has changed, raise a family, fight in wars and change the globe potentially for the better. Yet, in all of this experience, he has lost everything and only gained absurd strength. So, perhaps to him, his time has come and it may be better to end things once he finds that foe capable of putting him out of his inner misery.

As there is a deep voice within his head that speaks with him everyday that he is tired of living in this forsaken time. Pointless battles, a meaningless existence and constant tiredness. It's a voice that wants to be free of this, to join his ancestors, to meet his wife in whatever exist in total death and to be rid of this misery. To discard this rubbish fight to keep up his ego is just pointless to this voice. There is no way home, nothing to fight for and nothing honorable to keep moving on for. spite of that voice, he refuses to wholly give into this grimmer voice. If only out of his promise to his wife and family, he refuses to let that side win no matter what with all the willpower he still has in his being. Even if that promise of relief seems so tempting...

Seeking Purpose In His Life: Radioactive has finally realized that he does crave some purpose in his life. It is the reason why he joined The Vanguard after his battle with Azure following The Platinum Heart Art Arc. He was tired of aimlessly wandering this earth with that abysmal feeling driving his only desire to seek conflict. After spending so much time in isolation, thrusting himself into the frontlines of the Vanguard's battles and thinking time to reflect; Radioactive believes he just wants to find a new family in his life. Perhaps he can find that in the Vanguard and by mentoring younger spirits of this world to help find their way and guide them with his self-percieved wisdom and experience. That would fill the void in his heart left by the loss of his former life, perhaps. It would be better than rotting away; as that simply hurts too much for him and he can't handle it.

Confidence To Move On: In spite of all the flaws, damages to his ego and changes in the world around him; Radioactive still believes in himself. He believes he has the strength to overcome challenges, to still grow as a person, to move on in this world and to continue to face whatever life throws at him. It is why he is still able to smile when he is in pain, find a way to laugh in the face of this abysmal reality and to keep fighting onward because that inner spirit of belief that things can improve still exists within himself. He has become more aware of who he is, what his strength can do and the effect his life has on those around him; so there is no reason nin the world for him not to believe in himself and relish in it if he has come this far in his development.


Chinchuro [Former Wife]: This was the love of his life and his true life. Words cannot describe the amount of love he possessed for her. She showed him a life where he did not need to be a beast, where he could trust her love, where they rose a family together and could be happy together with their children and the friends they had made in their humble nest in Karakura Forest. They went from a duo of experiments who were designed to kill, to a married couple who lived a quiet life in the placid nature of the wild.

Which is why for him, it hurts his heart immensely to lose something that grounded him so hard to this world. She was almost his everything and losing not only her, but both his children, changed him for the worse he feels. There is still a strong attachment to this woman to make sure he never loses himself fully to madness, but to him, there is only so far memories can go until something breaks. Yet, he still tries to remain strong for her as that love still exists even if his heart feels like it's shattered into a million pieces.

Ella [Daughter]: Ella was his sunshine. What daughter isn't her fathers everything? To protect her, love her and nurture her to be a fine young woman was one of the greatest joys that he experienced outside of creating this family with his wife. He loved her with everything he had, but it seemed as if, even with all his power, he could not protect her from the plague of this world and her death is something that forever changed him as it read to him he was a failure as a father and he'd never get the chance to make these wrongs right for failing her in her time of need. And that utterly destroys him on the inside because that was his baby that he let go and there is nothing that can bring her back.

Razor [Son]: What father wouldn't be proud of a strong man that his son became? To see him grow to become self-sufficient, strong, educated and have the ability to fend for himself was something that was amazing to see as he hadn't known the joy of watching his own spawn develop into something so bold with his teachings. He took great pleasure in what became of Razor, but he feels great shame for what had become of him as he does not know whether his son is still alive or not following the aftermath of World War 3. And, much like Ella, there is a sense of great failure wtih him if that is the case.

Priscilla [Sister]: One of the last remaining remnants of his family, Radioactive cherishes her greatly because she is his blood sister and he has given up a lot for her. Freedom, physical safety, money, time; you can name anything and he has been there for her in the past and will be in the future. However, in recent times, they've had their distance from one another due to the constant conflict of the world and how it drags them away from one another. Add to the strain of most of their friends and family becoming deceased or taken away by time, and it's hard for either of them to really see eye to eye with their former selves anymore and it seems she is steadily taking on his own reclusive traits as a result. It's a sad state of affairs all around in his mind, but there is nothing that can be done.

Ceon [Adopted Family]: He'd most likely consider Ceon like a brother in the sense of their rivalry, bickering, banter and the sense of not needing to use certain words to convey the trust they had in one another. Therefore, it was nice to have this familiar figure in his life because it grounded him with a sense of family that he desperately needed. And, much like Senna, it hurt like hell when Radioactive got wind of his death as it felt as if he kept losing pieces of his past, his connection to this world, the bounds he forged and the memories of better times bit by bit. So, needless to say, Ceon's death did not sit well with Radioactive mentally.

Senna [Adopted Family]: Senna was something of a sister to him in some ways. Her nature was one that welcoming, accepting and loving in the sense that she usually cooked for him, provided him with good advice and seemed to actually hold down the fort when it came to the housing situation between herself and Ceon. Therefore, he found her to be a positive female figure in his life following the lost of his own family. And it's the reason why he feels another pang in his heart for her recent death since it merely leaves another void in his life and brings more pain with it.

Claire [Adopted Family]: Radioactive isn't exactly too thrilled about Clarie, but he doesn't hate her either like Ashlei. So, he can tolerate Clarie and still considers her distant family to a degree. He can have pleasantries with her and never considered her a super pest since she seemed controlled and contained to him. Though, there was still a small linger of sadness when he heard she passed since he honestly felt her head was just so damaged that she had no choice but to be some nutjob. At least, that's his take on it.

Toki Zero [Friend/Adopted Family]: This woman was like a daughter to him. Perhaps she knows, or perhaps she doesn't; but Radioactive cares deeply for her because she was one of the first few members in the Initiative Branch of The Vanguard that he oversaw and felt needed some kind of father figure. It's why he was willing to give her housing, counseling on anything she needed as an older spirit in this world and extend his hand in providing her resources he didn't use from his excess funds from the Russian Government and his position in the Vanguard to help her try and move away from her parents to allow her to fully explore the world while she was young. Radioactive misses her and feels saddened he hasn't seen her in the past few months. [As of March 2418]

Irene Luxaria [Friend]: For the time being, Radioactive considers Irene to be a friend; if only because they are neighbors it appears. The woman can cook, so that's another plus to keeping her around as well. Overall, from he can tell, she is one of those "try to save everyone" types of people. Which in it of itself is fine, but Radioactive has his doubts there is anything anyone else can do to really "save his spirit". The gesture isn't lost on him, however, as this shouldn't be taken as dislike or disdain. Since he is more than willing to converse with her, explain his current state of mind and make pleasantries; but he doesn't have much other thoughts on her for the time being.

Kenpachi Zaraki [Friend]: Kenpachi is someone in Radioactive's life he considers a strong comrade and friend. The reason for this is that they both served alongside each other in the division 11 when he was active in the Gotei. So they have a large amount of combat experience with one another and he befriended his Captain by being able to prove his worth and strength on the field of combat. If anything, Radioactive is almost itching to have a fight against him to see where each of their collective strength's measure. As the wrath of those Kenpachi's are always fun to clash against.

Yachiru [Friend]: Yachiru is a person that Radioactive is familiar with. Although he is not on as good of standing with her as Kenpachi, he still considers her to be a good friend and ally when the time comes for it. Since he still recalls fighting alongside her on many different battles and missions. So, as far as Radioactive is concerned, you take Yachiru with Kenpachi and he finds her presence to be rather welcoming given her chipper and lively attitude.

Azure [Respects]: Azure is someone who Radioactive appears to deeply respect. The reason for this is because he was one of the few fighters that managed to otherwise persuade him to do something more with his life. Sure, he has had many other opponents that sought to bring the best in him out, but none ever really offered him a place to stay save for Ceon in accepting him into his family. Therefore, there was a sense of welcome in his heart since he wanted something more than the abysmal meaningless of his life of being a beast that merely fought everyday in isolation.

And, through this feeling of grief and loss, Radioactive connected with him and decided to join the Vanguard in search of trying to find a family to replace the one he had lost so that he could start a new life with meaning and purpose. Which is why, even in death, he still aides by this connection. Even if the Vanguard has gone through questionable times, Radioactive still plans to be a pillar in the organization and help as best as he can.

James Mizumuzi [Friend/Ally]: James Mizumuzi is someone who helped him maintain the security of Russia during World War 3. So it's natural he'd have a strong relationship with him and considers this Iramasha to be a great friend of his. So much so that he actually trusted him to handle the political affairs of Russia at the time. As, given Radioactive's nature in those days, he was less suitable to handle diplomatic affairs and he was a great partner to have on that front. And given his ability for knowing the right words/methods to calm Radioactive down when he was heated up, there is a certain amount of confidence in this comrade for Radioactive.

Verniy [Ally]: Radioactive considers this person to be a noble solider of the Russian empire. While they have not interacted heavily with one another, he has read her report files and is glad to see that someone out there is still representing his motherland. If anything, he'd like to arrange a meeting with the youth to figure out if there is a way he can mentor her to be something more. That thought has always crossed his mind and he wants to make that a reality some day.

Nozomi The First Quincy: Back when they first met, Radioactive held a large amount of disgust and disdain for the woman as the notion of taking help from anyone but himself or his people was non-sense and garbage in his mind. The only thing he cared about then was his pride, his own strength, his people's power and managing on their own. Which is why he had no interest in some outsider trying to assist them in anything. Now that a few years has passed, Radioactive doesn't hold much contempt for her anymore as he sees the benefit in making allies with people and taking help and here there as no nation is an island in his eyes and she was only trying to help. So, while he has no idea what her relation to him at this point, Radioactive has moved beyond it and just shes her as a neutral person with his new frame of mind.

Sofia Montero[Neutral]: Radioactive still feels she needs a good punch in the face to loosen up, otherwise, he has no real issue with her. Considering the extent of damage that he has done to the Quincy race, he was more surprise she didn't jump at the chance to assault him when both he and Hayden had tried to create some form of diplomatic talks between the two. So, for now, he considers her neutral until he has a strong reason to make her a friend or enemy since he doesn't exactly blame her for the strong uncertain feelings in himself.

Ichigo Kurosaki [Sparing Partner]: Radioactive doesn't have a poor impression of Ichigo Kurosaki. He's worked alongside him defending Karkaura Town back before it blew up into Karakura Central. So, to him, the kid has spunk; but it's wholly misguided in his opinion. Even "relatively" recently, there was a lot of un-focus during their clash back in 2411 and he's hoped he has learned how to master his power better since that time. If nothing else, Ichigo makes for a good sparing partner.

Moonie Iramasha [Friend/Ally]: The primal spirit is alive and well in this one. It's rather freaky how similar they are to Radioactive; even right down to some of their appearance. Radioactive nearly considers him to be a younger and less scarred version of himself on some levels. So there is a kindred spirit among them as they appear to be on the same spiritual wavelength from the larger than life battle these two waged in order to awaken one another's inner beast. Therefore, Moonie is a welcomed ally, comrade and friend and he is willing to partner up with him if he needs a favor.

Desmond Hayden [Comrade/Friend]: Radioactive has a positive relationship with him as far as he is concerned. Hayden was one of the first few men he led in the Vanguard and that had became a part of his family he was seeking. So, to see him grow and mature more over the years was a pleasant sight to see as far as he is concerned. He considers the two of them rather good comrades and is willing to return the favor if needed.

Mirja Eeola [Neutral]: There was a brief encounter with the two, but Radioactive considers her rather dull in the head. One does not come up on a pair of grown men discussing plans for their country with random gibberish, prancing around with barely any clothes on and expecting to be taken seriously. If nothing else, he considered her to be a decent messenger to get his point across to the Vastime at the time. Other than that, he has no real thoughts on her.

Angel [Friend/Ally]: At the moment, Radioactive considers her to be a good comrade and ally. The reason for this is because he has a better understanding of this fellow head figure in the Vanguard after their encounter in her laboratory. And, to him, she seems like someone easy to work with since he is seeking someone that has a stronger grasp on technological concepts that go over his head sometimes.

Flea Mischevang [Friend]: Radioactive possesses a high amount of respect for Flea Mischevang. The reason for this is because, despite the large gap in power between them during the time of their clash, this young Mischevang still held a higher amount of courage and primal strength than her cowardly sister, Ashlei Mischevang. Facing him head on and seeking to learn more about his beastly origins, Flea was something who wasn't afraid to do the dirty work and took his eye as a result of that.

Nagato Tengan, Former Hollow King [Enemy]: Good fighter, but a bit draft on personality. All he got out of this guy was "Hollow Master Race" this and "you are inferior, shinigami" that. For Radioactive, it was like dealing with an obnoxious cliched villain that, no matter how hard he punched, wouldn't shut up. From what he heard this guy was dead, so perhaps it's for the best that the world was spared this asshole's stick. What the hell is it with Arrancar royalty and their attitudes?

Ashlei Mischevang [Enemy/Dislikes]: If Radioactive ever sees Ashlei again, he'll make sure to smash her pretty little face in. The way that this woman leads is outright cowardly and disgusting to him. Sending in her minions to do her dirty work is something that a coward does in his opinion based on the clashes they've had in the past. It took her sister to work up the nerve and stomach to fight him directly, and to this day, it still agitates him to think about. It's even more disgusting that this woman appears to be connected to the Clixx family, so for now, he only tolerates her existence out of courtesy to them. However, he still has a mind to beat her senseless just out of his irritation for her.

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Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:46 pm

Radioactive [Semi-Approved WIP 0-2++] 6EdIfMt



- Cover the world he was born into

- Why he was born

- Why his parents named him the way he was

- His family


- Describe the reason why he had trained

- Describe the time of troubles in Russia

- Describe how unstable the world he was in and how he needed to be strong not out of desire, but out of need because everything was fleeting.

- Describe his eagerness to learn, to keep getting stronger and to want to protect his way of life and family

- Describe his battles


- Describe how he hardened, his failures and success

- Describe the warrior he turned into

- Describe how he managed to use his strength to secure comfort, security and happiness for his family and himself in the time of troubles

- Describe their tribe and how hard they fought


- Describe how their enemies killed them

- Describe how scared Radioactive felt not for his own death, but for what would happen to his family

- Describe the anger, grief and powerlessness he felt at death with the lingering fear of what will happen after he dies

- Describe his family being wiped out

Soul Society Adaption

- Describe his family being seperated

- Describe being with only his sister

- Describe them being in the Soul Society

- Describe him becoming in-tune with his desire for strength to protect her and still in tact with his warrior spirit.

- Describe his Zanpukto spirit and powers being forged further as he was once again thrust into a life of conflict to endure the harsh life of the Rukognai and how conflict never ends in body, mind and external world around him

- Describe Afon's might growing stronger within himself as he gets his raw energy

- Describe him and Priscilla adapting to this new world and to thrive in it like their own world

Gotei 13 Recruitment

- Describe Radioactive's power getting known throughout the region

- Have him scouted by the Gotei

- Accept if it means a better life for him and his sister

- Join Division 11

- Describe how he fought alongside Kenpachi/Yachiru

- Describe the immense battles and how hard he changed himself


- Describe him being asked by the Gotei to partake in the experiment because it will assure a stable future for him

- Describe them wanting to create a race of enhanced shinigami through the powers of demons inside of them to experiment with taboo things in order to eradicate the quincy

- Decline it at first since he had no interest in it

- Get him recruited into it after a dangerous mission where both he and Priscilla are near death

- Describe the research department experimenting on him via KJ/Mayuri

- Describe how the experiments tested their phyiscal/mental endurance

- Describe the battle to control their inner animalistic beast

- Describe Radiaoctive killing his beast and coming out of it happy since they gave him a challenge

- Describe Priscilla coming out of it, but more unstable then himself since it took her longer to adapt

- Keep an eye on her

Quincy War

- Describe how he and Kenpachi slaughtered the Quincy together

- Describe the effect on his mind

- Describe how unstable Priscilla became

- Describe his new level of power after it

Abadonment Of The Gotei

- Describe Priscilla slaughtering Gotei members

- Describe them wanting to kill her since she was an experiment out of contorl

-Describe Radioactive killing/stopping Gotei members from trying to kill his sister

- Describe them both being wanted by the Gotei

- Describe his battle to get out of that, how much he wanted to protect his family and how far he'd go for it

Post Gotei

- Describe their life on the run

- Describe how they got to the human world

- Describe how KJ recruited them for science work

-Describe how they managed to endure these years

- Describe Radioactive's constant encounters with the Gotei to subdue him

- Described Priscilla doing her own thing

Life In Karakura Central [2007]

- Describe the Aizen Arc

- Describe the Nero Arc

- Describe the Karkaura Defenders

- Describe how he fell in love with Chinchuro through missions with KJ

- Describe how they started a new family life

- Describe how his anger/violence lessened as Priscilla joined in their life

Ender Arc [2009]

- Describe his battles

- Describe his feats

- Describe what he did in the final battle

- Describe the birth of his children

- Describe him being happy

Untold Stories 2 Arc [2010 through 2013]

- Describe how his family grown

- Describe his connection to Ceon

- Describe Clash Of Titans

- Describe Battles

- Describe The War Against The Soul King

- Describe his role in it

Fully Family Happiness [2015 through 2150

- Describe how his family lived during this period

World War 3 Arc [2150 to 2200]

- Describe how he lost his battle

- Describe his grief

- Describe how he fought savagely to protect Russia after losing contact with the others

- Describe how Russia saw him as a hero during this time period

- Describe his raise to power there

Post World War 3 [2200 to 2409

- Describe his life without his family

- Describe being a national hero

- Describe the foundation of the Russian Civil Force

- Describe Russia's growth

- Describe rebuilding the world

- Describe relationships around this time and people he needed

Present Day Arc [2410 through 2418]


- Describe his beef with Sin Fall

- Describe getting back in touch with the new world

- Describe being alone and fighting everything

- Describe the time he spent with Ceon Clixx's family


- Describe battle with Ichigo

- Describe Chaos Island/Ashlei Clixx stuff

- Describe Beef With John

- Describe his beef with Sin Fall


- Describe Flea taking his eye



- Describe beef with Nozomi


- Describe the Platinum Heart Arc

- Describe finally getting a pardon for his crimes thanks to his calmer nature and ties with the Vanguard/Yuudeshi and changes in leadership with the Gotei after Demonic Incursion

- Describe The Black World Arc

- Describe Iceland

- Describe meeting his new vanguard squad


- Describe his relation with Toki

- Describe his love for the vanguard

- Describe the moon battles

- Describe mending relations with the Quincy


- Describe Radioactive getting used to the Vanguard

- Describe expanding Russia


- Describe where Radioactive is at in current months

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Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:47 pm

Radioactive [Semi-Approved WIP 0-2++] 6EdIfMt


Hellish Tolerance For Pain: Radioactive is infamous for his ability to tolerate pain. For someone that has lived their natural-born life and afterlife as a being constantly in combat, it's hard not to gain a high level of endurance when it comes to handling pain on his body. He's had limbs torn off, bombed to hell and back, brought near the brink of death and even had his eyeball clean yanked from his face as a result of his clashes throughout the years. And, in the instance of his eye being removed, Radioactive even stood there and took it without flinching; which speaks volumes to high comfort level when it comes to coping with physical trauma.

If anything, this is almost dangerous for him he feels as the nerves in his body have become so conditioned to being abused that sometimes it's hard for him to notice when he is taken critical damage if it's not something super obvious. It's why he is leery of certain attacks that are less noticeable than others as he could be taking small bits of damage that add up over time if he isn't careful with certain opponents. So this is both a blessing and a curse in the sense that he needs to be extra vigilant because of this natural trait that has built-up over time.

Centuries Of Combat Experience: This shouldn't be of a major surprise to anyone that knows Radioactive. The man has lived centuries of war, so if he didn't pick up a natural instinct, intelligence and knack for combat after all of this time -- something would be seriously wrong with him. Radioactive has faced off against numerous types of opponents that use magic, speed, strength, energy, reality-bending, regeneration, weapons and everything else under the sun that you can imagine; so nothing necessarily surprises him and he feels fit to take on whatever challenge may come his way.

When in battle, Radioactive is a natural improviser and relies on his experience to guide him through combat. As he is capable of thinking of complex adaption based strategies on the fly when presented with an obstacle or challenge. One such example of this is when he was fighting against the likes of Nagato. Due to the fact he prevented Radioactive from sensing his energy, he could not naturally gauge the amount of strength needed to either negate or overpower a burst of destructive energy coming down on the moon. Therefore, he utilized a form of in order to electroreception to analyze the mass of the energy, summon a mass of equal or greater proportions and prevented the vanguard moonbases through his instinctive understanding of electromagnetic fields.

Another instance of Radioactive's battle instinct is the fact that he has taken the time to understand and learn more ways to be adaptive with his body when faced with tiresome opponents. This was shown when he took the time to focus in on his ability to manipulate the muscles in his body to produce a speed based technique that allowed him to keep on par with those who are leagues faster than himself. Or, in other instances, he takes the time to observe what type of patterns of attack an opponent uses, how far their attack range is and gauges in real time how far his effects need to reach in order to hurt them as he can attack or dodge based on his reflexes.

Which is why, either way it goes, Radioactive isn't a dimwitted fighter despite being someone who fights with brawns. He isn't the smartest thinker to ever grace the earth, but to underestimate this intelligence of battle would be an opponent's downfall if they think he is some neanderthal.

Learning Teamwork: In recent years Radioactive has learned to better work in a team and lead others as a part of being in the Vanguard, understanding the limitations of his powers and opening himself to the benefits that the people around him have to offer. As, in years past, he was extremely hard to work with as he had a strong lack of disregard for people that would fight alongside him.

In fact, he'd even warn them that if they got in his way they'd surely be vaporized if they couldn't keep up with him. Now, in current times, Radioactive has gotten a better control of his power and tries to understand the flow of his allies in order to coordinate better starters, figure out how they can keep in sync and to lead them towards victory if they must work together.

Even outside of battle this is becoming a useful trait as he is seeking out people who are more knowledgeable them him in other areas outside of brute strength or power. He is learning to lean on others more, use their skills and try to better the Russian Empire and the Vanguard by encouraging them to tap into their talents to make them all collectively stronger. SOmething, which even a few years ago, would have made him disgusted.

So, it's still a new thing for Radioactive to explore, but it shows he is increasing his battle experience more by opening himself up to working alongside different types of fighting styles and observing if there is anything he could learn from the min the process.


Mutated Spiritual Evolution: This is a world that is built around symbolism, sentimental attachment and spiritual evolution. Therefore, the Shark Traits that Radioactive has on his body were developed overtime because he has become further in tune with his primal spirit. He sees himself as a predator through and through, so it's only natural that his body and spiritual essence could pick up on this because of the customized nature of his powers. Thus, one can almost consider this an extension of his power due to the fact he never learned the essence of his true Zanpukto and focused on developing his own artificial powerset made through his own will.

Since the core of this trait dates back to when he was a former Ziamichi during the experimental phase of his development of power. In order to give him the ability to become a capable soldier of The Gotei 13, the scientist in the research division of the Gotei wanted to use an already existing demon soul, infuse it into Radioactive and then merge a nuclear core within him in order to create their own freakish abomination. As the presence of this animalistic demon was meant to represent a Zanpukto Spirit, while the nuclear core was the source of the power meant to trigger the awakening of an artificial Shikai and Bankai.

Of course, the likes of KJ kept the details of his project from leaking out as he himself would have been executed for such crimes, but Radioactive wasn't having it and made sure to slaughter the creature within him in order to take his power, instinct, and aura for his own. Thus, his body adapted to create the following abilities of what a shark-ish freak of nature would produce:

Shark Traits

Amplification Control: Radioactive does have control over how intense the traits of his body are at times. This has to be done actively, but his brain can reduce how amplified his senses, sight, hearing, taste, awareness and other supernatural traits are. The reason for this is because he noticed that if he left them all on the highest default settings, it would overwhelm him and make his perception of reality hard to comprehend. Therefore, he prefers to adjust these senses as he needs to; even if he needs to manually focus them in to prevent overload.

Smell: There have been adjustments to Radioactive's spiritual body because it has drawn power from his sharkish nature. And one of the first alterations of the nuclear beast's body is that his sense of smell has become increasingly precise throughout the years as he has tapped further into his primal instinct. To get a better illustration of things: each nostril that Radioactive has is capable of detecting as little as one part per billion of blood that is spewed within a one hundred meter radius if he is focused. This means that even if his ability to sense spirits is gone, as long as the opponent has some kind familiar scent to them, ti's easy for him to sort them out in a crowd with enough focus. It also allows him to determine the direction of a given scent based on the timing of scent detection in each nostril.

Hearing: Radioactive's has noticed that he can better control the amplification of his hearing since he has relied less on his vision lately. Sharks are known to have a sharp sense of hearing, so it comes as no surprise that this trait allows him to hear distinct sounds from upwards of five miles away. Of course, Radioactive has to actively focus this trait, but it makes for helping to enhance his defenses. And, when combined with his combat experience and instinct, it makes it harder to catch him off guard as he can even hear the vibrations in the air from varying attacks.

Teeth: Radioactive's teeth are comparable to the durability of a Zanpukto in the sense that the material they are made of would prove difficult for most rivals of his level to break. If one were to punch him straight in the mouth, there is a greater chance they'd injure themselves rather than hurt him. So, to that end, he has constantly demonstrated that his mouth can be a deadly weapon. As Radioactive has been shown to consume entire energy attacks, devour them and spit them back out at opponents.

While, at the same time, it can gnaw through steel itself if push comes to shove. Which, in turn, makes it a hard thing to deal with metaphysically and physically speaking as it's capable of influencing both the physical and spiritual realm. This also infers that Radioactive's internal body is potent enough to withstand high volumes of energy given the fact he is the host of a nuclear core within himself; making this a very viable means of offense and defense depending on how he uses this trait.

Digestion: The body of Radioactive is capable of not only digesting/ingesting most types of food, but it appears that it can do the same to raw energy as well. This does not mean he can absorb energy from attacks in order to grow stronger in a fight, but he can use it to further sustain fuel to keep his nuclear core active in the long term. Additionally, he can hold the energy within himself, merge it with his own and then expel it through the pores in his skin or through vomitting it back at the opponent in order to cause damage. This proves useful when all of his limbs are useful, or if he wants to save something for a surprise attack later or eat through someone's offense/defense.

Feeding: Consuming meat often gives Radioactive a strong boost in energy. The inner primal beast within awakens and he seems to have improved focus, concentration and speed whenever he is able to eat a large quantity of meat in one sitting. It also helps to improve his mood and recover large amounts of spiritual energy when resting because the food acts as fuel to help his body repair from damage or exhaustion. It is why Radioactive often eats people out of house and home after he is done with a major battle or training session because his shark instincts command him to.

Though, this does not appear to be much of an issue in combat. The reason for this is because Radioactive's personality does not allow for him to consume or eat other living beings. As one could make a case that he could get this seem boost from eating other creatures, but he hasn't shown much of an interest in developing that capacity outside of consuming animals. The only known incident where Radioactive had consumed another living being that was not an animal was in the case where he ate his former Ziamichi Spirit. And, in this case, this was within his inner world and he did not consider it an actual person.

Water Advantage: The body of Radioactive naturally gravitates towards large bodies of water. He often notices a 1.5x increase in most of his physical stats and energy. This occurs because his body is naturally in-tune with the instincts of a shark, feeds off that inner spiritual image and produces an effect through his spiritual aura that connects itself to the external world around Radioactive. When this effect occurs, Radioactive is actually bonding with the environment around him, producing an unconscious ability and utilizing the spiritual nature of the world to empower himself. It's equal to a fire user finding themselves empowered being charged by someone else's flames, for instance.

The major stipulation with this, however, is that it must be a large body of water. Even if it's just a lake, it will suffice enough as he will have room to swim and dart around in. If it's just a splash of water on him? Then sure, he may get a boost in morale, increase his mental focus and give him what would be comparable to a jolt of coffee; but it wouldn't produce the 1.5x effect. There simply isn't enough water to draw on for him.

Electroreception: Referred to as "Ampullae of Lorenzini", these are referenced as special sensing organs which are found in the head of many sharks and extends to their lateral line. These allow sharks to detect the electromagnetic fields that all living things produce. It was an evolutionary trait which allowed them to hunt their preys with the utmost of accuracy and direction. As, out of any known creature in the natural kingdom of animals, the shark is the one with the greatest electrical sensitivity out of them all.

So, with Radioactive being a creature whose body was filled with many bodily traits which stem from this predator of the sea, it stands to reason that he to was capable of this feat. And, when amplified to the level of a demi-god, this trait of the shark evolved and adapted with Radioactive's humanity to allow him to sense these electric fields on most objects and particles within a one hundred meter radius; but can be amplified to greater extents depending on how much of his spiritual energy he decides to use.

Radioactive demonstrated this during the invasion of the Vanguard's moon base. When this event took place, Radioactive had battled against Nagato and he had released his "Shinra Tensei"; a devasting attack which had the potential to decimate multiple sectors of the base. While this clash was unfolding, Radioactive could immediately feel the otherworldly strength of this technique as this bodily trait of his had been amplified to sense metaphysically charged particles in the air around them. And, although Radioactive didn't know much about science, the natural instinct gave him a clear idea of how much strength this electric field possessed -- and how much it would take to stop it. As each time this sense was activated, it informed him of how powerful a field could become and how much might he'd have dish out in order to cease it's effects.

Therefore, one can see how potent this technique can be as Radioactive can gauge the world around him to a great extent even with the loss of his left eye. It's why the man has stated that he can sense the environment around him better than when he had each of his eyes as he was forced to cultivate this skin and hone in on it.


» Zanpakutô Name: Vanya Venedikt is the name of Radioactive's artificial Zanpakutô. This has meaning to Radioactive's spirit because of the fact that Vanya symbolizes the meaning of God being gracious in Russian, while Venedikt simply means to be blessed. Why does this matter to someone like Radioactive? Well, he is a death god himself from what he had understood of the world he was reborn into. So, rather than fall into despair that there is another life of hardship ahead of himself, Radioactive felt it was more important to feel gracious to himself for the ability, blessings, and potential for his strength to further accumulate into something that could attain his desires so long as he savagely trained.

Therefore, Radioactive is gracious to himself, the world around him and those who he encounters in the field of battle for being given the gift to possess this abnormal strength in this supernatural world. Rather than being fodder to be thrown away, Radioactive was blessed to have this monstrous strength and he doesn't forget that for even a single second.

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Radioactive's Zanpakutô spirit does have an appearance, but that doesn't mean it's living. If one is able to venture far enough into the inner world of Radioactive, they will eventually find a massive red colored shark that is the size of a skyscraper laying in the dirt. This being will be covered in dirt, bruises, scars, and blood as this was the former spirit that was Radioactive's Ziamichi spirit. However, since he had slain it himself, it instead became the vessel to hold his artificial Zanpakutô and became the base for his more animalistic and shark traits that he attained later on. As Radioactive considers whatever power this creature had to be his now since he had consumed this monster to sustain his own existence when it invaded the home of his inner being.

» Inner World: The Inner World of Radioactive is one that is quite barren at the moment. All that is there is a mud brown sky, rubble and shattered homes and dead grass for as far as the eye can see. This represents the change in himself that he has undergone recently as more cynical views have consumed his spirit in light of how much he has lost, the high degree of development when it comes to the growth of himself from where he started and how much the world around him has altered. Which is why a sense of a decaying void is felt in his heart as he honestly feels as if there is almost nothing left for himself, so his inner world was left to rot and consume itself until nothing but death, decay and ruin were left within it.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance: There is no appearance for Radioactive's Zanpakutô as he never attained a physical form of it. That does not mean it does not exist, however. It's infused with his being and exists throughout the man's entire body as his Zanpakutô blade was broken, shattered to pieces and embedded inside the varying muscles of the shinigami. This ritual was important to him because it symbolized that he did not want to live relying on the strength of an external power in the form of a weapon or blade. It's why he is keen on just focusing on his spiritual power, raw strength and will to otherwise get the job done for him as they are his Zanpakutô as far as Radioactive is concerned.

Afon's Might: Afon is the Russian form of Greek Athos, meaning "immortal." This name was given to a mountain and monastery in Abkhazia, called New Athos. While Radioactive sees himself as no immortal god, what he does see as immortal is the endless cycle of conflict and fight and an eternal need for strength. This was demonstrated to him throughout his human years while living life of a warrior, dying in combat and being brought to the afterlife to once again face battle time and again. There is no escaping the need for a great strength even in death and this sense of sentiment resonated still with his soul.

Thus, being that Radioactive grew to understood that this was a world of symbolism, rituals and spiritual meaning throughout his travels in the Soul Society, Radioactive dubbed this power as Afon's Might as this is the one truth that rang true throughout his life. And, by giving this feeling, reality, and emotion a name, face and material form brought forth great power over a duration of time. As the core of it's foundation understands that his spirit has a great need to use this strength to achieve his grandest goals and use it as a tool to protect what is important to his heart and mind. Whether it was fighting for the safety of his family, battling against the inner turmoils of his mind to keep the sane thought, clashing against the limits of exhaustion to find a mental strength to push through his physical limitations; there is always a great need for a variety forms of different power in the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of a person. So even as a mere plus spirit, this essence brew from the immense and constant need to remain strong.

Therefore, Afon's Might has always been active in his body in some form or another. This power draws in on that element of strength in order to pool power from the spiritual world around Radioactive and within himself in order to maintain strong, mind and spirit. Much like his great hunger as a primal beast, the body of Radioactive is constantly devouring reishi and worldly energies from the realm that his body encompasses. It does not mean he is capable of absorbing energies in mid-battle, however. Instead, this consumption process is an accumulation of multiple lifetimes of feasting.

One of the major contributors of Radioactive's great mental, spiritual and physical prowess is that Afon's Might stores away large pools of energy within his body in order to make his skin, organs, bones, blood, muscle and so much more of his physical body robust and durable. It houses this energy away for weeks or months at a time, and it bonds with him throughout the course of multiple threads via training and combat in order to constantly grow stronger through conflict. This is the reason why he was still an asset to the Gotei despite not achieving a shikai or bankai; as he had accumulated enough spiritual particles within himself in order to be a threat through raw potential with his brute strength even without any specialized power.

However, this same concept applies to his spiritual energy as well. As the quality of Radioactive's energy has the capacity to be much more potent than the average shinigami even at scaled-down tier levels. The nature of Radioactive's spiritual power is akin to a durable wall. While the average shinigami may have enough potency in their energy to be comparable drywall with the material stored within it, Radioactive's focused element of strength gives the energy produced from his body a potency comparable to a wall made of unbending stone and steel. The only thing that has changed throughout the years is the quantity of this energy which Radioactive can pool from by having a higher tier.

But, most importantly, Radioactive's sense of strength isn't as shallow as to just rely on raw strength and spiritual might. Instead, the strongest aspect of this power is its mental prowess in his opinion. Through losing everything dear to him, enduring the harshest of environments, pushing through nightmarish physical pains and living such a long life; the sheer will aspects of Afon's Might are what have allowed him not to have gone utterly mad throughout his eight centuries of existence. Without sound mind and insight, what good is a man if he has the body of a god, but the fragile mind of a child? It is why in recent years he has learned how to influence his inner world and the external world around through this aspect of Afon's Might bonding with his soul as his mind has progressed and matured.

Since, to him and the protocols that are associated with this power, the most important aspect of his evolution and progression as a character is that he has learned the importance of intelligence, control of his mind and to understand that his raw physical strength is not everything there is to cherish about himself. Which, in it of itself, allows for greater strength to be born into this world without his mind limited to such weak inner walls of ignorance and why Afon's Might has reached near its new peak of power in recent years.

Thus, in the sections below, the benefits of this power will be further broken down into three separate sections: Spiritual, Mental and Physical.

Afon's Might Mental Aspects

Iron Resistance: Radioactive has a strong resistance to mental assaults when he is not distracted or focused on some type of trauma. This is due to his high level of willpower and he can, for the most part, resist influences on his state of mind. Of course, he has to actively apply this and it cannot be done subconsciously. As once he feels someone trying to invade or influence his mind, he will have to fight for control and this battle may be hard if there are external factors otherwise preventing him from tapping into this ability. Since, while it's potential is great, Radioactive has noted that in times of immense distress it's harder to tap into some of his will based attributes and he tries to avoid utilizing them when in great emotional or mental pain.

Afon's Primal Gift: Afon's Primal Gift deals with the will and power of other people around Radioactive rather than Radioactive himself. It has been noted that in some of his fights he has been able to transfer a wealth of new strength and mental prowess into those that he trains, feels he has a connection with or those that can bring out that inner primal power from himself. If these protocols are met, then Radioactive is able to potentially enhance the powers of others as he does have a desire to father the world, guide them and bring spirits to greater states of body and mind. And Afon's Primal Gift taps into that.

So no; this does not mean he can automatically on a whim of his will enhance the skill level of a person's will, increase their tier or anything like that. Instead, they have to actually thread with Radioactive, fight with him, train with him and connect in order for Afon's Primal Gift to get a feel for the other person's spiritual wavelength. When these protocols are met, that is when the potential for boosting a person's tier, skill or abilities comes into play. And they'll often feel much stronger emotionally and mentally after these bouts as well. As, more than anything else, Afon's Primal Gift is a developmental power meant to progress other characters that interact with Radioactive more so than himself.

Afon's Might Physical Aspects

Beastly Hardening: Radioactive seems to be able to harden the durability of his organs, bones, skin, muscles and any physical attribute of his body by applying active focus to any region of himself that needs an increase in endurance. This is made possible by the fact that he can use his vast pools of spiritual energy in order to augment these extensions of himself to ensure they aren't easily destroyed or damaged. Therefore, one can almost consider this a form of defense that he uses to ensure that he can endure the savagery of battle that a person of his legendary caliber of strength faces.

Savage Stamina: Radioactive possesses an abnormal level of stamina given his current hulk-like status. His body is capable of enduring the strain of constant barrages of energized and physical attacks from eight hundred years of focused training on this element of endurance and strength. This means that there have been times where Radioactive could outright spam attacks on par with cero without much issue from his nuclear core.

Of course, this doesn't mean it does not take away energy, or that his stamina won't lower. It just means the strain on his body isn't as immense as someone who isn't as combat hardened as himself. Furthermore, a person of his caliber is at great risk of reaching dangerous levels of exhaustion because the number of toxins that build up from rapid-fire attacks can cause adverse reactions to occur within himself. This can be from internal injuries, the lowering of his energy level, adjustments to his durability, the weakening of his strength and so on and so forth. So it's to be used with caution much like anything else in battle.

Raw Defense: Along with his raw physical power, Radioactive also has an immense level of defense. For a comparison to measure his defense skills, Radioactive's skin seems to be harder to cut through than steel in some cases. Most people who use physical combat often have a tough time trying to injure Radioactive in a straight fist fight, and even people who use special powers such as beams of energy or fire have a tough time putting a dent in Radioactive's armor. The most that usually happens in those situations is that he comes out with a lot of burns or scrapes, but is otherwise uninjured.

It's almost like trying to hit a brick wall on a building, pointless. Therefore, Radioactive can take a lot of abuse. And, over the past eight hundred years, his muscles have begun to get stronger, tougher and endure more with each battle he's partaken in. If you are lucky enough to get past Radioactive's skin, all you will be greeted with is his extremely thick muscles.

Finally, the last thing that helps intensify's Radioactive's defense is his nuclear core. If he somehow ends up getting cut in a fight, there is a high risk for radiation to leak onto to the battlefield in large amounts that can end up overwhelming an opponent. Though, once Radioactive realizes the initial release, he will either let it free to kill a weaker opponent quickly or contain it himself if he is having a fun battle. Not only that, Radioactive can also use this nuclear core to form an invisible layer of extra defense that can melt, burn or poison people with radiation.

Muscle Control: Through Afon's Might evolving over time, Radioactive has gained a great control over the muscles in his body to be amended to his will. That means he is able to decrease his muscle mass, increase and augment it to the point where his raw physical strength is capable of changing entire landscapes with focused strikes. As it is not uncommon for Radioactive's physical assaults to decimate entire moutains away due to his grand mastery over it. Which is why to prevent himself from needlessly destroying the world around him, the decrease in his muscle mass is needed when not in combat mode.

Though, two of his strongest techniques have come out of this ability. In the sections below they will be illustrated in their usage.

  • • Skorost Rezhim: Skorost Rezhim literally means "Speed Mode" in Russian. This is one of Radioactive's two techniques with his muscular control. Upon activation, this state in any of Radioactive's forms will compress his weight and muscle mass into reiatsu, energy, and radiation for him. Thus, making him slimmer during the process, but giving him a new dimension of possibility for his fighting style.

    For example, without all that weight slowing down Radioactive's body, his overall speed will increase making his attack range much wider and larger than before. Not only that, but his energy alone will be more fierce then before since it will begin to poison most weaker souls then himself with radiation if you are within one thousand feet of the fight. Not to mention that it will be extremely difficult to breath when you are close to Radioactive during combat, the heat will two hundred degrees Fahrenheit near the center of where Radioactive is transformed at, the gravity alone will be three times more intense than the Earth's or Soul Society's and many nastier side effects waiting to be revealed.

    And in this state, Radioactive can also shift his muscle mass and strength to any other body apart along with his energy in order to make deadly blows to his enemy's. If he was going in for a kick or punch, Radioactive could shift all his energy and muscle mass into his leg or arm and use that to inflict as much damage as possible on the person. This would be even more lethal if Radioactive was to summon his spikes while making this attack. However, when he does that, he leaves other parts of his body open to damage if someone were to attack him and make an attack that would normally not do as much harm when all of his muscles were intact, cause a lot more injuries to his body then before.

    But a change of this caliber doesn't come without a few drawbacks. For one, since Radioactive has slimmed down, it is now possible to cause more damage to his body. He will still be able to take damage and such, but not with the kind of defense he has while in his regular Shikai state. Second, there is a possibility of injuring himself while his muscles are being compressed, changed, shifted around and modified during this state. If he makes a mistake, it could end up in him causing massive internal bleeding, damage to his muscles or being unable to use his limbs. Finally, it is possible for him to reach a limit if he exhaust's too much of his reitsu in this form.

  • • Hulk Mode [Event/Mission Mode Only/0 Tier Foe]: What is Hulk Mode? Hulk Mode is the state where Radioactive sacrifices nearly every ounce of his spiritual energy, abilities and even his nuclear core in order to achieve a state of maximized strength and defense. This means that he loses the powers needed to have basic flight, the capacity to generate energy based blast, any sort of radiation based attacks and anything his body cannot do organically. Hence, this means his body's natural capacity to produce spikes will not be affected while in Hulk State. And, on the flip side, his strength will be taken to near absolute level's while he ascends to this state.

    When it comes to his defense, his energy had turned into a state of raw defense in order to shield him from spiritual, metaphysically, physical and otherworldly attacks. An instance of this defense coming into play would be if someone were to warp reality around Radioactive's body. In this illustration, it's possible that his body could resist sixty to eighty percent of its effects based on the absurd amounts of enriched energy Radioactive holds on the regular bases being compressed into a raw physical/defensive state.

    However, even with the drawbacks of something like this, there is obviously further limitations to it. Even someone like Radioactive will have problems sustaining this level of raw power for periods of time. There is an IMMENSE strain placed on his body by amplifying his offensive power upwards towards these dangerous levels. To put things in prospective, while in Hulk Mode, Radioactive believes that if he was to use its whole strength, he has the potential to change entire continents if he had pin-point his strength into one FULL attack, shatter entire islands into pieces with two to three swift hits and even produce stomps capable of producing massive Tsunami waves that could devour entire cities in minutes from the changes in the Earth's tectonic plates from Radioactive's impact hits; consequently crafting Earthquakes that could destroy entire metropolis's in the process.

    Ergo, with all of this said, Radioactive realizes he needs to watch how far he pushes his muscles, stamina, and endurance in this state by releasing devastating amounts of strength while in this mode. If he attacks too often or too hard at once, he runs the risk of causing immense internal damage to himself in the form of erupted organs, damage done to his vision by the vessels in his eyes bleeding out, massive loss of blood leaking throughout limbs from the raw amount of strength generating from his blood, critical damage sustained to his muscles from the severe demand he places in them and possibly even shattering his bones if he takes himself too far or tires himself out.

    Therefore, this does not give him full rain to use Hulk Mode's full strength constantly in this state, but rather, it's saved for opponents who truly want to get a rise from Radioactive, are a major threat to the world or feels he wants to test himself against. Lastly, Hulk Mode can also only last upwards of eight posts; which is dependant on how long Radioactive can sustain himself based on his health and endurance. Furthermore, he can only use this once per thread and it forces him to save it for there is no way to end a fight against a larger than life threat. Making Hulk Mode one of Radioactive's most powerful techniques, but having equal ability to ruin his day if he abuses it or pushes himself too hard at once.

Afon's Might Spiritual Aspects

Afon's Influence: Afon's Influence refers to the fact that Radioactive's energy can influence the world around him. Whenever he charges up his spiritual aura, there a variety of effects that can occur in the environment around Radioactive. And, as the years have progressed, he seems to have gotten a much better grip and control over it. Since now he can choose when these effects can arise from his aura in order to either conceal himself, protect his allies or truly give his opponent something tiresome to deal with.

Therefore, in the sections below, you will see the different techniques associated with this brute power that Radioactive has a fondness for.

  • Alfon's Influence Field Of Effect: The effects of Radioactive's energy can be felt for around one thousand meters or so if he wishes to extend it to that effect. This may double in shikai and triple in Bankai. Although, his pressure can be sensed for much further distances than that. As it's not unheard of for his energy to be felt for many miles over when he is releasing higher quanities of his spiritual essence in the world. This does not apply to Afon's Influence, however.

  • Length Of Activation: Radioactive can often keep the effects of Alfon's Influence active for around three to five post before they begin to ease up. So, these techniques are often more potent during the start of the battle or when he starts summoning more energy to deal with a hard opponent. Of course, if he is focusing his energy into specialized attacks, these effects will also greatly lower as he still needs to manually control them.

  • Afon's Looming Presence: Even when Radioactive is holding back, it's not uncommon to feel a heavy presence around him. This is not a psychological effect as most people who can detect spiritual pressures may have the potential to sense the depths of his energy reserves. And given that he is a 0-2++, it's not hard to look into how far his energy can potentially go if you are keenly aware of spiritual pressures.

  • Afon's Inferno: One set of possible effects that can occur upon the release of Radioactive's energy is the fact that he can create a supernatural that can burn through reishi. This is made possible by the fact that the particles of energy which compromise his aura are infused with such potent and dangerous volumes of energy that they can ignite the world around Radioactive. So, attacks, living beings and the environment around him that do not have a high level of defense/durability, active protection or something that justifies them being able to stand in the presence of his released energy can melt and burn away in the unleashing of Radioactive's aura. It's worth noting that this technique can be enhanced depending on what form Radioactive is in as well.

    Afon's Grip Of Death: Afon's Grip of Death refers to the fact that Radioactive's spiritual aura can increase the amount of pressure and gravity within the limitations of Alfon's Influence's range of effect. Depending on how much energy he is unleashing in the world around him, it's not unprobable for him to increase the gravity to make it five times that of Earth. Making it highly likely he can cause internal damage to organs, break bones and slow opponents done by altering how heavy the world around him is when unleashing these high volumes of energy.

    Afon's Wall: Afon's Wall refers to the practice of Radioactive using the dense cluster of energy around him like a shield. Since, at any time, Radioactive can condense the high volume of spiritual energy that leaks out of him to create makeshift barriers that can shield him from attack and act as a natural armor to protect him from opponents. This is another layer of defense which makes him a headache to deal with when it comes to putting a dent in him due to his high level of durability. As the battle rages on, however, this will eventually ease up as he focuses his energy on other attacks or eventually tires out his energy supply. It's most effective toward the start of a fight.

Afon's Transferal: Radioactive does possess the ability to transfer large sums of his energy into other characters. These will give them temporary boosts in their tier, abilities and sometimes skills depending on what level of skill they are at. (I.E. it's not possible for him to grant grand masters, but something like going from beginner speed to adept speed is fully possible). Of course he will need to focus in on the person he wants to give this energy to and it will often take a post or two in order for it to go into effect. The other person will also need to make sure that their body can handle the sudden rush in energy as if they aren't prepared to fight alongside Radioactive and be his ally, then this energy can actually harm them instead and cause damage to their body. It's why Radioactive is selective about who he shares his energy with and those fighting on his side need to be vetted and trusted comrades.

With that said, the effects of this energy transfer will vary. The reason for this is because it should not be confused with Afon's Primal Gift in the sense that the energy transfer with that is designed to focus on developing a character and pushing their limitations. As the transfer with that ability is permanent, whereas this ability will often last anywhere from 1 to ten posts depending on how much energy shares with the opponent. In fact, he outright gives his entire energy to a person, but that is rare and will leave him out of the thread. It's just an option he considers beneficial in case one of his allies needs his help on the battlefield.

Metaphysical Break: As stated with Afon's Might, the spiritual aspect of this power allows for Radioactive's energy to have an absurd amount of potency. From this, he is able to actually influence the metaphysical world around him through his strikes. This is made possible because of the fact that his spiritual energy is constantly active without his need for thinking about it when he goes into his attacks. In turn, he can try to break attacks such as reality warps with his bare hands. An example of this would be if someone tried to use a supernatural attack such as a burst of fire that seals away his energy, he could make the attempt to either reduce the potency of the attack to cause less damage on himself or outright obliterate it depending on the skill of the user, the energy behind the attack, focus and other battle factors. (health, stamina etc)

This is part of the reason why Radioactive is tiresome to deal with for some opponents because his physical strength can be applied in this brute force manner when push comes to shove. However, this doesn't mean he can infinitely perform this feat. Each strike he infuses with this spiritual energy and physical strength does eat away at his stamina and reserves of energy. Eventually, like anyone else, Radioactive will tire out if this feat is performed again and again. And while he has a large reserve of energy within himself, this doesn't mean it's infinite and it can be eaten up by dealing with some of the larger than life attacks that come with fighting other 0 tier characters especially.

  • Dimensional Punch: Over the many years of his existence, training and combat sessions; Radioactive eventually discovered he could travel between nations on Earth, the Soul Society, Demon World and other realms by applying enough of his power into a punch in order to create a miniature wormhole that will allow him to travel to different places. This is mainly used to travel throughout Earth as he does not bother going into the Soul Society unless a real challenge is presented to him. Despite this ability, though, he never really knows where he will end up. Yes, sometimes he may end up in the location he wishes, but other times he can sometimes end up on the other side of the planet due to the way his wormholes work.

    For example, he may be focused on going to China, but due to a miscalculation or direction in the wormhole, he can possibly end up all the way in the Grand Canyon instead. Sometimes, if he really desires to go to a certain location, force may be needed from his power in order to guide him on the correct path. Things move at hundreds, if not thousands, of miles per minute while within these wormholes. But, Radioactive can still detect the presence of the human realm, Soul Society, Demon World and etc. If he can find a familiar power signature, he'll do his best to lock on it and use his raw strength to guide him to his location.

  • Particle Shatter: Particle Shatter is a technique of Afon's Metaphysical Break. It usually starts off by gathering a high volume of energy towards the ends of his hands or the bottoms of his feet, kneecaps or elbows. Then, when he is ready to attack, Radioactive can punch the air and release an eruption of destructive force across a large-scale area equal to one hundred meters. In this region he can attempt to break-up the bonds which hold energrized attacks together and scatter them to eitehr negate the attack, make it weaker or unstable depending on the nature of the assault. Since, as an example, Radioactive has outright destroyed ceros with this technique in the past in order to prevent them from touching him when enough physical and spiritual strength had been summoned to perform this technique.

    Forunately, this technique is limited by the fact that he often needs to charge up for this technique and it's often limited to 1-2 usages per post depending on how fast Radioactive can charge-up and attack; often getting faster, but more draining as he draws in more energy throughout a fight or releases into higher forms of power. Additionally, repeated usage of this technique will tire him out much like any other punch. And, while it may not always physically exhaust him, there comes a limit to how much energy someone can throw around which makes him think about when he should use it and when he should start utilizing it faster.


Nuclear Fission Core: This core of Nuclear Fission is what gave Radioactive the start of his new life as the radiating beast he grew into today. Through the experimentation done on his body, the research department of The Gotei created an artificial device which housed a large volume of spiritual energy. However, the technology at the time was capable of being programmed and they were able to spilt atoms apart with the resources they had at hand.

In turn, they produced an excess amount of energy within their nuclear fission core and they discovered the power of nuclear energy. By dumping more and more energy taken from the soul society, their prisoners and volunteers; they were able to create a device which could be synchronized with a shinigami in order to empower them and give them the needed strength required to eradicate the Quincy race during their war.

The only problem had been that most of the people they equipped this device to had died and it seemed as if Radioactive was the only candidate capable of taming this beast. It took everything within his willpower, energy, and strength to muster as he had nearly died m multiple times during the training it took to infuse this object with his body. However, when he did, he had come out far stronger than before and with a greater sense of power because of the amount of energy that comes with having a living nuclear fission core within your being.

Nuclear Abilities

Nuclear/Radiation Endurance: It is hard to put much of a dent in Radioactive's health if you are trying to attack him with nuclear energy or radiation. His body is equipped to handle these assaults well and it will have little to no effect on him as this is one of his primary elements of power. So, if someone were to drop a nuclear blast on him, he may feel the effects of the pressure or debris; but the actual fires, radiation and nuclear power of it will only serve to make him stronger. So it is not advised to combat Radioactive with nuclear energy or radiation.

Excess Energy: Radioactive has had hundreds of years in order to build up and store energy from the world around him inside of his nuclear fission core to process. Therefore, it goes without saying that this is a strong source of secondary energy within himself that isn't reliant on his spiritual energy. Since, even if his spiritual energy is taken away, Radioactive is still capable of fighting just on the power that is active within his Nuclear Fission Core.

Thus, this core is a strong reason why the potency of his energized attacks are so brutal because it is in sync with his Zanpakuto and allows for double the strength in order to augment his abilities after spending so many centuries trying to tame and master it. If it were attached to anything else, Radioactive theorizes it could probably sustain an entire country's electric grid if push came to shove.

Nuclear/Radiation Absorption: This is one of the only forms of energy that Radioactive can actually absorb during battle in order to augment or enhance his strength. The reason for this is rather obvious: he stores a living core of nuclear fission within himself. The more nuclear and radiation-based energy he is able to consume, the stronger he is naturally able to become. That doesn't mean that this growth is infinite, however. At max, he is able to double his strength if he is able to get a sufficient amount of nuclear energy consumed within his being. After that point, it will just be stored within his body for extra power to draw on so he can sustain himself longer in combat. And even that has a capacity limit as well. Since Radioactive can only house as much energy as is equal to his tier. (I.E. enough energy house a small planet based on the power scale of PH of how potent 0-2++ energy can be)

Furthermore, he may risk poisoning or damage the circuits of energy if he gets too greedy. Since, consuming a high amount of energy at once can cause him to lose control of his powers, lower his health, lower his stamina and other negative effects on his body. So it's not recommended that he consume sudden rushes of energy unless he is in peak condition and knows he can handle the input.

Nuclear Creation: Radioactive's body has the capacity to produce a variety of substances that are related to his nuclear prowess. These can range from radiation, waste, uranium, heat, light, fire and even electricity to small degrees. And after getting to understand, train and fight with these powers for centuries; it comes as no surprise that Radioactive has a variety of ways that he can use this ability in order to gain the edge in combat. Therefore, in the sections below are different methods of nuclear creation that Radioactive most likely to utilize in combat.

Nuclear Shock: The Nuclear Fission core within Radioactive does have the capacity to generate electricity from his body. When he activates Nuclear Shock, usually a large amount of steam will exude from his body. Upon his mental control, he can then release electricity from this steam in order to begin releasing this form of electric manipulation on the world around him. An illustration of how Radioactive uses Nuclear Shock is if he were fighting hand-to-hand with somebody. It's not difficult for him to consume his entire fist in this steam, amp-up his hand with this electric shock and combines his physical strength together with the element of electricity in order to fry and overpower opponents. As this an ability with a high-amount of possibilities to harness, so Radioactive is still learning all the different applications that Nuclear Shock possesses.

Radiation Production: It should come as little surprise that Radioactive has the ability to produce radiation from his body given the nature of his powers. This radiation emission that leaks from his body can be utilized in a variety of ways:

  • Radiation Burst: One of the most common ways that Radioactive utilizes his nuclear power is in the form of radiation blast. He is capable of releasing radiation over targetted areas in order to create shock waves of pure force. An illustration of this is that he is capable of using cero-like blast from these radiation blast. They are often gold in color and have a reach of one thousand meters on average in terms of their target range. So, if he were to shoot one off, the largest he often creates in his base expands to one thousand meters. Though, that takes up too much time and he prefers to go with smaller blast in a rapid way unless he is planning on knocking out opponents.

    Additionally, these can be amplified depending on his release form as well. Another benefit of this ability is that it doesn't have to drain his spiritual energy. Yes, it can enhance the strength and potency of it, but this draws on energy from his nuclear core and can help Radioactive if he is feeling too fatigued to draw from his physical or spiritual power.

  • Nuclear Fire: Radioactive does possess the ability to tap into fire with his nuclear powers. All that is required of him is to visualize the flame within his head, figure out what body part he wants to expel the flames from and then he is able to expel it from himself. This can be used in a variety of different ways. He can coat himself in fire in order to produce a shield around his body, he can try to release it from the palms of his hands to enhance his fighting style or he can even create nuclear fire explosions which burn things to a fine melting point. It's really up to him with how imaginative he can get with this as he has more than enough energy in order to keep utilizing this inferno until it eventually runs empty after constant utilization of this ability.

  • Pulse Disruption: Pulse Disruption is a technique that Radioactive can utilize in order to induce an eruption of electromagnetic energy through his radiation control. When this technique is activated, there is a great chance that he yields the capacity to disrupt the functions of technology around him given the nature of electromagnetic pulses. The scale of this attack can vary anywhere from one hundred meters all the way to one thousand and may be amplified further depending on what release form he may be in. So, if Radioactive wanted, he could prove to be a great weapon in the sense of being able to shut off enemy defenses if they are not properly protected against electromagnetic pulses.

  • Nuclear Collapse: The radiation which emits from the body of Radioactive can be used in an offensive manner. It will take the charging of a large volume of energy, but he can utilize the radiation within himself in order to induce radiolysis on both physical and metaphysical objects around himself. When this is triggered, he can create the dissociation of molecules by ionizing radiation. This is something he avoids doing, however, because it holds an equal chance for himself to harm himself or others; so it must be controlled with the utmost of precision.

    Furthermore, it's not an absolute and there have been cases where Radioactive's Nuclear Collapse only partially disintegrated an object or person. This depends on their level of durability, defenses, abilities, distance from the epicenter and other factors. Therefore, Nuclear Collapse is something Radioactive falls on when he feels that his raw strength won't be able to tear through an obstacle in his path. As combined with his spiritual power, there is a high chance for him to break through complex layers of defenses if he were to push himself to this extent.

  • Nuclear Aura: Nuclear Aura refers to Radioactive's ability to produce immense light from his body in association with his radiation generation. He doesn't seem to have much control over this aspect of his power as he hasn't taken much time to invest in enhancing it. However, it can be noted that Radioactive does know how to blind people with this ability. As he can summon a cluster of his energy, ignite it over a landscape and attempt to generate an explosion that burns out the vision of his opponents. Of course, it can also backfire and blind his allies as well. So he has to understand when and where to use this before unleashing this ability.

Uranium Production: Radioactive appears to possess the ability to generate uranium from his body. These often come in the form of spikes that can range from the size of a grain of rice, all the way up to being as large as a grown adult's entire leg. In base they can be launched at a variety of different speeds depending on how many are generated at once. As, if Radioactive focuses, he can utilize the high volume of energy within himself in order to propepl these creations at Mach 3 speeds in order to create his own makeshift projectiles. It certainly helps when dealing with opponents that outmatch his speed as this ability was initially crafted in order to better cope with that.

Additionally, through this form of uranium creation is the ability for Radioactive to induce radiation sickness and poisoning on his opponents through repeated exposure to these materials. This can result in their bodies becoming sickened through means of dizziness, damage to organs, vomitting, fainting and even coma or death if they are unable to protect themselves from the fallout of these attacks.

Though, it becomes a double-edged sword if Radioactive is not fighting by himself as he does not want to poison others around himself. Therefore, he has learned to mentally withhold the more toxic effects; but he has to be in full control of his minds or they will leak out. Making this an ability that has had to be heavily refined over the years.

  • Spiked Shell: Radioactive has been known to increase the input of spiritual and radiation based energy in order to create dozens of spikes of uranium which acts as another layer of defense when he requires it. They reak and ooze with a high level of toxicity that it is possible to get sickened, poisoned or burned when approaching Radioactive in this highly dangerous state. These spikes can coat his body for upwards of six posts before dissolving into nothingness and having a three post cooldown before he is able to perform his spiked shell technique again.

  • Knuckle Slaughter: Knuckle Slaughter is a technique where Radioactive focuses a condensed amount of his spiritual and radiation based energy into his knuckles. When this happens, he is able to produce an excess build-up of uranium in each of his hands until blackened uranium burst out of each of the bones in his knuckles like an extra set of claws. These are usually as durable as most of the other portions of his body and can be used to enhance his strength, cut through objects or outright impale people as he seems to be able to restrict and extend the length of these spikes for upwards of five feet away from himself. There is no real time limit to this technique other than how durable these spikes can be and how much spiritual energy or radiation-based energy he has left in order to sustain the effort.

  • Spike Burst: This is a simple technique where Radioactive is able to produce over a hundred spikes that expel from his body in order to overwhelm the opponent with an array of spiked uranium projectiles. These can be compared to a bala, and since that is the case, he can usually produce upwards of three hundred spikes per post that can cause heavy damage to the opponent, their allies and the surrounding area given their immense speeds. It is not recommended to take a direct hit as the projectiles from his spiked burst usually reach around mach two or mach three levels depending on how much energy he can afford to place into these projectiles.

  • Uranium Fallout: This is one of the stronger techniques of his uranium production. Radioactive is able to create a high volume of spiritual and radiation based energies. When this happens, he will create one spike that can be expelled from any part of his body. Once he has this under control, a large collection of this uranium will erupt from his body and move at mach five speeds. The first wave of damage will be done from the sheer kinetic energy from the attack and can prove to be hellish to deal with on it's own. As there will often be a three hundred meter radius of damage done in the wake of impact. Following that, it will double to six hundred meters as an explosion of spiritual energy will follow.

    In the wake of this collision, however, Radioactive's extra layer of security is had in the way of spreading highly potent radiation based sickness which can decay other reishi in the area, sicken characters and gradually make it to where it's hard to combat against him if they do not seek medical treatment. As the excess waste will create toxins in the environment and inside the characters that sicken them. Radioactive, however, does not use this on neutral or allied turf. Instead, since he values his allies and other peoples lives more, he prefers to use this when he invades enemy land as he does not want to revert back to the savage brute he once was.

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Radioactive [Semi-Approved WIP 0-2++] 6EdIfMt


» Shikai Release Phrase: "Decimate, Vanya Venedikt"

» Shikai Appearance: When Radioactive releases into his shikai, his body is devoured in a blaze of orange nuclear energy. Following the disappearance of this inferno, the man will emerge as a mutated creature which takes on the attributes of a humanoid shark. One of the first major changes to his appearance will be his monstrous height. As the male is already a freak of nature at his base height of 7'11; so in shikai he turns into a giant that looms over most of his foes at a staggering 8'11 height.

Furthermore, Radioactive will grow a tail from the lower portion of his back which appears to have a shark-fin shape attached at the end of it. Proceeding this growth will then be the increase in muscle to his body-frame; as he will be a hulking beast of nature with the increase in mass to his body while active in his released form. Another change to his body will also be the fact that the male will grow an absurd amount of black hair in order to cover the two shark-fins which will extend from the back of his head and neck; while a nuclear symbol imprints itself on the man's right shoulder.

When the final adjustments are made, the sclera in the eyes of Radioactive will redden and his skin will soon turn a dull shade of gold/orange; as his jaw, torso and stomach soon begin filled with a white color which finalizes his transformation. With a flare of golden energy around him, Radioactive's first transformation should be complete.

Psychological Changes

Impulsive Urges: There are random impulses to act rashly when in his shikai. In his younger years he would throw his power around, attack without thinking and charge all the way in without a single care given because of how strong the psychological urges were within his mind with how much power ignited in his body during this transformation. However, with training, Radioactive has gotten a higher grip on this to the point where he has kept his higher critical thinking skills. And, instead, he uses the primal craving to be mentally directed to pumping his adrenaline to make him more alert.

Violent Cravings: And, much like his impulsive urges, there are immense violent urges to destroy, consume and devour as his shark-like nature still exists within him. Yet, for Radioactive, that is mostly ancient history. The love of Chinchuro, his family and the desire to want to fight for something bigger than himself have sedated those cravings. Instead, he channels in those violent desires to push himself harder during training and to go to the absolute limit during his battles. If he has time to entertain the thoughts of extreme violence, then he has time to fight harder and isn't in the game.

Increased Anger: There is a great depth of animalistic hunger which exists within his body. It is just waiting, lurking and yearning to come out. Yet, much like the other personality changes that occurred with Radioactive in the past, his training in recent years has more or less gotten this under control. There is no need for uncontrolled anger if you are within sound mind, body and soul. Therefore, it's useless to him even if he still feels these impulses to give into it during more intense moments of combat. He isn't immune to falling prey to it if something important to him is lost, but letting the little things get to him is no longer going to make him bust off in fury anymore.

» Shikai Abilities:

Incantation Boost: This is a world of supernatural incantations. Therefore, it makes sense that Radioactive himself would gain an increase in power if he were to utter the name of his Zanpukto's release out loud. If he does this, there will be a 0.5x increase tacked on to his shikai form. So, while the traditional boost in power for a form of his caliber is somewhere around two or three times ones base stats, the incantation boost could grant him a 2.5 or 3.5 boost by invoking the spirit of his soul out loud to reaffirm it's power.

Double Augmentation: One of the first attributes that occurs when Radioactive is able to transform into his shikai is that most of his mental, physical, spiritual and racial skills are doubled as a result of rechiving this state of heightened combat potential. This means that he becomes a much higher threat level while he is in released form because all of his combative prowess becomes stacked and it becomes harder to put a dent in the man's armor. So while this may be a basic power, one has to consider just how strong Radioactive is in his base form to get a full scope of the difference in strength with this simple ability.

Health Restore: Upon transforming into his shikai state, Radioactive does get a slight renewal in stamina, health and energy. This boost covers a partial restoral of 20-30% of his health, energy and stamina in order to give him a higher chance of enduring a battle. The effectiveness will be dependant on just how devasting the injuries he sustained while in the base were. Severe injuries will still leave their mark, but many things like cuts, scapes, wounds and bruises should ease and he should feel a boost of energy swelling in his body that can be attributed to a second-wind of sorts.

Nucleokinesis: While in this transformed state, it appears that Radioactive has the ability to control the elements associated with the atomic particles of nuclear radiation. This means that he can control properties along the spectrum of electricity, magnetism, heat, radiation, plasma and so on. However, the issue is that he cannot do so remotely. Everything Radioactive does with his Nucleokinesis MUST be with his bare hands as that is where the attachment of his strength lies in. That means he is not a fighter that can utilize his energy remotely in order to induce these effects.

[*]Absorber Impulse: Absorber impulse is a technique where Radioactive is able to absorb the energy from electricity, heat, radiation and plasma with one of his limbs. However, he must be directly the object in question in order for this ability to work. Therefore, in battle, this can be used in order to siphon energy from something like a burst of lightning heading his way. If he can perceive it, grab it with his hand and send his brain the signals to adjust his body to consume that energy; it will simply dissolve into his being on his command.

Which, in it of itself, is a weakness of the attack. The reason for this is because if you have an attack that comes at all sides, it's harder for this ability to be effective because Radioactive only has four limbs. Ergo, if an attack was divided into multiple chunks, it would be harder for this technique to have it's intended effect as there is only so much of Radioactive to go around. Furthermore, Radioactive cannot use this energy to make himself stronger in the short-term. It's only used as extra material to keep fueling his nuclear core. Since, at most, his nuclear abilities will be temporarily boosted for a duration of five posts following the first absorption with this technique.

Instead, what this energy does is help him to focus, feel more alive and keep fueling the massive demands of energy his body requires in order to function as he burns through it at high rates while in this state of being.

Neutralizer Punch: Radioactive can manipulate electricity, magnetism, heat, radiation, plasma with his bare hands. Therefore, it stands to reason that if he is able to physically grab hold of an attack, equipment or person utilizing these abilities that he can manipulate that person, thing or attack. For example, if an electric user were to fire a bolt of electricity at Radioactive and he could perceive it in time to react? He could potentially either absorb that electricity or dispose of it by removing its electrical charge. If someone fired a burst of pure fire at him and he could punch it with his hands? Then he could remove the heat and fire around it in order to neutralize it.

Of course, the primary drawback is that he can only utilize this ability with his barheands. That means someone could fire two bolts of electricity at his front, but if they also fired two bolts of electricity from behind he probably would have to resort to something else to deal with it. Furthermore, he still needs to make sure he has enough nuclear energy to fuel these effects and keep track of it. It doesn't require an immense amount of focus since this is more in his element, but there is a certain amount of precision that is needed to accurately pull this technique off.

Atomizing Strike: With his bare hands alone, Radioactive can null electric fields which hold the bonds of atomic and subatomic particles together. In order to do so, however, he must have a thick volume of energy engulf his hands. Then, once he has infused enough of his nuclear energy into it, he can then generate a field around his hands that has the potential to nullify the electric field which keeps atom together. In other words, he'll be able to disintegrate most objects and attacks into dust; even those of grand mastery potentially.

Of course, the problem with this is that he'll have to actually get a direct hit on the opponent, object or thing he is targetting. And, given Radioactive's speed, that can cause issues. Along with that, this technique requires a high amount of focus and concentration to pull off because of the fact he is an outright shattering reality with his fist. Therefore, he tries to keep control of it to avoid damaging himself in the process if he loses control of this power.

Additionally, this power is not absolute. The nature of the PH verse prevents absolute powers from existing. This means that certain characters can defend themselves against this attack by either dodging, creating EXTREMELY potent magic/metaphysical based defenses/barriers or avoiding taking a direct hit from Radioactive's hands. Since, with the limitation of this power, he cannot utilize this ability on any other part of his body other than his fist/arms because those are the most important aspects in terms of his spiritual symbolism.

Ionic Charge: Radioactive can utilize his radiation control in order to release electronics from their atoms. Thus, when he sends this high charge of radiation and spiritual energy into his arms/hands, he is then able to ionize them so that he may begin to manipulate them with his bare hand. Being that he has limited knowledge of the science behind this, however, he seems to focus on using the ionic energy in order to double the striking strength of his attacks while in shikai. Therefore, Ionic Charge is more of a supplemental technique that is meant to enhance his strength for periods of 2-3 times. Then, for 2-3 post he'll often have a cooldown to compensate.

Radiation Ride: This is a technique where Radioactive is able to release a portion of his radiation in order to Capulet himself in the air at Mach four speeds. And given the durability of his body, the speeds at which he moves it wouldn't harm him. Of course, the primary limitation is that he can't change his course or direction on the fly. So, if he utilizes this technique, he doesn't have the same control as someone with a mastery over it to stop on the dime.

Electro Destroyer: Once again, it is stated that Radioactive yields control over electricity, magnetism, heat, radiation, plasma. Therefore, he can manipulate all of these elements in order to devour his entire arms in them. That means he could potentially leave these constructs of electricity, magnetism, heat, radiation and plasma active in his arms during combat so long as he has the nuclear energy to sustain them. This means he could then potentially utilize them all at once on an opponent if he understood what he was doing. Since, for example, he could use his electricity to shock the opponent to stun/damage them, his magnetism to break through certain metals in a persons armor or sword, the heat to burn them to a crisp, the plasma to then induce rapid freezing by absorbing the heat around the opponent with his hands and then the radiation to either blast them away or sicken them.

Of course, given how many elements are at play here, this is a technique that requires serious concentration, control, focus and energy to control. It isn't something that Radioactive is too keen on using unless he wants to outright crush his opponent or he is getting serious. Furthermore, he usually limits himself to utilizing it for a a few posts to avoid draining his stamina as this has the potential to be a very overpowering technique if left constantly active. Therefore, ICly, he endures more physcial strain and he has incentive to trigger this on and off when he needs it to give the opponent breathing room.

Shikai Weaknesses

Limited To Hands: One of the first weaknesses of Radioactive's shikai is that most of his abilities are limited to his hands and fist. This makes them extremely potent because each of his fist are vital elements that his powers honed in on. He's had to use them for most of his life in order to attain the strength he has and it makes sense that his most powerful attacks are generated from his hands.

Yet, with that being the case, the trade off for that is that he can be a close-ranged fighter at times or he will have to think of ways to utilize his attack potency to spread damage across a large scale area. Given his not so masterful speed, this can make it harder on extremely fast opponents and forces him to get creative with how he can reach them. Additionally, this allows for counter play to take place since characters can either dodge or try to attack from him all sides in combat threads.

Energy Consumption: Given that Radioactive's tier is comparable to being able to power an entire planet with the sheer volume of energy he possesses, it's no wonder that his body consumes a high amount of energy while in shikai. It is why he is sometimes known to keep protein capsules, energy cells and other small pieces of supernaturally enhanced food or equipment on him in order to make sure his body doesn't eat itself alive going through as much power as it does.

Strain: Radioactive can outright obliterate entire chunks of the world in this state of power if he pushes himself to that extent. So it makes absolutely every sense that his muscles are under great strain and he needs to be able to properly control the flow of where this force of energy is released. If he is not careful, Radioactive can outright break his bones, snap muscles, have limbs pop off, rapture organs, damage the pathways of energy in his body and other negative effects because of how much power his body generates physically and spiritually with how much energy travels through his veins.

Focus: The abilities that Radioactive have will often require a lot more mental power to properly control than in his base form, so it goes without question he needs to use more mental energy when it comes to his willpower, focus, pain endurance and deduction. All of his will skills are required to keep his body from being able to snap in two. There is an unbelievable amount of strain that is placed on his mind because of the weight of sheer power that is coursing through his body and how much it takes to balance such a chaotic power that seeks to break himself and the world to absolute pieces.

Control: And, ultimately, Radioactive isn't someone who doesn't care about the world or the people around him anymore. Instead, he wishes to have a more precise control over his power. So, because of this, he undergoes more strain in terms of brain, body and spirit having to have compute the right amount of force so that he doesn't obliterate everything around him. As, without this care, the world feels almost like a sandbox to Radioactive. If he loses control of himself, he knows how feeble the fabric of reality is to his power and he refuses to let his allies and comrades fall prey to that.

Knowledge: Radioactive still is not aware of the full extent of his powers and how to expand them. Yes, when it comes to the physical and mental aspect they are near its peak. However, the prowess that his nuclear abilities allot him in this form is not yet fully tapped into. He will have to educate himself further on the depths of what they can do in order to create an even wider array of techniques and abilities with his shikai powers. Therefore, there is a cap due to his knowledge as he isn't the brightest when it comes to the exact hard science of his powers and the applications they can all have.


» Bankai Appearance: Similar to his last transformation, Radioactive maintains the visage of a mutated man infused with the elements of a shark. However, he becomes even more massive than before. Growing from his already immense height of 8'11, the man sprouts to a flat 10'0 height while in this state of release. Furthermore, while fueled by this raw state of power, the once faded orange and white scales on his body grow into a deep red and black pattern across his body. These represent the boiling of his blood as his power reaches its peak state as the scarlet in his eyes will turn black while his pupils turn pure crimson.

Deeper into his transformation Radioactive's muscles will tighten and bulk to represent his prime physical state of being. This will then result in a giant spike popping out of each of his elbows, small spikes from his eyebrows and claws extending from his knuckles as a burst of blood red aura devour his body. In this state of being, the male will then have the constant roars of a primal beast muttering around his spiritual energy to bring out that inner primal nature and alert his foe to the fact that his ascension is finally complete.

» Bankai Abilities:

Peak Augmentation: At this point, Radioactive gains a three times increase in his overall strength, durability, stamina, and speed from his shikai release. This means that he is five times stronger than his original base form and makes him extremely dangerous to deal with in his bankai form. As, unlike in former forms, due to the augmentation increases his speed actually reaches a point where he can keep up with other characters better from the enhancements. So that is something opponents must watch out for as his senses are as keen as can be in this transformed state.

Health Increase: Much like his prior transformation, 25-30% of the damage he suffered will be healed and recovered when he transforms into this state. And, like last time, how effective this is will be dependant on how intense the injuries he sustained were while in his prior transformed state. Critical injuries will still leave their impact, but many things like cuts, scapes, wounds, and bruises should ease and he should feel a boost of energy swelling in his body that can be attributed to a second-wind of sorts.

Gamma Radiation Control: Radioactive has stated that he does have the ability to control, manipulate and generate Gamma Radiation while in this transformed state, but that he barely has a grasp on it. Radioactive has mostly fought in his base form and shikai for the majority of his life as he prefers to fight exclusively in those forms. Bankai to him is just too much of an energy sink for him and he'd be better just learning how to fight in weaker forms. Therefore, he has not trained himself extensively in his bankai form as he reserves that as an absolute last resort.

Therefore, this ability is rather limited in terms of what it can do as Radioactive does not know the depths of how deep it can go. However, if it's anything like his affinity for radiation, it can be assumed that he would be able to grasp it with enough training. There is just no known feats or instances of him using it and this is something he will have to work towards in thread in order to figure out how to properly use it with his current ability set.


Body Strain: Radioactive is one of the strongest users of raw strength in the PH Verse. So it goes without saying that his body throws around landscape alerting blows day in and out. That doesn't mean that it isn't prone to being stressed out and strained just like any other body. He is capable of breaking bones, muscles, organs and harming himself with his own strength because there is such a high amount of raw force which is thrown around in his body. It is why Radioactive needs to be careful of how often, how fast and how much strength he tosses around with his physical attacks because they can end up injuring them and making him weaker if he is unable to use an arm or leg or injures an important organ.

High-Pain Tolerance: Radioactive has an absurd amount of tolerance for pain. Therefore, this is a weakness because it's possible for him not to notice subtle attacks done to his body that do not produce high amounts of pain. The nerves in his body have suffered so much abuse throughout the years that this has turned into both a strength and a positive attribute when it comes to combat. So, if he isn't careful, it can come back to bite him.

Energy Strain: And, much like his physical body, the pathways throughout his body where energy travels can become strained as well when processing as much energy as his body outputs. It is possible for Radioactive to stun himself in the sense of overloading it with too much energy at once and being unable to attack with his energy for durations at a time in order to prevent himself from being injured. They can also become blindingly painful to use when it comes to the sensation of immense burning in his arms, but this is more so to warn him that he is pushing himself too hard and harnessing too much power. It is why there is a delicate balance Radioactive has learned when it comes to learning how to properly manage his energy throughout the years.

Focus: Radioactive is a living breathing weapon. Therefore, he has to treat himself like one when it comes to the precision and care of his powers. It takes a high amount of mental and physical control in order to tame his powers to get them to work the way he wants them to. Which means if his focus isn't fully there, he can end up either injuring himself or others around him in the process because of how dangerous his power can be to himself and his allies.

Environment: There comes a certain amount of caution when it pertains to the fact that you work along with others, have a country to fight for and a faction you help lead. He cannot afford to no longer cease caring about the world around him as he did in his years past. As when Radioactive was younger he used his power without a single care for collateral damage or for anyone that got in his way. Now that he represents Russia and the Vanguard, it's crucial that he learns better ways not to recklessly damage the environment around him to save lives and property. This can be perfect for antags or enemies of Radioactive to take advantage of as it's hard for even him to fully control his hulk like strength at times.

Slow: Radioactive isn't infamous for his speed. While he isn't something that is standing still, having an adept level of speed at his level of tier is a disadvantage compared to some of the peers of his caliber of strength. And while he does have a technique which allows him to increase his speed, that comes at the cost of sacrificing chunks of his physical strength in order to achieve it. Therefore, those who are keen for speed have the potential to have an easier time combatting Radioactive than those who are slower or on par with his speed.

Poisoning/Disease: Radioactive is not immune to poison, disease or sickness. While he has a strong immune system, he is still prone to methods of poisoning, illness and toxins; especially if they are supernaturally enhanced or are sicknesses which effect supernatural beings. This means that those who specialize in poison based abilities, induce sickness or whatever else have you on the body do have a good chance of causing higher than normal damage on Radioactive if he isn't careful to catch on to them.

Energy Sealing: If the problem with Radioactive is excessive energy and strength, then it would make sense to attempt to seal that energy and strength away. Therefore, Radioactive is susceptible to different types of seals, bindings and restrictive based spells when it comes to magic based users.

Energy Absorption/Drain: Radioactive is not immune to energy absorption. While he can try to defend against it, it is possible to siphon off his energy and attempt to drain him of it in order to tire him out in a fight. It becomes a separate issue of whether or not another person can actually house his energy, however. As opponents who drain his energy and do not watch out for the poisons/toxins associated with his radiation may find themselves sickened instead. While as those who simply drain and do not house his energy will find more success with their attempts at gaining the upper hand in the fight.

Sedation: It is possible to try and sedate Radioactive, but not if you intend to go about it using methods which rely on willpower. It will have to be done on a physical level as that will eventually get him to tire out, calm down and possibly faint or go to sleep in a fight.


Other Techniques

Pride Of The Shark: Learned from his older sister, Priscilla Yunari, he was able to master this technique and make it his own. It starts by Radioactive gathering a large sum of reitsu, energy and in some cases, radiation. From there, all of that power will mold itself into a massive shark composed of all that energy and is roughly the same size is as that of a typical sky scraper in the 25th century. From there, before it makes a direct hit, the shark itself is able to shoot off hundreds, in some cases, thousands of energy beams, radiation blast, energy/radiation spikes, super sonic roars and large vibrations that can shake a one-mile wide area.

Following that vibration, the shark will then try to close in on the opponent and seemly consume that person with its massive mouth. After taht point, once the fighter is digested, the shark will then become to glow at an extremely fast rate. The burning brilliance of this cluster of energy will become so intense that just being near it can cause temporary blindness. After the critical point, the shark will then self-destruct and create a massive explosion that stretches for almost two miles.

The initial impact will try to obliterate everything within the blast radius and reduce it to nothing but ash and rubble. The sound and vibrations within the blast will also try to crush every single bone in the opponent's body, rapture their organs and deafen them. Not only that, though, but the blast will also attempt to engulf their entire body in flames at one point and produce fourth degree burns all over their body. That alone could cause severe damage to an opponent in order to knock them out for the remainder of the fight. If that wasn't enough, though, Radioactive also has the option to add radiation into the blast from his nuclear core for an even more powerful impact on the opponent.

Atomic Blast: Radioactive can release this move at ANY given time. By gathering up VAST amounts of both nuclear energy and reitsu within his body, Radioactive, depending on how much of it he wishes to use, can self destruct and create a massive nuclear explosion that can stretch for up to the size of a small farm town at it's weakest, to the size of Modern Toyko by waiting one or two post's. It's like a nuclear, or on it's highest, atomic bomb going off on any given area.

The blast damage alone is able to destroy most people, cars, homes and buildings. It's possible for the blast, by itself, to create a massive carters in the Earth that dig for hundreds of feet into the ground and stretch for many miles at full power. Not only that, but Acting on the humanoid type body such as Shinigami, Demon's, Vizard's and etc, the shock waves alone can cause pressure waves through the tissues. These waves mostly damage junctions between tissues of different densities that are the bone and muscles, sometimes even interfering between tissue and air. Lungs and the abdominal cavity, which contain air, are particularly damaged. The damage causes severe hemorrhaging or air embolisms, either of which can be rapidly fatal to most.

Even the overpressure from such a blast could instantly damage most people's lungs who were close to the blast and shatter them like glass with Radioactive's extra reitsu adding to the force of the impact. Some people's eardrums would instantly become shattered from the sheer sounds and overpressure as well. The winds alone could also reach upwards of one thousand miles per SECOND; ripping apart anything in it's way.

After the initial blast, the thermal radiation could cause damage on people who even put themselves at a safe distance. For instance, the flash alone could cause "Flash Blindness" in some people. It is caused by the initial brilliant flash of light produced by the nuclear detonation. More light energy is received on the retina than can be tolerated, but less than is required for irreversible injury. The result is bleaching of the visual pigments and temporary blindness for up to 40 minutes. The worse case being permanent blindness in some opponents or bystanders. Also, On clear days, these injuries can occur well beyond blast ranges. The light is so powerful that it can start fires that spread rapidly in the debris left by a blast.

Trying to put out the flames by this attack will also be extremely difficult. Such as in urban areas, the extinguishing of fires ignited by thermal radiation matters little, as fires will be started anyway by electrical shorts, gas pilot lights, overturned stoves, and other ignition sources. Not only that, but thanks to the mixture of reitsu, the flames are even protected and strengthened by Radioactive's spiritual energy. Making most of this also effective towards both living and dead bodies.

Because thermal radiation travels more or less in a straight line from the fireball (unless scattered) any opaque object will produce a protective shadow. If fog or haze scatters the light, it will heat things from all directions and shielding will be less effective, but fog or haze would also diminish the range of these effects.

Other side effects that could occur in this atomic blast are EMP type attack's. The Gamma Rays from Radioactive's Atomic Blast is enough to effect even some of the toughest electrical equipment the 25th century has to provide. The pulse is powerful enough to cause long metal objects (such as cables) to act as antennas and generate high voltages when the pulse passes. These voltages, and the associated high currents, can destroy unshielded electronics and even many wires.

Along with that, Radioactive can also cause severe earthquakes in the wake of his power. Within a controlled distance, Radioactive is able to cause 10.0 Earthquakes at full power that can ravage anything in it's wake for miles upon miles. Creating massive scenes of destruction in it's wake.

However, this is still not the full capability of Radioactive's Atomic Blast. Thanks to his reitsu, Radioactive can even launch miniature nuclear blast within the initial explosion, create THOUSANDS of energy attack's while the attack is still being unleashed within the area and is overall a peak time to create serious energy type attack's. It's even possible for him to create an energy attack that can rival the atomic blast's power with all the energy in the area and the energy coming from his body. So, in some cases, Radioactive may even fire one Nuclear Blast and a Reitsu Blast of extreme power. And, anything that is caught within the range of this attack, risk's the chance of becoming fused together when it reaches atomic level's. Such as metal's, objects and sometimes even certain people from the abnormal effect of adding reitsu into the attack.

The types of radioactive exposure after this large scale attack is pretty nasty as well. Intense thermal burns from infrared heat radiation that would consume most people, Gamma burns from highly penetrating gamma radiation that would likely cause deep gamma penetration within the body that could damage most organs and lead to a swift death from the sheer power Radioactive has at his disposal, every kind of radiation poisoning imaginable such as bone marrow death (severe bloody diarrhea, indicating intestinal disorders causing fluid imbalance, extensive internal bleeding, septicemia infections) Gastrointestinal death (gastrointestinal pain, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and acute diherria), and Central nervous system death (drowsiness, lethargy, tremors, delirium, seizures, convulsions, prostration, coma, respiratory failure and death). It can also cause Infectious diseases resulting from nuclear attack rather quickly, Utero Effects and Cancer. The exposure is even capable of producing perament sterility in both males and females; killing all sperm count in males.

Not only that, but the artificial radiation can effect other worldly beings like Shinigami, Demon's and Hollow's. It can cause a special poisoning to certain characters bodies and prevent the use of reitsu based attack's without having a large hauling dose of pain effect the person each time they use it, it can create dozens of burns that absorb the person's spiritual energy and create large sacks of acid that eventually burst and create a acid that can pierce through armor, bring some of the natural effects of Earth-Bound radiation to these people and can even dose a area in so much artificial radiation, that it becomes extremely difficult to utilize reitsu at all. Not only that, but it can even cause some people to stop seeing spirits and other wordily things all together.

The radiation can also create an Artificial Nuclear winter in some locations with the help of the Artificial Radiation's effects and Radioactive's own reitsu. It's even possible for a quick Artifical Nuclear Summer to occur after the Nuclear Winter as well. If anyone is caught in either, it can quickly, over time, disrupt their use of reitsu, cause more artificial radiation poisoning and infect their blood.

So, with all that said, this is truly one of Radioactive's most deadly, but simple attack's. A Nuclear fallout from him would be catastrophic at full power.

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