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Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:20 am
Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Anis Kabal
» Titles: The Wild Monster. Haustier des Großmeisters Hope of the Future! (When she was a child)
» Age: 28
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Vandenrich

» Physical Appearance Description: A smallish woman, at five foot four, with chest-based assets to match her size, and gorgeous emerald eyes, Anis is certainly a striking figure. She also has long blond hair, reaching the base of her spine in length, and is all-around rather an attractive woman.

Though once she had a decent pair of muscles to her, all the abuse suffered has cause those to atrophy away, leaving her with a slender, almost cadaverous body.

» Physical Appearance Image: Anis Kabal [3-4] [Hazard Rank D] Image

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: Regret. This is the deepest, heaviest emotion of Anis' life. It weighs beyond all others, and is crippling beyond measure. She is plagued by multiple moments of intense regret that shape her even to this day. She can not escape them, she can not avoid them, she can do nothing but stand and be harrowed constantly by the memories that well up inside her. Attempts can be made to blot them out, or deal with them and reign them in, but they are in vain. Because eventually she will lose her grasp on them, and that will lead to...

Madness. Partially from her life to this point, and partially due to her power, Anis is prone to bouts of madness when she loses control over her mentality. If the handle slips, her body and mentality becomes overwhelmed with her Spiritual Power and she loses herself, becoming as wild and untamed as her power is. In this period, she is highly prone to doing things that reinforce and add to the regret that she feels, since there are few inhibitions and nobody is out of reach. Being prone to madness, Anis has lost her ability for self-sufficiency, and is now...

Fearful of herself. With such power in her body that she can scarcely control, and a chance to snap and just break people at a moment's notice, Anis has become rather terrified of herself, unsure what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and what she is going to do when it does. While she does put in effort towards trying to stop the madness from taking over, when it comes, it always manages to succeed. This constant failure, on top of her life so far, has led her to be...

Filled with Self-doubt. Anis' ability to believe that she can be something is in question, mostly by her. The regret/Madness cycle makes her feel as if she was a failure of a Quincy, and can not be trusted to work in the world by herself. The lack of self-confidence cripples her more surely than any enemy could hope to achieve, and it leads to a great many situations where she doesn't believe herself capable of doing what she really can. Such a mindset makes her feel as if she needs someone to lead her by the hand, and she has found that in Sofia. But even the admiration and love she feels for Sofia is tinged by a regret that, were she to have been a better child, she would be someone worth standing by Sofia's side rather than trailing beside her. But, while the core aspect of her persona is evident, she is still...

Only Human. Anis may have core elements that make up a rather dark and desparing individual, but she is a human at the end of the day, and this means she reacts to stimuli from her peers. Dreary though she may be, there are still things that make her smile, and laugh with her friends. A good day will have her feeling good at the end of it, and if she has a repeated cycle of good days, then her regret may be buried under it. She is not locked in the brooding depression, but simply a lot more susceptible to feeling as if she has messed something up, and regretting doing what she had done to mess up. Her cycle of Regret/Madness is not guaranteed, merely something that will happen without outside intervention stabilising her, and lending aid. And the one most commonly lending the aid to keep her grounded and secure, is...

Sofia. Anis is unsure what to feel for the woman. Maybe love, maybe obsession, maybe devotion, maybe a bit of all of them, to be honest. There is no doubt that she is the single most important thing in Anis' life, a rock without which she would simply be lost. there is nothing Sofia says that Anis will not be prepared to do without hesitation. Since she is the one that holds her mental and emotional leash, to keep Anis in the realms of normality, Anis owes her more than life. Everything in her heart is given to Sofia. The only thing left, is the deep regret that she can't be of more use, can't be better for Sofia. Can not be more, for the woman, in every way. For her, it all comes back to regret in the end.

III. Character History

» History The Kabal Family was one of high stature. Pureblooded Quncy, with a strong standing, and a great linage, they were well positioned, even in the ailing world of the modern Quincy. And so, when their daughter Anis came, she wanted for nothing. Fine dresses, exquisite food, and excellent bedding were hers from the moment she came into this world. And that, was even before the elders discovered her potential, for the pride of the Kabal was to give all they had to the members of their family.

Once Anis' potency was discovered, however, the world changed. She was powerful, at such a young age when there was so much room to improve, and that made her one hell of an asset. The Kabal family could not only use her to gain a much higher standing in the world - they were pretty self-serving in that respect - but also to gain a great leader, who’s might and learned nature would bring about the resuscitation of the Quincy. So they set about turning her into a learned woman, teaching her everything there was to know about being a Quincy.

Alongside the learning, she was introduced to other Quincy her own age, so she could mingle with her subjects-to-be and learn what it meant to be a leader before ascending to the throne. Not the best idea, since children were petty and vindictive at the best of times. But for one to be told she was objectively superior to all others, lead to a great deal of pride. And of overwhelming haughtiness. All who interacted with her were treated as they were ‘meant’ to be.Key amongst these people that she knew, was a young girl called Sofia Montero. They did not get along, Anis was an outright young bitch, treating Sofia as she was 'meant' to be treated, a lower woman fit to be Anis' aid and that was it. They had a rather abusive friendship between them, as Sofia felt she was the best Quincy around, being called a Prodigy from the time she was able to understand what that meant.

The two eventually came to blows, and this was the first time that Anis grasped her Blut Überwältigend. Along with her physically superior body, she beat Sofia black and blue and sent her sprawling, and then returned home victorious. Not that she knew it at the time, but such an action would leave a deep impact in Sofia, more so than the deep impact her fist made into the Quincy Prodigy’s face. This young unlocking of her Blut power was praised and raised expectations of her even further. Especially since she neglected to mention how difficult it was to reign in and turn off after i had been put on.

Nothing lasts forever, though, and eventually the pressure became too much. To be imposed upon every day as the new leader to bring your race to an age of glory,was a difficult burden for a child to bare. And with every minor failure, she was scolded, with every day came more and more lessons and her temper grew sour from the amount of work forced upon her. Mock battles were ended savagely as she vented, and nobody told her off for that, as it was her right as ruler. Every ‘victory’ was just taken as proof she would be great, and more was added to her workload. Eventually she snapped and, in the dead of night, loaded a suitcase full of things, and stole away from the house.

With her pocket money, which was hardly inconsiderable given her family’s opulence, she managed to get quite far. Driven by her own views that she would make her way in the world, learn at the hands of some hermit that did not expect so much of her, and then come back and prove to them all that they didn’t need such constant pressure to make her who she was meant to be. But ultimately she was a child having a tantrum, as her suitcase disappeared one night, and her money eventually ran out. Entirely unsure what to do, she panicked and hung around the city she was in for a few weeks, her clothes slowly degrading without wash or repair, until she looked like a disheveled beggar.

When certain observers solidified that she was alone and nobody was coming for her, they acted. Knocked unconscious and thrown into a van, Anis was carted somewhere in the middle of nowhere. All that was evident was that it was a very hot place, that got cold at night, and was filled with merciless human traffickers. When Anis awoke, she was dressed in a threadbare top and trousers, as if someone had sown it in an afternoon before going out to get drunk again. A dozen other faces looked at her, a large communal cell where they kept people of all ages and gender. What she was doing here became evident when men suddenly burst into the room, dragged Anis out of it, and threw her into a strange ring, with many masked eyes watching her. It happened quickly, and painfully, as a man opposite her rushed in like a maddened creature and beat her half to death with his bare fists.

The World flitted in and out after that, until she woke up, unsure how much time had past. Just that she was hungry, and cold, and hurt like she had never hurt before. The next few days were empty days, where the pain subsided so very slowly, and was still present when they came to drag her out again. Being more aware of what was going to happen, Anis was in a better mindset when they threw her into the pit, and the first thing that happened was the activation of her Blut Überwältigend in it’s Arterie mode. Such potent force allowed her to cripple him before he could cause too much damage. While she was young and underdeveloped, her natural potent energy on top of the Blut gave her enough to eventually beat the man to the ground, with disturbing effect. Deactivating her Blut was difficult, but after a few minutes of fighting with it, she managed to shut it down, so it would not add more stress to her body. Überwältigend was strong, but it really hurt her young body. After the fight was over, a few men came, took her back to the cell, fed her and then left. And it was here she found her knuckles swollen and fractured. The power her Arterie gave was more than her body could handle.

And that, was her life. Sit in the dark as years passed, as she grew and matured and her power got stronger and more out of control, with the smell of her own excrements and a dozen unwashed bodies, until she was dragged out to fight, where her body would break from the force. One day, she was filled with pain across her entire body, as her power did something to her. being ignorant of it's workings, she had no idea what it was, but it hurt. And it went on hurting, forever. There was never a moment's rest, just eventually getting used to the pain. Occasionally try to get into conversation with the others, but generally fail at that since they were not one for talking. Every fight saw the use of her Blut, and every use of her Blut saw it harder to reign in again, like an overeager dog growing stronger and more active. While she learned how to fight from the immersion of the pit, it was rough and crass, without much skill, and only designed to put a man down. Eventually, came a day, where she fought one of the other children here, beat them, and then found that she couldn’t turn her Blut off. Regardless of how much force she put into it, she could not grasp it and deactivate it. Shrieking and wailing in her cell, she eventually passed out from the strain of it, and awoke only with a kick to the ribs. The next few fights were horrifying, as she needed her Blut to survive - these fights were not meant to be fair, they were meant to be designed for sick fucks to watch people nearly kill each other - but couldn’t deactivate it afterwards. So she would pass out from the strain after every fight. Eventually, her body adapted somewhat to this, becoming more resilient to the strain of the Blut, but still ending with unconsciousness in the end. The only difference being, the end was further away. One fight, was different, however. Maybe bored of watching her win time and again, they then dragged her out to face a large man, towering over her young-teen self, and with clearly drug-fueled madness in his eyes. She was left with a very quick decision to make. Either activate her Blut and be unable to control it, or die in a very gruesome fashion against this monster. The answer was obvious, and so she hit her Blut, filling her body with everything she had, her mind screaming at the whole situation. The raging torrent of power, was not gentle on her psyche however. It seemed to have been chipping away with every use, and had finally caused her to snap. Control over herself drifted away, everything because like a dull dream to her, and she could only watch as a monster in her skin tore the man apart. Blood and viscera filling the arena before they could get down there to stop her. Nobody dared to try punish her for the murder of the man, for fear of ending up like him, and so she was free to pass out when the strain of her blunt overwhelmed her. But, as traumatic as it was for her, it seemed to have inspired

Over the last few weeks, her cell mates had been planning an escape. Gathering what they needed and making plans. With Anis’ display, they wanted her to lead them to victory. But Anis couldn’t. She was mentally broken, emotionally shattered, and just sat in the corner weeping for her mother, her father, and even Sofia. Anyone, at this point, to come help her out of this. So they went on without her, and left her in the cold and dark. Staring at her muck and blood caked hands, she sobbed hysterically. What had just happened to her in the arena, why did she have to leave her home, why did she have to be born at all? These thoughts swum in her head until the door was kicked open, and she was dragged out. Thinking that there was another fight, Anis could only hope that she didn’t lose herself again. And, it was another fight, just not for her. Everyone in the shitstain of a building was gathered, people that Anis had never seen before, or even knew existed. They had been gathered, to watch the fight between a the young adult who had led the rebellion, and a pack of Hyena, maddened by disease. And that was not the whole of it. For hanging from the rafters, rope around their necks, were the others who had taken part on the rebellion. Their choked cries were echoed by the screams of agony as the pack ripped into the woman in the arena, ripping and clawing in a frenzy that lasted beyond the final death-throngs of the hanged rebels.

It eventually ended, and Anis could only stare. Why had she not joined in with them? Given her aid, she would have been able to do something about it. She could have used her Blut and torn them to pieces, but instead she just let them go off, and get killed. Get hung, and ripped apart by Hyena. At this point she almost begged the madness to come take over so she didn’t have to deal with what had just happened. But it did not. When they grabbed her to take her back to herself, something else happened. Something that had been dormant for years. Her Vollstandig. Gottes Herzschmerz. With its explosive power releasing the full might of her spiritual power, Anis turned the building they were in to rubble. And everyone who was in it, innocent or not, into corpses. Nothing survived. It was as if God’s broken heart had led him to wipe away the earth and start anew. Once the power had dissipated, Anis just stared at the destruction she had wrought, and wept. Now she was in the middle of nowhere with nobody to talk to.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: (If your character has any non-Quincy related equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills: The Art Of Punching Faces: While crass, crude, and without artistry, Anis has developed a sense of how to pummel a person into the ground, granting her considerable skill with her bare knuckles.

Strain Resistance: With the overuse of her Blut through the years, her body has come to be resilient to the strain that comes with intense physical exertion, allowing her to act and operate more recklessly than usual, for a longer period than most others of equal level.

Knochenpuppenanzug [Bone Puppet Suit]: Something that created itself after multiple times of fracturing her bones, this follows the priciples of Ransōtengai, lancing her bones with reishi strings and binding them together, knitting them when they break, and wrapping around them to prevent compound fractures. On top of keeping her bones where they should be, the powerful reishi reinforces her skeletal structure, making it stronger, harder to break, and hit with more force.

Of course, having anything in your bones that is not meant to be there, Reishi or no, is not a comfortable thing. With her body filled with the strings, she is under constant sensual assault, her body filled with pain that never lets up. It reduces her ability to feel things, and can cause her distractions at times when it has to stitch her shattered bones back together. Another issue, is that this doesn't heal her bones, merely keeps them from splintering off, punching through her skin, or lacerating her internals with the fragments.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills: Blut Überwältigend: A unique kind of Blut, Anis' Blut is exceedingly powerful, far surpassing Blut of others that are the same skill and power as she is. This stems from her absurd potency of internal energy, but is not without it's own issues. Due to Anis' lack of control, the Blut is hard to pull back or change once used. When she activates her Blut, she can not change it for another Blut until it has run dry. While this may change as she gains skill taught by Quincy, it will never get better than having to have her Blut active for three posts before being able to change to another Blut.

Mantle of Queens: Anis was born with incredible spiritual energy. Even before she started learning her Quincy art, the Spiritual Energy inside her was such that she would easily have the ability to take the leadership of the Vandenrich, and become a legendary character in the world.

That is, if she didn't run away from home, get cut off from anyone who could teach her to control it, and let it run rampant and unchecked for nearly two decades from her inability to do anything about it. These days, while it is powerful in the extreme, Anis has no hope of ever learning to control and uterlize it to it's full extent. She is forever blocked off from the higher echelons of Reishi Manipulation, and it is too late for her to learn specialised Blut. While the Quincy powers she does have are going to be well fuelled, they will never be as good as they could have been.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: (What is your Quincy's spirit weapon's name?)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: (What is your Quincy's spirit weapon's appearance?)

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: (what abilities does it possess?)

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Gottes Herzschmerz [God's Heartbreak]

» Vollständig Apperance: releasing her Spiritual Energy entirely from her control, the resulting vortex of unhindered energy temporarily inhibits colour pigments in her hair and skin, appearing snow-white for the duration.

Anis Kabal [3-4] [Hazard Rank D] Unknown

» Vollständig Abilities: Anis' Vollstandig is a simple affair, as she is a simple affair. Brought to bare from intense grief and heart-ache, it shuts down her emotions, reduces the effects of mind-controlling abilities and emotional control dramatically, and enhances her physical body to be something monstrous in power. Her gloved hands are where the majority of the power is collected, but the rest of her body is no slouch either. the collateral damage when using this Vollstandig is immense, as the combination of her physical power and the lack of inhibitions means that a lot of things get damaged by careless attacks.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet


Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master. For more information, and the rest of the skill sheets, READ THIS THREAD

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Elite
  • Blut: Elite
  • Hirenkyaku: Untrained
  • Reishi Manipulation: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept



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« Application Checklist »
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« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Experienced
  • Focus: Trained

  • Comments/Notes: No comment.
  • Tier: 4-1
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