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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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I. Collage of Racial Options

Platinum Hearts is incredibly racially diverse not just because the lore is loosely based around the canon Bleach universe, but because over the years the members have continually contributed to adding their own creations to the roster, enriching each custom race with their own lore, structure, culture, and format of abilities, and synergised themes, filling in several niches that enable so many more ways to role-play.

Platinum Hearts prides itself in allowing nearly anything to be role-played, the massive expanse of available races further allowing so many archetypes to be played. Technically, you don't even have to play one of our races on-site, as some people have made characters that are AI, some have made dragons, or entities that aren't defined or fit under anything predesignated. So long as there's some sense and description to your character that doesn't absolutely break what's currently on site, there's some leeway for your creativity. At the moment, we have EIGHT base races with their own series of sub-races to choose from, custom and canon alike.


The Death Gods: The poster child to a Bleach roleplay, Shinigami on Platinum Hearts are easily the most popular and most developed canon race. The mechanics to their abilities fairly simple and straight-forward by PH standard, making it one of the most recommended starter-races. They have a linear progression of advancement by gaining the next tier of power through an enhanced form/state; they have a system of spell-craft and supplementary techniques in their four core skills which are easy to grasp, with any surplus information available and fleshed out. That said, while there are tons of things you can do with Shinigami, they're fairly restricted as far as how wildy you can establish your character as there are limited ways to become a Shinigami and limited ways of increasing individual power compared to some other races.

Shinigami | Available Sub-Races:
  • Vizards: The Shinigami have fairly few sub-races, the most popular being a Vizard. Vizards are Shinigami that have in one way or another, adapted their diametrically opposite entity within themselves, that being an Inner Hollow. This cuts them off from the final form of the Shinigami, but does give them access to a new array of abilities and progression tree. All in all, vizards are typically willful souls as they are capable of tolerating a being within themselves, though it can often be taxing on their minds and lead to a mental degradation. Vizards run the risk of being consumed by this inner hollow, losing themselves in the process.

  • Shinigami Doll: The Shinigami Doll is the same concept as Nemu Kurotsuchi, that being a fully mechanised form of the Shinigami. At base, they're basically identical in function and ability as a Shinigami, but a step further than just adopting Phantom Tech and a Cybermind (see Shinigami Specs for more info). As a full-on robot, Shinigami Dolls are typically created, but an actual person may undergo a conversion. Shinigami Dolls have a few exclusive sub-racial traits that add to their repertoire.

Shinigami | In-Character Significance: Shinigami are the race tasked by their deity (Soul King/Truth) with maintaining the balance of souls across the realms. This doesn't quite reach into dimensions outside their jurisdiction such as K-World, Demon World, or the Sugiuran Realm, as they're independent entities who don't need no man. That being said, even in the realms where they do maintain balance, the task is by no means an easy feat considering the opposition they get from those who honestly just don't care about the balance, and people of that mindset are ever-increasing in this day and age.

Shinigami | Organisation and Affiliations: The Shinigami are most closely affiliated to Soul Society as their home-realm, and the Gotei United, an organisation originally built around the shinigami and their initial purpose. They aren't exclusively limited to Soul Society and the Gotei, as the latter has proven a terrible hold on maintaining the status quo of loyal soldiers, and an astonishing amount of shinigami trained under the Gotei have served other banners, even direct enemies. Shinigami's typical alternative allegiances include the Vanguard and K-World, with membership in other organisations being the more unusual case.

The Destruction Monks:

Quincy | Available Sub-Races: N/A

Quincy | In-Character Significance:

Quincy | Organisation and Affiliations:

The Humans: Herp derp humans go here

Human| Available Sub-Races:

Tai Chi Humans: An Advanced RP Race due to the circumstances revolving around their powers and development, the Tai Chi Human is Pseudo-Spiritual in the fact of using profound martial techniques and powerful medicinal elixers to enhance their physical capabilities far beyond an average human. With no release states or inherent spiritual powers, structured abilities and multiple avenues of power as well as a deep backing culture and lore, Tai Chi Humans promise to be a unique experience for anyone who wishes to play them.

Soul Evo Humans:

Supernatural Humans:

Anima Mundi

Powerless Humans:

The Magic Race: The most Prominent race on Platinum Hearts; a new introduction into Bleach roleplay. Demons, creatures that can be of all shapes and sizes; able to take forms of other creatures to seduce and kill man. At least, that’s what they are known as in legend. In Platinum Hearts now, they are known as the most dominant race on the world of the living; their leader Mana Asthavon having lead a campaign to take most of the world for themselves. They are likely the most popular non-canon race; having many demons active on site. While demons do not have regular releases like the other races, their possessive powers – which allow demons to possess things in the world based on their theme – allow Possessive Drives. Possessive Drives are the demon’s way of bonding with their Possessive Powers; their release of a sorts. Of course, this means that demons do have large amounts of freedom in what they can do, and how people can become a demon, allows them to be able to raise their power with greater ease than most beings in the Platinum Hearts Universe.

Demons | Available Sub-Races:
  • Danava: Demons have a good deal of sub races, but, Danava are one of the more intriguing demons. Danava are, quite literally, demons that embody a concept; this concept literally making the demons from Nidhana. This concept could be fire, water, or even utensils if one wished to make it. However, unlike the main demons, they have an Eternal Partner; much like a Zanpakuto spirit. The spirit could be older than them or younger than them, but always relate to their concept; whatever the demon was made from. Also unlike mainstream demons, they have true releases; forms that do increase their power when releasing into these forms. Danava demons are likely not as popular as main demons, but, they still are popular among the demon races; even dear Queenie Mana Asthavon is a Danava Demon.

  • Rakshasa: Rakshasa demons are another one of the demon sub-races; the Guardians of Hell that guard the 665 layers of hell. Rakshasa are the only demons that are allowed to have Death Energy Force at birth. Most Rakshasa are mostly created from sin, but can also be created by some sort of natural birth; or other demons turning another into a Rakshasa. Much like the Danava, they too have actual releases; and a Hell beast. Much like an Eternal Partner, they are with the Rakshasa from their creation, birth, or however they are made. The Hell Beast has a personality of their own, mind of their own, and can be completely separated from the Rakshasa without suffering. The Rakshasa have their Dagi Tvaca, a tainted skin; one that can buff them when they are in their layer of hell. Along with that, they have their Release; Tukara Saitana (piece of the devil). The Tukara Saitana is basically when a Rakshasa and their Hell beast go through dramatic changes. These changes could be the two beings combining themselves together or only their Hell Beast being augmented thanks to a piece of their own power and entering a ‘true’ appearance. While They do have complete freedom, it is best for them to remain in their layer of Hell to protect it so no one can access layer 666, where Deveta himself resides.

  • Avant: The most recently introduced demon sub-race, Avant demons are essentially the Black World counterpart to the traditional demons of the PHVerse. Originally the traditional demons of Black World, with the influence of Mana Asthavon, Avant demons were separated from their demon god origin and became a fully independent race, with all their powers stem from their own selves. They possess a completely separate racial skills, though as the rest of the demon race naturally they have a strong inclination towards magical applications. As such, they also have their own unique magic system utiilised through Metria, their own type of energy.

Demons | In-Character Significance:

Demons| Organisation and Affiliations:



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