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Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update I_vote_lcapArianda Vael's DE Merge Update I_voting_barArianda Vael's DE Merge Update I_vote_rcap 
Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update I_vote_lcapArianda Vael's DE Merge Update I_voting_barArianda Vael's DE Merge Update I_vote_rcap 
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 Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update   Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update EmptySun Apr 29, 2018 3:47 pm

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: 813

Death Energy

DE Class: 2nd Class

DE Powers: Being a 2nd class, Arianda has three abilities, all related to death in some way.

Conflicted DE Breakdown(Sepcialized DE Breakdown): Arianda's Breakdown has become specialized and very different thanks to how Arianda's powers over conflict have modified it. This means that Arianda's DE breakdown has it's own method of destroying barriers and possibly energy based attacks. Arianda's DE Breakdown is rather interesting. Instead of simply breaking down something that it hits, like a building, barrier, energy-based attack, or possibly items of some sort; what may be hit by Arianda's DE Breakdown will literally conflict with itself.

The item hit by her DE Breakdown will literally conflict with itself, collapse in on itself, and then destroy itself via conflict. This is done thanks to Arianda's specialization in Conflict as an Eris child and her dominion over conflict. However, in all truth, this is simply her breakdown modified by her Conflict powers; nothing more, nothing less. And, as normal, it won't breakdown something immediately; as it normally depends on power disparity and strength of the barrier.

Vicious Deconstruction: In Alchemy there are principles of construction and deconstruction. Well, throw those out the window because all Arianda needs is to deconstruct. This ability is virtually a breakdown on steroids. Arianda can meld her DE with anything compatible and she can hit her enemy with it. However, she will normally use this on weapons that could just be lying around since the Deconstruction is so violent that it will tear apart what it was just melded with. However, it won't do so if the item that it was fused with was infused with DE in some way before. Instead, the capabilities afterwards of the weapon or item will be decreased drastically.

If Arianda actually does hit someone with the DE infused item, and it has the Deconstruction on it, the part hit will slowly begin to deteriorate. It won't be like the aging that can be done with DE. No, this, this will literally deconstruct that area. However, it can only cause things to get worse when it comes to wounds or general shape. For example, if she hit a wound with it, it would eat through the flesh and part of the bone. If she hit someone's organ with it, say stomach, heart, whatever, the DE will damage the surrounding flesh, the organs left with whatever wound was inflicted. Once more, this cannot immediately deteriorate something unless there was a large disparity in power and energy. Otherwise, it could take anywhere from 3-5 posts to completely deteriorate; at least that area that was targeted.

Rift of the Forgotten: This ability creates a rift in the ground, both physical yet not, through which corpses of those deceased emerge from. They're faces, souls, emotions; all gone. These "people" cannot be identified anymore, unless people knew their reiatsu in live, since their reiatsu is still lingering on their corpses, even now.

These corpses are not meant to be touched either. They have much residual, and violent, DE floating around them. Anyone who gets to close will be attacked by the DE, attempting to kill or weaken the people for their own food. However, since Arianda's necromancy isn't the strongest these will likely not be the most powerful people in the world, just grunts to fuel the cannons of war.

Death's Rage: This ability is quite literal overall. When Arianda uses it, she harness as much DE as she can in the area and shoots out breakdowns in whatever direction she pleases. Of course, it's only about two waves of 5x5 breakdown orbs. So, it doesn't have a mass Area potential. However, that's not all. Once the breakdowns make contact with barriers, shields, whatever, the breakdown will then take out the shields as fast as the strength of the barriers allow.

After that, Arianda will then charge forward, either launching into her DE merge or third form and bind DE to her weapon for a short time, causing people to wither and die if hit directly. While this may seem like a normal tactic for most demons, the ability specializes the breakdowns so they are better equipped to breakdown tough barriers. Also, this ability slightly augments Arianda abilities and attacks with DE for a short time, about three posts. The ability also does not immediately deteriorate things upon touch. IT would take about 1-5 posts for that to happen completely; depending on difference in power. If the difference in power was in favor of Arianda, meaning she had the upper hand power wise, it would likely take about 2 posts to get through. If Arianda was at a disadvantage, it could take 5 posts and vise verse.

DE Merge Appearance: There are many ways to characterize what death looks like to others. The Grim Reaper, The Black Spot, and even the mythical creature known as a Dragon. Well, Arianda takes a spin on the dragon one and uses her DE Merge to become, well, a dragon; more specifically a woman with draconic properties. She may not look like a dragon, but, the power she wields in this form are much like that of a dragon; the strength, the sheer ferocity. If it wasn’t for the fact she had the figure of a female human, one could think she was, truly, a dragon.

When Arianda goes into her Death Energy Merge, her appearance shifts rather drastically; at least physically. She loses a few inches off her height, reducing to a solid 5’0”. It’s not a great difference, but it is still enough for a demon who’s normally 5’3”. Aside from that, her eyes and hair change color; her hair to a rather nice blonde. Said hair also gets bound into a tight bun with a braid and a ribbon holding her hair in place; meaning it could come loose if the bow was removed. Meanwhile, her eyes change to the shade of a fiery orange; much like the eyes of a dragon. From there, her garb becomes much darker; pitch black more like. She gains a rather Arthurian time breastplate, gauntlets, and a partially armored skirt; all of it is touched with red lines, nearly like veins or cracks, that runs all along the black metal. She also has shoulder pads that seem to have no armor on the top of them; they could be padded from the inside, but, it is not clearly on that front. The rest of her garb is akin to a dress, or a combat dress; she has armored, heeled, boots that have the same black coloring and red veins/lines. Also, with her armor on, she appears have some sort of corruption on her neck and face; running up to her cheek bones and around most of her face. The “corruption” simply touches upon her jaw and cheekbone. There also seems to be red veins coming from the corruption as well. However, such a thing is less corruption, more restraining purposes.

In this Merge, Arianda has an ability to remove her armor, basically all of it, and her appearance changes slightly; mostly her dress. Instead of being heavily armored, she gains a dress that is skin tight to her torso. It has unattached sleeves, not being attached to the base outfit, simply clinging to her arms, that have two layers; which seem to be for style and less than utility. The same goes on with the dress, two layers on the lower end of the dress but don’t seem to have any purpose aside from that; style. Along with some high heels, and stockings up to her knees under the dress.

In this form, she also has a one or two handed sword that is black in coloration with red accent. The blade has some latent purple-red energy coming off it to help activate certain abilities. The red Accents also seem to be there for the same purpose. There are four red circles at the base of the blade, and then a line that goes up the whole blade and ends suddenly before two lines fork off to the sides of it, connect, and finish at the end of the blade; or at least at the end of the belly of the blade. The guard is designed as well, having red lines on it that create a few arcs below a red, filled in, circle. Connecting the lines is a v-shape, and in that v-shape is a singular, small, circle. The black handle and pommel is rather empty of designs, it’s simply just big enough for two hands when Ari normally uses one hand.

In all, this form is what Arianda changed her idea of what death was to her, of what could cause it; and what else besides a woman with draconic properties? To the demon, it was ideal.

DE Merge Appearance Picture:


DE Merge Powers:

Special Scissor Manipulation; Blade of Morgana: In Arianda’s DE Merge, her scissors, the weapon she’s had longer than she can remember, change into a sword. The blade has an edge on each side of the blade for maximum cutting potential. The blade itself is black, much like the armor Arianda wears in this form, and has those same red lines on it; but they are in a more obvious pattern on the blade than on the armor. The blade has a purple glow to it, a mixture of the demon’s energy and DE creates this purple aura; it would seem to be that the aura serves a purpose that is quite strange but does not affect the enemy when they are stricken with the blade. Simply put, the aura simply creates a purple after effect for the blade. The blade itself, however, does more than just be a sword and chop away at people’s limbs and bodies.

Every 5 posts, twice per thread, Arianda can concentrate DE and her energy onto the blade, harnessing that purple energy and creating a giant ray of black and red energy that tears through most things and entities. It travels at around Mach 5 thanks to Arianda’s own speed and using her energy to augment that speed to great lengths to catch enemies in its deathly grasp. However, the beam of energy isn’t just that; it does a bit more. Thanks to the beam/ray being mixed with DE and Arianda’s energy, not only does it have the normal aspects of a beam, it also has some breakdown to it. This means that if anything stands in the beam through a post, or is even in the beam for part of a post and doesn’t have a great means of defense, something stronger than Arianda’s DE -- which will mean they will need to be 2 tiers or more higher than Arianda to avoid most of the damage --, will have to take the full brunt, or most of, the attack.

The ray itself, being made from DE and energy, can cause minor breakdown. Meaning, a post inside of the ray could spell the person’s defenses being weakened by that ray by 25%; meaning 25% of racial defenses are broken down by the DE in the ray. However, the ray can only last a single post; meaning that this is the only window in which someone could be caught in the ray before it fades. However, if someone has some sort of defense at a higher tier than Arianda’s can reduce the amount of racial defense decrease to 15%. Not to mention, the same thing can be done if the person is not in the ray for a whole post. In other words, a person’s exposure to the ray of energy during the time it is active. In other words, the person could take only 5% decrease to racial defenses if they are nicked by the energy ray but aren’t hit by it completely. A thing to note is that the ray is completely a straight line, it will not move from its path unless somehow redirected. But, given it will last no longer than a post, unless Arianda amped up the attack, it probably couldn’t destroy planets or anything like that. In all, the ability is no more than what it is; a bit of a “Death Energy Ray” if you will.

Restriction Armor: This isn’t exactly an ability, more of a feature, but, Arianda is able to remove her armor in this form, which provides her a minor increase in defense compared to her normal Akuma Kyodo. When Arianda removes her armor, her speed increased by 1.5 times. It isn’t a HUGE increase, but, it is enough to where there is a great difference in her movement and attacks. Once removed, the armor fades into DE, since it is part of the DE Merge, and can be easily reformed later. However, once removed, the armor cannot be placed back on for about 4 posts since Arianda normally has to break the armor to get it off. Lastly, this is the only things the armor does, provide a minor increase in defense and increase speed by 1.5 times when removed; nothing more.

Death by Fire: One would likely assume that this skill is literally just fire. Well, they would be both right and wrong. Satan has been characterized to have abnormal flames, in certain aspects it has been blue. And, for Arianda, these flames are blue, with some DE sprinkled in to further reduce her enemies to dust.

When using this ability Arianda harness the DE around her, or enemies, and lights it aflame. This causes Blue fire to dance around the battlefield, burning people to ash if the DE aspect of it doesn't turn them to dust first. However, this ability will only work if there is DE present for it to consume. She can also create an explosion with this fire, driven by a wave of Death Energy. However, the flames cannot be put out by normal means. One has to be able to control DE or counter it in order to put the flames out once they have started.

Berserk State Appearance:

Berserk Enhancements:

Defenses Will be Crushed Before me: Whenever Arianda goes Beserk, her offensive capabilities go through the roof. Her attacks become twice as strong, strength being tripled, so much that she easily surpassed her strength limits in other forms. Her speed increases vastly, to the point where it can be hard to counter her, and she becomes much more attuned to using her DE, but only if she thinks to use it. Her scissors will also change to be their greatsword form and will not leave said form until she reverts back to normal.

Tank!: Just because Arianda is berserk doesn't mean that she is squishy. Hell no! In fact, her defenses basically triple. Her seals don't change in overall strength but, her natural durability is increased, allowing her to get beat on more, without all of it going through. Her skin basically turns into some of the strongest steel in this situation; looking like armor. She will also be completely unknown to pain. Why would she? Her brain literally can't compute pain currently. All it knows is that the enemy must be killed.

Control: It is true that it is very hard, if not impossible, to control one's berserk state. But, Arianda has figure out a set of thoughts that allow her to stay in general control. Though, if she ever loses those thoughts in any way, she will end up causing immense destruction until she either reverts to normal, or she regains some semblance of control. This is the only way that Arianda can control herself in her Bersker state, otherwise, she'd end up hurting those she didn't want to.

Berserk Details: Whenever Arianda activates her Berserk state her skin melds into a set of armor and her appearance changes completely. Whatever ground is around her will also start to shatter. However, she will be in immense pain for a short time whenever she uses her berserk form, since she is going through a mass transformation when her body is weak. Her breasts also grow to be D size, her height increases by two feet, here eyes become devoid of emotion, and her hair becomes extremely short turning white.

Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update 95bb5b10

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update   Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update EmptyMon Apr 30, 2018 9:17 am

[adm]I personally don't have much of a problem with what is listed here. This is just an update to Arianda's DE, of which was approved beforehand. So, if anyone has any problems with this, contact me personally. Otherwise, I'll be approving this.[/adm]
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Arianda Vael's DE Merge Update
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