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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Hana Kutsuki [WIP] Empty Hana Kutsuki [WIP]

Wed May 02, 2018 10:31 pm
Coding In Template By:


Vizard Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hana Kitsuki
» Titles: Lucky,
» Appearance Age: 24
» True Age: 743
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: (What Group are they apart of or are they rouge?)

» Appearance Description:

Hana is a slender, tan skinned woman standing at about 5' 4" and weighing in at 104 lbs. For her size, she would be a little on the lighter side of things, not to the point being extremely unhealthy, but it would be advised for her to put on a few extra pounds. She is usually seen wearing glasses, and when working, she will no hesistate to wear a suit and dress formally. When not in formal wear she's often seen in an olive green top with tan slacks. Her hair is long and a deep auburn color, and she usually wears a flower shaped hair clip to keep her hair for in front of her face.

» Appearance Picture:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] Ahagon.Umiko.full.1999033

I. Personality

» Personality:

Competitive: If it can be wagered, she will go for it. Hana has always been of the competitive type, infact in her ancestry in the world of the living, she was one of the many few who spread the word about Blackjack and it's variations. Upon her entry into the Soul society she would always wager and gamble as if it were a sport. Not wanting anything to be taken from it other than harmless fun. She would wager everything, from candy, to money, to clothes, even going as far as putting deeds to houses on the line and always had the goal of winning each time.

Analytical: Upon the possession of her zanpakuto, she really dove into learning about statistics and probability to make it so that she will win a round against her zanpukuto spirit. Her level of analysis has been taken down to the decimal point as she tries to calculate moves, ages before they even happen to ensure her own victory. This level of analysis was then taken out of the context of gambling, as she began to do this in combat, in classes, in conversations, and with many of her friendships. There were times where it felt like she would run through a whole life scenario with one person just based on them saying 'Hi',to her, enough so, that she ended many friendships and started new ones before even giving them a shot to get off the ground.

Hard To Break Focus: When she gets a subject to study, or something catches her eye her mind will only lock on figuring out everything about that issue and solving it instantly. Humorous example of this being that there are times where she maybe reading an unprecedentedly long book and rather than putting it down to do other tasks, she will read primarily as she brushes her teeth goes to the bathroom, and occasionally if the book kept her up all night, she will forget to dress herself.

Easily Embarrassed: Hana is very shrewd about herself and her body. She usually hates her Shikai not for what it does, not for how it looks, but simply because it removes a

» Likes: Competition, Reading, Bunnies (She's really happy her inner hollow is one), Solitude

» Dislikes: Staying Still,

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities: (What kind of skills or abilities does your character have naturally? This can span from above average strength, to a large amount of skill in swordsmanship.)

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities: (You can put any customized racial skills/abilities/techniques in here. These can range from shunpo, kido, zanjutsu and anything else you want to add. Feel free to skip it if you don't want to fill it out.)

I. Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: ハイローラー --Hairōrā (High Roller) ((Often called 'Hai' by Hana))

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] 870cb196c0ae6e15fa4d6868ac80f8b7-d8jaz1i

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality:

Enigmatic: He usually leaves too much for the imagination in terms of his interactions with Hana. He hides a lot of the answers to his questions in proverbs or demonstrations, and often gets annoyed or reluctant if after this display, Hana still doesn't understand him, or at least attempt to understand.

Firm: When he has the chance to speak with Hana, he comes off as being direct with how he answers Hana. Usually he only answers in Yes or No situations, nd rather than giving the explanation as to why It will often end in his proverbial phrases followed by silence.

Regal: The above attitudes are usually left up to this trait. Because of his dress and his environment, he always looks at himself higher than Hana, often questioning as to why he's even tied to Hana in the first place. He becomes annoyed easily by how simple Hana is in comparison to her cries of being that of a hard-worker to him. He never sees her as worthy mentally to wield her, although physically she seems more than ready.

» Inner World:
Hana Kutsuki [WIP] DSCF8479-1024x683


The spirit's inner world is described to that of a casino setting mixed in with the confined space of a high scale hotel room. The world itself introduces itself as a starry night. Upon entering the world itself, Hana's attire also changes to match the formality of the room, usually donning a black sequinned dress of varying styles every time she enters. Hana usually begins the "entry" of the room outdoors in front of a room labelled as "VIP", while velvet roping keeps her in line. When the spirit wants to see her, the doors open to a center lit room.

The room itself is decorated with small couches and single cushioned seats; the frames being black, white for the cushions, and a deep mahogany red pillow resting on each cushion. Towards the back of the room, Hairora is usually standing, either mixing drinks or shuffling a deck of cards to keep himself busy.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] Bloody-black-panther-katana

» Sealed Zanpakutô Powers:


When this ability is activated, she pushes the opponent backwards, and as she does multiple pillars spawn to barricade the enemy's path. When they hit these pillars they will rebound into more and more, eventually becoming an infinite cycle of bounding back and forth in a maze of her reiastu. At the end of it all, there is a pocket that, should the enemy land in, their highest stats will be cloned from them and given to Hana for a brief time.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: May the Odds be Ever in your Favor

» Shikai Release Actions: Hana flips her sword upside down, and holds it arm length in front of her. As she says the phrase, she pulls the handle into her direction, while aiming the blade's tip at the enemy. This action is to mimic if a person where to pull a lever for a slot machine.

» Shikai Appearance:

Outfit Description
Hana Kutsuki [WIP] 1351462

» Shikai Abilities:

Stacked Chips:

When Hana release her shikai, there will be a stack of poker chips that float over the enemy's head as well as her own. There will be 6 types of chips, all based in different colors and reflect the statistical prowess of her enemy. Red chips will represent pain endurance, white chips will represent weapon skill, blue chips represent speed, green chips represent healing powers, orange chips represent strength, and black chips representing durability.

Within her shikai, she also gains six small daggers, each holding true to their respective color above. Whe the blades come in contact with an opponent the dagger of the corresponding color will shorten the chip pile above them, decreasing the effectiveness of that stat for the enemy. However it will be not forgotten, instead it will be stored in a pouch that neither of them have access to until utilizing her next ability.

The number of slashes in a certain area will be based on tier, and will take down the specific skill by one rank. (Meaning from Advanced level speed, after X slashes they will be brought to Experienced Speed. For regeneration the more posts the blood lingers onto the blades the chips will stack automatically. Using the same model for slashes at X posts a chip will be stored.)

Tier 6: 1

Tier 5: 2

Tier 4: 3

Tier 3: 4

Tier 2: 6

Tier 1: 8

Tier 0: 10

Cash In:

(( t!choose Red | Green | Black ))

When this ability is used, a roulette wheel is spun behind her. If it lands on Red, she will gain all of the stats, if it lands on black, the opponent will get their stats back, If it lands on green both people will gain the lost stats. When she gains the stats it will be accumulative, meaning that if she effectively stole two ranks worth of speed, she would gain those two ranks of speed in addition to her stats. When she consumes the stats in this way, the opponent will not recover from into immediately and will have to wait X amount of turns depending on tier. When it lands on black, she will not gain the stats, but the opponent will have their stats immediately returned to those prior to he attacks. If it lands on green, the opponent will gain their original states, however Hana will also gain the effectiveness of those stats as well.

Lotto Crit: (Hollow Variation of "Cash In"))

(( t!choose Shoes | Heart | Diamonds | Bandage | Arms | Swords | Bells | X used 5 times ))

Instead of the stats being pre-determined, a stat will be chosen at random, that she can apply to herself from the opponent's skill set. The amount of symbols that are shown for a specific stat determines the severity of that stat that is being taken, up to a cap of Elite (unless she or her opponent has Master or above, which will then be taken into consideration from that point.) Because of the "chance" of this, the reward from her is that when 3 or more of these symbols stack with each other, the opponent now looses stats from the highlighted

In total their are 8 symbols, each spread over 5 columns. Those Symbols are:

Shoes of Mercury for Speed
Heart for Healing
Diamond for Durablity
Bandages for Pain Endurance
Flexing Arm for Strength
Crossing Swords for Weapon skill
Bell for All Base Stats Boosted
X for no stat boosts.

Ante Up:

When she activates this ability she could make the chips go directly to her at their current state, or can bet double of nothing on the next marking. Rather than it being a roulette wheel, both herself and the enemy will have a glowing mark based on their last point of contact. If that point is hit the winner will receive double the potency of the stats consumed for 3 turns.

House Rules (Passive):

When her shikai is released and she uses her cero, rather than having 6 chances of getting a unique effect to her cero, her chances are altered to only rolling between 1-3. This makes it so that she has a higher chance to utilize her kido techniques in comparison to her Hollow abilities. In addition to the chance of having more kido at her disposal, the effects are also doubled, so long as it is kido. So if she rolled a 1, the

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: ハイローラーのラッキーテーブル -- Hairōrā no rakkītēburu (High Roller's Lucky Table)

» Bankai Release Phrase:

The House Always Wins...

» Bankai Appearance:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] Zatanna_by_msonia_by_cerebus873-d7qftip

» Bankai Abilities:

((Before getting into this, this ability utilizes the knowledge of playing cards to use this effectively. To make sure the results are not skewed in any way, below are the commands that I will be placing in the #botstuff channel on discord to have cards selected for myself and the opponent. The order will always go Opponent -> Myself -> Opponent -> Myself. If there are multiple people that are under the effects, the opponent's will always go first, and it will be decided amongst them, who would like to have the first card, and the rotation would follow suit to that order. There will be no duplicates during this, and to prove that as well, I will have a list of cards that will be shown on a Google Docs page that I will screen capture, highlighting the cards that have been chosen and can not be chosen again after every card that was "drawn" in this way. If there are any other intricacies that would like to be discussed I am open to making this concept as openly fair as possible.))

t!choose 2 | 3 | 4| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Jack | Queen | King | Ace
t!choose Hearts | Diamonds | Clubs | Spades


Upon Hana's release, a large black box forms around herself and the opponent, as the room slowly fills with lights and sounds to replicate that of a contemporary High Stakes poker room. The room itself nullifies all abilities, forcing the opponent to only rely on their base stats of weapon skill, strength, durability and speed. Melee based zanjutsu skills will be able to be utilized, however ranged abilities will be taken away in the box instantaneously. In addition to this room, she gains a deck of throwing cards on her hip that glow an array of red and black, similar to the aura of Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho. With this unique deck, she throws these "cards" at her opponent (throwing daggers, with talismans on the tail end of them), where if two land onto the opponent, it will begin a game of Texas Hold'em poker.

Once the two cards land on the enemy, she draws two cards for herself, and she projects the number and the suit in the same red-black aura mixture above her opponent's head. If the knives do not land on their target after 2* posts, the game will be terminated, however the stat absorption and debuffs will still apply with the corresponding cards. Additionally, directly attacking Hana while she is in her Bankai form, will automatically force the next two cards on her opponent, regardless of whether they want to play or not.

When the cards are shown above each other's head, there will be four stages of progression that occur. During the game, both parties succumb to the effects of their respective cards unless they call for certain abilities to be utilized. Upon the two cards being projected, there will be a "prep phase" where the opponent can choose the conditions they would like to apply to the game. Those conditions will be listed under "Other Abilities". Before getting into the stages, the passives that are applied to the cards are as follows:

Passives Within Hold'em

Suited For Battle:

The cards themselves hold powerful effects within them, one of the effects pertains to the suit of the cards themselves. When the cards are dealt, the aura analyzes the suit of the card, and works in unison with the number indicated on the card to reduce the effects of one of the opponent's statistics. The suits target the following:

Diamonds: Durablity

Hearts: Speed

Clubs: Weapon Skill

Spades: Strength


The cards themselves hold powerful effects within them, the other of the effects pertains to the number listed on the cards themselves. When working in unison with the suit, the number determines the severity of the amount of a statistic is drained. The numbers start from 2 and escalate in power up until 10. From there, the face cards will automatically apply the effects of a card if it were a 10, as well as applies a unique effect based on the face card that is utilized. Aces are rare and because of it they have the unique power of bring whatever statistic that the suit of the card provided down to a beginner level regardless of how much of a boost they have in a certain stat.

2- 10: These cards will continually add a descending multipler to the specific level of a skill to a max of 10 on that singular stat. For example, if an Elite Speed character was given the 10 of Hearts. It would be Elite -10x "-" Or "Adept Level Speed" for the duration that they hold those cards. Meaning:

2 of hearts = "Elite -"
3 of hearts = "Elite --",
4 of hearts = "Experienced ++"

Jack: The effect of the "10 of X suit" will apply randomly to either Hana herself, or to the opponent.

Queen: The wielder of this card will have the option of choosing a stat to place the -10 on regardless of the suit that the Queen is supposed to represent.

King: Not only will the -10 apply to the suit that the card is to represent, but they are also allowed to choose another stat that can be effected by this -10 as well.

Ace: Will automatically bring the stat of the card's suit to beginner until "The Winnings" stage is completed.

The Stages of Hold'em

Stage 1: The Deal:

This is the first stage of her Bankai, this stage reveals three cards that hover behind Hana, and directly above her "Hand Counter", which is obscured to the other player. At this point, players are allowed to use Hana's ability "Place Your Bets", as well as revealing their cards if they chose the option of "Face Down" before the Deal. It's at this point that the opponent can also start matching their cards to see if they have a chance to get a higher hand in comparison to her.

Stage 2: The Flop:

This is the second stage, where she draws a fourth card onto the original 3 that were revealed. At this stage, the card that is revealed will apply its corresponding status effect to all participants in the Bankai. The option to use "Place Your Bets" is available for use as well as the ability to reveal if the opponent selected "Face Down" as an option.

Stage 3: The River:

The third stage of the card reveals. Nothing changes stat wise as this is the final call for bets to be placed, as cards are matched and pitted against one another. The only thing that can be done is placing a final bet with "Place your Bets". At this point if the cards were "Face Down", they are revealed and the effects for said cards are applied for this turn.

Stage 4: The Winnings:

The final stage of her Bankai's effects. This analyzes the hands that are in play and finds which one has the highest probability of winning, as well as matches any pairing to determine victories in that sense. The winning hands are as followed, from least impactful to most impactful:

>Highest Card:

As the lowest possible way a win can occur, the only possible benefit would be to remove the status effects brought upon the player. Essentially if a win occurs in this stage, nothing happens. If a loss occurs in this stage, nothing happens.

>Two of a Kind:

When this effect occurs, it takes the two numbers in the pair and adds them together as a status effect, regardless of whether or not Hana is in Bankai, for the duration of the battle against her. This status effect adds numbers until the stat's minuses would begin reducing the tier to a minimum of beginner level, to which then, upon hitting beginner, the negatives will represent the number of turns that status effect will be applied.

For example, if the pair was of two 10's, the accumulative minuses would be 20, however if the opponent only had enough room to have 12 minuses attached to that specific stat before it went lower than beginner, the additional 8 minues would be paired off and added as a duration to how long they would hold onto that beginner stat. So not only would they have Beginner speed for example, but they would have beginner speed for 4 turns additional to the status effect.

This effect happens to the enemy if Hana wins the round with this hand, or to herself if the enemy wins with this hand.

>Three of a Kind:

The same effects that would occur with "Two of a kind", but now for a 3 number accumulation, up to a maximum of 30. Also like the above mentioned, any lingering minuses would be added together in threes and added to the turn. ((since the status effects for most would be guaranteed with this number))
So with the aforementioned example. If 12 minuses brought someone to beginner, they would have an additional 18 minuses left behind. Those would then be added together in groups of three, meaning they would be at a beginner speed for 6 turns.


A straight is having the cards count in numerical order regardless of their suit, therefore this hand will take all of the cards that contributed to the straight and subtract from each stat based on the stat. Unlike the other hands that have a turn duration to them, this one will not. As the number of minuses additively would not be enough to be to subtract for larger than a full level.

For example if the lay out was :
5 of Hearts
6 of Diamonds
7 of Hearts
8 of Clubs
9 of Spades

It would add up the two hearts, putting 12 minuses onto their speed stat, 6 minuses onto their Durability (diamonds), 8 minuses on their weapon skill (clubs) and 9 minuses onto their strength (clubs).


A flush occurs when all of the cards are of the same suit, and the numbers are not regarded. Because of this, when this type of hand wins it will take the additive total of all of the numbers for that stat and deduct accordingly. Compared to most had that only subtract by one minus, this will subtract by two minuses, since with a flush all of the cards must be of the same suit in no particular fashion.

For example if the lay out was

King of Hearts
3 of Hearts
6 of Hearts
2 of Hearts
9 of Hearts

It would add the total number of minuses from this set which would be 30 (King = 10 + 3 +6 + 2 +9) and then multiply that by 2. So in total 60 minuses would go towards their speed stat. Plus the bonus of having a King, which would put an additional 10 minuses on the stat of the winner's choosing.

>Full House:

Being a three of a kind on one half and two of a kind in the other half, this set takes the accumulation of both suit and subtracts from their respective stats. Simply put, this is a combination of the effects of Two of a kind, and three of a kind.

For example if the lay out was:

2 of clubs
7 of clubs
10 of clubs
Jack of Hearts
5 of Hearts

It would add up the total of minuses from clubs with would be 19 minuses, and the total number of minuses in hearts, which would be 15 and applies the stat bonuses respectively to their skills. With the exception of Jack having the chance to add to another skill regardless of its suit.

>Four of a Kind:

Similar to the effects of "Two of Kind" and "Three of A Kind" only now the extra minuses are added in groups of 4. Meaning 5, 7, 10, King of clubs, would add collectively to 32. Using the previous example of the opponent needing 12 minuses before going to beginner, there would a remainder of 20 minuses left. Those minuses are then added in groups of 4's, so they would be stuck at a beginners level of weapon skill for 5 turns.
>Straight Flush:

Not only are the cards in the same suit with this, but they are also in numerical order. Because of this the number will subtract by two as well as having the duration of the debuff begin at the ending number of the numerical straight. Therefore if the straight was 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, rather than using the minuses to determine a duration, it will automatically set the duration at 10.

>Royal Flush:

Because the Flush would be of face cards, each one adds 10 minuses to any stat of a persons choosing. The Ace also allows for one stat to be permanently locked to beginner for the duration of the battle.

Other Abilities

Place Your Bets:

Throughout the duration of the battle in Bankai, a player is allowed to wager the amount of "minuses" they currently have to relieve themselves of the severity of their status effects, with the draw back being that if they were to lose the hand to her, not only would they receive the negative status effects of the previous "minuses" gained, but also they would have to deal with the stacked effects of the winning hand as well. This step is entirely optional, and unlike "Face Down", this can happen at anytime, as many times as the opponent wants, and also as many minuses as they want to relieve themselves of. The main caveat to this choice however, is that betting can not be taken back once one is placed,
For a bet to be placed, there must be a minimum of 2 minuses

Check: The "neutral" standing. By calling this name, the opponent agrees to not adding any more bets to their current pile of minuses.

Call: The "equal" standing. By calling this name, the opponent or Hana herself agrees to equate their bets with the opponents. There is also the option to decline the increase in wages which is discussed in the next term.

Fold: The "retreat". By calling this name, either Hana or the opponent, sacrifice their hand to receive a lesser punishment for their abilities. When a fold is called, they do not receive the status effects of a winning hand, but rather the duration of their card's status effects increase based on the amount of minuses that were collectively wagered between the opponent and Hana. The number of minuses is then divided by two, to determine the duration of said status effects.

Raise: The "aggressive" standing. By calling this name, either the opponent or Hana sacrifice more of their current minuses, in hopes that their hand will win out, and they will not gain the negative status effects that are entailed.

All- In: The "hyper-aggressive" Standing. Rather than gettig rid of their minuses, they take as many minuses as they can through all of their skills, and then use those minuses collectively as their lump sum of a wager. More or less, they are making all of their skills beginner level on purpose because they have confidence in the fact that they will win the hand, as well as in 'The Winnings" stage. Contrary to the other stages, if the opponent or Hana choose to "Fold" to duck out of this burden, the game will reset, and no status effects from the betting or cards would be applied for another 2 turns as she gathers her "cards" and shuffles them.

Face Down:

When the Bankai is released, Hana offers her opponent the chance to have their card's faced down. When this occurs, the opponent will not have knowledge of their cards until it is requested that they would like to reveal their cards, or by default on the third stage of her Bankai. The benefits to this flip, is that the status effects that are given by the cards will not be applied to the opponent who is undergoing the effects. With this effect in place, Hana's cards are also not revealed to the enemy, but as the dealer she actively knows what cards are had. Since there was the option placed to have the cards faced down however, both the opponent as well as herself are immune to the status effects of their cards until they are revealed through the opponent's consent, or on "The River". Cards can not be constantly flipped back and forth, once the choice of the cards to be a revealed is in effect, the status effects will not stop until the winnings are dealt.
Poker Face: (Only can be used when her mask is on)

This gives her the ability to see the opponent's cards, regardless of whether they are face down or not, and allows her to choose the effects that the opponent can be succumbed by. The benefit of this being, that if the effects are paid attention to enough, it is possible for the opponent to know one of their cards that is in their hand. Which in turn, could cause them to bet lower or higher based on their assumptions.

** "House Rules" is still in effect during this release as well**

I. Inner Hollow/Mask

» Inner Hollow Name: Engimono, えんぎもの (Good Luck Charm)

» Inner Hollow Description:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] 48ac74d07d661fa66f59386936133215

» Inner Hollow Personality:

» Inner Hollow Powers:

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] Il_570xN.1044670354_aqhk

» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)

Luck Mode:

When she dons her mask, she will generate a meter on her hip that indicates her amount of 'luck' that her hollow bestowed to her. The meter will begin at 95% and will deplete it's way down to 5% over time. Every turn that passes the meter will lose 5% of it's effectiveness. Additionally casting abilities will deplete 25% of the meter, and taking the force of abilities will deplete 15%.

The luck is her ability to nullify incoming attacks by means of dodging, increasing durability, or otherwise destroying the attack itself and leaving her unharmed in the process. Likewise if she attacks with this passive on, her abilities will hit regardless of movement, durability, speed or other means of nullifying her attacks. 95% is nigh certainty that an attack will hit, or the possibility of her dodging an attack would be extremely likely will avoid the next incoming attack, but this meter depletes fast by doing so in this way. If she were to fire 4 attacks only 2 of them would have the chance of being able to hit, as the closer she gets to 5, the opposite effects apply, where now her attacks will miss or be very easy to dodge.

The recharge rate on this ability is similar to that of her mask, in that if the mask is taken off before reaching "5%" or a lesser number than her odds could allow, the meter will begin to recharge. The meter recharges by 10% for every post that passes. Meaning that if she reached "50%" and then removed her mask, she would need to wait 5 posts before her luck meter is at "95%" again. Regardless of whether or not she waits, she could still put the mask on when she is in her "recharging" state but again, for each turn that she waits to put the mask on it would only add "10%", meaning if she wanted to keep it a constant percentage, so long as she has the energy to do so, she could put on and take off her mask to keep the percentage balanced at a specific number.

Cero del Azar (Lucky Cero):

Rather than a regular cero that is fired from the hands, her's forms into the shape of a six sided die. When it gets to about the size of a baseball the die is dropped in front of her. When the die gets to her feet it freezes in place and reveals a number. Which ever number faces upwards will be the effect that occurs with her cero. The effect will not be regulated to only Cero based powers, as this can also reference some of Hana's kido. The list of effects are as follows

One: The die bounces upwards to eye level and the flashes, replicating Kido #2: Shibireiyubi at the opponent. The effect may last shorter or longer depending on tier, but generally a post must past before the effect wears off. The effect being complete immobilization of the body without doing any physical damage and still having a conscious mindset

Two: The die cracks in two and fire upwards at the enemy's direction. The split of the cero in this way will make it weaker from one shot, but if hit by both shots will deal the damage of a normal cero.

Three: The die falls flat as the three dots on the die begin to glow. The glow then fires upward as three bullets from Hadō #3 Piercing shot. The effect is supposed to pierce the body, but because it's split into three the penetration is not there, although the damage still is.

Four: The Cero will not be an aimed laser, but instead be an area of effect blast that will occur at the location of the die's landing point. The radius this will cover will be the range of about half of a city block worth of destruction.

Five: The die sits still and then spins rapidly. When it does a green sheet forms on one side, and the followed with another until four sheets total are formed, over each one of the dots for the corners. In the center is where Hana is teleported before a fifth wall slams over top, completely sealing her inside with a protective barrier. This skill is her variation of the techique of Bakudo #7 Protective Boulder

Six: The die floats upwards to being at shoulder level of Hana, and then ejects Bala Cero from the six dots on this die firing towards the opponent as if it were a turret. It ejects six Bala cero at a time in bursts of six, for a total of 36 bala in a single turn. Place that over two turns, and there will be a total of 72 bala cero that will be fired towards the opponent.

I. Resurrección

[NOTE: This form is for 0-3 and up. Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Resurrección Release Phrase: Press Your Luck

» Resurrección Appearance:

Hana Kutsuki [WIP] DeZD3nUWAAEZctg
Hana Kutsuki [WIP] Rabbit1

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. Please state what kind of powers that your Vizard obtains when ascending to this form.)

Fatal Coin:

Hana crushes her blade in her hand and turns it into a coin. As the blade is being crushed, time slows down temporarily at the effect that she want's to negate the chance of. When she flips the coin, she flips it from her left hand, having it flip over top of her head and land in her open palm right hand. If the coin lands on tails, the effect is immediately treated as if the ability or attack was used, however all of the damage and effects the attack would cause are nullified, additionally time is reset a few second to when the attack was originally being fires. However, if the coin lands on heads, the attack will proceed in a normal fashion. She still has the ability to dodge if she were far enough away from it's effects, or she has the reaction time to block it. From the role-play stand point, i will flip the coin using Tatsumaki bot on discord, for both players to see.

Weighted Dice: (Passive)

When in her ressureccion, rather than having 1-6 to select through, the inner hollow inside of her messes with the die so that the only possibilities to roll would be 4 and above. In addition to that, the effects will double because of it, since there is more of a possibility for her to utilize Hollow abilities. Therefore, the area of effect blast from rolling a four would be increased a city block rather than halved, and there will be 72 bala firing per turn if she rolls a six, rather than 36. So across two turns 144 bala cero would be fired. This ability only happens if she uses Cero with her mask on, and will not be able to use this until her Cero comes off of cooldown.

Other Resources

I. PhantomTech

» PhantomTech: QuantumBrain

» Phantom Tech Abilities:

Probability Calculator:

Having a zanpukuto based on Casinos and Casino games, the true effective way she realized she could keep up with it, was to count cards and possibilities of gaining certain effects based on chance rather than gambling in hopes to get the outcomes she desires.

» Phantom Tech Powers:

Future Simulator:

She figured out how to calculate this through battle, running hypothetical situations in her head in matters of seconds to determine the outcome of certain attacks that would be utilized in battle, from herself and from her enemy. By the time she blinks, she is capable of thinking of 346 possible fight situations at one time and determine which would be the best outcome for attack and defense.

Quantum Phasing:

Because of her acute ability to process probability and quantum mechanics and compute them faster than 1+1= 2, she can apply her mechanics onto her physical form, causing her to have the ability to phase through solid objects. This is a very limited use ability as the amount of time need to do this, reduces the chance to do this by roughly 30% of it's effectiveness each time.

How this is done is through the mechanic known as Quantum Tunneling. Through a large series of calculations, Hana factors herself not as a being, but as a Probability and wills her body to have a close enough chance that she could be "found" on the other side of an object.

I. Skill Sheet


Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master. For more information, and the rest of the skill sheets, READ THIS THREAD

6-Tier: Allowed 2 Beginner, 2 Untrained.
5-Tier: Allowed 1 Trained, 2 Beginner, 1 Untrained.
4-Tier: Allowed 1 Adept, 2 Trained. 1 Beginner
3-Tier: Allowed 1 Experienced, 2 Adept, 1 Trained
2-Tier: Allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Experienced, 1 Adept
1-Tier: Allowed 1 Expert, 2 Advanced, 1 Experienced
0-5 Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 2 Expert, 1 Advanced.

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Cero: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mask Protection:: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hollow Control: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Garganta : Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Cero/Bala: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Regeneration: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Pain Endurance: Elite/Advanced//Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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