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Sun May 20, 2018 12:55 pm


So, as the Summer Activity Burst is going and people are motivated to get active...More or less, I too took part. I have only one PC, Nize Split, and to him all my months energy will be spent. I'm going for 2-3 posts per day.

Here I'm coming for assistance. As I haven't been here for some time and have taken quite a break from writing, it would be lovely, if I could get both comments, critic and help related to what I have planned for this boy of mine. Below there will be list of goals I would like to reach during the 30 days of activity burst.

  • Espada - Joining once again Espada, claiming to be the same Nize he was before. This can go two ways, depending if someone I had actually roleplayed 2 years ago will actually remember me and Nize XD Anyway, Nize's reason for again joining is because with recent events in one of my solo threads he no longer feels safe with the power level he has. Shadow Fall has the resources for him to change it.

  • God Training - We all know the capabilities of 0 tier characters and we have quite few in PH. Such, if someone with one of those monsters would be willing to teach and assist Nize in his growth, I would only be happy. My end goal with this would be increasing the range of energy types Nize could manipulate, cuz', as we all know it is almost impossible by natural means, but 0 tier characters, I believe, would be able to bend that rule, no?

  • Quest - Start Hollow related event. Those never happen and two died fast and painful. Don't know why people lack commitment, when it comes to Hollows and Arrancars, but I believe this is one of the reasons we have so few of them. It could be something small at start and grow bigger, if anyone shows ANY interest. What are your thoughts?

Then there are few other details I won't bore you atm., but please, if anyone has any ideas how I could reach these goals, feel wiling to help, if I put out events and such, please let me know! And great thanks, to those deciding to spend their time reading this ^w^

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