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Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:29 pm

||SUZU || HEBI ||

{Name at Birth}: Lolya-Báthory = Of the noble Hungarian Báthory family.
{Assumed Name}: Suzu Zumizimu = Little Bell, Drying Water
{Character Name}: Suzu hebi = after marriage she took the last name of her husband.
{Character True Age}: 813 Years Old
{Character Appearance Age}: Six, however, she can change her appearance age at will.
{Character Gender}: Female
{Orientation}: One of many skills and Organizations.
{ old posishions}: Third Circle of shadow-fall and Trecera Espada. gotei 13 captain of 12th division, Shino Academy head master.
Transcended Arrancar.

{Power Sets 1}: Speed. Speed is a vital factor in both the battlefield and the lab. The speed of your body to react, the speed of your mind. Win seconds matter and is the difference in life or death it is speed that with help you prevail and live to see another day. To make the right call in milliseconds, To dodge a speeding bullet. Both are speed.

{Power Sets 2}: Defence. Defence can be many things and easiest ways to say it is the art of protecting yourself. AKA self-preservation. For suzu this takes the form of her Defensive skills. Be that her Hierro/ Durability or any other means she may try to protect herself from harm's way.

{Power Sets 3}: Knowledge. Knowledge is by far the greatest power Suzu has, As well as her ability to process new knowledge. The fact is that with knowledge comes great things for those who are willing to put in the time to learn. Knowing how to fully control your energy. Knowing how to alter it into all other forms of energy. Knowing how the body works. Knowing how to cast a spell and to know how to negate them. Knowing about an arsenal of weapons and never forgetting anything. This is the way of the mad scientist.


•Favorite Color: Crimson red, this is because it brings back happy memories of her consuming people.

•Favorite food: Adjuchas and Shinigami... She may be an Arrancar now, but she still likes to feed on them.

•Favorite flower: Pink and red camellia blossom though the scent is light she still loves them and their beauty.

• Habits: Experimenting on people, she thinks of this as fun. In her own words, "Nothing is better than when I have a living thing cut open, and its heart in my hands still beating."

•Likes: She enjoys walking in the dead of night while most other life makes itself scarce. She also has a fondness for water and enjoys swimming.

•Dislikes: She dislikes sunlight with a passion. In her Familiar days, it caused her a lot of pain.

•Fears: Suzu speaks for herself, "People fear what they don't understand. As someone who seeks out knowledge, fear is only a hindrance.”

•Loyalty: She is Loyal to her research... not so much to people. This comes with few exceptions the beloved people that she sees as family.

•Flaws: She is reckless at times and puts her own life or those of others in danger for what she believes to be the greater good, or even if something interests her.

•Friendly: She can act friendly and likes talking to people.

•Flirt: She is a flirt if she is drinking. Both with blood or alcohol both from a man or woman, it doesn't really matter.

•Sexuality: Bi-curious: But limited to her husband. Even though she might find both body types to be appealing to some degree she has no interest in sex outside her marriage. In fact, she commonly lacks the parts of her mind that are responsible for sexual attraction. This, in turn, makes it impossible for her to feel sexual attraction for anyone at this time no matter what. Hormones or even the strongest aphrodisiac won’t get her going simply because in this time her brain is not capable of feeling sexual desire. She can reform the parts of her mind when needed but is only done with her husband.

• Ethnicity: She doesn't talk about this, But it is clear she is not Japanese, by birth she is Hungarian.

• Occupation: Some will call her a mad scientist, but she does not see what she does the same way as them.

•Elegance: She can act elegant if there is a need for it. After all, people like to get a good feeling from someone... who may be cutting into them later. By acting elegant she can give a good first impression

•Hates: She really hates being called a hollow. She is alright with Arrancar.

•Snapping Point: It takes some button pushing. But when she snaps... run, just RUN.

•Confident: She has a lot of self-confidence. If something looks hopeless to her, she will try her best not to show it and overcome the hopelessness.

•Zodiac: Traditional cancer Traits.Emotional and loving. Intuitive and imaginative. Shrewd and cautious. Protective and sympathetic/On the dark side...Changeable and moody. Overemotional and touchy. Clinging and unable to let go.

• General Personality: She is outgoing and hyperactive. She loves to joke and acts like a kid. She thinks there is no point stressing over small things, so she is a pretty laid-back kind of girl, but can be serious if it's needed. She likes to live a care-free lifestyle. She walks the world looking to see all she can. Her curiosity gets the best of her a lot. She loves to play with people as well.

In the end, Suzu almost seems random and in fact, she sometimes does things with no real foreseeable reason. Such as outrunning a whole senior PE class of boys at KHS. Why would she do this? To irritate the boys from the fact, they could not keep up with the first-year little girl. It is true Suzu is socially awkward and secretive, but she is also highly manipulative women. So even something like this act had an underline reason. By use of a slip and fall, she was, in fact, able to make contact with one of the most powerful beings in the school named zero and even become friendly with him. In short, it's hard to judge Suzu by her actions for the actions she takes almost always paints a misleading picture.



Clothing, Accessories, Garments, Vestments, all these things mean little to Suzu as she changes them often. Some people use the clothing they have as a status symbol such as the white haori of the Gotei 13 captains. Suzu finds the whole idea of this to be completely ludicrous. Let people acknowledge you for whom you are and what you have done, not what manner of cloth is on your back.

Suzu's hair is silver in color and was even this color when she was alive as a human. Most people's hair turns gray with old age and becomes doll as the life seems to be leaving it. But her hair is far from gray as it has a luster to it. Townspeople use to say that it resembles the sine of pure silver coins and that it was no wonder she was picked to be a servant girl to a noble family.

Her skin is lustrous, soft and smooth like silk or velvety to the touch, but it's also scar and blemish free. no signs of an intersection in it at all. The tone of her skin is a pure snowy white as if it had never seen the light of day. Most of her other physical aspects change constantly. Size, shape, length, with age control it should be obvious that what her body's physical proportions change a lot. But one good marker for suzu is her Eyes. One is always a nice cool shade of blue that if you look into it almost instills a sense of calmness into you. The other a lovely ruby red that seems to have a passionate fire burning deep inside it.

Reiatsu Colour: A mix of purple and black. Or some time blue

Reiatsu details: its feel is offsetting more like a vizard than anything to those of Adept Mental Deduction. Yet apparently different from them as well.


Sealed Zanpakutô:
( a sword with a double edged blade. the hand guard is a forked like emblem. the hand guard and hilt are one solid piece. her spiritual pressure determines the strength of the blade same as any other Arrancar/ Shinigami.


Altered Zanpakutô
(Suzu has developed a way to make her Zanpakutô change not unlike shikai. the blade is like a chain sword. its does not get stronger. and at full extent is only 6 meter's long . she can control if the chain links are lose stiff the links as to make them unmoving . how ever she can only do 2 or 3 chain whip attacks before it must return to gather. but attacks done will the blade is stiff don't count. )

{Race Abilities}

•Flight: is capable of flying supernaturally. This can be done in more than one way. be it the normal fixed reishi or forms of magick.

•Enhanced Cero: As an energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. Suzu's being able to easily remove a city block from the face of the planet if she puts enough energy into it.

•Enhanced Bala: As all Arrancar already have the ability to fire consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy Suzu also possesses this ability. But Suzu’s is the full strength of a normal cero from a 3-1. This is because all Bala are normally weaker than the user’s cero and Suzu being so strong putting this must energy out is child’s play.

• Broadcasted: Sight: ability to broadcast information of whatever she is currently seeing or things she experienced to other Arrancar, she does this by creating a visual broadcast, similar to a television screen, using individual Garganta portals. She uses this technique to show past events and things she has seen as well as things happening in real time.
Limits: 2 post use with a 5 post cool down, but limitless in Casual Threads.

•Descorrer: a technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo

• Enhanced Flesh Hierro: Suzu's Hierro is extremely durable though it appears and feels just as soft as normal skin. Suzu has developed this form of Hierro to keep its strength but unlike some other Hierro that hardens like armor, hers allows for maximum mobility. The way of explaining how this Hierro works is it reacts based off of elasticity. If anything comes in contact with her body rather it physical or energy it puts a force on the Hierro. Such as the explosive force of a cero or the force of something hitting against it. The Hierro than hardens to keep its form from changing or braking. The actual strength of the Hierro is determined by her tier class and Hierro skill level.

{ key guide for Enhanced Flesh Hierro}

•Pesquisa : An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure Pesquisa functions similarly to sonar, through a radiating pulse sent outwards from the user which reacts to sources of reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing them to determine the location of any sensed individuals and granting them an indication of how powerful they actually are.

•Sonído : The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo. While somewhat similar to Hohō in regards to function and speed, Sonído appears to be more instinctual, seemingly requiring no previous knowledge to perform. Suzu has learned away of performing a silent Sonído. she has done this by studying the Shinigami's Shunpo and using what she learned to perfect and tweaked her own Sonído.

•Soul-Body Separation: This technique allows Suzu to forcibly extract a living spirit from others. The soul is still attached by the Chain of Fate and can be saved but if it is broken then the soul can prevent the Encroachment so long as he/she is placed inside a soulless body or animal.

•Grand ray cero: Is a Cero that only Espada are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an Espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is stated by Ulquiorra that using a Gran Rey Cero is one of two things that are forbidden while inside Las Noches, as it is so overwhelming that it could destroy the fortress.

{Unique Abilities}

•Advanced anatomy: It should go without saying but suzu’s internal anatomy is unlike anything else. Her body's anatomy has changed to be more efficient. Her body having two Hakusui’s and Saketsu’s. Each located under her breast just to the side of where they normally are. One set to the right and one on the left. If one set is taken out her body has the other two that it can fall back on. Her circulatory system is also dubbed to meet her needs for energy constantly flowing thru her vanes. The secondary heart located next to her stomach. Her stomach and intestines both are reduced in size to make room for this all.

•Fragment rebirth: she does not have control over the fragment of her self. they think and act of there own free will for the most part. but when killed if killed there bodys brake down and rejoin her instead of going to the ss or hell. In The event, one is completely destroyed and she can no longer sense them, she can reform them but they will have no memory of what happened to them. she can than reform them later on. the only real power she has that is joins with the fragments is communication thru telepathy.

• Vampirism: this is her favorite ability. This ability works on ether living thing or nonliving. This is when she bites into someone and drinks their blood/Reitsu" from some one’s body. This ability heals her. She is immune to all natural blood diseases and natural pathogens. If the other person skills, however, is blood-related it steal does affect her. If blood is their weapon she can’t drink the blood there using.
{Side note} Healing limits: can only heal/regenerate 1 limb or ¼ of her Energy per fight by using this skill. This is limited to onetime use skill per fight.

•Kidō caster. With the knowledge of Kidō and how it was utilized, she has opened up the world of Kidō to herself. The best way to say how she does this is Suzu has learned to manipulate her own Reiryoku in the same way that the shinigami do to perform the spells. This is greatly made possible by her time in the shino academy in the soul society as she would have become well-versed in the arts of Kidō. therefore making it easy for her to use even as a Arrancar. As every spiritual being has reiryoku "even Arrancar" anyone with the knowledge and training to use it could use Kidō.

• Form sword: Suzu no longer needing a sword to hold her powers does not have one set sword anymore, but she can from reiatsu into a sword to use in a fight. Suzu can make this swords fire cero’s from it or slashes of energy. The sword mainly takes on the appearance of her old sword or its altered form but it is not limited to that. She can just as easily make the sword take on any number of physical forms with her imagination being its limit. But she can only have one sword at a time. Also the swords physical form does not really change its strength or power at all. The only exception to this is if she makes a chain sword and then it gets the added ability of her altered swords form listed above. In the event that she no longer wants the sword, she has made it will dematerialize.

•Hysterical strength: to put it simply there are three kinds of muscles. Red muscles, pink muscles, and white muscles each have their use. But through genetic modification, Suzu has made it so her body only has altered pink muscles. What was the point in her doing this? Strength. By building her muscles to have a lot of small capillaries and mitochondria she has made a muscle that not only can last a long time in continual use but can put out a great amount of force. This all results in her being able to break a 3-inch seki seki stone with her physical Strength. Note this is only an explanation on how she can be so strong and yet have a small body. Her strength will and is still determined by the general skill.

•Highly Perceptive: Suzu has demonstrated an ability to be very detail oriented when it comes to fighting. She notices her opponent's mannerisms and discerns with ease the reasons behind those actions and the weaknesses and strengths of her opponents. She is also able to look at unfamiliar attacks and figure out the way they work just by viewing at least once.

•Rapid mind: This is an Ability made possible by her Highly Perceptive ability and her will skills. By speeding up her brains rate of thinking time looks to be moving slower allowing her to see incoming attacks easily and react to them without mercy. This Ability combined with her General Speed and Sonido can allow her body to move at the same speed that she thinks and by doing this she can avoid attacks easily and find openings to attack her opponent

•Expert Swordsmanship. Suzu does not like to use a sword. But that being said she knows how really well. This has come from a lifetime of training with one,

•Vast Spiritual Power: Her power is so much that even someone at a captain's level ( a 1-4) would have trouble moving in her presence if they did not focus their energy. Her reiryoku is so great it can disrupt energy attacks from enemies and make them so week that it’s not even worth trying to avoid.

•Vast Spiritual Power Energy Disruption and Movement limitations details .

3 tire classics or lower: Energy Disruption 90%, Movement limitations 80%
2 tire classics lower 70%
1 tire classics lower 40%
with in same tire class 20%
higher class Tier 0%

{Scientific Abilities}




Resereccion Name:
(Shi no yoroi) Armor of death

Resereccion Release Phrase/Release Actions: {N/A} by placing her powers back into her own body she does not need to use any release phrase/release actions she can do it by will alone. To onlookers her release looks as if a blue light has covered her body. This flash of blue light will then fade away showing her release form.

Resereccion Appearance:

Resereccion Abilities:
•Wormholes: she can create wormholes to redirect ranged attacks, both physical and energy based, after using this skill she can’t use again for 2 of her own post.
The best way I can think to explain it is its two portals to another spot near them a max of 20 meters away from her body. The ranged attack enters the one she makes in front of herself and comes out somewhere else this skill can only be used 3 times in a fight at max. Only usable on ranged attacks. Living things cannot enter the Wormhole.

•Bilocation: Suzu can break herself apart. Her energy is then divided up between the bodies. This allows her to be in multiple places at the same time. Or more so to fight multiple at the same time if needed.
{Guide for Bilocation} For each time she splits all the bodies’ power will be dropped by 2 tier steps. As well all will receive a - unless her normal tire has a +. The max number of bodies is 4.
Example: let’s say she was a 1-2 tier. If she splits in too two beings she will drop 2 tier steps and receive a - for that tier. ( but if her normal tire is a + it will negate the -) the drop by 2 would make her a 1-4- making her weaker than a normal 1-4 seeing how there was no +.

•Form control: Advanced off her age control Suzu has the choice to take the natural release appearance or keep the form she was in prior. This ability does not add any power to her nor does it weaken her. It merely lets her look like her normal self or the release appearance and uses her powers. (Side note she will still have the blue light cover her body and break away as stated in “Resereccion Release Phrase/Release Actions”. Just her form will not change while doing this action.)

•synesthesia: this is a curse mark that Suzu has developed which can be considered strong or weak and can have negative or positive effects depending on its use and who it's used on. This mark can switch any two skill levels with any other two skill levels the person has on their app. the mark will only go away if suzu dispels it. If she does not dispel it the mark last throughout the thread. But it’s also limited to being casted two times per thread. Suzu also must have physical contact in order to cast it. The effect of synesthesia will wear off after 10 posts( only post by the affected person counts) and the skills that have been switched well go back to normal.

{Example} if someone had a master in strength and an advanced in another skill. She can make the other skill a master and the strength go down to advanced. Why would she do this? It can completely make her opponent rethink their strategy and throw off their normal way of fighting. Seeing how they would not have that strength they normally do. Or she could use it to switch someones pain endurance level with a lower skills level. Making the person less able to take the pain of battle.

How can it help someone? If one of her allies was completely strength based and had no speed she could switch their lesser speed skill with another one of their skills that is at a higher level. This is always risky as it will make someone stronger in one area and weaker in another. Another example is if she could switch someone’s Durability with a higher skills level. So to better defend them self.

•Razor disk: Suzu can make her reiryoku form a saw blade like a metal ring. She can control only 2 at a time using her hands or fingers to guide it. She can make 5 of the blades. A Razor disk is a max of 2foot long and a minimum of 1foot. Max spin speed of 550,000 rpms. That means it spins around more than 10,000 times each second!

•Enhanced Bala machine gun: her ability to fire Rapid consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy with high energy concentration. susu is capable of firing 300 bala's per second. but finds this too costly energy-wise so is rarely done.

•Rapid Cero: she can fire a normal cero without warning. this is from the level of energy flowing thru her body making there no need to charge a normal one.

•Absorption: By placing her hands on something she can break it down to a Particle state and absorb it into her body as pure information. By absorbing she makes a complete copy both of its ability's and full atomic structure, the info is then saved inside her mind. As well the ability's she gets in this method can only be used for reproduction in weapons normally. To place abilities into a living thing will require experimenting on that person if its a player-character. This in combination with her matter ability allows for on the spot reproduction of items and even makes it possible to give the item abilities. drawbacks of the matter ability still apply such as focus/ flaws. A list of all absorbed things will be made

1. Absorption only needs a couple of particles to make the copy of the pure information and that is all it will take in. what that means is that she can't just completely absorb someone else stuff. only a small unnoticeable amount. she also can only do this by placing her hands on it, meaning she will need to be close. In regards to her own items, she can completely absorb them.

2. Experiment on a player must complete all the requirements of Genetic enhancement and infusion to be valid. This has a lot of the key stipulations and drawbacks.

3. Absorption can take in all types of matter particles but it cannot copy full abilities if not from an item/magic. Absorption can only produce the information on someone personal abilities to a small extent. namely, it can take in the atomic structure, what this means is if someone shoot a bala at her and she used Absorption on it all it would tell her is that it is harden reatsu. in a sense, all she gets is what the Ability is made of. not how to use it. or what its effects really are.

•Cero-body: she can fire cero's from many of her body parts. the body parts are as listed. feet, hands/fingers, elbow, knees,

•Matter Manipulation: this is an advanced form of her "Form sword" Suzu can now control matter and subsequently manipulating any form of matter at will. Controlling both the shape and density of it making her able to use any number of weapons. This may include her own body. suzu can easily form matter seemingly out of nothing. But this is not true it's quite simply the formula e=mc2. by the use of nonliving matter around her, she can break it down to the potential energy that it holds and make said potential energy reform into new matter. This new matter being a forged item of some kind. the item can be made to disappear after she is done using it.

Limitations: this cannot be used for energy or a bomb of any kind as the matter is converted to energy and back into matter instantly. So she cannot use the potential energy of the matter in any other way than reforming it to another form of matter. More complex items it will take planning for and time. So she can't just make a deeply intricate gun right off the top of her head. Basic weapons can be made at a whim such as plane swords and things. A list of the complex items she has thought up will be made. As well it takes a lot of mental ability to make a weapon right so if she is ever under any form of mental stress the item could have flaws in its forging making it easily breakable or not function right. Complex items will also have their own limitations and need staff approval before use.

•High-speed flight and movements: Suzu has modified her body where it can move at Speeds on par with any within her skill level. Speed is one of her primary aspects. Moving this fast is almost effortless for her and does not cause her body any more stress than a normal human going thru the daily motions. This is in part due to utilizing the modern day technology like that in the Xeon Hover Car propulsion system and re-engineering it for her own use. Seeing how she cannot go the full 100,000mph it can be assumed that she was not able to fully engineer it properly into her body. But that would be wrong. Suzu has it set up to only go within the limits of what her body can withstand. Going at its full speed would be stressful on her body and could lead to damage or even death quickly. So limits are in place to make such ungodly speed unreachable.

Ethereal Transcendence

{Ethereal Transcendence} Name: chrysalis

{Transcendence actions}: A hole forms in body symbolizing her past as a hollow. This hole can be in her chest or her hand as those are the places it used to be. In the center of the hole, a pitch black energy ball will start to form as she speaks her release phrase. As the ball expands and fills the hole her body is also covered with a black coating. This black coating that once covered her whole body will then flow across her body and take the shape of new apparel and reviling what she truly is.

{Release Phrase}: Discard the pseudo-self and let them tremble in my reality.

{Reiatsu levels}: suzu’s Reiatsu at this point is unlike any of her other forms. It does not have the feel of any known race to it as it is unique to her. Those with advanced mental deduction would feel something that was like a Vizard yet still different. People with master or grandmaster could tell what she is. A being that had broken the boundary between Hollow and Shinigami with a faint hint of a demon. suzu’s reiatsu cannot be felt by anyone 1-2 or lower when in this form and this fact allows those lower to not be effect by her Vast Spiritual Power ability when she is in this form. This allows them to move and attack without feeling its limiting effect on them.

{Spiritual Energy Color}: purple and black

Appearance Photo:

•Inheritance Recall: This form is quite literally suzu calling on all her power. It’s normal for a Arrancar to keep their base/ Previous forms abilities when going into a Release form. With this is a little different. In this form, some of her other old ability are not usable or changed some for the better and others even made weaker.

~Un-usable list: (1)Broadcasted (2) Soul-Body Separation (3)Hasten chamber (4)Genetic enhancement (5)soul forging (6)Form control (7)Bilocation as this is the one true her she cannot split herself or be split to use this form.

Weaker abilities:
~Vast Spiritual Power (can now only affect those 1-1 or better. What this means overall is that as it would affect someone in her own class my 20% like normal the only one that can get affected by 40% is a 1-1. All lower can still move freely. This also removed the possibility of Vast Spiritual Power going over 40%. So that no one can be affected by 70% to 100% making the skill a lot weaker in this form. )

~ Rapid processing: This is the only one of her abilities that changes for the better. Her mental ability to process information speeds up when in this form. This thereby reduces the time needed to analyze and learn something by half. This does not reduce its cooldown or boost its recall limit.

•Sonic blade: This is a production of her force. A wise man was once asked what the best weapon was. The man looked back at the person and said: “it’s not the weapon but the person wielding it that matters.” These words ring true for almost anything in Suzu’s hands can become a deadly weapon. a simple swipe of her hand can generate a blade of air that brakes the sound barrier and has the same cutting power as a sword would. When mixing this power with weapons is where the real danger comes in. for if one was to clash blades with her. Yes, they stopped the physical blade but the sonic one would flow on past. Possibly caching them off guard.

•Energy and force control: Suzu’s power seems to have a level of consciousness of its own. A good example of this is how her energy seems to only damage things she would want it to. This meaning she can fire a cero with more than enough power to blow up everything around her, but after the blast is done only a single tree leaf was destroyed. Everything else is left unharmed by her. Suzu sees no point in destroying the land or things around you and dos not think like other people. Some may brag about how they can shoot a cero that can destroy a skyscraper, suzu would laugh at these people as she can shoot a cero that only destroys what it was supposed to.

•Aura Barrier: This is the energy field her body normally produces and works as her Vast Spiritual Power energy description when in this form. The scale it works on is the same as Vast Spiritual Power’s originally was but no longer affect the whole area. Instead only affect the area immediately around her body. This ability does not stack up with Vast Spiritual Power. So those that are still affected by it cannot be susceptible to this as well.

•Cellular re-creation and bonding: At first glance, one might think she has a rapid healing ability but that is quite simply not true. Suzu using her matter ability re-creates missing cells. She also uses this to move the matter that makes up her own body back together and rebounding it back in its proper place. This resembles rapid healing in appearance and most would be tricked into thinking it is the same. But to see its difference all you need to do is pierce her heart. An act that is deadly to almost all beings, but this does not stop her mind from rebuilding it. The true limits of this power are that as long as she got the energy to use she will keep fighting unless her head is destroyed. For as long as she can think and as long as she gots energy she will just restore her body.

•Mastery of Mysticism: By the Study of divers magics of the world she has a treasure trove of information in her mind in regards to all forms of spells. Rather it is the Shinigami kido, demon magic, or what have you. This plethora of occult knowledge is utilized with her being able to cast even complex spells and thing on the fly, or even getting creative and making new ones up on the spot. But this does not stop there Suzu is foremost a scientist and the true power in this is when she applies it to the other knowledge she has.

One example of this is let’s say Suzu was fighting an electric user, and let’s say this electric user somehow exploded a water tank and flooded the ground. Water does normally amplify electric currents this is true. This would make the whole field there fighting in a death-trap. But with suzu’s scientific knowledge she knows that absolutely pure water, with no impurities, is, in fact, a perfect insulator. Therefore by using her occult knowledge, she can remove all its impurities thereby nullifying the electric via the use of both scientific and magical knowledge together.

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History image references



Part one Told by: Lolya-Báthory

Part two Told by:Efah Gerushah
Part three Told by Morgana. interrupted by SAki
Part fore Told by Suzu


Racial Skills

•Perquisa: Advanced
•Sonido: Elite
•Hierro: Elite

General Skills

• Durability: Elite
• General Speed: Elite
• Strength: Elite
• Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills.

Willpower/Determination: Master
Mental Deduction: Master
Focus: Elite

Old upgrade links

her old Power Tier was 0-2 and i left the links that i could find of upgrades. I full well know that her skills and Tier may drop. If new ruling changes them i will make appropriate revisions.

1-1 to 1-1++
1-1++ to 05

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Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:31 pm

||Morgana ||

- Name: Morgana
- Titles:
- Gender:female
- Appearance Age: 26
- Age:
- Affiliation/Rank: rouge

- Appearance Description: though she is really shy in the inside her dressing are more intimidating. She dressed with a style and elegance that seems to commands authority. Its overall look being more so uniform, with lots of complexities. for her it is "dress to what you want to be not how you are." she feel some empowerment in doing this, like she is one step closer to overcoming her shy self that she keeps hiding on the inside. A lot like Suzu herself she whereas an eye patch often to hide her red eye.

- Appearance Picture:

- Personality: Morgana has two sides the part that shows and the true self she hides.externally she puts on a hard armor to protect her feelings. she is goal oriented constantly working to achieve her wishes. its almost like a mask around other propel she seems strong, facing any challenge head on happily. but on the inside she is very shy and fearful. she hated conflict and most the time just wants to run and hide but knowing that she cant makes her want to cry. Morgana is friendly to people but does not really see any one as her friend. friends are people that are close. she cant afford that as if any one got to know her, the real her they would see her weakness. the content fight in her head to not let that part show some times makes her act irrational, or jump the gun.she is always nurvus around other people. not knowing what they really want from her and wanting to just get away from them asap. if Morgana had it her way she would just stay by her self. loneliness if her only friend. if she is alone there is no one to judge her. no one to have to hide her self from.

Morgana is uncomfortable with relationships. she agnolages hebi as her husband but lacks the drive to act lovingly to him. more so that she is only a small part of the one he married and in her eyes the weakest part.she feels as tho she does not have the right to act as a wife when she is so fair beneath all the others.

- Likes: solitude

- Dislikes: socializing

- History: Morgana having the memories of the soulsoiaty also knows it was not her doing thos things. she feels inadequate as there was no way she would be capable of going thru the academy. it was fare to inter active with others. she feels if she tryed to do that the only rezult would be a brake down. she does not know how she is so different from the other fragments. there all so strong willed yet she is so week.

Morgana has a deep desire to change to be as strong as the other. to beabel to do any thing she wants with out any worrying of what will happen. To do this she started forcing her self to do things. she would walks around the soulsoiaty. to help build up tolerance to people. On her first walk along she ran in to she kids playing in the streets. seeing her sword they thought her to be some super cool soulreaper. but Morgana being her shy self found it hard to talk with them with out sturtering .the kids quickly started calling her out on this and picking on her. one of the kids going as far to take her sword away and playing a game of monkey in the middle with it. Morgana who was fare to unstable could not deal with this and started crying as she chaced the kids trying to get her sword back. Morgana went home emty handed as she could not recover it.

In the end it was saki how got it back for her. saki making the deal not to tell suzu about her loosing her sword or any of the ordeal if she got to eat the kids. Morgana was ok with any thing as long as she got it back. saki was more than happy to follow her to the kids home and rip them limb from limd .

- Reiatsu Color: gold

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Akasha

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

- Inner World: A forest with a flowing rook bound by chains.

- Shikai Apperance:

- Shikai Description: her

- Shikai Abilities: Kido Shot. her Zanpakutô look as though its part gun yet to has no barrel. But mixing silent casting or fully chanted spell she lodes her blade with kido. this allows her to focus on offense and defense more by not needing to take the time to stop and cast. along with allowing the spells to be less predictable. she May even for thew the effort of chant one or calling out its name, yet casting a different one out her sword. storing the chanted one for later use. for a foe well versed in kido this is really use full as most people only fall for and given kido once. she can hold six charges in it at a time.

This mixed with her knowledge and mastery of kido she inherits from suzu combining for a deadly weapon to her head on fighting style.

Chamber loading: Zanpakutô's gun aspect Six Chambers are normal loaded with kido from her but this however is not limited to kido but all forms of energy and spells. if it makes contact with her blade she can absorb it and store for use later or fire it back. but storing foreign energy makes that Chamber nu-usable for 4 post once discharged

Element blade: This is when she makes a charge in her blade active but not casting it. This allows it to take on the property's of what is stored in that chamber. for example if it was a flame kido her blade with start burning.

- Bankai Apperance:

- Bankai Description: her Bankai is a fully bodysuit with large blades attached to her hands. But more so her body it self changes is size becoming more streamlined.

- Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

General Skills

Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:38 pm

|| Iolya ||

• Name: Iolya
• Age: 15
• Gender: female
• Affiliation/Rank: rouge
{Power Sets1}: intelligence. It is one thing to know something and how it works. lolya goes a bit farther than others as she likes to grasp intrinsic and extrinsic values from everything that she sees. this helps her to understand its possible applications, which she can then flip and utilize for her self.

• Appearance Description: Iolya looks rather normal for humans in this day and age. there is nothing really off about her. her hair and eyes are not even that big of a deal as it's not uncommon for powered humans to have such things about them. Her body type is not small for her age or too big she fits right within the social norm. the way she dresses is not revealing at all covering up most her body. but that is not uncommon for a girl her age.

• Appearance Picture:


• Personality: witch an outgoing attitude she jumps head first ant task she can. to most, she is like any other young girl. love hanging out with friends and living a mundane life/ if you can overlook the murdering aspect. she loves all living beings and is joy full. she also loves to see what the insides of those beings look like. one thing that is a little off about her is that nothing seems to bother her. always with a happy almost inviting look on her face. this can be unnerving at times like if she is shown disturbing images that would make most girls freak out. or how she can go into grotest detail with certain things.

as far a "love" goes she likes the idea of it and acknowledges Hebi fully. if he is around her she tends to watch her mannerisms to portray herself as a sweet girl. as a fragment she sees him as her partner as well. she can be really shy around him and embarrassed easy.

Natural Attributes & Supernatural Powers

• Natural Attributes:
Víma Skill: They would not be complete without a high-speed skill, Víma is their answer to keeping up with other races and their unnaturally fast pace. In this instance they instead "trace lines", to achieve high speeds a user is not actually running and nor do they even have to move. What they possess is akin to moving their own vector, by tracing these conceptual pathways that they travel upon a Soul Evolution human is effectively riding a conveyor belt and creating the path as they travel it, alternatively a Soul Evolution Human can personalize this or use it in different ways such as appearing to skate, fly or even swing from apparently nothing. Preparation is key though with this race a stronger user can achieve effects such as tracing a line for their attack to make it occur faster or even slow down an opponents offense with they are skilled enough.

Prima Materia Control: Things that fall into this category is the control that a Soul Evolution Human has over their Prima Materia, this is typically what the true potential of their skills come from but there are exceptions of this which is covered in the other sections. Simply put this skill can be divided into categories to make it easier to understand; Construction and Manipulation. A quick and brief idea as to what these two categories mean. Construction is a highly potent aspect of this skill. It follows the simple idea of using Prima Materia and Alchemy to create objects or something into the tangible world whether that be a conceptual object or physical ones. An example of a conceptual object would be akin to a knife constructed with the idea of "water". A simple concept which would be more reasonable for a person of lesser skill meanwhile a more advanced user of Prima Materia could take a more intricate concept such as acid, efficacy or even time if they had achieved the pinnacle of mastery over the energy. Constructs are not limited to objects though, construction also involves the formulae for uses such as golems, familiars and equipment. Here to downside though. More often than not construction is not something you can do on the fly, it requires preparation and time. This skill is not often viable as a means of combat with very few being able to do constructs on the fly.

Aiónios Skill: The Universal Panacea is one of the two main goals of any Alchemist, what if I told you this goal had been achieved many centuries ago? Originally crafted as an elixir the innovation of the race eventually allowed for it to become imbued within their genetics. Essentially instead of creating it again, they have already assimilated it into themselves to grant a very, very high vitality. Their life-force is considered to be immense, with the ability to survive damage similar to a Shinigami - where the only true way to ensure death is through beheading or substantial damage for long periods of time without aid. Their aging has essentially stopped albeit a curse. A Soul Evolution human's Aiónios is effectively sealed until they have gone past puberty. Therefore until a person's body is completely developed they will not have access to the benefits of this skill. Keep in mind this is not age related but development related to the body, bodies can develop after a few months and attain Aiónios if they reach maturity.

Anima Stone Control: The Anima Stone is more important than you'd think for a Soul Evolution human, not only being their actual connection to Prima Materia it has a great deal of importance. Firstly an Anima Stone actually is the means that energy is gained. A person will be connected to Prima Materia and also the Anima Mundi through this stone. If Prima Materia is manipulating the very nature of reality through the energy that is gathered by the stone then the Anima Stone actually allows for the "manipulation of the Anima Mundi". It is the aspect of environmental manipulation that a user has. This involves more direct control of matter, not overlaying an effect on reality.

{ Powers:}
•weapon materialization: Iolya can form lots of things out of matter and in combat she uses this to arm herself. Things like swords, knives, or just blades are easy to make. One might not see this as a really strong ability tell she applies her knowledge to it. Such as if she is fighting an ice user making the blades out of burning energy instead of metal.

• Pure Abilities: Psychokinesis: it only applies to things she has made but her weapons can move without her touching them. some examples of this are like how she adds force to Projectiles, but she can also use it as a good trap. letting her sword be knocked out of her hand just to, later on, pull it back to her while her UN-knowing opponent is not looking

Soul Detection: This ability similar to other races detection ability is borne from her psychic ability. Tho she can't read minds her sense go a few steps beyond the 6th. to not only pick up on energy and feelings but also intent. with her knowledge of the different races, she can deduce from someone's energy signatures witch race their part of and general location. however, it does not give a sense of overall surroundings. meaning she won't know the layout of the area by using it only knowing the things listed below.

A: direction someone is in.
B: about how far away they are.
C: what race there part of. ( or if she has interacted with them before she may remember their name. and know who it is.)
D: Emotional state:
E: with energies being let out into an area she can feel its intent. rather its meant to be harmful or help.

Sacred Release

• Sacred Release Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when they release their spiritual power. This is essentially equivalent to a Shinigami's Shikai.)

• Sacred Release Powers: (Does your human get any additional powers from this transformation? For instance, if you had the power to control Fire in your base, could you control heat and magma in this state? Or would you gain something else?)

Ascended Sacred State

•Ascended Sacred State Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when they release their spiritual power. This is essentially equivalent to a Shinigami's Bankai.)

• Ascended Sacred State Powers: (Does your human get any additional powers from this transformation? For instance, if you had the power to control Fire in your base, could you control heat and magma in this state? Or would you gain something else?)

Background History

• Background: Iolya is the fragment of suzu's humanity and has thus inherited the memories of her life. she loves thinking back on the days gone by. of a time when she uses to walk the streets of the city as a servant of a noble family. it was so long ago but she can still pitcher the dress store she uses to window shop. its gown's rich and luxurious she use to go there often to look but rarely buy one. at least get to go in and buy it her self. she was supposed to be a servant after all so she had to keep up the appearance. she could pick one out and send someone else to buy it no doubt, but that was never the same as walking in and picking out whatever you want. even more so being able to wear it home and in public.

the townspeople all loved Iolya. she was always such a sweet-hart and humble to them. there was a lot of the younger men that even had an eye for was a long time ago and normally girls of her age are eligible for marriage. she was seen by most to be the perfect potential wife. she was a servant to a noble house so cooking and cleaning were things she used to. she was well known for being nice for everyone, especially children. taking time out each of her trips to the down to play with them. she did not seem to care if the kids here from a legitimate family or even orphan bastards. she was nice to them all.

when it comes to the time of her death there were a lot of the townspeople trying to free her of all the charges. they argued that there was no way such a sweet girl was part of the hell her master did. but the people of the courts cared not for the pleas of the peasants and only wanted to put all that nightmare behind them. A survivor stated that Iolya may have taken part in the horrific torture, that she had heard Iolya voice almost the screams of others but did not get hurt by her personally. that was proof enough for them. the fact of Iolya's noble blood was unknown to them, thus she was put to death. Iolya walked with pride to the chopping block keeping the dignity intact even as the blade shaves her head from the body.

General Skills

Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

Anima Stone: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Prima Materia: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Aiónios: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Víma: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:48 pm

|| EfahI ||Gerushah ||

- Name: Efah ( Darkness, gloom.) Gerushah ( Exiled, sent away. )
- Titles:
- Gender: female
- Appearance Age:18
- Age: 800
- Affiliation/Rank: rouge

{Power Sets}:focus. keeping your eyes on the prize and never filtering from your goal is the easiest way to achieve them. she knows thins and wont let any thing stand in her way.

- Appearance Description: One thing that sets Efah apart suzu herself is her eyes. Like all them she has two different colored eyes but one is more of a gold color instead of blue. This is from her being the hollow aspect of Suzu who was a wolf. This one eye and her tendency to use her own claws over weapons are about the only animistic things left in her. Efahi is a Vasto Lorded that has two shifter states… and it’s not really clear why. There is no true need for it as there is no change of ability or personality. If one had to look for a reason for it all they would find it in her personal preference. One is more ladylike in appearance as the other is less dignified. The more presentable one also where’s a hollow mask a lot covering half her face. Not because she has to where it but to show her race off to others proudly. Its true mask fragment stick out from her head from the right side. In the other state her fragment changes side as well as her red eye. Both of them seem to not have any armor to speak of. She sees no point in it with her skin as armor would only limit mobility.

- Appearance Picture:

- Personality: methodical and conscientious: Efah can almost seem OCD at times with her own things. She knows all too well without organization there is only discord. Her thoughts tend to be more systematic. As she looks at each situation Efah quickly determines the best way to deal with it and what is the process needed to complete her goal. But it would not be good to confuse her for OCD as she does not need order to everything around her. It is just a standard she keeps for herself.

Tactician: it goes along with methodical. When Efah does anything it’s for a reason. No matter how off it is or silly it may be there is always a goal in mind and she will do her up most to complete. She commonly likes to watch people's movement patterns and once she has them down planting traps is a lot easier.

Emotional detachment: To say she is cold hearted would be a lie; it’s more like she won’t let her emotions get in her way. She can be quite cheerful and kind. But when it comes down to her work she will not let her personal feelings get in the way, no matter what may happen. If a loved one or a good friend tried to stop her from completing a task Efah would not hesitate to kill them. She would cry for them once the job is done and has the time, but that is all she can really do.

Efah knows herself and what she likes; marriage is a common life goal. Seeing now she is technically already married its one less thing she has to do. Not only that but she sees no point in trying to fight what is already set in stone. She also can't deny that just looking at him set fireflies free inside her, each flap of their wings feeding the flame of love that burn with in her chest.
- Likes: organization

- Dislikes: short sighted people, laziness,

- Hollow type: Vasto Lorde
- Hollow Power:
•Cero: powerful spiritual light fired by Menos Grande and Arrancar

•Boom bala: A bala is hardened spiritual pressure. Efah can use them in the conventional way and in a non-conventional way. The non-conventional being like a boom, or more so like a grenade. its hard outer coating of the bala containing a strong explosive blast inside that can be detonated at will. the applications for this varies but works well for planting traps. one would think the bala missed yet it would have simply pierced the ground lying in wait tell the enemy passes over it.

•Enhanced Bala machine gun: her ability to fire Rapid consecutive Bala blasts at the enemy with high energy concentration. capable of firing 150 bala's per second.

•Grand ray cero: Is a Cero that only Espada are capable of using. It is performed by mixing an Espada's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power.

•Descorrer: a technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo

•Body control: This is just in regard to her appearance and physical form. She controls her body shape and can adjust it to her environment. One example of this is as if she was righting under water she can change the way she takes in air. By changing herself to be more fish like gaining gills and fins.

• Arrancar assimilation: She is a fragment of Suzu's hollow self. a large amount of that time was spent as a arrancar. Though she is more of a hollow she has lost some hollow aspects and gained some of the Arrancar's. Namely Sonido and Hierro but lost Acid and Garganta as primary skills.

- Weapons:

•Ernesta (Resolute,) :Ernesta is her blood and a Weapon at the same time. From her hand she can let her blood flow out. This blood reacts to her will and takes on the shape she wishes. Normally a scythe but it can mimic any shape she likes. No matter the shape of it the properties don't change. the bloods coagulation make it extremely hard when outside of her body, more so than her own armor skin. that is partly out of need as the only way to get the blood back in to her is to stab part of it in to her. Once this is done she can re liquefy it and return it to her bloodstream refining all impurities from it while doing so. This Weapon is part of her and as such can fire bala's ceros and even grand rey if needed.

•Ossein reaver: this is Efah claw hand. Use both as an offensively and defensively. Offensively it is very basic in its function. Used to strike or slash at her target. But defensively it can warp the space around it. This bend in space is used to redirect incoming attacks. The warp is not visible to the eye and thus gives the appearance that the attack merely bounced off it and is only usable agent’s energy that passes through the area not physical matter.

- Background: as the hollow fragment she knows nothing of her human life. For her it all starts as a hollow wolf roaming the lands attacking any in her path. The constant fight to survive and evolve. as a Vasto Lorde playing weak is what made sosuke aizen and all his hollow followers never take an interest in her. For she only showed her true self or power when she found something she wanted that was beneficial to eat. But it was at this time that she learned of another kind of hollow the Arrancar. For her becoming an arrancar right now would have been an unwise choice. So she stayed a Vasto lorde. But that is not to say she left the arrancar alone. O no that would be passing up an opportunity that her hunger for knowledge simply would not allow her to miss. By showing some skills in manipulation she would convince weaker arrancar to follow her to their demise. Rather she told them that another arrancar wanted to have a one on one fight to see who is stronger or things a bit more lecherous. Whatever was needed to get them alone? After that the element of surprise was on her side as they all seen her only as a lesser hollow. The first kill was difficult if it was not for her running him thru the chest before he become aware of her intentions there was no chance she would have won. By adjusting her energy to react properly to his normal Hierro she cut thru it good enough. Even after dealing him such a wound the fight lasted over 15 minets tell she emerged victorious. But the power that she gained from eating just one was substantial. It was not a fast proses as there was a lot of waiting and planning to get an arrancar all alone, but with each passing one it become a lot easier to kill. When a hollow becomes an arrancar they no longer need to eat souls, they also lose the ability of gaining power by eating souls and other hollows for the most part. But Efah was not an Arrancar and still had this ability, each of the weak Arrancar she fed on adding to her power greatly and helping her refine herself even further. Tell the point she had the strength of a normal arrancar... but after that she could not feel her self-getting any stronger from eating. After that the memories get fuzzy as she was no longer pure hollow.

General Skills

• Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
• General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
• Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
•Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

•Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
•Hierro : Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
•Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
•Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:53 pm

||SAkiI ||

Name }:咲希 = Saki= 咲 (sa) "blossom" and 希 (ki) "hope".
{Character True Age}[/b: 813 Years Old
[b]{Character Appearance Age}: 14
{Character Gender}: Female
{Orientation}: One of many skills and Organizations .
{Race}: demon.

» Affiliation/Rank: rouge?

» Shifter Appearance Written: Saki's Shifter appearance is not Simply changing her looks. It's a seal that is placed on her body by suzu. In her original form, Saki is a bit of a handful. She has a lot more energy and active yes ... but also a lot less dependable. She may be a little lazy in a child's body, but that is preferable to constantly having to worry about where she is and what she is doing. To return to her true self-authorization by suzu is needed from a telepathic link. Suzu expects a good excuse, not just Saki is too short to reach the top cabinet to get a snack. Suzu believes one should Hold them-self responsible for a higher standard. Saki fell blow suzu's in her demeanor. So she took control till she matures some. When in Shifter which is most of the time she is bound to a child's body with mental and hormonal limiters in place.

Eyes of red and blue and hair of pure white which are too be expected from a fragment of suzu. Her ears are like that of a bunny and with her physical size, she can look to be really sweet and innocent. Saki also has a pair of bat wings that seem to spring forth from her hips.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written: saki's true self is more violent disobedient and lustful. It has almost no respect for any authority, not even suzu. If one had to put an age to it she be early to mid 20 and her resemblance grows a bit stronger. The hair that was once snow white now more like silver. The eyes not changed in color but the look behind them devious in its nature. Her ears that were once cute and fluffy like a bunny no more. But long and pointed like an elf. her bat wings become white as well as much larger. If one could not tell she was a demon in her Shifter there will be no denying it in this form. She clearly has horn sprouting out of her head and a forked tail. She still likes cute things and on her outfit one can see a lot of heart shapes, but it would be worth noting she also thinks it's a good idea to rip yours out.

» True Appearance Picture:
{Power Sets1}: Durability. Although durability is not a full defense on its own it's a good thing to have on your side. if you're not fast enough to dodge a hit at least know how to take one.

{Power Sets 2}: Demon Magic. Magic is one's own will and energy twisting the fabric of reality to call forth any number of thing. this can be something small like a cup to drink from, a told of lighting to strike down our enemies or even summoning something to do your dirty work for you.

• General Personality
Saki is happy-go-lucky most the time and does not really worry about anything. she can also be really childish and throw a temper tantrum if she does not get her way. Her playful side tends to get the best of her as she is always willing to play and puts fun as her top priority, it is, for this reason, she is never given important task as if it needs to be done right away and she has a chance to play. Saki will pick to play "12" times out of 10. I say 12 as she will add in at least 2 times on her own.

Saki is ruthless when it comes to killing as she does not see any value to others life. They are just good as a toy to her and like all her toys they break. but that is part of the fun for her seeing how much stress she can put on a toy tell it gets to the snapping point.

•Favorite Color: Black. darkness makes her feel safe like it was home. she likes a lot of Colors even bright ones, but black has a special place in her heart

•Favorite food: Human. the meat of man is rather chewy and sweet. not only that but its easy to get a hold of with just how high the human population is

•Favorite flower: Black rose. would a rose by any other color smell as sweet. yes, but it would not be her Favorite.

• Habits: A little night stalker she loves hunting from the cover of shadows

•Likes: killing, sleeping. eating. goofing off. blood

•Dislikes: sunlight it makes her feel weak and sleepy

•Fears: silver touching it tends to burn her skin lightly.

•Loyalty: Loyal to her self and friends.

•Flaws: acts a lot before thinking things thru.

•Friendly: to the ones she seen as a friend she is sweet and will even offer them some of her food. anyone else is food.

•Flirt: a seductress. she loves to try and lure people in with charm. but fails a lot due to her undeveloped body.

•Sexuality: Bi and hungry. Saki knows Suzu is married but fails to acknowledge him as her husband.she likes to think of herself as an individual.

•Hates: being hungry or having to do work.

» History
saki as in herself is rather new to the world as she was derived from just part of someone else, but in that short time, she made a couple complications for her maker. As soon as she was split off for the first time she challenged and insulted Suzu, normally Suzu would not think much of something like this. Just a minor flaw that needed fixing. Suzu took the fight jokingly for a time, but then saki made a fatal mistake of insulting her work. Once this was done it was as if someone flipped a switch. Saki's eye could not even keep up with suzu's speed but, she felt each bone break as she was struck. It felt like one blow but saki knows that it had to be several as each bone that was crushed was a clean break. clavicle, sternum, ribs, humerus, radius, ulna, femur, fibula, tibia. Which in a blink of an eye all of them were snapped. Saki now laying on the ground immobilized bleeding out from pieces of her skeletal structure protruding from within her. This was not the end of it as while laying there small bits of her were cut off one by one tell Suzu felt that Saki had learned her lesson. Saki is scared of suzu now and this is probably why she lessens part of the time. Along with suzu's modifications to sealing away her true form.

saki was in the lab for days after this healing slowly. Suzu even put forth the effect of using a spirit suppressant to prevent fast healing. It was at this time suzu did placed limiters on her so she could not use her true self anymore. Saki could tell she did not have all the energy she normally did but something else was different too, her mind was not so unstable. She was also a lot smaller. Saki did not mind her small size at first but quickly she came to hate it. All the junk food were up high and she had to fly up each time she wanted one. this quickly gets old. now saki hates how short she is to the point on whining constantly.

» Natural Abilities:

Za Koa's Influence: For example, an advanced Za Koa Skill user at two-tier is capable of spreading this technique across an average battlefield in order to taint the surrounding vicinity around them in order to gain the upper hand in combat. These advantages include that all of their stats are typically doubled if the influence is not sealed away or fought with magic. So, going back to our two-tier demon, he would be able to obtain a doubled increase in his abilities, powers, speed, endurance, reaction time, mental thinking, knowledge and so on and so forth. Users who are Master in this skill can usually get triple benefits, and Grand Masters quadruple.

Knowledge Of Environment: Another trait gained from spreading Za Koa's influence throughout any given area is that typically most demon's are given knowledge of their surrounding vicinity. For example, if our two-tier demon had performed this within Karakura Central, it would be able to detect various hidden sources in the immediate fighting area such as hidden barriers, seals, spirit beings within the area and things of this nature. On a master level, this would allow some demons to even detect various elements within in a being. This can be from a persons Zanpukto Spirit to scanning JUST how much energy they have in total left in them, searching for any unusual traits about their body such as abnormal defense or offense and things of this nature that CAN be detected. This knowledgeability, however, only gives you the knowledge to beat something. Actually beating it, however, is another story.

Reaitsu Drain: This ability goes hand and hand with Za Koa's Influence. With this technique, our two-tier can constrain the flow of reishi and reiatsu within an area in order to make opponents somewhat weaker as reiatsu is energy in use, this can also lead to canceling out attack on some levels, overpowering attacks if there is a major gap in power and for advanced users and up being able to control the reiatsu they constrain. However, please note, reaitsu drain does NOT mean you will simply go around consuming energy until you level up.

Black Inferno Blast: Black Inferno is a massive burst of destructive energy a demon can unleash if they have Adept or higher on Za Koa. It starts by gathering energy from Za Koa along with the Demon's Blood and any type of darkness. From there, it will form into a ball of darkness that can be used to unleash serious damage upon anything it hits; resulting in a black explosion that is similar to a cero in destruction and can be broken down like a bala as well. Though, unlike a cero or bala, The Black Inferno Blast does a lot more than just simply explode. When it explodes, if trapped within the blast, the opponent will begin to feel extreme amounts of the heat generating from their skin; so hot, in fact, some believe they are actually on fire from the strain on a person's will. However, this does more than that. That's simply the sign of a dangerous demon parasite entering a person's body. If direct contact is made or even partial contact, there will be a strong rush of parasites, demon magic and Za Koa's force entering a person's body. From that point, over the course of five post if there was a direct hit or three for an indirect, this will begin to heavily tax an opponent. It will force them to drain extreme amounts of energy until they are somewhat weakened, slowed or damaged if they are unable to extract it from there bodies.

Kage Chōkyō-shi: Kage Chōkyō-shi is the ability for most demons with adept Za Koa users to travel through different dimensions, travel throughout the battlefield or even use it for defense. By channeling Za Koa's energy in addition to the various seals throughout their body in addition to their Shadow Movement, they are able to create many different dimensional holes in the area's around them; each of them being able to range from a small vicinity such as a few inches to the size of a city block depending on their Za Koa skill. These can lead to other realms; while there is also the possibility it can be used to shield against attacks if they are not more powerful than the demon and be used on the offensive by attempting to slash the opponents attack in half by creating one of those opening in the center of their assault.

The Art Of Demon Magic: What exactly IS the Arts of Demon Magic? In a sense, you could call it the Demon's Kidō, but you'd be wrong as well. Why? Well, Demon Magic actually works like real MAGIC is supposed to. Of course, Kidō like spells, summons and barriers can be created with Demon Magic. That's a given. However, it can be taken MUCH further than that application. For instance, an advanced user in Demon Magic could use this in order to gain Telekinesis on a more light level. Even combat standards, if he were to look at an attack and see it coming, the Telekinesis would kick in an attempt to change its course if enough was generated from The Demon to negate it. Another example would be gaining Gyrokinesis in some cases in order to actually make it seem like they are toying with gravity itself; which in fact they are. Within a contained area, this demon could remove the gravity of some things, make it heavier in other places or even apply it to more focused objects like their attacks to cause more impact force.

Akuma Kyodo: Thanks to the full body seal most demons have on their bodies from birth, Akuma Kyodo gives most Demon's a layer of defensive skin that is similar to an Arrancar's Hierro. This will be general defense, though if have a high Za Koa Skill, you can temporarily double your defense. Masters can do it for ten posts, Advanced for seven, adept for four and beginners for two. All come with a three post cooldown. But that's where the similarities end, and the differences begin. What makes a demon's Akuma Kyodo: so different? Well, for instance, this layer of skin is not just applied physically like Arrancar's are or any other races natural defense. What makes a demon's defense stands out is that it applies to magic, spiritual attacks, their environments, how resistant they are to poisons or toxins and even how much their mental state improves.

Shadow Movement: This is what some MIGHT call the Demon's Answer to flash step: Shadow Movement. It allows them to move at a quick burst of speeds on most occasions to allow them to travel very far distances in short amount of times, that is for certain. Though, this is where some similarities come to an end. Unlike most other races, Demon's get many nifty benefits than just Super Speed. Take this for example: from the seals on a demon's legs and feet that generate insane amounts of energy from all of the sources of power they collect; it will be able to give yourself a temporary boost of intense speed called "Shadow Burst". Shadow Burst is a period of time where your demon will double their speed on average if they are at least adept. It will transition into how fast their attacks are created or launched, the demon's reaction time to increase the odds of evading, countering or noticing a person, object or anything else within a vicinity that has a prense in order to do something about it, it increases their mental awareness to more alert levels and it even goes into their natural powers.

Affinity For Hell: If a Demon ever gets the chance to foot into hell or has the skill level and power to summon it's a presence on the battlefield, they can potentially increase their power by five times just by having it around them. In some instances, in fact, Demon's can even rise one tier level if enough consumes them for the duration of the thread they are in. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of hellish energy within that place for Demon's to thrive on and it's filled with many hidden elements that were designed to overcharge a Demon in times of crisis. But, in addition to that, the presence of hell augments not only their power abilities but the inherent and magical abilities of a said demon; giving improved versions of their abilities or completely new ones altogether.

Sacrificing Incantation: Sacrifices are something that is very unique to demons as there are thousands upon thousands of them that have many different effects, methods, and steps. For instance, a small scale Sacrifice would be something like a demon spilling human blood in order to get a slight increase in his power for a short time. While on the other hand, if a demon were able to slaughter a mass population center, they would be able to gain more power such as in KQM Mana's case. Though, Sacrifices are NOT just for power. They can be used to increase intelligence, the increase will, unlock hidden talents, give untold riches to the demon and so on and so forth. (There will be a list of available sacrifices as a demon can do very soon to accommodate this new power.)

Curse Effect: Curses are natural to a demon and work somewhat like a decaying system. For instance, when a demon uses their Curse ability they can inflict sickness on any type of living or spiritual being which in turn can bring about illnesses within them, gradually drain them of their power and ultimately make it very hard for fighting due to the fact that this Curse Effect can eventually begin to heavily weaken the persons Reiygoku, Reaitsu and Physical body to the point where it would be well advised to seek medical attention before too long. However, that is not the only use of Curses. It can also be inflicted on a mental level depending on the persons Will Power Skill Sheet and can eventually begin to inflict insanity, madness, distracting thoughts and some succubus class skills.

» Unique Abilities:

Demonic imperium sorcerer: Saki seems to intone to the arcane arts. this allows her to use the approved list of demon spells that anyone has access to, but more than that is she has seen someone perform a different spell in front of her most times she can break how it’s used down in her mind and reproduce it if her body is capable. Some spells may be too strong for her body to take the stress of casting. Other than that she uses the essence of magic itself. Realty in conformity to will. This does not mean she can do just anything, more so she can do lots of spells without speaking at all simply letting them become reality without any chant or prayer and is a base from which some of her other powers can be rooted back two.

Flying. Saki can fly, but not just in one way. hers is a pure magick and can be done in many ways. most commonly it is by wind using to give her the lift that is needed. but its not limited to this as she can also use a gravity spell also. this is how she flies even in places without wind or air like space.

Vampirism: Saki's Vampirism is different in the way it reacts with the body. it is not heavenly intoxicating as it is for suzu. the healing and energy efficiency are the same as hers. but she is not limited on how often she can use it. ( will only work on feeding form npc's once in any fight. any other feeding must be on a player.) after eating Saki seems to be happy and full of life. And if she is in her true form... promiscuously aggressive/frustrated that she can't really fully act on the felling.

» Adjustable State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Adjustable State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

General Skills

Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Demon Skills

Za Koa Core:
Posessive Magic:
Possessive Augment:
Possessive Influence:

Will Skills

Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: TBD
  • Mental Deduction: TBD
  • Pain Endurance: TBD
  • Focus: TBD

Comments/Notes: I'd just like to say I'm extremely sorry that this app has taken so long to be graded, Zets. This is mostly good, and the actual quality of the app is perfectly within standards, there are just a few minor things that need touching up.

2. Experiment on a player must complete all the requirements of Genetic enhancement and infusion to be valid. This has a lot of the key stipulations and drawbacks.

This is a bit vague in what it entails, as I could not find the requirements referenced in the app offhand. The ability itself seems fine, but I would ask that you give a bit more clarification as to what those requirements are before I can give a proper grading.

Suzu herself is currently missing Will Skills, and has her General Skills listed twice. I would like to see her prior Will Skills (the upgrades were much appreciated) before I can definitively grade them.

Iolya and Saki need minor touching up to fit with modern racial specs, additionally. Iolya uses Soul Dash and Soul Detection, which no longer exist in the current Soul Evo Human racial sheet. Similarly, Demons have undergone a rework recently, and Saki's skills therefore also require updating. Their unique racial powers are still acceptable, but their standard ones will need an update.

Here is the updated Soul Evo race spec.

Here is the updated Demon race spec.

Tier: TBD
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[mod]Moved to pending.[/mod]

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[adm]Moved to WIP since Zetsurin hasn't been around for awhile.[/adm]

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"Experiment on a player must complete all the requirements of Genetic enhancement and infusion to be valid. This has a lot of the key stipulations and drawbacks."
this is just saying how it works in tandem with her other abilities in regards to experimenting. Analyze and Absorption being more so information gathering. Analyze that lets her see how it's functioning within the body. and Absorption the state of the matter. also that it must also follow the two abilities restrictions below. in the end for her experimenting Absorption just lets her know how well or how bad the operation is going. rather it being rejected by the subject or integrating nicely.

I don't know all the changes made to humans yet or demons so I'll need to look upon them before I can make those changes.
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