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 Seung Yu-Mi [WIP]

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I. Basic Information

♦ Name: Seung Yu-Mi.
♦ Alias': Daji Rakka [Formerly].
♦ Age: Unknown.
♦ Gender: Female.
♦ Race: Human. [Soul Evolution; Formerly Shinigami].

♦ Affiliation: Unknown. She currently holds no allegiance to anyone. Formerly a member of the Gotei Thirteen in its early days. Yu-Mi no longer holds this position anymore and given it was under another name she has no connection to the organisation.

♦ Appearance: Yu-Mi is a dark skinned beauty hailing from mixed blood. She gives off the appearance of a woman with middle-eastern heritage from her bronze skin. She has a toned body that is worked from lifetimes of physical work and honing to make it the best she can make it. Despite that her body is slender and voluptuous, being easy on the eyes and a welcome sight. Her figure is unmarred by time and life, due to her regeneration factor she has no scarring despite the fact she would more than definitely have had some in her life.

She has exceptionally long and silky white hair which can reach her feet. At times she feels the urge to cut it and it can be seen shorter but for the most part she enjoys keeping it longer. Her eyes are a rich gold or silver, flowing between the two which give an unnatural sight to them. Her eyes initially were once a deep blue before they shifted to their current status. They have a piercing gaze that shows little about her but gives her eyes an effect that could make them hard to look at with their strange colours seeming so unnatural.

Attire-wise Yu-Mi sports a dark red dress that fits around her torso and leaves her arms and legs free. The hem of the dress ends mid-thigh. Her attire is fitted with the addition of of a black haori over the top of her dress. It has sleeves that cover her otherwise bare arms.

Seung Yu-Mi [WIP] Yu_Mi_appearance

I. Personality

Yu-Mi at heart is a woman driven by the desire to conquer. Something she does not acknowledge about herself but it is shown and demonstrated in her iron will and desire to succeed. She is a stubborn woman that looks to achieve her goals regardless of what it takes for her to get there. She tries to remain objective but does consider others that are close to her when she does these things. She

I. History

♦ 0 | Prologue [-200-80]

  • Intro and setting for human life.
  • Born in middle east, sometime between 200 BC and 80 AD.
  • Born Soul Evolution Human.
  • Studied the archiac form of alchemy before it become the practice of Soul Evolution.
  • Parents died at the age of eight.
  • Died at age fourteen.
  • Spent three years before she was purified. Deemed an anomoly that she could last that long deceased (Soul Evolution not commonly known at this time).
  • Moved onto the Rukongai.

♦ 1 | Early Years [80-600]
After finally being sent to the Soul Society Yu-Mi had lost all memories, not even remembering a name. She had only traces of a language that no one around her seemed to understand. She was a foreigner in this place and the first few weeks were a struggle for her. It was a disgusting place where she never felt safe, it was always dangerous and crime was everywhere. While unable to even understand most of the people she understood that actions spoke louder than words, what she saw told her all she needed to know about the place.

She learned that she had to fend for herself pretty quickly. People didn't take sympathy on people and she found herself having to take to survive, stealing was rough. She played it safe and never got overzealous like she saw others doing. Just witnessing a man be caught and having hand cut off and his eye torn out was enough to dissuade her from breaking a cautious approach to this trade. Aftera few months of living in the scum that was this district she was helped by a group of young adolescents like herself that had tried to survive in this broken district Yu-Mi had been all alone.

At first she was wary, knowing that other young people were often used by others to do their dirty work. It took a few weeks before she felt comfortable around them. In that few weeks though her broken understanding of Japanese was improved with their help, the assistance was something she greatly appreciated from them and a key factor in her developing a bond with them. She quickly learned that she would need a name to go by, after a while she decided to call herself Daji Rakka.

Life was good, they avoided the chaos and anarchy that was present through sneaky around and keeping their head low but alas you can't hide forever and it would only be so long until the broken world came knocking on their door. It was the middle of the night but she woke up the screams as everything erupted around her. It was disorientating and took her a moment to realise what was happening and react. Seeing one of her friends grasping their neck while blood was pouring out and the other girl that was with them being dragged off Yu-Mi and the remaining boy Yusa acted quickly to stop this.

Snatching up Yusa's knife before he could she went leapt at the man and dug the blade up and into his back, piercing the diaphragm and disabling him before she slit his throat to speed up the process of death. It was the first life she had taken but it didn't faze her. He was scum when she acknowledged that this man would kill a child and try to take one away. She quickly discarded the knife and picked up the sword and claimed it.

The night had changed the situation, the loss of one of their friends but they knew they could defend themselves to an extent now. Yu-Mi resolved to never let it happen again so she didn't fail the two friends she had left. The young girl was able to begin training with the sword, not understanding any of the ways that a sword was to be wielded or schools. She just began to swing the sword and do her best to fight with it. Through the conflicts that would continue to assault them Yu-Mi had the opportunity to hone her swordsmanship in these fights. Developing her instincts and skill.

♦ 2 | Adolescent Years [600-900]
With power came responsibility. Yu-Mi wanted to take on this scourge that plagued this district and beat it. Still a young woman she relied on Yusa to assist her, together they were able to begin to form a gang of like minded individuals, primarily built off the victims of this district without wanting to turn towards the way things were. It was to be a revolution and she slowly began to wipe them out, one by one her blade tasted more blood of the scum she saw them as.

It would only be a matter of time before Yu-Mi and her faction stood upon the hill of corpses they left in their wake for the pursuit of a peaceful district. Eventually with herself at the front and leading the group she was given the name Killing Stroke Daji for her display of swordsmanship. She became no stranger to death, the burden of leadership weighed heavy on the young woman's conscious as people died following her and having to uphold this strong

  • Began to understand the concept of loss heavily and the burden of being looked up to by others.
  • To ease the weight of her burden she took comfort in her friend from the original four in her group. Yusa.
  • Would go on to develop romantic feelings towards Yusa the more they interacted and she opened herself up to him.
  • After becoming the dominant faction in the district the group became known amongst other districts as the Sparrows of that specific district. Yu-Mi found the name trivial and and didn't understand why they were called such a delicate bird.
  • . She took Yusa as a sparring partner due to him being the best swordsman in the group second to her and her own desire to be around him more.
  • A few weeks would lead to her confessing her affections for him and being left hanging on the question much to her embarrassment.
  • After an awkward few days she risked trying to seduce him and yielded results much to her delight but found the next morning he would explain why he couldn't be what she wanted him to be.

♦ 3 | Adult Years [900-1200]
  • Approached by Genryusai Yamamoto and the early Gotei, agrees to become the first Captain of the later named Tenth Division after being shitstomped by Unohana.
  • Rejected the ausauchi presented to her upon initiating her captaincy. Instead began work on her own means to become stronger.
  • Developed Katanakaji.
  • Taught the technique to three students. Technique was later forbidden to be taught after being found to be detrimental to health.
  • Developed her sword prowess with Unohana as well as beginning to create her sword school Zekken.

♦ 4 | Post-Shinigami []
  • In Korea when her soul sleep and soul chain were damaged and rendered her losing her shinigami powers.
  • Soul Evolution human intervened and bound her soul to an artificial body thus turning her into a Soul Evolution Human.

♦ 5 | Notlikethis []

I. Equipment

♦ 1 | Sekkiseki Cloth
A cloak created by weaving sekkiseki properties into material through alchemy. The result is a cloak that Yu-Mi always wears. Given that it has the properties of sekkiseki there are some pretty natural expectations to what this entails. Yu-Mi's energy signature is non-existent. It is there and she can still be felt through the fact she occupies space but as far as feeling her energy or determining anything via energy there is simply nothing there that is able to be used because the cloak negates it entirely. As a draw back she doesn't have access to using her energy-based skills. As a means to make the cloak not entirely useless she has a seal over her body which acts as a transformer. Energy that she would produce is stored as kinetic energy within her body to release at will.

This fabric though also has the effect of targeting spiritual phenomenon. In the same manner that the sekkiseki wall protects the Seireitei through the construction of a Shakonmaku around it the same event occurs on a smaller scale around Yu-Mi's being. This barrier has the property of vaporising reishi and spiritual-base energies that would come into contact with the Shakonmaku around her. While an actual spiritual being's soul is too dense to be vaporised this field and as such it doesn't affect the person in question. It will negate any and all spiritual constructs that come into contact with it. This cloak and by proxy Yu-Mi is still susceptible to physical damage. Take for example not targeting her with a cero but targeting a building and having it fall on her, the building is a solid and physical construct ultimately allowing her to be damaged by it however if said building was created from energy itself then that is still considered a spiritual assault. The same with swords and hand-to-hand combat. This field is not impervious and is only truly effective against assaults of the mystical type.

♦ 2 | Shimatsuken [Settlement Sword]
A creation of Yu-Mi as she sought to create a zanpakuto after becoming a soul evolution human. After much experimentation Yu-Mi began dipping into an idea that could only be deemed sacrilegious by the Shinigami. Yu-Mi created an ausauchi that instead of imprinting on the user it would devour the souls of those it killed in a similar manner to a Hollow, this could equate Yu-Mi's creation to being similar to a hollow than an actual zanpakuto.

By devouring souls the sword filters the energy to store while also retaining the soul that was absorbed into it permanently. By absorbing souls Yu-Mi's sword is prone to evolve further an example of this is that as it consumes the soul it could develop a "battle advantage" with enough. Take for example if Yu-Mi's blade killed a large number of arrancar it could potentially trade off these stacks to gain an effect relating to them eg. regenerating steel, anti-hierro or anti-regeneration properties. These enhancements are permanent but not always active.

-Able to absorb energy in a similar manner to soul but less effective.
-Works off stacks. 1 Soul = 6 stacks, energy = 2 stacks.
-Enhancements require 30 stacks each.
-Able to merge with it. This "hollowfies" Yu-Mi and gives her body properties of the Shimatsuken. No applicable energy boosts. Duration of five posts. Once per thread.

I. Natural Skills

♦ 1 | Experienced Leader
Yu-Mi is a woman that has lived quite a long time. Over the many centuries she has spent alive this woman has learned a multitude of things through experience and simply living life. She has a strong grasp of maturity and age to make her competent in a leadership role. Combined with her duty in the Gotei Thirteen she does not fear a position of power which requires her to take a mantle. In fact she enjoys this role and passively strives to insert herself into a position of power where possible.

♦ 2 | Hardened Veteran
Living through numerous conflicts. A rough life in the Rukon and the battles she has participated in has given Yu-Mi an eerie sense of stoicism when it comes to situations of battle and war. Even the scenario of torture and gore does not faze her that much. This is a woman that has spent hours trying to keep others alive by holding their guts in, covered in the blood of her enemies and living on the brink of death at times. Death and fear is something that she struggles to experience.

♦ 3 | Iron Body. Heightened Mind.
A lifetime of conflict, training and self-improvement has gifted her with a strong and physically fit body. She is at the peak performance for a fighter of her calibre. Yu-Mi is capable of impressive feats of stamina and endurance as well as having speed and agility to back her up. What she is lacking in however is brute force and strength. She has fought through a blade which she has always used more finely to shred an opponent apart gracefully than tear them apart with brute force. She is by no standards weak but is her weakest trait.

The stamina and endurance coupled with her Soul Evolution regeneration factor gives her a strong resistance to pathogen and invasive toxins. Poison is much less effective against her or attempts at biological warfare. It takes twice as long with exposure to something before she will succumb to the effects although with enough exposure she can resist and even develop anti-bodies against that specific poison. Yu-Mi's training honed her focus and awareness to a heightened state. She is a sword master that has reached the pinnacle and stands having mastered the mental state of mushin. In combat her awareness is much higher and she is quite perceptive.

♦ 4 | Energy Anomaly
Unlike most people Yu-Mi has two separate energy sources to draw from. The first being internal and the second being external. Her internal energy pool is much higher than someone would normally have due to her alterations to her soul in her lifetime. This larger energy source though comes at the cost of being difficult to control and wild. Releasing it fully also puts her body under tremendous strain which has forced her to seal it as much as she can and rely only on the second source of energy which is external.

Because her anima stone is constructed through Katanakaji and not always physically crafted her energy absorption and and usage is reduced by half unless she projects it which also can be quite detrimental to her external energy source should someone understand the vulnerability of it and exploit it. This anomaly however

♦ 5 | Swordsmanship Specialist
The practice that she has dedicated her life to. Yu-Mi is a hidden gem within the development of the art of zanjutsu during her time as a shinigami. She developed multiple stances and areas of swordsmanship and numerous techniques of the traditional kind and ones specifically using her Katanakaji technique. Time has not dulled this skill and has only let her improve.

Sword Techniques
Zekken・Asa Kujaku
"Decisive Blade・Morning Peacock"
This technique is one that is executed with the intention of blocking a sword. In it's most basic principles of resolve the entire principle of Hen'i is to displace a blade and to prevent an attack from succeeding. this can be accomplished through a variety of means, take for example the simple act of reinforcing and readying one's body to react in-kind which is quite a risky technique as it requires an good amount of force which could either result in the user being injured and/or their blade being damaged.

"Decisive Blade・Blades from All Directions"

"Decisive Blade・Cheek Stroke"
The technique that would be described as almost like death by a thousand cuts. Yu-Mi's technique is adapted from the official Hozuri in which superficial and passive attacks are made. The difference is that when she uses this technique the cuts are specifically designed to be superficial and do minimal damage when they form but as the fight continues they progressively get worse from the opponent's actions. An example would be her using this technique to strike a tendon or muscle sinew. While a light cut that did little damage as the fight draws on the afflicted person would only continue to harm themselves and make it worse such as eventually getting it to the point where said tendon breaks in extreme cases.

"Decisive Blade・One-Stab Death"

"Decisive Blade・Revolving Heaven"
Yu-Mi's Kaiten technique involves covering every angle, to do this she spins in and uses her energy to create a sphere around her which uses the tip of her blade as the circumference of the sphere. Due to the motion of the sphere it is quite hard to pierce and also has the potential to damage anyone caught within it. It serves both a defensive and offensive means that give it excellent utility in combat.

Zekken・Mukyuu Sandan
"Decisive Blade・Eternity Three Stage"
Mukyuu Sandan is the technique which Yu-Mi began with. A technique which follows a similar principle to the Mumyō Sandan-Zuki. This technique is a three part technique which can be broken down to the drawing of the sword, the swing and the sheathing of the sword. Mukyuu Sandan follows the principle of all these three actions happening simultaneously. It is incredibly difficult for a swordsman to do because it first requires some grasp of zen. It has a brief moment at the beginning where the user must prepare for a post and not move or be interrupted. If they can get through this post then Yu-Mi is able to execute the second step, three strikes which target the head, shoulders and stomach. The strikes happen incredibly fast and leave afterimages in a similar manner to speed clones. This gives the illusion of three strikes when only one strike is actually tangible but the illusion of three strikes plays a mind-game in which it is up to the opponent to try and dodge all three strikes or determine which one is real if they are aware of the deception. This is then finished with the blade being sheathed and the attack executed in under a second with three microseconds in-between the stages from the involvement of high-speed movement.

"Decisive Blade・Hazy Inverted Moon"
A technique in which Yu-Mi appears to strike from one side only for it to impact on the opposite side. If she were to attack the right side of a person it would impact the left side exactly symmetrical to te original path. This technique is however able to be seen through by those with keen sight and observation skills as they will notice the blade seems hazy and slightly transparent. It is a skill that only really works once in a fight since if someone figures it out after the first use then it can be easily countered and be her undoing.

"Decisive Blade・Evening Elephant"
With a decisive swing downwards, Yu-Mi's blade aims to crush and simply destroy the opposition that would dare get in the way of her blade. To accomplish this the blade will release all of the entire kinetic force on a single point of the blade. This point being where the blade meets matter, the result is cleave that can be devastating in the right circumstances. It only gets worse the smaller surface area between the blade and where it meets, this means that the energy transfer is much more intense on a smaller point like hitting a blade than an actual body because the body would have a larger mass and area of contact. This attack can also be called the Kabutowari, named for the time it was able to cleave through a man's helmet from the impact.

"Decisive Blade・Heavenly Demon Rain"
Initiated by dashing towards her opponent in a straight-forward full on direction. She stays low to the ground and prepares to attack in an uppercut with her blade. In an instant however she changes position with her high-speed movement and feigns if her opponent attempts to counter the apparent strike. This is where it truly earns its name as she combos a slash to the shoulder with her katanakaji to attempt to skewer them from above with multiple blades giving the appearance of it raining swords. It drops around eight swords can be dodged by agile and evasive people. She slots this technique into a category of deception and forcing an opponent into to the technique.

"Decisive Blade・Moonflower"
The final strike that is in Yu-Mi's Zekken series. Yuugao is an early technique which was developed with the thought of counter stroke in mind. In slashing with the equal and opposite force of something she nullifies the strike, spell or ability used. While similar in effect to the Kido skill Hanki (reverse demon), Yuugao is designed more for the physical attacks but it can apply to some spells if the attack is not too wide for her blade to counter with the force. There is also only so much force she can muster which means in extreme cases she will only mitigate some damage rather than completely cancel it out.

♦ 5 | Hand-to-Hand Novice
Because of her lack of interest in this skill and her focus on zanjutsu and swordsmanship Yu-Mi can barely even be considered skill in this art. She can fight with her bare hands if necessary but in no way is there any particular style or flow to the movements. They are clunky and while if she is physically more capable or just outright lucky she could win an unarmed fight it is unlikely and puts her at an extreme disadvantage against even others that are slightly more adept at an unarmed skill.

I. Racial Skills

♦ 1 | Prime Matter
In regards to the manipulation of Prima Materia Yu-Mi is quite adept with it. She is well versed in the mechanics and how to use it as well as what applications can be done with it. By no means a legendary god-tier user or founder of the skill she does however know the ins and outs enough to use it better than most. She has an efficient flow of Prima Materia meaning that her spells and rituals tend to not have a big waste of energy. Because time can often factor in she spends a lot of time preparing and thinking of as many things that she could need and starting them as soon as possible so that she can have access to them. Her use of Prima Materia has no real focus other than crafting and projection, this is connected and linked to her ability Katanakaji though for this reason her speciality does lie in item construction and engineering.

Prima Materia Techniques
Rashoumon Daiengi
"Great Grudge of Rashoumon"
Daiengi is a spell that uses Prima Materia to summon a large barrier. In order to activate it Yu-Mi must cut her palm and hold it out in the direction that she wants to create the barrier. Once this condition is met a barrier will manifest in the form of a rashoumon. The gate is able to reach dimensions of 10x10 metres but doesn't necessary have to be so large. The barrier appears as a large gate with an demonic face looking back at the target. The gate is able to hold back power that would equate to advanced strength before beginning to strain and force the second stage to initiate. The second stage begins after Yu-Mi wills it or if the gate cannot hold back the full force. This demonic face opens the gate to fire back a blast equal to the amount of power it absorbed. It has a duration of two posts, cannot move or rotate once it's formed and has a cool-down of four posts once the second stage is finished.

"Vermilion Bird Gate"
Unlike the former technique which is defensive in nature. The Suzakumon instead seeks to serve as a passage for Yu-Mi. After a brief moment and a cut inflicted on her hand she forms a portal that looks like a phoenix. This portal shines brightly and can make it difficult to see to the naked eye, once she moves through this gate she is blinked in that direction for a maximum range of one-hundred metres which isn't set, meaning she can go twenty, fifty or even seventy instead. This light fades away in the time it takes for her to reappear. It is a good tool to relocate when things are getting to hairy or for her to escape. While it can be used to take a new position in a fight it has double the cool down when used in that manner. It has a cool down of three posts and lasts for only that post it was cast in. Only Yu-Mi can enter this portal.

Yasaka Magatama
"Eight Slopes Curved Jewel"
A skill in which Yu-Mi can convert objects which have mass into magatama, this is done very simply through the process of equivalent exchange in alchemy. She takes x amount of non-organic mass and then compresses it into the shape and form of a magatama. This makes storage very easily as well as concealment as the dimensions do not matter, only the fact that it will still weigh the same because there is still the same amount of mass as what it originally had. This cannot be used on organic or spiritual beings including things such as zanpakuto and other magically connected items unless the other person gives consent for these items to change.

Ame Ohabari
"Tail and Feathers Spread Across the Heaven"
Using her energy Yu-Mi is able to combine it with her sword to create an overlay around the space around her. Say that Yu-Mi's blade slashed in front of her, she could mirror this slash on her left, right and rear by causing the effect to also apply there despite not being formed. This attack is excellent for defence of facing multiple opponents but while it is great and could theoretically make the entire area around her able to cut someone the force itself will be dispersed throughout every cut. Instead of one big attack this creates many little cuts realistically. It is best used through storing up a large amount of energy to compensate her strength and then using it if she sought to go on the offensive but realistically she cannot actually make it that powerful on the fly.

Mugen Onsa
"Phantom Sound Chains"
A technique that serves as a double edged sword. Mugen Onsa is a technique that Yu-Mi developed specifically to force a fight. Yu-Mi must first mark herself and her target with her blood. With the condition met she can use Prima Materia to create a link between these two marks and by comparison is like a cord that allows them to know the location of each other. This technique is signalled by the sound of a hum in the air to the target and Yu-Mi. The technique can be very powerful in some circumstances however if either herself or the target can no longer hear the hum then the technique cancels out and temporarily binds the person that broke the link. This noise can be distracting to some with low focus. The technique lasts for three posts before ending naturally, the range that the link stays active up to is one-hundred metres and it has a cool down of five posts following the completion. The stun lasts for only a few seconds (so not even a post duration).

Tengai Hōjin
Canopy Method Formation

♦ 2 | Anima Stone Information
Yu-Mi is a rare case of Soul Evolution human who doesn't have their anima stone in a physical form. While it is very useful and convenient in that it can't be lost or stolen it does not draw in as much prima materia as one that would have a physical form. This means that she doesn't match another soul evolution human of her caliber in this skill when it comes to drawing in the fuel for her abilities. To compensate Yu-Mi has developed primarily skills to leech power rather than rely on naturally draw it in. It has no name nor does it have a true physical appearance as she can decide its properties and appearance.

Anima Stone Techniques
"Inhaling Maw"
Because her anima stone is constructed through Katanakaji and not always in physical form Yu-Mi is capable of forming a ruby gemstone that fits comfortably in her hand. This stone can be stored somewhere or held but it will passively absorb ambient energy and amplify it. Being able to server as a small battery bank that can hold up to fifty percent of her energy reserves on top of her natural ones. This bank can also help to reduce the strength of an incoming spiritual attack such reducing a full-power master cero to about 3/4 of its original strength. Depending on how weak the technique is in general though Yu-Mi's stone can potentially negate it if one were considerably weaker than her.

Suishō Kyō
"Jade Crystal Mirror"
A reflection defence that works by forming a palm sized stone that appears jade green in hue. This stone will break into many fragments and form a strong barrier that can protect her from taking frontal damage. It is quite durable being considered up to Elite in durability for scale. It has a duration of one post and a cool down of five before being usable again.

"Army of One"

♦ 3 | High-Speed Movement
Yu-Mi is noted to be quite adept in using Vima. Formerly a heavy user of the Shinigami's Hoho she was able to adapt this to her new skill. While she does not claim to be one of the best users of the high-speed movement skill she is not to be taken lightly. Being able to use Vima to move in three dimensions, she can also do this without any actual movement on her behalf unlike the Shunpo. Her use of this skill allows for her to create intricate networks of lines for her to travel allow quickly and efficiently over them, her use of Vima is skilled enough that her choice of shoes is actually beneficial due to being able to skate effortlessly in combat rather than actually running.

Víma Techniques
Amakakeru Ryū ga Gotoku
"Like a Soaring Dragon"

Sōma no Kō
Attack of the Twin Demons

Magic Lantern Body

Shadowless Flight

Yomotsu Hirasaka
"Underworld Slope Hill"

♦ 4 | Regeneration Factor
Aside from her anima stone being metaphysical and thus inferior to other physical ones her regeneration factor is not the best. It is actually her least developed skill. She possesses regeneration but it is not fast, it is a slow process that allows her to regenerate over time. For example small cuts will heal very quickly but the time draws out a lot when you are talking about regenerating an arm. Yu-Mi's arm could take weeks in-character before it was healed and back to working order. What she does have though is incredible physical stamina and vitality gifting her with the ability to remain in combat for long periods of time before tiring.

Aiónios Techniques
"Wild Lion's Mane"
Ranjishigami is a technique where Yu-Mi can use her energy to flow into her hair to manipulate it in a few ways, an example would be her controlling it in a prehensile manner to work as extra appendages to create a more complex fighting style when combined with her other forms of combat. She can harden and sharpen her hair to allow her to use it as a weapon although this requires a constant flow of energy into it otherwise it would simply return to it's normal properties with the exception of leaving her hair the length it was at. This manipulation only works when her hair is directly connected to her body and once it is removed or cut the control is lost in those strands.

I. Unique Skills

♦ 1 | Katanakaji [Swordsmith]
An old technique that appeared during the formation of the Gotei and created by none other than Yu-Mi herself. It was a completely new take on the art of Zanjutsu like none had ever seen. It would be embraced by a sect of people in the Gotei that sought what appeared to be great power that she held with it. The ability to create swords from seemingly nothing? The sheer power that could bring a person in that era made it highly coveted. Yu-Mi selected only a few people to learn the technique initially. Three students to be exact. After the months of training only two of the initial three would actually learn it competently. A man and a woman. Yu-Mi and by proxy the Gotei would soon discover that her technique caused serious damage to the Shinigami's soul which made binding with a zanpakuto impossible. The gift that people had so desperately wanted before was rejected and forbidden. Essentially considered on par with forbidden Kido.

Yu-Mi would not be dissuaded from mastering her technique though, the three students and herself were pardoned due to them essentially being the test subjects but it was outlawed and forbidden to pass down. As Yu-Mi's students passed away and left her what she assumed to be the sole user of this technique she has honed it to a point where it is incredibly potent and made up for the lack of zanpakuto, being vastly superior in some cases when compared against a zanpakuto.

The applications of Katanakaji are quite broad and flexible. Given she is no longer a shinigami the technique remains with her but it never had anything to do with a zanpakuto in the first place. Initially she could only use it in regards to swords but the return to being a Soul Evolution Human allowed her to bypass her former inhibitions but for nostalgia sake she kept the name. She has the ability to project and construct objects, in particular weapons of any sort with the exception of firearms as she struggles to create them due to a disdain for them.

There are limitations and constraints for the projections naturally. Yu-Mi's projections are created from her energy. This gives them an innate property control which means that the swords appearance and physical appearance do not always show the truth. She could wield a wooden training sword only for it to be as strong and as sharp as a real sword. For this reason the strength of the blades in question come down to her energy. With the assistance of drawing in Prima Materia Yu-Mi is capable of filling the void of her energy to provide a stronger and more stable construction. The second rule with these projections is that they can be formed up to thirty metres around her however she cannot form these weapons if there is already mass in the area. She cannot create blades inside characters or objects due to this restraint. The blades do not have an upkeep for maintaining them but for manipulation and motion of them she has to expend added energy. These blades can be recycled and re-assimilated for 30% of their original energy cost.

- Niseken.
- Object Projection.
- Object Construction.

- Object Repair.
- Zanpakuto Connection.
- Zanpakuto Spirit Aspect.

Raikō Kenka [Lightning Flash Blade Creation]

Niseken List

Name: Myoujingiri [Cutting Gods and Demons]
Summary: This weapon is crafted to mirror her former zanpakuto during her life as a shinigami. Yu-Mi's blade is reconstructed to resemble it as much as possible. The nature of it is that was designed to be a true soul cutter as the zanpakuto was to be.

Name: Yūnagi [Evening Calm]

Name: Shirasaya [White Scabbard]

Name: Ningen Mukotsu [Boneless Man]

Name: Yatsufusa [Eight Tassel]
Summary: Also known as the sword of single combat that Yu-Mi finds rather useful on a situational level. It is themed around anti-travel/summon. The sword specifically is used to force a fair fight in where it is impossible for a target to manifest something.

♦ 2 | Katanakaji: Tenkabito [Swordsmith: Conqueror of the World]

♦ 3 | Samsara Influence
- Created from her Prima Materia and Alchemy skill with remnants of her Shinigami past.
- Allows direct access to the "soul" and soul cycle for utility purposes.
- Augmentation of a person's potential through altering their soul.
- Moving a person's soul from a body to a new container.
- Absorbing souls as a fuel source, very potent value for alchemy.

I. Commander of Black

♦ 1 | What did she do?
. Obtained power of Oorja and a connection to the Black World.

♦ 2 | How did she do it?
. Matured through her harvesting the souls of Saca Dilas and binding their
essence to her own through Samsara Influence.

♦ 3 | Why did she do it?
. Instinctive in her nature to conquer, the Black World is a perfect place to
potentially establish herself in. Why would she not seek to use its power and
work towards doing something with it under Shadow Fall's nose.

♦ 4 | Who can she do it to?
. Anyone willing to submit to her. Providing an alternative to using this land in
more ways than one as well as a differing route than what is otherwise provided
such as Mana Asthavon.

Oorja Aura
Yu-Mi possesses a powerful grasp on the energies that originate from the Black World due to the alterations she did to herself which resulted in her developing a control over it. In the same way she uses Prima Materia she can use the distortion energies that the Oorja has like an ingredient in her recipes. Yu-Mi's use of Oorja aura is focused around bend

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)

Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master.


General Skills
  • Durability: Undetermined.
  • General Speed: Undetermined.
  • Strength: Undetermined.
  • Weapon Skill: Undetermined.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Undetermined.
  • Mental Deduction: Undetermined.
  • Pain Endurance: Undetermined.
  • Focus: Undetermined.

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone: Undetermined.
  • Prima Materia: Undetermined.
  • Aiónios: Undetermined.
  • Víma: Undetermined.

Seung Yu-Mi [WIP] Gamma_Signature

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♦ The Conqueror.
  • Determined.
  • Collected, Calm
  • Blunt, Direct
  • Honest to an extent.
  • Charismatic, Diplomatic
  • Prefers not to show her cards

♦ The Analyst.
  • Observant, analytical, perceptive
  • Rational, logical, knowledgeable, strategic
  • Calculating, inquisitive, curious, realistic
  • Far-sighted, detailed, resourceful
  • Insightful, intuitive, original, adaptive
  • Innovative, imaginative, creative, artistic
  • Relies on both old and new strategies and tactics
  • Utilizes feeling and thinking in problem-solving and decision-making
  • Abstract thought process
  • Recharges by withdrawing to quietness and brainstorming
  • Capable of setting herself in another perspective
  • Prefers to reconstruct and then rebuild; does everything herself

♦ The Explorer.
  • Brave, altruistic, romantic
  • Adventurous, hedonistic, spontaneous
  • Noble; wants to make the world a better place
  • Self-blaming; sees failures as her fault and tortures herself with them
  • Stubborn; does what she sees as the best solution
  • Free-spirited; doesn't want to be held down
  • Seeks for a purpose or a meaning.
  • Finds it difficult to truly trust others.

♦ The Devil.
  • Changes completely in combat
  • Cold, ruthless and emotionless, when fighting with enemies.
  • Kills/executes enemies without hesitation.
  • Willing to sacrifice others for greater good.
  • Willing to kill to protect herself or her loved ones.
  • Vindictive and grudging to those, who hurt her.
  • Unpredictable, when angered.
  • Hurts her loved ones in cruel ways, when angered.


  • Intro and setting for human life.
  • Born in middle east, sometime between 200 BC and 80 AD.
  • Born Soul Evolution Human.
  • Studied the archiac form of alchemy before it become the practice of Soul Evolution.
  • Parents died at the age of eight.
  • Died at age fourteen.
  • Spent three years before she was purified. Deemed an anomoly that she could last that long deceased (Soul Evolution not commonly known at this time).
  • Moved onto the Rukongai.

  • The furthest reaches of the Rukongai. Before the formation of the Gotei Thirteen.
  • Disgusting district. Anarchy was strong and order was rare.
  • Was alone to begin with.
  • Immediately forced to fend for herself she learned the art of survival. Scavenging and stealing is what she relied on.
  • Met a group of strangers, only speaking broken japanese at the time from not having learnt it in her life she learned from the group how to speak Japanese.
  • She adopted the name Daji Rakka.
  • Was eventually forced to kill a man when he tried to hurt her friends. She used her friend's knife and took his blade afterwards.
  • This began her training with the sword. Not really having any technique or understanding. She merely used it by instinct and got progressively better as she was forced to fight more and more in this hell hole.

♦ 2 | Adolescent Years [600-900]
  • Eventually grouped with her friends to form a group who sought to bring order to the district.
  • Earned her moniker, Killing Stroke Daji in the process.
  • Began to understand the concept of loss heavily and the burden of being looked up to by others.
  • To ease the weight of her burden she took comfort in her friend from the original four in her group. Yusa.
  • Would go on to develop romantic feelings towards Yusa the more they interacted and she opened herself up to him.
  • After becoming the dominant faction in the district the group became known amongst other districts as the Sparrows of that specific district. Yu-Mi found the name trivial and and didn't understand why they were called such a delicate bird.
  • . She took Yusa as a sparring partner due to him being the best swordsman in the group second to her and her own desire to be around him more.
  • A few weeks would lead to her confessing her affections for him and being left hanging on the question much to her embarrassment.
  • After an awkward few days she risked trying to seduce him and yielded results much to her delight but found the next morning he would explain why he couldn't be what she wanted him to be.

♦ 3 | Adult Years [900-1900]

♦ 4 | Post-Shinigami [1900-2100]
  • In Korea when her soul sleep and soul chain were damaged and rendered her losing her shinigami powers.
  • Soul Evolution human intervened and bound her soul to an artificial body thus turning her into a Soul Evolution Human.

♦ 5 | Modern Time [2100-2418]

Seung Yu-Mi [WIP] Gamma_Signature
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Seung Yu-Mi [WIP]
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