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 Sofia Upgrade

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Sofia Upgrade QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Sofia Montero
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:
Tier: 0-5-/0-4 to 0-4++/0-3++
Vollstanding: Adept to Elite
Weapon Skill: Advanced to Elite

» Why: Two separate threads will be listed below, with each being described individually based on its worth.

Prologue to the Madness

The Quincy had sort of reached an impasse, and a spiritual plateau of sorts. At the time Sofia had made great strides in power that came with very dangerous consequences. She rose up from being the competent Captain of the Jagdarmee to surpassing her childhood friend and former Captain of the Daten, Toshiko. She even managed to surpass, albeit by just a bit, the highest current leadership at the time in the name of Niflheim. Granted, the girl didn’t want power over her organization as much as she thought she did. She wanted more power for herself and her people. Months before she had reached out and used a Demon to acquire the Seal of Eris. The notion being that she would use it to gain power and discard it. However it turned out to be far more difficult than she had ever anticipated.

The Seal began corrupting her thoughts and her techniques. A lot of the new skills she displayed around that time, though greatly more powerful were dark, and forever remaining as a remembrance from the time when darkness almost swallowed her whole. In the end, the girl knew that more was required to face up against Shadowfall and defeat them, but she didn’t possess the means. Even with the power granted by the seal, it wasn’t enough. In an effort to try and rid herself of the mark, and grow in power as a Quincy as she was meant to, she reached out to someone else. The former emperor of the Quincy, Ghislain.

Summary: Initially, Sofia sought out Ghislain to apologize. Last time they met she treated him harshly due to his views, and what she believed was cowardice in leaving the Quincy. She hoped he had the skill to remove the Eris Seal, and she had reason to believe he could. At the time he had been rumored to have faced off against Mana, and manipulate, though with difficulty, the energy she created. That in it of itself was a feat as Sofia had issues doing so a year back when fighting against the Goliath Shell. As it turned out, Ghislain successfully removed the Seal from the Quincy, though it came at a cost of extreme physical and mental pain.

In an effort to test each other in battle, not for ego boosting but rather to see where two big names of their people stood, they went off. Sofia got the chance to experience first hand the power of his dark matter, and how difficult to combat it was. The battle taxed her greatly. She had to employ her swords and her modified seeles at almost every turn. And as proficient as she was in the way of the blade, the former emperor proved to be an even bigger challenge. Naturally, the girl had no real preparation against the dark matter, which forced her to use numerous techniques at her disposal to try and keep the battle even. She created several of her unique reishi techniques, from bindings in the sky in the form of pentacles, to raining down Quincy blades, and even trying to set off Sprengers in his vicinity. After a while however, Sofia noticed an opening and discovered she didn’t need to be on the defensive anymore; she was going to push him.

The woman began using her unique technology in the form of the ginto spheres in tandem with her reishi, and her weapons. Summoning the snake nagini, using her graceful trickery and reishi attacks in combat she kept pushing back, and back. No longer was the man trying to outdo her but trying to last instead. She had successfully managed to get the upper hand against someone whose power and tier was beyond hers. In the end, the man himself had to stop the fight, calling it a draw prematurely to avoid more official and permanent consequences from hurting things like pride. But things didn’t stop there. After some minor sensual behavior, the two set out to find Sofia’s Regalia, something she thought until then not to exist. In the end the woman found the ring which belonged to her, housing the Rona spirit within. It allowed her to possess a different weapon to add to her arsenal, and a number of techniques meant to increase the reach and control she exerted in battle. More importantly, her outlook completely changed. No longer under the influence of the Seal, the woman felt pure again. Sure, there was always a lingering thought of how the darkness had continued to affect her, but her will and strength of mind was a testament to her name.

Intermission to Death

Sofia had become rather sure of herself, much more so than perhaps she ought. The girl had sped far past any living Quincy within the Vandenreich and considered herself among their most vital battle assets. However, she knew her strength was still miniscule in comparison to the true destroyers of the universe. Her people would have no chance to survive the impending apocalypse unless she was able to brace the fire and move forth; and that she did. A powerful entity had become aware of the increasing power of the Quincy. Once Sofia found out of his re-emergence, she was tempted to try and test her strength against him. That was a mistake however for she had never faced a power like that. The former Captain Commander of the Gotei, Tsubasa, wasn’t just stronger than her, he completely outclassed her in almost every way, 0-2++/0-1 (any release) at the time.

Summary: The Quincy would have a change of mind as soon as the battle began, but it was far too late then. Unlike Ghislain, Tsubasa wasn’t interested in playing nice and checking their powers patiently. From the get go he went in for the kill. It seemed as though he had some ulterior motive, trying to recruit her, and wanted to see if she could survive his onslaught. With no other choice for survival, Sofia had to go into her Vollstanding form rather early, where she would remain for the remainder of the battle. Her blade work had improved tremendously, but the former Captain Commander’s skill was much better than even Ghislain’s. His use of kido was also incredible, unleashing some of the most powerful ones in existence from the get go, and even unique ones as well.

Sofia had to make use of most of her strongest reishi techniques. She had to use colossal Quincy walls, domes of arrows that rained from the sky. She even had to use her Sprenger, the ginto spheres to summon not just the dark beast Basathan but even the scaly beast Nagini. With even that, Tsubasa proved to be far too much. He was a man that could stand nearly toe to toe with Mana if he released, and he did. Soon after she displayed some of her stronger techniques, Tsubasa went into his shikai, effectively making him as powerful as only beings like Mana, Kin, and few others could achieve. At that time it became a sort of cat and mouse game. Even with the incredible speeds afforded by her Melody and her Vollstanding Sofia couldn’t keep up with him, let alone outspeed him. She had to resort to using it all in quick bursts to try and gain distance away from his attacks. And while that worked, it was highly straining on her body, and sometimes its unorthodox nature made her land right into the ways of his onslaught as oppossed to away from it.

Even using her Buchstane technique and creating letters around him meant nothing. But in the end, the man was surprised. He had never expected the Quincy to defeat him, and neither had Sofia. However, he also hadn’t expected her to last at all or even survive, something she could understand after seeing his power. However, the girl was able to keep going, though barely, surviving and also proving to the Shinigami why she was worthy of being considered the Quincy Prodigy.

» Extra:
This marks a chapter in her own personal arc. Regardless of how strong she was at any one point, she always met someone superior, and that was okay. She learned that though there are many paths to power, rushing and going for the easiest isn’t often the most logical, like the Eris Seal. However in that time she has managed to surpass a former emperor, and lay claim to the fact that she fought, pushed, and survived against the former Captain Commander of the Gotei. In doing so she found her powers increase exponentially as well as her skills naturally sharpen. And while there’s still a lot ahead of her, she has become wiser. She has become wiser in the way she leads her men, as well as with her opponents, their nature, and how much care needs to be taken to avoid falling short or dying prematurely.

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