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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Skill Sheets Guide [UPDATED: 2021/02/10]

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I. What's changing.

It was prefaced in the Mass Archival Update Summary, but we'll go into more depth on it here. All in all, the changes to the existing skill levels aren't dramatic, but the main thing to take away from this update is the slightly further diversified levels. To be more specific, two added levels and a change to the meaning of "Master": Untrained and Elite. We've added more levels to better distinguish levels of expertise and mastery in each field and category. To make it visually simple:


The bolded skills should look familiar--the original skill sheets. Let me restate--the original power levels of most of the original skill levels are not changed.

Beginner now, should still equate to the same level of power as the beginner of old. The difference is, we've added a lower level to fit under beginner. For those better with math, let's convert these things into values.

    Beginner = 1-3
    Adept = 3-5
    Advanced = 5-7
    Master = 7-11
    Grand Master = 12+

Because of how few levels there were, it generally encompassed people in them, who even had some pretty varying degrees of say speed, or strength. Now, for the most part, Beginner, Adept, and Advanced, and Grand Master have not changed in value. Only master. The reason being, the gap between master and grand master was fairly vague, and technically speaking the general level of power that Grand Master consisted of was more or less uncapped. In short, the difference of expertise between someone at Grand Master in say strength and another person at grand Master with strength, could potentially be as large a difference as someone at Beginner and someone at Master. Because of that, the values have now changed with the addition of new skill levels.

    Untrained = 0
    Beginner = 1-3
    Adept = 3-5
    Advanced = 5-7
    Elite = 7-12
    Master = 12-15
    Grand Master = 15+

What you can gather from this is that Grand Master is still uncapped, with the minimum level slightly upped because now we have a middle ground: Master. Master's value is upped as the middle ground between Elite and Grand Master. Make note that as Elite has taken Master's role as the highest skill level attainable without special permissions, Master and Grand Master can only be obtained through In Character progression and special approval by staff.

Now, if these numerical values didn't cut it for you, don't worry. We'll still give about a paragraph of explanation on each power level for each specific skill sheet, from general and will skills, all the way to Visera Demonio skill sheets and Nature Iramasha skill sheets.

One thing important to note for those looking at and aspiring for Grand Master. Grand Master is technically uncapped, but they will always be unanimously stronger in this skill than anybody below Grand Master. The only people comparable to Grand Masters are fellow Grand Masters. The way it's uncapped is via described powers in the character's application.

For example, take two people with Grand Master in Durability. At base, from pure physical durability, they should be equal. However, if Person A has only two durability-based abilities, or accentuating details in their app on the character's durability, and describes the character as being able to tank on an entire nuke to the face and face minimal damage? Then, number wise, let's say they're like a 14 on the Grand Master scale. Person B's character has several durability abilities and accentuating descriptions on the character's durability, also stating that several nukes can be face-tanked and receive minimal damage. That'd be something along the lines of a 16 or 17 on the Grand Master Scale.

Of course, there needs to be a hell of a lot of explanation, character progression, and scores of events and justifications to let something THAT durable pass by, however, due to the differences in these descriptions? You can objectively say, Person B's character is more durable than Person A's character. And that is the meaning behind Grand Master being "uncapped". The skill level alone makes them equal, and only afterwards do you consider their personal abilities and skill sets that enable them to raise their durability to greater heights.

NOTE: From the 10/02/2021 and henceforth, members will be able to fill in their skill sheets where they believe it reflects their characters the most and during the grading process staff will review and give the final say on the skills as opposed to scaling of tier which often results in discussions being had and shifting skills around from the default ones.

For those that are new and might not fully grasp the skill system or want to use tier as a metric like we did previously, the list is being left for reference below.

    6-Tier: Allowed all beginners.
    5-Tier: Allowed all beginners.
    4-Tier: Allowed 1 Adept, 3 Beginner
    3-Tier: Allowed 3 Adept, 1 Beginner
    2-Tier: Allowed 2 Advanced, 2 Adept
    1-Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 2 Advanced, 1 Adept
    0-5 Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 3 Advanced

I. The GENERAL skills

Durability: A character's durability determines how hard they can take a hit, how much abuse, wear and tear, and damage their physical body can endure before breaking down, being punctured, or receiving lasting and sustainable injuries. So those with the upper levels of durability can eat a building to the face, no problem. Those with fragiler bodies can be bruised by a finger flick or break bones by falling from a staircase.

Untrained Durability: As far as untrained durability goes, you are more or less prone to getting hurt easily. The slightest punch can potentially leave you in a world of hurt becuase your body has no durability to it. So, to avoid getting damaged easily, it's recommended you at least beef yourself up to Beginner Durability as you are about as durable as the average out of shape human.

Beginner Durability: At this level, most characters can range from having their durability become extremely fragile to reaching the peak levels of human resistance at the higher end. This means that they can usually withstand numerous punches and a bit of abuse, but their still flimsy meat bags at this point. So, for example, a character could endure a force of wind slamming into the ground and get back up with some injury. However, if they were slammed into a solid surface like a brickwall, they'd probably be out of commission for a bit. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Adept Durability: Once a character reaches adept levels of durability, they'll be able to withstand a lot more. For instance, they could endure numerous projectile based attacks, multiple blunt force trauma and their body could naturally become attuned to the world around them to help endure supernatural attacks. Explosive attack such as energy blast can be withstood at this level to, but it isn't advised for these characters to be in the ground-zero section of the assault. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Advanced Durability: This is where a lot of the enhanced supernatural durability comes in. Upon reaching Advanced Durability, a character is more than likely able to endure a few energy blast, possess some form of hardened skin and otherwise deal with numerous projectile attacks. Examples of this could include taking multiple stab wounds and still being able to keep up the fight, getting showered in bullets but not dying (albeit damaged) and other similar feats are possible. It is even possible for them to live through something like tank fire and still live. And, to re-state, these feats can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Elite Durability: This is a mid-point between master durability and advanced durability. At this point, the character who possess this level of durability will be able to endure a great deal of damage. If a blast which was able to destroy a town (not city) had dropped on them, then they would be able to endure it and keep the battle going potentially. So in terms of that comparsion, it will be hard to otherwise deal with these characters in combat.

Master Durability: Reaching this level of durability means that you are close to becoming a legend of defense. Characters that possess master durability often have some form of diamond hard skin and can tolerate a high volume of damage to them. These can range from multiple missile strikes (not nuclear), city-wide destructive blast (they wouldn't come out unharmed, but they can ENDURE) and other similar feats. Combined with other factors such as pain endurance or willpower, and these characters become quite hard to put down without a bit of effort. So, once again, to re-state, these feats can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Grand Master Durability: You've now become a legend of durability after reaching this height of durability in the PH Verse. Often times, these characters will be extremely resistant against most forms of conventional weaponry. So, that means that multiple levels of kiloton based carnage is often needed to injure these types of characters. They can endure entire tank rows of missiles, bullets and energy blast and take quite a bit to wear down. They even possess the capacity to withstand two city-wide blast back to back. And, to restate, these feats can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Speed: Speed determines how quickly a character can move, their reaction speed, the rate at which a person's senses can process information and relay it to their mind, as well as a person's stamina to some extent. Those at the highest echelons of speed can approach near lightspeed movements (though death usually awaits them, as some speeds are unattainable without sacrifice). At the lowest of levels, a person can tire from a full-on 50 metre sprint, and take 12 seconds to do so.

Untrained Speed: If you have untrained speed, then you'll most likely be, at best, able to run upwards of 20-35MPH depending on your race, powers, abilities and other similar factors. You are more or less as slow as a snail compared to most other people on beginner or above and you'll want to heavily work to build that speed up so you can at least keep up the pace in battle.

Beginner Speed: When it comes to speed stats for personal characters, most beginner users are pone towards reaching a fair caliber of speeds. These can range anywhere from 100 to 130 miles per hour all. Supernatural and mystic beings naturally have a deposition to be on the higher end of the spectrum due to their racial traits more often than not. So someone like a demon or Shinigami may be more incline to even be slightly faster; such as having their peak speeds at 140 to 160 MPH.
Adept Speed: At this level is where actual supernatural speed is had. In burst of speed, some characters are capable of moving at subsonic speeds. From the low to high end of these spectrum, the speeds in this skill level can range anywhere from 100MPH to 600MPH at the highest. These factors can be determined by their tier, abilities and perhaps other variables such as equipment. And depending on what they specialize in, their speed can be maintained or done in quick burst. For example, if your character decides to be a marathon-type runner, then the character could keep up a speed of 200-300MPH at a steady pace. Whereas, if they a sprinter or short-distance runner, they could potentially even reach speeds close to mach one before killing over.

Advanced Speed: Once at Advanced Speed, the character reaches a new level of momentum and can begin travelling at Supersonic. Going from the low end of the spectrum to the high end, speeds at this level can range anywhere from Mach 1 to Mach 1.3 at its highest. So it goes without saying characters at this range become somewhat hard to keep up with. These factors can be determined by tier, abilities and equipment as well. And, once again, depending on what they specialize in, they can maintain a LITTLE UNDER half of this speed at Mach 1.5, or they can do them in quick burst of Mach 1.8 BRIEFLY reaching these speeds for one post. Just keep in mind that they will get tired if this speed is constantly used. So it's better to use roughly 20-40% of their sum speed in combat to keep them from tiring out.

Elite Speed: The elite speed level is near the edge of reaching masterhood. At this point, the characters will be able to have a level of speed which is comparable to Mach 1.5 at the low end, and upwards of mach 3 at the highest end. These factors depend on their stamina, durability, tier and so on. So it is recommended they stay in the low or mid range of this spectrum to keep themselves from tiring out too quickly.

Master Speed: At this point, you reach near the peak depths of speed in the PH verse. Upon reaching this level, most characters will be able to perform some form of Hypersonic speed. So, going from the low end of the spectrum to the high end, speeds at this level can range anywhere from Mach 2 to about Mach 3. Granted, this is where the body begins to become heavily taxed and it is advised characters attempt to transfer their speeds into different avenues at this point. Things such as their reaction time, attack speed and reflexes are more beneficial areas in the character that will become greatly heightened. Mach 3.5 to Mach 3.8 speeds, even in marathon or sprint form, should only be done in straight line burst or the character risks damages themselves. Some form of control is needed on this level or they will burn out.

Grand Master Speed: Reaching this level means that a character has more or less become a legend in speed. Even on the low end of the spectrum, the top-tier end of hyper sonic speeds are capable of being achieved for periods of time. While, on the higher end, brief periods of Omegasonic speed are possible. Hence, anywhere from Mach 4 speeds to Mach 4.5 are possible. However, like the previous list, you have to bare in mind that this will eat up a lot of energy and stamina from your character. So, their attack speeds, rate of healing and all other factors on their body having to deal with speed will more than likely see a major increase as opposed to their actual combat speed. Some may even get a mental buff in terms of how they perceive the world moving at such fast speeds.

Strength: Strength will determine how strong your character naturally is. If they are on the high-end of this chart, they may be able to destroy buildings, rip through steel like paper, lift insanely heavy things and other amazing acts of this nature. If you want an extreme example of this Strength, all you have to do is look at Radioactive or Kenpachi Zaraki. Natural Born Strength can help with getting the edge in on causing more damages to your opponent and being overall more powerful.

Untrained Strength: If you have untrained strength, then you are as frail as can be. You probably won't be lifting more than 35lbs at max and your body will not be able to pack a punch. This level can be akin to an out of shape human at best and it's recommended you train yourself to get to at least beginner strength if you are starting here.

Beginner Strength: Beginner strength can be comparable from levels ranging from an average human's level of strength all the way up to peak human condition. This means that this level has a start capacity of being able to lift less than 150lbs all the way to 1,500lbs for some of its strongest members. These factors can be varied based upon their tier, abilities and other enhancements or body-types. As, for example, a demon would more than likely be on the higher end of this spectrum as opposed to a human because of their natural vitality.

Adept Strength: This is where most characters will begin to see actually forms of super-strength. At this level most characters should be able of producing feats similar to lifting cars, throwing large boulders with ease or picking up good sized chunks out of the earth. On the higher end of the spectrum, it is possible for stronger members of this skill range to lift something as massive as a semi-truck if they absolutely push themselves. This goes for both supernatural and organic beings. Thus, in combat they'd most likely apply this ability by smashing walls through buildings, smashing up cars with a few good hits if they try and producing small carters in the ground with enough force.

Advanced Strength: When it comes to advanced strength, most characters will see major boost at this point. Some of the feats they'll be able to achieve at this point will be moving tanks with effort, destroying numerous city blocks with a focused strike and even outright punching or lifting aircraft such as a Boeing 747. On the high end of the spectrum, it is possible for stronger members to outright maul their way through opponents by lifting small cargo ships and buildings. This goes for both supernatural, spiritual or any organic being depending on factors relating to abilities, tier and so on. So in realistic combat they could be considered quite dangerous due to the fact that their strength can break many types of things in the environment.

Elite Strength: This is the mid-way point before one becomes a master in strength. When you reach this level of strength you'll be able to destroy small towns with your raw strength, break through blockades of small to mid-sized military forces and otherwise pose a mass danger on the battlefield when you enter into a war circumstance. While you won't be able to wipe out large clusters of military forces like the masters, you are almost on your way there with this level of strength.

Master Strength: This is where champions are born. At this point, most characters will be able to lift entire battleships, whole buildings, trains and any massive structure one can think of. Of course, most of this is going to take some form of physical effort, but it is a testament to how far their strength can go on all levels. This includes every single race in the PH verse. On the high-end of the spectrum, it is even possible for them to cut through mountains with their fist. Though, this is often more easily done on the higher end of the 0 tier spectrum itself. So this is again also influenced somewhat by various factors with the characters tier, abilities and other equipment. Having said that, in combat, they can often outright fight entire armies with their fist, wipe out districts of a city with their strength and even produce earthquakes in the wake of their strength.

Grand Master Strength: Grand Master strength is where unearthly strength is achieved and legends are made. Once a character is able to reach this height of strength, they'll be ble to lift nearly any man made objects, lift through entire mountains with focused effort and they'd even have the capacity to punch straight through asteroids themselves. On the high-end of the spectrum, there is the potential for stronger candidates of this section to destroy huge chunks of moons with their utmost strength being put into it. So this type of strength can damage entire cities, put small nations in danger and they turn into absolute menaces to society at this level. Henceforth, these characters are often rare due to the scope of power on this level of strength.

Martial Skill: The Martial Skill is how good someone is in basic combat. This encompasses how good they are with unarmed and armed combat as a whole. It does not determine the strength or swiftness of strikes, only how well they are performed. In essence, while the rest of the General Skills denotes the sheer power of the character in the respective categories, Martial Skill denotes technique and proficiency.

Untrained: You probably know what a fist is, as well as various basic weapons (knives, swords, bows, etc). You don't know how to properly use any of them, however.

Beginner: You understand what a sword or gun or punch is, and you can execute a proper strike or shot--completely devoid of technique, that is. You have no understanding of martial arts outside of knowing how to form a fist or hold a weapon, but I guess to some that's sufficient.

Adept: At this point, you have an actual tangible amount of weapon and hand-to-hand skill. Your stances are more rigid and you can begin applying basic concepts to your fighting style. There is still a lot of room to grow, but characters are really starting to take to it.

Advanced: Your character pretty much knows what they are doing at this level. When your character is at Advanced, they can begin devising more complex techniques, styles, and so on. Some of them make sense, others cannot make sense; it depends on how much experience, knowledge and creativity your character has in their fighting style. Along with that, they generally have a knack for picking up all sorts of different styles.

Elite: You are considered a master of the martial arts when you reach this level of Martial skill. Often times, you can create most techniques that come to mind for your styles. You are roughly at the skill of heads of various martial arts schools. Furthermore, your character will usually have some form of expert knowledge on most types of combat based weapons and can use this knowledge to create many tools. They'll also generally know how to fight with most types of weapons and their body, but their own specialized style(s) will be the strongest and most expansive.

Master: At this point, you are considered a household name when it comes to the martial arts usually. These are the people who have exceeded masters of schools. At this point, forming an entire school of martial arts is decently easy. Melee combat is second nature to a character. Weapons and body alike are weapons of equal lethality.

Grand Master: At this point, you are a legend of combat. It has become so infused into your character that some characters gain a sense of weapon intuition and can often learn most types of supernatural, natural, or what-have-you weapons just by grasping it and wielding it. Their bodies have muscle memory of how to do almost-uncountable numbers of techniques from punches to throws to kicks to many other types. At this point, their information of melee combat is almost second to none in most cases. So the same can be applied to most of their techniques and they can often even make a pair of chopsticks a dangerous weapon if push comes to shove.

II. The WILL skills

Willpower/Determination: A character's willpower determines the mental strength and fortitude of a character. In essence, their drive, capacity to tap into their motivations to further empower themselves and trek on forward. To that extent, willpower doesn't simply denote mental strength, but the efficiency of application. It can range from reigniting your inner flame to engage in combat when you were previously incapacitated, to even spiritual and physical manifestations, such as regaining a certain amount of energy when you were previously depleted, or pushing the body to the limit to walk despite both legs being broken.

Untrained Willpower/Determination: A character's conviction is to the degree of having an inkling of desire to follow a pipe dream. You can gaze at the stars, telling yourself "I'm going to be there one day", only never apply yourself and give up by just thinking about the amount of work that needs to be put in. Alternatively, this a character with no free will or even the thought of

Beginner Willpower/Determination: A character with Beginner Willpower still isn't anything substantial, but at least you now have some inkling of freewill, or the determination to follow through with your intents and achieve a goal. If you want something, do what you have to do to take it--that's what Beginner Willpower amounts to. That said, faced with predicaments that scream "so improbable it might as well be impossible", that's where they may falter.

Adept Willpower/Determination: Now we're getting somewhere. Adept Willpower characters don't just have the conviction to get the job done, but get it done well and without distraction. By this, it means the character will have built a resistance to temptations. Illusions, enticement, and in general things that may have a character stray from their path is now more easily resisted. Simple and natural temptations can go fuck themselves, though one charged with energy, an opponent's power of seduction may slip through the cracks of your mental defense and slowly lead you astray.

Advanced Willpower/Determination: Congratulations, soldier--you're a force to be wary of. It's an actual challenge to lead you astray. By this point, you've probably even made a bit of a name for yourself in being an unruly will to be wary of trifling with. The type of person to without hesitation chop off your own limb if it was inhibiting you to get rid of the dead wait, or escape restriction and entrapment. There isn't much that will inhibit you from doing what you want, and only the most skillful opponents can corrupt you.

Elite Willpower/Determination: You're better off just never being mentally toyed with, because an opponent will be hard-pressed to ever make it work. Simply put, you won't be stopped unless you're physically incapable--and even that might not put you to rest. To an even supernatural level, your determination precedes you; a character wtih a weakness to fire can off sheer willpower bare the consequences and even lessen the effects of that fire's damage nearly up to 50% at first, declining after the first post gradually until the maximum sustainable resistance is at only 10%, if not outright zero.

Master Willpower/Determination: You've ascended the ranks of mortal determination, and instead approaching a fully realised unstoppable level. It wouldn't be remiss to call people at this level absolute legends. Their willpower is so overwhelming, it can even effect those around them, empowering allies in an aura of hope that tells them to trek forward, that defeat isn't just not an option, but not a possibility. Conversely, opponents before them falter, the look of their eyes imposing the enemy with the aura of a god. Characters at this level can power through total loss on a physical level and surpass all their limitations and boundaries for a limited time, summoning raw willpower as their only working asset and still find victory at the end of the day.

Grand Master Willpower/Determination: In the future, even in the present, you'll be enshrined as a deity governing victory and willpower. Your willpower exudes a tangible aura, overcoming their weaknesses nigh absolutely for some ten posts before fatigue sets in. Thereafter, they can re-summon that capacity to overcome themselves for some fives posts, but only at a quarter of the efficacy (25%) until fatigue once more sets in, and re-summon it once more at 10% efficacy for five more posts, once more fatiguing.

Mental Deduction: Mental Deduction refers to a characters ability to see past what the eye can see. Say your character is trapped within an illusion, would they have the mental deduction or power to overcome it? Or, for instance, would they be able to use their mental wits to overpower a possession? Could they stop themselves from being manipulated or controlled by a technique? Things like this are where Mental Deduction come in and give your character in edge in these situations. The higher your Mental Deduction is, the more your character will be able to fight off mentally. This skill is most closely associated with intellect, as it often relates to computation and calculative ability, but it's not necessarily denoting intelligence.

Untrained Mental Deduction: A character with Untrained Mental Deduction is more or less a vegetable, entirely brain dead. They have no deductive capabilities, no capacity of foresight or even present-sight, and while they may not be entirely devoid of the capacity to at all think, while Untrained Willpower may represent an entire lack of free will, Untrained Mental Deduction means the entire lack of free and dynamic thought.

Beginner Mental Deduction: At this level, you really aren't able to see past much. In fact, you are very susceptible to most types of Hypnosis, Mental Manipulation and Illusion or Hallucination based techniques. Therefore, to give an example, if someone had released an ability that could induce illusions, there is a strong chance that your character may have a critical effect to something like this. Leaving them to rely on their external abilities rather than their internal mental fortitude. In order to bring one's Mental Deduction up form this level, you'll need to sharpen your mind with knowledge, intellect and meditation. It's gonna be a long road.

Adept Mental Deduction: When you reach an Adept Level of Mental Deduction, your mind will be a bit better at discerning various techniques related to what the eyes cannot see. You may be able to sense that something is wrong, for instance, if you fall under a mirage the person in question could be able to detect something might be off; but it will still be IMMENSELY difficult for them to actually break out of it. Or, in another fashion, if the senses on their body were being tampered with; they may perhaps be able to feel it, but actually doing something about it could prove to be a challenge. As a result, this level of Mental Deduction leaves much to be desired.

Advanced Mental Deduction: Advanced Mental Deduction is where the tables begin to turn more positively. It's at this stage that people begin to achieve a mental clarity of sorts. They'll often have critical thinking skill, possess a good knowledge of combat and can react very quickly to most circumstances that come their way. With that said, with this experience comes power. Should an Advanced Mental Deduction user come under the entrapment of an hallucination, they'll be able to discern what it is and will eventually be able to break free of it at a moderate pace. Though, it won't be as swift as those above them in the Elite, Master, or Grand Master category.

Elite Mental Deduction: At last, this is where this skill set gets to have its primary trait be shown for all. Once one reaches an Elite Mental Deduction, they're something of a genius nearly. There is not much your mind is unable to see. If you were trapped within an illusion? You could shatter it rather quickly and leave the user stumped on how you did so. If your body was being manipulated in some form? One will most likely be able to tell quickly and do something about it. Their battle skills are to be feared, their intelligence respected and critical thinking top-notch. They'll also have a slight knack for picking up new things with a bit of work based on their intelligence that is often associated with this level. Such as deducing possible means to make themselves stronger, analyzing new abilities on the field and so forth. Meaning that they often have some sort of quick-witted processing ability. The only ones who stand above them in this section is the Masters and Grand Masters themselves.

Master Mental Deduction: The type of genius to be heralded for generations as someone far beyond their time. Holders of a Master in Mental Deduction are practically impossible to find a strategic upper-hand against. Their wit keeps them on top of the situation at all times, their basis of knowledge rivaling an entire library, and their capacity to perceive and sense past the implementation of illusions and external mental influences are near impossible to get passed, save for the 1% of Grand Masters in that area.

Grand Master Mental Deduction: So, you've ascended passed the rank of a professional and into the realm of legends. Achieving a Grand Master Mental Deduction is, for all intents and purposes, an exceptionally gifted genius. It is at this level that one can process information with the utmost ease. To give an illustration: if they were to encounter something of a Cero, and provided they had an ability or tool which allowed them to scan the properties of it, they could swiftly discern it's composition, energy core, materials and eventually be able to have a strong knowledge of it to deflect it, build up resistance to it or make insanely fast counters. Though, this may vary from case to case depending on how complex the thing they are trying to learn is; their intelligence will have an affinity for rising to the challenge for the sake of knowledge and understanding. On top of that, when it comes to illusions, these aren't even a second thought for Grand Masters. Before one could even blink, they can conjure up enough of their wits to dispel it against them and possibly their allies if they were exceptionally powerful. Making them a worthwhile ally to have on the field. And, at this level, their critical thinking skills are second to none often; giving them immense experience in the realms of most types of physiological bodies, different means of combat, strong foundation of most types of abilities and all around an insanely smart individual in the physical and metaphysical realm.

Focus: Focus is your characters ability to achieve an inner calm in a sense. For example, if your character was attacked by a madness inducing spell, could they still maintain a sense of inner peace? Or better yet, in the lines of war could they keep their focus from all that is going on around them to keep up with attacks to avoid either getting blasted to bits or making their own attacks more direct? If they had the physical ability to, could they concentrate on the swings of an opponent's sword, or with an enhanced kinetic vision, even keep track of multiple bullets whizzing by? Things like this is where Focus will add another factor in your characters mental strength's. Conversely, will you be able to make precise sword strikes or hit your target when firing a gun? The higher your focus, the more chance your character can come out on top in these situations. The less focus, well, you should get the picture.

Untrained Focus: Your character probably has something along the lines of ADHD, or some other inhibitor that involuntarily disables them from properly focusing on one thing or another. At this level, your character can barely manage to stay on one subject for more than a minute, though outside of personality aspects, this also makes your character incredibly out of tune with their surroundings. Their inability to keep their cool and process information properly makes them prone to mistakes or missing details, providing to a trained eye something nearly at the point of exuding a tangible aura of vulnerability.

Beginner Focus: When one has a Beginner Focus, you'll be easily effected by things which can tamper with the mind's sense of calmness. For instance, if someone released a Madness Inducing spell, you could be easily affected by it and descend into a state of insanity for a duration of time depending on the ability in question. Not only that, but you'll find it also hard to concrete at times for attacks which require immense focus; such as a heavy Kidō spell or an assault which requires precise precision. Ones of this level of Focus will find themselves often having a hard time just giving their attention to most things in combat; as they are comparable to mild ADD in the form of battle. Their focal points are scattered, calmness limited and accuracy tends to be lower. They need serious meditation, readjustment of their mental state and some heavy experience to go further than this.

Adept Focus: Upon obtaining an Adept Focus, you'll begin to see some of the limitation of the Beginners Focus taper off and away from your character. One of the first things that you'll notice about this change is the fact that you can find more mental energy to actually focus on more stressful attacks. Such as an attack that required more pin-point accuracy; your character should be able to carry this out with a bit of difficulty, but it should be possible to carry out, unlike the otherworldly task of doing that while maintaining a beginner focus. On top of that, you'll have more of a resistance against elements which try to otherwise tamper with the flow of peace, calmness and sanity.

Advanced Focus: At this point, you are steadily making your way to the top of the food chain when it comes to the level of Focus out there. When you achieve an Advanced Focus Skill, you'll be able to do some truly amazing things and overcome many sorts of mental barriers which once posed a challenge to you before. One of the first benefits of this is that you have a bigger resistance against attacks which otherwise try to tamper with your state of mind. Whether it be by injecting thoughts of madness, sensations of lust, inducing rage or anything else like that; the inner calm within you will result in the two of you having a battle of wills, power and focus at this point. So, you may still be able to be affected by these sort of tactics, but it will be harder for the opponent in question to do it to you.

On top of that, the precision of attacks by those who attain Advanced Focus become quite striking. Rather it be in the realm of hand-to-hand, energy crafting, swordsmanship, defense, healing or whatever else has to do with battle; they'll have a very strong sense of accuracy, attention to detail and can remain in a stable state of mind to unleash these sorts of powers, abilities and techniques under stressful circumstances at this point. Therefore, people with this amount of skill in Focus can be considered a valuable commodity to most organizations. For along with that, trying to do combat against a large number of opponents will be relatively less challenging for people with Advanced Focus; as they can channel into more things occurring at once on the battlefield and maintain a high hit-rate. Making it to where the only ones able to overwhelm them in this category are the Master and Grand Masters of this art themselves.

Elite Focus: At this level of Focus, everything is essentially a breeze for most practitioners of this sacred art. In terms of going up against multiple targets at once? With a mere check of their internal self, they'll be able to take into account many of the variables which come with a challenge that might. Being able to pay attention to all of the different attacks occurring at the same time, the targets rapidly approaching in on them and all of the variable signatures of spiritual energy that may be scattered across the field. If they were a swordsman? They'd know just the right amount force, speed and thrust required to direct a strike strong enough to level a city block into every inch of a block of concrete. How about Hand-To-Hand? Should they be proficient in that, they could pinpoint the right amount of pressure into an opponent that could crush boulders into precise points in their body to damage them further.

Master Focus: No matter what your knack or speciality might be, having a Master in Focus will certainly bring it to another level of accuracy and control. And on the note of mental effects on one with this level of control over their Focus? Heh, they aren't really a second thought for most with this refined sense of direction. It's quite easy for them dispel most of these effects if they were to channel into this sense of utter serenity in order to make through way throughout the chaotic storm. Henceforth, the only people are above them in this is the Grand Master of Focus. And they are truly daunting beings of this section. One of the first notable effects of this transition is that some Grand Masters of Focus have the capacity to induce feelings of serenity in others. This has a positive effect on those who happen to be their allies for it can give them peace of mind in combat, aid against the effects of mental manipulation and otherwise serve as a wall of tranquility. Their prowess makes them capable of feats such as keeping track of and fighting hundreds of combatants off with ease, as most all their attacks and abilities used are within the character's perception.

Grand Master Focus: The absolute pinnacle, no one surpasses these people in Mental Focus and their acuity for detail and multitasking prowess. Furthermore, they are for all intents and purposes nearly immune to emotional and mental manipulation as a whole. With how Tranquil their state of being is, this can be done automatically and without thinking it in most cases of Grand Master Focus users. It can also be a great tool to remain calm in almost any situation; whether they be in the halls of combat, within the depths of the unknown or near-death itself, these users can always keep a level-head no matter the circumstance in most cases and are seen as people with the utmost nerves of steel.

They avoid hesitation in almost all of their situations and intimidation does not work too well on them. Higher ranking users of this may be able to even temporarily or permanently achieve a state of void emotion to further this extent; allowing them t operate at peak efficiency by blocking out all forms of external distraction. Though, it may alter the properties of their energy. Meanwhile, in a combative aspect, Grand Masters in focus will even be able to effortlessly fight against even thousands of combatants at once with precision, grace and attention to detail. All of their attacks, abilities and attributes can be mustered with the utmost control and accuracy. Henceforth, Grand Masters are sages of great control, serenity and possess a great ability to keep their psyche, emotions and self in check.


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