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Gotei United Defense Thread [UPDATED/6/24/18] I_vote_lcapGotei United Defense Thread [UPDATED/6/24/18] I_voting_barGotei United Defense Thread [UPDATED/6/24/18] I_vote_rcap 
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 Gotei United Defense Thread [UPDATED/6/24/18]

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Gotei United Defense Thread [UPDATED/6/24/18] R9CieJI

I. The Defenses Itself

Over the course of the last two years, the Gotei have been really cracking down on the overall stability of the Seireitei's defense and ensuring that the "ease of access" to the home of the Shinigami is significantly lowered. As a result of this, two main pieces of equipment have been made to complement this -- the GRID, and Project WING, each of which focuses on their own separate locations in Soul Society. For the GRID, it is entirely focused around the Seireitei as a whole, covering it in a large dome that provides a large-scale defense for the prime attacking point of the Soul Society: The Seireitei.

Whereas Project WING is more focused on the defense of the Rukongai, another aspect that has been a prime attacking point of Soul Society. However, it is much more versatile and widespread than the GRID, able to utilize the energy that it provides to perform a large offense, such as raining down energy blasts or a massive assault of Kido. However, this can cause an immense drain in energy, if not properly handled. Ergo, they cover two specific areas of the Gotei with each having different ways and executions of said protection -- something that is clarified in the sections below, giving detailed descriptions of these two defenses.

I. Project WING

[THEFROST] wrote:
Project WING is an instrument of defense used for the people of the Rukongai. Within the heavens of the Soul Society is an aerial form of defense that is generated through the high volumes of reishi that are already current present in the air. Sealed within micromachines no larger than a particle, these millions of machines monitor the Soul Society and are designed to pick up on dangerous threats. These reports are transmitted back to the Research Division of the Gotei and the members of this faction are then able to determine whether or not to have the defenses activate.

As the micromachines are all tethered together and form a network of defenses when times of danger arrive within the land. This is because they are capable of guiding the reishi of the Soul Society, harnessing it and then using that power to vanquish threats. For example, project WING could be used in the event of an invading war. If an invader were to come, then they would notice a hailstorm of various energy blast being drowned out through the skies.

However, it is not limited to energy attacks. One Project WING is synchronized to Gotei officials, or approved mediums (such as Iramasha Union Members, Soul King, Royal families etc), then large-scale remote operations can be performed. As it would be capable of raining down tsunami waves of kido in order to purge a threat once the proper clearances and protocols have been authorized.

In fact, it can even be used to send high volumes of energy to allies and operatives of the Gotei Reformed. Such as if one person from the Gotei was injured, this energy could be sent from the skies, injected into the shinigami, synchronized to their body and can be used to restore their energy levels. If a healer were to use this, then they could possibly even replicate the particles of their spiritual energy throughout this network and heal remotely to avoid being injured easily.

With that said, there are limitations to this. One of the first is that there is only so much the payload of Project WING can take. It is capable of defending large-scale regions equal to cities, but it is not an infinite source. The nanomachines can break down, be destroyed or outright blocked by various sealing or barrier-making methods. Furthermore, it takes time to process the transferrals and it can sometimes take 1-3 post for it to take effect.

Along with that, Project WING is also susceptible to human error. This is because most threats are analyzed, reported and documented by the operators in a remote facility within the Gotei. So these people will decide whether or not to allocate resources or not.

Lastly, while there is a mass supply of reishi within the Rukongai, it is not infinite. If they drain this resource, it may take days for it to reform and they will need to monitor how they utilize this in a wartime scenario. As they have a vast pool of energy to work with it, but it needs to be managed properly.

Notes: In order for the authorized mediums to use the project, they will need to connect to the network with a special badge that will be kept track of in a tracker thread that will be made after this. It is called the "Wing Clearance" and will connect them to Project WING.


@Henrex wrote:
In some people's eyes, the Gotei is the organization that can be considered to have the weakest defense. After the Demonic Incursion, it left many large gaps in the home of the Soul Reapers. Hence why the strange Demon Ziamichi woman known as Shiki Yamisenkira was able to get through the defenses of the Seireitei so easily. After hearing about, and learning about both of these, Henrex went to work on brainstorming. Doing some research in the Shinigami Archives, and taking a large amount of time to think about everything that would be required to make this, he sought out the Research Division of the Gotei, and worked together with them to create this item. The GRID.

To begin things, this single item can be found in the very heart of the Seireitei. It is a square-like object, with four small circular objects at the corners of the item. In terms of size, The GRID itself is the size of an old computer monitor. However, it's size does not exactly excuse itself for not being extremely heavy. Simply to lift this, it would take two Master level Strength Shinigami. What is this made of that makes it so heavy? Well, it is made of a multitude of things, one of which being the infamous Sekki-Sekki rock that the Seireitei's walls are made of, as well as what the Senzaikyū (懺罪宮, Palace of Remorseful Sin) is made of. A single layer of this covers the outside of the GRID, preventing it from being sensed by any source.

Additionally, The GRID is made of extremely hardened steel, which was based off not only an Arrancar's Hierro but also a Demon's Akuma Kyodo. The reason behind this is because Henrex did not want this to be destroyed easily, so he made ways of protecting it. While the Hierro steel is a passive effect on the GRID's core, the Akuma Kyodo part of it is not. This little addition is ONLY if the Hierro Steel is broken, and the item is in grave danger of being destroyed. So, with all this set in place, it is noted that this is NOT easy to break, or even find. So, if you wish to find this, and destroy it, you will be searching for a LONG while.

So, with the appearance done, it's time to discuss what this actually does in terms of defense. Upon activation, it releases a signal into the Soul Society's Research Center, notifying them of this occurrence. When that has happened, a large, green dome will materialize around the Seireitei, in a way that is based off the Shakonmaku (遮魂膜, Soul-Warding Membrane), with some things done better than last time. With the dome in place, the Sekki-Sekki that is within the energy of this dome will do a multitude of things. The first of which would be the complete negation of transport into the Seireitei. There is no kind of Demon Portal, Garganta, or anything of the such that would be able to get past this amount of Sekki-Sekki level.

But, there is a way to get past this. Henrex knew that if he were to block off ALL transport into the Seireitei, it would leave many Shinigami stranded within whatever world they were in. So, he did a little bit more digging. Doing some research into who all was in the Gotei, Henrex created a bit of a registration system into it. Making him ever so more observant of the people in the Gotei's ranks, Henrex registers everyone who is in, and who enters the Gotei Reformed. All who are registered into the system can freely enter and leave the Soul Society. But then, there are always those special guests that end up coming in. People such as Liu Xinsheng, and Niflheim P have been reported to have entered the Soul Society as neutral, or "good" parties.

So, there has to be a way for those type of people to come in. Well, this is why Henrex has allowed the Captains of the Gotei (Including the Zero Division/Royal Guard/High Ranking Shinigami, etc.) to be tapped into the device with a special little chip that can be planted into either a PhantomTech Cyberbrain, or installed into a Denreishinki. Upon installation, these Captains will be notified of any intrusion into the Soul Society. It is up to them whether they are allowed in, or rejected and kept out. While Henrex himself is not able to do this, he is connected to the device's via the chip and is able to monitor the status of The GRID. But, there is STILL more to come from this massive boost to the Soul Society's defense.

Now, it's time to move on to the other abilities of this. The first thing would be the massive defense that this grants both the Seireitei. The large, green dome is not just for show. It provides a strong defense, even better than the previous main defense, the Shakonmaku (遮魂膜, Soul-Warding Membrane). For example, there is just about no way for energy attacks to affect the dome, as the properties of the dome mimic the likes of the Shakonmaku (遮魂膜, Soul-Warding Membrane), in which the particles of energy would be dissolved upon an attempt to get through. However, it has been noted that extreme amounts of brute force, and some EXTREMELY high-density energy attacks to get through. For the brute force, it would require at the very MINIMUM, an Advanced level of strength to make even the smallest of CRACKS in it.

For the minimum of the energy attacks? It would be around a Master level of Cero as an example since the majority of defense for this item is circled around all types of energy. But, the biggest question. What is powering it? That is a very good question. The GRID is powered by a large battery that sits in the very center of it, which is powered by a monstrous amount of energy. After the Research made this shell for The GRID, Henrex went around the Seireitei, gathering a portion of energy from a large amount of Shinigami. The end result was the battery being charged enough to last another four hundred years. And that was just an estimate. It is truly unknown how long this system will last. Only time will tell.

Notes: The concept of the GRID is to be a defense, full and through. There is no potential of reciprocating an offense, it is only meant to serve as a defense to very powerful physical and spiritual attacks. Overall, this is something that is meant to be harder to get through than Project WING, as it focuses entirely on defense and, as said before, has no capabilities to produce any form of returning attack.

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Gotei United Defense Thread [UPDATED/6/24/18]
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