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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:58 am
Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look] Banner-Medusa

Snake that Encircles the World

○ Current Name: Alesia Mircalla
○ Alias':
○ Age: Chronologically: Four-Hundred years old; Physically: Late Twenties.
○ Gender: Female.
○ Sexuality: Unknown.
○ Race: Human (Soul Evolution)-Hollow Hybrid.

○ Height: Five Feet Ten Inches.
○ Weight: Sixty-Three Kilograms.
○ Distinguishing Features: Ouroboros Tattoo that wraps around her torso underneath her breasts.

Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look] Medusa-Appearance

Mental Breakdown

○ Confrontational: Due to her nature as a part-hollow Alesia is a very combative person, she is not normally aggressive however following rules and orders are difficult. If she disagrees with something she will more than likely challenge it until proven otherwise but hasn't got any qualms with things ending up in violence if it not be preferable. While violent in character she isn't a stone-hard killer, she's the type to enjoy fighting for the thrill of fighting before calling it no hard feelings at the end.

○ Empathetic:

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

Background Check

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

Natural Attributes

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

Racial Attributes

○ High-Speed Regeneration:

○ Acid Manipulation:

○ Acute Senses:

○ Soul Devouring:

○ Sound Step:

○ Kido/Cero (Limited):

Unique Attributes

○ Enhanced Physical Conditioning:

○ Soft Physique Modification:

○ Spiritual Shedding Capacities:

○ Trait:

○ Trait:

Phantasmal Hollow

○ Name:
○ Release:

○ Title:
○ Title:

○ Title:
○ Title:

Skill Information

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Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:54 am
Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look] Character-banner


Basic Information

○ Name: Chifuyu Yuudeshi.
○ Alias':
Lady Prometheus
Uomo Universale
○ Age:
Chronologically: Eighteen.
Physically: Young Adult.
○ Birthday: March 2.
○ Gender: Female.
○ Race: Human.

○ Affiliation:
Lux Orior
Vice-Chairman of R&D
Yuudeshi Family
Second Generation (Shadin).

○ Alignment: Chaotic Good.
○ Nationality: Japanese.
○ Marital Status: Single.
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

○ Height: Five Feet Seven Inches.
○ Weight: Eighty Kilograms.
○ Hair Colour: White.
○ Eye Colour: Bluish Purple.
○ Measurements: 82-56-83
Chifuyu Yuudeshi [Super Secret |WIP | Don't look] Chifuyu-Appearance2

Psychological Report
○ Aware
She is painfully aware of what goes on around her, being hypersensitive at times. She struggles to relax or allow herself moments of ignorance to take a break, pushing her into high levels of stress at times. She struggles to tone down this hypersensitivity making it hard to be able to unwind without constantly having thoughts on her mind or not noticing details, regardless of how small they may be. For example if she were to slide into a routine after time even the smallest details out of place would become noticeable to her instead of settling down into a thoughtless and mechanical routine.

○ Forgetful
Chifuyu's memory isn't the best, specifically towards her own memories. She recalls pieces of them but much of her history is blurry when she tries to think about it. Her understanding and knowledge seems to be untouched, making it hard for her to forget details she learns but she is prone to forgetting who people are like their names. Due to this habit she relies on various Networks and technology to keep track of people she meets as well as events that happen around her due to this handicap.

○ Hesitant
A big part of her mindset is her caution. Chifuyu prefers not to dive into things with her fullest. While she is prone to the odd impulsive reaction she doesn't do so without having other bases covered or preparations made. This same mindset applies to those she associates with and calls her friends. It can be easy, if not a little awkward at times, to communicate with her but while she can let on that she is friendly with a person that doesn't lead to her giving faith or trust so readily. Getting her trust is a daunting task for the vast majority of people and she hesitates to allow herself to make time for people to avoid getting close to them.

○ Guilty
She carries a deep burden of guilt and regret, blaming herself for things that were realistically out of her control. Being a control freak gives an illusion that she has control over all these things and so when something bad happens it comes down to a thought process that she just didn't account for it and therefore it was her fault. When people close to her die, when a battle is lost or resources are wasted. All of this can compound onto her and affect her greatly. She suffers from survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder which she keeps relative control over but there are always triggers for her.

○ Lonely
When you're at the top it's lonely. While Chifuyu isn't necessarily at a level of total control and authority there is influence there, but furthermore her role as Yuudeshi and Lux Orior operative only makes her even more distanced. With the addition of many of the people she gets close to dying she is both hesitant and rarely willing to try and form meaningful relationships under the fear that they would just die like everyone else seems to do.

○ Unpredictable
Chifuyu was never the most forthcoming individual, she does things behind the scenes and acts independently quite a fair bit while giving only what she deems necessary to people. It gives her a level of unpredictability and underlying cunning that can make her hard to work with due to it if people were aware of it but also an alienating feel when people find out she is this way. It doesn't help that she has a skilled silver tongue and puts effort into manipulating people for the "greater good".

Miscellaneous Details
○ Likes:
  • Formality
  • Mysteries
  • Mind Games
  • Tinkering
  • Fashion

○ Dislikes:
  • Losing
  • Children
  • Forgetting
  • Attention
  • Crowded Spaces

○ Fears:
  • Failure
  • Loss
  • Something Unbeatable
  • Powerlessness

Relationship Statuses
○ Shadin Yuudeshi
Status: Alive.
Chifuyu's father and current leader of Japan and one of the Heads of the Yuudeshi Family. Currently one of the two Executives of the Lux Orior. Chifuyu held a strong relationship with her father up until trouble developing within the last two weeks where she blames him for all that happened due to his, and the Yuudeshis, reckless pursuit for power and tampering with the Hogyoku.

○ Azure Iramasha
Status: Deceased.
Former Teacher and love interest, died during the events of Moon Massacre in 2416. She never actually found out whether or not it was him but decided to stop investigating personally given it was taking too much of her time to be hung up on something in the past. She suffered from survivor's guilt and PTSD following his death.

○ Yuel Duulheim
Status: ---.

○ Ichika Iramasha
Status: Alive.
Her Inverse self from the Black World who she was able to slide into her immediate family by forging her status as a little sister. She is very protective of her little sister, going as far as to prefer her being adopted by Cirno Iramasha who is both stronger and able to further construe Chifuyu and her status as actually being inverse selves.

○ Valentine Ransom Carter
Status: Alive.
A close friend of her's and someone she trusts, being privy to the secret of his martian status she operates by using Valentine when she requires a man who can learn things. Chifuyu also has an interest in him, mainly due to his unique status as an alien that can be called strange while she likes to document any of the capabilities that he shows.

○ Adam Eve
Status: Alive.
A mercenary and former Monsuta operative, she shares similar views with Adam despite being less radical in how he executes them. Despite having interacted with him in various ways she likes to keep him at arms length with trust but will make use of his skillset without hesitation if she needs something done quietly and off the books.

○ Desmond Hayden
Status: Alive.
A man she was originally sceptical towards, over time Chifuyu came to trust him more and more. Her initial dislike came from disdain towards someone replacing Azure as the leader of Vanguard after his immediate death and her feeling as though she had wasted her time with him. Despite the rough patch she has since gotten over her preconceptions and found him to be a good ally.

○ Atlas D'al Decter
Status: Alive.
Having worked with Atlas indirectly during a brief period in Vastime as a reach out from the Vanguard very shortly before they reformed into the Lux Orior. Chifuyu was able to teach Atlas how to make use of the predominantly human roots for advantages which had mostly been kept under wraps amongst Soul Evolution Humans who derived their anima stones from it. With this she created a project to assist against foreign invaders. In that time she thought of him as a good soldier and a decent man as distant as she was with him.

○ Henrex Astillon
Status: Alive.
She first worked with Henrex when they were required to save Canada from falling debris following the events of Moon Massacre. Chifuyu found him strange and queer to begin with even remarking at how strange his change had been in between seeing him. While neutral towards him she finds him a decently intellectual man with potential in his studies.

Frequent Locations

Background Check

○ Chapter 1: The idea of Chifuyu's existence became a possibility shortly before the coming of the new millennium. The year being 2401 and the date being March 2. A leading scientist in the area of Biomedical Science who also had brought a focus towards crystals and metals for cybernetics and prosthetic for both combat and rehabilitation released a theory that the human fetus could be altered through the use of Aether Gems. This theory by Doctor Shimori Aoi, caught the attention of the Yuudeshi Family. With Zin in possession of the Hogyoku it was possible for the same principle to be applied no?

With a curiosity towards this idea the Yuudeshi approached her and offered her a rare opportunity. To use Shadin's and her DNA to create an artificial child which would be exposed to the radiating energies of the Hogyoku. Now Shimori wasn't going to reject this opportunity, or this request from the Beast of Karakura. She quickly agreed to this task that he offered her. The woman wasted no time, having the opportunity to study the Hogyoku that belonged to Zin to study the radiation, to be able to study the way it worked and interacted with things. The benefit was that with the Hogyoku's ability to manifest will into reality Shimori was basically given the answers to her questions.

By the end of 2401 the project was ready to begin, with the fetus being created and the operation known as Project GEMSTONE underway, nine months from her creation in November Chifuyu's developing body was exposed to the Hogyoku under strict conditions, which altered the way her body formed and developed. Effectively Chifuyu was being made into something new, something undefined which Shimori could not understand. Strangely when her body was finally finished developing Chifuyu's body had become that of a Soul Evolution Human, the doctor couldn't understand what prompted this race and could only guess it was due to her crystalline cells that acted like Anima Stones.

Nevertheless the newborn girl underwent numerous tests, which wouldn't be of any form of harm to her as Shimori did not want the girl to die or have too much interference in her natural development. Due to her birth in August she was given the name "Chifuyu", a name Shimori found quite humorous considering that Chifuyu was born in summer. She became quite attached to the girl, teaching her and dedicating herself to the little child that was her daughter with a man she'd never have thought she'd meet, let alone have a child with.

Chifuyu's growth rate was exception, a few months into her life and she was already speaking words that you'd expect to hear from a child at least after their first year on the planet. Curious as to just how different Chifuyu was to the rest of them Shimori began testing again, taking blood samples and doing scans although being careful about it since she didn't want to subject the girl to too many tests since it could affect her mentally. Chifuyu saw very little of her genetic father during her years as a baby but that would all change soon enough. After convincing Shadin to come and see Chifuyu she finally got to meet his daughter Chifuyu.

She conversed with Shadin like a toddler, despite being only ten months old at the time. Her brain was evidently more advanced than a normal humans which was what was causing her development at a much faster rate. By her first year alive, Chifuyu had learnt how to walk. She had learned how to speak quite well albeit basically, she was limited with vocabulary but could use her already existing words exceptionally well. The idea of cybernetics were considered for Chifuyu to keep track of her brain, being able to track it's development and understand her a bit better, this however was not approved since there was the risk to her health with her body growing and still maturing with the influence of technology at such a young age.

After her first birthday came along, she was given tutors more and more researchers were brought in onto the GEMSTONE project, this added staffing caused the project to become more known. With scientific reports being published on the science it left other organisations able to piece together the facts, espionage and attempts at more information towards the project lead to the Yuudeshi being put on Guard. K-World's attempts were particularly persistent and despite Shadin and the Yuudeshi Family's efforts to keep the project a secret it would only be a matter of time before Kin found out what he wanted to know.

○ Chapter 2: On March 4. 2402 K-World infiltrated the facilitating where the project was taking place with the attempt at capturing the Head Scientist Shimori Aoi and Chifuyu Yuudeshi. The mission was a failure, the infiltrators being killed although not without Shimori Aoi as a casualty. With her mother now gone, Chifuyu was taken in by Shadin, being her only legal guardian, the project was officially disbanded a month later with Shimori dead and Shadin wanting his daughter to grow up as something more than a science project.

○ Chapter 3: Under Shadin's care Chifuyu was brought into the Yuudeshi Family, spending time with her family from Shadin's branch but she didn't really fit in with people her age, she was too advanced for the other toddlers and children. Being almost three and having the mentality of a six year old made it awkward for her. She couldn't figure out how to dumb herself down for the other children her age. It frustrated her and she had trouble socialising, this cycle continued for three months before Shadin tried to give her something more substantial.

She started school much earlier than someone normally would, tutors and books to keep herself entertained and absorb knowledge. Her young mind wanted information more than people, she would be prone to spending excessive amounts of time learning and studying instead of socialising, an imbalance in her life was occurring for Chifuyu where she was being highly sophisticated but lacking the ability to understand people and socialise properly with them.

At the age of four Chifuyu might as well have been nine years old with her personality and mental development, she had a highly developed mind with the ability to do maths and science far beyond her. She began playing around with chemistry and biology, physics and cybernetics. She thirsted for as much as her mind could handle and pursued it without forethought for how it was affecting her.

She was at school already, although she found even the schools made for those who were gifted were below what she wanted. She didn't last very long either due to her age and the fact that it made other children unhappy that some four year old was apparently smarter than them. Chifuyu ultimately left the school system and sought out her own personal studies.

○ Chapter 4: It was a month or so before she was about to turn five, 2405 was the year and Shadin began testing to see what kind of powers Chifuyu possessed. The initial summary revealed Crystallokinesis and a physiology constructed of organic flesh and crystal structures. Understanding the powers she had Chifuyu began to develop her spiritual powers, she was evolving to new levels. Her body itself was a weapon, completely malleable for her mind to use as she pleased.

It was easier for her to develop her internal powers and one's that were part of her physiology. Becoming able to form crystalline constructs on her body which got more and more progressive until her mind could develop manipulation on a much deeper level. After learning how to master her external applications of crystal manipulation she focused once more onto the physiology.

At the age of seven Chifuyu was given a babysitter, well a carer since Shadin was always so busy but a babysitter nonetheless, she was easily able to shape-shift and alter her body on levels unimaginable, this development to her powers had be attributed to the Hogyoku. But the highlights for Chifuyu's age was this woman that she was assigned with. Chifuyu didn't think she needed a tutor, she would be combative and a pain simply to try and get this woman to go away but there was willpower in the woman, that much was certain.

Her name was Amelia, and she was determined to try and help Chifuyu. A former Special Human's Task Force member Amelia would try to instil their values onto Chifuyu and despite the girl's analysis she didn't like people trying to force their views and beliefs down her throat which meant that she would rarely listen to Amelia's lectures. After a few months Chifuyu finally got sick of the woman and wanted Shadin gone, under the pretence of her getting in the way of Chifuyu's studies.

○ Chapter 5: He declined this much to her surprise, having noticed her behaviour he wanted her to have a friend, for her to develop. This aggravated Chifuyu quite a lot but she was in no position to push her point. At the age of twelve Chifuyu was already a prodigal genius, with advanced powers which made her able to be a competent fighter. Chifuyu joined the newly formed Vanguard with her father's permission and worked a simple R&D job, she didn't care about recognition or power and merely wanted to use their resources but at the same time Chifuyu saw herself as a weapon.

After the creation of a biological piece of equipment which was very much like her. Artificial, Manufactured and it was simply programmed to follow orders Chifuyu felt a deep pain, if she could just be made was she even a person? or was she just what this thing she created was as an object? The philosophy struck her quite hard, and she receded into a shell. Viewing herself as a simple experiment that wasn't a person. Thoughts of being expendable came to mind and being able to be replaced.

Her teenage years were like this, she didn't speak or try to form friendships, she moved out of home at the age of fourteen due to being able to be completely independent and take after herself. She did love her father and family however found it hard always being around them and knowing that if her exterior was cracked then he'd possibly overreact to how she thought.

Alone Chifuyu began looking for things to help her cope with her problems. Resorting to sex and technology mainly, she began working on things to keep her mind focused and so it didn't wander while pointless sex kept the thoughts away for the most part. It wasn't healthy, she knew but simply didn't care. She was a freak, an outcast in this society, something that was made!

○ Chapter 6: A recent piece of tech she created, after obtaining a modified Phantomtech brain that supported her brain to new heights Chifuyu began working on Artificial Intelligence. This focus on technology resulted in the formation of the AI Cy-01. After a few tweaks to the program it was reintroduced as Cyrus-01 Beta. The technology surrounding Cyrus was kept secret, the computing power alone was off the scale for an AI and could easily be used in very bad ways if it got into the hands of Shadow Fall or K-World. For this reason it was personally her's as she developed him further and further.


○ Crystalline Constitution: A trait still inherent to her body, Chifuyu's body still retains it's original composition despite the fact she is lacking in utilising its true power or aspects, not even being able to be manipulate it like before but ultimately Chifuyu's body still retains it's highly resilient nature of it as well as natural resistance against conducting energy such as heat and electricity, reducing energy based attacks by about fifty percent of effectiveness and giving her a resistance towards stuns. Attacks like bolts of lightning which attempt to do actual piercing damage will still be effective.

○ Flow and Transfer of Power: Chifuyu is able to utilise a basic level of energy manipulation, primarily in the flow and transfer of energy for various purposes however with her very meagre energy reserves she finds this to be very difficult to be able to do on the fly making it primarily used for preparing tools beforehand rather than actually being used on the fly as it's simply not enough nor has the regeneration rate that would make it viable. Although an external energy source can supplement it it rarely is a perfect solution.

In terms of applications she can use it for basic ideas such as reinforcement of objects, transfer and transmutation of energy to store energy in something for later use or the reverse and instead drain energy from targets. It is reasonably versatile but very limited in scope due to restrictions of her energy. Chifuyu's immediate uses are incredibly basic, such as transferring her energy into something to heat it slightly being enough to drain a large amount of her reserves. Because of this it can be mitigated by storing energy over a great deal of time however over a period of months even she could still only accumulate enough energy to perform a single attack on the 3-tier scale although that's only taking into account her own energy reserves, like stated previously though the use of an external power source would be a great help for this power.

Applications vary widely but usually all fall under energy augmentation, transfer/transformation or absorption. It works best when cycled through the process of using it to augment, then absorbing and then converting. However due to her heavily limited capabilities Chifuyu can only do three actions per two posts with this power.

○ Fragments of Lost Power: The power that Chifuyu lost, the Hogyoku that raised her up and gave her what she had. Lost is the power to bring forth desires of people at the cost of cause and effect, a power to warp reality to one's liking as though they had the potential for a God. Chifuyu has lost this part of herself, leaving only fragments that can hardly be called the same as it was. These fragments function more like seeds for a potential and possibility rather an immediate tangible effect.

○ High-Speed Processing: While not able to hold a torch to her cognitive ability before Chifuyu lost her power it hasn't left her like a potato. She is still competent with her thought process and relatively fast compared to others, being able to take in large amounts of information and process it quickly to formulate ideas and plans.


○ Summary: Chifuyu possesses the typical trait of the Yuudeshi Family, the Yuudeshi Drive. It is somethings she didn't really touch into much until recent times after she lost control of her drive and went berserk in her fight against Adam Eve. After that event she instead sought to hone it and gain more self-control over it and its effects. Due to the machinations of Adam she possesses a unique facet of the Yuudeshi Drive that relates to her cause and goals. She is also able to access the Yuudeshi Overdrive aspect which is a side-effect of evolution burst.

Note: While she possesses these traits within her body still Chifuyu is currently unable to use them whatsoever and so they are innate but sealed functions of her body.

○ Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst:

Evolution Burst: To become smarter, to become stronger and to evolve is a strong core trait within the essence of Chifuyu's being. She understands the depths of humanity's nature, has a hunger to strive for more and seeks to comprehend the depths of Eve's blessing to this wonderful race. Therefore, Adam's Progressive Overwrite blessed her with two things. The first was the unlocking of her Yuudeshi Drive. The second was Evolution Burst: the power that comes with her Yuudeshi Drive.

In essence, Evolution Burst allows for the body of Chifuyu to tap into the highly potent gene of The Yuudeshi. They are known for rapidly progressing their combative abilities as they are an infamous warrior type of clan. Therefore, as she is thrust into each battle, Evolution Burst seeks to have her gain a better insight into herself, to gain control of her worried mind and to further refine her powers.

Abilities Of Evolution Burst

Evolution Aura: Evolution Aura allows for Chifuyu to utilize her energy as a medium to progress the world around her. It typically has an area of effect that extends for a few city blocks, but what it can do within that limited range is immense. With this Yuudeshi's vast knowledge, she could infuse her aura into objects, earthly materials and immaterial substances in order to have a whole lab of equipment to play within battle. For example: she could combine the elements of fire and rock in order to fuse them together and create the progressed element of lava to be used against an opponent on a basic level.

However, with Chifuyu's grand mind, far greater applications can be made. As Adam fully expects this ability to be used with her brilliance to create equipment. Since he wanted this Evolution Aura to be connected to her mind. This is because it takes the knowledge of her brain, infuses it into the particles of chi which emits from her body and then she is able to calculate and guide her vision into the world based on the limitations which are associated with her intelligence and volumes of energy she has to make a task happen.

So, in another application, Chifuyu could easily make new equipment and devices on the fly since she is a key figure in developing the technology for the Vanguard itself. If she were within a ruined setting that was filled with broken gadgets, she could quickly bring it to life by applying the high amount of computational power that her mind possess as being a star child of The Yuudeshi.

Limitations Of Evolution Aura

Logical Infusions: This world that they live in is one where logic is more easily skewed due to the supernatural nature of the PH Verse. However, that does not mean that this ability can be used with abuse. As there are certain logical patterns that the application of this ability must follow. For example: this ability would end up backfiring and hurting Chifuyu's body if she were to try and rewrite the logic of the universe to say that fire freezes and electricity makes things wet. That is illogical, goes against her evolution of mind and will create mental and physical pains that zap away her energy.

However, if she were to combine water and high air temperature, she could accelerate the temperature of the water in order to have fire water burn through different types of attacks, elements and objects through the metaphysical nature of her chi. So, while this ability has a high range of application, it still requires the user to be mindful of how to create believable parameters for the universe they are in to accept. Otherwise, it will not work.

Energy Constraints: Once again, as an obvious limitation, there is only so much a person can do within the level of tier they are in. So, for example, it would not be possible for Chifuyu to infinitely use this ability, try to create black holes and things of that nature. It is recommended that she only keep four applications of this active so it does not drain her energy and that they remain within a an area of effect equal to a few city blocks. (As of her current tier at 3-1) Though, that doesn't mean she can't use them to launch from long distances. (I.E. charging up an attack and then using her infamous speed as a Yuudeshi to throw it over a mile or so.)

Mental Constraints: It is recommended that Chifuyu try to keep four primary cores of activity going at the same time. While she can perform more, her body may not be up to speed to dealing with it at her current tier level. This may be changed if she were to use external equipment to offset the energy loads assoicated with extremely complex task. However, if abused too often, her brain will begin to suffer headaches of the sort that make it harder to focus and eventually use the ability.

Bonus Effect

Self-Control: More than anything else, the more time she spends in her Yuudeshi Drive State, the more her brain will bond with this power and begin to learn self-control. Since that is what Adam ultimately wants for Chifiyu. He wants her to learn to control her impulses, use them to her favor and think for herself. So, over time, the destructive hunger of her Yuudeshi blood will eventually become easier to control down the line.


○ List of Equipment:
○ Yuudeshi Network: As the daughter of Shadin and a trusted ally of him she has quite a high-level of authority, almost second to Shadin himself however while she has this large amount of freedom she can only make use of a lot of it's benefits with permission obtained from her father as opposed to having free reign always with it. Even so Chifuyu never keeps any of her data or information on the Yuudeshi Network.


(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)

6-Tier: Allowed all beginners.
5-Tier: Allowed all beginners.
4-Tier: Allowed 1 Adept, 3 Beginner
3-Tier: Allowed 3 Adept, 1 Beginner
2-Tier: Allowed 2 Advanced, 2 Adept
1-Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 2 Advanced, 1 Adept
0-5 Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 3 Advanced

NOTE: There can be exceptions you can discuss with staff if the character's themes and masteries etc, are better suited to a different configuration. Let us know when after we approve your character if something along those lines is something you want for your character. e.g If your character isn't particularly quick but the force in their strikes are massive, so you could take a hit to their speed and drop it a level in exchange for raising your strength

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Undetermined
  • Mental Deduction: Undetermined
  • Focus: Undetermined

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