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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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» Name: Mischa Judavialdi
» Epithet: The Virtuoso
» Age: 268
» Gender: Male
» Hollow Hole: Lower Abdomen
» Aspect of Death: Pride

» Association: Rogue

Rattenuto Devoid

» Adaptive: You don't get far in life the way Mischa's lived without being capable of tackling different situations and changing the way you see things. It's necessary for growth and success, and though the man can be stubborn in a sense, pursuing a goal requires knowing how to switch things up. A static cadence is boring, and staying in your comfort zone does nothing to expand it.

This also works in terms of Mischa's work ethic and not just daily living. As an aspiring composer, the Judavialdi has a creative side, one fit for thinking of things on the spot as well as devising intricate scenarios and plans, though he's mainly put forth that talent towards developing and arranging music in the past. To pair off with his creativity is the ability to put things into practice, and thanks to his persevering mindset and frozen rationality, most goals are definitely within reach.

» Spontaneous: Speaking of his frozen rationality, this does appropriately denote his logician mindset, but don't mistake that for him being a totally logically guided individual. The fire of music is fueled by spontaneity, and understanding the framework and theory of the system before him, furthermore applying himself to it, is very important, but once you've understood how something works, that's where you take it and make it your own.

To do that requires unique flavouring, and that flavour is provided by a sense of spontaneity, something which has seeped into his personality and shared its moments of action in his life. To an extent, you could even call Mischa an adrenaline junkie, and he's very often explored a number of troubling circumstances and high-pressure situations at the risk of his life, using it as a method of inspiration, and just to experience something thrilling, as the feeling is wonderful for his mind.

» Persevering: Mischa doesn't stop at failure; his career was met with great success, but at no point was it easily done. Failure has come in spades, and moments of opportunity have flitted by; fortunately, Mischa's mindset allows him to prevail in even dire circumstances, and he easily moves forward, taking in the things he's committed to and used them as a moment of learning, not a moment of failure.

Sometimes, this can be mistaken for optimism, and the energy he provides a circumstance can easily fuel this misunderstanding. In truth, Mischa assents to a bitingly cold rationale for his thought processes, but knowing that he prefers a practical approach, his self-confidence allows the man to believe that the initial failure shouldn't and wouldn't discourage him. The sweet and verbose finale is achieved through a bitter climb, and the more bitter the climb, the sweeter the summit.

» Efficient: Mischa really knows how to put his thoughts in order, and tackling a large project is best done by appropriately addressing parts of the bigger picture step by step. Typically, Mischa is systematic, and even in normal living he sets his priorities in order. Sometimes, he can aspire to do something absolutely ridiculous if not entirely out of his league--but he usually doesn't choose to do so unless he at least believes that he can do it at some point, and can come up with a method to feasibly achieve that.

Combining that with his energy, determination, and rationality, Mischa's efficiency proves a deadly combo for others and even himself. His tendency to order his priorities also brings into the equation his own well-being and others, and the man finds risks as a necessary and justifiable means to his ends. A worthy goal requires some sacrifices if its really that great, and if it is great? Then the weight of the sacrifices can be wavered. Priorities, people.

»Level-Headed: All this alludes to Mischa being a fairly level-headed person--and that's exactly right. Even in heated situations, Mischa keeps his cool. Not just because of self-confidence, but because he truly wants to live with no regrets. Though he's mostly gotten over it since then, the Virtuoso became a hollow to begin with as he was ridden with regrets of all sorts. Not this time--not in this second chance, more or less.

As a result, in subjects outside of his control and moments not within his machinations, sometimes things can't be helped, and Mischa tries not to let those moments bother him. Which is fine--you can do what you can, and you can't do what you can't. Sweating the small stuff is a good way to stress yourself out, and no-one appreciates stress or a stressful person. Fortunately, this makes Mischa a great person in crises, and fear of circumstance isn't much of an element in him, or fear in general for that matter.

Enharmonic Transposition

In the mid 22nd century, the value of music had its ups and downs. The events of past tragedy, introduction of multiple races in common living on Earth and the mutual interdimensional migration of innumerable souls fueled various industries. Around this time, the music industry wasn't too different from the usual patterns; various genres are developed, older genres make its return to popularity with modernised arrangements that appeal to the masses. Around this time, classical music was at an all time high, and the various aspiring musicians and producers sought to make a name in the genre.

Mischa wasn't very different from these people, and raised by a strict family which carried the tradition of being involved in the classical community since several eras back, he was given the usual strict regimen which hope to bring out prodigies. With his childhood and various positive and negative feedbacks fueled into him, it proved to really attach the boy to his violin, one of the noblest and valued instruments of the classical era.

Several years had gone by as Mischa made a name for himself, his adolescence filled with concert participation and junior competitions to have the talented youth stick out more, enabling their cultivation to become better than their predecessors. As one of the many children like this, it wasn't any sort of surprise that the young Judavialdi made music his career, higher education and all the resources at hand, his personal time, energy, and lifestyle revolving around practice and performance. Thankfully, he was content with this sort of life. Many of the friends he made were kindred spirits, all dedicated to their craft and vying to master it.

For Mischa, his aspirations specifically lied in not just making a name for himself as a world renown artist, to which within the classical community specifically, he had achieved to some extent as a talented young performer. Beyond that, he aimed to make a name for himself in the annals of history for the composition of his music, like the many artists of the Renaissance Era from centuries past, whose names would forever be remembered: Menuhin, Mozart, Bach, and the legendary Niccolo Paginini. His desire was to offer something that etched his names in the memory of his peers, such that children would practice his compositions in the same way he practiced the work of his heroes as a child.

Coming around his 30s, the Judavialdi was definitely close to his goal, and although he never released anything, by no means was the man giving up on his dream. Instead, he was meticulous, wanting to cement himself as a performer of legendary proportion, of which he was very close. Already, at the least in his forte as a violinist--as by his 30s Mischa was a multi-instrumentalist, specifically with other strings, though his capacity to understand and put into practice the common fundamentals of different instruments succeeded in him being well-rounded in other branches--Mischa was globally renown. His imitation of great composers and creative interpretation of the lesser known variants served to put the less famous composers on relatively equal standings with greater heroes thanks to his rearrangements, exposing them to the community with revived interest in their original writers. It became a major point of his mutual talent and infamy.

Unfortunately, Mischa would never fulfill his dreams. Few years into his 30s, World War Three was underway, and one of the first casualties in Europe was the Musical Prodigy and Virtuoso, MIscha Judavialdi. His works would never be released to the public, his aspirations to be known not simply for his talent at playing the instruments but arranging compositions for them would never be realised. In fact, Mischa would hardly be recognised after the events of World War Three.

In later years subsequent to the European conflicts, much artwork was recovered to reinstate culture and society post-war, and several relics of the past were restored, but many more lost forevermore. Even the classical legends like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky's works were irrecoverable, and while many of their most famous symphonies and works remained, something like Mischa Judavialdi's works were never touched again. At the very least, none of them would be recovered with his name, and much of his famous rearrangements were simply labeled with an unknown origin.

Mischa, at the time of his death and due to the location of his death, was never taken to Soul Society. With regret for having never taken the chance to just perform his own work or publicise them, with regret that he feared doing so without establishing such fame that could settle his cowardice, with regret that he never got the chance to stand at the peak alongside his heroes, Mischa continued to roam across the Earth as a plus for the remaining duration of the war. By some miracle, he wasn't swept into the rages of the battlefields that would leave no conscious existence at rest.

Though it was well hidden, in his human life Mischa suffered from reoccurring and persistent bouts of depression. Music was his passion, but also his obsession, and it consumed him in every way, shape, and form. He had friends, but never indulged in many group activities beyond performances. Mischa never engaged in romance, school was just a necessary part in life and did very little for his adult life, and even his family was second to progressing his career.

And even excluding the obsessiveness, Mischa's hard work was often a result of comparing himself with legends of the past. It birthed within him an inferiority complex, and therefore a desire to prove himself, driving him to wildly pursue his craft at the cost of family, friends, and physical and mental health. His depression in collaboration with performance anxieties that plagued him every time his feet took him onto a stage, powering through through sheer determination and willpower, his originally platinum blonde hair turned fully white, a hereditary trait that occurred when Mischa was under excessive stress.

For these several years that he roamed, the regret was creeping up on him as another point of consumption. It was overwhelming, that the self-scrutinising calls of his depression were right. That, when he saw the recovery of the world after the war proved that none of the work he put into his life amounted to anything in longevity, that his legacy would not remain for even more than a year in his passing--it was crippling for his psyche. This depression reached its peak as a plus, later transforming into a great rage.

This anger transformed him, and the negative emotions welling in Mischa's heart turned his soul from a mere plus to a hollow. It wasn't enough that he couldn't just be better than what he was, or that to himself he was amongst the best--he always wanted to prove it, and never receiving the chance, feeling as though he was never appropriately recognised for his brief life's work--it served to destroy his ego, and replaced it with nothing but a mindless, hostile and ravenously hungry husk. That drive to move forward progressively was consuming him, and in turn pushed him to consume others. The result was indiscriminate destruction and gluttony, regardless of who it was. Creatures not even in the traditional soul cycle, of races outside his natural evolution, for several years he just ate and ate, and before long his puny hollow self evolved to become a gillian.

For these years which toiled at his sanity, as there was only actions of mindlessness without an identifiable persona, somewhere within the confines of Mischa's mind, this was an ample amount of time to simply "think". His mind was irrevocably altered at this point, but it was just enough for the Judavialdi to reconsider his state. Just enough that in some degree, he could regain his ego, though not his full sanity. And, with some disgust at how unbecoming it was for this gillian body of his, amongst the amalgamated mess of countless other souls crying out their emotional pain and regrets, it was embarrassing for someone as great as himself to succumb like the rest of these muck.

His ego restored and innate mental strength once more established, Mischa wrested control over the gillian body, becoming a unique creature. And although he instinctively understood that the next step in his evolution would be to continue his rampage and eat the other gillians around him, the form he held was less than admirable. A massive hulking creature without a hint of elegance and dexterity, by all means Mischa felt that he had to change this. He turned to another gillian, and using the protruding nose of its mask, he slipped the tip into the side of his own mask and jerked, ripping off the article from his "face". In this moment, Mischa became an arrancar.

Soul's Modulation

» Hierro/Regeneration: Mischa has neither a passive hierro or regeneration. In fact, in lieu of a native ability in either, Mischa has gotten to the core of their functions and how they come about to be--that being the delegation of spiritual energy, acquiring great strength in one or the other by focusing energy in developing one of the abilities. That being said, the Virtuoso admittedly has a lowered level of strength in both of them compared to peers of his level (tier), however, at a slightly lower level of expertise in both fields, Mischa can functionally use both.

Specifically, he can access both Hierro and Regeneration, but say he has an advanced in hierro/regeneration. Considering a lack of focus in either of them, any other arrancar with an advanced in either hierro or regen will undoubtedly have greater strength in their field of focus over him. That said, he still maintains a higher level of both than someone with an adept in any of the two fields. How does he go about doing this?

Mischa has taken the energy passively used to typically provide either of the two abilities, and segmented the energy into a sort of reiryoku pocket. From this individual pool of energy, he can take it and decidedly regenerate his body, or instead form a hierro around his body. Though there's a bit of a time-lag as a result of having to focus and consciously provide energy to form that iron skin around himself or repair his body, to most peers and those below him the time it takes is pretty indistinguishable.

That said, it also means since he has neither passive, none of them will be capable of automatically activating, so say someone mentally inhibits him, or catches Mischa off guard. He won't be able to form the hierro before being hit for the latter, and when mentally inhibited, it'll be difficult to summon that energy and regenerate himself from there, providing an additional balancing element to being able to access both abilities which arrancar typically just aren't capable of.

On top of having a reaction time dependency, since the energy is taken from a predetermined pool, though in theory Mischa can direct his energy to refill that pool, typically in one thread Mischa only has access to that set amount, and is therefore limited in the amount of times he can regenerate or create a temporary hierro. Fortunately, this also means that he can repair his hierro if its broken.

It should be noted that in one thread he can only use one or the other, though it can be decided at the point which he activates one or the other, so it's not set in stone and decided immediately upon entering a thread. The only exception to this is when he enters a heightened state--namely resurreccion--in which he can switch the regen to hierro or vice versa for the remaining duration of the thread, though it can only be once per form change--and reversal of the switch can't be done even if he exits or re-enters his forms. So, if Mischa hypothetically gained Segund Etapa, he could perform another switch per thread.

» Pesquisa: The Virtuoso also has a unique form of pesquisa, drawing from his zanpakuto's overarching theme of vibrations. Specifically, his reiryoku does the traditional pulsation that detects other energy signatures, but thanks to his attunement to vibrations, he draws his reiryoku back in, or feels the movement of his pulse as a way to discern physical constructs as well. As a result, Mischa's Pesquisa emulates as a sort of sonar as well, though specifically he doesn't feel the physical constructs so much as the vibrations in the area. This alternatively functions as a way to understand the placement of physical constructs since the immediate return of his spiritual energy, or the absence thereof designates location and general parametres of the objects.

His sense of vibrations furthermore allows him to retain an understanding of physical constructs and even their movements, as his impression of their placement and sizing keeps him constantly aware of them until around three posts, at which point he needs to reactive the pulse which extends to around 300 metres. As a result, Mischa is even aware of minute changes and alterations in his surroundings by the vibrations inherently caused by them, even in the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work in vacuums since it's dependent on vibrations on the surroundings and atmosphere, though if he focuses on specific objects--or people, he can retain an understanding of their movements and constantly keep track of them, since the ability still fundamentally works off his spiritual energy and not solely the atmosphere or air. Of course, it's also inhibited by large spiritual signatures that abate his energy from essentially scoping out the surroundings.

Another weakness is abilities, movements, or techniques that reduce and minimise or even entirely eliminates vibrations or alterations to the surroundings, or even people with immense control over their body and abilities, as in a way being aware of minute changes to an extent makes Mischa capable of predicting an action. Since, moving your foot to the left generally projects an overall movement to the left, but those who are capable of changing their actions at a moments notice makes things difficult.

Fortunately, this is dependent on Mischa's attunment to vibrations once the pulse has been sent out, so even if he's cut off from his six senses--including spiritual sensing, once the pulse has been activated, for at least the three posts in which this ability remains effective, Mischa will still be aware of his surroundings. This also works on himself, so even if the Virtuoso is incapable of feeling his own actions, so long as he can perceive the vibrations his body is causing with its movements, the man can seem to function normally for the most part, though it would take a degree of focus.

» Sonido: The Virtuoso's Sonido typically isn't largely different from the standard, unlike the previous two racial traits which very much have his own unique flavouring attached to them. The only noticeable addition to his Sonido is being capable of controlling the vibrations caused by it, and in turn managing the usually loud Sonido to be quieter by constricting the waves that reverberate from the movement, effectively silencing this movement entirely. Alternatively, he can enhance the noise caused by it, and potentially turn his sonido into a violent variant, each burst of speed sending shockwaves out that rippled through the surroundings.

Naturally, the efficacy, range, and degree of control is dependent on the overall skill level of his Sonido, but at least amongst the racial skills, Pesquisa is Mischa's most trained skill. In fact, you could even say he is more skilled in Sonido than Pesquisa, as the added utility of his pesquisa is what makes it unique and incredibly useful; in regards to sheer potency, Mischa's Sonido is definitely his primary trait. That said, even at lower levels the prowess of its supplementary effects proves powerful. At a mere beginners, the shockwaves induced by Sonido is enough to shatter the glass throughout an entire building and offering some degree of dizziness to those within it if they were below his sonido's level in focus.

The vibrations are enough to shake up the air around his opponent's and allies indiscriminately, throwing off their equilibrium which thereon induces some dizziness. At even higher levels, like Elite, the shockwaves are enough to absolutely demolish that building as he rips through it, the vibrations causing the structure to collapse. Naturally, this includes people as well, if their overall physical constitution is comparable to a concrete building or lesser.

» Cero: Cero's are generally just massive blasts of energy to absolutely decimate anything in its path, and to that purpose it is very effective; Mischa figured that the point could be reached with considerably less energy invested into the attack. Similar to how a fluorescent light bulb takes more electricity to reach the same degree of luminescence as an incandescent light bulb, Mischa reconfigured the structure of his Ceros to effectively achieve as much of a destructive cero as his peers whilst expending barely a tenth of his energy for it, something he can uniquely achieve due to his inclination and ability to manipulate vibrations and mechanisms related.

The area of the blast of a traditional cero is maintained, so in shape and size it's entirely the same. The difference is that the energy is jetted out in similar fashion, but the inside of the cero is left hollow. So, instead of one giant blast, it's more like a massive tube of destructive energy. Inside the cero, shots of spiritual energy bounce around the outer walls of the hollowed out cero, and from the base of the cero is a pulsation of reiryoku, and with the bouncing against the walls, it resonates with opposing bouncing waves and gains momentum and magnitude, eventually building up to consume anything in its path. Thus, whilst expending a mere fraction of the energy it normally takes to fire a cero, the same degree of destructiveness is achieved as a peer's full powered cero.

Of course this sort of efficiency is applicable in larger ceros with far greater expenditure, so to the extent of using up as much energy as a normal cero to overcharge the blast with overwhelming amounts of energy, the destructiveness achievable is essentially on par with a peer's gran rey (although Mischa isn't quite to the point of being able to use gran rey cero, largely due to Mischa never pursuing the technique of producing a gran rey cero, as he's never felt it necessary when the arrancar could focus on alternative areas instead). In exchange, at all levels of performance, this type of cero requires more focus considering its unique and specific structure that takes time to construct. That said, Mischa also can't drum up this sort of cero as quickly as a normal blast, nor can he spam it in the same manner.

This modification to the cero can only be applied when a Focus skill is at the same level as the cero/bala skill. What this means is if Mischa wants to employ a cero that has the general parametres and potency of a cero at the level of advanced, he must at least have a corresponding advanced in Focus. Otherwise, say he only had adept focus, Mischa could only employ a Cero at the Adept level (assuming he at least has an adept in Cero.

» Bala: Similar to his cero, Mischa has developed a unique structure to his bala that gives it more versatility than just a less powerful, more spammable, and much quicker cero, to the extent that its purpose has transformed to be almost entirely utility based, rather than wreak lethal havoc like its more powerful counterpart. Instead, Mischa's bala structure is netted, forming a similar hollow innard, but instead of pulsating with spiritual energy that generates momentum and magnitude through the "piping" of the outer walls, these bala are more of a projectile rather than a laser. Additionally, the inside is fitted with branches and pillars extending from one wall of the inside to the next, forming a sort of netted structure similar to avian-esque bones.

The result is an easily fracturing bala, on impact dealing far lesser damage than even a normal bala; the intent is usually to spread the reach of Mischa's spiritual energy much more effectively and discreetly, allowing implementation of his vibrational abilities and pesquisa at a further range, as they both work with his reiryoku as a conduit, and it must therefore travel from his body to the location he needs to effect and control. That said, it also uses substantially less energy on average due to its resource-efficient structure, but it similarly takes more focus since it is more complex.

Mind's Etude

» Martial Skill: Mischa has characteristically embraced strength through efficiency, and while he definitely desires to have overwhelming power at its base, utilising it in the best way possible just enhances the degree of strength he portrays. To that end, he is extremely particular with his movements, and never wastes a moment regarding investing in martial techniques. The blurring, consuming years of Hueco Mundo and travel across the endless dunes has offered opportunity to hone himself, his movements, and even learn from those around him. Though he hasn't formally learned from anyone or any style, Mischa has taken in what he's seen to develop a personalised method of combat that exemplifies potency and efficiency to his best efforts.

Variare Arma: A martial style formulated around inherent points of vulnerability to the physical body. Though a person's physical body varies greatly in structure, especially amongst hollows and similar creatures, given an opportunity for analysis, Mischa can potentially find weak points in a person's body, such as joints, areas where bone is must vulnerable, or even points which are injured on the person from prior combat or accident. Variare Arma involves varying joint-based techniques and strikes which attack those areas of vulnerability, primarily to disable the target as quickly as possible; this style in itself doesn't have as much lethal power, though can easily set an opponent up for a fatal blow. Due to its nature of specific and targeted but adaptive movements, Variare Arma takes a certain level of Focus to effectively utilise.

  • Shatter-Point: Usually involving detachment or disablement of a specific limb, body part, or generally breaking the area of contact, Shatter-Point starts with discovering parts of an opponent's body that is at a naturally weaker durability than other parts of the body, or points which after fracture or damage can easily spread and effect other parts of the body. On a humanoid, the best example is either the pelvic bone or solar-plexus, which other parts of the body are dependent on. Being able to cause damage to the pelvic bone can easily serve to disable the entire lower body due to its dependence on the pelvis; alternatively, smashing in the solar-plexus makes torso organs far more vulnerable as the entire rib cage from the front won't be as stable of a defence. The actual type of attacks are typically unassisted by Mischa's zanpakuto abilities, and instead primarily through special maneuvers that increase the efficacy of his blows. This includes palm-strikes to have a greater surface area for the blow to effect a larger target area all at once. This also includes using Stradivarius and its unique constitution to contort around the opponent, or even the opponent themselves.

  • Counter-Point: A reactionary technique which works of the same principles as Shatter-Point, but the basis of Shatter-Point is offensive in nature, whilst Counter-Point relies on waiting for the opponent to be the aggressor. Maintaining the theory of targeting natural physical vulnerabilities, Counter-Point uses the momentum or openings caused by an offensive movement to flow into his own attack. While it is based around countering, Counter-Point is most definitely not a defensive technique, as its specifically meant to accomplish the same thing as Shatter-Point, with the defining difference being method of approaching the scenario.

  • Fortress-Point: Uneventfully, the idea behind Fortress-Point is a defensive posture which specifically leaves the most durable parts of Mischa's body at the forefront and most easily accessible point. Though it's a fancy way of saying that the Virtuoso puts up his guard, the stances themselves are strategically formed to still have his own natural humanoid vulnerabilities be visible and accessible, but in a way where reaching it also puts someone in range or position for Counter-Point to take effect, whilst simultaneously accomplishing its goal as a defensive posture in the case that Counter-Point isn't a feasible technique to utilise in the heat of the moment. Though it's more of a baiting technique, it still offers Mischa's most durable points at the most available point of contact, which also allows those areas to intercept incoming attacks and nevertheless effectively defend his weaknesses.

Oscillare Colpo: Oscillare Colpo is a large contrast from Variare Arma in that the focus of its application is through vibrational enhancement, whereas Variare is based more around unique maneuvering and strategic and targeted approaches and reactions. Instead, Oscillare is entirely more forceful, from both a defensive and offensive viewpoint. There are still techniques revolving around precision, but in general its a much more impactful style since it isn't reliant on pure technique of movement considering the inclusion of Stradivarius's power, such as sending shockwaves through a person's body, disengaging their weapon, or even using his zanpakuto as a conduit to reinforce blows.

  • Dismantle: Whether through a weapon, his zanpakuto, or physical body, Mischa's blows oscillate in a wave which pulses through the body at two different frequencies, disorienting the person and their connection and awareness of their body, as minute movements are induced in two different manners. Depending on the opponent's level of focus, it can easily inhibit control over their own body if the attack connects, and if blocked by a weapon, shield, or armament in general that's connected to the opponent, it offers a supplementary effect of vibrating the construct at a different frequency dependent on material than the user's body. Usually, this serves to loosen their hold of the weapon, and for weaker opponents even disarm them entirely as they can't maintain grip over their equipment.

  • Inseminate: Maintaining contact with the opponent can give Mischa time to infect the opponent with his spiritual energy, and without proper defense he can seep his reiryoku into any available orifice, keeping bits of his energy on the person's body to effect them directly form afar. This is a significantly more difficult task to pull off considering the energy's intent is to stay unrecognised, so a trained opponent can take notice to it. Due to the incognito intent, the amount of energy used is also rather small, and easily defended from by exuding their energy aura or reiatsu out at full power. Additionally, unless there's a penetrative power to his attack, its difficult to inseminate his energy into an opponent with something of a hierro or equivalent defensive technique, considering the spiritual energy will ward off the insemination.

  • Internalise: An attack fortified with vibrations which are designed to forego outer defenses, Internalise as the name might suggest has the force of a strike use vibrations as a conduit to go through a person's armour, heirro, skin, defenses in general and oscillate their internal organs. The product is usually significant damage, destabilisation, and at higher levels or against weaker opponents, even rupturing organs or muscle fibers to completely disable them for the rest of the thread. The level of defense naturally influences the effectiveness of Internalise, but for the most part its completely effective against his peers that don't focus entirely on defensive techniques and abilities.

  • Displace: An offensive technique designed to weaken the targeted area, providing waves of vibrations that offset parts of the target or person or generally make them more susceptible to damage in the area. For example, striking the opponent's arm, the vibrational force carrying over to continue oscillating their arm and enhance the effects of following attacks in the same area, progressively breaking down the area and any defenses it might hold, being particularly effective against solid constructs, such as bones. The waves of vibrations can vary depending on the target, typically testing their compression strength, and maintaining the pressure of the initial blow by maintaining the oscillating force in the area. This in turn also sustains the pain received from the blow.

  • Absorption: Working of the principle of shock absorption, the go-to defensive technique for Oscillare Colpo is to essentially decrease the force and severity of an attack by breaking down the force and strength through consistent vibrations around the targeted area. Though it's not 100% effective depending on the strength of the attack being defended from, it typically does dramatically tone down the extent of the damage, being especially useful against penetrative forces similar to kevlar, in that the penetrative force is spread out as opposed to concentrated. The inertia still carries over, however, so for a large or powerful enough force, it can still physically affect and move Mischa.

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Heart's Resonance

» Zanpakuto Name: Stradivarius

» Zanpakuto Appearance: Stradivarius forms as tentacle-like structures at the base of Mischa's lumbar. From his lower back, they protrude and possess the usual hardness of a zanpakuto, but are flexible to the point of even being able to stretch out to several metres, a level of elasticity that adds to the damage of its strikes, like the additive power of a rubber band being sling-shot, or a whip slapping at its target.

Considering its positioning and elasticity, Stradivarius can also contract into Mischa's back, and though its strength and durability is comparable to the zanpakuto usual of someone at his level of strength, its utility is far beyond. On top of its elasticity, the general shape of Stradivarius, whilst usually maintaining tentacle-like form, can also contract in width and assume different shapes, holding position like a solid structure. As Mischa progresses his level of control over himself and his powers, to include his zanpakuto, the degree of control over Stradivarius's shapes and flexibility, as well as other potential applications which stretch it beyond just "malleable zanpakuto" can be accomplished.

» Zanpakuto Thematic: The base power of the Virtuoso revolves around vibrations and the many applications of it. Rooted in Mischa's life as a musician, his natural talent for the art and inclination for its study and application transformed into the control over vibrations in some forms. Mischa, for a hollow, is still relatively young, and although talented and brimming with potential, his means and desire to progress himself now as a hollow and arrancar goes to show just how much he has yet to achieve. There's still more to go regarding the development of his abilities, to include the applications of his vibration control.

Vibration Inducement: The bread and butter of Mischa's Zanpakuto. Stradivarius is capable of creating vibrations in its surroundings, the conduit being Mischa's spiritual energy. So, to the areas which Mischa can reach, he can typically cause affected objects, physical and spiritual entities, and essentially anything capable of movement to vibrate at varying levels, frequencies, speeds, and directions. Naturally, this isn't possible when opposing energies are in contact with the targeted areas or objects, seeing as the conduit is Mischa's own spiritual energy and being unable to maintain unanimous control over the effected area will make it difficult to impossible to wholly influence the item. As a result, Mischa typically can't just vibrate an opponent freely without some sort of additive conduit or force which destabilises the energy or control of the opponent on their body or specific area, such as strikes which shake their focus or blows that can affect the opponent with kinetic force as the conduit instead.
  • Spontaneous Combustion: An inherent application is the capacity to induce spontaneous combustion, though this is mostly dependent on the substance being vibrated. At a high enough frequency and intensity, Mischa can conjure fire by inducing vibrations that increase friction and in general the heat of an object, so much that it combusts. Though he can continue to vibrate and simulate the spread or manipulation of the flames by continuing to vibrate the substance on fire, Mischa cannot directly influence the flames itself. Fanning or encouraging the flames by supplementary oscillations to its surroundings usually simulates the same effect.

  • Deconstruction: When you get to a certain point of vibrating something so intensely or in set intervals that it begins to break down a substance, the deconstruction of the item is possible, potentially even at a molecular level at a certain point of mastery, though Mischa has yet to achieve that. For the most part, this enables Mischa to induce vibrations in a target in a specific pattern of oscillation and with the necessary oscillation that it breaks down the substance's consistency, similar to breaking a wine glass by singing a C# loudly enough, or altering the surroundings or target in some other manners via concussive force. Though, since Mischa has a more expansive and general application of vibrations, its possible on a much wider level on many more objects, of course following the same principles of vibration inducement as the rest of his abilities, the main inhibitor being other energies. This naturally prevents instant deconstruction of another person. Naturally, as all of Mischa's vibrational abilities, there's a dependency on Focus and implementing concentrating to execute, as his abilities are based around control, finesse, and technique. So, on top of just relying on pure energy-based superiority to utilise deconstruction--as well as the majority of his vibrational abilities--he requires a levels of focus corresponding to the magnitude of the technique. At advanced and beyond, this is the level in which denser objects, such as osmium--in smaller quantities--or deconstruction of objects on the size of entire buildings--requires at least an Elite in Focus.

  • Force Absorption: To a lesser extent, Mischa can influence already present vibrations, and the best example of this is halting the momentum of strikes towards himself or any other target in his protection, essentially absorbing the force of the strike, blow, or attack. By spreading out or even halting the movement and vibrations of the target depending on the level of power and force behind it, Mischa can negate the blow and maintain no harm to its target. Its naturally largely limited by the type of attack and the amount of power coming from it, as well as taking more focus than usual applications of Vibration Inducement considering its influencing non-native caused vibrations.

  • Projection: Mischa's Vibration Inducement is done directly, but causing these vibrations can often carry over to effect the surroundings particles and objects, which inherently carries over the vibrations in a manner that enables a sort of projection. For example, a shockwave or soundwave is really just the initial vibration naturally spreading outward, with the expenditure of energy only occurring through the initial forced oscillation, everything else coming naturally as normal physical phenomena.

Vibration Perception: The Virtuoso's thematic of vibrations also extends to influencing an enhanced and unique perception of vibrations beyond the traditional senses, and even with enhancement of the senses. This is natural and independent of his spiritual energy, although he can use his reiryoku to enhance the sensitivity and efficacy of his perception and senses of vibrations.
  • Attunement: Attunement refers mostly to a sixth-sense sort of deal, where Mischa is naturally more aware of and sensitive to vibrations caused, which inherently is the method used to properly control his own abilities. Since, it would be a haphazard utilisation if he couldn't even acutely and properly perceive the vibrations he's making. That said, it extends beyond just his own induced vibrations, but natural causes. This leads into the next application of Vibration Perception, "Analysis", as it involves moreso the parametres of these vibrations, whereas Attunement is the awareness of the vibrations at all.

  • Analysis: Through Analysis, Mischa can understand the parameters of the vibrations around him and within his range of perception, focus naturally being capable of extending this range which is pretty much just the natural senses and attunement of a being of his calibre (tier, race, etc.). When the Virtuoso is aware of a distinct vibration, he can also easily determine the frequency of the oscillation, the force and magnitude behind it, the area of the same-frequency vibration, and even its projected range if its a pulsating sort of vibration. This inherently means he's also aware of the source of the vibration, generally making him capable of knowing the direction and travel pattern, whether its through the air, ground, and interval of waves. This type of understanding of the vibrations around him also enable matching those frequencies with his Vibration Inducement, allowing him to neutralise the vibrations if its within his power, or potentially empowering the vibration with a similar frequency that resonates and reinforces it.

  • Simulation: Simulation dictates the actual five senses and how they're affected by Vibration Perception. This mainly refers to Mischa's acuity and inclination to recognise vibrations. This includes a physical, ocular perception of sound waves and the sort, mostly depicted by visual distortions, or an increased sensitivity to movement by sense of touch, and even more acute hearing that allows him to discern different qualities of sound (which is usually how Mischa determines things like frequency, though that's also more intuitively understood via Attunement). In a way, this also results in Mischa being pitch-perfect, though that's nothing particularly supernatural or extraordinary. As a matter of course, the inclusion of spiritual energy can further enhance these senses to a greater height, in particular limited by the extent of his natural sensitivity and degree of spiritual energy he expends to charge his senses


» Resurreccion Name: Stradivari Elevarse

» Resurreccion Release Phrase: Annihilate, Stradivari Elevarse

» Release Actions: Stradivarius extends outward to encapsulate Mischa in a sort of shell or egg, with the overall transformation and physical alterations occurring behind the scenes. Once the Zanpakuto-egg retracts back into Mischa's lower back, or maintains its manifestation, Mischa's physical appearance reverts more towards his previous hollow self, as is the usual results of a resurreccion.

» Resurreccion Appearance: The main difference from the get-go is the expansion of Mischa's Zanpakuto, as it gains more mass and extends beyond his lower back. A small layer coats Mischa's body, forming a sort of actual physical armour. The durability isn't quite as strong as the main portions of the Zanpakuto, that being the malleable tentacles-like appendages extending from his lower back, and its extension to Mischa's right arm, coating it in a dense mass with several layers. The overall shape is more of a lance, though Stradivarius's flexibility and shape transformation can offer slight alterations to some of this arm-lance's qualities, though not its overall shape. For example, condensing at the sides and forming sharp edges to emulate a sort of sword, or dulling the tip of the lance for blunt or non-lethal damage. In general, the Zanpakuto proves considerably more durable than in Mischa's base state, and the size to which its flexibility and mass increases makes for a frightening evolution.

» Total Enhancement: The first thing to note from Stradivari Elevarse is the overall increase in physical aptitude. Across all the stats, Mischa is at a much higher level, certain aspects receiving a considerably higher degree due to a focus in those physical traits. Not just through physical enhancement, but spiritual as well. Beyond an increase in speed, strength, and durability, Mischa also increases his overall spiritual energy output, by nature empowering his energy-based abilities simply by having a larger pool to pull from. That said, it can be expected that the Virtuoso's Cero, Bala, Pesquisa, and Sonido are further enhanced as well.

The primary skills enhanced are Focus and Speed as Mischa's two most prioritised attributes. The arrancar not only finds a particular boost in mental fortitude that enables an easier time applying his focus, and therefore a much easier time using many of his abilities which are largely reliant on particular focus, but his body is readjusted to more readily employ an overwhelming amount of speed, and beyond that high-agility and dexterity based movements. In a way, this causes Mischa to be significantly more nimble as well, and paired with the combination of speed and focus, a better reaction timing further enables complex movements executed with much greater precision and accuracy. As a result, it takes significantly less resources to employ all of Mischa's martial techniques.

The particular enhancement of speed and focus also translates to other abilities, such as his Cero and Pesquisa. The employment of Mischa's Pesquisa, for example, can be done with considerably increased speed, and the information relay and comprehension gains a boost as well. Or his Cero, the travel speed is increased more than usual for the typical resurreccion, and the efficiency as a result of the Focus boost is increased, with even less spiritual energy required to maintain a certain quota of potency with his abilities, extending to Mischa's unique Vibrational Inducement and Perception abilities as well.

» Zanpakuto Enhancement: Mischa's abilities are generally enhanced through resurreccion with speed and focus being a cut above the rest, but another trait which gains a new level of strength is his zanpakuto, some of those general increases described in appearance. The general amount of mass, size, and elasticity and hardness of Stradivarius is the main point of increase by a large margin, but its capacity to be a conduit to Mischa's other abilities is a major bonus.
For example, at their tips, Stradivarius's tendrils can produce cero and bala, increasing Mischa's versatility and unpredictability, and in conjunction with his persquisa, it can feel like fighting multiple opponents when his senses are attuned to the surroundings in a 360 degree sort of manner. On top of its increase in speed and hardness which can feel like bastard swords or massive pillars swinging at the opponent like a truck, the extended range will feel overwhelming to cope with for a peer of his. Thanks to its increased hardness, using Stradivarius for defensive postures makes it vastly more difficult to injure him as well. Furthermore, with his Zanpakuto a literal extension of his body at this point, Mischa's hierro extends to protect the tendrils and armour of Stradivarius as well.

An unfortunate disadvantage is that Mischa's nerves extend through the zanpakuto, so though the arrancar can literally physically feel what the zanpakuto touches, he can also be put in pain when the tendrils and armour is damaged. Another con is the increased expenditure of energy to consistently expand and shapeshift Stradivarius. On that note, the zanpakuto's malleability is increased, with new shapes available as well.

» Pride of the Hunter: An ability which taps into Mischa's nature as a hollow, considering the Resurreccion is a return to an arrancar's hollow self an ability typically unique to hollows resurfaces in Stradivari Elevarse: Acidic Touch--and of course, to a much more lethal degree than usual. Not only is Mischa's touch, and the touch of his zanpakuto, acidic enough to degrade and break down entire boulders with a mere gloss, but just spiritual energy residue achieves this effect. To an extent, this can unfortunately mess with the utilisation of his vibration inducement, but does serve to weaken the hold of anyone else's energies on a foreign object, which in turn better enables his own vibration abilities to influence it.

The return of acidic touch is a minor touch to Stradivari Elevarse. Pride of the Hunter which taps into the hollow side of their being also draws out the predatory instinct and strength, which results in a unique ability forming. With Pride of the Hunter, Mischa is essentially "marked" as the predator in a scenario, and a sole target of his is marked as "the prey", and only one marked prey at a time. On the side of the prey, nothing in particular noticeably happens, not even any sort of visual or sensual indication of being marked. For Mischa, there's a number of changes which takes place, circumstantially, and makes this ability very effective against weaker opponents and singular opponents.

A lone predator typically targets creatures weaker than itself, and for Mischa, this also applies. Against an opponent which exudes a weaker signature than himself? Putting a mark on them forcibly draws out the primal instinct within and enhances his physique and senses with minor consequence energy-wise. The increase in physique and senses scales with the gap in energy between himself and his prey. This means that the ability is effectively useless against an opponent that exerts more energy than himself, whilst those below him are at an even greater gap that progressively increases the more energy they expend. Furthermore, Mischa's senses are specifically and specially attuned to the marked prey, so whilst his focus and effectiveness against opponents besides the prey is inhibited as his attention is forcefully diverted towards the target, it becomes incredibly difficult to escape from Mischa when you're his prey. He becomes especially sensitive to the prey's energy signature and emissions, the vibrations they cause in their surroundings, their scent, their physical appearance is practically outlined whilst everything else in his vision progressively loses colour the longer this ability is active.

On the prey's side, nothing noticeably happens, as it isn't until Mischa is able to successfully attack them that they will notice any changes. Once Mischa performs an attack on his prey, and that attack successfully connects, the piercing power and general strength of his attack seems a cut above what it should be, and that's due to Pride of the Hunter empowering Mischa's abilities and offensive attacks to cut through any sort of resistances. So, say his prey had an ability that had a natural resistance against kinetic strikes? That resistance will be degraded and less effective, with a large enough gap in strength between himself in the prey rendering this sort of ability near completely ineffective. If the person had an immunity to some sort of elemental attack like fire? Mischa's Spontaneous Combustion can surpass this immunity and actually damage the prey.

This even applies to natural defenses, including hierro, or even the toughness of one's physical body, such as their skin or the density of their muscles. Just about anything that can be considered a "defense", to include bakudo or defensive postures, which receive additive pressure in Mischa's efforts to break that defensive posture. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to regeneration most of the time, as regeneration is considered some type of recovery and not a form of defense. And, as a matter of course, this sort of effect scales with the gap in power between himself and his opponent, increasing the penetrative power corresponding to how much stronger Mischa is than his prey.

All things considered, Mischa is in severe advantage in a dueling situation, in that against a weaker prey this ability works to be overbearingly powerful and make things ridiculously tough for his singular opponent; conversely, due to the tunneling effect of the ability which inhibits Mischa from responding or interacting with other people, he becomes incredibly vulnerable towards outside interference. In the midst of the activation of Pride of the Hunter, if Mischa can't dispatch the opponent before they can receive outside help and intervention, he's effectively screwed and immediately faces a lethal threat, even against an enemy's ally whose weaker than his own target.

» Ambition of the Prideful: Mischa's aspect of death and reason for transformation into a hollow was his pride as a wandering plus soul, regretful over not having performed his own arrangements and compositions to show the world his greatness. In resurreccion, that pride has manifested in abilities revolving around his pride, and while Pride of the Hunter is fairly unique considering its attachment to the nature of a resurrecion's hollow-self return, Ambition of the Prideful is a more unique ability.
  • Lonely Road: The main child-ability drawn from Amibition of the Prideful; indulging oneself in their pride and arrogance makes for a lonely life, and this is something Mischa is content with. Lonely Road takes that mentality and uses it to fuel and empower Stradivari Elevarse, whose name means to Elevate, as the ambition to stand at a higher stage even if it means being there alone has no sacrifice too great. So long as Mischa and solely Mischa stands at the top. When Mischa has no allies within the vicinity (thread), similar to Pride of the Hunter, the Virtuoso's physical, spiritual, and even mental parametres receive a significant boost. Though useless when he does have allies in the area with him, the returns when he is alone is well worth it. Specifically, similar to the resurreccion's natural boost of parametres, there is a general increase in power with particular increases in his speed and focus, and focus receiving such a large bonus that--besides Master and Grand Master--the skill gains an upgrade by one level. If Mischa is already at Elite, Master, or Grand Master, then Ambition of the Prideful just serves to unanimously be superior to peers with an equal level in focus.

  • Seeking Superiority: The prideful have ambition to be worth as much as they view themselves to be worth, and when they see that the stage they're on isn't indicative of their greatness? Or that someone stands above them in some aspect? They can't let that go. Sometimes, it even means doing more than just raising yourself to a higher level, but knocking down the ones above you. Seeking Superiority is about finding the weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and cruxes of an opponent and knocking it down. Seeking Superiority attunes Mischa to his opponents, outlining the points of their surroundings and body that can successfully harm them. The most noticeable between Seeking Superiority and other self-buffsis that Seeking Superiority is a specifically a mental boost, and makes him also more resistant to the mental effects of those at a higher level than him.

    Seeking Superiority is primarily a mental boost, but there are circumstances which allow it to offer more than just a better time focusing on certain vulnerabilities in an opponent. Specifically, this ability has an additional effect which works on those who are stronger than himself, so functioning somewhat opposite to Pride of the Hunter, those stronger than himself give means to boost the Virtuoso. In traits that an opponent is at a higher level than himself, say strength for example, Mischa's strength correspondingly increases progressively over each post, at 15% the difference of strength between himself and the superior opponent. So, at around 6 posts, Mischa will have closed the gap by 90%. At the seventh post, Mischa will be at 105%, meaning his strength won't just meet the strength of his opponent, but be a slight amount stronger than them, as is the nature of Seeking Superiority.

    Of course, this can't be done without recourse or restriction, and it won't always be possible to begin with. Unlike Pride of the Hunter, which takes little energy to sustain the buff at the cost of degrading his focus and the information in his surroundings or anything beyond the prey, Seeking Superiority requires large amounts of energy to sustain the increase. In fact, as much energy as necessary with regards to what's healthily possible. Seeking Superiority represents an obsession with Mischa, and to achieve a comparable strength to his opponents or better, Seeking Superiority will drain energy enough that if the gap is large enough, his entire energy reserves which sustains his own conscience or life can be drained in the span of a single post, such that 15% of the gap between his own strength and his opponents is so huge, not even all the energy of his being can close that gap. Additionally, this effect only works on one trait at a time, and can't be switched over until Mischa is either incapacitated or reaches that 105%.

    However, if Mischa attains greater power in a specific trait or field, whether it be physical strength, speed, or even a specific ability that can be emulated within his race, such as regeneration or hierro, he can move on to try and close the gap between himself and his opponent in another field. In theory, if Mischa has enough energy and time, he can close the gap and maintain superiority against his opponent in every field and trait, on top of his own natural abilities, and this is scaled off his base strength with Stradivari Elevarse's initial Total Enhancement; the buffs gained from other traits in Ambition of the Prideful or Pride of the Hunter isn't taken into consideration after the effects of Seeking Superiority. Even amongst his own abilities, Seeking Superiority must be priority.

  • Without Hesitation: Giving into his Pride obviously won't always be a good thing. Falling into his obsessions and arrogance will make some changes in Mischa's persona, and Without Hesitation is the presentation of those changes. In Resurreccion, and specifically with the employment of Ambition of the Prideful or Pride of the Hunter, Mischa's selfishness reaches its peak. He becomes more merciless, deigning to taunt those below himself, lording his strength and superiority over his targets, even playing with his prey if the opportunity presents itself, in and of itself making Mischa more vulnerable. He won't pass a chance to show his grandeur, often engaging in idle conversation and feeling bouts of invincibility.

    The arrancar also becomes more berserk, giving into his primal hollow instincts. He finds it more difficult to hold back, often going overboard without consideration for himself or the surroundings, losing himself in the moment. Mischa may exert more strength than was necessary and expend energy and stamina wastefully, or when he intends to slowly torment his prey or interrogate them, without realising it the arrancar might go straight for the kill or incapacitate them accidentally.

    The most detrimental change in persona is overestimating himself. Mischa neglects his own defenses and faults, largely overestimating certain gaps in power and parametre. Even looking at a distant goal, he may mistake his speed for being much higher than it is, or the distance much shorter than in reality, and as a result suffer the consequences of his mistakes. Ironic, that he becomes attuned to the faults and mistakes of his prey, capitalising on any misstep, all the while failing to notice his own.



General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Elite
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro/Regen: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Master

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Will Skills
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  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: May the power of Christ compel you. This app looks like a. . .

Tier: 1-3+ Base 1-2 Ressureccion.

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Below is the small sample I gave to S_E, after discussing it and working out details and critique through the discussion he's fine with me adopting Mischa. Just leaving this here for documentation sake.


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[adm]This character's tier is being lowered to 2-1 on account of the changes to tier.[/adm]
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