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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:09 pm

I. Basic Information

♦ Name: Gabriel Celádora.
♦ Alias': The Judicator.
♦ Age: 950~.
♦ Gender: Male.
♦ Sexuality: Asexual.
♦ Race: Arrancar.
♦ Aspect of Death: Punishment.

♦ Affiliation: Himself.

Gabriel Celádora [WIP | APP ON HIATUS] Appearance

I. Personality

♦ Bold: Gabriel is a man who fears little in the world. He is not afraid to speak his mind even if it were not directly asked for but as long as he feels the situation is right then he will toss in his two cents. Naturally you become resistant to the effects of fear or worry when you have lived as long as he has and in the hostile environment of Hueco Mundo. He is not without an ego though. At times he can demonstrate his own arrogance but to see him arrogant is not a common thing. Despite his willingness to speak up and make his own opinion clear he is not one to be so bold as to betray or go against the orders of whom he follows. He is willing to do something even if he did not want to. He will however only answer to those that he gives his word to that he will. Anyone else, regardless of position of power above him does not receive this same courtesy that is so reserved.

Keep in mind though that Gabriel has a sense of honour about him, sometimes even going against what others expect from him. He doesn't fight opponents that he knows are weaker than him and will give them a chance to run away unless he is compelled to kill them or otherwise be it his sense of punishment or orders if those two factors are not present then he does not actively seek to kill unnecessarily and is quite merciful to those that he fights in combat but at the same time when an opponent brings in mind games or doesn't show honour back he is not above resorting to such means himself.

♦ Deviated: Not a mindless beast like your average hollow or some of his kin but at the same time Gabriel can appear to possess a personality that would make him appear less of a hollow. He is calm, open-minded and is actually relatively pacifistic for the most part. He loathes those of his race that would engage in selfish indulgences to sate their own sins and as such tends to keep his peers at arm's length. Now that's not to say he's completely against murder or killing, that goes against his core as a hollow. He enjoys those that moderate themselves and exercise self-control. Were arrancar not alleviated from their eternal hunger by removing the mask if not to grow further beyond such a thing?

He shows a depth of philosophical intelligence and thought. Often occupying himself with debates on morals and ethics as well as the nature of things. He is a judge. Not above killing his own kind purely out of their own disgusting nature that they do not attempt to curb which he uses to justify this. He's not going to go around and murder as many arrancar as he can though but for the most part he holds a strong distaste for those arrancar without self-control.

♦ Unforgiving: For a man that lived his life and was betrayed Gabriel is a person that never, ever, ever forgets who crossed him or did something wrong. He will remember even the most insignificant details about someone that has ended up on his list and he will show no mercy to them. His merciless and cruelty is only made apparent when he has pure intention to kill. There is no reforming or bettering yourself the next time he sees you. Until he sees a person punished for their actions they are guilty. While normally seen as kind and actually quite considerate to those that he he does not see as in the wrong. It is a glimpse at his true nature as a hollow when he puts aside his good nature and attempts to be a better person and presents his true nature.

♦ Observant: He's a person that has his head on a swivel. Although not always appearing this way given his unique pesquisa it is only natural that he would be observant. He is very keen to small details which might give him an edge or notice things others might miss. While he is not able to look at something and completely understand it he is able to recall exactly what it did. Gabriel has an eidetic memory, which when coupled with his observant nature can make him surprisingly strategic and tactical when he deems it necessary.

♦ Experienced: Not a stranger to experience he is ripened through the ages to be a well accomplished arrancar. He is not a newly born one and he does not behave like one either. He thinks of himself as not being naive and having cast all that aside to accept the way things are from his experience. He doesn't believe that you can get everything you need from books and that experience is the best teacher. Through his experiences he has been shaped into who he is today and encourages a learning method akin to shoving when someone would normally push.

I. History

The end of the dark ages brought in a new era. The Renaissance, the age of rebirth. It was in this period that Gabriel was born in this period amongst the many famous artists, poets and philosophers that would emerge during this time. He however was not born for excellence and nor was he set up as royalty. He was the son of a merchant family. The middle-class was prime, the gap between the social classes was shrinking but still present.

It was a comfortable life for young Gabriel. His family served under the Medici family, the ruling family of Florence which offered an extent of security for his family's position amidst the houses that made up Florence's hierarchy. The young man had a family, that much he was sure of. It was rather large by modern standards with a few branches but the production of armaments for the Medici did give them a certain prestige amongst the middle-class.

As a human he was not necessarily a catholic but he did acknowledge some parts of it. It was a large part of literature along with poetry and plays with the inclusion of other myths. These themes did influence him as a child. Believing in upholding the justice of whatever higher power there was. Be it found in science or religion. He was idealistic. Young and bold as he grew up and found himself in the service of the Medici Family while his older brother would succeed their father in the family workings.

For Gabriel though this was no better place. With the Medici as the ruling family that opened up his opportunities to enforce his justice on the criminals he caught. He was the harbinger of what these people deserved up until the fateful day where he would be caught up in a political coup d'etat where he was accused for an attempt of murder. A political scapegoat. Looking around the courtroom where he was sentenced he saw the world for what it was. The true nature of people.

In the final days before his execution he learned from the man that set him up the truth. The people that orchestrated the downfall of him. Purely out of spite for his success. While Gabriel knew he was being told all this because at the time the only person who would know would be God after his death. No one would believe a man on death row. After his execution it was nothing like he expected. He was a wandering spirit consumed by his rage at humanity. The betrayal he suffered and his torment before death.

He embraced this negativity. Becoming a Hollow and a revenant. People would regret their actions and receive their punishment that he deemed they deserved. He took his time and killed every single one slowly and it would only be a matter of time before everyone that had crossed him were nothing but food for his lingering hunger as a hollow. At this point he was at a conundrum. He had the insatiable hunger of a hollow but still held onto aspects of his humanity. He found a solution in the scum of Florence's streets. Hunting the people that committed sins and feasting on them or the other hollows that attacked humans willy nilly.

As it would turn out Hollows were not the only spiritual beings. He would soon learn what the Shinigami were. His actions had consequences and that was an increased shinigami presence...

-Hunted those that orchestrated his downfall.
-Began to act as monster. Preying on the scum of Florence.
-Received the title Azreal-K by the Gotei Thirteen after killing the shinigami in charge of the district, being described as angelic.
-Found himself being pushed further and further from the city by the increased Shinigami presence.
-Finally departed to Hueco Mundo after butchering a group of Shinigami he took by surprise.
-Saw the animals that were his race. Killed indiscriminately by justifying that it was necessary and that in this state one couldn't resist.
-Eventually became consumed with guilt and sought to kill himself by removing his mask to make the hunger stop.

-Relief from the lack of hunger and primal inability to control his actions.
-Saw that Arrancar who had also lost their mask and in it their hunger still sought to behave like animals.
-Developed a loathing for other arrancar. Meeting very few that he liked. Killed those that he deemed deserved it.
-Isolated himself from others. Eventually during Aizen taking over Hueco Mundohe watched but did not join the shinigami that would seek to subjugate his race.
-Watched the fall of Aizen and the rise of Ashlei and the Nuevo Espada. Felt indifferent to them, seeing them both as poor excuses as leaders.
-Began killing any demon that he came across in Hueco Mundo upon the unholy union. Did not feel that Demons deserved to control this realm and sees Shadow Fall as a cancer in HM.

I. Equipment


I. Natural Skills

0 | Summary
Gabriel is a mature arrancar that has survived for quite a long time in the sands of Hueco Mundo. The sands have shaped him to be a predator that forgoes the use of cheap tricks, the burden of time forging someone strong enough to avoid the use of these things with it comes an ego. The veteran that he is understands that he is not a god though, he does however believe that he is in the upper-echelons of the realm. Instead of actively seeking to beat down his opponents Gabriel prefers to control the environment and the fight. By controlling the tempo of the fight he expects victory.

1 | Low Energy Presence
To explain the nature of Gabriel's energy it is not balanced naturally. It trades quality for quantity. This means that his energy reserves are massive but at the cost of quality. This doesn't affect his tier, in essence it balances out with others of his tier because their quality of energy will equal his quantity. Enough about quantity and quality though, to explain it better his energy pool is much larger. It can sustain itself longer and pour more into his attacks without running out as quickly. The cost of this is that with the diluted energy his energy is naturally going to be a little weaker than you'd normally expect. This creates this illusion of his energy not really having a presence where he goes since he couldn't release it to enact the effects of being in high-spiritual pressure on a lower tiered person.

2 | Polearm User
Exceptionally talented at the close-quarter combat method of using a polearm, Gabriel is fond of using his spear in combat when the situation arises. His martial skill is very high when using a weapon in the shape of a spear or has a pole to it, such as a guandao or weapon of its kind. He is not very well-versed in hand-to-hand or ranged weapons but can also use a sword to a competent level. His true strength lays in the area of spearmanship though.

3 | Battle Continuation
Considering his focus of long and drawn out fights it isn't a surprise that Gabriel is on another level of stamina and endurance than fellow arrancar. Not necessarily the strongest or most tactical fighter he has impressive fighting duration which there in itself is one of his greatest strengths.

I. Racial Skills

1 | Pesquisa Information
Gabriel is noted to be skilled in this trait. His pesquisa is not like a standard arrancar's. Gabriel is able to focus his pesquisa onto a target. Essentially turning a radar into a microscope. The Judicator's gaze is enhanced to the point where it analyses everything it sees. By looking at someone he can draw out information from their very being such as personal history or details at the cost of a decent area of effect sensing. This is particularly helpful for determining the best course of combat due to being able to learn more about someone the more they are in his vision. This can be countered by a high levelled sensor with enough energy to set up a "shroud" around them to make his gaze only able to hit the shroud. This pesquisa can also allow him to understand abilities quite quickly, being able to determine how much power is behind them and their limitations after only a few exposures to them.

2 | Cero Information
While defence is truly his art he is not above using cero. Gabriel doesn't like to use it as much as his spear and close-combat but when required the man boasts impressive skill with this racial. He is able to cast them with no noticeable charge or motion. Specifically creating the anywhere on his person and firing off any angle although his pesquisa isn't very good as a sonar and so firing off out of view tends to be quite the gamble.

Cero Techniques
Cero Época [Zero Epoch]
By creating a very dense cero through a two post charge he enacts a very similar effect to the full-incantation Kurohitsugi kido spell in where space-time is warped from the gravity. The mass of Gabriel's Cero Época replicates this effect where in it travels exceptionally fast and upon hitting its target implodes to create a temporary vacuum from the gravity of it aimed at sucking his targets into the heart of the following explosion equating to the force of a Gran Rey Cero. The cero has a cool down of six posts upon being used.

Cero Apócrifo [Cero Apocryphal]
A cero formed from Gabriel's eye. It is quite a powerful cero that fires outwards in a beam, it is a large blast that isn't as fast moving as a smaller cero but hits with a lot more force in it. This blast is capable of expanding horizontally as it traves, eventually becoming a cone like blast from the starting point with the strength of a Gran Rey cero. It has a three post cool-down but entering his resureccion refreshes the cool-down and reduces the cool-down by one while he is in it.

Cero Caín [Zero Cain]
The first murderer. Gabriel finds there is a certain poetic element in using the name of Cain for this cero. Launching a ceros from each finger which totals to five the ceros will target Gabriel's target's limbs and neck. The four ceros targeting the limbs will create binds as they hit. The purpose being to lock the target down so that when the fifth warps around the e neck then they all explode in towards the body for maximum damage. It is a technique can is potent due to exerting the force inwards but is difficult to pull off at times.

Cero Génesis [Zero Genesis]
Releasing a rather sudden and spontaneous explosion of energy from within his body outwards Gabriel's cero is very useful on binds and abilities that would attempt to lock him down. This cero also can act as a counter-force meaning if an ability were to hit him the explosion of Cero Génesis could potentially nullify the attack due to equal force on both sides. This cero has a cool-down of one post.

Cero Rapto [Zero Rapture]
To remove those that would stand up to him, Gabriel created a technique where in he traded off control for raw power. By firing a large flare into the sky it would remain within the sky two-hundred metres above him while drawing in energy from any source including himself. This technique surrenders control to the point where it becomes energy independent from him and will sustain itself as it draws in energy for three posts. Once the time has finished it will explode violently in a blast that can reach up to a kilometre around its point of origin. This technique can damage Gabriel as well if he is not careful. For example this is especially dangerous to use with people that severely outclass his energy reserves because the cero will draw from them as it does him and cause a massive explosion that far out scales his own defences. It can only be used once per thread.

3 | Sonido Information
Definitely not what he is known for but Gabriel has not forsaken this skill to the point of being completely incompetent with it. He is noted to be able to travel faster in linear directions than actual general use involving turns and the like. He has enough skill to not have to visibly move to initiate it while also being able to move in a three dimensional plane.
Sonido Techniques
----- TBD -----

4 | Hierro Information
The strongest aspect of Gabriel, to the main insulating yourself from the damage allows you to take the burden of combat much easier. He does not view mobility as necessarily important, dodging is all fun and good until you get hit. Standing still and tanking the damage consistently is much more efficient for this reason the Judicator's hierro is noted to be exceptionally strong. This doesn't necessarily mean he enjoys close quarters combat per say. For the man having a strong defence is just beneficial if a stray attack came towards him or someone got too close.

Due to his main focus being directly into his hierro for the most part Gabriel's defence is layered and emits a field around it that serves as a force sponge before it even hits his the man's hierro itself. Because of just this feature alone he can remove some force before it even hits. Once something finally comes into contact with his hierro the force is divided over his hierro evenly. This division of force reduces the chance of piercing due to the damage not being so focused on a specific point. The final layer is his actual hierro which operates and shields him is not as strong as it would normally be if he didn't structure it with the layers however the layers overall provide a much more consistent and effective defence than having a single powerful hierro.

I. Unique Skills


I. Zanpakutō Information

Summary: The overall theme that Gabriel's zanpakuto follows is the ascension from the depths of Hell to the pinnacle of Heaven. Taking inspiriation from the Divine Comedy by the Poet Dante, his zanpakuto has nine abilities in each form correlating to each part of the poet's trilogy and each ability being linked to the sin that it is named after or the circle it is based off.

1 | Zanpakutō Name: Inferno

2 | Zanpakutō Appearance: Gabriel's zanpakuto takes the form of a polearm. The spear is roughly as long as he is and appears to be made of gold. The weapon is rather simplistic with the only real ornamentation being the star which serves to make sweeping attacks all the more deadly. He is able to summon it at will and recall it if necessary by causing it to break apart and manifest one in his hand.

Gabriel Celádora [WIP | APP ON HIATUS] 480?cb=20180214104520

3 | The Circles of Inferno: Gabriel's power is focused on the punishment of a soul. Sin is something he was punished for and he seeks to enforce that suffering on those that would put themselves in that position. The ability itself is exponentially more effective against those that have committed sins relating to the circle that he is using on them, this doesn't limit itself to alignment. If an afflicted character he is aware of is known for their lustful behaviour then the second circle will be much more effective, this applies to any circle that targets a character who has committed the sin a lot in their lifetime. As well as this aspect though his circles have conditions. He passively maintains a ten stacks whenever he starts in a thread. Every post of a fight he gains two counters. In order to use a circle he must be able to sacrifice the same number of stacks ie. ninth circle = nine stacks.

  • Primero Circle: Limbo
    The weakest aspect of Gabriel's power. It is takes the form of a large ring with an average radius of five-hundred metres. Equally distributed are seven sigils along the circumference that glow a bright red. These sigils allow entry but reject a person from leaving with a durability scaling off Gabriel's own. Once inside the circle it will last for a total of seven posts as ambient energy from the inside is removed, once there is no more external energy within the void the sigils will break apart and give all those that Gabriel identifies as allies a hierro weaker than his, stacking on their own hierro while also replenishing their energy.

    To those that are his enemies they will not receive this buff but instead the absorbed energy will begin creating localised explosions around them which are uncontrollable as they spontaneously appear forcing them to avoid or tank the blasts which last for the post the ability ends. The Judicator does not receive the positive buffs and has the potential to be damaged by the same explosions as his opponents. Gabriel denotes this technique as being so weak due to the charge time associated to make it effective. The technique has a twelve post cool-down once it detonates.

  • Segundo Circle: Lust
    Raising his spear to initiate the second circle Gabriel creates a raging gale that does not so much as harm but beat down his targets with strong, continuous wind currents that are constantly shifting in their direction for one-hundred metres around him. This shift in airflow can destabilise spiritual constructs and abilities from the pressure that the force can exert on them in all the directions. This ability can last up to five posts however Gabriel prefers to utilise it for only one as a flash defence around himself before deactivating it. It has a cool-down equal to the amount of posts it is kept active.

    The wind currents do not affect him or his allies but it does affect the abilities of his allies. Meaning that if his ally was to use a cero it would be affected the same way as an enemies. He is the only one exempt from this weakness. Despite this the winds do not move with him, meaning if he were to be removed from the ability area of effect then it would not follow him.

  • Tercero Circle: Gluttony
    Getting into the stronger of Gabriel's abilities the third circle punishes greed. For two-hundred metres around him as the centre point the arrancar summons a large number of clouds that begin to steadily rain that feels cold to those that feel it regardless of the temperature or even if they are feeling extremely warm at the time. This rain quickly turns from steady to bucketing in the next post of being active and forces quickly forms a murky pool on the ground. This water strips away defences and durability, over the course of four posts this rain continues on and on while becoming gel-like to make movement a struggle and stick to the targets. For every two posts exposed to the rain the targets will lose one third of their hierro, akuma kyodo, durability-based skills which last for two posts after the rain has ended as well as making any barriers such as kido ones weaker.

  • Cuatro Circle: Greed
    With his fourth circle the Judicator marks the ground and creates a field around him which increases the weight of everything around him with the exception of himself. He assumes the role of Plato, the judge for this time and becomes invulnerable as well as intangible due to being unable to fight. His allies and enemies are then weighted down causing themselves to feel four times heavier and their weapons ten times heavier. This effect can be resisted with physical strength from anyone affected and lasts two posts before it goes on a twelve post cool-down, if he uses it for one then it goes on a six post cool down.

  • Quinto Circle: Anger
    After drawing a line with his spear Gabriel ignites himself for three posts. The flames are exceptionally hot the closer one gets towards him and burn anything that is around him without consideration of whether friend or foe. The flames are extremely hot and can catch the stones and sand of Hueco Mundo alight from their heat. This immolation takes place outside is hierro acting as a fourth layer as well with its intense heat being able play a small part in assisting to destabilise energy-based attacks and discourage close-quarters combat. With this ability for the first two posts he also gains a movement speed enhancement with his sonido, leaving a trail of fire as he uses it referencing the river Styx. It has a cool down of five posts.

  • Sexto Circle: Heresy
    By sacrificing all his defensive capability, which is a lot, Gabriel's spear will shift in appearance. This shift is one that allows it to bypass spiritual armour for three hits per target before it no longer affects that armour any further. It can also cause regeneration to be halted for that specific wound until the ability ends. Any wounds that he or his opponent's suffer from the spear while feel incredibly hot and paunful for the duration of it. Gabriel will also suffer any damage he retains in this form which is retained once his armour returns and the ability ends. This is a double-edged sword which can shift a battle in his favour or completely ruin it for him. The technique can last for up to four posts before going on a five post cool down after he finishes the technique or it ends.

  • Septimo Circle: Violence
    Three rings are formed around Gabriel. These rings represent the three rings of the seventh circle. While these circles are active the Judicator's energy attacks are noticeably weaker. Each ring serves as a separate shield, he cannot be damaged as any damage will be transferred to the rings to take instead. Each ring can absorb up to the damage of a single cero oscuras in total. These rings will self-degenerate by a third of integrity if he is not in combat at least once in each post they are active for. They last until the last one is destroyed before they go on a twelve post cool-down.

  • Octavo Circle: Fraud
    Gabriel manifests ten shining spheres around him. These spheres are malleable mass that he is able to control and use many affects, they remain stationary behind him for at least three posts before he can actually use them however. These ten spheres are then able to operate off Gabriel's will for three more posts. Being completely malleable and able to utlilise their mass to create various constructs, they represent the fraud. Manifesting into objects they are not. Using them Gabriel can create a strong defence and/or offence while they are active. If a sphere is destroyed early then it will not reform and will disappear. They have a durability based off his own.

  • Noveno Circle: Treachery
    Gabriel's trump card to say the least. One of his core weaknesses is temporarily eliminated with the use of this ability. The ninth circle focuses on the act of betrayal. In this case the more enemies that would stand to oppose him the stronger the ability is. It is rarely seen and incredibly situational but when he is given means it shines as his strongest technique in his base form. Gabriel gains a passive boost to his physical stats, exponentially getting stronger for every one-hundred opponents that would face him. His hierro is empowered to the point where he can tank the force of numerous cero oscuras before showing fault in it.

    Against a single or small group of targets he is fairly underwhelming with a very small power advantage. Put him against an army however and Gabriel can reach physical prowess equally someone well above him. Gabriel's trump card is not a mere physical prowess boost. It creates a large icy mass around him that takes away the friction coefficient of everyone that stands on it albeit he is capable of applying on to himself if he requires. The ice causes widespread havoc with large groups due to causing the targets to constantly be crashing into each other. After four posts Gabriel's area of ice will return to him and heal him scaling off the amount of blood that stained it ie. having a large amount of blood will heal him completely but having very little will have a minor effect. The ability can only be used once per thread.

I. Resurrección Information

1 | Resurrección Name: Purgatorio

2 | Resurrección Release Phrase: Eternal Punishment, Purgatorio.

3 | Release Actions: By raising his spear into the air Gabriel's armour dissipates and his large energy explodes outwards with the light of a small star. Lasting for a few seconds the light fades away and Gabriel is left in his release appearing as an armoured angel with magnificent wings that have a total span of almost ten metres.

Gabriel Celádora [WIP | APP ON HIATUS] Resurreccion_Appearance

4 | The Nine Levels of Purgatory: Unlike the former power of his sealed form Gabriel's resureccion has two passive abilities which are the first two levels. It still possesses the trait from his sealed form of certain levels affecting people more powerfully if they regularly commit the sin associated with it. Unlike before where Gabriel's abilities focused more on area control the levels of purgatory focus on buffing and debuffing to grant him an edge as he can engage in close-combat. His release makes his hierro much stronger and adds another shell of the three layers around him while his physical capabilities are exponentially increased. His cero and actual energy pressure however are a third less effective. He cannot use his sealed abilities when he is in his released state.

  • Primero Stage: Stubbornness
    Gabriel's first passive ability is an area of effect armour shredding aura that cuts the the effectiveness of shields and barriers by a third when they are within two-hundred metres of him the vicinity of him. On the flip-side his targets get a small boost to their physical skills by about a quarter of effectiveness. This passive is diluted the more people it affects meaning that the more targets that are within two-hundred metres of him the less barriers are affected by this affect.

  • Segundo Level: Repentant
    The blade that he wields has the effect of every seven cuts the next attack will ignore energy of that target. Meaning that he can slice through a cero without trouble, bypass a spiritual defence or construct if it is made from that target's energy signature. This has the effect of causing him to lose his sword the next post for the duration until it can manifest again.

  • Tercero Level: Pride
    For three posts Gabriel's hierro is weakened by about half of its effectiveness to make him more vulnerable. This is not done for no reason. It represents the arrogant of the prideful as he is healed for half of his total damage to his body after the three posts. This then puts the skill on a five post cool-down before it can be used again.

  • Cuatro Level: Envy
    Taking away a target's individuality he creates an area of one hundred metres around himself in which all of his targets appear as spectres in grey cloaks to each other. They are surrounded by a translucent energy that causes this effect which is perceived based off the target's focus skill against his own. This energy builds up a charge for a post before exploding inwards onto the targets with the strength of a gran rey cero. It can be overcame with durability by tanking the blast, a very high energy ability which targets it and removes it before it can explode and potentially other ways based off the target's creativity.

  • Quinto Level: Wrath
    A very simple ability. It spews black smoke from the cracks in his armour. This smoke is actually highly corrosive and targets everything on a metaphysical level. Slowly eating away at spiritual attacks, physical objects and matter. This also affects Gabriel himself but the effect is noticeably slower despite being the one that is exposed to most of the smoke. This smoke obscures vision and limits the use of high-speed movement, not general speed or completely shutting down the step techniques but it is noticeably slower while in this smoke. This high-speed movement seal also affects him as well.

  • Sexto Level: Sloth
    By wounding an enemy Gabriel and applying the sixth ability his target's energy is seeps from the wound for two posts reducing their overall stamina for its duration. The afflicted area will ignite at the end of the ability and do extra damage comparable to being hit by a powerful cero from him.

  • Septimo Level: Avarice
    In an area of one-hundred metres all targets are grabbed at by metaphysical chains that exert a force to try and pull them down to the ground and hold them there for two posts. By not resisting the chains the target can be released within the same post. They have a binding strength equalling his own and can be broken by anyone of that tier or higher.

  • Octavo Level: Gluttony
    Tendrils that are reminiscent of roots emerge from Gabriel's body these tangling roots have barbs along them that cause whatever they get their length around to be cut and held by them. They absorb and drain energy that they come into contact with for as long as they hold their target. They can exist for up to three pots before disappearing naturally or a person with equal strength to Gabriel can break them.

  • Noveno Level: Lust
    Creates a massive explosion emanating from his body that spreads for eight kilometres in every direction. The technique is quite powerful as it can overload chemical bonds to break with the amount of heat energy he produces. This can only be used once per thread and after doing so his resurreccion ends and cannot be used for the rest of the thread. He is hindered in combat for the next three posts after using it and is unable to use cero or abilities.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)

Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master.

6-Tier: Allowed 2 Beginner, 2 Untrained.
6-Tier: Allowed all Beginners
5-Tier: Allowed all Beginners
4-Tier: Allowed 1 Adept, 3 Beginner
3-Tier: Allowed 3 Adept, 1 Beginner
2-Tier: Allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept
1-Tier: Allowed 2 Advanced, 1 Experienced
0-5 Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 2 Expert, 1 Advanced.

NOTE: There can be exceptions you can discuss with staff if the character's themes and masteries etc, are better suited to a different configuration. Let us know when after we approve your character if something along those lines is something you want for your character. e.g If your character isn't particularly quick but the force in their strikes are massive, so you could take a hit to their speed and drop it a level in exchange for raising your strength

General Skills
  • Durability: Undetermined.
  • General Speed: Undetermined.
  • Strength: Undetermined.
  • Weapon Skill: Undetermined.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Undetermined.
  • Mental Deduction: Undetermined.
  • Pain Endurance: Undetermined.
  • Focus: Undetermined.

Racial Skills
  • Pesquisa: Undetermined. [4]
  • Cero: Undetermined. [2]
  • Sonido: Undetermined. [3]
  • Hierro: Undetermined. [1]

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