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 Roi E. Yatōkami (WIP 3.0)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Roi E. Yatōkami (WIP 3.0)   Roi E. Yatōkami (WIP 3.0) EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 1:15 am


I. Basic Information

» Name: Roi E. Yatōkami

  • Given: Roi (French for “King”)

  • Middle: O. (stands for Osiris, the king of the underworld in ancient Egyptian mythology)

  • Surname: Yatōkami (from the name given to the snake-like spirits of war from Japanese folklore)

» Name Origins:

Given: Roi
One of Roi’s female ancestors on his father’s side was a Frenchwoman who, by her own admission, was allegedly descended from the ancient royals of France dating back to the days of yore. Therefore, to embody her wish that, someday, Roi would take over the reins of the newly founded Yatōkami clan and lead it to prosperity just as the French royals had France, albeit for a very limited period of time, she insisted that if a male child would be born who had the birthmark resembling the crowns of the ancient kings of France, that he should have his first name be the French word for “king”, which was of course “Roi”.

Middle: O. (for "Osiris")
One of Roi's earliest ancestors was apparently the first born son of the royals who ruled over Egypt in its later years. If the records he left behind are to be believed, he was linked through blood ties to the earliest true pharaoh of Egypt, Narmer, the man who was credited with the unification of Egypt. This ancestor of Roi's had issued an edict to his family that later on down the line, should a male child be born who bore the birthmark resembling the Atef Crown with a flail and scepter, both symbols of Osiris, the god-king who was credited with giving the Egyptians their civilization, that he should actually be granted the name "Osiris". He did this since he apparently had a prophetic dream that this would come to pass someday and he hoped that this male child would stand at the helm of his family when the time came and lead it to prosperity and glory.

Surname: Yatōkami
This surname was taken from the clan name of Roi’s mother since Roi’s father, being the sole survivor of the tragedy that wiped out both sides of his clan during the great war that the Quincy had been waging against their enemies, had to marry into hers instead. In doing so, he agreed to let their future child aka Roi, have her surname instead of his as would be the usual convention. Roi’s mother was a full Japanese woman, and more specifically from a noble clan in her own right and she was the sole heiress to the clan head seat. Her clan’s name was derived from the name the locals used to refer to the snake-like spirits which were said to bring horrifying calamity to those who were unfortunate enough to come upon them, even going so far as to eliminate the entire families of those hapless people. This was allegedly given as a title to the founders of Roi’s mother’s clan in recognition of the work they did to eliminate any who stood up to the ruling family of Japan in the ancient past. The locals, however, referred to the founders by that name since for some odd reason, all who came into contact with these two were said to have faced utter ruin regardless of their prosperity up to that point. Roi was given this name by his mother in the hope that Roi would wreak ruinous vengeance upon the enemies of his clan for the crimes they had dared to commit against it in the past. This occasion had apparently been even more unnerving due to the clan members having witnessed all the portents heralding impending calamity on the day of Roi’s birth.

» Titles/Nicknames/Aliases:

  • Roi (his friends/allies/superiors and colleagues are free to refer to/call him by this name)

  • Mr. Yatōkami (anyone having business ordeals of some kind with him refer to/ use this name)

  • Master Yatōkami (his personal guard, his subordinates, and personal servants call him this)

  • “Lazy Ass”/Know-it-all Pervert” (a girl he knew way back in his childhood and early years used to call him this)

  • "Ghost" (his former colleagues in the Shadow Syndicate, his victims, and his clientele [past & present] know him by this name)

» Age:

  • True Age: 27 years old

  • Apparent Age: 21 years old

» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank:


  • Yatōkami Clan / Rank: Heir Apparent to clan head position

  • YatōCorp /Rank: next in line CEO

  • Shadow Syndicate / Rank: Top field agent



  • Yatōkami Clan / Rank: Heir Apparent to clan head position

  • YatōCorp /Rank: next in line CEO


Future (AKA TBA):

  • Vandenreich / Rank: TBA


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Roi E. Yatōkami (WIP 3.0) Empty
Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Roi E. Yatōkami (WIP 3.0)   Roi E. Yatōkami (WIP 3.0) EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 1:18 am


I. Appearance

» Physical Appearance Description:

Physical Description:
Roi is a 27-year-old young man who is a hulking 6’ 3” in height and who weighs in at 180 lb. He has a large frame with considerable musculature, all of which is of the lean, athletic type and sharply defined since he has not more than an ounce of fat anywhere on him. The bone structure that supports this musculature tends towards the medium range throughout most of his body, with his limbs being the only exception due to all the pounding it has taken during his training days.

His skin has a light tanned tone over most of his body due to his only partial Egyptian heritage. However, the parts of his skin over his limbs, face, and the majority of his chest are much more weather-beaten and of a slightly darker tan due to the exposure to the elements over the years, especially the harsh sunlight from all the time he has spent in the tropical and subtropical countries in the past. The skin over most of his body is relatively smooth. In contrast, the skin covering his limbs is far rougher, with that of his palms and soles being heavily callused from the rigorous combat training he has had when he was with the "Shadow Syndicate", especially the part involving swordplay and unarmed combat and also because of all the time he has spent in dig sites around the world, excavating several important ancient artifacts after he extricated himself from that faction.

His jet black, shoulder-length hair is noticeably voluminous, shaggy, and coarse to the touch since he is usually too lazy to care for it beyond just making it presentable and also due to the exposure it has had to harsh environments in the past. Most of it is almost always kept up in a high spiky ponytail with a standard hair tie, so the free portion appears to end at the base of his neck. As a result of the high spiky ponytail hairstyle he prefers, he doesn't have any bangs and his high, wide forehead is always on full display.

His face is generally oval in shape. His heterochromic eyes (left: poison green; right: amber yellow) are small, thin, with normal round pupils, and closely set on either side of his aquiline nose. When combined with his high-set, prominent cheekbones, gently tapered chin, his strongly set, chiselled jawline, prominent Adam’s apple, and gaunt cheeks, they give him a distinctive visage. Interestingly enough, he has the good fortune of being almost completely smooth and devoid of facial hair. His ears are like those of any other human. He has thin, firm lips and almost standard issue teeth like that of any other human, with the only exception being his canines which are a few millimeters longer and sturdier than those of the average Joe.

His chest, shoulders, and back are broad and almost herculean in appearance, albeit more muscular in the chest and shoulders than on his back. The rest of his torso is similarly well defined. Its muscle groups such as his toned pecs and prominent six-pack rectus abdominis on his washboard abdomen are clearly visible when he is shirtless (during training at home, sleeping, or during sleep). He does not have any noticeable hair on his chest on anywhere else on his main torso or even his limbs. His limb musculature is far more well defined than that of his torso, and their bone structure tends more towards the heavy end of the density spectrum with the prominences being clearly visible due to the general lack of subcutaneous fat and also because of the aforementioned weaponless part of his combat training. His hands and feet are large and sinewy with the digits being slightly longer and more flexible than average.

Identification Features:

His main birthmark is something that looks like an Atef double crown, seen between his penciled eyebrows on his forehead slightly above the root of his nose. The only other prominent birthmark is something that looks like a pair of entwined snakes located one on each of his upper arms, just below the beginning of his shoulders. The rest are a few non-hairy, non-elevated moles here and there over the length of his body.

He has several scars on his body; a handful of major ones and many more minor ones. On the left side of his face, he has the first of his major scars. This is a vertical one that starts a few millimeters above his eyebrow, cuts across both eyelids, and ends at the peak of his prominent cheekbone. The next major scar is a diagonal one, spanning the front of his torso from his left shoulder to his right hip. The last of his major scars is a pair of circular ones around his ankles.

Tattoos (all stylized and fully colored):
He has one tattoo on his chest of a stag's head, its antlers going up to encroach onto the base of his neck. On his left arm is a Japanese ogre, or Oni while the right has the four Guardian Beasts (Genbu, Suzaku, Byakko and Seiryu) arranged each one at its cardinal direction with the Kirin in the middle. His back has Kanon, the Golden Goddess of Mercy.

Expressions, Gait, Mannerisms, and Posture:
Roi’s eyes almost constantly have a bored or maybe even a sleep-addled look to them. The only exception to this is when something or someone happens to pique his curiosity or perhaps piss him off. Then, his eyes become keen, with a laser-like focus and a piercing, intense gaze. When he is aroused or about to attack his targets, his eyes become like those of a great white shark pursuing its prey. If he is enraged, his eyes turn steely and as cold as an ice-storm in the deepest of winters. When a more melancholic mood overtakes him, his eyes look dull and listless just like the rest of him. His pupils are normally round, but when he is aroused, they turn to slits like those of a cat or a snake (due to a unique mutation in his genes).

He usually has a slightly forward-slouched posture and a relaxed gait with his left hand in the corresponding trouser pocket and his right hand hanging free and swinging lazily as he moves about. This gait and posture when combined with his bored, sleepy default facial expression make him look almost lackadaisical. However when his interest is piqued or when he is in the presence of a superior, he will straighten up his posture and look alert to avoid a fall from grace and more importantly, the hassle of a long lecture or any other irksome consequence.

When he is about to use his sword techniques, he usually goes with the appropriate prescribed stances and postures which he was taught to take during his training. He has only two really noticeable tics, one being his right eyebrow and right corner of his mouth twitching slightly when he is irritated and progressing toward outright anger. The other is that when he is nervous, his right hand tends to rub the back of his neck. Other than that, he has trained himself to minimize almost all expressions so as to lessen the chances of the other party reading his mood and so, appears fairly inscrutable.

Attire Preferences:

In Private:
Up top, he wears a half sleeved, form-fitting mesh shirt and below, lounge pants which have pockets at easy-access spots and belt loops for his custom order utility belt, both being dark or light colored depending on the weather. His hands and legs have matching colored fingerless gloves and legwarmers, respectively with the colors matching the rest of the outfit. He usually goes barefoot when alone at home.

At Home w/ Others or When Outside (Casual):
Over his usual mesh shirt, he prefers to have on a casual turtleneck shirt with a similarly casual half jacket over it. Below, he has on usual briefs over which there is a denim variant of a standard ballooning hakama with the usual pocket and belt loop mods, the hakama held up by his utility belt. His limbs have their usual coverings while his footwear is usually tabi socks or geta sandals (if at home) or civilian long tabi boots (if outside). His neck is swaddled in his heirloom scarf.

When Outside (Formal):
Over his usual mesh shirt and briefs, above, he wears a formal turtleneck shirt with a Western black suit jacket. Below, he wears a formal black variant of his ballooning hakama with its usual mods and belt. His limbs have their usual coverings while his footwear is a pair of formal civilian long tabi boots. His neck has his usual heirloom scarf.

In Battle/On Mission:
He wears a Kevlar variant of his usual mesh shirt and briefs over which he wears a

In Special Climates

At the Beach or Pools/ Training

Accessories (all heirlooms, these are always on his person, no matter the situation):

  • A windflower light silk green and black checkered scarf

  • A solid gold locket with a pair of lion claw ornaments dangling from it

  • A set of three heavy solid gold rings each set with his birthstone

  • Birthright Quincy Cross dangling from a highly elastic wristband made of silver mesh armor

  • a pair of silver stud piercings for his ears

» Physical Appearance Image:

» Appearance Image:

In Private:



At Home w/ Others/ Outside (Casual):



Formal Occasions:



In Battle:



In Special Climates:



At the Beach/Pool or Training:




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I. Psychological Profile

» Personality:


Roi is the kind of person who can adapt to almost any situation as far as possible. This allows him to at least survive most if not all potentially dangerous situations even if he does not succeed in fulfilling his intended objective(s) for those situations. This is particularly useful in those situations where his resources happen to be limited as he has been trained to work with the least amount of materials necessary to achieve the most results with judicious use of said materials. Even if the materials are simple and of such low quality that would otherwise be overlooked or ignored by other people, he is able to use these in order to achieve his goals almost as effectively as he would if he were to have access to high grade materials. Furthermore, since he is so adaptive, he tends to be able to flow with any changes in the situation at hand and adjust his thoughts, words and deed to best fit the new conditions, most of the time anyway.

Roi is not easily rattled by surprises and keeps his cool in all but the most trying of circumstances. He never panics and never acts hastily when under fire in all but the most extreme circumstances. This trait allows him to assess a situation objectively and take the best possible route to resolve it. However, one of the situations that can make him lose his cool quicker than usual is if someone were to threaten his near and dear ones or any downtrodden individuals whom he has chosen to take under his wing.

Since an early age, Roi has been used to being honest, due to his parents inculcating that virtue in him in the hope that he would grow up to be a decent adult. In addition to this, the laziness and dislike of troublesome situations that he has inherited from his father cause him to avoid telling lies or giving excuses since it would mostly likely end up becoming a royal pain later on if anybody called his bluff later on. In battle, this means he is quite straightforward, not wasting time with trying to trick the opponent and instead just preferring to beat them down with sheer force.

Roi is intelligently loyal to those around him whether it be his family, his friends, or other associates/colleagues. As long as they are not engaging in any acts that he considers immoral, he will do his best to support then with the full extent of his abilities whenever he can use them. He will never give in to another party’s temptations and/or threats and betray them unless and until they start acting in ways that go against his personal moral code, or at least that's the idea. In reality, however, despite his efforts to maintain his ironclad loyalty at all times, there are factors he cannot account for that will make this a lot harder to pull of constantly, such as if the enemy tempted him with the allure of women of his type (intelligent, self-thinking, strong, and voluptuously beautiful), or if they offered him unique equipment that no one could take away from him and hijack for their own use, and if they presented him with the anime, manga, and other collector’s items from pop culture that enthrall him. However, most times, if the offer is short lived, he can exert his iron will to overcome the temptation and keep his loyalty/allegiances intact, but if this temptation were to be stretched out over an extended duration, it could prove troublesome for him.

Roi tends to devote himself mind, body, and soul to whatever objective he has taken up, after he is done with his lazy tantrums in that situation, of course. Thus he works tirelessly to accomplish that goal. He does not settle for doing the minimum required, but rather goes above and beyond expectations unless there is something absolutely preventing him from doing so. This means that as long as whatever ally or cause does not end up going against his own personal moral code of being a champion of the downtrodden and being forthright in all his actions, thoughts, and deeds, he will be undyingly loyal to that ally or cause even to the point of unhesitatingly throwing himself into the line of fire to defend them against whoever it is that seeks to harm them.

Roi is a fan of the slow and steady approach as he was constantly reminded by his dad that doing things slowly and deliberately will ultimately always yield better results than if one were to rush through things in an attempt to get them done as quickly as possible. This above average patience of his come in handy when dealing with particularly intractable individuals, whether they be human or others as he eventually gets them to come over to his side by wearing their resistance down little by little. This trait of his also prevents otherwise silly mistakes on his part, whether in everyday life or in battles and saves him from many a troublesome situation that may otherwise arise if he were to be hasty.

Roi had been bullied a lot as a child since he was weak back then and so over the course of his life has acquired a marked hatred of any sort of bully, whether that be on the individual, state, or even nation level. If he comes across such, he will drop everything else that he is not required to do at that moment and devote his energies to trying to take out the bullying party and in doing so, rescue the one being bullied from their oppression. He would even go as far as break the rules of whatever contract he has taken on if he finds that his employer happens to be the bully in that situation and instead turn his blades towards them in an effort to eliminate them.

No matter the situation, Roi always tries to take a calculated approach to his response to it instead of the more barbaric brute force approach, but even if he ends up having to rely on physical force, he does in an intelligent way. His keen instincts and eye for detail let him stay aware of all actions that allies and opponents make, even things that seem insignificant at the time or that he doesn't yet understand for whatever reason. He keeps track of where everything is located in relation to everything else, even features that lack obvious practical use. He makes sure to study the behavior of all combatants, both allied and not, gradually learning how they react in any given situation. Then, by concentrating on this vast amount of sensory input, which he usually does by closing his eyes along with putting the tips of his hands’ index fingers together and touching them to his forehead while interlocking the rest, Roi can kick his brain into overdrive temporarily for a period of about 6 posts by applying his reishi via his superlative reishi manipulation skills. During this time, he is able to quickly think at least 10 steps ahead of his opponent(s) and devise at least 10 different strategies for each possible outcome of a given situation that he can foresee, from which he can quickly pick the one most suited to dealing with the challenges of said situation effectively.

His strategies are highly elaborate and use several layers of misdirection, where he takes small victories to eliminate extraneous factors. He will even go so far as to feign weakness or defeat in order to re-position opponents so that they become more amenable to his eventual victory over them. He also attempts to manipulate environmental conditions and even non-combatants or bystanders such that they will lead to the situation turning in his favor, whether that be in the form of causing the opposing party to defeat themselves or a potentially troublesome situation that maybe hazardous to his health being defused safely. His uncanny ability to see through deception and synthesize bits of apparently unrelated information, when combined with the rest of his strategic abilities, makes him a valuable ally in nearly any situation.

Strong Willed:
Despite his pessimism, even if Roi loses a fight that he cannot run away from, Roi would much rather die than surrender himself to the mercy of his enemy. This is because he believes that if he were to surrender to the enemy or other party, they will simply hold his defeat at their hands over his head and constantly deprive him of his freedom of choice in various circumstances or maybe even find a way to use his personal code of ethics against him in some manner or another. This trait works with his tenacity and patience to allow him to see his ventures through to the end, even if during that course, his loyalties change due to drastic changes happening in the ventures.

Despite, his pessimism, Roi can be quite determined in the pursuit of his goals almost to the point of having a single-minded focus on his target. Even if the odds were to turn against him, he would keep on trucking, chipping away at whatever he is working on till it comes to a close, for better or worse. This means he can be relied on to completely and thoroughly resolve whatever task he is given to the best of his ability instead of trying to cut corners. In battle, this means that he can be quite the irritating and maybe even dangerous opponent for those who like to blitz their opponents quickly since he just won’t go down until his energy reserves almost totally run out and instead keep getting up over and over and throwing himself into the fray against whoever decides to stand in his way. This also means he will doggedly pursue a mark till he has eliminated them.



Roi has been betrayed several times by people and by circumstances he has been in the past. So eventually, he lost much of his faith in the much touted innate goodness of people in general and in the idea that the world rewards effort as long as one puts enough of it into one’s daily life in the pursuit of any given venture. So, in most situations, he has a hard time believing in people when they say they have good intentions, even if, in the end he goes and helps them out anyway. He has also resigned himself to the fact that the world will continue to mess with him at every turn despite the work he puts in diligently (at least when his laziness is not pervading his being) and take everything he desires away from him when he least expects it.

Roi is not the most outgoing of people, and as such, he prefers to keep to himself most of the time and that time is usually spent in activities like, watching anime and reading manga, spending time with his very few close friends and allies, womanizing, napping, playing shogi or some other strategy game, training his swordplay skills, and reading mystery novels. However, if he is addressed by another person, he will usually respond in a courteous manner unless the person is disturbing his napping and cloud gazing time, but he never bothers with being officious towards the person. Due to this rather introverted nature of his, Roi has a smaller than usual social circle which consists of his family, his closest friends and allies and any other acquaintances that the former three make him known to during everyday life.

Roi’s most defining trait is his indolence which borders on sloth, that is, during the times when he is not overcome with fits of extreme energy or when the females in his life aren’t watching him like hawks. During his days as a student and even during the early young adulthood when he was with the Shadow Syndicate, Roi was able to get away with this, spending his days engaging in the pursuit of his most favorite pastimes, namely cat-napping, cloud-gazing, and either playing strategy games, reading mystery novels and various manga of his favorite genres, playing with his anime collectibles, or watching his favorite anime and playing videogames. His goal is to live unremarkably, free of anything outstandingly good or bad, and then, when it comes time for him to die, to leave this mortal plane as quietly, and with as little melodrama and trouble as possible. When he is faced with the potential for conflict or commitment, if he is being his usual indolent self, he responds first by saying, "how annoying," or “what a pain/nuisance” and then by trying to find some way out of it, either by pretending to be indisposed or even outright saying that he doesn't want to do whatever is being demanded of him. However, if he should have no other choice, he adapts to the needs of the situation and uses his keen intellect and decent physical prowess to gain the upper hand as far as and as swiftly as possible so he can get back to engaging in his various interests.

Roi is a true blue pervert who is, according to him anyway, one without equal, at least in his pervert ways. When he is not on the clock at his teaching position, his job as the historian and lead archaeologist for the various brand name universities, fulfilling requests from his clientele as to various enigmas, or otherwise engaging in his other more “respectable” hobbies, he can usually be found in his custom-order house (which he actually owns) enjoying anime-style Playboy mags, adult visual novels or manga, or even similarly themed R-rated movies (most of them anime and not live action, of course). He even has dakimakuras (body-pillows) of his most favorite anime girls (in rather skimpy clothing and in very provocative poses) and spends quite a lot of time and money purchasing figurines (all of which can be fully customized and put in any pose he likes) of the same, most of them in rather raunchy poses and outfits. He also happens to have quite a large collection of eroge and Blu-Ray versions of his all his favorite anime of the harem, ecchi, and erotica genres. However, when it comes to 3-D women, he is generally very careful about showing his interests, if for no other reason than that fact that most happen to be leagues ahead of him in sheer might and would completely clobber him or even kill him if he ever tried anything of the kind, not to mention the men associated with said women would probably hunt him down and vaporize him.

Due to the betrayal by those whom he had believed in wholeheartedly in the past, and also because of the series of repeated misfortunes that have happened to him despite how prepared he was or how hard he worked to avoid them, over the years till present day, Roi's once optimistic outlook has now turned pessimistic in nature. While the rest of the world may always look for the silver lining in an otherwise bleak future that looms over the horizon, Roi doesn't bothering with hope anymore since he knows more often than not, the situation will never turn in his favor, even if the worst case scenario does not come to pass. So instead of wasting time on wishful thinking and blind optimism, he prepares for the worst possibilities he can foresee in a given situation so that he can at least stay abreast of the events and not be swept away by them.

Due to his cynicism, Roi can be quite sarcastic in his remarks about people, various situations, and even the world at large. This can range anywhere from the dry, facetious type to outright caustic and humiliating kind. This especially shows itself when someone or something has pushed him past the point of his tolerance for the irksome and troublesome. When that happens, there are clear signs that his mood is souring slowly but surely. Stage 1 is when his right eyebrow and the right corner of his mouth start twitching ever so slightly. If the target of his sarcasm is removed from his vicinity, he will go back to normal. If not, then he proceeds to Stage 2, and this is where he uses his sharp wit to break the target’s spirit and self-confidence by exposing their weak spots and humiliating them (unless they happen to be downtrodden, but especially if the target happens to be a high ranking noble or royal or ever tyrannical). If the target leaves from the vicinity at this stage, the situation if still salvageable. If not, the last and final stage is reached, and this is starts hitting things and hitting them hard enough to send lesser individuals scurrying away.

His determination, while being quite intense and proving useful in a variety of situations, also means that he has a remarkably irritating ability to be stubborn when the situation moves him to do so. Once he has set his mind to a certain point of view about the situation at hand or maybe about any given person, there is virtually nothing that can change his mind about his perspective, even if that perspective turns out to be a wrong one or the situation proves to be hopeless. The only exception to this is if the situation or party happens to violate his personal moral code.

Because he has had no real training in how to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and instead had to focus all his time and energy on honing his physical and mental abilities in order to survive and also since he had to withstand some very difficult situations in his life thus far, Roi can be quite a jerk when it comes to trying to empathize with another person’s situation. If someone comes to him for comfort, he is usually unable to give them any. Instead, he tends to tell them to suck it up and deal with their problems themselves, unless said problem involves a bully or perhaps a tyrannical government or perhaps a lone tyrant who is trying to control a set of people. In this case, he will go out of his way to take on the request and help them. His honesty can be quite brutal as he does not bother ever sugarcoating his words in order to spare the feelings of his audience. He tells the facts as they are, and if the audience can’t take the heat, then too bad for them. This combined with his introverted nature means he should never be chosen as the spokesperson for anything that is meant to motivate or inspire people.



Roi is generally lighthearted and mirthful in his day to day life, barring anything that happens to disrupt that. He loves to make lame puns or jokes whenever the opportunity presents itself, thus riling up people, and quite often these jokes are also quite perverted or otherwise crude. He even has no qualms about poking fun at himself, either and usually does so as frequently or even mores so than he does to others. Sometimes they are amusing and sometimes not, but he never ceases to laugh at his own jokes even if no one else laughs along with him. He has no problems even if people laugh at him instead of with him. In fact, due to this, he was labeled the class clown by the rest of his class time and again during his younger years when his innocence and naivete were still intact due to the fact that he always used to play pranks on people and engage in all sorts of amusing antics, much to the chagrin of his teachers who knew how truly intelligent he was and so thought it a great shame that he was not using his energies to exercise that intellect of his. However, this is more of a coping mechanism that he uses to keep his more pessimistic side suppressed as far as possible so it doesn't kill the mood of those around him.

Despite his dislike of having any sort of melodrama in his life, ironically enough, Roi has a conspicuous flair for the dramatic. When he enters any place, regardless of whether he has been there before or not, he tends to strike exaggerated, needlessly complex poses that are reminiscent of those seen in Kabuki, the art of Japanese theater. He also tends to give overly dramatic self-introductions and often gets extremely irritated when anyone interrupts this ritual of his, unless of course the situation is too serious for that sort of behavior. When he is saying his fond farewells, he tends to give more of a Shakespearean adieu.

» Likes:

  • Anime

  • Cats

  • Exotic Cuisine

  • Games (Strategic & Video Games)

  • Manga

  • MMA

  • Mysteries

  • Napping

  • High-end Technology

  • Wealth

  • Wine (vintage wines, but other strong alcohols too)

  • Women (non-sadistic, mentally awake, physically strong, manipulative, and extra-voluptuous)

» Dislikes/Pet Peeves:

  • Arrogance

  • Busybodies

  • Drama (in his life, he loves to instigate drama in the lives of others though)

  • Excessive Effort

  • Heights (only when extreme)

  • Low-end Technology

  • Naggers (with the exception of the girl who was his childhood friend)

  • Prejudice

  • Sensory Overload

» Fears:

  • Canine species

  • Death

  • Inadequacy

  • Uncertainty

  • Weakness

  • Women (violent, domineering, troublesome ones)

» Ambitions/Goals:

  • To live and eventually leave this world as unremarkably as he lives in it, and with as little trouble and drama in it as possible

  • To master as much of his Quincy heritage as he can in his lifetime and develop custom techniques in various situations while serving in the Vandenreich

  • To become a collector of all things anime, manga, video games, anime related collectibles, and even ancient mystical artifacts

  • To solve as many mysteries/enigmas, read all the most famous mystery novels, and play strategy games against strong opponents

  • To earn lots of wealth and have a dossier of all the important, interesting, and/or amusing people from around the world

  • To taste all the exotic ethnic cuisines from around the world


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