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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Empty Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune

Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:16 pm
Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Baron Tremelay-Nami
» Titles: T- The Trickster
» Age: 20
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: (Are they allied with any org or faction? Or are they just rouge?)

» Physical Appearance Description:

Baron is a slender, yet physically fit tan-skinned male in his early 20's.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune -Tyki-Mikk-dgray-man-35663545-340-500

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Baron is well known for his way with words. He can almost smooth talk his way out of any situation. If he can't get out of everything, he will still generate a few laughs and witty banter to relay his playful attitude.

To those whom he's very close to as well as allies and enemies who choose to fight him whom he knows are stronger than him, he's very respectful and makes sure to not over step his bounds when someone is demanding orders of them. At tat moment, he will be respectful of their wishes, but often after the request is given, he will try to twist and create loopholes so that the request is more fun for him, while also fulfilling the request of the higher up personnel

Over- Confident:
As one of very few Quincy who utilize melee to handle Hollow threats, Baron often acts very arrogant when he fights. This demeanor often leads to him treating a fight more like a performance, rather than an actual fight that can hurt and having the chance to even kill him. His main "motivation" for continuing a fight, is not about who's the better fighter, but rather who is the least boring out of the two fighters.

((--More TO COME--))

III. Character History

» History ((--MORE TO COME--))

Queue The Lights: The Birth of Baron

After being seperated from their father, Yuna Tremelay ;the mother of Hana Kutsuki, and soon to be mother of Baron Tremelay, went on a search of repentance to cleanse herself of the interactions of someone outside of being a quincy through her ex-husband, Aoba Kutsuki. Yuna searched for months looking for the group of individuals known as the Gallant. The Gallant were a well known organization of Quincy that lived in the underground of society that dealt with larger scale threats, regardless of their affliction with one another as thought they were Quincy bounty hunters.

The Gallant were known to split into farther branches, and each tasked with their own sector of how they could receive contracts. And internally within the homebase organization, they had tasks split up between patrolling, healing, and the creation of concealed Ginto devices. The customized Ginto, being able to be suppressed within everyday items to look less suspcious of whom they were. Although the Gallant were known, there weren't many stories or notifications of their arrival to deal with spiritual threats. They operated similar to that of a special ops force, in that they were hired for a job, went to do what they needed and dispersed without leaving much of a trace or distress to the area that they were localized within.

It was here, that Yuna went to seek treatment for her tainted blood, for having an affair with her shinigami ex-husband. However, when the Gallant first looked at her they did not see much potential for Yuna. She was not one of the best nor strongest Quincy out there. She had a basic knowledge of who they were and what their powers were, but she spent most of her time working on herself and her family, not really concerning herself with the capabilities that she possessed as a Quincy. She pleaded that she did not want to be cleansed, but rather wanted her son to be cleansed instead, and she would be able to train work underneath of their ruling, nursing Baron until he was ready to become one of the Gallant. With this ruling in mind, they accepted on her terms, taking Yuna under their care as she was nursed to birthing Baron under her name.

When Baron was born they immediately took him away from his mother, not as a means of separation, but as a way to make sure the child was not tainted farther. Upon Baron being taken away, they placed him into a temporary stasis to allow them to imprint a seal on his body, without hurting him. The seal was that of a small black cross located on the center of his forehead, and upon the seal being placed, it's blue hue slowly transitioned into being a dark black. And with that, shortly after Baron's birth, Yuna took heed to her promise and began training her Quincy abilities underneath the umbrella organization of the Gallant.

Roll Camera:

At the age of 6, Baron showed a large amount of proficiency in his ability to manipulate and control reishi, as well as a thorough understanding of how Quincy abilities and techniques worked in reference to himself. Because of this, he was always eager to see how his family fought. Unfortunately, for him because this was a low profile organization, they never saw a reason to take Baron to see one of these fights, in addition to that he was only a child and thought it was much to dangerous for him to venture with the Gallant in their endeavors. No matter how much they tried to make it as safe as possible for him, at the end it would be seen as an inconvenience to the mission, or a safety concern for Baron himself.

---------ADD MORE HERE (Something about his mom going on a mission, and Baron following reluctantly)-----------

His carelessness caused some of the Hollow's spirituality to enter into Baron, which caused him to start coughing and crying from the acidic nature of it all. Yuna heard the sounds of the child, not knowing what it was and rushed towards the area. Immediately realizing on arrival that it was Baron, she began to resusciate him immediately on their battle grounds, not concerning herself with the integrity of the mission and what it entailed for her and her party. Placing him in stasis, Yuna began to seal Baron again, placing two more crosses similar to that on the center of his forehead on the adjacent left and right sides of the original seal. Upon placing the first seal, rather than it slowly pouring over in black, it changed instantly, incentivizing that she needed to do it again. When she did the sealing in this way however, she did not have any more reiryuko left in her ginto tube that she carried to continue the seal. To hurry herself as Baron was waking from the effects of her stasis, she took the reishi that she had stored within herself, and etched two more crossed onto his forehead as a seal. The left turned black instantly, however the right one slowly filled with the darker aura, implying that the energy she placed in him would be enough to take care of him as she returned him back to their base.

Setting the Stage: What Do I Have?

At the age of 20, Baron was becoming exceptionally noteworthy in his Quincy training and upon this notice, Yuna took it upon herself to train her child of a new form of power, Letz Stil. Yuna's knowledge of Baron's transformation was already established, but she had refused to tell Baron of his shinigami bloodline within him, which tainted his transformation to a pure Vollstanding. Unbeknownst to him, he trained for releasing Vollstanding and was excited all throughout the way.

---------ADD MORE HERE (Something about his mom's history with Mitsuyo)-----------

Upon releasing, he noticed that it was not a Vollstanding like his mother. Still rather clueless however, he looked at the large wing on his back, and noticed a strap like apparatus that connected around the front of his body forming a silver quiver for a bow and arrow. Since he didn't use bows anyway, he wanted to take off the quiver, and in hopes that the quiver was some type of seal of sorts that would help him realize his full Vollstandig. However upon trying to removed the straps, it began to burn to the touch and resisted his attempts to remove it. His hands began to scorch underneath all of the pressure as he increased the ferocity of his pulling.

Yuna tried to stop Baron's rage towards the situation, because she realized he was hurting himself purely out of an attempt to unseal himself. To her, she didn't realize he was doing this as a way to unseal himself, but as a way to reject his heritage. In an attempt to calm him down, she began to use her 'whispers' to affect his mental chemistry to calm him down. However the power he was expending to rip the quiver off of his body, as well his already innate strength caused the whispers to become muted in his mind. He screamed out once more, ripping the quiver off like a bandage, and expecting to gain a boost in his powers. Instead his right arm was left with burns and bruises on it and his chest was marked with multiple white crosses as to where the quiver was on his body.

"Nothing is happening mom... I thought... Why does it look like this?"

He looked down to his battered body, his right arm now slowly becoming numb to supress all of the pain coursing through him. The immense pressure from his quincy lineage, the rushing of Blut Arterie trying to fix him, the burning from trying to tear away his own power, his muscles, all of it being pressed to it's limit for this matter and with no avail. His excited demeanor immediately flatlined as he continued to look at himself.

"Why am I not like you mom? I have been training soloely with you! I wanted to be like you! What the hell is... this?"

Yuna sighed, and finally revealed the truth to Baron about whom he was reluctantly. She felt all of the guilt of suppressing this secret surging at once. The guilt from lying to Baron, as well as resurged emotions from remembering Mitsuyo caused soft streams of tears to roll down her face. She still stayed strong as to not break down her face or her demeanor, but her eyes watered as she spoke.

"____ is not your real father... Your father was a shinigami.... and he had left us before you were born."

Curtain Call: Why Did You Leave Me?

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

Custom Ginto: Ginto Cigarettes

As a developmental technology within the Gallant faction, Baron began to steal and utilize these in combat situations. These cigarettes are not that of nicotine and tar, but of a substance that was able to reduce ginto into a gas that can be inhaled orally. Ginto in this way can than be exhaled revealing how much of the ginto was liquidized in a singular breath. It is said that one cigarette contains upwards to 2 tubes of ginto within it, and when that is vaporized, a highly functioning practitioner could make clouds of ginto the size of full city blocks with a single pull from the canister.

Because of this there are still drawbacks. The first being the cigarettes are based on paper, granted it be slow burning, but nevertheless they still have a duration on how long one of these cigarettes can last. A total of 6 posts must pass before the cigarette is completely exhausted and even then, he would still need a 5 post cooldown before having another cigarette. Cigarettes can be described as being lit in a single post, however the duration of the cigarette's burn timer begins lighting of the cigarette. When pulling ginto in this way he gains a temporary "++" buff to this energy usage, and it has to be "exhaled" on the same post that he pulled the breath in. This way the buffs can not stack by "holding his breath".

In a pack of these ginto cigarettes there are 22 total sticks, each holding the energy of 2 ginto tubes combined, for a collective 44 ginto tubes technically on his person at all times.

Deck of Cards:

Upon the Gallant understanding the liquid properties of Ginto, the Gallant began reducing it to that of oils. They then soaked papers and other thin objects with this oil to always have something relatively light and simple to carry on them at all times. Baron's idea for this was through playing cards, gifted to him as a child. He uses them as a memento as well as to have an advantage in ranged combat. The Ginto in the fibers of the cards is fairly minuscule, the whole deck itself has the potency of a singular ginto tube within it. Often times he utilizes these cards not an effective means of attack, but as a distraction for the opponents that he faces. Because of his reishi manipulation in his speech, he's allowed farther control of these cards to cause disorientation, and overall allow them to be a nuisance to further push his hectic fighting style.

In a last ditch effort he can cause the oils to explode within the card. This will not destroy the card, or make it deal damage, but rather act as a flashbang to conceal his movements in case he gets himself into an awkward situation.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Excellent Hand-To- Hand Combatant:
As a young child, Baron as well as his sister, Hana, participated in Mixed Martial Arts classes. However, while Hana trained in Brazilian Jujitsu, he trained predominately in Tae-Kwon-Do. Because of this, he is usually over confident when it comes to close quarters combat. Although he has not attended classes for quite some time, he still retained a vast majority of his teachings and utilizes this skill as his preferred form of combat.

Exceptional Stamina:
As listed above in that he took martial arts classes, he was also fairly active in sports in high school. Some of which were Baseball, track and field, lacrosse, and cross country. His body is naturally conditioned to deal with more motion than a usual human of his

Spiritual Atunement:

Being the bastard child of Mitsuyo Nami, he shares some of his prowess in enhanced spiritual pressures and manipulation. He doesn't focus on this too much, and in the events that he does, it's often to perform a few quick sleight of hand tricks with the reishi around him, and not taken seriously in any fashion. Upon knowing about his father, he later uses this as a way to track his father as well as keep tabs on his sister, Hana Kutsuki.

Phenomenal Reishi Control:

As stated above, because of his connection to a majority of spiritual energies, he keeps a constant stream of reishi condensed on his body at all times. This "coat" of reishi doesn't do much, nor does it have any attacking capablities, but rather acts as a sensor for him. Using this coat in this way, he usually can use this to pick up signatures from a farther distance than usual. This coat also helps him in the event of a suprise attack, it can be utilized as a shield, or a quick way to knockback the threat.

Martial Arts Prowess:


This is the main technique of fighting he had learned, and focused on it more so when realizing he could rotate the blades so fast to the point where they could imbalance him if he was not careful enough to monitor their speed. Because of this, this fun fighting style to him, became a powerful necessity as he uses the imbalance created from the gyroscopic forces of his rotating blades to lean into specific attacks and defenses without needing to reset his stance. Some examples of techniques that he had learned are listed below:

Meia Lua de Compasso: (Compass Half Moon Strike)

This technique is a series of kicks that utilize the momentum of the full body to swing forward, using the shins as a way to make contact with the opponent in front of them. There are multiple variations of this kick, but the general idea behind it is moving the body from a position closer to the ground, to an explosive kick that can be launched upwards to deal a devastating amount of damage. Because of the amount of torque coming from the kick itself, just being a human with the ability to do this can easily shatter bone without hesitation if the technique is trained significantly. Usually Baron augments this with his Blut Vene to further the durability of his body, increasing the strength of his actual body to not hold back on the power. With this and a mixture of reishi, this kick alone could have the force to send opponents multiple meters away from him, and even having the momentum behind them to the point where if they were to slam against a wall or the ground, a crater has the chance to be created.

Some variations of this include Meia Lua Reverso, which would be the same attack only switching the torque midway through the kick, to have both a forward moving, and backwards moving kick come from the same swing. Meia Lua de Compasso Dupla, which would send both legs at the same time towards a target rather than only one, causing the kick to move even faster, at the risk of throwing balance off even further because of 100% of his body weight being channeled into his legs momentum,. Meia Lua Solta, which is a high kick variation of this technique, that allows him to stay upright, but using only one leg as a pivot point, exposing an obvious weak point to attack, and Meia Lua Queda de Rins, which is an even lower to the ground kick where rather than propping himself upwards and using his extended arms to control spin, he uses his elbow as a pivot point which causes the angle of the kick to become higher upwards as far as an angle is concerned.

Meia Lua de Compasso Dupla:
Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune 220px-Meia_Lua_de_Compasso_Dupla

Meia Lua de Reversao:
Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune 220px-Meia_Lua_Reversao

Meia Lua Queda de Rins:
Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune 220px-Meia_Lua_de_Rins

Relogio: (Clock)

As the name suggests, this attack is a low leg sweeping motion that moves one leg as though it were hand on a clock. This move can also be done with both of his hands in contact with the ground or hard surface to spin both of his legs on a pivot point to increase the probability of the sweep occurring. This attack does not have much damage potential as it is often aimed for the legs and generalized as a sweep, however the force from it would be able to cause light bruising if the effects of the attack are taken into account.

Aú de Costa: (Handflip)

An evasive technique often fused with a front kick motion. This uses the general motion of falling backwards, and takes advantage of it, by flipping upwards into a handstand with the torque of his body weight acting as a way to protect himself from melee attacks, for those who think they could get an opening from him moving backwards.

Aú Giratoria: (Handspin)

Another evasive technique that is broken into two parts. The first of which is similar to Aú de Costa in that it starts off in a cartwheel evasive action. But upon landing, since the body still has momentum from landing on one leg, rather than planting the second foot down, it is used as a pivot point to start an upwards front kick like Aú de Costa. This move essentially takes Aú de Costa and slows it down into being two parts, where instead of using momentum in a quick sucession, it stores momentum from multiple movements to further enhance the power behind the kick.

Helicoptero: (Helicopter)

Another variation of Aú de Costa but at the benefit of being more disorienting. Usually most techniques are performed on a similar side, or with both legs and because of this there are obvious tells of this weight shift. To fix this, Helicoptero works by using opposite starting points to confuse the enemy as to where the attack is coming from. Doing do in this way sacrifices the body weight distribution, but makes up for it by using all of the energy used to keep the part planted, to now turn it into an explosive attack within the same if not faster time frame than waiting for the leg to swing around.

Muay Thai:

As a way to balance his effectiveness in kicking based mobility, Baron trained in Muay Thai to get used to moving his upper body in unison with his Capoeira that utilizes predominantly his lower body. This allowed him to focus on swift strike that utilize his weapon, and at the chance he misses he could utilize his proficiency in Capoeira to recenter himself without being left completely defenseless. This is often what he resorts to after a while if his Blut Vene is not active, or his seals are activated. When his focus is drained from using the seals, it would be better for him to attack front on rather than worrying about planning for the next spot of mobility at his disposal.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

"T"- The Trickster:

Silver Tongued:

Baron's power allows him to manipulate the effects of attacks that are in his field of vision, by allowing him to take control over reishi via the airwaves as he speaks. Baron must speak the words backwards, which will "reverse" effects that are seen within his vision. This does not weaken the attack, nor does it destroy the attack itself but rather quite literally "reverses it". For example, ranged attacks would return back to the point in which it was launched. If the attack was melee, the attack's force would be pushed backwards, which may knock some off balance, to the ground, or even meters away from the contact point. As he increase in power, rather than altering the effects of the attack itself, instead the events that he can influence would become exponentially larger.

This ability works in unison with the Seals on his forehead, as which each seal he releases, the amount of energy he can manipulate also increases as well, causing this power to potentially become a nightmare to face due to it's sheer ease and unpredictability. Because this attack is not announced in any special way, nor is it made to look flashy, many opponents can be thrown off by how quickly the effects take place. Not to mention the process of actually trying to listen to what Baron said fast enough to process the reversal of his techniques. The confusion becomes even greater as most of the attacks he does announce, are usually said in his native tongue, therefore the sounds of hearing his language and then being thrown a curveball with him casually speaking backwards in the middle of it all, might be seen as disorienting to many opponents.

In terms of balancing the technique, Silver Tongue pulls on multiple stat checks to provide its effectiveness. In terms of the confusion of an opponent, one would need to equate to, or be higher than his own Mental Focus to not be as confused with his speaking style and have a few more seconds of time to prepare for the attack's reversal. Inverselly, having Mental Focus less then Baron's would most likely cause the opponent to freeze in place as they try to understand the wording, rather than doing their best to avoid the effects of his speech.

As far as the strength of the technique itself it does have a few precautions. The first of which being the cooldown for a skill like this. He can roughly do this once every 4 posts. However the Umbrella Tier as well as sub-tier plays effects onto how much control he has on the techniques. Techniques that are equal to or below his Umbrella tier he would be able to manipulate with relative ease, while those above his tier would be more difficult to control. The attack my loose it's speed if its ranged, may only stop to a halt in front of him rather than being thrown back, hell it even has a possibility of completely not working. The effects are negotiable to what can occur, but this is also where the sub-tier plays a factor into the strength of the ability. Sub-tier equating to the energy usage capabilities of the abilities they fire, attacks will generally have more or less energy depending on that. With that in mind, usually the Umbrella Tier would just be a number to show obvious strength over powering Baron, however the sub-tier determines how much of that energy he could manipulate. For example if Baron was 3-5, but his opponent was 3-3, Baron's technique might need more energy from him, specifically to make that attack move, rather than raw power to do so. This makes it so that even those who are in lower tiers than Baron can still effect the amount of power Baron has to spend to make his speech effective. As someone could be 5-1 but because they utilize more energy in their attacks, he still had to account for the access energy behind the attack.

Going back to how the duration is effected, 4 posts would be the "Average" amount time he has to be between posts. However it is possible to effect the duration based on having more energy within an attack. The more access energy typically could increase his post duration to a maximum of 6, and inversely a minimum of 2 posts since those with less energy on their attacks would be less of a strain on his control. The Umbrella Tier effects mainly how potent the wording is. as the effectiveness of this attack would be lesser on tiers higher than him, and fairly simple to those lower than his tier.

Gallant Moveset:
Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Large

Passos para os Deuses ((Steps Towards the Gods))

Over time, Baron learned how to release the seals that were branded onto his forehead by his ancestors. He realized that the seals that were protecting him from hollow energy were no longer needed in such a way and also found out that they were suppressing how much power he can output. Releasing the crosses offers two effects. The first effect being that the amount of energy he can utilize at a given time will increase temporarily. He has a total of 7 crosses that he can release, however he releases two at a time, starting from the one's on his temples and moving inward. The amount of energy he can utilize in this way will increase by a "+" for every two crosses released, meaning that at releasing 6 crosses it is possible to increase a full sub-tier in the amount of energy he can utilize. The cross on the center of his forehead is unique in that rather than increasing by "+" it will increase by "++" and with enough training may increase to an extra sub-tier worth of energy at his disposal.

In total each crosses duration will last for two posts, and will reset so long as he doesn't use the next set of crosses, which would put him on a one post cooldown if they reset in this way. However if he continues to stack them, the duration of the crosses will increase, in addition to the cooldown. For every pair of crosses released, he gains an additional 2 posts as well as the increase in energy. For example, if Baron released the crosses, waited a post and then then released the next pair of crosses the cross efects would stack, meaning he would gain a "++" increase, and would have this increase for 3 turns ((Releasing the crosses gaive him two posts, but because he waited 1, his previous release had one turn left. But because he released the second set while he had the 1 post still ticking he would have 3 posts total with this increase)).

With that in mind, he must wait a minimum of one post to pass before he can release the second set of crosses if he chooses to do so. Again, the center is unique in that it provides a four post status duration, but at the cost of fully resetting the skill, once it is released. This way he can't contantly release crosses after being maxed out. He has to wait for all of the crosses to fade, in addition to the cooldown needed to release the crosses in the first place.

Although his energy usage would be increased, his focus would decrease with the more crosses used in this way. For every pair of crosses released in this way he would gain a "-" in focus, and with the middle cross activated he would gain "--", meaning if all of the crosses are released it is possible for him to lose a full level in Focus for the duration that his crosses are activated.

VI. Spirit Weapon

Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Latest?cb=20130628180335&path-prefix=es

» Spirit Weapon Name: Punhos do Julgamento((Fists of Judgement))

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

Baron's Spirit weapon focuses on his prowess and expertise of close quarters combat. Currently he utilizes two modes of this weapon, Crucifix and Repent. Each mode is utilized in a different way to enhance his hand-to-hand combat and provide even more variety to add to his already versatile move set.

Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Red-X-teen-titans-11412154-435-500

Crucifix is the primary function of his spirit weapon. In this mode, the cross on the back of his gloves project outward against the back of his hand. The back of the cross then enlarges, stretching down the entire length of his forearm, and extending about 7 to 8 inches past his elbows, forming a blade's edge. Likewise at the front of the cross, a 10 inch blade pokes outwards, however with an opened hand the length would be compromised for ease of use. The sides of the cross shape also extend to their respective left and right sides, at about 6 inches in distance, with the focal point being where the wrist begins.

The side blades, with the addition the extended blades along his forearm allows him to be more defensive in his style, with the capability of blocking more melee based attacks with the longer surface area. Should he need a defense against a ranged attack in this form, he can connect the blades by his wrists, which generate a stream of reishi in front of his body that acts as a temporary shield. Although the effects are not as potent as his ability to reverse damage via his voice, it still grants him enough physical protection to deal with the brute force of incoming attacks without relying on energy consumption.

Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Latest?cb=20141017043900

Repentance is the second form of Baron's weapons. They extend outward in an equidistant 8 inches on each side, and form into a cross shape similar to the seals on his forehead. Once they fully push themselves through the back of his gloves, they spin a quarter of the way, and press back into his gloves as an X. When used in this way they form the same function as any bladed weapon. These however are alot more forceful than a typical blade. The first reasoning is due to the fact that they are not on a locked point of pivot and don't need a style to be made effective since they are based on his own punching power and fighting prowess. The second is the fact that they are two blades in the same surface area, providing more chance of puncture damage when needed. Also because of it's shape, he has the possibility of catching blades within the "spokes" of his Blades of Repentance giving him more range of mobility as to how her can rebound and protect against melee threats.

If he wanted to, he can also cause the blades to rotate on the back of his hands if he needed to. By charging a stream of reishi through the back of them, the blades can spin rapidly at speeds similar to that of a circular saw blade. Using them in this way would take a post to power up and another post to cool them down from their spinning, and the drawback also being loss of focus, since he's trying to fight with the motion gyroscopically twisting his hands as he swings. Naturally the benefits would be making his penetrative qualities skyrocket, as when they are spinning like this they add an additional bonus to his ability to deal with highly durable targets.


Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Latest?cb=20100924045204

"See? I told you I had nothing up my sleeves...."

» Letz Stil Name: Até os Deuses Podem Mentir ((Even Gods Can Lie))

» Letz Stil Abilities:

Backwards Speech:

In this form he reveals the "trick under his sleeve", which is the cross located on the center of his neck. This cross sealed so much of his energy, that some say that this seal alone is the possible power source for his whole Letz Stil. In this form, "Silver Tongue" is enhanced, in that rather than it just simply reversing attacks, there is a lot more control on the attack's movement and capabilities of mitigating damage. In addition to this, it's possible that now he can manipulate his own attacks when they are within the air. Finally because reishi is a construct that exists in the air around him, he could utilize his voice to manipulate the reishi in the air to further enhance his own control on the battlefield.

Although the words would be nigh limitless, because this is locked to a duration, he only has a select few phrases that he found useful that would convey his prowess in controlling reishi.


VIII. Quincy / Shinigami Skill Sheet


Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master. For more information, and the rest of the skill sheets, READ THIS THREAD

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Letzt Stil: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Blut: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hirenkyaku: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Reishi Manipulation: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Pain Endurance: Elite/Advanced//Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained


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Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune Empty Re: Baron Tremelay-Nami, Brother of Fortune

Wed Apr 03, 2019 6:34 am
[mod]Moving to WIP, more work is needed[/mod]
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